Two of us

Once our class were on a school trip to a big old house to see what it was like in the past.The house was eight miles away and we got there at five o clock.At the house the people who owned the house greeted us there were two children one called Sophie and one called Jessica.And there were two adults called mike and Ellie.Jessica showed us to our rooms I was in the same room as ruby.Jessica had brown hair and her family were dressed in old clothing.Jessica said that we would have to do some jobs soon for about two hours.After Jessica left ruby said she needed to pee so we looked for the toilet that was at the end of the hallway next to annabelles room.We both went in and there was a big block of wood with two holes and two seats right next to each other me and ruby were surprised.We closed the door that had no lock and ruby pulled down her jeans and pink knickers and did a long pee there was no flush so it stunk of poop.We then went out the toilet and mike said he had some jobs to do mike walked us outside and our job was to take the poop out of the toilets.We were both really surprised.We put on our gloves and unscrewed the screws and tons of poo fell into the bucket and it stunk we almost vomited we poured the poop into a bush and went to our next job which was to feed all the animals which was easy.It was eight o clock in the evening and now we could play some games.Me and ruby played with Jessica and Sophie sophie was seven years old and Jessica was twelve years old.We played until nine o clock and we went inside and we changed into our sleepwear Ruby was wearing yellow trousers and a yellow top with flowers on and I wore a pink top with pink trousers.We had dinner of vegetable soup bread and meat.We then went to bed the beds weren't that comfortable but I did get to sleep.I woke up at the middle of the night and I was desperate for a poo I got out of bed and opened the door without waking up ruby and I walked down the hallway and it sounded like everyone was still asleep I reached the toilet and I opened the door and turned the light on and then closed the door and pulled down my yellow trousers down and sat down and pushed and then two poos came out and made a loud splash I then farted really loud and dropped two more poos.I hope no one heard me then I dropped more poos and then there was a pause and I heard someone open there door and walk down the hallway I hoped they wouldnt see me on the toilet.There was only one toilet in the whole house.I heard them come closer they knew that someone was using the toilet.The footsteps got louder and louder and then they turned the door knob and opened the door.It was Jessica she was surprised seeing me on the toilet.She was wearing a dress that you could sleep in.She pulled up her dress and pulled down her white knickers and sat down.The seats on the toilet were so close together that our cheeks were touching.Jessica pushed and five poos came out making a big splash and then more poos came out and then she farted and then she said to me that we will be going for a walk tomorrow and then she pooed again and then she was finished so she wiped and left and I was finished aswell so I wiped and went back to sleep

More Poops Soon

Xxxx PooperGirl

Hi everyone. First off, welcome to Caitlin. It is good to hear from someone else who pees in their car, especially since Car Mom seems to have left us. This morning I woke up feeling the urge to pee, but decided to see how long I could hold it for. I was bored and had nothing to do, plus I had the house to myself for the day. I got up and went to the kitchen to make some coffee. As I was turning it on I was already doing the pee dance. I drank my coffee, which made my need worse and got dressed to run a couple errands. Out and about I forgot I had to pee for a bit, but then the urge came back stronger, so I came home. I did some laundry and cleaning. While getting clothes out of the dryer, a squirt of pee shot into my panties. I was able to get control and finish the laundry. As I was putting clothes away, another squirt escaped, this time making my crotch damp but again I got control. At this time it was noon, four hours after I had woke up and fourteen since I had last peed. The two squirts I had released took the pressure off my bladder and I was able to hold on for another two hours no problem. Then I put on a movie and sat down to watch. I knew I wouldn't make it much longer so I sat on the hardwood floor as to not make a mess. I was able to watch the whole movie, but during the end credits as I stood up, my bladder released itself and I began to pee. This time I could not stop it and peed my pans for a long time. There was a huge puddle on the floor and I was soaked. I cleaned up myself and the floor. It was a fun experience and I will probably do it again. I want to see if I can pee earlier in the evening the night before and wait longer until I wet my pants next time.

I have a survey for girls only.

1. Have you ever peed your pants?
2. How many times?
3. What ages?
4. Stories
5,6,7,8 same as 1-4 but with poop

Have you ever had a girlfriend who pooped her pants and kept quiet about it? If so explain

Sunday, January 15, 2012



Massive poop

I took a big shit today and it smelled like curry because we had butter chicken. It was such a big load that it plugged the toilet so I made my mom clean up the mess. She doesn't mind though... After 30 years of me living at home she is used to it! Also I love when my shit is red because I ate beats the day befor it's awesome!!!

Tech Guy

Christine's high fibre diet

I am pleased that Adrian and Brandon T liked my post about Christine's Laxative Lunch on Page 2149 and wanted to hear more about Christine.

Christine is our neighbour who lives alone and she has recently retired. She is like an aunt or a mother to me and I can ask her for advice about things that my wife Julie doesn't like to talk about. A few days after Christine and I ate Christine's 'laxative lunch' together on Saturday, I stopped by to see her in the evening after work and she whispered, "Are you keeping your bowels regular now?" I told her that I really had 'the shits' all day Sunday but nothing since then and now I was constipated again. I asked her for advice and she said that I should eat a high fibre diet like she does.

Christine advised me to eat two large apples a day with a fibre supplement such as high fibre drink. She showed me the pack and said that I could get it at any pharmacy without prescription. She said that it is non-habit forming and suitable for regular use. She said that I should follow "Auntie Christine's" advice to be a good boy and keep my bowels regular and that I should prove it to her each day.

Christine knew that Julie leaves for work before I do so Christine said that each morning before I go to work, I should call at her house, sit on her toilet and prove that I could do a good soft poo that slips out effortlessly. She said that as a reward, she would wipe my bum for me and then she would let me watch her doing her poo as she usually does it about that time in the morning.

