Spying on my sister

I'm in my late 20's now, but back in my early-to-mid teens I used to spy on my older sister in her room. This story took place when I was 14 years old and she was 17 years old. I would sneak into her room when I got home from school on the days I got home before her and hide in one of her closets that she rarely opened (it was mostly full of old junk she just didn't want to throw away, her clothes and stuff in the closet next to it). On this particular afternoon I got home first, hid in the closet, and waited. Usually she would get home and change her clothes and I got to see her naked (creepy now looking back on it but I was a curious teenage boy and my sister was attractive). On this day she came into her room as usual but she seemed uncomfortable and was walking kind of funny. She dropped her book bag and took off her top but then she started taking off her skirt much more carefully than normal. She was facing away from me and when her skirt slid down far enough I was shocked to see the back of her panties were wet with a large bulging mound in them. They were pale pink, darker where the pee had stained them, and the poop showed through slightly brown in places. She was muttering to herself about how stupid it was to have an accident like this at her age and how 17 year olds didn't pee and poop themselves like little babies. After she carefully stepped out of the skirt she slowly waddled to the bathroom door and closed it. I waited for her, scared to leave the closet in case she came back out. It took her quite a while because she took a quick shower, too. Finally she came back out, now completely nude, put on clean clothes, and left her room. I snuck out of the closet a couple of minutes later and hurried into my room and then into the bathroom, which we shared between our rooms. I locked her side door and then looked around. She didn't come out of the bathroom with the panties earlier so I knew they must still be there. I found them burried deep in the laundry clothes basked where she had tried to hide them. I pulled them out carefully and held them up and examined them. They were wet front and back a few inches up both sides and the poop stain was at least the size of a softball in the butt and crotch. They had been wiped but not washed and they still smelled like pee and poop. I was mesmerized by the whole experience. I had never seen a girl have an accident since I was young. It stuck with me and I'm still fascinated by women using the bathroom or having accidents.


Movie set nightmare


I am a low budget film producer. On one of my earlier jobs, I was a production manager on a micro-budget little action movie about an all-girl gang. I was the ONLY man on set, the cast and the rest of the crew were women. Mostly friends of mine, but still, being the only guy was a little weird.

One day we were shooting in the desert. It was supposed to be a pretty short shoot, just a few hours early in the morning. Unfortunately we wound up shooting for about eight hours. This would not have been so bad, were it not for the fact that I wound up having explosive diarrhea about halfway through the shoot. We were about a mile away from our cars, there were no bathrooms for several miles, and there was very little privacy other than a few small boulders and bushes. Also, no one had thought to bring toilet paper.

So I wound up squatting behind a bush with my pants around my knees, crapping my guts out with ten women standing just a few dozen feet away. And I did this with the knowledge that I would not be able to wipe my ass afterward. I spent the next several hours in the blazing heat with an ass crack smeared with diarrhea.

To top the whole day off, we finally made it all the way back to the cars and as we were loading equipment I let out an extremely wet fart and shit my pants a little. And I had the two hour ride home to look forward to as well. Luckily, we passed a gas station where I was able to peel off my shit splattered underwear and wipe my ass.

Not one of my better days.

Sarah's Dad

A Tribute to Sarah - 1995 - 2011

Until very recently, I never knew this website existed. It was only following the sudden and unexpected death of my daughter Sarah on 25 September 2011 that I found out about The

Although Sarah was only aged 16 years when she died, she had a very down-to-earth attitude for someone of her age and no subject was taboo where she was concerned. So when I found the stories she has left on this website, it came as no surprise. If only more people were like those who leave their own stories for others to read, that is, they can talk about their bladder and bowel functions freely and without embarrassment, fewer people would die from cancers of the bladder, bowel and prostate gland.

I am a psychiatrist and, in psychiatry, we have a saying, "Healthy mind, healthy body." Please be assured that those who leave stories on this website have very healthy minds.

The best way to remember Sarah is to keep sending your stories to this website and share your experiences with each other. It is by the sharing of experiences we all learn. And to those whose creativity gave birth to this website, I take my hat off to you.

