huge dump

hi. I'm Amanda. i am 17, about 115 lbs, and 5 foot 8. i eat a lot and poop every 4 days. today i was at an apple orchard picking apples. there were no real bathrooms, just porta-pottys. there were ones designated for women and men. there were only 2 women's ones and there were huge lines for both. i could feel a big poop coming. in front of me there were mostly teenagers that must of been on a field trip. behind me was my mom who also needed to take a dump really bad. after 30 minutes of waiting (i guess everyone had to poop) i finally got to the front of the line. i put a seat cover on the seat and sat down. after 2 minutes of peeing i started to poop and a long one started to come out. at the end of it, it was probably 3 to 3.5 feet long. but i was not done yet. i had another one about 2 feet and the last 2 logs were probably 1.5 feet and then i had a little bit of diarrhea. it was really starting to stink in there. i feel bad for the person that was after my mom because her poops are long and they are very stinky. she also farts a lot while she poops. i let out a long silent fart that stunk it up even more. it took me 20 minutes to poop which is not too bad. when i l was done and i had wiped i looked down into the poop-filled toilet and it was almost filled up. i couldn't believe a bunch of girls could fill the whole thing up in 1 day. by the end the porta-potty stunk and after my mom used it, it would be even worse. she has a pretty big butt and when i see her on the toilet, her butt hangs off the sides. she isn't fat, her butt is just big. when she got out after 10 minutes she said her dump was huge. she didn't have a long log like me but just tons of small logs and diarrhea. she said that i wouldn't believe the stink of it. i wonder when they will empty the toilet because you couldn't even see the blue water any more it was all a pile of poop and toilet paper. what a stinky day with lots of poop.


new guy, glad you like my stories. I drink a lot of water which makes me pee a lot. I go often during the day until I go to bed. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night. I was studying physics in the library last week in the evening. I had to pee soon as I got there. I found the women's toilet. It was a two-stall room. I pulled off my coat, pulled down my black sweat pants and white panties to my knees and held my legs together and let it flush out of me. It felt good. I wiped myself seated between my legs and flushed. Then, went to study. I was writing a paper. This morning, I arrived at school and I headed for the girls toilet. This place has 6 stalls, with 3 facing each other. I took a middle stall and across for me was a girl making #2. Her black uniform skirt was up around her waist, black panty hose and pink Joe Boxer panties at her knees. She stomach was squealing out these long high-pitched farts. Then, there was the stink. I was seated across from her. I lifted my skirt, pulled down my panty hose and my black FOL panty to my knees and I let out my second pee for the morning. It spurted out 3x, then a steady stream for 30 seconds. The girl and I saw each other in the space of the stall door but we did not say anything. She just kep her head down. I wiped my pussy and the insides of my legs, pulled up my underclothes, let down my skirt. I did not flush. I washed my hands and left her in there.

your name (klokke)

Post Title (brake markes in toilet)

Just wondering,if a girl poop in a toilet,why is the brown mark inside, in front of the toilet,and a guy is the mark at the back

Alyanna, how did pooping in the bowl go?

Anne, did everything come out okay?

Upstate Dave

Back To Normal

Hey I'm back to normal as far as having a regular bowel movement after that 24 hour bug last week! I woke up this morning had breakfast and coffee which was decaff coffee. :-(!! After drinking three cups of coffee it was a needed trip into the bathroom to piss and I also could feel that I was going to take a shit too.

So I pulled down my jeaqns and boxers and took my place on the toilet seat. I took a good long hard piss first. (That felt real good!) Then I felt my asshole being pushed open very wde and I started to shit. With my asshole being pushed open so wide I flet good that was happening. Iknew I was back to being normal again with a nice solid shit comming out instead of liquid like I had for the two days last week.

I felt my shit slideing right along moving fairly quickly. There was no noise. No splashing in the water and piss in the bowl as I sat there shiting. There was no over powering stench either. I felt my asshole squeeze itself shut and there was no flump of my shit hiting in the bowl. I felt my asshole reopen and I started shiting more. It felt as big as my first one as far as stretching my asshole wide open again.

This second shit was much shorter in its length. After only a few seconds my asshole coled up again and this time I did hear a soft flump and a little splash. Then one more time I felt my asshole open and I shit a little more. I felt my asshole close again but I could fel that this last shit didn't drop! It was betwen my cheeks so that ment I would have to do a good wipe job now!

I rolled off a good wad of toilet paper. I reached behind me and I gave myslef my first wipe. The shit that was there betwen my cheeks was a big ball of some what soft shit! I felt it smoosh down as I wiped. I just dropped the wad of usedf paper without checking it. I rolled off another wad of paper and reached back and wiped my ass a second time.

With my first wipe I had smooshed my shit like I said and I now had a big wad of shit hanging stuck to my pubic hair between my asshole and my testiles! I managed to pich that ball off and dropped it along with the toilet paper in to the toilet. One more wad of paper I rolled off from the roll. I hoped that this would be it for this was the last ofg the paper on the roll. There wasn't a replacement roll in the bathroom too if I needed to use more!

