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responce to Catherine

Wow Catherine that sounds like a very large poop. I sure wish we could see pictures, I bet that thing looked like the lochness monster! honestly I think people should be proud of their smell, it means you just did a nice big one. thanks for sharing the wonderful stories.

also awesome that you posted the responses during your current poo.

I found this forum because I have terrible constipation and nothing seems to work. Several nights ago, I was extremely constipated and desperate to go. I sat on the toilet and pushed hard for nearly 30 minutes. It was nearly 3 inches wide. When I strained as hard as possible, it came out about an inch, and then stopped. I leaned forward and tried again, it was huge and rock hard. and it wasn't coming out. I stood up and pressed inward and downward against the spot below my tail bone, while I kept pushing like crazy. After another 20 minutes the whole thing came out. I have episodes like that 2-3 times a month.


My Apologies - Hit Submit Too Early

If my previous post today did not make sense, seemed short or whatever, I did not get to edit it. I was interrupted and just hit the submit button as a reflex. Normally, I try to proofread. I apologize!!!

I just had another exquisite number two!!!

And may one of your gifts this holiday season be a BM to remember!



I wanted to say Happy Christmas to everyone and I didn't get time….or I was too tired yesterday … but in Uk I think Christmas is until 5 January, so maybe not too late fro some people?

Anna (from Austria) I have Christmas present to you from Kazuko. She says, if you go to loo in convenience store in Japan and you stay long time, perhaps electric light in loo will turn off suddenly. If that happen, don't panic. The light is that way for eco. If you move upper part of your body a bit, light will come on again by itself.

I tell you next part of Hisae story when she did motion long time with my advice. After she got off loo and went to washbasin for make up, I sat on loo. I thought, maybe I don't have a diarrhoea even I have a cold, but I want to do big motion like Hisae.

I left door open so Hisae could see me from washbasin. I looked at her. My heart began burn because she is so kind to me. She is short and ????, she never win Miss World contest, but to me she is most beautiful woman in the world, with Maho and Kazuko. And her bottom is so perfect shape, more beautiful than Miss World I think, even I didn't look this year's Miss World's bottom.

I love Hisae. And Maho and Kazuko. I thought such things, my heart burn fire, and my bottom also, after while, so I push and motion began come out, very very long and smooth, but quite hard, but not lumpy. Of course it broke in loo, and Hisae heard, and she stopped make up and came to loo and kneeled down and dig fingers in my back. Aaaaah, so good it feels!! Hisae's fingers dig more and more and I felt pressure in my bottom and it opened and second big motion came out, also smooth and came out slowly and broke up, so maybe six big pieces in loo, so I flushed. I was happy! But soon third motion came out, bit smaller. Hisae's fingers press my lower back hard, I felt so good, when third motion came out I said AAAH very big voice. I was nearly empty, only little pieces left. I said to Hisae, "you can go to make up," but she said, "when you finish Mina, I go." So she massage me more than ten minutes!! She is so sweet and lovely…. I don't know why she love her bad Mina so much. After that we did make up side by side.

I hope you like story, I like to write. It is so big pleasure to write about Kazuko and Hisae and Maho, because they are so lovely!! We went to cathedral on Christmas eve night, very nice time even we don't understand Catholic, except Maho. Kazuko stayed my house after, and Christmas morning, she did huge motion like she always do…. first part hard, second part burururururu, it is Kazuko style. And big Kazuko smell, most people hate, but I like. I did after her, long time and empty bottom and a full of my light brown motions in the loo.

Love to all you, and happy holidays, from your very own Mina, and from Kazuko and Maho and Hisae.

Optional Person

quick story.

I had a fun poop today. I got in the bathroom. sat on the toilet backwards, lifted my legs off of the ground and balanced on the toilet, and then my poop quickly crackled out and made a manure smell in the bathroom. the poop fell out into a perfect mound.

Saturday, December 26, 2015



This is a response to the person who asked me about the time I had an accident on the way home from school. I was 16 at the time, and it was a cold day in November. By the time it got to about mid-day, I began to feel a bit uncomfortable, like I needed to fart a lot. Obviously I wasn't about to fart in public (i'm very shy) so I had to hold them in. Within about an hour I began to realize that I needed to go to the toilet pretty badly.

I couldn't ask to go in class because if I was gone for more than a couple of minutes everyone would know what I was doing. At lunchtime, I walked around for a bit and found a secluded area so I could let some farts out. I approached the toilets and walked in to see the cubicles all wide open with toilet paper all over the floor. It also smelled really badly of pee.

I approached a cubicle and went in, the one with the least mess on it. I wiped the seat and considered using it... but I couldn't bring myself to, too nervous about the thought of people walking in when I had begun. So regretfully, I left the toilets and spent lunch sitting awkwardly on a wall, pushing my bum against it from time to time to stop the urges.

The last lesson was painful, and I spent most of it sitting with my legs crossed together. Somehow, though, I managed not to alert anyone to the fact that I needed a poo this badly, and when school ended, I again considered trying the school toilets, thinking that maybe most of them would have left and I could have privacy.

But I decided against it and resolved instead to get to a public toilet somewhere else with no familiar faces. I was walking with my legs stiffly apart. The closest I could think of was the supermarket about 15 minutes away. I walked down the main road path with my legs occasionally crossing together. I had to stop once or twice and lean against the wall so I could squeeze my bum together.