Car Mom- Nice story. That does sound like my girls! I do keep in touch with my roommate actually. We are very good friends still, although we live in different states and do not get to see each other often. She married a very conservative man and now the only place she pees is the toilet. Of course she knows about my car and is kinda jealous she can't do that herself.
Anyway, I have a story for you guys. My mother in law was in town last week. Now, I have mentioned before that my mother is very strict. My girls know not to mention our car pees to that grandma. My husbands mom is much nicer than mine, but is still pretty uptight as is my husband. My girls also know not to mention it to that grandma. Well anyway we were driving home from the airport where I had just picked her up. I had my three girls in the backseat and she of course was in the passenger seat up front. She had never been to our new house before and kept asking how far we were from it. I told her that we still had a bit to go; unfortunately our house is not near the airport. She looked pretty uncomfortable and finally admitted that she was unable to use the restroom on the plane and had to "urinate quite badly." Jagger heard and told her she should just pee into the seat like she does. As soon as she said it, Maysa nudged her and told her, "remember, we weren't supposed to tell Grandma we pee in the car. That is why mom made you pee before we left the house." Well now there was no denying it. My mother in law turned to me and asked if that was true. I told her it was. I thought she was going to lecture me, but she got a smile on her face and said, well, that seems like a great idea. She pulled her slacks down and began to pee right into the passenger seat. Of course Jagger cheered her on and Maysa was embarrassed. She finished up and sat with her pants down. When we got home, the first thing Jagger did was tell her dad that his mom had peed in our car. HIs mom asked him if he has ever done it and he said no. She told him to try it some time, it feels great. I have a feeling she will be using my car as a toilet more times before she finally leaves.
That is all for now,


One time in university

One time I was in university, and I was sitting on a chair outside a classroom, waiting for my next class. This chair was quite near to a men's bathroom.
As I was sitting there, I could hear quite a bit of grunting coming from the bathroom. I also heard some plops into the toilet bowl water. This went on for a while. I then heard a long piss, accompanied by a sigh of relief. Then the toilet flushed, and I heard the man washing his hands. THe man came out of the bathroom. It was one of the university teachers.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Art Building Crap great story about you pooping and hearing that other woman pooping it sounds like was really constipated and bet she pushed out a pretty big one and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Rose great story about you pooping in the childs toilet I bet if someone saw they would think it was an adult not a kid because most kids dont poop that big and if they did it would be ecause theyheld it for a long time and also great story about pooping in that drink cup and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The stink Meter On The rise great story and I bet that other girl learned not to be mean after being spanked and smelling her moms poop and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mega Girl 2 great stories at least you know what to eat to help you poop and dreams can be like that sometning happens in your dream and ends happening in real life and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amanda first welcome to the site and great story about you peeing you pants but it was your first time flying and being scared is natural and peeing and/or pooping your pants is your bodies way of protecting you from danger because it does something to make what ever is after you grossed out or something like that and please share anymore stories you mey have thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story I bet you and your friend Sarah felt alot beter and I bet who ever found the pile probaly thought some wild animal did that and 2 women and it sounds like you both felt alot better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tanya as always another great story and I bet your boyfriend really enjoyed the show and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story it sounds like you and that other girl both had to take big dumps and I bet you both felt alot better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kevin great story about seeing that womans big poop and yeah I bet she wanted others to see it probaly because she was proud of it and pease share anymore stories like that you may have thanks.

To: Tony great story about you hearing your sister poop it sounds like she really had to go was lucky she didnt have an accident and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great car peeing story and it sounds like you had a bit of a pee party in your car with the 5 of you all peeing in it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: I Knew How You Feel great story please share anymore you may have thanks.

I>3POOPING as always another great set of stories and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Matt great story about you seeing your cousin pooping it sounds like she really didnt mind you watching her and please share anymore stories you may have about her and/or any other girl and/or woman you have seen and/or hears going to the bathroom thanks.

To: Ciara as always another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Killer Cookies

One time when I was around Sixteen Me and my Brother joined this Program to do Random things.Well My best Friend's Brother Wayne joined too and what an embarassment.The Two men that ran it was a scientist and the other worked for a goverment agentcy(sorry for the spelling)The two men each had kids and I got along with them real good.Any way Wayne always got jump on alot for horseplay and what not.You all might had heard me post about hin in my previous stories on here.
Any way when we was out side doing are projects,Wayne snuck back in the building and at all the refreshments,Which where Christmas cookies from that previous year.When we got back inside the cookies where gone and we saw a trail of cookie crumbs lead to the bahtroom.One of our instuctors opened the door and Wayne yelled CLOSE THE G-D D-MN DOOR!He was on the toilet.We all saw him and he let out a wet fart.And the farted some more and it sound like popcorn popping in the toilet.