I this time did refold it a couple of times and wiped myslef. Doing this I didn't get cuaght short! :-) I did get it all. I then stood up and chercked the toilet. Sure enough there was one soda can sized 15 incher starting in the trap laying alonside the bowl with its other end way above the water line. My second shit was about half the size of my fisrt shit. Then there was the ball that I had smooshed and knocked off. I then reached and flushed it all away. I washed my hands and I was done. Upstate Dave

Anonymous who posted about digging holes in the sand to go to the bathroom at the beach: I agree being a surfer it sucks having to go to the bathroom when your wearing a wetsuit. When you pee in it, you are pretty much stuck in your pee until you take it off. And pooping is even worse. It is a big pain to take off the wetsuit, and then put it back on. I have had some bad experiences, especially when I first started surfing, I must have been 14.

One time I ate a huge breakfast before heading out early one morning to the waves. As soon as I got the wetsuit on I started to have to go, probably because of the pressure put on my stomach, but I ignored it. 20 minutes into surfing my friend asked why I was barely taking any waves, I told him I really had to poop. The beach bathrooms weren't open yet, so my choices were to wait or go in the sand. I decided to go check the time and decide, the bathrooms opened at nine, and I wanted to wait. It was depressing to see that it was only 7:15. I was getting desperate and my friend who had more experience with beach situations told me what to do. I dug a little hole in the sand, only about 6 inches wide, and pulled down half of my wetsuit. I sat my butt right over the hole as if it was a toilet and wrapped a towel around my back. It was great, I could sit there and poop while it looked like I was drying off. I pooped for a long time, and wiped with one of my towels. The result was three big logs, maybe six and seven inches. I moved my stuff away from the hole and didn't cover up my poop, I was an asshole teenager that wanted someone to see it.

I have a lot of surfing stories about bathroom situations, and will post more when I can. Bye for now!


Body's cleanout

I've had an upset stomach over the past couple of days (Monday & Tuesday) and some trouble pooping before that despite a good diet and lots of water. I had to do grocery shopping yesterday (Monday) but needed to poop first before leaving the house. It only took a couple of minutes but it wanted out NOW. I was farting some pretty rank/stinky farts like rotten eggs. The poop was coiled. A long poop that suddenly curled into itself. My stomach felt better but on the way home I felt an urge to go again so I went back to the bathroom and pooped again. It was another coiled log only not as big as the last one.

Today I was farting the rotten egg farts again but had a massive stomach ache to the point I thought I would vomit. The first time I pooped I had a pretty big log that was coiled/curled into itself again. Really messy wiping job, like diarrhea. Less than half an hour after pooping I had to go again. This time it felt like diarrhea but it was a pretty big smushed turd on the bottom of the toilet. Again a pretty messy wiping job and it left a big skidmark on the bottom of the toilet. The third time I went was just a little turd.

Let's just say my stomach feels softer (though still feels funny) and a lot of crap came out. Wow!


Response for Amanda V

"Stephanie- Looking back, was it kind of exciting knowing that you might not make it back to your bathroom? Or were you just extremely nervous the whole time? I know I was terrified when I knew I was going to have an accident but now that I think about it, it was a very different feeling, maybe the adrenaline from panicking or something. I hope you post more about how you became interested in your "hobby", lately I've gotten really curious about it even though I never got any enjoyment out of my accidents as a kid."

Amanda V - For me, it was both nerve racking and exciting at the same time. I mean, it wasn't like I wasn't going to poop my panties on purpose back in my room anyway, so from that perspective it was no big deal. And the act of soiling my panties itself was not at issue since I've been doing it (on accident or on purpose) for many years. The scary part was getting caught at my age in college by someone who might not be understanding or would make a scene and tell the whole campus. So as I got to the point of no return it was definitely mixed emotions.

If you've been curious and are interested, I would say give it a try and do it on purpose once and see what you think. I've been doing so for years and still enjoy it. There is no other sensation quite like it, that's for sure!

As for how I got started, I had my accidents as a little girl like anyone, then grew out of them like everyone else. But like you I also had a few accidents in my tween years when I was well older than people consider acceptable to have accidents, and then even older into my middle teens. But by that point, I guess I was around 16, I discovered that having an accident wasn't so bad and that there was something thrilling and exciting about it and that was when I started doing it on purpose. I'll share some of my other stories sometime when I have time to do so. :)



Some answers to Kalee's questions

I agree with Vincene's earlier posting that it's much easier to use the bathroom now that I'm in college. They are still heavily used, but cleaner, I feel.

My responses, however, are based on my experiences as a student-athlete in two high schools.

Would a 5-minute no question asked daily bathroom pass help?
A: Yes, but I have friends who need at least twice that time when they have to crap or are constipated. Those who hate school or who are bored in class might abuse it.

What if hourly custodial cleanings of bathrooms were done and posted such as in hotel and business bathrooms?
A: That might help. However, users must get into the habit of flushing. I find it repulsive to momentarily debate sitting down and contributing to five or six loads of shit stacked well above the water or yielding the stall to another brave soul while I wait for another toilet to be vacated. Luckily in college, this is less of a problem, although sometimes urine on the toilet seat is a problem

Would cameras outside the entrance to the bathroom pointed only on the entryway and who's entering and at what time deter vandalism or misuse? A: Yes, probably. But some parents and teachers may raise privacy issues. For example, my friend Shelby who has IBS would be one of the more frequent users. Would she be called into the office and interrogated?

Should faculty be force to use student bathrooms? A: Many already do. I had my senior English teacher in the stall next to me. She was asking me about how I was interpreting Merchant of Venice one morning when we both had our morning craps. Since I'm a large girl and 6'3" my head towers over the stalls and I'm easily recognized in bathrooms. In college now it seems the stalls are a bit higher, but not as high as I would like. It's the administrators I feel that should be forced to use student bathrooms. Then they would understand why there are so many tardies to class and how unfair it is on the students.

