In the First grade.

I never had much to post on here but I can think of some small things. One time back in 87 in the 1st grade me and the boys where peeing in a urinal( one of those long ones) there was a little piece of poop in there, and me and the boys where standing over it peeing on it and it was going around like it was an air hockey table.

casey m

to annie

Which episode of shin chan is it that mitzi has a accident I couldn't find it.

Victoria B.

Birth of the pink plunger

Bria (hope you felt better after getting rid of that sludgy dump!) asked about the circumstances that led to me being given my pink toilet plunger. Alcohol was involved; alcohol, a toilet brush, and a visit to the bathroom that turned out differently from what I'd expected.

I was over at my friend Caroline's apartment for one of our pizza and wine nights (this was a little over a year ago). The ingredients are simple: we each buy a bottle of wine and then we pool money together to get a few pizzas. Once the pizza arrives, we eat, drink, and hang out. On this occasion, though, the pizzas were a bit late and we needed to find a way to pass the time. We found it all right, inside of the four brown paper bags sitting next to us in the living room. To paraphrase an old saying, the road to the pink plunger was paved with good intentions...

I honestly don't drink very often; once per week would be a pretty good estimate. I'm also somewhat of a lightweight, unusual for a girl of my size (I'm 5'9"). Lack of food only lowers my tolerance, which was obvious by the time the pizzas arrived. I'd been up all night working on a paper and grading the day before so I was ready to go hard on this particular Friday night. Fortunately, Vanessa, Caroline, and Monica were too and things quickly got wild. A comically botched game of Jenga broke out, one that was interrupted by the arrival of the pizza. By this time, I was a little more than halfway through my bottle and Vanessa wasn't far behind.

I killed the bottle by the time I finished two pieces. Halfway through the third, my stomach decided that I'd had enough. I was drunk and starting to feel it, a state betrayed by my poorly aimed attempt to sit on one of Caroline's couches. Monica helped me up and got me a glass of water. She asked, "Are you okay? Do you need to lay down for awhile?" I somehow managed to slur out, "Not well. Needthetoilet. Gonnabesick," between gulps of water. I stumbled off in the general direction of the bathroom while Monica offered to come with me but I turned her down. I finally shambled my way into the bathroom, nearly running into Caroline on her way out. "She's all yours, Vicky!" were her words of encouragement. I just wanted to throw up and pass out but I had something else in store.

Setting my glasses down on the sink, I put the seat up and mentally readied myself. I assumed the position and waited. And waited. My stomach still felt terrible but nothing was coming out. An idea suddenly occurred to me: what about the other end? If not my mouth, what about my butt? I put the toilet seat back down and went about getting undressed. My white skinny jeans were followed to my ankles by my black and white striped panties. Once that was done, I sat down, put my glasses back on, and got ready.

It was not much longer after blasting a huge fart that I unleashed a deluge of the foulest smelling muck in my entire lifetime of pooping. Thirty seconds of pure butt mud left the air foul enough to peel the paint from the walls and I was nowhere near finished. Two more torrential bursts of semisolid crap followed another fart. I caught my breath and peed, hoping that the worst was over. It was, but three solid logs of about my normal size thudded into the porcelain swamp. I slowly got up to examine the damage and my suspicions were confirmed: there was no way this load would go down on its own. Caroline's toilet was a little better than my own but I had no expectation for it to be able to handle this horse-sized load.

I searched in vain for a plunger, putting off wiping until I was sure that none could be had. Disappointed, I decided to wipe. I used half of the roll but eventually the job got done and I redressed my lower half. It was time to get my industrial runoff-grade poop out of my friend's toilet bowl. I grabbed the toilet brush and chopped the three solid turds into a more manageable size. Everything went down but it took three flushes. I cleaned the bowl
with the brush and walked out into another eye-opening scene. Apparently the walls didn't provide enough sonic insulation and my friends overheard everything. They asked what had happened and so I tried to explain. When I got to the part about not finding a plunger, they burst out laughing and Vanessa said, "Don't worry about that. You're birthday's in about a month. We've got something in mind just for you." Did they. It was the pink plunger! I'm happy to say that it has served me well ever since.


