Unknown Dumper

For Kassie

Hey, Kassie! Those were some good poop stories. If you have the time, maybe you' like to answer my quetionnaire, please.

Hello, again!

I would like to thank Sydney for answering my questions.

I have made my own questionnaire for anybody to answer, so here it is!

1. How far do you pull down your pants and underwear? Knees or ankles?
2. Do you sometimes soak toilet paper before wiping? It makes cleaning your bottom easier.
3. Did you run out of toilet paper while seated upon the toilet and had to get a new roll yourself?
4. Was there a time when you fell asleep on the toilet?
5. If you had a devoted and uderstanding boyfriend/girlfriend, would you let him/her wipe your bottom for you?
6. Do you sometimes talk to people while on the toilet?
7. Did you get walked in/barged in on while sitting on the loo?
8. When you were potty-trained, did somebody use to wipe your bottom for you?
9. Did you get a picture or video taken of you on the toilet?
10. What do you like to do while sitting on the toilet?

Have fun!
-Unknown Dumper.


Female accident survey and a story

Girls only
1 how old were you when you last had and accident
2 was it pee or poop
3 did you get caught
4 how many times have you had accidents
5. Why did you last have an accident
6 what is your most embarrassing accident.
7 have you ever had an accident in school

The other day my girlfriend told me a story of when she last an accident in her pants
She was 11 and still living in Boston. She was at her friends house and she needed to poop and pee. She started to laugh so hard that she peed her pants. But she still had to poop but hated going anywhere but her own toilet and then her friend tickled her so bad that it came out into her panties. Her friend went to get her mom to help her clean up.


Coffee with Beryl

I met Beryl, the lady that came to my 'tupperware' party for coffee and to discuss the plans for the visit to ???? on Saturday. She had brought her two daughters Tallie and Kristy with her and I was glad because I had Luke, my son with me, so the youngsters had company. As I had a day off from work I offered to take them to look over Barrington Court, the National Trust mansion.

Over the coffee in the Bryanstons Coffee Parlour in Taunton we really got to know each other. Beryl works for a supermarket as well and somehow that made us closer. After coffee I needed to go to the toilet and Beryl said she'd better go as well. So leaving the kids with an extra helping of ice cream we went to the, although it was in the morning the ladies, only two cubicles alas. and both were occupied. There were two women in front of us and I really needed to go. I wanted to break wind but I struggled not to, not because of embarrassment, but because I was afraid it was going to be a wet one. Beryl noticed I was uneasy, moving my legs, squeezing my thighs together. Seeing her worried look, I murmured quietly to her:

"Oh, Beryl, coffee always seems to go right through me."

"Me to," Beryl whispered back to me.

It looked as though both women in the cubicles were pooping, the one in the nearest cubicle was very quiet as though she was constipated and struggling to go. The woman in the far cubicle was really pooping up at storm, plop plopping and gasping.

The first woman in the queue suddenly turned with a really desperate look on her face, muttering, "I can't wait any longer," and running from the toilets one hand cupped under her bum. I was sorry for her predicament and I hoped she made it to the public toilets down in the mall. I knew I couldn't and I was so glad for Beryl's company, helping to take me mind off the need i had to go also.

The woman in the first cubicle, the quiet one I thought was constipated, suddenly flushed the toilet and came out. The woman in front of us went in in her place. I was praying that either she only wanted a pee or the other one would hurry up and finish. Fortunately she only wanted a pee and didn't even lock the cubicle door, giving Beryl and me a quick smile as she came out.

"I'd better come in with you," Beryl said.

That's okay," I muttered dashing in the cubicle and frantically hiking my skirt up and slipping my panties to mid thigh, twisting and squatting over the toilet pan. "Ohh, god," I gasped, as I pooped with a watery splattering into the pan. "Ohhhhhhh . . . . my stomach is churning over," I gasped to Beryl as she bolted the cubicle door.

"I gotta go bad," Beryl said, "but only need a pee, hell I'm bursting myself," she said with one hand ominously pressed to the crutch of her jeans.

"You can sit on my lap, Beryl," I told her, now that I was feeling some relief. "Take your slacks and panties right off," I whispered.

Beryl quickly unbuckled the belt on her slacks and slid the zip down. Although it was awkward to slip the jeans over her boots, she held on my shoulder for balance and I was able to ease the slacks over her boots one leg at a time, then one leg of her panties. She straddled me, awkwardly at first but then holding my shoulders she started to pee hard between my thighs.

The woman with the diarrhea was wiping her bum now. I suppressed a giggle as I looked at Beryl and whispered to her, "I hope we haven't embarrassed her."

Beryl giggled back and whispered in my ear, "Too bad if she is, I really needed help."

The woman after wiping her bum flushed the toilet and quickly exited the cubicle and the toilet, not even washing her hands. But then we heard somebody coming in and taking her place. "Mummy are you in with Mrs. ?????" It was Tallie.

Beryl went really red then and smiled at me, "Yes honey, I had to go badly and there was somebody in the cubicle you are in." As she talked to her daughter Beryl reached for toilet paper to dry her vagina lips then, standing up she quickly slipped her panties up and stepped into her jeans.

"Mummy, is it alright if I go to the movies tonight with Luke?" Tallie asked.

