Hey all, hope everyone is enjoying the transition from summer to fall! :)

I just recently moved into a new living situation, and I have to say that these girls are poopers! In the past, I've had very shy and/or somewhat unhealthy roommates (being only out of college a few years - many college girls have awful health habits!). It was rare to come upon a smelly bathroom, and after a while I stopped paying attention. Plus, in my more recent apartment, there were two bathrooms. So even if one of my roomies pooped, it was most likely in the bathroom on the other side of the house or right before a shower. You get the picture!

ANYWAYS hehe, I decided to change things up and move into a 3 bed/1 bath starting Sep 1. My two roommates are around my age (mid-20s females) and both attractive :) And boy do they let their bowels fly! It was my 1st weekend living there and I was still a little apprehensive about dropping some bombs. I hadn't really been able to tell yet what their bowel habits are like since we are all on the go quite a bit. Well, that Friday night we had some wine and chatted, getting to know each other, ya know. Let's just say the next morning broke the ice!

I woke up around 10 AM with a definite need to take a poop. I peeked around the corner where my room is, and saw the bathroom door was closed. Darn - I have to go! But, I closed my door and waited to hear if it would open soon. No sooner did it open, and I heard my roommate Jess go back into her room, did my other roommate Rachel go by. Ugh, I missed my chance again!

Well, I decided I might as well get a drink of water from the kitchen to get rid of my cotton mouth, so I opened my door to head that way. As I did this, Rachel stopped from entering the bathroom and said "Oh hey, MK, do you need to get in here?" I turned to face her, and she had a Women's Health mag in her hand! Not going to lie, that gave me a little jolt of excitement :) It was obvious what she was about to do. I answered something like "oh hey, no problem I can wait" and I could tell this made her a little embarrassed/uncomfortable. She said "umm, well if you just have to pee you should go now". I have no idea what got over me since I am shy talking out loud about this stuff - especially with somewhat strangers!, but I replied "no, I have to take a dump so I guess it doesn't matter". I immediately turned really red and Rachel let out this huge laugh. She then breathed in and said "that makes three of us I guess - yuck!" and fanned her nose jokingly. Apparently Jess had pooped, too.

Rachel went in and closed the door, and I went back to my room with my water. About five minutes later she came by and peeked in. "Might want to give it a minute or two" she said with a giggle and walked off. I was definitely NOT planning on doing that because I wanted to get a whiff of what just happened in there and also had to go pretty bad. You know when your buttcrack sweats hehe? That's usually a sign to go right away! So, in I went and was met not only by the foul stench of athletic-girl poop but also a nice thick skidmark down the middle of the bowl. I immediately took a very relieving crap myself, and even thumbed through the mag that Rachel had left on the toilet tank. I wiped up and flushed, and went back to my room a happy girl!

That incident never came up after, and things have been uneventful since. One thing I am shocked by is that there's no bathroom spray. I've never lived with girls before who didn't require it to cover up their smells. I guess it's kind of cool that these girls are open and don't care. I'd imagine if a guy is over they will probably cover up with perfume or something. I think that makes me like them better that they are so open (at least Rachel is so far), and once I get a little more comfortable around them, I will not be as shy with my bathroom habits either.

Take care, all!

- MK


Poo round Lucys

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with my latest story, which I'll get to in a sec.
Leanne- Good story about going to the loo while out shopping and also at the station.
Nicola- great story about you holding your poo.
Sarah- I really enjoyed your camping story and the more recent one about going for a poo at school, I know what you mean about school toilet paper, its exactly the same where I am! I look forward to your next post.
Anyway, after my poo at school on Wednesday I didn't manage to go again until yesterday. Lucy, Olivia and I went out shopping, I started to want a poo soon after we left but figured I'd be able to hold it till we got back to Lucys. We were in the dressing room in H&M trying on skirts and dresses when Lucy suddenly did a massive fart, it sounded even louder as she was just in her pants at the time. Olivia and I started giggling and we ended up laughing even more a few seconds later when I pulled my (rather tight) jeans down and my pants came down with them, luckily my bottom was only on show for a couple of seconds before I managed to pull them back up! After we'd calmed down and tried on a few more things Lucy whispered, "I'm absolutely bursting for a poo, I'm going to have to pay for these and go home," so we went to the tills and then caught the bus back to her house. As we got off the bus I realised I wouldn't be able to hold on for too much longer, I was hoping Lucy wouldn't take too long otherwise I might be in trouble. We got back to Lucy's (luckily the rest of her family were out) and went straight up to the bathroom, its good that the three of us are all totally cool about seeing each other on the loo. To be honest we can all get a bit constipated and if we use the toilet together we can keep chatting and it makes things seem easier and go more quickly. Lucy pulled her black leggings and pink pants down and sat, she started to push and some wee dribbled down into the loo. Olivia and I sat on the bathroom floor, I was sitting on my foot to try to keep my poo in as I was getting more and more desperate by the minute. We were chatting about what the first few days back at school had been like, Lucy was struggling to talk as she was having to push quite hard. "Sorry, I'm struggling a bit, I haven't pooed in about four days" she panted. She bore down really hard and pulled her bum cheeks apart, that seemed to do it as shortly after I heard a splash as her turd fell into the toilet. She then started to wee again, a lot more seemed to come out this time, before finishing with a couple more turds. "Sorry Lucy but I'm really going to have to get on the loo, I can't wait much longer," I said, standing up and unzipping my jeans. Lucy took a wad of loo roll and stood up, she usually stands to wipe her bottom anyway so she just shifted across. I quickly flushed Lucy's load and then pulled down my jeans and red pants and sat on the toilet. I felt my turd sliding out slowly, the first couple of inches came out without me having to make much effort but then I felt it getting wider and drier and I knew I'd have to strain a bit so I took a deep breath and pushed. I had to make sure I hardly relaxed at all between pushes so the turd didn't get sucked back up. After what seemed like ages I'd worked about half the turd out, luckily by then I was able to have a bit of a breather. A few pushes later it plopped down into the bowl and then I started on my wee which splashed noisily down into the toilet. It went on for ages, I hadn't realised I was so desperate for a wee as well! I finished by pushing out three more smaller turds and then I wiped my bottom before pulling up my pants and jeans and flushing. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching telly before I went back home for tea. Hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon, bye for now!!