Mina and Christa Response

Greetings. Mina, your English is quite good enough to be understood. It is not perfect of course, and does show clearly that you are a native Japanese speaker, (I can tell by the way you structure your sentences and order your words) but it's easily readable. And in my eyes that's what counts. Your story was quite humorous, so please don't get discouraged and go away on us just yet. As for Christa, I'm happy you are doing better and sincerely hope that this trend continues. Being an Aspie myself, I know how much we Auties and Aspies love our routines. If you've made regular bathroom visits part of your routine, that probably makes a difference. The nocturnal enuresis is annoying to be sure, but I'd take that any day over daytime accidents. As for your uncontrolled urination shortly after waking, which if I remember has happened to you before, I'm not surprised. The body is strange when not quite awake. And it's a fact that most of us wake up with full bladders. Given your situation, I don't find your experience all that surprising. Looking on the bright side, at least you were wearing protection that didn't let you down, or perhaps I should say wet you down. :) I'm not sure what is causing the nocturnal enuresis, so I'm not going to even bother offering advice. All I can say is that I know from long experience that it can take time and much trial and error to find solutions that work. It might be liquid limiting, timed voiding during the night, an alarm or medication. For me it was a combination of medication (DDAVP) and sheer willpower. Until then, at least from my experience, the best thing to do is use something absorbent enough to keep you dry all night and keep a protective sheet over the mattress just in case. And finally, on a related side note to no one specific, have any of you ever heard of people choosing to go in bed rather than face getting out of the warm covers and walking through the cold house to the bathroom? I long ago heard a story about a friend's 17 year old sister whose room was in the cold attic of an old house. In a disgusted tone, she told me how her sister had apparently gotten sick of walking all the way from the attic to the downstairs bathroom at night. She only discovered this upon finding an open pack of adult diapers in said sister's room and confronting her about them. As you may well imagine, she told their mother, who was not at all pleased. I actually felt rather bad for the sister, as I grew up in an old, cold farm house whose floors were icy and whose windows often had frost on them on winter mornings. I've heard that pull-up type diapers are controversial because some parents say the child will just use that in bed instead of getting up to use the toilet, so I'm curious as to whether any adults have ever done something similar. I never had the nerve, as my parents were extremely strict with us. Anyway, way to go Christa! And Mina, if anyone gives you trouble about your English, you can tell them that a writer who knows a lot about English and grammar says it's just fine. You will improve with time and practice. Thanks for putting up with my long posts, and have a fantastic Halloween.


To Christa:

Hey Christa, that's great!!!!! Keep up the good work. Remember not to get discouraged when you do have accidents. I liked the way you handled the wetting when you woke up and seemed to just take it in stride. Way to go!!!!


The Mother Next Door

Some people would like to know more about my next door neighbours. Here goes:
I mentioned that our houses had adjacent downstairs toilets and paper thin walls! Living next door was a couple in their early 40s and their 18 year old daughter. By accident I had heard both the man and his daughter use the downstairs toilet in quick succession and by simply putting my ear to the wall I could hear what they were doing very easily.

At about teatime one afternoon I saw the mother walking up their drive on her way home from work. Thinking of my own habits it occurred to me that she may wish to use the toilet soon after arriving home. I quickly went into my own downstairs toilet and waited. I heard their front door open and she called something out, getting a reply from her daughter. Only seconds later I heard their toilet door open and close, with the bolt being pushed home.

Almost immediately I could hear the sound of their distinctive toilet roll holder as paper was pulled from it. Then there was a rustling which could have been clothes being disturbed and then a familiar tinkling sound. After only a few seconds this was replaced by a drumming sound which I worked out was pee hitting the water in the pan with some force. After what seemed a long while, but was really about 30 seconds, this died away to the tinkling sound again which gradually stopped.

