Cellophane seats

Last weekend grams flew in to visit us. Her plane ran like 2 hours late and mom had another errand to run so she had me hang out at the airport to greet grams when her flight finally got in. It was about 9 oclock in the morning and I had to wee so I walked over to the nearest bathroom and I found something I had not experienced before. I went into the first open toilet booth I saw, and there must have been about 50, I latched the privacy door and double checked it because it spooks me when I forget and someone barges in on me, I backed up to the toilet, and as I started to pull my tight jeans and underwear down, there was a thunderous swirl and the toilet flushed. There were like 3 red lights in back that were flashing. So as the flush ended, I placed my butt up on the seat. For some reason, something felt awkward.

I looked in front of me between my legs. I found cellophane between them. I partially stepped off and I found the whole seat was wrapped in this cellophane. At that point, the flusher went off and the seat partially rotated. I had never seen anything like this. At first, it kind of scared me, but I took my seat again and pretty much froze because I was afraid to move. Slowly as I sat I took my thumb nail and raked it across a small part of the cellophane as I tried to get my wee stream going. I pulled my phone out of my jeans pocket and tried to check for messages, but that didn't help my frustration about not being able to get my wee started. I was afraid that any movement would set the seat wheel off again. I was really hurting to wee but I could see that it wasn't going to happen there. So I stood up, pulled up my clothing and walked out. I was somewhat embarrassed by the look on the lady's face who replaced me because I could see that she was angry with having to wait for me that long. When I got out to the waiting area, I had the idea of taking an escalator downstairs to another bathroom. Most of the toilets down there also had the stupid cellophane, but I lucked out when I saw a handicapped booth. I got up on the toilet and immediately was able to wee.

Any others on this board who have had experience with the cellophane seats?

I'm a 14 year old girl and I can only poo at home and even then it has to be when we don't have anyone round. Well this morning I woke up late because my alarm didn't go off and I was last in line for the bathroom, so I didn't time to have a poo before I went to school. I was busting to go and I had to hold it all day until I got home from school. By home time I was desperate for a poo and I had to walk home as my mum was working late and there was no one to pick me up. I was about a third of the way home when I felt a huge urge to poo and I nearly lost control. I was in agony and the urge got worse and I couldn't hold it any more. I felt so dirty and ashamed of myself as I stood in the street pooing myself but the relief of it was so good I just let it all out in my knickers. Then came the pee that always comes when I poo and I soaked my knickers and my legs. When I got home my mum went mad at me for pooing and wetting myself and I felt even worse for that.


First post!

I have been lurking around this site for awhile now but have not posted until now. I am 19 years old, long brunette hair, and 5"5. I love to workout, when I workout it gets my bowel movements going so I at the gym is where I poop usually. Now to the story. Back in my senior year of high school I was with my friend Jamie at lunch. Jamie is the same height as me same hair colour but just a bit more tanned and a slightly bigger bum. Well we were eating lunch I started to get a cramp but just ignored it and kept talking with Jamie. All of a sudden I felt like I was going to poop my pants. I quickly told Jamie that I was going to go to the bathroom she said she needed to go to so we both got up and quickly and headed towards the bathroom luckily it wasn't to far away. When we got there there was no one there we both went to the very last stalls. I quickly went in locked the door, pulled down my leggings and thong and plopped myself on the toilet without putting toilet paper down on the seat which is pretty gross but I couldn't hold it anymore. As soon as I was seated a flood of poop came out with a bunch of farts. Jamie said "you really did need to go!" I said "something upset my stomach I think" just then I saw Jamie's leggings and thong go to her calves and I heard her start to pee then she had little fart and started to grunt. I could hear her poop coming out until it hit the water. She started to wipe and she asked if I was done I said " just about for now" I began to push and wet poop came out spraying the toilet bowl I finished with an ahhhhhhh. I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped a bunch then pulled up my leggings and thing and so did Jamie and we went back to lunch. I had to poop a few more times that day during classes.


Almonds and diarrhea?

I googled this and apparently if you eat them in large amounts, you can, most likely from vitamin E overdose. But I find that I can't eat them even in small amounts without getting diarrhea. Anyone else out there experience this?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: End Stall Em great story.

To: Annie as always another great story about you big desperate poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Catherine great pooping story.

To: mina great story.

To: Just Another Girl great story about your big poop.

Well thats all fir now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Anna from Austria

first outdoor poop in my life

@Anna I really liked your stories.

And no to my Story. Yesterday I had an day off and decided to go to Woods with one of my best Friends Julia, to collect sweet chestnuts. We had look and found a lot of theme, and then we both needed a pee. So we left the path and went deeper into the Woods. We both had to pee really bad. So far so good. Then it happened. As Julia stopped peeing and started to wipe herself, with some paper Handkerchief i suddenly felt the urge to go Number 2 as well. She asked my what is the matter and I said, i Need to go Number 2 as well. She said, oh that is bad, but at least I have enough Handkerchiefs with me, so at least I won't mess my underwear. Then she gave me here Handkerchiefs and went back a few meters back to check that nobody is coming.