Beryl looked at me and I quickly indicated I would be delighted. "Yes, darling, that'll be fine," she laughed.

It was turning into a lovely morning. Luke has never had a girl friend and now it seems that Tallie and he are really good friends. As I finished on the toilet and went to wipe my bum my flared skirt was threatening to hang down and get soiled as I wiped. Beryl saw the predicament and took the paper whispering to me very quietly to hold my skirt up out of the way. Then she carefully, and tenderly wiped my bum for me. It was one of


Hi again everyone!

Abbie- Sounds like you had a tough poo- sorry to hear that but like you said after camping it's not that surprising as lots of people either can't or don't want to go while there. Hope things get easier for you soon!

First I thought I'd do this survey:

1. on average, how many times a day do you pee? Probably 7 or 8 depending on how much I drink
2. do you wake in the middle of the night to pee? Yes, sometimes
3. do you fart when you pee? Not that often but sometimes
4. do you pee when you poop? if so, is it before, during, or after poop comes out? I always wee when I poo, even if I don't feel the need to wee there's always at least a little bit that comes out, and almost always before I start pooing
5. is your pee stream loud when you pee? Sometimes it's pretty loud
6. how long does your stream usually last? Depending on how full I am somewhere between 15-40 seconds usually.
7. ladies, do you wipe after you pee? Yes, whenever there is paper
8. what do you do when you're desperate to pee? I'd always try to find a toilet before considering any other options!
9. are you open to others about peeing( example - telling a friend you have to pee- Yes, I will tell my friends if I need to pee (or poo)!
10. would you let others watch you pee? Some of my friends have seen me doing it a few times

At the weekend I went out for a meal with my parents and another couple who are family friends. After the appetisers I began to feel like I needed to do a poo. As I ate the main course I knew I would have to go to the loo before we left. I didn't want to seem rude by going to the loo in the middle of our conversations so I waited, although by now I really needed to poo, and my bladder was filling up from all the drink. After we finished dessert I said I needed to use the loo and went off to find them while my parents went to pay.
There were three cubicles and as I went in a black-haired girl of about my age followed. There were two cubicles free so we took them. I saw her lower her shorts and yellow knickers to her feet as I did the same with my jeans and pink ones. We both weed and then, since my first turd was poking out, I pushed and it eased out of my bum with a plop. The woman in the other cubicle finished up and left, but as the flush died away I could hear two definite plops from the other girl who was obviously also pooing. I farted softly and did two more logs and I heard one more from the other girl who then started to wipe and left. I finished with another two pieces and looking in the bowl I was surprised to see my first turd was probably a foot long!

John H

A very enjoyable dump

Hey all.
I just took a very enjoyable dump so I said I would come on to share the story.
I had a busy day and I noticed that in the evening I was farting a lot more.
It was only then I realised that I hadn't pooped in two days.
The day before I had a large helping of pasta and I also had a McDonalds.
I didn't get home until after 11 and felt a slight feeling of a poo building.
I put it off for a while before heading to the bathroom and dropping my trousers and boxers.

I sat on the toilet and relaxed.
I didn't push.
After a minute I could feel some movement and a soft airy fart hissed out of me.
Then I felt the tip of a log pressing on my hole.
I clenched my ass to keep it in for a few more minutes. When the pressure eased I relaxed and gave some gentle pushes.
I could feel at this point that there was a big log waiting to get out.
The tip moved out slowly and it began to stretch my hole wide open.
It was moving out very slowly because it was so big.
I didn't push though, I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of the log pushing its way out.
As it came out it became softer but was still thick.
It moved quicker but still felt nice and it splashed into the toilet.

A moment later I could feel some more movement and a loud fart came out of me before I could feel the next log making its way out.
This log was smaller but still felt nice and I pushed to get all of it out.
I felt empty after this so wiped up and left the bathroom feeling very relaxed.
Thats all for now.
Will post with more stories and some comments soon.
take care all,

John H

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: ??? another great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough time and were pretty desperate luckily you made it to the toilet in time without having an accident and I bet you really good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Paige first welcome to the site and great set of stories Tanner is a true friend for helping you out and staying with you your lucky to have him as a friend and im glad your feeling better might have just been a 24 hour bug or just your body having a major cleanout and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kassie great peeing story.

To: Abby as always another great story it sounds like you and Jane both had really great poops outside and I bet you both felt really great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great set of stories it sounds like you were beyond desperate in your first one and that girl was kinda rude but at least you got on the toilet in time with just seconds to spare and it sounds like you and Laura both had pretty great poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Yvonne as always another great story it sounds like you and your friends had alot of fun as usaual and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

About 45 minutes ago I was at the bookstore heading to thje bathroom but a woman got there first so I waited an heard her sit down and start having what sounded like chunky diarrhea and it sounds like "fart plop plop plop plop rapidly fart fart plop plop pssssssh she peed then plop psssh and the she was done and surprisiling no skidmarks or smell.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


More from the past.

One time in the fourth grade A bunch of boys was around a toilet in the restroom laughing at a bunch of poop in a toilet. A minute later my teacher comes in there with an angry look on his face he goes in that stall and flushes it and leaves looking at everyone with an angry look on his face.