Catherine: I like your stories. They remind me of a friend I had in elementary school that had alot of accidents except she would just pretend like nothing happened and she would get embarrassed if you mentioned it to her. I guess she didn't like using the toilet or was too shy or something because she always held it as long as she could and had a really big accident. Do you do that or do you just go as soon as you feel it?


Today's dump & stuff

Hello, this is Lea from France again! If you want to know how I look like, you can read my first post,some pages ago. If you remember, I wasn't interested at all about toilet stuff some weeks ago. But me and Lucy (my best friend btw) kept reading this site, and I think that we're kind of turned on by it now, it's a very weird feeling... Has something similar happend to anyone?

To Katrina: your story sounded exactly like mine! I didn't think that something so strange could happen to two people in this world!

To Sarah: I loved your post about going number two outdoors! Actually, my friend Lucy and I would like to go camping during our next holidays, but our parents don't agree yet...

To Abbie: you're very good at telling your bathroom experiences, keep posting!

To BrandonT: your comments are always welcome!

I ask my question again, because I didn't get any answer the last time: what gets you really constipated? Lucy and I'd like to "save" our poo to buddy dump badly once. (She can't hold it, she dumps more than twice a day!)

I've never told you about one of my own poos, so here comes my story. Today (Sunday), my parents had invited some friends for dinner. Altough it was pretty boring, the food was excellent and I ate a lot. (My mom loves cooking) They left around 4 pm, my parents did the dishes and I did some homework in my room. By this time, I could feel pressure building up in my belly, I knew I'd have to dump today (I hadn't gone in three days, which is the average for me.) The large amount of greasy food wasn't helping... I was regularly letting rip some small farts (Prrrrttttt); There was a faint smell, but it was not as bad as when I make those long, airy farts that come from deep inside me... I was so concentrated studying that I forgot about my urge to go. One hour later, I went to take I bath. I had been bathing for a few minutes when suddenly a fart escaped! I had never farted underwater before. I didn't see any bubbles because there was to much soap. I took some soap bubbles away using my hands, squatted and waited for another fart to come. Soon enough I farted again. I could see the bubbles rising from my private parts till they reached the surface. Thanks to the soap, the bubbles stayed at the surface! I had lots of fun, but I knew I wouldn't be able to hold my poo any longer so I came out of the bathtub and seated myself on the toilet. I farted again and then a knobby turd started to emerge. I had to push and grunt a little. After about six inches, the turd broke off and fall into the water. I pushed some more and produced a seven inches long smooth sausage. I knew there was some more to come, therefore I remained seated. Two minutes later, I expelled some very small soft turds. I let you imagine the smell by then! I felt done, so I quickly wiped and entered the bath again. The water was getting cold, I finished the cleaning job in the bath, showered and got dressed. I then went to my room, closed the door, laid on my bed and took some time for myself. That was the story, thanks for reading!

As usual, please forgive my bad English skills and thanks for answering my question!


Latest Story

I don't know why, but I think my poo shyness is slowly starting to come back. For instance, last night, I went to the restroom to pee, poo, and change sanitary napkins. I was about to push out a turd while throwing away the dirty pad when a male suddenly came in the restroom to wash his hands. I momentarily froze, but then I resume changing pads, but did not dare try to push out a turd. I waited until the boy was gone before I came out my stall without doing any poo.
Later that night, I decided to try to go for a poo again. This time, as I was about to poo, two guys and a girl came in and took the remaining stalls. They all peed quickly, washed their hands, and left. I waited until they left before I came out of my stall feeling somewhat embarrassed about those people being in there, once again without having a successful poo.

The End

Hi everyone. I used to post by the name WhinniethePooh because my name is Whinnie (short for Whitney), pooh is like poop, and that is my fave cartoon character. But since I have been on here for a while, I figured I would just go by Whinnie now!.
Car Mom-your post made me smile. I wish you were my mom too. It would be so much fun to pee with you and Kaylee and all the others. Oh well, I guess you can be my honorary mom on this site.
Catherine the Freshman- I have talked to my mom. She does not understand. It isn't that my mom is overly mean or strict, she just thinks what I do is gross and does not approve.
Nathalie-Great story. I would feel bad too, but like Brandon said, what can you do? The girl in front of her should have let her cut.
Well that is all for now. Was going to post a story but ran out of time.


Places to poop

I've talked about lots of fun places I've peed at, but I haven't mentioned many of the strange locations/things I've pooped in/on. There are actually a couple of ways I liked to poop that involve a toilet but still feel abnormal and exciting.

The simplest way to poop if you have to go in the toilet is to squat. That's kind of fun and I've done it a few times, but there's other ways I like more. I've tried sitting backwards on the toilet, that is to say facing the tank. But my favorite method is just to stand straight up as close to the toilet as you can and poop. But I found I have to lift the seat first so my poop goes in the water instead of just landing on the seat.

I tried one time to poop in a drinking glass. I thought it would be cool to do, but it was a disaster. The glass is a very small target to hit and I ended up pooping on the floor with just a tiny bit actually going in the glass. I don't recommend that to anyone else.

I've pooped outside very many times in a myriad of places. One time I even pooped while sitting up in a tree and that was super fun. I had climbed the tree and was out on a branch. I hung my butt over and pooped so my turds would fall all the way down to the ground. When I was done and went down to look at it all I saw was a large messy pile. My turds had fallen and then lost all form as they hit the ground.

Some things I haven't tried yet that I want to in the future are pooping in my chamber pot, using a bedpan, and peeing on a potted plant. I'll post again later, once I've tried any of those ideas.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Purpose Bed Wetter great stories about different places you have peed please post more thanks.

To: Ciara I guese that was crap so she used it for that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Catherine the Freshman great story about you pooping and peeing your pants in front of your friend Chelsea and then her peeing her pants and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great poop story and I bet that one turd was sahped just right to do that and as always I look forward to your next posts thanks.