At first I wanted to ignore the urge but it was to strong. So I started to push.

At first I did a really loud fart, then my first turd came out. Then I did some more farts and some peaces of lose poo hit the ground. Then I felt empty. I started to wipe and had just enough Handkerchiefs to do so.

I felt a bit bad, because I had to leave my excrement and the Handkerchief the Woods, because I had no shovel to bury them. This was quite unexpected that I had to go.

Then I went back to Julia, and she just asked if I feel better now. I only said yes.

For her this was not a big deal, she is an avid hiker and and had already done some of her Poos in the nature.

For however it was the first time and I must say it was not as bad as I thought it would be. It was an quite interesting experience.

Greetings Anna.

Optional Person

To Catherine on " he listened to me poop." - my thoughts.

Catherine, It seems great. you can be your entire self around him, even the part of you that literally stinks. from reading this site it seems that there are more men then I realized that enjoy girls pooping ( but I think they are still pretty rare.) I myself think it is a beautiful thing to witness a beautiful girl making horrible smells and sounds, ( mostly because we don't view them as horrible, we view them as beautiful and sensual) it seems like he may have a similar view. he may have had a similar story to me. it seems people that develop this have always had some experience with it when they were little, so it is just a natural part of his curiosity, and he is finally getting to deeply enjoy it with the woman he loves. so it is a big deal to him that you love to fart and dump. It seems to me you guys will be able to have an amazing relationship, especially with this as a bonus attraction to you from his side of things. Also it is clear to me from your writing and from these last two stories, that you love to poop and fart, and have been quiet about it and discrete about it. now you have an outlet to do it and the person loves it. think of all the passion that it can create, and that it already has created. Personally I think you may have struck gold, as long as everything else is fine, and you understand each others boundaries. so from my side of things, I think I would continue to embrace it. you guys can enjoy smelling up the house together till your hearts content, as long as someone else isn't coming over... lol. you have so many avenues to explore; buddy dumps, fart contests, who knows what else. all I can say is, from what I read, it seems like this will become an amazing thing for you.

I realize this is less of a bathroom related post and more of extra long response with not much bathroom stuff written in it. but I find myself thinking it important to respond to this interesting situation.

I myself haven't had any decent stories created in quite a while, hopefully something will come along.

Smantha (Sam)

Caught Pooping by Aunt

Hi everyone, my name's Samantha and I'm 15 years old, blonde haired and blue eyed. Anyway, this story happened when I was 14 and it's really embarrassing but here we go. So one summer when I was 14 I was staying at my aunt's farm for a week and the first day for breakfast we had eggs, they tasted funny but I ate them anyway cause I didn't want to hurt her feelings. So I got dressed into a t-shirt and denim shorts and sandals and went for a walk on the farm. I'd been walking for about 15 minutes when I started to feel really sick and I staggered over to a tree and threw up. Almost instantly after being sick I began to cramp up and I grabbed my stomach with both hands. I quickly undid the button on my shorts, unzipped them and squatted down on the ground, pulling my blue boyshorts down as I did. I barely had time to blink before I farted a really wet fart and liquid poo gushed from my butthole while I sighed and moaned. I tinkled a little bit and was still squatting for fear of having to do more poo when I heard my aunt call out "Sam, are you alright?" I turned my head and saw my aunt walking up behind me, and here I was-squatted over a puddle of poo, butt-naked with my shorts and panties at my knees. I turned bright red and started to cry, but she said it was OK and not to be embarrassed. As if to prove the point, she pulled down her pants and peed standing up with me watching. She gave me some leaves to wipe with and waited till I'd pulled up my panties and shorts before we walked home together. I was still red from being seen, but I felt soooo much better after getting it all out!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dear Catherine

Thank you for nice words. I don't understand well "your take" but I will try to find out its mean.

I give you more thoughts. Alan is nice guy it seems. But I hope he stop to say "stinking up toilet." You sounded like you little bit angry, but I can see you forgive. (I'm happy that you forgive.) I don't like word, "stink". "smell" is better. But maybe it is better you know him more before you say such kind of thing to him.

I made Kazuko laugh on loo few days ago because I said her, "you make nice perfume". I used English word, Japanese word not suitable. It is very interesting to experiment words when talking about loo.

One day perhaps you can tell Alan, not really good thing to say "crap like a man". I and my brother agree, defecate of man and defecate of woman are same. I never see my brother's motions except when he was little boy (he is younger brother), but we both think, our motions are about same. And we spend same time in loo, maybe I stay little bit longer but not so big difference. I think if you defecate same as Alan, you will feel good because you are same and lovers like to be same, I think.