And one time when me and my brother was little we had a gazebo in our yard we put a white sender block behind it and poop in it. One time my brother dropped a turd in it and it and half of it was hot pink and the other half was lime green.


Solid Log

So, this morning after running some errands, I got home and realized I had a growing pressure within my lower gut. After taking care of a few more minor tasks at home, I decided to head to the bathroom to take care of business.

I pulled down my jeans and underwear, letting them drop to the floor, and sat on the toilet. I took out my phone and started doing a little web surfing. While checking out Facebook, ESPN and a few other sites, I sat and let out about 6 small farts. In a few minutes, I could feel the turd right at my anus, so I leaned forward and began to push.

The thing felt pretty solid, so after grunting and straining a few times, the end of it emerged, followed by the rest, which wasn't as hard. After a few seconds the turd began to taper off, sliding out into the bowl. I read a few of the posts on this site then reached over and began pulling toilet paper off the roll. I wiped about 4 times till the paper came back clean, then stood up to check out my work.

A single, light brown log, down in the hole, coming up straight to where it tapered off to a point, sticking just out of the water. A perfectly satisfying dump. Can't ask for much more.


Outdoor pee habits

To Phil:
Dirty public toilets, I hover with knees slightly bent and leaning forward with hands on my knees - never a problem, straight as an arrow into the toilet and nothing on the seat. Clean seat, I sit and relax - this is when the problems happen.

To Yvonne:
I always make sure my lady bits are not stuck together - force of habit. That is not what is causing the problem. Purely a pressure and angle thing.

I am curious as to other women's outdoor pee styles. I always use the deep knee bend squat, but some other women use different amounts of knee bending. The styles I've seen range from no knee bend and just bending over at the waist (out the back style) or peeing out the front like a guy, to little knee bending, to squatting pretending to sit, to deep knee bends. I wonder how much is anatomy, culture, experience, or how they choose?

My college boyfriend once asked why all of the women he witnessed urinating in public seemed to be going really "urgently" - lots of splattering and big amounts. I explained to him that if there was anyway physically possible to hold it, most women would avoid going publically like the plague and hold out for a real toilet. What he was witnessing was women that were totally full with absolutely no choice. Men may do it more as a convienence thing.

Mr. Clogs

Comments and response to P>'s Survey

Let me start with the comments below.

Shelbi: You're welcome and looking forward to more of your posts.

Yvonne: You're welcome and I really enjoyed your Tupperware party. I enjoyed the details you provided. Keep the posts coming.

Okay now my response to P>'s survey:

1. On average, how many times a day do you pee? About 5 times a day, it all depends what I drink that day.

2. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night to pee? Yes, just about every night, check out my previous posts of my many trips to the bathroom or I should say using the cup to pee in at night.

3. Do you ever fart when you pee? That's rare if any.

4. Do you ever pee when you poop? If so, is it before, during, or after the poop comes out? Yes, usually before and sometimes while the poop comes out.

5. Is your pee stream loud when you pee? No.

6. How long does your stream usually last? Depends how much pee comes out. Average 20 seconds.

7. Ladies, do you ever not wipe after you pee?

8. What do you do when you're desperate to pee? Try to find a bathroom ASAP. If there's no toilet, I find something to pee in, usually a cup or bottle.

9. Are you open to others about peeing (example- telling a friend you have to pee)? Yes

10. Would you ever let anyone watch you pee? Yes

That's all for now, take care.

--Mr. Clogs


Pee Survey Answers & A Story

Hi guys! I saw a survey I want to answer.

"1. On average, how many times a day do you pee?"

About 6 to 8. It's been hot here lately, so I'm peeing more often, obviously.

"2. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night to pee?"

Almost never. I usually wake up and need to pee right away though.

"3. Do you ever fart when you pee?"

Pretty much every time.

"4. Do you ever pee when you poop? If so, is it before, during, or after the poop comes out?"

When I poop, I pee either before I start pooping or else at the same time as my first turd is coming out.

"5. Is your pee stream loud when you pee?"

Not normally. It makes a fairly quiet hissing sound as it hits the water in the toilet.

"6. How long does your stream usually last?"

Oh gosh, I don't know. Maybe 30 seconds, give or take. Never timed it.

"7. Ladies, do you ever not wipe after you pee?"

Only in the morning, since I always pee in the shower anyway.

"8. What do you do when you're desperate to pee?"

If I'm at home or alone, I try crossing my legs, or putting one or both hands in my crotch. But if I'm in public, I try not to be that obvious about it.

"9. Are you open to others about peeing (example- telling a friend you have to pee)?"

Of course. There's nothing embarrassing about peeing.

"10. Would you ever let anyone watch you pee?"

I do all the time. My friends and I even share a stall sometimes if more than one of us needs to pee at a time.

Story time now. This morning, I went to the mall with some of my friends. We shopped, and tried on some clothes. I ended up buying a cute outfit. When we were done, we stopped at a fast food place on the way home and had lunch.

After that, we all went back to our houses. I got home about 1:30 and I was still sorta hungry. I looked in the fridge and found a piece of pizza from 2 nights ago. I put it in the microwave and started to eat. Then I realized I had to poop. Since I was home alone, I decided to take the pizza with me to the bathroom.