To: Tracy The Toilet Atendant first welcome to the site it was lucky that phone had this site on it other wise you probaly wouldve have never known about it and great stories and I look forward to all the stories you have thanks.

To: Aaron another great story about you helping your girlfriend poop and again she is lucky to have you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola firrst welcome to the site and great story about you holding your poop and then pooping in the woods at least the woods got some fertilizer and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Sarah another great story about school toilets and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

I hope Amylee and Upstate Dave are alright its been a week or 2 since they last posted they must be really busy or something I hope they post again soon.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



1 what do you use shower for?

I shower but pee in shower don't poop

2 how do you pee in shower?

standing in shower and aim at drain do you poo in shower?

I don't that is gross!~!

part for guys what do you do with penis in toilet, mine is small so it just aims at water but i push it down sh I don't pee myself. also i sometimes pee sitting as there is no possible way to get pee on the floor!!\

Hope this helps!!

Ellen (Catherine's Mom)
Hey everybody, I'm new here, but my daughter isn't (Catherine the Freshman). She told me about this site, so I decided to post my own stories.

Let me tell you a little about me. I'm 39, about 5'6", and I work in an office building. Luckily I have my own office (see my story to follow lol). Because of Catherine I can now say that, without a doubt, I'm a bed wetter, and I think I'll be peeing my pants in general more often, at least at home, and probably every now and again at work. I read her posts on here after she told me that she's been posting, and I see that she posted about me wetting the bed. Well, that brings me to my story.

Yesterday morning I woke up needing to pee. I was going to relax and just let it go, but I saw my alarm clock and noticed that I was going to be late getting Catherine to school and getting to work if I didn't get up RIGHT NOW. I got up, dressed quickly (I was wearing a purple blouse, black pants, and light blue paisley brief-style panties in case anyone's interested), and went down to the kitchen where Catherine was eating. I told her it was time to go, and we got into the car and drove away quickly. I asked her where the bathrooms were at her school, and even though she doesn't use them, she knows where they're at and she told me. When we got to a red light, however, I couldn't hold it and I began peeing in my seat. I could hear it hissing into the seat, and so could she. I sighed and told her nevermind, that I just peed my pants. She smiled at me and peed in her jeans too. I dropped her off quickly so that I could get to work on time. I was nervous walking into the office, praying that no one would see my wet pants or say anything to me. I was lucky enough to get to my office and get started working without being stopped. I made it to my lunch without being noticed, and by then my pants had dried (mostly) anyway. After lunch I needed to pee again so I got up and went to the bathroom. I originally intended to pee like normal, but as I got into an empty stall I was overcome by courage. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet with my panties still up and just let go. When I was done I took some toilet paper and dried them a bit so they wouldn't immediately soak my pants. I got up, washed my hands, and went back to work. For the rest of the afternoon, I was so nervous that I would get caught that I stayed in my office, and when it was time to go, I left quickly. When I got home I took off my pants and hung them up in our laundry room after spraying them with some stain remover stuff (just in case). Then I sat on the couch to relax. I had to pee again, so I just let go, and just then Catherine came home from school. She went into the laundry room for something, and while she was in there I went to grab a Coke from the fridge. She came into the kitchen after me with a weird smile on her face, and I remembered my soaked panties. I was blushing, but she was cool about it, and I admitted that I was beginning to enjoy peeing my pants. The rest of the afternoon was pretty boring, really.

I do have to say, that it does feel pretty good to just relax and pee wherever I'm at, like right now for example. I'm in my office, and I'm wearing a black skirt with pale yellow panties, and my panties and cushiony chair are getting soaked. I hope I can get away with it again! One thing I want to try though is pooping my pants, at least once, so that I can see what Catherine gets out of it. I'm nervous about trying it because I think it would be a lot harder to explain away than wet pants.

Anyway, I hope the post wasn't too long, and I'll try posting again sometime!


Post Title (optional)Mr. Baker the the shit maker.

Hi everyone! This is my first posting but certainly won't be the last. I'm 36 y/o and have had some embarrassing pooping experiences this year. I can't drink soda anymore 'cause it makes me have the runs pretty bad. I went on a long hike last spring through some nature trails near my house. Anyway, on the way back I stopped at a convenience store and bought a can of Sierra Mist to cool me off. Big mistake! Just about a quarter mile down the road my stomach started gurgling. I tried to keep my diarrhea in my body but it was no use. My shit exploded into my shorts and spilled on my sneakers(I had to throw them away). All these people were passing me on the road and saw my soiled shorts and brown streaks on my legs. I eventually got home and took a long hot shower and washed all my clothes. The next week I had painful hemorrhoids!

Story#2 About a month after the first incident I was out shopping at a mall, like fifty miles away from our house, with my girlfriend. We ate at the food court. I had pizza and a bottle of juice (I learned my lesson with soft drinks). My gf had a bean burrito at a Mexican eatery. On the way home I had that same painful feeling in my stomach again. I told my gf I had to go to the bathroom. She said she had to go too. She pulled into a gas station and we both ran into the restrooms. I exploded on the toilet. I must have wiped like 20 times. We got back into her car. I don't know why but I guess all cold drinks give me diarrhea. I asked my gf how her pooping experience was. She said her crap came out like a smooth sausage with some farting from the burrito. The rest of the the way home she kept farting some stinky farts. We kept the windows down all the way home. Now we watch each other taking a dump just like a lot of other couples on this site. Sometimes she craps out huge logs which nearly clog the toilet. They're very painful for her to push out so I hold her hands and coach her through her bowel movements. I'll be there in the delivery room when she gives birth to our children someday.

Carissa the Forest dweller

Questions for Car mom and her followers

Hi I'm a 16 year old girl and am about to get my first car. After reading car moms stories I started to think maybe I would do something similar, my question is what car would be the best or this, obviously not one with leather seats but is there anything else I should look for in a "pee" car?

I an also wondering what guys do in a "pee car" my boyfriend was kinda sad because he couldn't really let it sink into the seat do to obvious "aiming" issues. I am curious if anyone similar to car mom (or car mom) has found a solution.