About 5 minutes away or so, I felt the worst urge yet and began to stumble towards the wall again, standing there jiggling my legs together. But it wasn't working, and I grabbed behind me subtly to hold my bum. Someone was walking across the other side of the road so I didn't want to be too obvious, and maybe as a result, I found myself losing control.

I froze there as I felt a big piece come out and push into my underwear. I didn't know what to do but clench and try and stop the rest, and luckily I succeeded, but the damage was already done. Once I felt the spasm stop, I began to walk quickly paced further down the road. I could feel the mess sinking and resting between my cheeks and it made me walk even more bow legged. Luckily, I didn't bump into anyone else until I got to the store.

I walked in and immediately turned to the right where the toilets are. Awkwardly, there is a security guy who stands at the entrance as people enter and leave, so I had to walk past him hoping he didn't guess what had happened. I broke into a kind of run once I got down the hall towards the toilets and put my hand on my bum as I went in.

I went in and was disappointed to find that one of the toilet cubicles was occupied, but I didn't have much choice. I went into the other one and locked the door and double checked it. I wiped the seat and then gingerly took off my shoes and trousers. I felt self conscious that he might see under the partition and wonder why I took my shoes off, but I don't know if he did. I carefully slid my pants off and, not knowing what to do with them, hid them underneath the toilet for the moment.

I put my trousers and shoes back on first before I finally turned around and sat on the toilet with a gasp. I still had to go pretty badly, and immediately started to fart a few times. Obviously my body had begun to relax now that I was finally on a toilet. I dropped quite a few embarrassingly loud plops inbetween, and couldn't help but sigh a bit.

Unfortunately, the messy underwear was beginning to make the room smell pretty bad, and I heard the guy next door kind of cough a bit, which was awkward. It seems to smell a lot worse when you have an accident as opposed to just going normally. When I was about finished, I flushed and began to clean myself up. At that moment, somebody walked in and tried both the doors and I froze. I was hoping the other guy would leave, but while I was wiping my bum with a lot of toilet paper, trying to get the mess off, he hadn't yet.

Eventually, when I felt like I was clean, I flushed again and turned around. As quietly as possible, I kind of kicked my underwear and shoved it as far underneath the toilet out of sight as I could before turning around and opening the door. I averted my eyes as the guy went in after me, hoping he wouldn't find them or notice the smell. I had to wash my hands a lot too because I was concerned that I might have got some mess on them from the clean up or maybe taking my underwear off. I did this until I heard the other cubicle flush and left quickly so he wouldn't see me.

So far, that's the only accident i've ever had, although i've been desperate a lot of times. I tend to only need a poo once every couple of days, and I hold it a lot because I really don't like going in public, but sometimes I have to.

@Lucas, I am curious to know if the reason you had several accidents at school was because you were too embarrassed to use the school toilets, or if because you simply couldn't hold it. I noticed that you said you used the nurse toilet, and wondered if that was why. Did you ever actually use your school's bathrooms for a dump without it being an accident?

@Tristan, it happens, although maybe you should have knocked on the door and asked if he could let you in to use the toilet while he was in there. Or would you not be willing to do that?


New Replies

John B. Hi it's great to see you here again. I've only recently returned. Season's Greetings, mate.

Oldpoop. Maybe I'm an old fashioned man, but I'm certainly not a fan of unisex toilets and feel they should be very much the exception to the rule.

Catherine. I like your recipe for producing two good poos a day and most of what you say makes good sense. Although I don't drink 64 ounces of water a day (if I did I'd never be away from the toilet) I try to drink a decent amount and have recently increased my intake to try and counteract cold symptoms. Personally I find muesli a good source of fibre and sometimes make up my own with oats and dried fruit. It certainly helps to keep me regular. I have to admit I don't use Charmin, although it is readily available in the UK. My toilet paper of choice is Andrex, one of the older, better known brands in Britain. Like you, I find warm drinks often help to 'get things moving' down below - especially in the morning. A relaxing - and ideally private - context is certainly conducive to a good poo. I hope all goes well with the intended pregnancy and that one day in due course you have a happy event to tell us about.

British Dumper. Hi, it certainly sounds as though the chicken burger and duck pancakes did their work. It sounds like a pretty impressive poo to me.

Dan. Thanks for sharing your train toilet experience which I enjoyed reading. Personally I try to avoid using train toilets if I possibly can, knowing them to be pretty grim, preferring to take advantage of station facilities instead. As a regular (and long suffering) traveller on the East Coast Mainline I am amazed by the numbers of passengers traipsing up and down to the toilets though.

Best wishes to everyone here for Christmas and the New Year!


Questions for British dumper

Hi British Dumber and welcome to TS!

I have a few questions if you don't mind

1) What is your height and weight?

2) How often do you usually take a dump?

3) How large are your bowel movements usually, in terms of total girth and length?

4) Do you ever like to purposely hold back your BMs for a while, to produce an even larger dump later on?

5) In the last 5 yrs, what was the most desperate and urgent you've been for a dump?

6) Would you ever consider using one of those small digital scales to weigh your BMs? Have you even done that already? How many pounds ( grams) do you think your BMs are usually?

Thanks British dumper for answering my Questions!

Happy and pleasant pooping!

Mr P

Adrian's Survey

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have a disability and therefore have no feeling or control of my bladder or bowels.