Would the tissue protectors for the toilet seats be a solution to students not wanting to use school bathrooms? A: A few might use them but they also might be discouraged because the seat papers, being made of very thin, paper aren't going to sop up much of the urine that gets splashed on the seat. My boyfriend, Adam's, biggest complaint is the amount of urine splashed on the seats at school. Like me, he feels it's gotten better now that we're in college. However, neither he or I would use the seat papers. They're basically a joke.


Kelee's questions/my answers

These are my answer to Kalee's survey:

1) Would a 5-minute no-questions asked bathroom pass daily help students at school? Yes and no. Many would be helped because they are intimidated by the sarcasm and cold reactions from some teachers. Also, I wonder if some would just use the time to mess around in the bathroom. I know a few times I've almost peed my pants because some girls go into a stall and just sit and think or sometimes cry. Some don't even pull their clothing down to make it look like they are trying to pee or shit. I get frustrated sometimes by the crowds and limited time to use the toilet, but because I'm on Student Council and a dozen other activities, my teacher know me better a cut me a little slack. Connor sometimes teases me about that, but he knows it's true and he benefits from it, too. We've even come in with passes 30 minutes late to classes and some teachers don't even look at the pass and where we were.

2) What if hourly custodial cleanings of bathrooms were done and posted such as in hotel and business bathrooms? That would be great, but we have only one matron during school hours to clean all eight of the girls' bathrooms, plus pick up trash and spills in the halls. Last week someone puked in a stall before school and it was still there and grossing us out at the beginning of 4th hour. When I saw he in the hallway a few minutes later, I stopped and told her. Then it got cleaned up. During last hour, I went in and had to pee real bad. All the stalls were in use with the exception of the one that had been cleaned of the puke, but I waited for another one to open. I never should have told Connor about that because that night at Thespians he gave me a hard time by reasoning that every stall has been puked in pretty regularly. I know that's true probably, but it's a strange feeling knowingly sitting on a toilet that a person's breakfast was splashed all over a few hours ago. Am I really that srange?

3) Would cameras outside the entrance to the bathrooms and pointed only on the entryway and who's entering and what time deter vandalism and misuse? Probably. However, Connor and one of his friends told me that some horny senior guys would probably misuse the cameras as a senior prank.

4) Should faculty be forced to use the student bathrooms? I know that many of them already do. This is especially the case of those with classrooms far away from the main office where the faculty restrooms are. Interestingly, when I've been using the toilet and faculty are in there, I've observed and heard several of them leave the stalls without first flushing. One social studies teacher just walks out real fast without first washing her hands.

5) Would the tissue protectors for the toilet seats be a solution to students not wanting to use use school bathrooms? Most don't care about sitting right down on the seat. However, in my student activities responsibilities, I've met a couple of students who had real aversions to their butt touching the seat. One I remember was the mysterious girl two years ago (Page 1802) who used brown papr hand towels to cover the seat with.

Just Wondering
Is it just me, or is the word "????" not allowed on this forum? Why not? Its just a word for "stomach", at least it is in the U.S. Its like "belly" or "middle" or "gut". Just wondering, thanks.

I have a really bad stomach ache!! I'm constipated, I haven't pooped in a week! I'm going to go try right now.
Ok, so I'm on the toilet and my stomach hurts terribly! This is going to hurt but I'll try it anyway. UUUUUUHHHHHHHHHNNNNGG!!! OOOOOHHHHHH!!!! The tip is sticking out! It's huge! It won't come out! MMMMMMMGHHH!!! HHHHMMMMMM!!!! GGGRRRRRRRRRHHHHH!!! It's still stuck!!! Now my mom's at the door wondering if I'm ok. I told her no, now she's coming in. She pushes on my ???.?? OOOWWWWWWW!!!!!! Now she's making me stand up and bend over. She spreads my buttcheeks apart and tells me to push. NNNNNNUUUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!! OOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!! OOOHHHHHHH!!!!!! IT WON'T COME OUT!!!! She massages my buttcheeks. OOooohh!! Mom sets me bsck on the toilet and tells me to push as hard as I can while she pushes down hard on my belly. UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!Oooooooooohhhhh, it hurts!!!!! She tells me to lay on my stomach on the floor. She puts a rubber glove on and tries to pull out my turd. OOOWWWWWWWWLLL!!!! It's almost out! I get back on the toilet and strain. EEEHHHHHHHH!!! IT'S SLIDING OUT!!! I groan while my mom pushes my thighs together. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!! OOOHHHHHHHHHHH!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! SPLOOOOOONK!!!! It's finally out!.

@Jacob and Derek: I am you age too. Just about every day I have to poop during school. Sometimes I try to hold it until I get home but can't always do that. My school is old and the stalls do not have doors. I get erections too when I poop most of the time. So sitting there pooping with an erection gets me laughed at. What is it like when you poop at school?


replies, etc.

My female cousins and I would use the toilet at the same time at my house, their house or another relative's house. See my earliest posts. It drew us closer. The older girls would show things, if you know what I mean, to the younger girls. We got to see each other's clothes, underwear, etc. Older girls taught me. I taught the younger girls, etc.