The next day in my lunch break at work, I went out and bought some large apples and a pack of the fibre supplement drink that Christine recommended. I ate two apples, then I mixed a good dose of high fibre drink with water and drank it. The next morning, I needed to poo but I held it until after Julie had left for work then I called at Christine's house. I told her that I had followed her advice and she led me upstairs to the toilet to prove it. Christine told me to bare my bum just enough to do a poo but to keep my pants pulled up at the front and to keep my dick inside my pants because it wasn't that sort of friendship.

As soon as I sat on the toilet, my soft poo slipped out effortlessly. "There's a good boy!" Christine said. She wiped my bum and flushed the toilet, then she said that it was her turn. Christine lifted her long skirt and pulled the back of her panties down just enough to bare her bum but she kept her panties pulled up at the front. She sat forwards on the toilet so that I could watch her poo coming out from behind. She grunted and she had to push a bit then there was a hissing sound as she did a long smooth poo. It hung down and plopped into the water in one piece. She said that when it's like that, she calls it a 'hissing monster'. "There's a good girl!" I said as I wiped her bum. I said to Christine that she seemed to be having a little difficulty getting her poo started and maybe she should eat more fibre.

Christine explained that she needs to keep her fibre intake 'on the safe side' on weekdays because as a teacher, she wants to avoid having loose bowels in the middle of a lesson at school. Although she has recently retired, she still does some part-time 'supply teaching' one or two days a week but it could be any day and she doesn't know in advance until the agency calls her.

I asked her what happens at weekends and she said that she eats an extra high fibre diet. She increases the dose of high fibre drink on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. I asked her what happens on Sunday and she whispered, "Loose stools and urgency." She said that on Sundays, she likes to go for a long walk in a forest near where we live although she likes someone to go with her. She said that an hour of brisk walking helps to get her bowels moving and she usually has to go behind a bush well away from the path. She said that she likes the feeling of getting 'back to nature'. She asked me if I would like to join her next Sunday and I said that I would love to join her. Christine said that if I do, I must eat a very high fibre diet at the weekend and prove it to her.

My wife Julie has told me about a 'woman to woman' talk that she had with Christine recently. Christine told Julie that she tried on-line dating but she gave it up because the guys she met were all interested in intimate activities in the bedroom but Christine has retired from that sort of thing due to dryness and soreness 'down there'. Christine told Julie that she really values her close platonic friendship with Tech Guy who is 20 years younger than she is because Tech Guy shows no interest in going to bed with her. Julie doesn't mind me spending time with Christine but Julie doesn't much care for long walks, so she didn't want to go hiking in the forest with Christine and I on Sunday.

I continued to follow Christine's advice on a high fibre diet for the rest of the week and I called at her house for a 'buddy dump' each weekday morning before going to work. I followed her very high fibre diet on Friday evening and all day Saturday, to get ready for Sunday. I'll tell you what happened Sunday in another post.

David (and Anne)

We share our Toilet experiences as Husband and Wife

I'm David and live in London-UK. My wife Anne and I came across The Toilet a week or so ago and have enjoyed reading through the "Old Posts". To our delight there were many couples with a similar interest and enjoyment to us, that is both passing large solid bowel movements and listening to and watching each other doing them. Reading on here about John and his wife who are similar to us in many ways we felt we could also contribute to this forum.

Like many posting on "The Toilet" I acquired this fixation as a young boy and even before going to school at the age of 5 I can remember being "turned-on" not only when I did a big solid poo, or as my Scots wife Anne calls it and I also say a big Jobbie, but when I heard the sound effects of someone else such as my mum or my two older sisters doing one or occasionally saw the turds they had produced if they were floaters or when they sometimes did a big long jobbie that was too big to flush away and was stuck in the bottom of the toilet pan, quite a common occurrence when my mum did a poo as she only did a motion two times a week then often passed it all as one long fat log .

Anne has also been aroused by such matters since childhood and we were very lucky to meet up in our late teens and once we had found out common interest it was no surprise that we took to each other and got married when we left University when we were 21 and have been happily together for 40 years now, accompanying each other to the toilet when needing a motion if we are together at the time. Both of us are quite ???? and eat a lot and as what goes in must come out and we only have a BM about twice a week we usually produce large solid jobbies which take several flushes to go away, what I read are called "panbusters" from Old Posts here.

Both Anne and I will be happy to post about our defecation experiences if other readers here are interested.

As an example today we both had a motion and accompanied each other to the toilet. Anne needed to go first when we had come back from doing our weekly shopping at our local supermarket . We had breakfast at the supermarket cafe then while driving home Anne made a loud fart and said to me "David I'm needing a poo and it's going to be a big one" I asked her if she wanted me to stop at a nearby pub so she could use the Ladies' Toilet there as although I would not be of course be able to accompany her in such circumstances I didn't want her to have an accident in her panties , but she replied "No I'm ok, it's a nice solid one and I will be able to hold it in till we get home". Ten minutes later we parked the car in the garage and went straight to our upstairs en-suite toilet off of our bedroom, we also have a downstairs cloakroom toilet for visitors and a main bathroom and toilet upstairs for guests who stay over. We both went into the toilet and Anne lifted her skirt revealing her panties, white briefs, Sloggis, which she pulled down to her knees and sat on the toilet pan. She farted again then I heard the familiar tinkling of her wee-wee long and loud into the water as she got rid of the two large cups of coffee we had drank at the cafe. Her wee-wee ended she gave a grunt NN! NN" and there was a PLIP! and a PLOP! as she passed two small turdlets then another PLOONK! as she passed a ball the size of a hens' egg. She paused for a moment or so as I gently pushed her belly then taking a deep breath Anne pushed and bore down as I encouraged her as I have done for years to "Do a nice big jobbie for David!" I was not to be disappointed as with more NN! and UH! sounds she proceeded to slowly but surely push out a long fat turd from between her ???? buttocks until it tapered to a point and left her back passage to plunge into the water at the bottom of the toilet pan with a loud KUR-SPLOOMP! She was quite red in the face but smiling both from relief and pleasure and when she had recovered her breath she got up off then pan and we both had a good look at her big long fat brown jobbie which was about 12 inches long and 2 1/2 fat for most of its length but tapering to a point like a carrot for the last few inches. It was a mid brown in colour. As we do for each other in such situations I wiped Anne, then she pulled up her Sloggis. As often happens I then felt that I needed a motion and our roles were reversed. I undid my belt and pulled down my jeans revealing the pair of black Speedo briefs I was wearing underneath. I pulled these down and sat on the toilet with Anne's big jobbie still lying in the pan beneath my bum and did mine as a "buddy dump" on top of hers, a jobbie of similar solidity, length and fatness as Anne's as I too hadn't had a BM for a few days, but darker brown as I had eaten red meat while Anne prefers white meat such as chicken. With Anne now pushing my belly gently and encouraging me to do a nice big jobbie I passed my big log which dropped into the water with a loud "KER-SPLOOSH!" on top of Anne's big turd. She wiped me and I pulled up my Speedos and we had a good look at our combined motions. It took four flushes to get our team efforts to go away. Both of us were well aroused and you can guess what we did next.