I heard no more paper being pulled so I assumed she had pulled enough to dry herself before she started, because the toilet flushed soon after and I heard the door being unbolted and opened. I was soon to realise that the mother had this distinctive habit of pulling the paper she needed first, before sitting on the toilet.

Curious as to the morning habits of the family I made sure that I was in my downstairs toilet good and early before they rose from their beds. I was aware that they did have an upstairs toilet [inaudible to me] in their bathroom and that they may prefer to use that, but I waited in hope.

I had almost given up when I heard footsteps on their stairs and sure enough very soon after I heard their toilet door opened, closed and bolted. Immediately came the sound of paper being pulled from the roll on the wall. It was the mother!

What I heard was almost a repetition from the evening before, tinkling, drumming and tinkling again. Another lengthy pee, but her bladder would have been full after a night's sleep. After the tinkling had stopped there was silence. For quite a while - nothing, then the faintest "mmmmm". Another silence and another "mmmmm", a bit louder this time, followed by a very distinct fart. A third "mmmm" was followed by a 'kerplonk', "ahhh!" and 'splish, splish, splish'. That was evidently all that there was to come as the toilet flushed about 30 seconds later and I heard the door open and footsteps going back up the stairs.

Before many days had passed I had managed to put together a fair picture of the toilet habits of the mother next door. Most days the mother would go downstairs to have a poo while her husband and daughter got dressed and used the bathroom. She invariably pulled her paper before sitting down on the toilet. She would also use the toilet as soon as she got home from work. I particularly appreciated the force with which she peed, causing that 'trademark' drumming sound. I was ready and waiting to listen most days!


Worst possible time to have an accident?

Hi everyone, back again. This time I'm happy to say that I'm not here to talk about having an accident in my pants! I've managed to keep my panties clean since the small accident I had sitting in my office a few weeks ago. What I came to post was a question that I had been thinking about...

What do you think would be the worst possible time/place to poop your pants?

Obviously those of us who have had accidents probably feel our situations were very mortifying- I know I was practically scarred for life this past summer that time I pooped in my pants in front of clients while showing a house- but I talked to an old friend recently who had a story worse than mine about her sister that made me realize just how unlucky you can be! Her sister was doing her student teaching and was working with a high school English class. It was towards the end of the term and she was doing most of the lessons by then. One day her supervisor was going to be there to observe and she had to knock it out of the park...well, the poor girl must have been really nervous because she got an upset stomach and wound up completely messing her panties in the classroom in front of her students, the supervisor and the teacher. She was wearing a long skirt and her load was fairly loose, so whatever didn't stay in her panties wound up on the devastating! I have to say it made me realize my accident could have been WAY worse.

So, nightmare scenarios anyone? It doesn't have to be something that actually happened, just wondering what you think WOULD be the worst moment to poop your pants?


Lurker Sam

To Mina

I have been an active follower of this site for longer than I can even remember anymore. I'll break this habit now just to say this to Mina;

Please for the love of sweet Jesus do not stop writing ;w;
I absolutely love your stories. They are well structured and always interesting. Please do not worry about your English, it is perfectly understandable and you will get better at it with time as you (hopefully) write a lot more. Besides, the way you structure your stories makes it easy to read, and it's not like everyone here writes perfect English.

Not sure if the site accepts Japanese characters but here goes:

(In case the characters don't show, I just wanted to say that you should definitely keep writing with your friends. I'm sure everyone would love to hear more.)