Amanda M
I don't remember if I posted this before but I remember about 2 years ago I got unexpected diarrhea and nearly could have pooped myself.
I had just finished school and decided to stop at salad works and get my favorite salad for lunch. Garden deluxe with spinach. I got home and ate my salad. After I decided to mess around on the computer like I always do. While I was sitting there I got the urge to fart so I just let it out. It felt really wet. I figured I should go to the bathroom. I went upstairs and when I pulled down my pants I saw two small brown liquid stains in my underwear. I was kind of surprised. I figured I should sit on the toilet incase there was more to come and it was a good thing I did cause I gave a slight push and pure liquid diarrhea started coming out. It sounded like I was peeing out of my butt. I was surprised cause I felt completely fine. My stomach didnt hurt at all. I finished up and washed out my underwear. Luckily no one found out about that cause that would have been super embarrasing. After that I was fine the rest of the day. I thought it was weird.

Hi again everyone! I see the site has finally been updated so Ithought I'd post again now.
Abbie- Loved your latest story and it sounds like both you and that other girl were pretty desperate for your poos! Hope you can post again soon.

Now I thought I'd answer Dan's survey;


1) Where are you comfortable using the bathroom? At home (obviously!) and most public loos, like school/university buildings, airports, shopping centres and so on. Also friends' houses.

2) Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across? If I'm desperate I will usually just use the first one I find, but if it's in a bad condition and I'm not desperate I'll always look for a better one!

3) How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit? When I'm just peeing I never really give it much thought and just sit right down and only usually lower my clothes to my knees. But when I'm having a poo I always lower my clothes to my feet so I can relax more and spread my legs. Although having said that I usually sit with my knees together and feet slightly apart when I'm doing a poo, unless it's a tough one!!


4) How often do you pee? 6-7 times a day on average I would say.

5) What color / shade is it? Varies depending on time of day and water intake, but usually fairly clear.

6) Do you pee a lot in one go? Only when I wake up. I usually find my bladder is almost full then and I'm in urgent need of a wee!


6) How often do you fart? A couple of times an hour usually!

7) What type of farts do you do? A tough one. Usually short, fairly quiet ones, unless I've eaten a lot in which case they tend to become louder and longer!

8) Are you shy about farting? Yes, if I'm not on the loo. I try to hold them in or let them out quietly when people are around.

9) Do you fart on the toilet? All the time! When I'm pooing I always fart quite a lot, and sometimes when I wee I will let one or two out.

10) Are your farts noisy? Sometimes.

11) Do they smell? Again, sometimes a bit, sometimes a lot, especially when I'm pooing or needing a poo!


12) How often do you poop? Most days I will poo twice.

13) What foods etc make you poop? Well, all foods of course! But greasy foods, takeaways and Mexican or Italian food often makes me poo more often or larger amounts, and makes my poo mushy and wet quite a lot!

14) How long does it usually take you? At least 5 minutes almost every time, usually around 10 and sometimes up to 15-20.

15) What types of poop do you do? Usually I will produce a few logs or mushy stuff and then a few small pieces.

16) Does a lot come out? Quite a lot usually!

17) What texture are your loads? Almost always soft or mushy, and sometimes watery. I almost never get hard logs.

19) When you poop do you require effort? Not to start pooing, but usually to get rid of the last few pieces of poo takes me some pushing and straining and often takes up most of the time I spend on the loo!

Other / Misc.
20) Do you usually need lots of toilet paper? Not that much, three of four wipes usually do it.

21) Do you 'line the seat' with tp? No, not unless I need a large movement in a dirty public toilet.

22) Ever had someone else in the bathroom with you, or vice versa? Yes, many times, some not through choice!
23) Not counting when you were a kid, have you ever had an accident? Yes.

24) Do you make sounds when you go? Not when I pee, but I will often moan after I let go with a desperate poo and groan and grunt when I'm straining. Quite embarrassing really!

25) what was your best bathroom experience? Too many good ones to choose from really!

26) What was your worst? When I pooed myself while out shopping a couple of years ago!

Yesterday I heard Natalie having a poo. This is uncommon because she usually only goes every other day. She says she envies me being able to go twice a day! I was doing some work at my desk and I heard her go into the loo and sit down. I listened in and heard her wee. I was expecting her to get up and go then but she stayed on the loo. After a minute or so I heard two big plops. Another minute went by and then there were a string of smaller plops, 5 in total, and then another big one. More time passed and then there was a final big plop and I heard her start to tear off some paper. I quite enjoyed listening in- more than she did going, I'm sure!