JIim: I used to use that stuff for constipation and general detoxification, but I learned that it does more harm than good in the long run. If you are constipated, make a tea with a tiny amount of cayenne pepper. Your troubles will be over. That citrate is good before getting a scope job.

1) Would a five-minute no-questions asked pass daily help? No child should be denied the use of a toilet, not unless they are making an annoying habit.

2) What if hourly custodial cleanings of bathrooms were done and posted such as in hotel and business bathrooms? Not needed.

3) Would cameras outside the entrance to the bathroom pointed only on the entryway, who's entering and the times deter vandalism and misuse? Yes, they are used in dep't. stores.

4) Should faculty be forced to use the student bathrooms? I went to school and female teachers used the same girls toilets. When I taught, I did the same.

5) Would the tissue-protectors for the toilet seats be a solution to students not wanting to use school bathrooms? Yes. That is how I got started in HS when I saw paper on the seat.

Maggie and Shelly: See my posts. I was in the same "position" as you guys. I used to wait till I got home. Walking home was torture sometimes. I would have to stop to take a few deep breaths. When I got home, watch out! I truly had to evacuate my bowels. When I was in 7th grade, I decided that this was it. I had to move my bowels and I was glad that I did. I was in that girls room by myself until another girl came in and took her piss in the next toilet. we both had our jumpers, white slips bunched around our waists, our green panty hose and panties at our knees.That bowel movement was painful and silent. I pushed out 3 large pieces, which sank to the bottom. It was a tough shit but I had to take it. When I wiped myself, I stood up and I was frightened by not surprised by what I saw. I fixed my clothes, pulled down my shirt tails, pulled up my panty hose and white panties, let down my jumper and flushed. It was loud, but I got over the fright. I did one year in a public junior school which I hated. In fact, I did not last the year. My parents put me in a parochial school. The public school, we had to pass from one class to the next. I had no problem using the bathroom when I had to pee.I just could not take a shit in that school. It was a bad school, full of bad kids. In the parochial school, I could leave anytime I wanted. Plus, I had a choice of a single toilet or a multi-stall. I was happy in there. As for you, Maggie: If that were me, I would have left that classroom when that urge became strong. When, I was a teacher, I shared the same bathroom with the girls and a female assistant headmistress. That was fun.

High School Girl: Your friend has a big problem. Help her. Tell her that you have no shame in using the school toilet.

No child should be afraid or ashamed to use the toilet at school.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Upstate Dave

No Toilet Paper Part1

There was one girl that I knew that I was good friends with. Barbie always seemed to be out of toilet paperwhen she went to use the bathroom and I was the one that got a roll for her! The first time this hap pened was just a lucky circumstance.

I was visiting at her house and our group of friends were all there and we planned to take a hike. As we were leaving Barbie said she had to pee first and headed for the bathroom to go pee. The rest of us headed to go outside with me beng last. But beore I did get outside from the bathroom Barbie said very loudly; Can someone get me some toilet paper?! There's none left in here!

Since I was the only one left inside I went in the other bathroom off the kitchen and grabbed a toilet paper roll in that bathroom and walked to the bathroom off the dining room where Barbie was. The bathroom door wasn't completely closed. I tapped on the door and I reached through the opening with my hand that had the roll of toilet paper in it.

Barbie here is your toilet paperI said to her. Barbie giggled real hard first. Then she told me she couldn't reach it. You can come in Dave! Barbie said to me. I stepped inside and Barbie giggled as I did. She was sitting on the toilet seat with her black tights crumpled up around her ankles. Her skirt was pulled way up around her waist in the front and back. Her white panties were also pulled down into her crumpled up black tights.

Good now I can pee! Barbie said to me as she took the roll of toilet paper from me. I was going to leave to let Barbie have her privacy but Barbie giggled hard again and told me it was alright if I stayed. It will only take me a quick moment to pee! Barbie said to me. As soon as she finished saying this to me Barbie did start to pee and hard!

I was looking right at Barbie too. I saw her pee stream shoot out from her vagina! It was a dark goden yellow color. It hissed loudly and splashed hard down in the bowl too. As Barbie peed she rooled off a small wad of paper and tore it off from the roll. Barbie then looked at me and she again let out a hard short giggle. I was staring which was her reason for her giggle this time.

Barbie took a longer pee then she thought she would do. I became a little nervous as the time passed. I didn't want to be cuaght in the bathroom with Barbie in case one of the others came back inside looking for us. Barbie did have soon have her pee stream ease off.Its loud hissing and splashing got less and less and then the hissing of her pee stream stopped. There was still the sound of pattering splashing of her pee yet.

Barbie giggled just a little as she now reached down and started to wipe herself off in the front. As she wiped herslef Barbie told me that she would need more paper. My ass is wet with pee too! Barbie said to me. Barbie finished wipeing her vagina. Dropped that paper in the toilet. Then she quickly rolled off another wad of paper from the roll. Tore that off and then she stood up!

I kept now staring at her as Barbie wiped her cheeks off with the toilet paper. Barbie wiped her asscheeks many tmes. Barbie had a lot of pee that had wetted her cheeks! Then she was finaily done. She tossed the used paper in the toilet and then flushed it. Then she reached down pulled up her white panties first, then her balck tights. Then once that was done she giggled and said to me; I'm ready lets go! We both walked out of the bathroom and walked outside.The others did wait for us but none of them asked waht kept us and we all took off together.