I hope this is of interest to others on "The Toilet"

(this post may sound like a lie but its not)When i was 12 i had a friend named Sarah, who was 12 too. She was not like other girls which is why i liked her(as a friend) She never had a secret that she didn't share with me, innccuding her anatony.She always tried ti teach me about female anatomy...with herself. I was never akward with it because she taught me that anatomy isnt embarresing. One day, i was at her house, and she was showing me her anus, and how everyones anus works differently. Suddenly she started acting like she had a cramp. i said "whats wrong?", and she said "I have to go poop come watch." i had seen all of her before, but i had never use the bathroom. So i followed her to the bathroom and she sat on the toilet and she started pissing. Then stoped pissing and lifted her pelvis up so i could see her pooping. She farted and one short poop came out followed by a a really long long, which broke in two coming out. She started grunting, then she farted and a really really fat but short stool came out of her anus, stretchig it a lot, maye to its max. Then she pissed a little and wiped her anus, and explaned how girls should wipe their 'nether reigions'. That was probaly one of my favorite days with her.



Nicola. Thanks for sharing your accident experience which I enjoyed reading about. However for the reasons you described, i.e. the problems flushing your toilet, I would strongly advise against disposing of soiled knickers down the loo in future. In the UK at any rate, waste pipes from toilets tend to be quite small and are only designed to take water, human waste and TP (the latter in moderate quantities). You were very lucky not to end up with a blockage. In future it would be best to bag up soiled knickers thoroughly and dispose of them in the household rubbish, i.e. wheelie bin or whatever you have.

Tech Guy. I enjoyed reading the story re Christine's laxative lunch and very much hope there will be further exploits of a similar kind.


first post

my name is caitlin and im 22 yrs old. ive been reading this site for about a month and i am very excited that there are actually more people like me who like to pee in their cars! i also like it, and so i do it whenver i get the opportunity. i like to pee right into the seat, and i dont like to use protection for the seat or anything like that, i just like to pee directly into the seat cushion. this is something ive done for a long time, and anyone who knows me knows that about me. and its ok. i havent lost any friends over it. so far most people have just accepted me for who i am, and im glad of that. there is one problem though, i dont actually have a car of my own right now so that means i dont get the opportunity to do it very often right now. im going to school now and so i live in a big city and so having a car isnt really necessary for me right now. at least thats what my parents say. ive actually asked them if i could have a car several times but they always tell me i dont need one right now. i actually had a car when i was in high school and that was great because i would pee in it whenver i wanted and my parents didnt even care. but i dont have it anymore. my mom always tells me i can get one later on. she always says that the only reason i want a car so bad is so i can pee in it. i tell her thats not the only reason but she never believes me. and so thats my dilemma. i have no car to pee in. sad! once in a great while one of my friends will allow me to pee in their car, but it doesnt happen very often since none of them are into that sort of thing and so they dont want their car to smell like pee. they also want me to use protection on the seat, like a towel or a bag or something. but that takes the fun out of it. and really it defeats the purpose when you think about it. like i said before, i like to pee into the seat, and so i want my pee to be able to go directly into the seat cushion. thats what it means to pee INTO something. they dont seem to understand that logic, but its ok. on a few occasions ive actually been able to sneak into a car that belonged to someone i dont know and pee in it, but i stopped doing that because i would feel a little guilty about it after i was done. not only that but its very rare that someone will leave their car unlocked. sometimes i would find a convertable, but those usually have leather seats instead of cloth, and i like peeing into cloth seats better becuase the pee soaks into them more. either way i stopped doing that anyway. and so thats my dilemma. i just cant seem to be able to satisfy my desire to pee in a car. ive haad to settle for other things. last semester i had a different roommate than the one i have now and she was really nice. she actually would let me pee in the couch in our room. but now i have a different roommate, and she doesnt want me to do anything like that. and so, thats my dilemma. i cant wait til i can finally get a car!

well, thats it, maybe i'll post again later! bye!

Hi my name is Kaitlin, 18 I live in nh, 5'1 130 pounds.

The other day I was with my friends and I needed to poop pretty badly. I poop my pants a lot anyway. I don't like useing public bathrooms. We were at the mall and my friends were laughing at this cute guy. I laughed so hard I almost lost controll. I held it till we got back to jesses house. Danelle went in first and took about 10 min. Then as I was waiting Jess came up behind me in a panic, she was holding her but to try and hold it in. I told I was about to poop my panties too do she had to wait. Danelle was still in there and I farted then a nice solid poop landed in my panties and my stepmom called to say she was on her way. Jess ended up with a load in her panties as well. My step mom honked and I came came out just smushed the bulge so she wouldn't see anything. As soon as I got in she knewi had an accident and told me she would wash my underwear if I cleaned my ass so I did.