However thankfully my bowels are 'fairly' predictable and usually I am able to sit on the toilet each morning at home before I go to work and I'm able to push a poop out and I'm good for the day. If I'm not able to poop in the morning then I will keep trying on a regular basis throughout the day.

So my answer is "B"

Mr P

Sophia W.

At Cinema

Hey there, long time no post.
I'm fine and so is my sister, although I had a lot of different things on my mind. I like to tell you about my latest experience. I was on Monday again in "The Force Awakens" after I saw it on Friday with my sister. The film itself was great again, but i will not give you a review or any spoiler of it. I had a small coke while watching, normally no problem, but that day I was quite often on the toilet to pee. earlier that day I was four times at school, very unusual for. In the morning when I came to school, then in our first little break, at lunch, at the end of one lesson and after school. I don't know why, because I didn't drink more than usual. I also have no bladder infection. I just don't know. Every time it was a lot and my pee was clear, therefore I did not have a poop at school. I didn't went home after school, because the bus ride home and back to cinema would be too long and I would miss the starting. So I went to some shops and looked around. At the cinema I went on the loo and bought a after that coke. The film was still nice, but through the film I felt how my bladder filled slowly. At the last 20 minutes of the film, my need got urgent. But I did not went to the toilet and held it. Even at the credits no one stud up, neither did I. When I got out, I walked straight to the loo, but the line of women was too long. I went instead to the next floor. On my way I stoped short, so I would not pee my panties. I reached the bathroom and it was complete empty. When I was in the first stall, I put my pants and black panties down and peed strong. It felt great. I still didn't need to poop. So when I used some tp I was ready. As i flushed the bathroom got packed with lots of girls and women of a just ended film. Thanks for reading


Reply to John B..

Hey John and fellow toiletstoolers,

I have not been too fab sadly John,
But looking forward to xmas nevertheless, & how are you?
I wonder how many posters like u & I are British? Still, it's lovely to read everybodies posts all the same.
Thank you so much for your kind wishes for my xmas and the same goes to you cyber pal!, lol.
Well i think with IBS with some people there is an embarrassment in talking to your doctor about the state of your bowels, people don't realise it is actually very common & doctors will see loads of people with IBS etc, anywho, enjoy your xmas and i will post a few stories in the new year i am sure. Lots of new posters like Catherine etc have been writing a lot so i am sure we will continue to enjoy their posts in the meantime. Love and best wishes J xx


never constipated in my life

Hi all:

I have never been constipated in my life, which is amazing. I guess it's due to the 8 bottles, not glasses, of water I drink every day.

That's my way of keeping it at bay. The last accident of any toilet-related kind was about 14 years ago, when I couldn't make it to the toilet in time. Long story short, I literally flooded my thunderpants with urine. I haven't seen anyone have an accident, ever. Hope you all are well, and having as much fun as possible.

See you all soon


The Force Awakened Indeed

Hi everybody!

Yesterday, Alan and I took his girls to see the new Star Wars movie. The girls are 10 and 6, but we still felt like they were old enough to see it. I don't want to give their names on the forum, so I will call them Chloe and Zoe - a couple of Greek names that I hear more and more in children.

Chloe is the eldest and is a lot like her mother, but Alan has done a great job with her. He is very patient and has had to help her through what really has been an abandonment by their mom. She is cotton-topped with blue eyes and a beautiful complexion while Zoe is a red-head! Alan has no idea where the red hair came from, but figures he and his ex had had a little red in their family histories.

I picked the girls up after school - they had an early dismissal day. We had hair appointments to get "Princess Leia" buns. Zoe and I did well with ours, but Chloe had to settle for beautiful braids. Now, we did not do Star Wars costumes - but I had T-shirts for us all to wear to the movie. (I have a Geek-ish side and love Star Wars!

We drove to a the large city for an early lunch and a 5:30 showing of the movie. I got a lot of stairs with my hair. Alan loved it and thanked me for taking care of the girls. Well - no spoilers for the movie. The girls loved Rey and wanted Rey action figures after the movie. By the way, I am so glad that this movie had a strong heroine. Rey truly captured my imagination and the girls as well!

Well, there was another Awakening after the movie. I take a major dump. I had to pee pretty badly too. It really did not bother me during the movie, but as soon as I stood up at the end of the movie I realized that my urge to go was strong. Of course Zoe said in her cute little voice, "Daddy, Catherine, I need to go to the bathroom!" Knowing his eldest, Alan asked to Chloe and she also nodded that she needed to go. I whispered to Alan that I needed to poop but I wiould take them. Now the girls were aware that I had gone number two at their house, but I felt that I needed to prepare them. "Girls, I have to do a number two. Chloe, as soon as you are finished Daddy will be outside waiting for you. Zoe, you will have to stay with me." I noticed that Chloe was blushing and so I asked what's wrong. She hesitated. So I whispered to her and asked if she had to do a number two. She nodded. She was embarrassed. I hugged her and said that it was OK. Her mother never affirmed to her that pooping was a part of life. Alan had said before that his mother scolded Chloe harshly one time for having to poop in public. I felt like I needed to re-assure her that it was OK, that I would be there for her, and that she should take care of her needs without being embarrassed.