You said you like Japanese loo words. For motion, we say "unko" or "unchi". "u" in "un" is pronounce like "oo" in "book". It is sound we make when motion is difficult to come out. "ko" is like "co" in "coffee". "chi" is like "chea" in "cheap". For wee, we say "o-shikko". It is onomatopoeia for noise when wee hits loo or ground. "o-" is polite word we put before some words to make more polite.

To everyone, Sorry I am too sleepy to tell story now, and I don't have good story at moment. But soon I have I hope. I think I never depress again because people on this site say so many warm words to your very own Mina.

Love from Happy Mina


Camping poo

I once held my poo all weekend when I went camping with my mate Sarah. We were going home on the Sunday night and I couldn't wait to get home to my own toilet and have a much needed poo. On Saturday morning Sarah went to the toilet and she spent fifteen minutes in there and I guessed she must be having a poo. She came back to the tent looking relieved and I was jealous of her because I was busting to go. When I asked her why she was so long Sarah said went red and said that she was doing her hair but I knew she was lying. I was busting for a poo and I told her I was going to have a shower so I could have a crafty poo without her knowing what I was doing. Sarah laughed as she said "Ok but don't block the toilet." I was so embarrassed but I still went to the showers. When I got there I was the only person in there and I saw the toilets but someone came in so I just had a shower and held my poo. After my shower the place was empty and I looked at toilet that was opposite the shower I used. I was so desperate for a poo after my shower and with no one else around I decided to go in and have a sneaky poo. I went in and sat down and relaxed. I felt my poo coming out and man it felt good. It was big and once finished I had a look in the toilet and saw just how much I'd done. It was about a foot long and wide and I felt so relieved after that. I wiped myself and got dressed and went back to the tent to join Sara. She asked if I had a good poo and I denide it but I don't think she believed me.

Slice, the boxes are there, We tried it on three different browsers, including the one you are using. Check your computer's color depth setting.

End Stall Em

Toilet Falling In

Some of the current discussion about using bathrooms of friends has caused me to think of a friend I had for only a brief time. The summer before I started 3rd grade, Tam and her mom moved into an apartment building down the street from our house. Me and Tam were in 3rd grade together and we walked the two blocks up the street to our grade school each morning and afternoon. My mom kind of supervised it and in more than a couple of cases accommodated Tam by letting her use our bathroom before we left for school. Mom, however, seemed suspicious as to why Tam would not have her stools at home before leaving for our house. Then one day when Mom and I were talking I told her that if Tam was a little late in getting to our house (Mom would quickly get the car out and drive us in such cases) that during the 4 or 5 minutes we may have to stay on the playground before the janitor unlocked the school door at 8:45 Tam would almost always complain about wanting to get into the school and almost every time this happened, she would walk as fast as she could to the bathroom. I followed her in a couple of times; it was obvious she was pooing.

One weekend that fall, it was Tam's 8th birthday and her mom invited me over for a Friday night party and sleepover. Right after we had our pizza and celebrated some, on the way to see Tam's bedroom, I excused myself to the bathroom. The building has won some award for being more than 100 years old and it was obvious to me that the plumbing fixtures were that old. An example was the bathtub, which instead of being built-in was actually a strange looking tub on legs. I looked for the light switch before noticing a chain hanging on top of me. I pulled it straight down and the really dim ceiling light went on. There was no top cover on the toilet. It looked just like we had at school, a badly-stained bowl and a seat that was at least three times the size of my butt. As soon as I pulled down my sweats and undees and seated myself, it seemed like the toilet creaked and the floor under the toilet like made a groaning noise. I was only peeing, so I wasn't seated long, but when I stood up to wipe, I could feel the floor move. Since this was the 4th floor and I hadn't been in an apartment building before, I kind of thought it was normal until I talked to my Dad about it. I was also frustrated when I looked for the toilet paper roll on the wall and found there was none. Rather, there was just a roll of toilet paper sitting on top of the tank.

When I got to Tam's tiny bedroom, I joined her on the bed where she had a couple of her dolls out. When I started to ask her about the sway in the bathroom floor and noises, she cut me off and said she and her Mom knew about it. But since they were behind on the rent, they didn't want to complain to the manager and piss him off even more. That made sense to me and Tam explained she was scared to sit on the toilet to poo. She was afraid the floor boards would give way. When I got home on Saturday morning, I explained it to Mom and Dad. That helped them figure out why Tam would use our bathroom in the morning or otherwise be desperate to have the school bathrooms available. And my parents discussed very thoroughly with me why we should be thankful for what we have. Tam and her Mom moved away to another place over Christmas vacation that year and I haven't heard from her since.

BK!!!! Where did you go???