The second time that Barbie was in the bathroom and again had no toilet paper in the bathroom was she had gone in to pee and shit! I had stopped by to see Barbies brother Butch but he wasn't home. Barbie again was in the bathroom off the dinning romm. I was again the only one clos by to get her a roll of toilet paper. I went and got a roll from the other bathroom off the kitchen.

When I came in to the bathroom Barbie I saw that she had wrapped the toilet seat opening with toilet paper! There was just one small opening left. Barbie quickly rolled off the needed paper from the roll and she finished closing up the toilet seat opening with the toilet paper!

Barbie was wearing her one piece blue swimsuite. Barbie peeled it right down and took it completely off! Then she got right up on the toilet seat trurned and faced me squating down on the covered toilet seat and she told me that she would shit first and then pee! This way I won't get spashed with the cold water in the toilet! Barbie said to me laughing as she said it to me.

Sure enough a short few seconds passed and Barbie did start to shit! I saw a fat brown turtle head poke down under her. It was moving kind of slow but it was getting longer. There was a very slight crackle as her shit gained in length. Then Barbies shit stopped moving and it broke. Her shit hit the wrapped toilet paper which it sagged a little but held without breaking.

Then her shit started moving again for I saw it come into sight again under her. Barbie had her shit break again which this piece was shorter then her first pice. It hit the toilet paper and it didn't break with the added weight put upon it by her second piece of shit. Then I heard her fart which was a phffiting sounding fart.

Then I saw more shit cme into sight. This one was moving faster then the other two. Also it was not as fat around like the other two pieces. After it had reached a bout a half foot it dropped down on the toilet paper which it sagged pretty gooid now but held. Then I saw a little piss dribble from Barbies vagina which only slightly wetted her shit and the toilet paper.

Then Barbie began to pee very hard going from her slight dribbleing right into a hard stream of piss! Doing this her piss wetted her shit and the toilet paper and the toilet paper broke away and her shit andthe ends of the toilet paper fell into the toilet. The toilet paper soaked up the water and her piss all the way up and over where it was wrapped around the toilet seat.

Barbies piss now splashed loudly in the toilet. Her stream wasn't hissing. Her piss stream did have a wide head and a slight twist in it. But her stream did break apart into a spray shortly after the twist in her stream. Barbie pissed for a pretty long time. Then as her stream let up it did hiss briefly and then it stopped hissing before she did stop pissing.

When Barbie did stop pissing she got right down off the toilet seat.She lifted it up and undid the pieces that were still wrapped around it. Then she rolled off some paper from the roll to wipe herself. She wiped her vagina and crotch off first. Then she wiped her behind after that. Then once done wipeing Barbie flushed the tilet. To my amazement with all that toilet paper she had used it didn't clog te toilet up! It all went down. Barbie then put back on her swimsuite and we left together and went outside. The End

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Amanda V great accident stories at least no one really noticed and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anne great story about why you were diapers and great story about the big poop you took in your goodnites and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop its sounds like that place needs bigger bathroom that way that problem wont happen again and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Maya that sounded like a pretty good size and I bet you felt alot better and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan From Calgary great accident story and having your friend Inga helping you get cleaned up and as always I look forward to you and your friend Sarahs post I havent heard from in awhile I hope shes okay and to please post some more stories thanks.

To: Charles well thats one way to end an argument and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Upstate Dave its good to hear from you again and please contiue to post more stories about your firends Barbie and Julie and the rest of them I cant think of there names right now thanks.

To: Ruth W that sounded like a pretty good size dump and I bet you felt better after that and they need to create a toilet that can handle the biggest dump because some of these toilets just cant handle big poopers and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alyanna good luck with pooping in the bowl I hope it goes well either way make sure to post about it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kate great pooping and peeing story and please contiue to post more of them thanks.

To: Jessica first welcome to site and great pooping story and I bet you felt better after that and please share more stories thanks.

To: Lisa From Germany man what a dump I hope you learned you shouldnt hold for that long again and just go when you need to go because its better to be embarrassed then to be in pain and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Maria your lucky that car came by and made that guy run away because it could have ended very differently and please share any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Shelly great pooping stories about seeing your mom poop and also seeing your friend poop at school and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom its good to hear from you again and im looking car and couch and anywhere else peeing stories thanks.

To: Jenni great pooping yeah I bet you felt alot better after that dump and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Whistler great story about hearing that woman poop and it sounds like she just made it to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee great story yeah stomach bugs can be very nasty and im been pretty lucky and never gotten a major one and as alwys I look forward to your next post thanks.

A question to all the girls and women on this site have you had one of those soft and messy dumps where the last piece dosent want to come out and when you wipe you have to keep wiping and wiping and when you think your done wiping a liitle more squeezes out and you have the start wiping all over again it does to me and I hate that because you end up using almost half a roll more or less if this has happened to you please share the story thanks.

Well thats all for now and I want to again thank the creators of this site for creating such a great site thanks.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this


To Amanda V

Amanda V - thanks for sharing your experiences. I'd love to hear about the other accidents you've had. :)

Takin another shit.Why? I hate when I have to shit at the wrong time and the wrong place.

Hi guys!!

I've been trying to post to this site for ages, but it never gave me a confirmation screen, so none of my posts got through...