Filing in Dan's survey, specifically the bits about where you're ok going (at a friend's house in this case) and going with someone else in the room whether you wanted them there or not, reminded me of something that happened quite a few years ago. I was 13 or 14 I think, and was round my friend Lauren's house (not the same Lauren that I now live with!) for a sleepover. It was the first time I'd been to her house but she'd come to mine a few times for a sleepover. I hadn't been to hers because they'd been having lots of work done on the house. I was there all day and we went shopping first and had a big lunch in KFC. When we got back to her house we played for a bit and then I said I would get us some drinks. Lauren said ok and she would meet me in her room. I went to the kitchen and her Mum made us some hot chocolates. By now I really needed a wee, so when I went back upstairs I put the cups on her table. Lauren had her own en-suite bathroom and I went right in without thinking it strange that Lauren wasn't in her room. As I opened the door (her toilet was opposite the door) I saw her sitting on the loo having a wee. I backed out right away. When she came out I apologised for bursting in but she said 'oh, it's fine, there's no lock anyway and besides, I don't mind.' I suppose this was because it was the en-suite to a single room, which was also the case in my university room in first year. I then went in and had my wee. Anyway her Mum made us a big bowl of spaghetti bolognese each for tea and then we had ice cream. Needless to say that evening I had a strong urge for a huge poo. We had been playing in her room and watching some tv and were getting ready to get into bed and watch a film. We'd both had another wee during the evening but neither of us had pooed yet. We were in and out of the bathroom getting ready for bed, and then Lauren said she would go downstairs to get us some drinks and snacks. When she went I decided I couldn't wait any more for my poo, so I closed the door and dropped my pyjama bottoms to the floor. I had a short wee and then began my poo. A big soft log eased its way out with a big plop and was followed by a fart and another two big turds. Another fart led on to some mushy crap coming out. Another log started to poke its way out of my bum, and it was then that Lauren came back upstairs. She must have thought that I was just brushing my teeth or whatever, because she opened the door and walked into the bathroom. I was soo embarassed, but she didn't know I was pooing yet (the smell, surprisingly, was minimal so far). 'Oh! There you are,' she said, and went over to the sink and got her toothbrush and started to brush her teeth! There I was in the middle of a big poo, and Lauren nonchalantly brushing her teeth as if I was just sitting on a chair. Maybe she did it with her other friends or maybe she just thought it was ok because I'd walked in on her earlier. Either way this was the first time that someone else had come into the bathroom when I'd been on the loo and then stayed in there, apart from my Mum when I was younger and ill or whatever. I was a bit put out but Lauren didn't seem to think anything of it. She was using an electric toothbrush so I waited until it was at its noisiest before letting my log out. She didn't hear it. I quickly pushed out another log but the rest of my poo was slow in coming so she'd finished brushing her teeth and I still had lots more to come. Lauren then said she'd got all our snacks and things so we could start the film as soon as we were ready. I tried to act normal but it felt odd to be striking up a conversation with her while I was pooing! I said good, and it was at that point that my next piece of poo came out with a plop. Lauren hardly reacted and carried on talking as she applied her nail varnish remover. Her toes were also painted so she sat on the edge of the bath to apply the varnish. I had to push for my next piece and knew I'd probably groan but I also knew it couldn't wait for her to finish. I pushed and made a bit of noise. Lauren then said, ' I hope you won't be too much longer, because I really have to poo as well.' I told her I'd be a few more minutes and she said ok. By now I was fairly at ease with the whole situation since Lauren didn't seem at all phased, even though it was new to me. I pushed out a few more pieces over the next few minutes and Lauren carried on applying her remover and talking to me. Then she laughed and asked if I could hurry up and crossed her bare legs (she was only wearing her pyjama t-shirt and her knickers at the moment). I said I'd try and quickly pushed out the last of my dump. Then I stood up to wipe. 'Oh!' Lauren said. 'You stand up as well! I thought I was the only one.' I told her as I wiped my bum that I'd always stood up ever since I was old enough to wipe myself and she said she was the same. When I was done Lauren asked if I really had to flush because that took time! I said yes, because if she had to go too it would never go down. Then she came over and looked in the bowl and said, 'you're right, better flush it because mine will be at least that big!' I said ok and flushed. While I was washing my hands Lauren dropped her knickers and sat down. Immediately there was a loud fart and a big plop. She sighed with relief. When I had washed my hands I asked if she wanted me to leave but she said no, it's nice to have someone to talk to! I agreed even though I was a bit embarrassed at first, it was quite fun and exciting to have a friend in the loo with me and be able to talk to her and actually see her, rather than talking through cubicle walls like we would at school! I sat on the bath and watched her poo. She rapidly produced three more big logs. After that rush she sat back and adjusted her glasses. 'We've eaten so much today!' she said. I agreed it was no wonder we both had big poos. She kept going for a while more with lots of plops and the odd fart and we kept talking. When she was done she asked me to look at her production and see if I thought it was bigger than my own! I said I thought they were about the same. She wiped and flushed and then we just went and watched the film like nothing had happened! It really got me feeling much less embarrassed about going to the loo, to a similar degree to my experience at my friend Emily's house a few years before when she'd burst in on me having a poo. Since then I've been much more open about it all!
The next morning I woke up needing both a number one and number two. Lauren was still asleep so I got the loo to myself this time! I produced a couple of logs and a lengthy wee because of all the water and coke I drank the night before. I had lots more sleepovers with Lauren and I think I might post some more stories soon!