Of course there was a line to the bathroom. A few people made some small talk with us, complimenting us on our hair and saying how cute the girls looked. When it was our turn, I saw that Chloe was really red in the face so I suggested that she go first. As she moved toward the stall, another came open and Zoe and I went in that one. Now the restrooms were clean, nice, and the stalls were pretty good sized. I told Zoe to go first. I heard Chloe get on the toilet and could hear faintly a long crackling noise and a "flump" sound indicating that a long must have perfectly landed in the toilet. Zoe peed and I handed her some Charmin from my purse. Meanwhile, Chloe peed and then I could hear that she was still going. Several plops came from her spaced out over a couple of minutes. When Zoe finished, I said to Zoe quietly, "You will need to wait here sweetie. I have to do a poopoo too." I got my jeans down and got situated. I could hear Chloe still going, so I thought that was good.

I began to defecate. It took a minute to get started because I was a little uncomfortable having Zoe in the stall with me. As it came out it began to smell strong in the stall and the bathroom. It was a thick soft log that curled around the bowl. I then peed quite a bit, which also felt good. "Eww! That smells"

"I know. I'm sorry. Sometimes when grown ups go, it smells pretty bad." I sat for a minute and pushed out a couple of aftershocks, as I call them, that made faint plopping noises. I heard a knock from Chloe's stall. "Catherine, can you share some toilet paper?" I passed a pack of my Charmin to Go to Chloe under the stall. She said thank you.

As soon as I began to clean, the stalls on the other side opened and a woman came in hurridly, sat down and exploded with diarrhea. And, then another stall opened up - and same thing. This one was a liquid rush of diarrhea. Zoe began to giggle. Each time they let loose, Zoe giggled. I finished cleaning and told Zoe that it was not nice, that they must feel really bad. I stood up to get my pants up. Zoe shouted, "That's a really big poo poo!!!" I heard some laughter. I also heard a shhhh from Chloe. "Wow! Do all grown ups poo poo like that??" Again, I heard more giggles. Even the woman next to me, occupied with diarrhea, giggled.

Chloe and I exited our stalls at same time, and Zoe was with me. I forgot to flush because I was so occupied with Zoe. Another woman my age but considerably smaller went in behind me. She immediately stepped back. She just kind of looked at me and whined. I said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I was so pre-occupied with my little girl." She replied that it was OK, that she had one of her own and knows what it's like. As she shut her stall, she flushed. I hope it went down!

If that was not enough, one of the two ladies with diarrhea came out of the stall - not the one next to me, but the one who had the diarrhea that sounded like a liquid bucket dumping into the toilet. She had an Adele-like figure, tall, thick boofy hair like Adele, but with a darker complexion. Zoe said to her, "I am sorry you had diarrhea. I hope you feel better." I immediately told Zoe that it was not nice to comment about how strangers use the bathroom. The lady blushed a little but was so kind. "You are so sweet, little girl. I feel much better." She then made some small talk with me and told me that she had teenagers and to enjoy them while they are little, complimented us on our hair and such.

Then, the lady in the stall next to us came out. It was a girl who could not have been more than 18 who was 5'7, slender with dark brown hair, shoulder length, fair complected, and had beautiful blue eyes. Zoe was about to speak and I shook my head no. I knew that this girl was humiliated by having diarrhea and was trying not to make eye contact with anyone. We left the bathroom and rejoined Alan in the crowd. At least 15 minutes had passed.

The bigger woman rejoined her husband and I saw the 18 year old girl rejoin a group of friends. I could overhear some of the guys give her a hard time. Poor girl. It sucks to be 18, with a group of immature guys and to have to take a dump. At least some of the girls told them to shut up.

Of course, on the ride home, the bathroom events were never mentioned. Zoe and Chloe both talked about the movie. We even stopped at a Target and bought each of them a Rey action figure and a light saber. I guess I know what to get them for Christmas!

It was a good bonding experience with the girls and I think that it may go a long way in helping Chloe to get more comfortable with herself to have gone to the bathroom in a public restroom, that I had to defecate as well, and that no one gave her a hard time. As for Zoe, well, I am sure that it is etched in her memory forever! I recounted the events to Alan, except the other women's ordeals, and he thanked me for being so kind to the girls. I can't wait to be married, to be living with them and for us to be a family. It all felt so right last night!

There definitely was an Awakening. And several of us, including me, felt it!!!

Now, it's time for my morning doodie!!! It's gonna be big!!! Have a great day!




Ok, I'm posting from the toilet. I just did a pretty good sized poop that was longish, but broke into several thick pieces as it came out.

Caspar: Thank you for the shout out! I'm glad you enjoy my stories and I hope that you will be posting soon! I am curious - are you male or female? If so, what is it about other people''s accidents that is interesting? I appreciate your reply. Glad you posted!

John H: Thank you for your comment. I am not sure about purposeful accidents. We'll just see what happens. Alan rarely brings up questions about my bowel movements. Really, the things that I have reported on toiletstool are the only things that we have discussed. I'll be sure to write in the summer following our honey moon!

Mike: Alan is very regular. He goes every morning during his morning routine. We do not live together and so that's the part that I don't get to see. It's just happened that I have been the one to have to go when we are together since I go both morning and evening.

Brianna: I hope all is well! I can't wait to hear any developments in your relationship. I hope things are going well!



Question for Women about Pregnancy

Hi everyone!

I have a quick question for the women on this forum.