Kazuko's story, part 3

OK so we are Sunday morning now. About 8 o'clock I opened eyes. Kazuko still sleeping, shaped like shrimp, her bottom touching my stomach. But soon she turned and faced me, and bit after that she opened eyes. And saw me and smiled at once, big warm smile. She seems so happy person! even with horrid mother who doesn't allow her to do things which very necessary.
You slept well? I asked.
So so well!! I feel so good. said Kazuko.
So we got out of bed and went for wee and brushed our teeth and started to prepare breakfast, we had Western breakfast with egg and bacon and toast and coffee. And after breakfast Kazuko said, I'm going back in loo. Because I think intestines worked while I sleeping and they are full again. I said, take your time. Your mother is far away.
Kazuko asked, how about you Mina, do you need loo? I said no. My intestines maybe didn't work in the night.
So Kazuko went into loo. And I soon noticed it was plops, not burururururu sound like waterfall. I was happy because kazuko back to normal. After about 8 minutes I went to loo door and asked, Kazu are you OK? She said, I'm fine, I feel good, no pain at all. I went back to kitchen and soon I heard washlet, but then I heard 2 more plops, and I thought, Kazu is having good time. She came out a bit later and said, I'm back to normal I think, thank you for last night Mina.

About 11 o'clock Hisae and Maho came to my flat with pork and cabbage and shrimp, and we began to cook Japanese pancake called okonomiyaki, we put in lots of cabbage because we all like, we are great vegetable eater, maybe that's why we do so big motions. And we ate and ate, because we were hungry. Kazuko was very hungry!

After lunch Hisae went into loo for motions, she often does that, she goes 2 or 3 times a day she says. So no surprise. but after she came out, Maho went in. And after about 6 minutes she was still there, so I went to the door again. "Maho are you OK?" But as I said that I heard huge plop. I surprised because Maho never did motions in my flat before. This was first time. Maho said she was OK and sorry but she wanted to stay more time. Of course OK, I went back to main room and told others Maho was doing motions and was OK. After that we heard many plops, Maho was doing very very big one. But OK. We talked about other things and didn't think of Maho as she was OK. And we watched TV.

When Maho came out of the loo she said, "I feel relief. Because I didn't go for nearly a week." I asked her, "Constipated?" and she said yes. Then she said, " I feel so relaxed when I am with you three my friends because you are so wonderful friends, so my stomach said OK to me!" with strong warm voice.

Kazuko heard that and she started to cry again. Maho said, "Why are you crying?" Kazuko cried louder and said, wait a bit, then she stopped crying and told Maho and Hisae about Saturday night. But she didn't say about my doing motions after her. When she finished telling, she still crying and Maho took her hand and Hisae went behind her and started to massage her shoulders. Hisae is very good at massage. Kazuko stopped crying at last and Hisae said, can I massage Mina a bit? And Kazuko said, "Please massage Mina a lot! Because she is so kind." (I don't think so.) So Hisae started to massage me. I began to cry and Kazuko and Maho came to me. Why I cried so much and Kazuko too? But it was so good banding experience. Finally I told truth and said, I did motions too and Kazuko stayed with me not to leave me alone. Maho had so warm face. Hisae suddenly shouted, happy end! Let's go to shopping mall and enjoy. So we went to shopping mall and did window shopping and then went to cinema and saw movie.

I am very very very lucky woman. I never forget Maho's warm face at end. Maho's face is full of love, she loves Hisae and Kazuko and me all same. She is such nice girl. We all love her. And we all love Kazuko and Hisae, and I know my three friends love me so much. We always look each other with warm face. Maybe among us, only Hisae will marry, she has a boyfriend but they often fight so not sure. But even if I don't marry, I will never feel lonely. My friends' faces all so full of love. Hisae has poker face, but we can feel her love in her voice and her massage.

Maho and Hisae and Kazuko all say, it's OK to put their stories on this site. and if I find interesting story, please translate for them. So I will and in fact I already did a few times. They like this site and they say yoroshiku to all people on this site, yoroshiku means best regards. But Kazuko said, except woman who said gross when other woman did extra motion after flushing loo. I got so angry about that, Kazuko too, and I called her female dog on this site but Ms Moderator changed it into question marks. I asked my host brother in Wales, is it bad to say word begins with b and means female dog, he said, very bad, so I never say again, but I hope that woman never say gross again because that hurt the other woman so much.