My next 3 r from my exbfs house in mass. I think it was in march and I was on the computer and thought I had to fart but I shit my pants. He asked me if I smelt anything and I denyed, but I knew I had to clean up this mess. He showed me where the bathroom was and I got cleaned up but still had poop stains in my underwear.
A cupple months later I was in his room after we went out to eat and as soon as we got there I asked to use the bathroom and I get in and shit my pants right there and just threw my panties behind the toilet untill I left.
My last story happened on his birthday. My friend danelle was over this time. I on the computer, I hadn't been fealing good all day, I was going to the bathroom upstairs when I just let out a piece to gain controoll and went back down and that was when I when I had an accident but didn't have any more shorts. I laid down on Tim and started making out. I didnt know he was going to snap out my pants to look and find a nice solid brown in them so I just went in to try and finish but as I was pulling down my underwear just got ruined. I waited about a min, then called danelle to bring me my gym shorts and my blue hains from her car.

This winter break, I went to New York with my school orchestra. On the flight, I was sitting with my best friend and my boyfriend. Halfway through the flight, I began feeling the urge to poop. I excused myself and headed to the bathroom at the back of the plane. It was a small airplane and there was only one bathroom and it looked like half the plane was waiting to use it. I started to panic because I knew I couldn't hold it long enough. I stood and waited in line. I made it to the middle of the line when I felt the urge return, only this time, it was a lot stronger. By now I really needed to pee as well. I held my butt tightly with one hand. My other hand was jammed into my crotch. I grimaced as I felt pee flow out, soaking my panties and skin tight jeans. I relaxed for a second because I no longer had to pee, but I had relaxed too soon. I desperately tried to hold my butt again as I felt a giant log poke out. I could do nothing as I filled my pink panties with a giant log. My jeans were really tight and the poop made a giant and really obvious bulge in the back. I wobbled back to my seat with a warm load in my panties. My boyfriend was really nice about it. He helped me get clean panties and pants and helped me get changed in the tiny bathroom.


Can't Quite

These past few months I always had hard,solid stools.Well in the begenning of DEC,I started Drinking Milk EveryDay.And then I had had softer stools.And a Few days ago at some store,I gone in one stall and started crapping and I couldn't stop.People got in the stalls next to me and craped and left and another one and so on.Then I heard a man came in the bathroom and yelled,I THERE A WILLIAM(something)IN HERE?Then I heard him left.I was in there for 20 minutes.
And just now I had another non-stop.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mystery Poster great story about your friends "car accident" it sounds like she had a very bad day and thats the thing with diarrhea you cant stop it.

To: Tim great story about you watching your friend Melody pooping it sounds like a memory that will be with you forever and please share anymore stories you may have about her thanks.

To: Pooper Girl great story about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like your friend Lia was a having a very nasty time and it sounds like she had food poisoning or a stomach virus and great school poop story about you and your friends and did your teacher make it in time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sandy as always another great story about you and your sister and mom pooping it sounds like your toilet gets a good workout and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Paris
1.longest poop 6 inches
2.longest fart about 8 seconds
3.longest pee about 30 seconds

To: Nicola as always another great story and it sounds like your body couldnt wait until you got to a toilet but at least you felt better after not going for that long and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mommy To Be great story it sounds like you had to poop alot that day and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kerri as always another great story and great poop by poop coverage and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Garret great story about you watching you cousin Sarah pooping I bet that memory will last forever and I look forward to more stories like that thanks.

To: Rachel R great poop and pee story and it sounds like he was very helpful by helping you get clean and as always I look forward to your next post thanks

To: Shortie as always another great story and great poop by poop coverage as well and I hope you dont suffer constipation all through your pregnancy and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leyla first welcome to the site and great story about you and your friends pooping together at school and it sounds like you guys enjoyed it and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Tech Guy as always another great story about Christine it sounds like she had an interesting time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Left a big whopper at the store

Today I was at the grocery store and went for a crap. It was a single occupant style and I had to wait for someone else to be done. When I got in the bathroom, I sat down and cranked out another one of my big logs. It wasn't as wide as the last one I reported on, only about an inch and a half or so, but easily two feet long. Again, I wiped one time and left without flushing.

To Dan:
I've been passing big thick logs for most of my life, though one as wide as in my first post is quite big. A coke can is close to 2 and a half inches, so my butthole hurt a bit after pushing that one out.


New here

This site is proof positive of the benefits to the human race conferred upon it by the internet. I'm a thirty something male Brit with what I would describe as a 'passing' interest in toilet activities. I have read a few pages of posts and have been struck by two things. Firstly the overwhelmingly friendly and intelligent tone of the discussion when compared to just about any other forum, special interest or otherwise, and secondly the brilliant variety of interests in things toilet.

I have a voyeuristic interest in females going to the toilet and an exhibitionist interest in being watched by females. I'm not, however, hugely interested in the results, just the edginess of the situation. I have a few stories which I'll post another time. I'm not sure where my interest stems from, it's not my childhood which was totally bereft of toilet related incidents of any kind. I think it's just an extension of my interest in other edgy / very intimate situations male/female and female/female.

This forum has highlighted to me other things that haven't until now struck
me as interesting to others apart from me. For instance, different styles of toilet. Does anyone else like the German ones where your poo lands in a shallow water filled dish-shaped shelf for your inspection before it gets flushed downwards and away? I think the most fascinating public loo I have been in is in China.