Alan and I are talking about having a baby of our own. We are not certain about it. I talked to my gynecologist and she is not sure whether or not I will be able to get pregnant because of my age. My mother is a little apprehensive since I am adopted - not knowing my genetic history (although I think it may be pretty good!) and not having carried a child herself.

Yet, my doctor advised me that if we want to get pregnant, we need to do so soon since I am already 35.

I found this blog called ????. She shares a lot of neat stories and shared one story about "Pooping her closet." She did not make it to the bathroom in time upon waking from a nap, in which she did not have any panties on, just her nighty. To make a long story short she doodied all over her closet floor on the way to the toilet. It's a hilarious story!

But then, I read the comments and so many women shared that they had poop accidents while pregnant. Can any of you relate? What did pregnancy do to your bowels?

This has me a little apprehensive!




To Tristan

Ouch Tristan; sorry you've been constipated; although it doesn't sound too bad. For you though; since you're typically pretty regular.

That's what would happen to me in High School. I'd get these powerful urges after school while waiting in line for the bus. I could feel a big one moving around back there...but I had to hold it. The bus ride was over an hour...and when I got home I would sit on the toilet but by then I had lost my urge. I couldn't do anything at all. Sometimes it would be 2 or 3 days later before I'd get another urge....and by then I was packed pretty hard.

Well....finals are over and hopefully you can get back to normal.....even push out a couple of those trophy turds over the holidays; eh? Maybe you're feeling an urge right now as you read this?


Reply to John H

Hi John H. Long time no see! Another Brit if I remember correctly? In answer ro the question you posed I would certainly be interested to hear more about the good solid poos you've been having and the excellent home cooking behind them. My bowels have been rather unpredictable and loose this week and my appetite hasn't been what it should be either. I've been battling with a cold too and I suspect the various events haven't been altogether unrelated. That said I did manage a good big solid poo this evening (Saturday) with a big brown turd which curled round in the bowl.


Had an accident :(

Okay, so I don't usually have accidents. I did sometimes as a kid, but it's not something I would ever do on purpose and it's not a regular occurrence. But I had one today and it was crazy. Basically I ate a ton last night and went to bed full. I knew I'd have to poop in the morning most likely. And I did. But unfortunately the urge came right when my friend was in the shower (staying over at his place). Only one bathroom and he takes LONG showers. I thought I could hold it. It's usually not a problem.

But I was having so much trouble holding it. It was basically starting to come out of my butt whether I liked it or not. But still I tried and was sitting on my foot to keep it in. I do kinda hold my poop a lot, I like the feeling, but not when the urge is this strong. Normally I don't really strong urges, but I guess i was just too full. Either way I stood up to just walk around a bit and before I knew it the poop was coming out. I was practically involuntarily pushing it out--it wanted to come out soo bad. Luckily it was a firm one so it didn't make much mess, but it smelled so bad. I just had to stand there with it in my briefs until my friend got out of the shower. I told him I farted and he must've believed me because I got away with it. Stained that pair of briefs badly though.

That hasn't happened since I was like 11 I swear. Can't believe it happened today -_-


my poo at the theater

On the weekend my friend Danielle and her boyfriend and I went to the theater to see "A Christmas Carol". And guess what, I had a date too. It was a double date! We all dressed up. I was wearing a nice grey dress, lace-top stockings and cream coloured heels. I felt so elegant and sexy, too. Before the show started we all had drinks and I had some eggnog. It was good, but it upset my stomach and shortly after we sat down I started to need the toilet. It got worse and worse and after about an hour or so I really needed a poo and was totally anxious for the break. When it finally came, I told the other guys I needed to go to the bathroom. I headed to the closest one as quickly as I could manage in my heels. Luckily I beat most of the rush and when I got there only three women were waiting. There were tons of stalls and I only had to wait for a minute or so, but I did cross my legs and bounce around for a bit, so I think the ladies waiting behind me knew that I had to go badly. Then, the stall at the end opened and I quickly went in. I locked the door and hung my purse on the hook. Then I pulled up my dress and pushed my black lacey string down to my knees and sat down on the toilet. The moment I sat down I started to pee. While I peed, my neighbour flushed the toilet and was quickly replaced by another woman. I could hear the rustling of her dress and then how she plopped her bum on the seat. She started to pee also and let a long airy fart slip out. Even though I had needed the toilet badly for a number two, I actually had to push a bit to get my poo out. My first turd felt pretty big and came out real slow. Ok, so I was siting on the toilet pooing and I thought how funny it is how I was so elegant outside the bathroom and now I had my panties down and was pushing and taking a dump! Totally the opposite of elegant or sexy. So funny!

Anyway, finally my first turd dropped off. I pushed some more and had two more poos, smaller and much softer. I noticed that my neighbour was also doing a number two and it sounded like she was having a bit of a messy, wet poo. She farted a couple of times, not too loud but kinda wet sounding. I finally had one more small log and then my stomach felt much better. Between the two of us, our cubicles were stinking pretty badly by now. I started to pull off some paper and so did my neighbour. I wiped my front and back and then pulled up my panties, pushed down my dress and flushed the toilet. As I went out to wash my hands, the other cubicle opened as well. My neighbour was a really pretty redhead, a bit older than me and wearing a super cute emerald green and gold dress. Totally great looking for the holiday season! She smiled at me and was kinda rubbing her stomach a bit. I don't usually start a chat in the bathroom, but somehow I asked her 'do you have an upset stomach?' She said yes and I told her I had one two and then she smiled again and maybe that made her feel a bit better I hope.