Anyway, this means I was bored of introducing myself with each post, but, I will now:

I'm 17, Female, shoorrttttt haha, from the UK, and I am much more into peeing but love the relief of a good number 2 haha, and am willing to describe experiences in both areas :)

I always seem to be forever holding my poop lol, I hate going at college, and have done once, but it was so embarrassing lol. It doesn't matter if I go in the morning or not, about 30 mins into my day I'm desperate to go.

Well, that produces some interesting logs when I get home haha

anyway, see ya

thanks, fruit :)

Car mom, do you ever let men/boys use your car? I wish I had someone as nice as you in my more desperate times


Hi there!

I'm new here and I'd like to say hello. I've much enjoyed reading all your stories!

I've long had a bit of a fascination with peeing and must confess to having a bit of a pee fetish and do enjoy wetting myself sometimes. However, today, I'd like to bring up something else.

I once knew a girl who always sat on the toilet facing the "wrong" way. Yes, that's right. She sat on the bowl facing the wall! I was quite astonished the first time I saw it. I've never seen that before or since. Not that I've seen many people sat on the pot, of course - you have to be fairly intimately friendly with someone to be in the bathroom when they sit on the bog. I only saw her pee like that, never take a dump, so I don't know if she faced that way to take a dump, too.

How many others sit the "wrong" way on the lavatory?

Amanda V

A Couple Stories

Car Mom- I'm glad to see you back, I always enjoy your adventures!

Anne- Great story again! Is it uncomfortable to have all that poop in your goodnite? How long have you gone without changing before? Hope to read more.

Off the top of my head I remember a few accidents that were pretty basic. One when I was 12 I refused to use the bathrooms at school as usual because I was sure I would be fine until I got home. By the end of the day I really had to go poop. I was walking home from school and I kept having to stop and cross my legs to really squeeze my butt closed. The first part of the walk was mostly this big park with big trees so I could just lean on a tree and not look too suspicious. But after the park I was passing this elementary school with a bunch of kids waiting out front for buses I got a big urge but I didn't want to stop and cross my legs in front of them so I tried to hold it in and get around the street corner for a little more privacy but just before I made it I felt the poop start to push its way out. I tried to speedwalk around the corner but I was just too late. By the time I was out of sight the poop was out just far enough that I couldn't pull it back in and my butt was defenseless. I didn't know what to do. I just stood there feeling this huge solid poo very slowly push it's way out. All I could do was freeze and hope it stopped moving but my stomach wanted it out. I couldn't stop my stomach from tensing up and could only wait as I took a massive poop in my pants. There was so much I knew people would be able to see the bulge a mile away. Luckily I was only a couple minutes away from my house and it was a pretty quiet street the rest of the way.

Even though I got away without anyone knowing, I was still really embarrassed and ashamed, but I still didn't learn my lesson. It happened again a few months later. I think I was 13 by then. It was the exact same situation except I had to pee and poop really bad. I was stopping to hold it every few steps in the park. I was starting to let out squirts of pee and finally I just couldn't hold them both. I just started peeing and couldn't stop. I didn't want the pee to go down my legs and soak my jeans so everyone could see so I squatted down to do less damage. I knew it was a mistake before I was even all the way down but out of frustration I just kind of gave up, I think I was kind of used to having accidents by then because it was kind of toward the end of a bad streak of accidents. I just waited while both ends started going full out into my pants. By the time I was done it was probably a good thing that I squatted down because the damage was really bad on the back but you could barely see anything from the front. I had to go the long way around the elementary school and I just faced my butt away from the road when somebody drove by. A couple cars managed to sneak up on me and might have caught a glimpse of my accident but again nobody I knew found out. I STILL didn't learn my lesson but there weren't too many incidents after that, they mostly happened from around 9-13 years old with a few scattered before and after that. I thought I was really good at holding it but looking back I guess not.


How I got my diapers

Ok. So I'm sure that you've been wondering how I got my diapers. When I was 7 I started to get extremely lazy. One day I was watching tv and felt the urge to poo. I decided just to hold it, but after a minute I realized how much easier it would be if I just went in my pants. So I started to poop and filled my panties with 2 logs. After that my mother came in and started yelling at me. "if you're gonig to poop your pants maybe you should just wear diapers!" she yelled. Ever since then I've been wearing my goodnites. G2G cu
Ps I'm constipated so I'm probably going to have a huge dump later

Desperate to poop

pub toilet queues

Interesting sights this week

Local pub was refurbishing starting with the toilets so they were all out of action apart from the disabled unisex.

So that meant everyone had to share a single toilet. It's a relatively popular pub so there were often queues! I watched quite a few times as there were queues of 4-to-5 people waiting a mix of ladies and gents. Some would show signs of needing a pee by jiggling slightly and occasionally the odd one would rub their ????.

At two points the queue got very big as a lady was in there for a good pooh (7-8 mins) and a gent was in for 5-6 mins. But when you gotta go you gotta go! I only had to pee the first time I was in the pub. But the second time I managed a 3 minute poop. I had to wait in front of 5 others, 2 gents and 3 ladies.

Happy pooping


Big after class poo

This afternoon, I was in class and I felt I had to poo. There was only about fifteen minutes left, so I just held it. That was my last class of the day, so I had no rush to do my poo. I went to the ladies' room and took a stall. I pulled down my skirt and panties and sat on the toilet. I knew it would be a big one and take a long time, because I hadn't been since Wednesday morning, four and a half days. I got my math book out of my bookbag and began to do some work as I began to pee.