A couple of months ago, I was outside my native area. I knew where I was, fairly well, but I hadn't traveled there, as of late. My two boys were riding in the car with me and we cheerily traveling down the road, anticipating a delicious, greasy breakfast from Burger King.
All of a sudden, I felt a tremendous wave of pressure that made my anus shudder! My stomach was also involuntarily responding to the surge of tension within my bowels! Although I may have wiped my brow once or twice, I took solace in the fact that I was fairly close to my destination. I was not thrilled with the prospect of blasting a public bathroom with a wet, juicy, stinky turd, I could tell it was going to be a whopper, but there was no choice.
But, wait!?!? Where was Burger King?? I mustered up the last bit of strength in my butthole to hold the large load in, and pressed onward! I must have driven past it somehow?? At this point, my kids were hysterical with laughter!!! As I was fighting a losing battle with my sphincter! My mantra had now become, "Oh my God!!! I have to take a sh$t!!!" I was saying it desperately as if somehow that may appease the toilet gods! Still, there was no BK!
I circled around as I expected my brown eye to give way, at any moment! I didn't think I could hold it. The sense of urgency had become insufferable! Still, no BK! All of a sudden, I realized that there was a building where BK used to be, but it was now looking strangely different. I realized a new business had taken over where Burger King once stood. After a stream of expletives came from my mouth, I bucked up and I hightailed it to the next bathroom I could find. Thankfully, McDonalds was just around the way and I made it there just in the nick of time!!!
As I sat there letting my load out, I couldn't help but feel quite awesome! After having such a terrible time keeping that bad boy in, I was delirious with relief when it came rocketing out of my butt. So that's my story, I hope you liked it!

to everybody who said nice things about my posts: Thank you so much!

to Liam: That was a good story. Welcome to the site. I am sorry it rains so much where you live.

J.A.G's survey:

1. How many times do you fart per day? (If you're not sure, give a rough estimate)

Not that often during the day. But I almost always fart lots on the toilet, especially when I need to do a number two.

2. What foods and/or drinks give you a lot of wind (ie. noticeably more than usual)?

Only thing I can think of is raw apples. It's really weird, but I need to fart so badly from eating those. Last week our neighbour gave me an apple from his yard. He is a really nice old guy and I felt obliged to eat it. It was good, but I farted so much all night. Luckily this was in my room and I could just let them out. In the morning it really smelled bad and I had to open the window before I went to school.
Baked apples are fine, which is good cause I love apple pie!

3. What foods and/or drinks give you the worst-smelling wind?

Can't really think of anything.

4. Do you enjoy farting or is it a neutral area or something that you are completely disgusted by?

I enjoy it because it is relieving. But it is also a bit gross and rude to do around other people.

5. Is the above question dependent on whether it was you who did it or someone else?

I'm not really disgusted when other people do it, but it's not nice to do it on purpose when other people are around. If someone farts by accident, that's ok.

6. Are you very sensitive about farting around other people? If so, why? If not, why?

Very much so. I don't like to fart around anybody. It's ok if I let a fart slip out around my girlfriends, but I would be terribly embarrassed to fart around boys.

7. Do you know anybody who seems to stand out because they fart a lot? If so, have you ever let them know how you feel about it?

Yes, some boys I know fart on purpose when other's around and they think it's funny. I have told them it is not funny and that they are gross.


Still pooping regularly, though haven't felt well

Hi all. Still been drinking the lemon water but have cut down to every 2-3 days because I think all the lemon water has been upsetting my stomach, especially since there is barely anything in my stomach anymore. Have felt kinda nauseous the past couple of days so I am taking it easy and not drinking it as frequently. I've been eating semi-bland foods the past couple of days since I've felt like throwing up, and that has helped me feel a bit better. Been drinking plenty of plain water as well and not as much coffee.

Yesterday morning (Monday) I was woken up with stomach cramps and the need to use the toilet, urgently. I let off a couple of loud BRRRRRRMMMMPPPP farts to let off some pressure and I knew there was no holding this so I got out of bed and dashed to the bathroom as quickly as possible holding my butt. Got the door closed and my clothes down and on the toilet as quickly as I could and relaxed. A torrent of mushy (and really smelly) shit came out and I knew there was probably a lot. I was done after a minute or so and the bathroom really stunk, like wet soil. It was a messy wiping job, between my period and the crap.

Then today I had another bout of messy shit too. The lemon water has done a good job cleaning me out, but I've got to stop using lemons so frequently, especially because of the acid. Anyone suffering from constipation: even just plain warm water is fine. You can put honey in it to make it taste better if you want. But it is easy on your stomach and relaxes your bowels to help you poo better.

Happy pooping hopefully.

gas inspector

Answering Steve A & just another girl


Well I had a dream like this then I was a child. I had a dream that I was doing a pee and suddenly I woke up I noticed my whole bed is wet :o


1. If you ever have/had these types of dreams before, would you share them with your friends/people that your close with?

I would share it my friends just for laught :)

2. Does a change in a new lifestyle like moving to a new town, getting a new job, trying a new diet, etc. change your bowel habits? I know the new diet would change something with your bowels, but what about a new town/job?

Sure. Even getting another job changed my habits in using toilet. In corporation I worked there were a lot of people and few toilets. In my current job there're only 3 coworkers and we have only one toilet, so... You almost always know who did what in there...