Hide n' Go Poop


I aprieciate all of your comments, I didn't think anyone would like my stories but I just had to get them of my chest, to answer Syephen's question: I don't know why I'm so shy but for some reason I am only shy around my famiy but actualy not in public, I am not shy to the point of pooping myself but I prefer to do it anonymously. The only time I have ever had an accident is the pool story but that was because I held it for a long time and I still didn't poop in my pants. The only other tine I'm still not sure if it was me or my cousin because we were in the same bed and woke up wet, we were even so wet that both of us might have peed. But that's a story for another day.


To Newmom

Of course baby comes first but you are no good to baby desperate to poop and pee. I know it is very hard, especially with your first, but just remind yourself if you (Mom) aren't in good mental/physical health it will effect the baby, and you long term! So sometimes baby will just have to wait, it will only take a few minutes! And its ok for you baby to wait a few minutes in this situation, it doesn't make you a bad mom at all!

Bobby B
I took a dump at my doctors office last night. The doc. is a pretty asian. It is a small practice and I know her. I told her I need to use the bathroom before my treatment. So I went in and peed then started pooping. Her desk is right outside the door adn there is no fan since it has a window. She heard everything. I felt better.

Catherine's Mom
It's me again, sorry for posting twice in the same day, but I needed to update. Okay, about an hour after my lunch break today, I needed to go to the bathroom again. I might have just stayed at my desk and gone, but I needed to poop, too. When I got into the stall, I decided to pee first, that way I could just leave my panties and pantyhose up. Unfortunately, after I sat down and started to pee, my poop began to move as well. I bit my lip and thought about it for split second, weighing the consequences, but I took too long and it was already moving into my panties. And it was really soft, so it spread out a lot. To make matters worse, two other women came into the bathroom while I was going. It was then that I realized that they would be able to see that I didn't have my pantyhose down, because our partitions aren't all that high. Just high enough. I had no choice but to wait until they left. One took the stall next to me, and she was pooping too. I could hear her grunting, lol. The other woman was asking one of us to hurry, and I said I was sorry and I would be a while. The other woman finished first (obviously lol) and when she left, the one waiting came in after her. She was apparently wearing a skirt, because all she pulled down was just her panties. I could see that they were plain white, but they had a golf ball sized wet spot in them where she had obviously lost a little bit of pee. The rest came out as a torrent into the toilet, and I stifled a laugh. They eventually both left and I had been finished with my poop for a while, so I got up and went to wash my hands. While I was at the sink, Ann from the office next to me, saw the back of my legs while I was partially bent over and washing my hands, and she asked me if I was okay. I didn't know what to do, because I know I had been found out, so I began to "cry", and say that I had gotten sick and couldn't make it in time. She said that she would let our boss know that I was sick and going home, and I left right after that, and now I'm home.

Now for the thoughts on pooping my pants for the first time on purpose as an adult:

Aside from being caught, it wasn't too bad. I don't think I'll do it at work again, at least not anytime soon, but I might do it again at home. After all, I've definitely decided that I'm going to keep peeing my pants, so why not try pooping again, right?

Thanks for listening, and sorry for posting twice in a day. I hope I didn't take up too much of the page space lol.

Catherine's Mom


Oh the joy of having really satisfying dumps : )

My humongously smelly poo I had last Sunday happened a few hours I got home from being out with my friends all weekend at a hotel party. I had eaten quite a lot on Saturday as well as had a lot to drink too and then slept. I so wanted to have a poo in my en suite on Sunday before we checked out of the hotel but it didn't happen as the urge just wasn't there. Before we left the hotel we had a cooked breakfast which on the way home really got my belly going I can tell you. My belly was in knots and could feel it cramping up slowly but surely. I had my denim ¾ length shorts on and could feel the belt pressing up against my belly and discreetly loosened it in the car on the way home. First stop was to drop off my best friend at hers and she invited me in for a quick coffee. I sat with her and her parents and we had a nice chat then I left for home because I was really tired, had a headache and also was feeling rather yukky by now cos of my belly. I dashed home, got in, sat with my family for a bit and then went upstairs to my room to unpack my stuff. By now my bellyache was getting worse and I was letting rip with some really, minging smelly, meaty farts which were rank! Phew! It was 3pm by now and I felt really bad, I quickly unpacked and went straight to bed for a sleep and was still passing these awful smelly farts every couple of minutes and it's a good job I was in my room because the smell would linger. I managed to have a good 1 ¾ hour sleep but woke up at 4:45pm with a sharp twinge in my belly and I knew I really, really needed to go and have a good poo because I was now passing this awful bum gas now more often than before and I knew that at any minute if let slip a wet fart that I would seriously mess myself BADLY! 15 minutes later and it was now 5pm and I suddenly knew that this was it!! I quickly slipped my feet into my black flip-flops and headed straight for the upstairs loo, I slammed the door shut, locked it, opened the window and quickly pulled down my shorts and pants and sat myself on the loo… Within seconds I let out another really smelly fart … Brrraapppppttttt! … and could feel a huge load inside of me just waiting to drop out all at once, but it didn't! I crossed my arms and pressed them to my belly and leant forward and let out some soft grunts and then … I started to drop chunk after chunk of poo from my bum … PLOP! PLOP! PLOP! PLIP! Plop! Plop-plop-plop-plop-plip-plip-ploooop! Spdoooosh, splip, splopsloplopsloppslopsplop and it was getting very smelly by now and I wasn't even done yet … then more thick chunks began dropping out with loud plops … PLOP! PLOP! PLOP! Plip-plip-plip-plop-plop-plip-plop-plop-plip-plop! Then I could feel my hole opening up to drop a thick brown log because it felt like it was a long one and it was hanging out of my bum until I gave another softish grunt then it dropped and landed in the bowl with a really loud SPDOOOOSH! Followed by another biggish log which also dropped with a loud PLOP! I knew I still had more poo to let out as my belly cramped up and then I let rip with another fart and … Plop, plop, plop, plip, plop, plip, ploooop, ker-plop! Plop, plop-plip-plooopslopslopsplop! By now it was 5:30pm and I had been on the loo for a good half an hour now and was almost done and the smell was quite bad as you can imagine but I knew that I was gonna drop the last bit of poo and I was done. I had to let out grunts, push quite a bit and was getting all hot, sweaty and a bit red in the face but it came … Blop, blop, blop, flooomph! Now I definitely know I was done. I grabbed some loo roll and had a look behind me into the bowl and there was a big, big mess with logs, chunks, big and small pieces of poo all mixed up. I then wiped my bum which took about 5 wipes as it was quite messy and then flushed the loo, got up and pulled up my pants and shorts and sprayed some air freshener in the air as it smelled bad. Ahhh! The relief of having a really good belly clearing poo and not having to worry about taking my time to do it either!
Now about the poo I took at my mate's house last night at half 5… I was playing with my mate on his games console and felt that I really needed to go and sit on the loo for a bit, so I excused myself and said that I was going for a dump and that I might be a while. So I made my way to his loo, went in, locked the door, pulled down my black shorts and pants to my thighs and sat on the loo, I could feel a really big load inside of me waiting to just drop out…Like I always do I leant forward, crossed my arms and pressed them to my belly and grunted softly a couple of times … Then I began having a poo they were chunky, smelly pieces which dropped out my bum hit the bowl… Plip, plop, plop, plop, plip, plip, plop, plop, plop-plop-plip-plop! And I was done there was a strong smell of poo in the air I have to be honest but it wasn't really bad like some of my poos can be. I wiped up which took at least 3 wipes to get my bum clean, then got up off the loo, pulled up my pants and shorts and washed my hands. Boy did I need that! I went and rejoined my mate feeling better for it.