I left the door wide open and pulled down my shorts and panties and sat on the toilet. I peed and then continued to eat while pooping. I pushed out a long, thin snaking turd. When it broke off, it was quickly followed by another one. I did about four of those. I still felt a tiny bit more in me, so I gave a hard push and grunted a bit.

A loud booming fart came out and a bit after the head of a fat, hard turd emerged. I had to push it out inch by inch so I was glad it was not very long. I wiped my butt five times and closed the toilet lid before flushing. I washed my hands and took my empty plate back out to the kitchen.

Bye for now, everybody. Hope you enjoyed the story.


P>'s pee survey

1. On average, how many times a day do you pee?
Maybe 5 or 6.

2. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night to pee?

3. Do you ever fart when you pee?

4. Do you ever pee when you poop? If so, is it before, during, or after the poop comes out?
I always pee when I poop, often before, during, AND after.

5. Is your pee stream loud when you pee?
Dunno, but I hope not.

6. How long does your stream usually last?
It varies.

7. Ladies, do you ever not wipe after you pee?
Only if I'm peeing outside.

8. What do you do when you're desperate to pee?
Look for a bathroom.

9. Are you open to others about peeing (example- telling a friend you have to pee)?
Only sometimes.

10. Would you ever let anyone watch you pee?
I don't think so.


Answering Alex's questions

Hello again. Alex posted "Had a few Q's for you if you don't mind.... ". No, I don't mind at all.

"1) When you take a dump, how large (length and width) are your logs usually? How many do you usually drop as well?"

My turds are usually fairly thick, but not so thick as to hurt when they come out. If I had to guess I'd say the thickest log I've done was an inch around. As for length, that varies greatly. Sometimes, I do amazingly long ones that must be a foot and a half. Other times, it's almost more like pebbles. And the number is also varied. On average though, somewhere between four to six turds is a normal dump for me.

"2) Are they usually harder and dryer or more soft and wet?"

I normally have turds that are soft and easy to pass. They're not really wet generally though.

"3) How often do you usually take a dump?"

Depends. Every day or every other day. I just shit whenever my body tells me I have to. It's almost never more than 48 hours from the last time I went.

"4) How often do you clog the toilet after you go?"

I don't remember ever clogging the toilet.

"5) Can you share the story of the most urgent dump within the past few years that you've had?"

It was two years ago. I was 17 and my family and I were on a driving to visit my aunt and uncle, who live in the next state over. It was a several hour drive and we made several stops at rest areas to use the bathroom. We had just left one and I went in and peed, but I didn't have to shit at that time.

We got back in the car and I soon fell asleep. I woke up some time later, very much in need of a shit. I told my parents and they said we'd stop at the next rest area, which would be in about 45 minutes. I said I'd try to hold it 'til then. I managed maybe twenty-five minutes before I was at the point of nearly having an accident. Again, I told my parents that I really really had to go. Dad was driving and he said he'd pull over as soon as he got a chance. He wasn't thrilled about me having to shit by the side of the road, but emergencies happen.

Well, by the time we reached a place to safely pull over, the first turd was starting to come out in my panties. I broke it off and hurried out of the car. With my panties down just enough to not dirty them, but also not expose myself needlessly to other passing cars, I began to shit. I pushed out several logs that made a messy, smelly pile. I was so desperate, it all came out nearly at once. I was done within five minutes.

I asked if there was anything to wipe with. A few napkins left in the take out sack from lunch was all we had. Better than nothing though. I scooped out the turd from my panties onto my pile of shit and wiped my ass as best I could. Then I had nothing left to do but pull up and deal with the gross mess until we got to the rest stop and I could change.

So, yeah, that's the most desperate I remember being to take a shit. That's all for today's post. Bye everyone.

mike of md usa

pee survey

1. on average, how many times a day do you pee? 3 or more
2. do you wake in the middle of the night to pee? yes
3. do you fart when you pee? sometimes
4. do you pee when you poop? if so, is it before, during, or after poop comes out? I usually pee during poop, but sometimes before
5. is your pee stream loud when you pee? no mine is softly
6. how long does your stream usually last? mine usually last about a minute or least then five minutes
7. ladies, do you wipe after you pee? n/a
8. what do you do when you're desperate to pee? I would usually try to find a place to pee
9. are you open to others about peeing( example - telling a friend you have to pee
10. would you let others watch you pee? my wife if I was married

now my pee survey.
1. if out in the woods would you pee against a tree?
2. for ladies would you take your pants to pee, or pull them down far enough to pee?


Constipated again

I've been constipated for the last 5 ish days. I've gone a couple of times but they were just rock sized turds. Nothing substantial. My stomach is really swollen and uncomfortable. What makes no sense is I eat well, drink tons of water and exercise. So why am I constipated? I'm also taking my stool softeners as the doctor prescribed. Help! I don't understand. I was on a roll going every day and now back to this again.