3. How 'regular' are you?

Enough regular... Although tbh I don't like to leave my poop too early, so I prefer to do #2 every 2 days than everyday ;)

just another girl:

1. How many times do you fart per day? (If you're not sure, give a rough estimate)

Someone said that it's normal to fart 14 times a day. And usually I match in this number, but when I eat something and I have gassy day omg I fart 2x more in one hour!

2. What foods and/or drinks give you a lot of wind (ie. noticeably more than usual)?

I think a lot of fruit make a treat to me.

3. What foods and/or drinks give you the worst-smelling wind?

Meat, eggs and proteins in general. But the best for me is probably the vegetable salad (made of potatoes, peas, corn, picked cucumbers, onion, eggs and mayonnaise). Moreover when I have steamed cabbage after that... OMG! The air becomes literally thick around me! :P

4. Do you enjoy farting or is it a neutral area or something that you are completely disgusted by?

Well I kinda like to fart and to be honest I love talking about farting. It's funny and in some cases cute.

5. Is the above question dependent on whether it was you who did it or someone else?

Someone said that fart are like children - no matter how naughty they're, you always love your own ones, but others ones are not that welcome LOL And I can relate to it.
Except I find it cute when an attractive girl farts. I know I'm weirdo. But I always get impressed how does something so pretty is able to produce something so vile :)

6. Are you very sensitive about farting around other people? If so, why? If not, why?

I try not to fart in front of others, because I feel a bit ashamed. Except in front of my family. OMG they just hate me sometimes :P

7. Do you know anybody who seems to stand out because they fart a lot? If so, have you ever let them know how you feel about it?

Yeah. My mom is the queen of farts. Sometimes she even scares me how long and loud her farts can be! Like she can walk from the living room to the kitchen and farting ALL THE WAY! And it's no small poots every step. It's one, single fart that lasts forever! :o


Survey Answers

Siford's question

For those of you in school or at work, do you spend more time in the toilets laying paper over the seat, checking out each of the toilets before deciding which one to use, and does this get extra attention from others or get you hassled?

A) I'm 24 and work for a major corporation now. At our headquarters building I just go into the large ladies room on my floor, plant my butt on the seat and pee or crap. No I don't check the stalls. We have matrons that come through each morning and each afternoon to check for excessive messes and if there's a need for more toilet paper. Now in 2008 when I was 15 and starting high school that was a different story. My junior high had those toilet seat protectors in a dispenser in every stall and I had gotten use to using them. Then in 2008 my parents moved from one side of the country to the other and my high school didn't have them, even though it was one of the largest in the area and the bathrooms were far from the cleanest. I was slow in accepting the fact that I should just walk in to an available stall, seat myself, and get it over with. That's what the others did. But I tried spreading toilet paper over the seats, and stuff like that that just caused the lines to get longer, and me to rack up detentions to class for tardiness. After about a year, I just gave up and started sitting bare-butt-down like most of the others. There were some hover pissers, however, and they were hated because often they would splash the seats up for the rest of us.

John H's survey:

1) If you don't like pooing at other peoples' houses, why is this. Right now about 1/2 of my poos are done at home before I leave for my office; the others are shortly after I get to work, so I don't poo that often at others' homes. However, during my freshman year of high school for the reasons I cited above, I didn't like pooing at school so if I went to a friend's house after school, I would be the first on the toilet when she unlocked the door. I only remember my poo stopping up the toilet once and that was in an apartment. Both my friend and I paniked because it was starting to run over, but she called the super and even though he swore at us a little, he knew how to use a tool that was more effective than the plunger she and her mom had.

2) Are you afraid of leaving a smell behind? Infrequently when I've been in such a situation, there's been a air-freshener spray can on the toilet tank.

3) Are you afraid of being walked in on? When I stay the weekend at my boyfriend's apartment, he's come in a couple of times when I'm on the stool. I really don't mind because at first he was very sensitive about it. Once after he had been on the stool for about 10 minutes, I walked in on him just to get my hair drier off the sink. I couldn't help but laughing because just at that point, like he wanted to impress me, he started droppin' them and they heavily hit the water. I told him I was impressed with his productivity and he made a sensuous remark to me that caused me to know that if I didn't get out of there fast I would have been late to work.

4) Do you find it hard to relax in other peoples' bathrooms? This has only happened once or twice and that is because a couple of my friends have little brothers and sisters who don't understand boundaries and I, must admit, I didn't secure the door correctly, because I had just wanted to get my pee going so I wouldn't have an accident.

5) Do wish you could use others' bathrooms without others knowing that you are pooping? Now I don't have much problem with that. Ten years ago I would have been a lot more self-conscious.

To JW:

That's interesting information you've cited on women trying to hold their bowels until they get home from work or school and the relationship with colon cancer. I'm happy I made the change in my routine when I did. I just think that our parents' generation had some hangups about planning craps for before leaving home or holding them until your return at the end of the day.