More from me very soon…
Take care everyone : )

Catherine the Freshman
Hey guys, it's me again. I'm in my computer class right now, and I thought I'd post about my recent peeing. I haven't peed yet today (which is odd for me) so I decided that I'd go ahead and wet my pants in my computer class and type about it while I'm doing it. I'm wearing white jeans with pale purple panties on underneath. I'm letting it go right feels warm, and my butt is getting wet. I'm looking down. It's very yellow, I think I might be dehydrated lol. It's running to my knees. Oops, it's running off the chair under my knees. There are two small puddles in the carpet now. My lap has a kind of yellowish stain from my pee, and I know my butt is soaked, too. I wasn't expecting my panties to show up through my pants, though. I thought the material was thick enough. Oh well. Oh great, now I have to poop, too. I'm going to go ahead and poop now that my pants are already wet....*grunting* Shoot, I wasn't expecting it to be soft and mushy. It's still coming too; I'm really filling my panties, and I can't really stop. It's squishing out of the leg bands of my panties and down between my legs. This will be pretty obvious. *grunting* Okay, I pushed more out, and I was grunting too loud this time. The boy two seats over on my right is giving me funny looks now. My friend Marissa is across from me, and she just messaged me on AIM that she knows I'm pooping my pants. Now she's saying that she just peed while sitting on the back of her skirt, and she's going to poop, too....Lol, I just heard a bubbling wet fart and she messaged me that she's having diarrhea. I can even hear it splattering on the ground.....She's still going. (Sorry everyone if this is too gross. I've never done commentary before, and this is a really gross first time lol. I hope the moderators don't get upset.) Uh-oh, the teacher's coming. Gotta go.

Catherine the Freshman

To Purpose BedWetter: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that you have found ten places to pee! i believe that i have done number ten and also number eight! i lookforward to your next post! do any of your friends go with you to the places that you have mentioned on this forume? take care and God bless!
to Dinesh: i really enjoyed your post! you and i share something in common we both enjoy the smell of poo! i especially love it when i enter a public bathroom and i immediatley am able to detect it! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Ciara: i really enjoyed your post! that is gross that one of your roomates witnessed another girl putting tiolet paper paper up her butt and then smelling it! i wonder what made her do such a strange thing? i love all your posts! i lookforward to your next one! take care and God bless!
to Catherine The Freshmen: i really enjoyed your posts! sounds like you and your friend Chelsea had an awesome time playing playstation! thats really cool that you both wet the bed! i just know that you and chelsea get a Good thrill out of it! i wish i could have joined you both! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Leanne: i really enjoyed both of you stories that you posted about! sounds like you had a cool bathroom experience while shooping! it also sounds like that the other cublicals were filled! did you get to see who else was with you while visiting the bathroom ? it also sounds like you had a rather interesting bathroom experience at the train station! it also sounds like it probably smelled pretty bad as well! in the end iam glad that you didnt have an accident! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Tracey The Tiolet Attent: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a rather relaxing experience in the bathroom at your workplace! i lookforward to your upcoming stories of different peoples habits! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Brandon T: i hope that your doing well! take care and God bless! i love your kindness that you adovocate to this forume!
to Stephen: i lookforward to any future stories that you might have for this forume! take care and God bless!
to Aaron: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like your girlfriend was constipated for quite sometime! you did the right thing by going to the store and purchasing a lacative! i love to take them for fun! however they sometimes make me gag! iam also sorry to hear that she had a little bit of an accident! at least it wasnt too major! i have always wonder if it is normal for a person to go three days without a bowel movement? i hope that your girlfriends bowels loosen up in the coming weeks! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to NewMom: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you have some pretty good advice to offer to others who have trouble relieving themselves! i must admit that i would be embarrassed to wear a diaper! but if thats what works for you than you must stick to it! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Nicola: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you get quite a thrill from holding in your bowel movement for several days! iam not sure that i could accomplish that! i believe that it would put your bodys digestion tract off base! that would also lead to urinary tract infections and so forth! thats really cool that you like to relieve yourself in the woods. if i held my bowel movement in for a week,then i would find a bathroom somewhere in public and completeley clog it! i would use a tiolet that doesnt have an automatic flusher! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Sarah: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and Sophie have had some really cool bathromm outings at school!~ i used to have all kinds cool bathroom outings at school with other girls! i wish that we could have several bathroom outings together! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Unknown Girl: i really enjoyed your post! i feel so bad for your classmate Abbie! thats not right that the teacher refused her permission to use the bathroom during class! iam really glad to hear that you were a good friend to her during this horrible experience while at school! you sound like a caring women! i lookforward to your next post! i hope that Abbie doesnot encounter anymore accidents in the near future! take care and God bless!
to Hide'n Go Poop: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a difficult time holding your bowel movement while coming home with your father! sounds like also that your friend Tina has experieneced something similar! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Anon: i really enjoyed your post! thats very kind of you to offer such good advice to Randi ! i hope that the advice that you suggested to her will help her in the near future! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Sarah: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your friends have a blast relieving yourselfs outdoors! iam glad also that you have helped your brother overcome bathroom shyness! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Brendan: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like your friend Rehanna fell for the Dare trick that you and your friends played on her! sounds like she completley soiled her pants! i bet she was really embarrassed! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Mr.Clogs: i really enjoyed your short post! sounds like you took quite a dump at home! your always so kind to everyone on this forume! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Ciara: ps. i wish that we could have several bathroom outings together! dont be afraid to leave the tiolet unflushed no matter where you go! take care and God bless!