From the Toilet

Hi. I'm about to poop myself and I'm deciding to go to the bathroom right now, writing a poop story from it. I'm walking to the bathroom from my bedroom. Knocking on the door. Entering it, locking it. Pulling of my pants and thong. Sitting on the toilet. I just pooted and it feels like a log is coming out of me. Feels like gas is escaping with the turd. I'm looking down into the toilet in between my legs. While I didn't feel the log break off, I know it is. Now I'm pushing. Can't get anything out. I'm debating on wiping or not. I'm wiping. The bathroom is overly stinky. Not musty but gaseous. Butthole hurts. Nearly done wiping. Feel another turd coming out of me. Wiping some more. Done! Looking at the log about 1 inch thick and a foot in length. Kind of black. Partially covered by toilet paper with a wet poop atop of it. FLushing. There are skid marks so while I wash my hands I'll wait for the toilet to refilter so I can flush again. Flushed again. There are still skid marks but no one will know it's me.


Answer to Tyler's questions

Tyler, awesome questions. Here are my answers:

(1) Does your family like to take long car trips? When you guys do that.....are you like me.....where you get off your schedule and get constipated?
My family loves road trips. I live in a rural area; my family doesn't have a ton of money, so we don't take expensive airline vacations. Most of our vacations are road trips. And yeah, vacations throw off my schedule and often cause me to get constipated. At least, at first.

(2) Assuming that you do go on long car your parents ask or check somehow to make sure that all the kids are pooping? How do they do that?
When we were younger they used to do that; I remember my parents used to make sure that me and my brother were pooping regularly.

(3) At the motel....does mom make sure that each kid sits on the toilet before leaving in the morning? Or; does she at least ask everyone if they've been pooping?
When we were younger, yeah, it was both my mom and my dad who would ask. They never seemed to ask my sister because she never seemed to have an issue with constipation.

(4) Have you; as an older teen .....had to go to mom or dad and "confess" that you haven't been able to go to the bathroom? Is that embarrassing for you?
I've done that multiple times; it doesn't embarrass me. My family can be pretty open about that kind of thing. My parents would want to know and be able to help, so I've told them I haven't pooped in several days before, etc. Sometimes it seems like my parents know without me even telling them >.<

(5) As the older it ever your responsibility to see to it that your younger siblings are successful in the bathroom?
Well, I don't have any younger siblings, but when my brother and I were younger, sometimes my sister would make sure we were able to poop. Most of the time my parents took care of that though.

(6) Have you ever had a friend along (someone elses kid) when that kid got constipated and had to go to your parents for help?
Not that I can think of. I remember a friend asking my parents to pull over because he had diarrhea, but I don't remember any constipation issue from a friend's kid.

(7) Have you ever traveled along with another family on a long trip....where you got stopped up and had to go to your friend's mom or dad...and explain that you couldn't go and needed help?
Once I went with my friend's family on a long trip and as usual, I became constipated. I guess I looked uneasy because my friend's dad asked me if was feeling okay and I had to tell him that I hadn't gone to the bathroom in a while. Luckily he had some Metamucil with him. It was a little embarrassing, but I'm glad he was able to help.


Saw Stina

It's Sara here. I have a story from earlier this summer, but I havn't got around to post it. I feel a little bad about writing about this. If she would find out she would probably be mad with me. But as this is anonymous and I feel I want to share it... I hope you don't think I'm a bad person!

Anyway some friends that was still in our Uni-town went for a hike in the mountains. We where three dudes and three girls - One was my friend Stina that I've mentioned in a previous post. We planned to sleep four nights in tents and I was super excited. But I was a little worried about some stuff, one thing was the bathroom issues - There would be no toilets. At all.

We had a lovely weather and the first day was really nice with some awesome views. We where walking and talking and it felt great. The pack was a bit heavy though for me as I'm a pretty small girl - over 13kg!

In the evening we cooked some food on our triangia kitchen and talked for a while before going to sleep. I was sharing a tent with Stina. I didn't sleep to well as there were weird sounds and pretty hard. I like my bed, lol :) I woke up really early by Stina. She asked if I could come with her to go to the toilet, because she was afraid to go by her self. I was too tired and wanted to sleep more, but she said pleeease and I followed her out. I was really stiff from sleeping in the tent and it was so cold outside. We had to walk quite a bit as there where almost no bushes, but finally she settled spot close to a large rock. We both pulled our pants down and squatted - It was really chilly in the morning I could see som fog rising from the ground. Could have been niht also. I didn't really know what time it is. At this time of years it is pretty light even during the night here... She peed squatting with her arms straight out over her knees. After peeing she stayed squatting. I managed to pee a bit too after releaxing enough. I realized there was obviously no TP. I'm such a newbie :)
- Stina, do did you bring anything to wipe with?
She reached for her pocket and handed me some kleenex. She was still squatting and now closed her eyes, I guess she was really retired. She almost fell over while closing her eyes, but regained balance and held on to the large rock. I thought I might try to poop while I was out here anyway. There was a soft but chilly wind and I felt really exposed on the mountain side with my bare but hanging under me. It was completely impossible. My knees hurt from squatting so I raised up and went over to sit a bit away to wait for her. I could still see her face though.