After washing my hands I went back outside and I noticed that I had spent almost all of the break in the bathroom. I joined my friends again and told them there had been a really long line-up. I was quite proud that I had such a good excuse and that there was no way that my date could have know that I had gone number two during the break. Anyway, after that I could enjoy the show much better and it was really nice and kinda romantic, too. That's my story today, I hope you liked it.


another gym accident

When I was in 6th or 7th grade, can't remember which, I had an accident in gym class. Us guys were sitting on the floor and our gym teacher was explaining the rules of a game we were going to play. so i'm sitting there in my brand new Nike Avalanche shorts and all the while, i'm having those familiar poop cramps and they were getting stronger and stronger. I felt a massive load wanting to come out, so i leaned forward and clenched my butt cheeks as tightly as I could until it went back in. I kept doing this motion over and over, and sometimes, i made an uhhh sound while trying to push the log back in. My face got pretty red from all the pushing. A kid sitting next to me looked at me and said "Luke man, do you have to take a crap? I said "no" in a really embarrassed voice. Then he said "why don't you just go to the bathroom, if you have to drop a deuce?" I snapped back at him: "i don't have to!" "He laughed and said "ok fine." So i continued to sit there and hold it in. I kept making the uhh sound and turning red. Then i felt the log try and force its way out! I panicked and put my hand under my butt, trying to hold it back. Then finally it was time to play the game. All the other guys got up to go play, but as soon as i got up, i lost control and began dumping a huge load in my orange nike shorts. my heart started beating fast, but all i could do is stand there helplessly blowing piles of mud into my shorts, and totally stinking up the joint. By the time I was finished unloading, i had a good sized bulge in the back of my shorts, not to mention, i had wet the front of my shorts a little. Another kid smelled it almost immediately and went to the gym teacher and told on me. The gym teacher came over to me with a concerned look and said: "lets go get you cleaned up kid. He escorted me out of the gym and we went into the locker room. He told me to take the messy underwear and shorts off and get into the shower. I took a shower and he gave me some clean underwear and shorts. He said to me "get dressed and come into my office, i want to talk to you!" He sounded stern and i felt i was in trouble. So i went into his office, and my heart was pounding. He told me to sit down in a chair. I looked at his desk and saw a big zip lock bag sitting on the desk with my freshly browned underwear in them right where everyone could see them! I was afraid my teacher was mad and was going to show my underwear to the other guys in order to embarrass me. But he just looked at me and said " Luke, you have to get a handle on this problem of yours. this is the second pants poop you've done in my class, and some of your teachers tell me you pooped in their classes too. I was so humiliated by this conversation that i wanted to disappear. But my teacher said "Luke look at me, your a big boy. Its time to stop having accidents! I said "this is the first time I've done this." But my teacher looked at me seriously and said "now you know that's a lie. Last week, i looked in the garbage and saw a pair of underwear that you pooped in. And some of your teachers say you leave a smell in their rooms. From now on, i want you using the toilet at the nurses office before every class! I agreed, and this led to me going to the nurse twice a day.


Childhood experiences

I've been interested in the posts by Hailey, Rachel, and others. Now that I'm in my mid-20s and an adult, I'm finding it is fascinating about how we were raised, what our parents taught us about going to the bathroom, and if and how those ideas and attitudes impact us to this day.

A question for everyone:

What is a childhood experience that still haunts you today?

I'll start:

Compared to the opposite ends of the spectrum that Hailey and Rachel describe, my mom was on the stricter side. When I was like 6 or 7 and was out with mom and my friends and it could be at McDonalds, shopping at the mall, a movie, or even at a 4th of July carnival, my mom was always very strict about using public bathrooms. Right in front of my friends, she would say I should have gone or tried harder to go before we left home, could I hold my crap for a half hour until we got home or to a cleaner bathroom (gas stations were a definite no-no), or that I had drank too much soda and that's why I had to go at the theater. I had 5 or 6 friends that often went out with us and they would later ask why my mother was so weird. But that's all I knew--she didn't like using a public bathroom unless it was absolutely necessary. And then she had to approve the toilet I would use before I could get on it, and that would be only after she would place sheets of toilet paper over the seat. She would also place a sheet of toilet paper over the flusher so that my hand would not directly touch it. My friends would go into their stalls and do their thing, but mom insisted that I go through the ritual. The worst situation I remember was when we were at the airport awaiting one of her clients who was flying in. I was waiting in the bathroom for my mom who was just finishing up in her stall and I suddenly felt I was going to pee my pants. So I took the stall next to hers, got up on the toilet and was just starting my pee when mom came out, knocked on my door, saw I was already seated and not on the toilet paper she wanted me to sit on, so she yanked me off the toilet, and while my need to pee was hurting me bad, she watched as I was made to cover the seat and flusher as she watched. Then I was allowed to sit down and I don't think I did even half of my business because the interruption had caused me to lose my focus and comfort of sitting and doing it on my own without my mom watching me at age 6 1/2. I might have processed that experience as being more traumatic than it was, but that's how I saw it and I resented the intrusion on my space.