Working in Shanghai some years ago I had cause to work out of the city for a day or so at another city 100 miles away. Part of a day was spent looking around a public garden accompanied by a guide supplied by our Chinese partners. These guides are in their twenties as much older and you didnt learn English in a Chinese schools as a youngster they are usually female and delightfully self concious regarding just about everything. When we arrived I asked my guide where the loos were. She hesitated and said there were no toilets. I knew this was some kind of polite cover up, as this place was big news In this particular town with lots of Chinese tourists milling around. Eventually, embarrassed, she told me that there were no Western toilets. I told her to point me in the direction of the loos in any case; as I wasn't worried about different types of toilet which is true. What I found was pretty mindblowing though. A newly built toilet building, unisex with cubicles. An attendant and a row of sinks, brightly lit, all spotless. The difference was when you stepped inside a cubicle. There was nothing in it, apart from a square white open gutter about 4in wide 6in deep with a river of water running the length of the ten or so cubicles. It dawned on me that I was 'downstream' of four or five cubicles. You straddled the stream, which meant facing a sidewall and squatted. Very shortly after I locked my door and began to compose myself, the clack of heels behind me announced that immediatly upstream of me, a woman had arrived and lord only knew what I was about to witness floating past. Sure enough the rustle of clothes was followed by the sound of pee and the stream beneath me turned yellow. A pause, and she emitted a soft grunt, a low exhalation followed by a splash and a perfect poop then swam past followed by three more. No smell as the water was fast flowing and about 2in deep, and no more sounds from the lady. I peed, pooped and witnessed my own output drift under the ext cubicle wall and wondered who would be similarly entertained by what I had just done.

A funny footnote to this is the stares I got as I left the cubicle, not because of any pooping prowess, but because this was a part of China westerners never go to. The word had gone round that tall suited whitey had just walked into the old style toilet, and small crowd had gathered at the exit. I didn't stop for photos.

Fascinated and a little exited, I made a mental note to go back at the end of this visit. This was thwarted by the director of the garden who tore my guide off a strip for letting me use the public bogs rather than his personal office convenience, which was also new, but Western style. He (or rather the guide translating) was full of apologies about the public conveniences saying that he and his fellow directors had wanted to install western bogs in the new block, but they knew that their main market, internal tourists, wouldn't like them. I assured him that it was an important cultural experience. He wasn't convinced.

Personally I think that a good number of people on here would find the Chinese stream toilets just brilliant. Also, due to a tradition of poor plumbing, many western toilets in China have a bin, often open, for the loo paper and used sanitary products. One sees some sights in those bins.

I will return with tales of my girlfriend who has a great open attitude to peeing and the odd poop too.

Jasmin K

To Danielle

My younger sister 10 still poos in her knickers sometimes - like yesterday..she does it when she has been holding it and pretending to go on the toilet.

To Leyla

Your friend Jasmine was constipated as well! LoL - I always am,very hard poo.
It can be fun supervising younger sister an cousins on the toilet - I have to make sure that they dont mess around or get off and that they keep straining untill they poo.

Well back at school I have had a couple of good poos - ist day back I had real bad belly ache and had tried like really hard at home for 20 minutes - nothing, then went to school and tried for a further 20 minutes before lessons, made my bum really sore. I went back at morning break and strained and strained making my bum bleed drip drip drip into the water but still no poo.I went again at lunch, took my knickers right off and sat on the toilet, my bum still very sore from my previous visits,raised my feet on the ledge (which I described in a previous post) and strained and strained and dropped a couple of pebbles, strained again harder and harder making it bleed but I could feel a log emerging so kept straining. It wasnt as big as I was expecting but was knobley and hard and made quite a splash. I kept straining and in the next 10 minutes did 2 more logs. I wiped and put cream on my bum which was stinging and sore. As they say 3rd time lucky.
Jas K


Lia's poop

Lia wasn't feeling well after her poop on day one she was constantly pooing.Mrs mullany sent me and lia on a walk to try and make her feel better.But about ten minutes into the walk lia said she needed to poo again so we tried to look for a toilet but there was none in sight.So we decided to use the toilet closest to camp which took about five minutes.When we got there there was a huge queue and lia said that she might poo herself.Ten minutes later the two stalls were empty so we went in them I decided to watch lia poo because I'm evil.She undid her belt really quickly and pulled down her jeans and bright red knickers which were a bit brown now.She then squatted and half a second later tons of runny and undigested food came out then she did a huge wet fart and lots more came out.Then there was a pause and then she groaned and tons more farts and undigested food.She must have been desperate.Then she sneezed and poo splattered everywhere.She must have been embaresed knowing I was listening.Then she pooed again and chunks just came out.She wasn't having a good day.Shen pushed againg and more chunks came out.Then she called me and asked me to give her company.So I went in and I saw her squatting and she was bright red.She asked me to come in because she might be there for a while.She farted again and more undigested food came out and it didn't look good she farted again and said sorry if it smells.She said she was finished so she got loads of toilet paper and wiped and pulled up her red knickers and jeans and we left

I will have news on more people pooping soon


Drunken relief

I went out for a few drinks with Sarah tonight and we got pretty drunk. We were walking home and we both had to pee badly but I also needed a poo which was even more urgent because I hadn't been for 3 days and all the drinks had loosened my bowels a lot. Sarah ducked into an alley while I stood guard and hearing her pee made my own need even worse. By the time it was my turn to pee I was about to wet myself but the problem was I couldn't pee without pooing as well and I didn't want to poo while there was a chance that someone might see me. Instead I held it, (or tried to!) untill we got home. On the way back I felt a squirt of pee shoot into my knickers making the crotch all wet. My bladder was full to bursting and and so were my bowels and Sarah suggested I just wet myself as no one would see us in the dark. I was so drunk I forgot about my need to poo so I just let it run all down my legs. It was heaven but then I began to poo myself. It was a big mushy load and mixed with all my pee it started to streak down my legs. Sarah watched excitedly as I pood and wet myself and when we got to her house she said she had to poo and to my surprise she started to do it in her knickers. She loved it and she kissed me on the lips as she loaded her pants. We cleaned up together in her shower and afterwards I stayed at her house and we also shared the bed without going into detail.