Late Lunch Post - Alan listened to me pooping!!!

I had a late lunch today and a few minutes so I wanted to share! I hope everyone is well!

Just Another Girl's Survey:

1. How many times do you fart per day? 10-12
2. What foods and/or drinks give you a lot of wind (ie. noticeably more than usual)? I eat a high fiber diet and my diet is very consistent during the week. Weekends are when I "cheat" a little. Sweets, soft drinks and beer can give me gas. Also, if I have junk food meals like burgers, pizza, or fried foods.
3. What foods and/or drinks give you the worst-smelling wind? I am not sure. As I've said before, my farts are usually audible and have a little to no smell at all. If I am sick or if I have gotten off my diet, they tend to smell.
4. Do you enjoy farting or is it a neutral area or something that you are completely disgusted by? YES!!! I love it!!! I am ashamed to say, but I love pooping and farting! It's a funny sound, especially when it comes out of no where.
5. Is the above question dependent on whether it was you who did it or someone else? If I did it or someone close to me. I think it would be awkward to laugh at someone else's fart if I did not know them well. And, if it smelled it would be disgusting.
6. Are you very sensitive about farting around other people? If so, why? If not, why? I wrote about farting around Alan, my boyfriend (I sound like a teenager - we are both 34!)
7. Do you know anybody who seems to stand out because they fart a lot? If so, have you ever let them know how you feel about it? No to both.

Alan and I have been trying to spend a lot of time together on weekends. Sunday Nights are especially "our time" because he is so busy with football, as well as working on his practice plans for girls basketball. I have gotten really comfortable about defecating when I have to when we are together. I don't try to be discreet. Yet, I am not gross either. If I have to go I just ask to be excused and then go.

We were at my place, which is the second floor of my parents house getting ready to watch the Seahawks and Packers play when it was time for my evening bowel movement. I let the feeling build and then went to the bathroom.

As I have shared before, the bathroom is a Jack and Jill, so the sinks open into both my bedroom and my sitting room. There is a separate door to the shower and toilet. Because we are close now, I only shut the door to the toilet.

When I sat on the toilet I could hear that he walked over to the sink, trying to be quiet, and I could tell that he was listening! OMG! I was kind of amused, aroused as well as a little embarrassed and taken aback. He was about to purposely listen to me use the bathroom! I shared that I had diarrhea in front of him a while back when I came down with a nasty stomach virus. He had to help me to the toilet because I was nauseated and dizzy.

I just decided to act like I did not know that he was there and let things happen. This poop was a soft, but thick one that must have had at least five plops! After that, I peed a pretty good amount. I could tell he was still listening! So, I thought I would see if I could purposefully fart. I sat for what seemed like a minute and then I pressed with all my might. The result was a zipper-like fart. I giggled a little. Then I cleaned up. I heard him walk away. Again, he was trying to be quiet.

After I flushed and washed, I looked at him and grinned, "Why were you listening to me use the bathroom?" I had a smile on my face but I could tell that it embarrassed him. He turned noticeably red! "It's OK...I'm not upset." Again, I continued to smile to let him know that it was OK.

He said that he had just become fascinated with this part of me. He said that he could not stop thinking about the time that I was sick in front of him, or the times that I've had to go at his house, the times that I farted in front of him. Now I was turning a little red. But, as I've said before, I try not to ever get self-conscious or embarrassed. I looked, and grinned again, "Really, I'm OK with it."

Then he said that it was just like a paradox to see someone as stunning and mesmerizing as me to be in that vulnerable of a situation of going to the bathroom, of stinking it up (I objected to that part!) of passing gas. He said that I was always such a lady but that crapped like a man.

What do you all think of that? Too, what about my reaction? I mean, I am flattered that anything would attract Alan to me, but I guess I never expected my bowel habits to be one of those things!

I appreciate your thoughts!



I was away long time, sorry to everyone.

To Optional Person: Thank you for nice kind words! I think my story not so interesting, but you like, so I am happy!!

To Elisa: You ask if I like your story. I didn't enjoy, because poor Dorothy, she had a very bad time. I felt sorry for her. But I liked the story because you are very good sweet friend for her. If she was alone to do her diarrhoea, she felt even worse, I think. But you were beside her so she felt comfort, didn't she? How lovely friend you are. You never write in your story, Ewww bad smell, take too long, such kind of complaining words. Only you stayed with her and give her a comfort by being there. Dorothy is very lucky girl.

You say you are Korean, do you live in Korea? I think maybe no, because of your friends' names. I am Korean like you, but Japan-born Korean. So my style is more Japanese than Korean, and I can't speak Korean language!!

Never mind typos. I am twice of your age, but my English is bad! I try to write good English.

I hope you write again.