My latest

Lavvie. I can't lay claim to having one of the old fashioned chamber pots, much though I'd love to own one. I do however have a couple of convenient plastic containers which I could use if I was too infirm to make it to the bathroom at night. Indeed I have used a container whilst staying away when I've not been in a place which has en suite facilities. It has allowed me to have a good wee during the night without having to risk disturbing anyone.

Here's a little survey of my own about bowel movements:

How often do you move your bowels/go for a good poo?

A) More than once a day
B) Once a day
C) Once every 2-3 days
D) Less than that but more than weekly
E) Once a week
F) Less than once a week

I'll start the ball rolling by saying I do it (A) more than once a
day. Usually I poo 2-3 times a day.


Huge dump

The other day I was at school and felt a good crap brewing. I went to track practice, and didn't get jome until after dark. I did my homework and had steak for dinner. After dinner I felt the urge to poop coming on. I waited a little while until I was desperate. I felt the tip of a soft poop in my butt. My brother was taking a shower, so I ran downstairs. I pulled my pants down and sat. Without me even pushing, a huge log crackled out, followed by 3 more soft turds that looked to be about six inches long. I pushed and five more eight inch long turds crackled out into the toilet. I still didn't feel empty, so I waited a few minutes. Suddenly, I felt my butthole stretch again, and a thick, solid poop came out with a crackle. It was about a foot long. I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands. I felt so much better.
- J


For Steve A.

Hiya Steve.....I WILL answer your recent survey; just don't have time right now.

I noticed in your post that you have brothers. I envy you man; I'm an only child and every so often I see families with siblings and think it would be cool. Not always of course; I get that too....

So; are you the oldest? Do your brothers have any issues with their bowels? Were you all raised to be open about your bathroom habits?

I had the most problems with constipation when I was young....elementary school and middle I wonder if any of your brothers are having issues and maybe nobody knows?

Sometimes young kids just don't known what "normal" is and just suffer in silence.....


Just random

Hello everyone it's John B, ages since I've posted but work commitments must take priority!

Ifeel that I must apologise to you Jemma for not responding to your previous poss but I wish to place on record that I think that it's a wonderful idea in your giving feedback to fellow IBS sufferers and I hope people take you up in your generous gesture. I trust that you haven't been too bad of late but I'll certainly look forward to your post Christmas number two experiences. I wish you and your family the merriest of Merry Christmases and the happiest of Happy New Years. Take care my special cyber number one number two friend xx

Megan, haven't heard from you in ages, hope all is well and Seasons compliments to you.

Adrian, great to see another UK guy making a return to this forum, your input is always so informative and your advice sound. Seasons Greetings to you too and indeed to everyone on this forum!

Take care out there all of you because it's you fellow posters who make this forum as good as it is and may it go from strength to strength in 2016.

John B


To Anonymous re: unisex bathrooms

I used to think it would be an intriguing experience to go into the same bathroom with ladies and hear them using the facilities; I actually did so once, during a sale held in a school gymnasium, when a power outage closed an electrically-operated men's room door so it could not be opened, leaving the ladies' room as the only available restroom. I had to poop, so I went in; the room was in total darkness, so I had to feel my way to an open stall (all had doors) and lock myself in. The stalls on either side of me were occupied, and I heard poop plopping into the water in the one to my right. From the door, someone called, "Mom, are you in there?" The person to my right turned out to be that mom, and she replied, "Yes, I'll be out in a minute." As I had heard her drop her poop, so she heard me, as mine came out while she was still there. It was not comfortable to me to be in that circumstance, so I wiped, flushed and left as soon as I could. I had no idea who the woman was, and no way to find out once she left; nor did she know who I was.

In general, I do not recommend an arrangement where, with several toilets, both men and women (or boys and girls) would be in the room at the same time. There is too much opportunity for snooping, spying, or even invading someone else's privacy. If only one man and one woman are in the restroom at the same time, there is even the risk of a sexual attack.

Actually, we use unisex bathrooms very frequently, both at home and in places where there is only a single toilet in a lockable room, such as a hotel room. I find no problem when only one person at a time uses such a bathroom. For rooms with more than one toilet, however, it is still best to limit access to either men or women--not both. For many people, it is already a hard enough challenge to use a public toilet, especially to poop; add to that someone else of the opposite sex hearing them drop their chunks, and some people would simply avoid that restroom altogether.


Teaching BOS 30

Me and some friends have a similar worry and that's within the last few days before vacation, we will get our 3rd tardy to class. It automatically causes us to get a 4-hour Saturday morning detention. Because of vandalism in the bathrooms and more fights there is a crackdown throughout the school. Last Saturday morning I had to come to school for a Student Council meeting and we saw one-half of our cafeteria full of students serving detentions. That's about 300 students. Most are for tardies. So after the meeting, me and four friends walked over to a food place for lunch and we came up with a campaign we call BOS 30. It stands for Butt-on-Seat for 30 seconds. We think it is pretty simple. You have to be alert when waiting in line for a toilet, rather than having a conversation. Once you get into one, whether it has a door or not, you have to get right onto the stool. No time to wipe the seat, cover it, or flush before you sit yourself down. Nine times out of 10 you're going to pee. The butt-on-seat time, on average, should be 30 seconds. I'm seeing so many users, seated on the toilet, leaning forward with their arms on their thighs, and both hands on their phone as they read and write messages and do searches. Just like the people my parents honk at and cuss out at red lights who aren't paying attention when the signal changes, too many of us remain on the toilet longer than necessary and oblivious to the others wishing and hoping to take our place.