I was at a meeting at a client office with a couple of directors and my contact who was a girl a couple of years younger than me, nice, slim, classy, but not really my type, a little stuck up.It was a Friday and towards the end of the day. One of the directors suggested we finished the meeting at the nearest wine bar. So off we went and about three or four bottles later the two Directors decided it was time they caught their trains home. We all left the bar and headed out on to the street to hail cabs. Though the first chap offered the first cab to the girl she said that they should both go ahead seeing as they lived out of town. No sooner had the last director sped off then I found out why she had said this. I felt a hand on my chest pushing me back against the nearest wall and she was all over me. What to do? A delicate situation. I didn't fancy her and she was my client. I gently extricated myself and said we should talk. She read my reaction correctly, realised the situation and burst into tears. Rather than just bundling her into a cab in such a mess I suggested a stroll; my intention being that she could walk off a bit of the wine, calm down and hopefully be ok about everything by the time she left. So we strolled away from the main street and picked our way through the back streets in the mid evening. Presently she told me she had to go to the toilet. There was no pub or anything within sight so we set off to find somewhere. Within one street she said that she couldn't hold on and had to find somewhere right then. She spotted an ally and asked if I would stand at the street end. Bear in mind this girl is public school educated in an expensive outfit and already thoroughly mortified hurling herself at me when she knew I had a long term girlfriend.

So she shot into this ally to pee. I stood at the end and deliberately and gallantly gazed at the rooftops. Little did either of us know that the ally had a slope. Onto the street. Pretty soon a strongish trickle of her warm pee was flowing around my brogues. I was looking up, oblivious. She finished, stood up, saw what was happening, gasped and shot off away from me down the ally clearly hoping never to see me again. I realised what had happened when I heard her gasp and stoodthere wondering what do to about the situation. The ally was a dead end. I waited, it was late and I couldn't leave her alone there. A few minutes later she came slowly out of the ally.

I told her not to worry and said I'd put her in a cab. We walked to the main road. Not much was said. The next day she emailed offering buy me new shoes. We are still roughly in contact years later, but that night was never spoken about again.

I was with some friends last night when one of them sneezed and she said I had an accident, so i guess she peed in her pants a little.

John H

an old memory Post Title (optional)

Hey all I am the person that posted the newby post a few days ago. think it was last Saturday. Anyway here is an old story, it all happened a long time ago so I dont remember everything but there are some things that are to good to forget.
Hope you all enjoy.
When I was a young child a girl lived nextdoor to me.
Lets call her Ann.
We were best friends until she moved away when I was around 10 or 11.
We were the same age and when we were six or seven I used to go in to the toilet with her when she needed to go.
I'm not sure how this happend but I think I asked her if I could come in the first time and then after that I would just go in with her as she didnt mind.
Her mum didnt seem to mind either from what I remember because she never stopped us and she must have had an idea of what was going on.
Ann and I would be playing and she would say that she had to go so we would go in to her bathroom and close the door.
She would sit on the toilet and I would sit next to her on the edge of the bath.
She would sit slightly forward and she let the toilet seat forward so that it was resting on her back.
I don't know why she done that because she didnt mind me in with her but she mightnt have wanted me to see her poo coming out or she might have thaught it may stop the smell or something.
She would always let out a streem of pee first and then she would begin to push.
She would grunt softly and then I would hear her ass cracking open and the poo sliding out slowly.
Her first log was always prity big and would make a splash when it hit the water.
We would chat a bit while she would wait for the next log.
Wish I could remember what we were talking about but it was almost 20 years ago.
One thing I still do remember though was the smell.
It wasnt a bad smell but I have yet to smell another poo like hers.
She must have had her own special sent haha.
Then she would start to grunt softly again and I would hear another log slowly sliding out of her and plopping into the toilet.
When she was finished she would wipe and we would go out and carry on playing.
I remember her telling me that she wanted to watch me going to the toilet but it must have never happened as I have no memories of it.
When she moved away we lost tuch.
I meet her from time to time now but I wouldnt say we are friends or anything.
I wonder if she remembers what we got up to all them years ago when we were kids


Tons of Farts

Hey all, Dan here!

A quick post...

Lately I've been blasting some super loud farts. not too stinky, but wow are they noisy. My poops themselves have been about the same, nothing too out of ordinary to report...hoping I'll have a fantastic shit before the trip ends.

Oahh... I just did a huge one on this wooden chair. It was a noisy ripper that kinda revertebrated a bit.

Last night I had a good poop. For supper I had beef golash, which was quite good. Then I had a roll, and a banana for dessert. My poop was 1 huge log, about 11" long, and 1" thick, and it was lumpy so I got to feel it all come sliding slowly out of my anus. It had a wet crackle as it did so and landed with a deep plop, like SPLOOONKSH! and it smelled too. It didn't stink, but you get those poops that smell 'spicy'? Well this was one of them.

Sandy - sounds like the three of you fill that bathroom (and toilet) up quite well. Are things usually so 'frantic' between the three of you?

Alice - that was quite the log! What was it like passing that thing?

Joseph - is your girlfriend usually that open? And did you get to see her load, either as she did it or during / after her shower? You sound a lucky guy to me!

Jennifer - you are amaong friends here :) That's never happened to me, but this is the place.

Emma f - talk about turbulance! that could have gone worse...

Katharine - what is your usual dump like? I either get 1 large turd, or 2-5 smaller / medium ones. I never take more than 5 min myself.

Abbie - my goodness you poo a lot! I hope they are relieving for you. Also, do you usually get neighbours in public? There's hardly any guys when I go. I prefer it that way, but an observation.

Leanne - you're welcome! I try and 'simulate' my trips as best as I can haha. Is your gas usually noisy?

Aimee - is that a slightly larger out house? I enjoyed your pre-Christmas load.

That's all for now, I hope to post again this Sat or Sun (not sure when it'll get posted, as of now it's Wed)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Friday, January 13, 2012

A couple of recent sightings.