Kelly P

Home Improvements in the Bathroom

My husband is really handy around the house and I've been meaning to write about a couple of improvements he made to our master bathroom. The first was actually several years ago. As those of you who may remember my previous posts know, we like to share the bathroom and talk while we're trying to do our poo. The best sharing is side-by-side in the two-holer outhouse at the little cabin where we go every August, but at home our master bath only has one toilet. We usually try to go after breakfast and take turns while the other does teeth, hair, etc. We love to talk while grunting so we can hear and share the straining feeling. If one of us does something spectacular we both get to see it and if we're constipated we both know it right away.

Anyway, to make this all less smelly my husband rigged up a vent tube which is under the toilet seat at the back. It's hooked by a plastic tube to a computer style fan in a box on the wall and vents outdoors. It comes on automatically with the lights, and it's very quiet so you hardly notice it, except it greatly reduces smells, especially if you keep your legs together. For those of you who like pooing together, this is a neat improvement.

The other improvement is quite recent. He installed a hand-held shower head in addition to the regular one, and both can be on at once. We both thought it would feel great on our fronts, and it does, but not quite as much as we expected. The big surprise it that it feels really, really great on our behinds. Maybe we're both more sensitive there than most people, but I'll bet a lot of others are, too. You have to get the temperature just right (about body temp) and the pressure just right (medium). I just love to spread my buns with one hand and aim the shower with the other. Even better is when we shower together. Then I bend forward and use both hands to spread my bottom and my husband aims the shower. Of course I do the same for him. It gives me a real "wet-on" and not from the shower water, and does the male equivalent to my hubby. We love it.

Anybody else try these things or have other bathroom improvements that we should know about?

pooping women
Why does people think peeing and pooping is funny.... it should be shared if you have a mate or friend that u love to pee or poo with .... we all have to pee and we all have to poop ..... it should be like makeing love it should be shared and enjoyed time in everyones life .... me and my mate love to make a poop date every week we in the back yard and or even in our kitchen and pull our pooping stuff or just lay down and watch it come out or even help each other encouraging either to push or kiss and poop together ....that is enjoyable ..... it all has to come out somewhere or some place sometime time ..... it is not funny enjoy your poop moment ...

The Listening Ear

Post Script - Big Brother

In the middle of a series of Big Brother (UK version - Endemol for Channel4) there was a live double eviction with a twist. Two girls who were expecting to leave reached the top of the stairs, but instead of the exit doors opening, they were ushered through a different door into a secret apartment, from which they were going to spy on their former housemates.

One of the girls, Michelle, was so affected by this turn of events that she suddenly needed to pee. So as soon as they found the bathroom in the apartment, she did, leaving the door open. And we heard it - every single drop of it - live on primetime terrestrial TV! The Listening Ear had to do a double-take. There was Michelle tinkling rather prettily somewhere in London, and here was I listening over 150 miles away. That was a first!

It also proved to be a last, because when I tried to repeat the experience by watching the recorded highlights, the tinkling had been edited out. That was pretty clever, because while she was tinkling she was also talking, and her voice was still loud and clear. I suppose it's possible that their personal mics only pick up their voices, and ambient sound is channeled separately, but that would imply that there was a tinkle-mic in the bathroom!

Those Big Brother toilets certainly fired my imagination during the years I watched. I remember particularly one series where the toilet was down the garden (yard) for a while, and a frequently-shown clip of the lovely Kate Lawler trudging through the rain with her umbrella up. The camera stayed with her as she opened the toilet door and stepped inside, turned round, closed her umbrella, shook it, pulled it inside and then shut the door in our faces. It then lingered just a little too long on the closed door, as if the operator was reading my thoughts.

All of which sets me a-wondering: do those guys get to see and hear things that we don't? And they get paid as well??


To Tracy the Toilet Cleaner: Yes please, this site needs YOU!

To Brandon T: I'm not going anywhere, I'll still be lurking as and when time permits.

To Sarah: Welcome. Nice stories. I like.


Mr. Clogs

Comments and stuff

dinesh: Thank you for your comments. I'm glad that you liked my stories and find them entertaining. Yes like you I like to go to the bathroom into containers in my bedroom, and gone in my underwear a few times, I'll post on it in a moment. If I have any interesting adventures, I'll post something. So stay tuned.

Purpose Bed wetter: Thanks for your post about interesting ways and places to pee. I find them entertaining and as well as daring. Keep the posts coming.

Nicola: Nice holding post about your poop and having to go in your panties (knickers) and the cleanup afterwords

Ok I something to post. I've been reading about people going in their underwear and enjoy it. Here lately after I finish my cups of coffee, I immediately have to take a dump. Sometimes I don't make it to the toilet in time. So I put on some underwear I wore the day before just in case of an emergency. Just before I take my shower, I just do it in my underwaer. I wear tight breifs because it can hold back the poop. After I move my bowels, I just pee right through my breifs and let it trinkle down into the toilet. Once I'm done, I slowly peel off my nasty breifs and dump the poop into the toilet and wipe up there. Then take my shower. I find out pooping in my underwear feels good, but it can be messy to clean up yourself and your underwear, so I don't do this often despite the fact I like going to the bathroom in my underwear.

Take care!