I say no more for now. It's long story, but my heart is very very full. I never forget this happening. Not only Kazuko's violent motion but also communication with her and Hisae and Maho. So Bye-bye for now, but I will be back soon with new story I hope. No, not HOPE, I WILL be back. With support of three lovely, lovely lovely friends.

Love to all of you, and take care.

Happy Mina


10 Min Dump

Hey y'all meg here. im writing this post as im sitting on the toilet taking a Dump. ican already feel the tip of a huge turd making its way out. a tiny pebble sized turd just dropped. ican tell by the size of this dump that im going to be on the toilet for awhile. im sitting her on my tiptoes waiting for this turd to drop. im pushing alittle. more little turds dropped. im still pushing more little turds dropped. im about to drop this huge turd it just landed in the bowl with a huge splash. follwed by another turd medium sized. this huge turd ijust dropped broken in half and halfmis sticking out the of the toilet and the other half is above the water. im still dropping little turds. im back on my tiptoes . im still hearing little turds drop. im pushing out the last turd. it landed with a plop. ijust looked at my dump in the bowl its full of turds very enjoyable dump. enjoy meg.


reply to Jade

Hi Jade,
I am 27 :)
No it's not weird i think a lot of ppl find it comforting.
the feeling of releasing my desperate poos are fantastic especially if i've been holding it a while.
i am getting less nervous about pooing in public, in fact i quite enjoy it.
looking forward to more of your stories!
Take care, Jemma x

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C as another great story it sounds like you had a great poop while camping and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alexandra first welcome to the site and great it sounds like you just made with no time to spare at least it wasn't a flow blown accident and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Christa that's good your doing well.

To: Mina as always another great story it sounds like you and Kazuko both had great poops and you were both able to help each other out and her mom shouldn't tell her that its going to cause more problems like constipation and possible accidents she should just take her time and try to get her mom to understand and also you are doing a great job writing I haven't had any trouble understanding you sure there are misspellings sometimes but you do such a good job in the way you write it that it easy to figure out what your trying to say and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster it sounds like your sister in law had a pretty rough day but everyone handled it well fro the sound of it.

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you just made it toilet just in time.

To: Anna first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like and that other girl both had good poops and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Heidi first welcome to the site and great set of stories I look forward to reading anymore you may have thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Thursday, October 30, 2014

John H


Hi all.
Long time no post
@DonK, welcome. Enjoyed your post. Great catch, hope you share more stories.
@Jade, hi and thanks for posting. Looking forward to lots more stories from you.
I have some questions for you, if you don't want to answer any of them that's fine.
How long have you enjoyed going to the toilet and what part do you like most. I love slowly releasing a thick log that feels so good on the way out.
Do you like to hold your poo in and if you do how long do you hold it for?
Does your period affect your poo in any way?
Have you got any stories from youR work yet?
@Abbie, I enjoyed your latest post. Sounds like you got on the toilet just in time.
Shout out to @Brandon T and @MR Clogs and everyone else.
John H

Abby C


Hi, a few weeks me and my family went in Maine. The first day me, my mom, and my sister were swimming. So i came out of the water to tell my mom that i needed to use the bathroom and kate did also. So me and her went to the girls room the stalls had no doors or seats. So i chose the first when Kate chose the second i pulled my short-shorts to the floor. I pushed and let out a long wet fart and a log fell in and water splashed all over my bum. A few more logs splashed in the toilet. I wiped my buttcheeks and buttcrack and butthole and left with Kate. Bye Abby C xoxoxoxo

halloween stories

in honor of halloween does anyone have any stories of people having the crap (or pee) scared out of them??