Stina shifted to squatting a bit wider with her arms folded over her stomach. She started to strain a bit and I could see her face scrunch up. She also held her breath when straining and exhaled a bit harder afterwards. She farted a dry fart without looking up. After a while she sighed and redid her ponytail. I just wanted to get back to my sleeping bag. She shifted around more and found a squatting position again holding on to the rock and the other hand around her knee. She strained a bit more and after a while she stopped scrunching up her face and got a weird face with her mouth open, but her eyes still closed. I sensed a foul whiff as she continued to sit like that for a really long time - Like one minute or so. Then I heard a heavy thud as something fell into the short vegetation under her. She opened up her eyes and I looked away. She sighed accompanied by some more farting. She stayed squatting for a while after finally deciding to wipe with the Kleenex. She raised and pulled up her pants and panties in one motion. She held one hand on her stomach as she looked at her creation. I could not see anything, though. We washed out hands in the creek before going back to the tents. I think nobody noticed that we were gone.

Later the guys woke us up and told us it was time for breakfast. We all had oat porridge and some coffee. After breakfast all three guys took turns going away with the toilet paper. When they took a leak they just went away, so it was pretty obvious what they where doing when the walked off with the toilet paper. Us girls always brought it so thats more sly :)

When the first guy came back the proclaimed that
- That felt good! I think I was the bravest as I pooped first.
I glanced over at Stina but no reaction at all. Not even a nervous smile or anything.

I tried to go again after breakfast but nothing happened. I'm just not used to squatting and having chilly winds back there. I missed my own toilet! :) We packed up and went on our way. After walking for like 30 minutes I felt the urge, but didn't want to say anything as the other would have to wait for me. But finally I had to give in and asked one of the guys to stop and if I could get the TP. I walked away, but it was really flat and no bushes so I had to walk really far to get secluded which made the stop long already there. I squatted down and finally my body wanted to let it all out. It felt really good at the same time as I was super embarrassed. I wiped and quickly walked back to the group that where sitting around close to the trail.

Alright, it's already getting long. Thats it for now. :) Take care!


Response to ACG

@Anonymous College Guy

I did use the bathroom, probably once a day for the week or so that I was there. Any time I went in there was at least one other person in the stall. I definitely was able to hear people pooping; the awkward part of course was when I was pooping and sitting next to someone else who was also doing the same. That even I find awkward. But I definitely saw many different guys in the building go in there (and heard them in action on the toilet). The stalls themselves were private, but the bathroom was quiet (except in the morning when people were taking showers).

Hi Lauren. I just heard about what happened to you at work and I am really, really sorry to hear all that. That was very inconsiderate of your boss to lock you in a meeting and deny you access to the bathroom when you made it clear that you needed to go!

Your boss sounds strict and cares very little for his workers in creating such a harsh working environment. You did the right thing by quitting - that was very brave! Now you no longer need to suffer from his inability to recognize his employees' needs. Since that is all behind you now, take it easy and try not to think about the pain. That's your boss' problem - not yours!

I am so sorry that you got a bladder infection from your boss' harsh schedule. I know how awful that must be to have to go very frequently and suffer all that pain! I shed tears for you on that! Your boss is just mean. Please take some time to relax and let your body recover before going back to the workforce. You are very considerate and I admire many of your personalities, and I don't have a doubt you'll be able to find a better job with a much more understanding boss! I really wish you can come to my place so we can be coworkers! Still, best of luck on that.

Also, when did your bladder infection start? How did you find out about it? Which symptoms have you experienced since then? Just wondering. I may have some tips that can fast-track your recovery, depending on your circumstances.

All the best to you, Lauren!


Constipated again

I've been constipated for the last 5 ish days. I've gone a couple of times but they were just rock sized turds. Nothing substantial. My stomach is really swollen and uncomfortable. What makes no sense is I eat well, drink tons of water and exercise. So why am I constipated? I'm also taking my stool softeners as the doctor prescribed. Help! I don't understand. I was on a roll going every day and now back to this again.


Response to Survey

De-lurking a bit to take the anon pee survey:

1. On average, how many times a day do you pee?

2. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night to pee?
Very rarely. Maybe if I had a lot to drink and didn't pee before bed.

3. Do you ever fart when you pee?
Yes, sometimes.

4. Do you ever pee when you poop? If so, is it before, during, or after the poop comes out?
Always, and before or simultaneously.

5. Is your pee stream loud when you pee?
Depends on whether or not I direct it straight into the water. If so, then yes. If not, then no.

6. How long does your stream usually last?
Typically 20-30 seconds, although I have done much longer on occasion.

7. Ladies, do you ever not wipe after you pee?

8. What do you do when you're desperate to pee?
Doesn't happen often, but maybe discreetly hold myself.

9. Are you open to others about peeing (example- telling a friend you have to pee)?
Usually not unless conversation goes that way - meaning I don't normally bring it up, but don't have a problem talking about it if the subject arises.

10. Would you ever let anyone watch you pee?
Yes, and have done so.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Checking in to say Hey!