Mr. Clogs


Desperate diarrhoea

As I mentioned in my last post I love holding my so untill I'm desperate because I love the relief. Well that can be a problem when I get the runs because as you can imagine there's a lot of poo to hold in and if I haven't been for a few days it can get messy. I remember a couple of years ago I hadn't been for 4 days before I had some seafood that was a little out of date. I went to school the next day feeling a little bit off colour but I didn't have any diarrhoea. I just didn't feel right. On my way home from school I felt sick in my stomach and almost threw up in the street. Then I felt a rumbling in my lower abdomen and a lot of liquid moving down to my colon. I knew it was diarrhoea and I would need to get home quickly. The cramps came on and it hurt to hold it but I had to. There was no way I was going to soil myself in public. I'd rather do that in private! I could feel the pressure building inside me and it was agony. I almost have in to the pain but somehow I made it home without any leakage. I ran to the loo holding my bum with both hands but my brother was in there. He had the runs as well and was taking ages. After 25 minutes he still hadn't come out and all I could hear was his diarrhoea spattering into the toilet. It made me want to go even more and I came very close to giving up and going in my knickers. Then finaly after an hours wait, the toilet flushed and he came out. I rushed in after him and ripped my skirt off and sat on the toilet. I released a huge torrent of runny poo but then I felt a hot wet sticky feeling all around my bum because I'd forgotten to pull my tights and knickers down. They filled up like a balloon and overflowed out of the waistband. It was a huge mess but it felt nice so I carried on letting it all out. The relief was more than words can describe but what a mess! I got in the bath and stripped down to my waist and used the showerhead to rinse as much of the runny poo off as possible. Once that was done I took my tights and knickers off and washed myself down thoroughly using lots of soap and water. When I got clean I had to go again so I sat back on the toilet and had another blast of diarrhoea.

Alice T.

To Catherine the Freshman

To Catherine the Freshman

Hey! I absolutely love your posts! I'm looking forward to your next one. :)
Also, I have a question for you: what has your friend Chelsea's piano practice got to do with her wetting the bed? Just wondering, I raised my eyebrows at that! In the same story you mentioned you both wet her bed later that night. How did that go, were you awake, and was she?
I adore how accepting your friends seem to be, and of course how brave you are for doing what you like, regardless of what I imagine must be quite a few stares at least! I only do so in my dreams.
Oh, also, in your other story, you said that "a few girls peed through their suits before changing", so... you saw them do this? Was it in the changing room, then, or in the showers?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Of course I'll answer your survey too.

1) Do you ever pee in the pool?
Yes, always.

2) If you pee in the pool, do you pee through your suit, or move it to the side?
Through my suit.

3) Do you ever pee through your suit while outside of the pool?
Yes, I actually never pull it to the side to pee.

4) Do you ever poop in the pool?
No, because then I would get caught. Plus, although I'm very curious how it feels, I wouldn't do that because it would make the pool dirty (in my pants is different since they're mine and I don't bother anyone with it).

5) Do you ever poop in your suit outside of the pool? (like when you're sunbathing)
I have once or twice, but only when I'm alone - so not in a public pool.

6) Do you feel the need to pee often while swimming?
As a matter of fact I do! I've always wondered if swimming has this effect on other people too. I think it's the combination of lots of water and it being rather cold (cold always makes me have to pee).

7) Do you wear your panties (or other underwear) under your suit? If so, do you still pee in your suit?
I never wear anything under my suit, but I would still pee in it if I did - those panties are wet anyway, what's the difference?

Please keep posting!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Greg (Mike's Friend)

Traveling On Spring Break

Hey Everyone,

Here's another cool Mike story I only got to hear second-hand but regrettably was not there to witness for myself. :-(

That said, I have absolutely NO reason to doubt the story that a couple of Mike's college friends told me a couple months after this reportedly happened. I just know how much Mike could shit, so the story comes as absolutely no surprise. I think the only thing that might have been more amazing than Mike's ability to PRODUCE shit was his ability to HOLD all that shit inside him until he reached a toilet even in absolutely DESPERATE circumstances. I think that guy had a will of steel and a sphincter of steel to match!!

This event took place Sophomore year on Spring break as Mike headed south with 4 fraternity brothers to Florida.

Evidently, as the group traveled south through Georgia on the Interstate from Philadelphia, Mike was hit EXTREMELY hard with an EXTREMELY powerful and overwhelming urge to both defecate and urinate that threatened to totally overpower him if he didn't get to a bathroom very soon. While they were traveling, the guys apparently had used BOTTLES to piss in so they could keep going without having to stop to pee all the time. The problem here though was that Mike was also so desperately loaded with excrement too, that if he relaxed enough to pee into the bottle, his massive load of shit would start rushing into his pants as well. The human body is designed such that you can't let loose of one without letting loose of both. I've learned THAT from PERSONAL experience. :-/
So, pissing in a bottle to at least get PARTIAL relief was not an option. It had to be all or nothing. I'm thinking it would have been horrible enough traveling in the back of a car and having to fight back just ONE of those bodily functions. The badly-loaded Mike however was under siege on BOTH fronts and that had to be beyond excruciating. The guys had been drinking quite a bit of beer on the way down and Mike REALLY liked to pound the brews down. I'm convinced the beer contributed significantly to Mike's shit and urine predicament. Mike may have been a little drunk but not plastered. A wasted person in the same situation most certainly would have shit and urinated all over themselves.

As they hurried to the next rest stop, the pressure from all the urine and shit inside Mike greatly intensified and Mike was actually crying for the driver of the vehicle to hurry up. During this grueling ordeal, one of the guys reportedly suggested that if the desperately weakening Mike felt he wouldn't make it to the rest stop, he could drop his pants in the car, use his beach towel as a makeshift diaper to bum his shit into while using the bottle to piss. However, that would have been a humiliating defeat to Mike's pride along with being a logistical nightmare in that confined space (not to mention the god-awful smell), so he continued to fight valiantly to keep his bowels and bladder from exploding while pleading with the driver to PLEASE hurry up to the rest stop.