Sort of almost kind of accident

I didn't know places like this existed but I guess you can find anything on the internet now? My name is Alexandra, I'm 27, single, working in a cubicle for a big company. Friday I was in meetings most of the afternoon and only had time to pee and when it was time to leave I didn't need to go bad at the moment so I just drove home. But traffic was a little bad and it took longer than I thought and soon I really needed to poop bad. I decided to keep driving since I wasn't far from my apartment. But sitting and driving made it hard to hold and soon I was on the verge of losing it. I tried to keep it in but I felt it start to come out anyway and I couldn't help but push and I felt the poop move down and my whole body went hot and tingly. The poop hit my panties and I had to push again but the car seat stopped it! I sat there for a second, trying both to stop it and push involuntarily but it didn't have anywhere to go and finally I regained control and pulled most of it back inside but a little broke off from the end. I could feel it kind of stuck between my butt cheeks. I made it home a few minutes later. I carefully got out of my car, made it up the stairs, got inside the apartment, barely holding on. I threw my purse down and started unzipping my skirt, waddling as fast as I could. I dropped my skirt and kicked off my heels as I got to the bathroom door. I was turtleheading at that point and barely got my panties down as I started to sit before the poop shot out into the toilet. I let out a huge sigh of relief and finished going and cleaned up. I checked the damage to my light grey panties and had a pretty bad hershey mark in back obviously. I washed them by hand and then threw them in the laundry. So I sort of had an accident, but not really. At least that's what I'm telling myself this time. haha

im still doing super good getting to the toilet in time. this is the longest ive ever gone with so few day accidents. my mom told me yesterday how proud she is of my efforts. that made me feel really good. i didnt make it to the toilet in time first thing this morning. i woke up about 2 hours later than usual. my diaper was really swollen but this new brand is so good at not leaking at night. i immediately felt how bad i had to pee. im never really at myself when i first wake up cuz i sleep so hard so it didnt click at first til i dribbled. i peed all the way down the hall. when i got to the toilet i got my pajamas down and my soaked diaper off. i tried to get anything left into the toilet but i had completely finished in my diaper. i felt kinda bad but i did real good the rest of the day which felt great. a couple close calls and a few dribbles but nothing major at all. :)


Answers to Maria's survey

1. Last place you peed or pooped at?

Pooped at the mega-theatre yesterday afternoon when I had Philippe a 7-year-old I babysit with me; peed an hour ago at a BP station when Miranda, Cara-Lin and I were out riding our bikes.

2) If out in public, do you wait until everyone's gone? No. It use to be a hassle for me about what to do in a situation like that, but now I just excuse myself or direct our bike route toward the park or convenience store where I know there's a bathroom. Miranda will usually come in with me and go/try to go too. Cara-Lin won't sit on a public seat without an ass-gasket.

3) If you can chose anyplace to pee besides at home, where is it at? Whatever is closest and has the least number of persons in the lines. Often that means I will take the cubicle without the door when it becomes available. I just don't see any need to hold something in that's going to cause me pain or discomfort.

4)If you can choose anyplace to poop at besides home, where is it at? The homes of my friends, if I'm over there visiting them. My poo comes pretty fast (so I'm not hogging the bathroom) and my mom showed me how I can flush once or twice before I start wiping so there's less chance of me clogging or overflowing the toilet.

5) Have you ever been on the toilet for so long that you couldn't get anything out? Yes, that sometimes happens when I'm trying to wee at school and other large public places and I'm seeing eyeballs through the cracks looking at me or someone says something snotty like "I think the little girl has fallen asleep" because at 3'5" my feet don't reach the floor when I'm seated. But I'm like 14 and there's some things I just can't change!

6) Would you be nervous for the opposite sex to see you on the toilet? No. It's happened several times with the young boys I babysit because they are too young to go to the mens room on their own. And my best friends (who I've written about)such as Lorenz and Noah sometimes go into public bathrooms with me so we can talk and hang out while I/they use the toilet.

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