I will post again soon. Bye for now!


Good poop in the morning

On Thursday morning I woke up with a full feeling, telling me I'd need to poop shortly. My boyfriend was already out of bed so I went downstairs to join him. I let off a few farts while eating breakfast and drinking my coffee, and then I was feeling it was about time to poop. I told my boyfriend and we walked into the bathroom.

I lowered my panties and sat on the toilet, leaning forward to give my boyfriend a good view. I knew there was going to be a big one coming, as I hadn't pooped since Monday night. I farted loudly a couple of times, then a long quiet fart followed. A few silent smelly farts came out and then my hole opened. A thick log emerged a little bit, producing a wonderful feeling. The log stretched my hole open slightly wider to pass the biggest part. It continued to slowly roll out of my hole, and then it fell into the toilet.

I let out a bursting fart and felt another log ready. This one was a little thicker than the first, but it wasn't painful coming out. It came out a few inches and made a big floomp sound. The next three logs were thinner and easier to pass, but still provided me the wonderful feeling of stretching my hole. Each of them worked out until they touched water and broke off with a sploonk.

I only needed to wipe three times and then I stood up and we looked at my load together. My logs filled up close to half of the toilet bowl and even I was sort of surprised I'd pooped so much, even though I'd felt each one pass out of my hole.



I am new here, but have been an avid reader for a couple of years. I just read the last mail by Keppy P. and his saying that he had not had any answers to a question he asked (2106).

Keppy my husband and I went for a holiday several years ago to Sweden. It was a touring holiday in a hired car, stopping at overnight bed and breakfast accomodation to the cost of the holiday. We stopped at a small hotel in Stromsund and our room had a double toilet, that is two toilet seats side by side. We found it very exciting, quite stimulating to go to the toilet holding hands. To cut a long story short Keppy we had a double installed in our home, that was seven years ago now, but we have been so contented. One of our great joys is to see the looks on our friends when we show them our double. Both seats have an anus jet situated at the rear of the pan so that it sprays a jet of warm water over the anus after defecation. I hope you will find this information helpful.

Now that I have broken the ice by writing I will also say that I simply adore to listen to another woman when she is using the toilet. It is so exciting to hear them straining to go, sometimes not having to strain when they have diarrhea. Another thing I have noticed is that most women, at least where I work, if they have to poop, suddenly go very silent. Its as though they are waiting for somebody to start and then when somebody does a fart or a plop then the floodgates are open and they fill the whole toilet with a cacophony of plops. I am fortunate to work in the office of a large department store so the Ladies is rarely unoccupied. I also know a few that are not inhibited and will talk as they poop, sometimes about their bowel functions or their latest boy or girl friend. Now that I have started I will become a regular mailer here.

One question I have to ask is are there any women here who like to poop and chat with others as they have a poop? (that question is for men and women, I want to share any information with my husband).


Amazing, Crazy. And 100% True Story

Sorry for the long delay (it's been over a year) but I had something happen to me today that just has to be shared with the world, or at least just this forum. For those of you who have not read my previous posts, please let me reintroduce myself. My name is Tim, I am a late 20s young man with a small frame and a youthful look. I am an avid user of public bathrooms and I am totally into watching/hearing other young guys bombing a public toilet. Anyways back to my story of today.