I peed for a little bit and then I felt a huge poo coming out, it felt like it must be at least two inches thick. It broke off after not much time at all. Then I got so wrapped up in my math problems, I forgot I was even having a poo at all. I snapped out of my trance when someone else came in the bathroom and by then I felt I was completely done with my poo. I looked at my watch and saw it had been forty minutes since I started my poo.

I stood up to look at what I had done and I saw ten poos in the bowl, each the same size as the first one. I was really amazed I did at all without even feeling anything at all. I guess I was really distracted by the math book. I only had to wipe four times, then I flushed, washed my hands, and left to go home.

Megan from Calgary

My Accidents, Part Nine

Hi everyone. My last post was titled incorrectly. It was titled My Accidents, Part Six, when it should have been Part Eight.

Anyway, in January of 2010 my boyfriend Mark and I went on a ski weekend with one of my closest friends Inga and her fiancÚ Matt. I forget which weekend we went on this trip, but we went to Canmore on Friday afternoon and came back on Sunday afternoon. I remember that my period was due to start on Monday or Tuesday of the following week, but I brought a full supply of pads in case it started earlier than I was expecting. The hotel that we stayed at was about a 20 minute drive from the ski hill. We got there at around 1pm on Friday afternoon and hit the ski hill at around 2pm after checking in at our hotel. We skied until 5pm or so and stopped for dinner. We did some night skiing and finished up at around 9pm and went back to our hotel for some drinks and a snack.

The next morning we were up really early, like around 7am. We had breakfast and were back on the hill by 8am. We had taken a few warm up breaks throughout the morning. The guys were off doing their thing and Inga and I were moving at a slower pace and going on the easier hills. At around 11am, Inga and I were on the ski lift. I had been feeling some minor on and off cramping all morning and it intensified when we were on the ski lift. I muttered something like, "mmmmm" under my breath. Inga heard it and asked if I was alright. I told her that I was having cramps and she asked if it was from my period. I told her that it was but that I wasn't expecting it to start until Monday at the earliest. She asked me if I had any pads with me and I told her that I had some in my pocket just in case. But, I could tell that the cramps were not of the PMS variety. About three quarters of the way up the lift, a really bad cramp hit me and, even though we were sitting, I had to clench my butt cheeks with all my strength. It was too late though as a wet fart shot into my bikini underwear. I asked Inga if she knew if there were any washrooms at the top of the hill and she said that she did not think so.

We finally got to the top and as soon as I got off of the chair lift, a small rush of diarrhea splattered into my underwear. I asked one of the resort workers at the top of the hill if there were any washrooms there and she said that they were out of order. Just my luck. I had already pooped a bit into my underwear and now I had to ski down to the bottom to use the washrooms in their chalet. I tried keeping my butt cheeks clenched the entire way, but I did not do a very good job of it. I hit a few bumps and when I did, my butt cheeks opened up and I pooped more into my underwear. By the time I got to the bottom, I had filled my underwear pretty badly. I was wearing thermal underwear under my ski pants to help stay warm, but I could feel the mess leaking through them and down my legs.

I caught up with Inga and asked her if she had any extra underwear with her. She said no and I asked her if she could drive us back to our hotel so I could change. She asked if my period had started and I lied and said that it had.

We caught up with Mark and Matt. I pulled Mark aside and told him that Inga and I were going back to the hotel so I could change. He asked why and when I started to tell him, I started crying a bit. He put his arm around me and said that it was okay.

As we were walking back to her car, I felt the need to go again. I tried holding it, but it was no use. The diarrhea bubbled out of me and went up my back and down my legs. We got into her car and I started crying again. Because I was wearing snow pants, the smell was not that noticeable. She asked what was wrong and I told her that the reason for me needing clean underwear was not from my period. I told her that I was having diarrhea and pooped my pants really badly as I was skiing down the hill. She felt really bad for me and even helped me get cleaned up back at the hotel. My snow pants were stained a bit on the insides of the bum area, but it had not leaked through them. Also, I was lucky to have brought a pair of yoga pants to wear underneath since my thermal underwear was ruined.

I changed into a clean pair of bikini underwear and my yoga pants. I grabbed another pair of underwear in case it happened again. Luckily I was accident free for the rest of the weekend. My period however, started on Sunday, one day earlier than expected. It was really heavy and I had to change my underwear at the chalet. I put on a pad and we skied for a few more hours.

Thank you.



so does this mean i won?

Today i had a pretty heated argument with my wife about bills. Whenever we fight she gets really distraught, like she actually shakes and says she feels sick. Like her nerves get all out of whack because she claims she really doesn't like confrontation (yet she seems to enjoy picking fights) Anyway, during the argument she got worked up to the point where she got all rigid and shut her eyes tight and made a groaning sound, then she cursed, and started gasping and groaning. I got kind of alarmed and started asking if she was alright, And she just kept standing there all rigid with her eyes closed. I moved toward her quickly because i didn't know what was wrong. She put her arm up as if to tell me to stay back. I got panicked and just shouted "what is wrong" and she just looked at me with a pitiful expression and turned and rushed gingerly out of the room, with a saggy wet brown bulge in the back of her tan slacks. She had gotten so worked up during the argument that she lost control of her bowels and crapped in her pants! Does this mean i won the argument?(joking) Btw she didn't come out of the bathroom for over an hour and when she did she was pretty willing to settle the argument quickly and calmly then she went about her day!