On the tube the other day, late at night, there was a young 20something lady who'd obviously been out drinking, although she didn't seem drunk. She was sipping continually on a large bottle of water. After a while I noticed she had crossed her legs, and as time went by she became very fidgety. The journey went along and we approached the terminus station, by this point she was openly holding herself, and there was nobody else in the carriage. We got to the terminus, on the platform is a waiting room with a unisex toilet off it. The girl trotted into the waiting room and into the toilet. From outside I could hear her pull her pants down and have a very ferocious wee, curse that there was no toilet paper, then pull her pants up and leave.

Another time some years ago, I was in a gents toilet, which had one cubicle, which was in use. A group of half a dozen 8/9 year old boys came in and went to the urinals, all left except two, one of whom was queuing for the cubicle. Someone said to this one "Come on, we're almost home" to which he replied he couldn't wait, he was desperate. I let him go in front of me when the cubicle was free, and could plainly hear a sigh, two very loud plops, then he wiped and left.



For Paris

This goes back a long way to the days when I lived in the north-east of England while I was at secondary school. I sang with the school choir, and we got invited to sing at a social event in the nearest large town.

We sang; and the event concluded with a great Northern tradition - the pie and pea supper. This consisted of hot pork pie and "mushy peas" - they're a kind of pea called a marrowfat pea, cooked long and slow until they start to turn to a thick puree.

The pie and pea supper has one downside: while very tasty, it has devastating effects on the digestion. I got home and was undressing for bed, when I farted. That fart lasted - I swear - something like eight seconds.

I moved south about a year later and have never risked a pie and pea supper since!!

Hi everyone its John from the uk. Some really good posts lately from contributor old and new; especially liked Emma F's story of "mile high" poo, that was so good! How's your studying going? Dont forget to keep us in the loop with your extra curricular activities in "Ceramicsville". Well as for me I ate a half bar of Bournville yesterday and earlier today had the most unsatisfying poo you could imagine; it wasn't the quantity just the quality! I had to work on it for about 15 minutes when eventually I dropped two dark brown logs of about 10 inches by about 2, they were tarry and sticky in texture as opposed to my normal mid brown smooth texture and as far removed from Leanne's recent "fluffy logs" as can be imagined. The wiping process took an inordinate amount of paper compared with the output! So dear readers does chocolate have a constipating effect on one's bowels (can't say i've noticed before) or is it merely coincidence? Just curious to know if anyone else out there has experienced similar or conversely the opposite! Once again hi to each and everyone of you, love J x


Etiquette in the Ladies

I read with interest MK's post 2148 re Amyleighs post. I would like too add some input of when I worked at the Hospital. I shared an office with 3 other Ladies Rose, Val & Georgina,we all ran various services of the Hospital. When us ladies needed to do our Business, we used to go and uses the visitors toilets in the grounds of the Hospital, which stood on a 64 acre site, the roles we had involved moving around the site. When leaving the office you would say I'm off to a particular dept for a uknow what, that meant you would going to the ladies en -route. When Rose used the visitors toilets, she always farted either as she bolted the door or when she lifted the lid on the seat, I do mean loudly, followed by a sigh. When Val used the toilet for a business shed always pee then a loud trumpet fart a few pieces would then drop usually followed by a sniff.
I will post again shortly


Holding too long

Thanks to those who commented on my previous letters. I will tell of a few of my experiences as you have asked. I will describe the two poo ones first.

The one when I was about 14 happened at a Girl Guide camp.(Actually, Brownies and Guides were the scene of several others, though they were all wettings. I know I was not the only one). My stomach was feeling very uncomfortable and I thought I might be sick. When we were supposed to go off camp on an activity, I made an excuse to stay behind. One of the leaders was staying too so I was allowed. At one point, I thought I had a lot of wind and tried to let it out quietly. To my horror, I filled my knickers and shorts with diarrhoea. Fortunately, I was able to change and wash my things out without anyone finding out what had happened.

The time about five years ago I had gone out with several colleagues for lunch and had curry. My stomach felt increasingly uneasy during the afternoon. Of course, I should have gone to the loo before setting off home but instinctively carried on holding. On the way home my stomach started to grumble more and more and I was beginning to panic. Then, as I reached my door, it just exploded and I filled my knickers with lots of mushy poo. What a mess! Thank goodness no one saw me.

I promise to write about several of my wettings soon. That's where my holding really causes problems, taking my bladder to its limits. It would be interesting to read of some of your experiences Thirty Something. Thank you for encouraging me and letting me know I am not alone.

Rachel R

Reply to Danielle

Hello Danielle, sounds like you are having issues with your 12 year old about her pooping her pants. I have been trying to post some stories about my own past bodily functions, but I was 18 before I ever started doing such things. Just a suggestion but if you are friends with any of her Friends mothers you might try to find out if they are having the same issue that you are facing. This might just be a "Thing" that they are doing/trying because they might have seen things on the Internet that gave them this idea and in their own minds to them it is so different it is cool to do. Maybe it is just your won daughter trying to get some attention from you and I am not saying that you don't give her attention, but she might be pushing for some other kind of attention. I am not sure what kind of attention that she would be looking for, but when you wrote your story about her she had already pooped her panties 3 times. The reason I say it might be a group thing is because I have heard of this with another woman and her daughter, her daughter was bit older like 15 or so and this woman found out that it was her and her girlfriends doing this because they enjoyed it. There wasn't anything sexual about it, they just enjoyed getting together and pooping in their pants. Long story short, they would have sleep overs and they would all poop in their panties/pants whatever. This did play its self out over time as far as I know. This woman also told about her daughter pooping her pants at the store and then when they got to the check out her daughter told the girl working there "If you smell something it is because I have already pooped my pants" she made no bones about telling her and the check out girl just smiled, come to find out she was a friend of hers that liked doing that too. Another way if this has happened again or does, you might try talking to her about it in a nice way just to find out where this all might be coming from. But if she won't talk to you about it don't push her, that could just make her go over the edge. You may just have to let her ride it out and more then likely it will just be something she gets over on her own. I am 21 now and it is something that I enjoy doing at times for my own reasons, but I have always been a adult when I started doing this. I hope this might help you some...maybe?