To everyone: I am happy to be back. My brother and his wife stayed my flat so I could't post. They are like me, they like to be in loo so they stay there long time. My brother's wife is very very public about loo! She shouts to both us, "I am going to loo, I must do lots motions! Bye!!" And go into loo and do motion with much noise and lots and lots, we think, is she finished? but then there is plop sound again. And again and again and again. My brother have smile on his face. He never laugh at her, he says she is cute when she goes to loo. Then voice from loo. "Yes, I am cute!" And at once fart and then plop. Then she come out and shouts, "I did eleven! Big ones!" And sit down on my brother's knees, and he stroke her hair. He loves her very much! When he goes to loo for motion, he doesn't shout how many or anything, but she ask, "how many did you do?" And he says, "I forgot to count."

But when Maho came to stay with us one night, so we could play mah-jongg, my brother's wife was quiet about loo. She never show her real loo self except with family. She went to loo for motions after breakfast and stayed long time but she was very quiet. When she came out, she looked at Maho like to say: I'm sorry I was in loo long time even I am woman. Maho looked at me and I looked at Maho, and then Maho went into loo with graceful walk and stayed long time too. So she broke ice. But of course, that day, no one said "I did eleven."

My brother's wife looks like Yuna Kim, she is figure skater. Very pretty girl. I am happy my brother chose so nice wife. If I write about her again on this site I call her Yuna, but that is not her real name. She is very lovely. I love her. And I love my brother.

I post again soon. Happy time to all of you in loo and everywhere.

Love from Mina

clogged up

to big jake

to the poster 'big jake,' i can definitely identify with being constipated 100% of the time. i dont really mind though, it usually feels pretty good to have a huge fat turd up there, making me into a fart machine! i'm a sorta big guy as well, gained a lot of weight recently, and have an admittedly bad diet. what can i say, i love cheese, pasta, rice and eat tons of them! right now, i havent pooped since saturday (its thursday) and i am letting off really stinky farts and feeling some pressure, but really no urge to have a bowel movement yet. i'm gonna just keep eating as much as can every day...i kinda push myself to grow the biggest fattest turds i can. i dont even bother going in the toilet anymore, its basically guaranteed to clog. big jake, hearing about your two foot long log has me amazed, dude...wish i could lay em that long with them breaking off. was it hard all the way from end to end? i can imagine after 12 days without pooping it was super dehydrated. hope u post about your next mega dump. i'm gonna try to hold off on this one as long as i can and will post about the results.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and Danielle both had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Billy it sounds like your girlfriend had a good poop and from the sound of she probaly thought she had to just fart but then a poop started to come out thats probaly why she was in a rush and her was coming out already.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Yesterday I was in the girls' bathroom fixing my makeup and this girl from my drama class walks in and says hi, and then goes into a stall and sits down. A minute later I hear an extremely forceful gushing noise that for a split second I mistook for the sink running or something. I was amazed at the sound of her pissing, it was so strong and it lasted for about a minute or so. I would have loved to have seen it; it almost didn't sound real. I have a newfound respect for her and her pee.


The first time I ever saw a boy go to the toilet

To Optional Person - I hadn't thought of it either until I started to read through some of the old posts on here.
To Brandon T - We both felt good after, it was like we encouraged each other to empty out without speaking a word.
To Billy - I am smiling at your story, there are so many times I should have done what your girlfriend did with my late husband. He would sit there longer when he knew I wanted to poo just to tease me. We also used to like watching each other go.
The first time I ever saw a boy go to the toilet
Growing up our family would often go and stay with my uncles family on a farm in the country. It was a old place with the main house in a fenced off yard and an outhouse in the back corner beyond the washing line. Beyond the yard was a barn with farm machines at one end and a stable with riding ponies at the other.
My memories of our stays there are mainly about the ponies but I do remember the outhouse. At the time I had never seen one anywhere else. It was a board with two holes cut in it and had like a bucket thing in a boarded off area under each hole. At the back of the building there were two little doors that opened to the area underneath the holes. I was in my usual spot brushing one of the ponies when I saw my cousin going to the outhouse. He was older than me but never showed any interest in me. I snuck up to the doors at the back. I quietly opened the first one in time to see through the gap between the bucket and board. My cousin was just sitting, he spread his cheeks and settled. I could see his penis poking down under the board , had no idea what it was at the time, think I was only about 11 or 12 . He started to wee and it splattered into the bucket, then I saw his bum open and a brown poo come out. When he started wiping I quietly shut the door and snuck back to the pony. After he went back into the house I had to go in and look. His poo was laying there on top of the pile and looked massive to what I was doing at the time.


Still having diarrhea

Hi all. I got woken up again this morning with diarrhea. I felt pressure and cramps in my stomach so I knew there was no holding it and there was no farting unless I wanted to mess my underwear and pants royally. So I headed to the bathroom, got everything down and sat down to let out a huge torrent of diarrhea. I got done within 2 minutes, but there was a ton that came out. There was a giant pile of crap with some olive-shaped brown stuff in it. I dunno if it was old poop or what. I knew the wiping job was going to be messy so I had to flush a couple of times to get everything down. I haven't drank the lemon water, or even warm water for a few nights now so I'm not sure what's upsetting my stomach so much. Been having nothing but foul-smelling diarrhea for the last few days. Yech. As long as it's in the toilet, not my pants, then whatever. I'll let my body get rid of whatever crap is still in there. My BMs stink like wet soil and stink up the bathroom badly.