Frantic Francine

Kalee's questions answered

1. Would a 5-minite no questions asked pass daily help? Yes, it would be a miracle for a lot of us who are receiving detention time for being late to class.
2. What if hourly custodial cleanings of bathrooms were done and posted such as in hotel and business bathrooms? The postings would probably get ripped down or written on. Though, the idea is great. A few times this year I've had to sit in someone else's urine on the toilet seat rather than turning around and getting back in line for another toilet. It's gross. And as I've written about already, I don't like sitting butt-down on toilets away from home anyway.
3. Would cameras outside the entrance to the bathroom and pointed only on the entryway showing who's entering and the time deter vandalism or misuse? Yes. But my Mom says since this is only a middle school, some parents may consider the cameras an overreaction.
4. Should faculty be forced to use the student bathrooms? Probably, but the vandalism would take place when they weren't in there. I've noticed some strange-acting girls who are like always in the bathroom.
5. Would the tissue protectors for the toilet seats be a solution to students not wanting to use school bathrooms? That would be great. But the holders would have to be filled like every few hours. And some of the holders would probably be busted up because some of the 7th and 8th graders are like so mean.

Upstate Dave

24 Hour Bug Hits Me

I've just got back visiting my duaghter in Virgina. While down visiting I had a episode with some type of 24 hour bug that I wouldn't wish on anyone! At first I just thought it was my monthly celan out of my system. But it sure wasn't! I had the sighns of pentup gas pains first. More then normal. So I headed right to the bathroom.

I sat down on the toilet and I started taking at first a normal shit. Then right after I had done a good normal one I started having loose shit come out which it just kept comming out. Then it stopped with a loud gurggle and then more liquid type shit sprayed out of my asshole into the toilet. It felt hot very hot as it shopt out of me splattering loudly down inside the bowl. After doing it this way a good three long times it did finaly stop. Boy did the smell really reak!

The time all this had happened was late in the evening and there was nothing in the house that I could take to relieve it. So I had to wait till morning to get some pepto to take care of it. I was really tired but I didn't want to go to sleep for I was feeling a heavy bloating felling in my guts. But I gave in to my urge to hit the sack.

I did sleep soundly but durring my slep I shit myslef twice big time! I woke up with my boxers soaked with my runny shit! I went straight into the bathrom tore off my boxers and went right in the shower and showered. As soon as I stepped from the shower my guts let out a loud gurgle and I knew I wass going to have another attack of runny shit!

I didn't have tme to dry myself off to sit down on the toilet seat. I raised it up and hovered my bare ass over the bowl. Out my runny shit came! It was like water running from a wide opened fuacet! It aso burned for it was like acid as it splattered and splashed in the toilet. Wave after wave came out. I must have spent a good 15 minutes doing this. Then it did stop. I dressed and went straight upstairs and told my duaghter to pck me up some pepto. She did and I took it. IT helped but it didn't take care of all of it.

I had a second episode shiting in my bxers again that evening but nowhere as bad. I did take more of the pepto before going to sleep and I had no further times with having such loose shit. I was glad to for I was leaving the next day. That would have ben a tough bus trip back home. Upstate Dave

Ruth W


I was at the health club today where I had a really hard ABs workout which was cut short towards the end when I needed to poop. I quickly made it to the ladies where I released the most powerful fart I have ever done. It was followed by five minutes of continuous plopping and farting. When I was done I had actually more or less filled the toilet up over half way. After flushing it, the bowl began to overflow, I think I must have overloaded it. This happens to me often as I have very infrequent bowel movements. I quickly got my stuff and left the building.

Kate, the soccer mom

Response to James

Hey James! I just read your post and I wanted to say thank you for your kind words! I do have another story to share, of a mishap I had last week on my way to work, but I can't get into it right now. I promise I will post that story within the next few days.

Take care!
Kate, the soccer mom

Migraine Loverer


To Jessica: I liked your story. I have always wondered what a nurse would do in that situation.
Migraine Loverer

To Derek:
Ok so my poop and pee schedule: This is it assuming this is one of the days that I do poop:
Ok so if it was Saturday, I would wake up at 8:00 and eat a large breakfas and drink a big glass of juice and a big glass of water. Then at about 10:00 I would feel the urge to pee and poop. I usually will hold it and at around 1:00 I would go to the toilet and pee for about 40 sec and then begin shitting out a foot and a half long long about an inch and half wide and then at 9:00 p.m. I would pee again
If you could please post some stories about your cousins, mothers, aunts peeing, pooping and farting and also if you have heard other girls doing the same. Any more questions please feel free to ask.


Outdoor Lady

Peeing outside

To piggy poop: I love to pee outside and when I am at the beach I always pee in the river or ocean. When I get to the beach I go in at about waist depth, stand still, and let it flow; I can also do it when swimming around and I have had conversations with people and I was having a pee at the same time. It is so relaxing. I don't poop in water since it is highly pathogenic vs sterile urine. I like to pee in alleys also and have used them for emergencies. I also like to pee on ferns since when I was little I saw a little boy doing this and as a girl I felt very envious. I also love to pee under water and always do it in the shower and when I go swimming. Outdoor people are less inhibited when it comes to peeing outside. My favourite is peeing in woodlots on pine needles or in sand or on rocks since you can see how much you produce and can see it flow. I have sometimes peed in the backyard when I lived in a house.

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