I have been out of town for the last couple of days doing some house shopping as my job is requiring me to relocate. My girlfriend had set up a couple job interviews today so that she could find a new job in our new area. Her first interview was set for 11am this morning at a place that was rather far outside the city. We only had the one rental car so the plan was for me to drive her out to the interview and I would just burn the time until she was done. This morning, I began to feel uncomfortable with the fact that I hadn't dropped a good poop in a couple of days. So, on our way, I made up a bullshit excuse to stop at a Walgreens (my girlfriend is in the dark with my dark habit of public bathroom shitting) and I bought an oral saline laxative and 2 large bottles of water to get the process moved along...and quickly.
It took about 30 minutes to get to the place and as soon as we arrived, I realized the laxative had done the trick and it had done it very well. I dropped her off and sped away as quick as I could. Remembering a shopping center a few miles back, I set my gps to take me there. Ever second that pass the sensation intensified by 10. My asshole began to pucker and I could feel that I wasn't going to make it. Giving it all that I could, I clenched my hole as tight as I could and found myself speeding so bad that if I was picked up by the cops I would for sure lose my license. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, the shopping center was in sight. Tempted by the large sign for a fast food restaurant, I decided it would be best to find a restroom that I would put out of service completely. I pulled into the parking lot and spotted my target: Target, haha. I wiped the rental into the closest available spot and jumped out of the car. As soon as I stood I had to lean back down a little bit as the worst cramp of my life came over me. At that moment I was almost certain I wasn't going to make it. I had four days of poop inside me at this point. I paced as quickly as I could to the front door of the store. As soon as I breached the doorway, my eyes went on the search. Frantic, I was lost for the restroom sign. I knew that it was only a matter of seconds before my shorts would be ruined. Luckily, I looked to my far left and the restroom sign came into view. I made my way over as quickly as possible. I was clenching as tight as I could but I felt defeated. I let out a small shit-fart as I reached the bathroom door. Hoping to avoid a mess, I increased my speed through the door and turned the corner to find my horror: both stalls in use. Target bathrooms, for those who have never been to one, are very modern and shine. What this means is that it is very reflective and the stall gaps are rather large. Taking advantage of this, I walked over to the first stall only to see a latino guy, probably early 30s, with a strain on his face. That's never a good sign for time so I walked to the front of the handicapped stall and peered through the rather large crack. Starring back at me was a light skinned black guy with his jeans around his ankles, tshirt pulled up to mid abs, and his arm reaching around to his ass. THANK GOD, he is wiping and will be leaving soon. But that was the problem, I needed to be on that toilet NOW. The pressure on my asshole was gaining intensity by the second to the point that I could no longer hold back the load I was carrying. I arched my back to add some support to my ass but it wasn't doing much good. I felt my load snaking its way out of my hole like a toothpaste from a tube. I was powerless. Just as I considered relaxing and dealing with the consequences later the stall door popped open. I rushed the door and shot inside the stall. The white throne was right there and I could possibly salvage my shorts. As I spun to close to the door I noticed the previous occupant of the stall still in the stall.... standing there with his pants still around his ankles. What the hell? "Excuse me, I am not done" he quickly says to me. I couldn't respond quick enough with "this is an emergency". He continued to stand there as he looked at me to leave. "I'm sorry" is all I wimpered as I relocked the stall door (which was a very poor lock, explaining why it came open without the previous occupants involvement. I ripped my shorts down and mounted the toilet as he continued to stand there speechless. I dropped to the toilet with a noticable thud and as soon as I did I exploded. It was a booming drop that was instantly proceeded with a long and very wet fart. The relief that I felt at that moment was worth ever penny of a million dollars. I then gave a minor push to produce a very long and steady stream of liquid poop followed by yet another long wet fart. I stopped to catch my breathe and when I looked up I remembered that I was sharing this stall with a stranger. He was standing there, with a wad of toilet paper against his asshole starring at me. "Can I get the toilet back?" he asked in a very urgent and pressing tone. I know that I had only released the tip of the iceberg but I felt for the guy who I had stolen the stall from. "Do you mind if I stand by?" I asked as I stood with the waist band of my shorts in my hand but still positioned toward my knee. "I don't care if you sit on my lap, I just need to go" was his reply. I moved over toward the corner of the stall as he took back the toilet. Carefully, he repositioned himself back on the toilet only to erupt in similar liquid blasts. The look on his face was priceless as he squinted his eyes as each blast shot out of him. After the third or forth blast was concluded, I felt a strong urge return. I pinched my hole tight as I could and hoped that I could get back to the toilet quickly. Not soon after, I noticed that the latino was getting up from his toilet. I pulled up my shorts and walked to the stall door. My stall partner leaned off the toilet and toward the door. Unsure of what he was doing, I quickly opened the stall door and exited only to find that he was going to resecure the lock on the stall. As the latino emerged from his stall he gave me the funniest look of surprise to which I responded with a stressed smile. I quickly took position in his stall and mounted his warm toilet seat. There was a considerable amount of skid marks in the bowl and the oder in the stall seemed to suggest that the latino had made a good drop right before me. I was powerless against the dropping liquid that was gushing from me. Coupled with the sound of my neighbor, the bathroom was awefully loud from explosions. After a few more eruptions and several good faith pushes, I was pretty sure that I was about done. As I reached for the toilet paper I heard the bathroom door open. I was assuming the latino had stuck around for the show and was finally bowing out, but I was wrong. Quick steps approached my stall door. Outside stood a very concerned faced young guy (probably late teens, early twenties, pretty tall and good shape) who peeked through my stall door and saw me in all my glory. He quickly shifted to my neighbors stall only to discover a similar looking situation. My neighbor, just then, released a heavily pressured shot of poop that was roping out with some wicked farts. I unrolled a solid handful of paper and reached around to get myself cleaned up. The young guy was walking back and forth in front of the two stalls and peeking inside at every pass. Noticing his desperation, I hurried my pace of wiping but do to my condition, I was going to need a few more wipes. As I finished, I began to stand, only to feel the urge return in full force. Thinking quickly, I wanted to exit and let this yound guy have some relief but I knew that I wouldn't be holding this next round very long. I sat back down and began to unleash an all-liquid explosion. It went on for minutes. Load after load of liquid poop was flowing from me at a rapid pace. During this time, my neighbor was finishing up. As he stood to pull up his pants, the young guy repositioned himself in front of the next stall. My neighbor flushed and opened his door and the young guy rushed in. The guy rushed to the toilet and quickly pulled out some toilet paper. After wiping the seat, he pulled out a seat cover and began to get it prepared. 'What is this guy doing' I thought to myself. Shortly after, my stall partner left the bathroom. I was pushing to clear myself while watching the young guy from the floor reflection. He was fidgeting soo bad but was still fighting with the seat cover. As soon as he got the cover placed, he began pulling more toilet paper and lining the seat overtop the seat cover. I was through with my much needed dump but I decided to sit through this to see how bad this guy was loaded. He repositioned in front of the toilet and began to mess with his belt. He fumbled and fumbled trying to free himself but he wasn't having any luck. "Come on" he whispered and he tried to push his very tight jeans down but he couldn't budge them. Going back to his belt, he tried and tried for a solid minute but he was getting nowhere. Suddenly, he bent down as if to sit clothed. I didn't know what he was doing as he got suddenly extremely quiet. "Oh Nooo" he whispered as he let out a rampant gush into his pants. It went on for a number of minutes while he fought with his pants. Finally, he was able to free his belt and he slipped his pants down and sat. He continued with his shit as I looked into the seat of his pants at the mess that was left. His boxer shorts, once a red patterned, were reduced to a horribly smelling diaper. He let out several sighs of relief as his dump continued.