I was in class this morning when I really had to go to the bathroom. I had two cups of coffee before I left so I was needing to pee pretty badly. As soon as class was over I got up and bolted to the washroom. I went inside the empty bathroom which had six stalls and a few urinals. I tried to pee but I quickly realized I needed to shit as well. I went over to the handicapped stall at the end. I couldn't lock the door so I just pulled it closed as tightly as I could. I lowered the seat and quickly sat down. I let go at both ends pushing out a few logs and farting quite a bit while pissing for a long time as I unrolled the toilet paper. Someone came into the washroom and entered into a stall a few down from me. When they slammed the stall door shut it opened my door up so I had to grab my stall door to prevent it from swinging back open. It was silent for a few moments before the guy started to shit quite loudly. I felt my stomach rumble before I pushed a soft pile of poop out. The other guy flushed and exited as I started to wipe. I was almost done when another person came into the stall right next to me. He sat down and took a noisy shit as I finished up. I flushed and left to go meet up with some friends for lunch.

my friend's car "accident"

Hey. Last summer my best friend moved across the country to LA to pursue a career in the music industry. It was very hard on both of us because we've been like sisters for 10 years. Because of how close we are, we talk every day, mainly through text message. I got fairly concerned the last couple of days because she's been unresponsive, has had little to say when she does respond, seems down,etc. So i decided to give her a call because i know she's like that when something is upsetting her. We talked for a little while, and i was pretty surprised to eventually learn what had her so down and quiet!

It turned out, that last Friday, she had to go to the toilet pretty badly after work, but was stuck in infamous LA traffic. She told me in so many words that she didn't simply have to pee ("i had to GO" is all she described it as after saying "it wasn't pee"). She also kept mentioning how badly her stomach hurt and was cramping. So, what happened was, she was just stuck there in bumper to bumper traffic struggling not to crap her pants, but eventually time ran out for her undies and she unleashed a big, wet load into her pants..she described it as feeling like hot stew was poured down the back of her pants, i guess it was diarrhea. She then had to spend another 45 minutes in the car sitting in her mess, then after getting a bad parking space had to walk a good ways to her apartment, and on the way there she had a "second explosion" and it ran all down her legs and all over her shoes as she walked! She was hesitant to go inside because she knew she was gonna get stains on the floor! She said it was the most disgusting feeling, and it took her forever to get herself and everything cleaned up. So, she claims, she's been so quiet since crapping her pants in her car because she knew she had fo tell me all about it but was still too embarrassed to tell the story until i called her! I think if i were to have diarrhea in my pants in my car, and there were no witnesses, I'd just pretend it never happened and move on! Not her, she had to tell me because despite her shame and embarrassment she knew it made for an entertaining story!


Worst bathroom experience

I don't have many notable bathroom-related stories, but I vividly remember one experience from my childhood which was pretty horrible. In junior high school (this was in the early 80s), the boys' rooms had no doors on the stalls, and the stalls were only about shoulder high while you were sitting, so anyone else in the bathroom could see you more or less from the neck up and knees down, so they provided next to no privacy. The other thing about them that sucked is that they were NEVER stocked with toilet paper, apparently to prevent boys from making TP balls and throwing them or clogging the toilets. There were hand dryers instead of paper towels, so there wasn't even that option. The school eventually got in trouble with the public health department for it, but that was after I was gone.

Anyway, I avoided shitting at school like the plague and was successful until one day when I desperately had to shit and knew I couldn't wait until I got home. I sat in class with my butt cheeks clenched until the bell rang and then rushed to the nearest boys room. I entered and was dismayed to find it already packed with boys. I had to wait my turn at the toilets because guys were peeing in them. I finally got to a free toilet and saw (as always) the seat was soaked in pee. I couldn't bring myself to sit on it, so I looked at the other two and saw that one had the seat up and hoped that it had not gotten peed on. Finally I got tho the toilet and saw that the seat was dry.

I quickly unzipped my pants and pushed them and my underwear down just far enough and sat. Immediately, I could feel all eyes on me and guys started laughing. I was a typical pudgy geek at that age and of course got teased relentlessly, so this was not the position I wanted to be in. One guy, a bully who particularly enjoyed pushing me around, yelled, "Justin's taking a shit!" He went out into the hallway (the door was propped open so all sounds in and out were clearly audible) and yelled, "Hey, Justin's taking a shit!" I heard a huge group laughing. I just sat there, my face red with humiliation as I tried to shit. I couldn't. I really, really had to, but my ass wouldn't relax.

The bully came and stood right in front of me and asked, "What are you gonna wipe your ass with?" I just shrugged. He just stood there for a moment, then apparently lost interest and went to a urinal to pee. I glanced over toward the exit and was mortified to see three girl peeking their heads in and giggling at me. They quickly darted out when I saw them. I finally looked at the floor and forced myself to shit. I was hoping it would be a solid, clean BM but it was of course a mushy one, and the last little bit of it was liquidy. My ass was a mess, but I had nothing to wipe it with.

After sitting for another moment, I flushed the toilet and got up. I pulled up my pants, trying to ignore the wet, slimy feeling around my asshole. I went to the sink and washed my hands. I walked out and there was a group of kids who had all apparently waited for me to exit just so they could point and laugh at me. The bully followed me out and said, "Justin took a shit and didn't wipe his ass!" I heard multiple groans of disgust. One girl said, "What?" The bully said, "Yeah, there's no paper in there and he just took a shit anyway."

I was quite mortified and spent the rest of the day wishing I was anywhere else. I didn't get to wipe my ass until I got home, and my underwear of course was streaked by then. After that experience, I kept a pack of tissues with me just i case, but I never shit in the boys room again. One time I shit in the bushes during recess rather than use the boys room!

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