On Tuesday I ate lunch extra fast because I knew I needed to pee before my next class. Getting a coffee on the way to school and a 20-ounce soda pretty much goes right through my system. So I left my friends and went right to the large restroom nearby. The girl in front of me was talking to a friend next to her and not paying attention. When the student quickly got up and left the open stall, I nudged the girl to go in. At first she did a good job, immediately hiked her dress, seated herself and then told me she just had to pee. I was encouraged she might not even need her 30 seconds. At that point her phone rang and she started a really obnoxious conversation with someone without looking up and seeing that the line was growing. At that point, the one-minute warning bell went off and I had to get to history class. My teacher was just closing the door as I ran for it and barely got in through the crack. When I took my seat I couldn't believe the pain in my bladder. (I've had two bladder infections this year which is why I'm drinking more liquids). Luckily our class went to the computer lab, so with the permission of our teacher, I was able to duck into a bathroom during a walk downstairs. I timed my pee on my phone (26 seconds) and did my lab work. Then with our walk back upstairs I ducked in again and this time BOS was 31 seconds.

In our meeting on Saturday, three of the guys said conversations at the urinals are a time-wasting problem in the guys' bathrooms. One said he almost crapped his pants when in a 2-staller, one freshman was seated for just over 35 minutes. He thinks the guy just wanted to get out of study hall. One of our seniors said a "Remember Others" slogan should be adopted and a sign could be painted inside the door of every stall. Then another guy said most of their toilets don't have doors. A large number of our girls' toilets are doorless, too. It seem that those of us who are following the rules have to pay for the increasingly large number who don't.


A Holiday Recipe...For a Good Poop!!!!

It seems like everyone is sharing holiday recipes for desserts, healthy food alternatives, or everyone's favorite comfort food.

I have appreciated each and every one of you for your kind words about my posts. As one who struggled with my bowels as a child and preteen, I know that you can turn things like IBS around. Here is my recipe for producing my regular, two daily, voluminous bowel movements. Try it and tell me what you think!!! Love, Catherine!!!

1. Fiber. I eat Fiber One Cereal on top of Honey Nut Cheerios. Every. Day. Without exception. Bulk Fiber helps the stool retain water and provides more girth to the stool. Fiber expands when its filled with water. I would recommend no more than the daily serving, as it could cause malabsorption of vitamins and minerals in other foods.

2. Yogurt. Every Day. Without exception. Recently I switched from Yoplait Yogurt to Dannon Oikos Triple Zero. It uses Stevia for Sweetner and has only 120 Calories. Plus it has an additional 5 grams of Fiber! Plus the probiotics in yogurt fill your digestive track with good bacteria, which aids in digestion and builds a strong immune system.

3. Water. Drink the recommended 64 oz. of water daily, but space it out throughout the day. I have to be conscientious of this during cooler months. Too, I recommend water as opposed to getting it through flavored alternatives.

4. Exercise. I run and work out regularly. However, at least walk for 30 minutes. It's good for you anyway but it aids in digestion.

5. Routine. Plan your day so that you are not in a hurry. Make sure that you give yourself time to poop. Don't ignore the signal to go to the bathroom. Eventually it will happen at a comfortable time for you.

6. Privacy. We all need privacy, as indicated by this forum, to go to the bathroom. If we cannot get the privacy we need, we at least need to be comfortable with where we go and who might know that we are going. It will help things move along as they should when we go. It's weird that I have found out that I tend to have to wipe more when I have pooped somewhere or with someone that I am not comfortable.

7. Charmin. I will not use any other toilet paper. I like to save money like anyone else, when I am trying to get clean, I want comfort over cost-savings. I always have Charmin for my bathroom at home. I keep wet wipes on hand as well as Charmin in my purse.

8. A healthy diet. I eat many vegetarian recipes when I can. I eat lots of fish. I do not drink soft drinks, eat junk food or fast food. I love to treat myself to pizza, burgers, or other high calorie meals once per week, but that's it. Eat healthy snacks, such as fruit and nuts. Find ways to get fiber through your food instead of taking supplements. Too, if certain foods irritate your bowels or cause constipation, avoid them. But do treat yourself once per week!

9. Eat breakfast. I eat my yogurt and cereal before running. Then I eat a balanced breakfast when I get back. Eating breakfast stimulates the digestive system early in the day.

10. Coffee. I only have 8 ounces in the morning at breakfast. But the caffeine and the warm drink helps stimulate the bowels.

11. A relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. Since paying my own bills, I have always made certain that my bathroom was to my taste. I did not mind splurging on some decorations, a good, comfortable toilet, air fresheners, candles, and anything that would make my bathroom an inviting place for me to be.

12. Enjoy the go!!! (I stole that from Charmin!). I know that I should not be as obsessed with going to the bathroom as I am, but it does feel good. We should not be embarrassed if defecating is a pleasurable experience. Even Mark Twain acknowledged defecating to be a pleasurable experience. If for just a few minutes you have a slightly euphoric feeling, don't be embarrassed that it was a perfectly formed, stinky, mud-like substance exiting your body that made you feel good. It's OK to look too!! In fact, we all ought to look at it because we might find abnormalities and catch them early.

I hope that this recipe will be a good one for you to try. Give it time to get to the size, frequency and consistency that is comfortable for you!

Love you all!


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