I stood from my throne with an overwhelming feeling of guilt. I wiped, flushed, and resecured my short around my waist. As I exited the stall, I noticed that he was slipping off his pants and trying to contain the mess. I washed up at the sink and exited the bathroom after my nearly 30 minute stay. Feeling horrible about the whole situation, I went to the mens department and picked up a pair of boxers about my size as well as a box of baby wipes. After checking out at the front register, I returned to the bathroom to find that the young guy was still in the stall, naked from the waist down and trying to clean himself at the in-stall sink. I slipped the bag under the stall door and said "I thought you might need this". He turned and saw the bag. He reluctantly walked over and picked it up with a simple "thanks" until he opened it and became overwhelmingly thankful and almost tearful. I told him to put his soiled boxers in the plastic bag and that I would throw them aware for him. He slid the tied bag under the stall door and returned to the toilet and sat while he got dressed. I figured I could give him a few minutes to compose himself so I left the store and went back to fetch my girlfriend.
Although this may seem unreal and completely made up, I swear to you it happened exactly this way. It has been a day that I will never, NEVER forget.

Til next time

- TimDE

Keppy P

Bathroom Questions

Gee, nobody answered my questions on page 2106 about improvements to make your bathroom more fun. Surely somebody must have some ideas on this. Please share.

Also, has anybody ever tried one of those Japanese bidet toilet seats that have nozzles to squirt water at your front and your poohole? I see them on the internet and they sound neat, but it's a lot of money to spend without having a chance to try them out. If you've tried one, does the female front sprayer hit your clit or just your peehole area? Can they really give you an enema? Any information would be appreciated.