Anonymous college guy: when I was in college, I would often wait until i got to the campus before I would take a crap. I would sometimes go to the library and drop a deuce there because it had high partitions and since I have a bit of an underwear fetish, I could usually see the type of undies the guy in the next stall was wearing. My favorite were tighty whities.
Sometimes I would go to the science building, because the stalls had the doors removed. That was the first time I saw someone standing to wipe. I recall he was a very handsome guy, and that he wore red briefs. I walked past his stall and he was standing up, with his shirt pulled up in front ( he had nice abs, too), and he was wiping from behind. Since he was also well endowed, I'm sure he didn't care if someone caught a glimpse of him. I was a science major, and I used those stalls quite often. That is when I started trying standing to wipe.
I also liked dumping in the student union building, downstairs. It was in a busy part of the building and I remember that the door opened outwards into a large area. I would sometimes take the first stall because every time the door opened, the people outside could see into the restroom and see the feet and legs of the person in the first stall. Sometimes I would have my underwear and jeans all the way down. I guess I was a bit of an exhibitionist. Maybe.
Another favorite restroom was in the business building. The toilet was at a 90 degree angle to the door. There was a very large gap between the door and the partition. There was a urinal right outside the door, so when someone was taking a leak, he could just turn his head a bit to the right and look directly into the stall and the toilet. Sometimes a guy would cover the gap with toilet paper, but most of the time, I could either watch someone take a dump while I took a leak, or I could be watched while unloading my crap.
Keep posting ACG!

Esteban: hey buddy! I haven't had any good dumping experiences lately, so I haven't posted. I did post a few months ago about a couple of dumping experiences with some friends who watched me while I was dropping a deuce in a doorless stall, though. One of them was kinda surprised, but didn't mind it. The other friend actually enjoyed watching me! I wouldn't mind doing it again for him, but he is a friend, and I don't want it to get weird. We were at the park for a festival and I needed to drop the kids off at the pool at the time, so it worked out fine. I will probably do it again if we are in a similar situation. Maybe I will let him take a pic next time! Lol! Keep dumping and posting, bud!


More accident witnessed

To Brandon t. I'm not the same Tim

1. One day while i was at the mall with my cousin. I was 14 There was a girl who was about 14 looked uncomfortable and told her friend that she was turtle heading a poop. Her friend said she was also. We got in line and they were infront of us. I got hit by a terrible smell then i looked down and saw a bulge the size if a softball growing in the back of the girls pants. We then went to eat at the food court. And I saw the two girls still sitting their in her pooped in panties.

2. My next story takes place in school my senior year. My friend Jenny was squirming in her seat and confessed she needed to shit. When she asked to go to the bathroom she was denied. She didnt make it till the end of class. It didnt really stink that bad. But I knew she did it due to the brown stain on her pink sweat pants. She left school.

Thought I would answer the diarrhea survey...I'm 26, blonde hair and average build.

1.Have you had diarrhea with no warning at all? Yes, I usually have an idea ahead of time
2.Have you ever been sick from both ends at the same time? Yes, once with food poisoning
3.Do you struggle to control your bowels when you have diarrhea? Sometimes.
4.Have you ever gone to fart and accidentally messed yourself instead? Several times.
5.Have you ever had runs on holiday? Yes
6.Have you ever been embarrassing moment while having diarrhea in a public bathroom? No
7.Would you rather have watery diarrhea or be constipated? I rather have watery diarrhea.
8.How do you feel in between each trip to the bathroom? Normal
9.Have you ever had diarrhea at school or college? Yes
10.Have you ever had diarrhea at work? Yes
11.Have you had diarrhea at the same time as your partner? I dont know
12.What normally gives you diarrhea? Nothing in particular, I just seem to get it a lot
13.Do you take Imodium or let it flow through? Never
14.Does having a runny stomach upset you? No
15.Who would you feel comfortable telling you had ??? trouble? I usually dont tell anyone
16.Have you ever taken laxatives? Yes, as a dare
17.Have you ever had diarrhea on a plane? Yes a few times.
18.Have you ever felt a bout of diarrhea coming on while swimming? Yes
19.Do you feel empty when you've taken a runny poop? Yes I do.
20.Do you fart a lot when you have the squirts? No.
1. When you have diarrhea is it wet/chunky/watery or other (please describe)? For me it's usually chunky/watery.
2. Do you get diarrhea or constipation more? I get Diarrhea more.
3. Does your stomach hurt before getting diarrhea? Sometimes it does.
4. Are you comfortable going diarrhea in a public restroom. Yes I am.
5. Have you had diarrhea today? No
How do you wipe when you get diarrhea? I usually wipe from the rear to front.
Do you hold your stomach when you get diarrhea? No
When having diarrhea what do you do? I let it all come out before wiping.
What do you do when you get diarrhea in a public bathroom? I usually just sit on toilet and let it out.
When you get diarrhea have you ever gotten up and realized that you were not done? Yes occasionally.
On a scale of 1-10 how bad does your diarrhea stink? I would it 9 rating.
Does your diarrhea ever clog or over flow the toilet? no
What foods cause you to get diarrhea? greasy
In public bathrooms, do you ever not flush your diarrhea because you want others to see what you have done? No.
On a scale of 1-10 how bad does your t??? ache before your diarrhea? 3 for me.
How often do you get diarrhea? About once a week or so