What comes in will come out

Hi guys , hope all is well, I'm going do a survey . Quick background for those don't know me , I'm 21 5'1 110 Latina , now unto the survey . 1) where was the last place you peed I , A) I was home , 2) where was you when you had your last bowelmovement , A) at home, 3) what was the last place you peed or had a bowel movement at beside home, A) the last place was at the gym , 4) do you ever have a struggle using the bathroom , A) yes and no if I have the liquid poop it takes a lot of me cause I go in and go and afterwards I'm to weak to wipe and get up so I have to help, and no if everything is normal , 5) while in public do you ever see protectors , A) yes but don't use them, 6 do you cover the seat at all, 1/100 ,7) what you do when you on the toilet , A) I either have them around my thighs or stomach or playing a game or two , last question , do you wonder what the person next to you doing if out in public , A) no and yes , no if they just handling there business, and yes my mom taught me if a lady pulls everything down it helps the in coming ladies know what you doing , so I do it , well that's all for now , also hugs for my friend Brandon T.

just another girl
When I was 18, I decided to hold my poo in for a week just to see what would happen. I knew this would be no easy task since I go twice every day, but I was really curious, so I just went ahead, grit my teeth and did it.

The first three days were fine; I didn't seem to be suffering any adverse effects. I ate quite a bit during that time, and looking back I'm surprised that I managed as well as I did. On the sixth day, I woke up feeling distinctly uncomfortable and acutely aware of something big and heavy sitting in my back passage. As I dressed for school, I debated going to the toilet and just letting it all out, but I'd told myself that I was going to keep it in for seven days, without any compromising involved. That day was difficult; I had to sit through all of my classes knowing that I could lose control at any moment. I couldn't concentrate properly - all I was thinking about was the next day when I could sit and get rid of everything. Several times I tried to quietly pass wind to ease the pressure a bit, but I didn't want anything to accidentally slip out at the same time. The time dragged on, and when two thirty arrived after what felt like forever, I was so relieved that I nearly cried. Now I could get home and not have everyone seeing me fidgeting and squirming in my chair...

That evening, as I was changing into my pyjamas, I suddenly started to feel a bit airy. I knew why, and tried to hold it in. Before I could stop it, I farted rather loudly, and another one followed after that...and another one. I knew then that I was fighting a losing battle, because with the next one I felt a BIG poo coming out. I panicked for a moment, but managed to regain my senses. There was no time to waste by going to the bathroom; it was coming right now and I couldn't hold it back. I hurriedly pulled my pyjama trousers and black underwear down, knelt over my wastepaper bin, and let out a sigh of relief as my poo pushed my anus open and started to slowly slide out. It was very thick and solid but smooth, and showed no sign of stopping. At one point I started to pee a bit, but managed to control that before it made a mess. Eventually the end of it came out and fell into the bin with a muffled flop, and I was able to catch my breath.

I stood up to see what I'd just done, and was shocked. There in the bin was a huge medium brown poo that looked at least a foot long, and as thick as my wrist. The one end looked hard and knobby, but it was mostly smooth after that. It was also very smelly; the stink of it was beginning to fill the air, so I took out the plastic shopping bag that I'd put in the bin (thank goodness for that!) and went to the bathroom to empty it into the toilet. After doing that, I sat on the toilet and finished my wee, wiped, and then flushed everything away. Before bed I made another smaller poo, and then I was empty.

I was a bit disappointed that I hadn't made it to seven days, but I knew I wouldn't have made it that far. If I'd tried to do it, I would probably have had a huge accident, and I certainly wouldn't have wanted that. I don't think I'll be trying that experiment again any time soon!

Victoria B.

Look before you sit!

Had a bit of an unpleasant experience in the bathroom this morning. I woke up and shuffled to the kitchen for breakfast and the day's first cup of coffee. For me, coffee tends to get things moving towards my back door and it wasn't long before I needed a visit to the bathroom for a number two. I went back into the bathroom, pulled my oversized t-shirt up and nude boyshorts down, and sat down on what turned out to be cold porcelain instead of the familiar comfort of the toilet seat!

Red faced and wet cheeked, I sprang up and unrolled a handful of toilet paper to dry my damp rear. Having done that, I threw the wet paper in the toilet, put the seat down, and sat at last. I peed and pushed out three medium-sized logs before wiping and flushing. It wasn't until I was pulling my undies back up that I realized what had happened: my roommate cleaned the bathroom before going to her morning class and simply forgot to put the seat back down when she finished cleaning the toilet. I'll have to tell her about that one. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

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