Art Building Crap

I've been in college three semesters now and had never had the need to go into the art building. However, now that I'm changing my schedule for next semester to try a lighten my academic load, especially reading assignments, during the winter sports season by adding an art class. Our athletic dept. counselor gave me the name of the instructor and said I needed to personally meet with her in order to get into her ceramics class which is very popular and has been full for weeks. She was described as a 60-something lady that they affectionately call "Mom", but I was raised much to formal to call her that. As I walked over to the strange-looking art building that looks like a shell of a World War II factory, I farted a couple of times, but not loud enough for those near me on the sidewalk to hear. I knew it was time for my daily crap and I expected to get the fast signature I needed for the athletic dept., and then quickly head back over to the student union where my boyfriend Adam was waiting to study with me for a physical geography test.

Once I opened the door and held it open for a lady who was leaving with a large display board the size of a couple of desk tops, my crap started to make its needs known even more. The professors have their offices off the sides of the main room where they can see their students at work benches doing their projects. Once I found my professor's office, I was just about to introduce myself and she got a call and since it was a conference call, she had to take it. She asked me to come back in 10 to 15 minutes. While I didn't like being held up, especially since I needed to crap and wanted to do it at the student union, I turned around and asked a custodian walking by with some cabling where the bathrooms were. This guy who seemed so nice otherwise and had a great smile quickly turned gross on me: "All shitting and peeing is downstairs and there's only one staircase down there.." he said as he pointed me to the far end of the room. I thanked him and started my walk, although a little faster, to the bathroom. Only one person at a time would fit on the old wire-like staircase that led to an old wooden door and a hallway that contained only the two bathrooms. Handpainted signs identified the bathrooms and larger than then you could see where the previous stuck-on signs were probably stolen.

I opened the door which had a very loose knob and was presented with a situation that I hadn't seen since grade school. One sink, as filthy as I have ever seen and three toilet stalls. Each stall was missing a door and its side panels, made of marble that looked pretty durable started at about the stool level and only went up at most about two feet. Just standing by the door, I could see the tops of heads of the two stall users and at the very bottom of the panel, their legs on the toilet seat. I'm 6'3" and could see Jarmelle from my Brit Lit class on the first stool and I started to walk toward the three toilets. I said Hi to Jarmelle as I passed her and I tried not to look at her as I stalled in front of the toilets while I decided what to do. "How's Braidy doing?" Jarmelle asked me and I told her I was trying to figure out the strange bathroom. I heard a sarcastic "Good luck" come from the other girl who I could easily hear pissing with a pretty good stream. It was obvious I was going to take the middle stall. As I backed myself up to the stool, I tried the best I could do to squat a little and lower my head because I could see pretty much most of what was happening in each of the other stalls.

My red thong was quickly pulled to my knee level and I seated myself on the toilet. I had mistakenly dropped my jeans all the way to the floor, but as soon as I heard someone else experiencing that sticky bathroom door, I quickly pulled them up to the middle of my thighs. Suddenly, and before the door even closed, I heard "Hey what's Braidy doing outside the Field House?" and I lowered my head as much as possible as I mumbled something about just trying to earn credits and trying to stay eligible to compete. I didn't remember the girl's name but she made some lame excuse about going to arts & sciences hall where there are more bathrooms. I didn't say anything. Luckily my crap started with a couple of smaller logs and then my usual and much larger log that is so wide that sometimes it stops up the stool. Jarmelle heard my sigh of relief as I passed it and said something about how some people have all the luck and that she's been battling constipation all her life. She's African-American and likes to beat up on her race and blame her constipation on it. After grabbing for the toilet paper and finding that both rolls on the wall were out, I had to interrupt Jarmelle's monologue and ask her to pass me some. She pissed me off a bit when she asked how I wanted it, from the top or the bottom of the panel, and she passed it to me over the top. She's nowhere near as tall as me, but I don't think she even had to get off the toilet to do it. Although I tried hard to clean myself with what she gave me, I had to ask Jarmelle for more. She said something about me shitting like a horse that I almost took wrong, but she passed me enough for me to finish the job. I could tell she was also playing with me because she passed it under the bottom this time. As I was quickly cleaning myself while still seated, I saw Jarmelle's feet start to move around a lot and I could hear her push hard. While glancing over at her twice when I was washing my hands, her face told the story she was in pain.

I called goodbye to her as I left the bathroom and started back up the stairs. My future professor was glad to see me, agreed to let me in the class, and apologized for making me wait. As I was walking over to the Student Union to study with Adam, I got to thinking about Jarmelle and all the difficulty she was having in just doing a daily crap. I could no longer feel sorry for myself and the few inconveniences I might have.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

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