Live poop

Hey everyone it's been a while since I've posted but I'm still here.
Thought its about time I post a live poop, hope you all enjoy.
I will start with explaining that last night I had a huge meal and was full afterwards that I felt I could burst, since then I have had another big meal and I'm so full and ready to go. It feels like its going to be a nice firm wide poop so I'm really looking forward to it. I'm sitting on my bed waiting till its safe for me to go to the bathroom without having an accident on the way :P
Well I'm on the toilet now :) got the door open and my pants around my ankles because no one else is home.
Ahhh a nice pee and now my bladder is empty. Now a little push to get things started, it's a bit harder than expected. Mmmmm a huge load just slid out into the bowl followed by two smaller ones. I feel like that's all that's coming but still feel full. Might sit here for a few more minutes.
Well I think that was all of it. A few wipes and I'm good to go again.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed :)


Latest news

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with a new story which I'll get to in a minute.
Megan- Great story about the poo you had while out shopping- sounded like you weren't the only one desperate to go! My story's partly about using shopping centre toilets as well, but unfortunately I wasn't as successful as you as I'm quite badly constipated since my camping holiday so I couldn't poo!
Natasha- I enjoyed your story about your skiing trip, its one thing going for a poo with close friends or in public or school loos where there are lots of comings and goings, but in that situation where it was a small group and everyone would have realised you were on the loo for ages I think I would have done the same as you. Hope your enjoying the school hols and are managing to keep regular at the moment.
I was at the shops with Lucy and Katie yesterday afternoon, I had quite a strong urge for a wee and there were a couple more shops we wanted to go in so I said "I'm going to have to find a loo, I really need a wee!" We started to go up the escalator to the next floor which was where the toilets were, Lucy said she was bursting too and Katie said she could do with going so we all went in to the ladies together. There was a bit of a queue for a cubicle so we had to wait, as I was standing there hoping I wasn't going to dribble in my pants I also felt a slight need for a poo developing and I knew it would be a bad idea to keep it in as since we'd all been camping I've been finding it a struggle have a poo. I noticed Lucy was squirming and jiggling around with a worried look on her face, obviously having the same problem. Just as a cubicle was opening up I whispered to Katie and Lucy "I might be awhile, I think I need a poo as well," "No problem," they whispered back so I took the cubicle that had opened and locked the door. I lifted my dress, dropped my white pants (luckily before I'd managed to let any spurts of wee go so fortunately they were still dry) and sat on the warm seat. I started to wee heavily straight away, my stream making a loud noise as it hit the water. I looked into the next cubicle and saw that a girl in leggings was just entering it, just behind Katie, Lucy and I were some younger teenage girls and I was guessing she was one of them. A few seconds later her leggings and pink pants were at her feet and I could hear her weeing too. My wee stream trickled to a stop and I started to strain as quietly as I could, next door my neighbour also finished her wee but stayed sitting so I realised she needed a poo as well. I finally felt the tip poking out after a couple of minutes, next door my neighbour farted a few times and let some grunts out so I knew she was having to strain a bit too. Shortly after I heard a splash and sigh of relief from her. I continued to bear down hard but wasn't really getting anywhere, my log was really hard and dry and kept getting sucked back up so I decided to try again when I got back home to my ensuite and when Lucy and Katie could help me through it. It was four days since I'd last been for a poo so it wasn't really a surprise that I was finding it hard work. I wiped, pulled up my pants and let down my dress before flushing and exiting the cubicle. I met up with Lucy and Katie outside the loos and we caught the bus back to mine. During the short journey home I started to feel more and more uncomfortable, I explained to Katie and Lucy that I'd only been for a wee at the shops as I was constipated since the camping trip and it made me feel a lot better when they both admitted they'd been struggling to have a poo since then as well. We got back to my house, I said I was going to drink a few glasses of water and wait a bit before trying again so I went to the kitchen and Katie and Lucy went up to my room. When I got in there they were both in their bras and pants getting ready to try on the clothes they'd bought, I noticed Lucy had a wet patch on her yellow pants from where she obviously hadn't quite made it when she was desperate to have a wee earlier, she must have felt conscious of it as she blushed and said "Sorry, I wet my knickers a bit earlier, I was really dying for a wee!" and Katie said "Don't worry about it, remember a few weeks ago I pooed myself on the way home from school." She giggled and said "Just as well I was wearing decent knickers that day, if I'd been wearing these ones it would have ended up all over the floor!" I could see what she meant, her purple spotty pants were showing off the top of her bum as the elastic had obviously bust, with the weight of a log in them they would have been round her ankles!!
I joined in trying on clothes for a while but then started to get a stronger feeling and realised I wanted a poo pretty badly so I said "I really need a poo now" and went into my ensuite, I quickly pulled down my pants and sat on the loo and could feel the tip of my poo starting to poke out, however I knew it would take a lot of straining for me to be relieved of this massive load. I squeezed my thighs together and pushed with all my might, grunting loudly as I drew breath. I kept straining and felt a fat knobbly log slide out slowly, I was making all manner of embarrassing noises but I knew that Lucy and Katie get constipated too and another day I would hear them doing the same. "Sorry about this, I haven't been for a poo in four days so it's a bit of a struggle" I panted and Lucy said "Don't worry, I had a poo yesterday and it was the same for me, at the moment I'm lucky if I can go every three or four days." Katie said "That makes three of us then!" which made me feel better. I carried on pushing and eventually managed to pass the huge log which plopped into the water, I then passed another couple of poos which were a bit easier to push out and then took some toilet paper to wipe my rather sore bottom. I pulled up my pants and went back into my room to try on some more clothes. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!

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