One of the guys had a towel and a bottle at the ready in the event the badly-weakened Mike was forced to surrender and let loose in the car. I get the feeling those guys were secretly hoping that would happen so that they would have something to harass Mike about for years. Still, Mike valiantly would not give up and DESPERATELY struggled to hold his shit and urine in. The driver of the car helped out and sped up to 85 MPH in a time when the National speed limit was 55 MPH risking a hefty speeding ticket. Everyone there was positive Mike would have certainly shit and peed all over himself had they been pulled over by a cop. Besides having a 19-year-old kid in the back seat covered in excrement and urine, the fact that there were a bunch of open beer bottles and obvious underage drinking going on in the car wouldn't have looked too good either. I'm guessing that they all would have been dragged to jail including Mike with shit and piss all over himself.

A few EXTREMELY LONG minutes later, the car finally pulled into a rest stop and Mike started working on his belt and zipper in advance of his highly-anticipated mad dash to the desperately-needed shitter. The rest of the guys piled out of the car ahead of Mike and headed to bathroom under the pretense of peeing although they actually wanted to see and hear the badly-loaded Mike shit and harass him about it. (Boys will be boys, and you don't necessarily have to be a dumping connoisseur like myself to enjoy seeing/hearing one of your buddies really let rip on the toilet.) Mike already had his belt unbuckled and his pants unzipped as he ran into the bathroom with his butt cheeks tightly clenched and the shit in his butt throbbing with unmerciful intensity.

Along the wall were 3 toilets with no doors and only having triangular partitions that were low enough for two crappers to look each other in the face as they sat bumming on the toilets. Obviously, Mike was not going to get much seclusion when he went down for his very major shit. However, that really didn't matter to my desperately loaded friend who was extremely happy to see a desperately-needed toilet, ANY toilet, finally within reach. In order of priority, Mike's thoughts were 100% with getting his desperately loaded throbbing ass on that toilet and 0% on seclusion. I also think that not having to check the stalls and deal with doors also bought Mike a few much-needed split seconds!! As I posted earlier, bumming on the toilet in front of friends wasn't something that particularly bothered Mike. Besides, the options HERE were either bumming on the TOILET in front of his friends, or bumming in his PANTS in front of his friends. Given those choices, you obviously choose the toilet every time. And, he wouldn't have to shit in a towel, so it wasn't a COMPLETELY unmitigated defeat. Reaching the first toilet, the beaten Mike just RIPPED his pants down and collapsed to the crapper. Immediately, the desperately inundated Mike began to shit and urinate profusely and helplessly.

Mike didn't even remember what happened next but his friend with him confirmed this. Apparently, Mike was SO unbelievably loaded with excrement and urine that once he finally got his pants down and mounted on the desperately-needed toilet, he must have totally blacked out. When Mike finally regained consciousness, there was just a massive amount of shit already in the toilet with a whole bunch more crap STILL coming out of the incredibly-loaded young man. Evidently, the buddies were so impressed by the vast amount of shit coming out of Mike; they actually COMPLIMENTED him before realizing the incredible change in internal pressure had actually blacked Mike out. Mike states he only remembers struggling desperately with his pants before coming to, still crapping and urinating. He didn't even remember getting his pants down and mounted on the crapper. Apparently, a whole bunch of shit had thundered out of Mike just as soon as he got his pants dropped and had taken a seat. The excrement evidently just kept coming and coming out of Mike as he sat blacked out and helpless on the toilet. Mike was in the throes of an absolutely HUGE overwhelming shit without even realizing what was happening to him. As their badly-loaded buddy sat bumming and bumming furiously and helplessly on the badly-needed toilet, Mike's friends actually started to congratulate him on how much excrement he was expelling from his fit young body before they realized he hadn't heard them.

From their account of the story, one of the guys from the car actually got a picture of the beaten Mike badly loaded on the toilet just as his extremely major shit was getting underway. Mike didn't even realize the picture had been taken until his buddy showed it to him (and a WHOLE bunch of OTHER people!!) after the trip and he would have been helpless to prevent in anyway. Evidently, the picture was shot at close range and was evidently QUITE revealing. It apparently clearly showed a helpless Mike actually blacked out as he sat there with his pants down filling the badly-needed toilet with shit. Sadly, I never got a view of said photograph. Seeing Mike loaded on the crapper was always a very cool sight indeed. Luckily, Mike always instinctively leaned forward and pushed his cock down into the pot with his right hand whenever he shit, so he avoided unconsciously pissing over the front of the bowl and on his pants. The unfortunate thing for Mike blacking out like he did with all that shit coming out of him like that was that he didn't get to enjoy that absolutely euphoric feeling of relief that generally sweeps over people taking such a massive shit. The exceptional amount of urinating would only have added to the sensation.

When all was said and done and the vast amount of excrement was finally expelled from Mike's body, he and his buddies actually INSPECTED the colossal mass and decided that flushing the toilet would be ill-advised as the amount of shit was so overwhelming, the toilet would definitely overflow. Besides, the massive amount of shit Mike had bummed out apparently was so impressive, Mike could leave it there for future visitors to admire. Mike decided to tell the maintenance staff what had happened so they could get a plunger to somehow get the awesome fecal beast flushed down. Mike and his buddy told me the main initial turd was at least 30 inches long and maybe more with the approximate diameter slightly wider than a golf ball. No freaking' WONDER the shitting blacked him out!! Given that length, the front end of that log would have EASILY touched the bottom of the toilet while STILL coming out of Mike on the other end assuming it all came out in one unbroken piece!! Accompanying the flagship log in the fleet were several smaller pieces of excrement of varying length, diameter, and texture. To make the maintenance guy's job a bit easier, Mike actually got up and moved to another toilet to wipe so at least he could get the paper flushed and also as to not cover up the MONSTER he had given birth to. Man, I SO wish I had been there to see it!! Mike could shit like nobody's business and for him to say that THIS was one of his worst EVER was REALLY saying SOMETHING!!!!! I'm happy at least that they gave me a good description of everything that went down!!! ;-)

The ironic thing was that just a short while later, the driver of the car got a speeding ticket for going 64 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, after not getting caught doing 85 when Mike so desperately had to take a shit!!!!!

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