Not allowed to poo 3

I once held my poo for 5 days & when I came home from school holding my bum my mum wouldn't let me use the toilet as punishment for holding it so long. I was beyond being desperate & I begged her to let me go to the toilet but she made me wait untill bed time & if I went in my knickers I'd be in trouble. I sat watching tv all evening & had to clench really hard to keep it in. I was sweating because I knew I wouldn't make it till bed time. I sat in agony, terrified to move in case I had an accident & to add insult to injury she told me she was going to the toilet for a nice relieving number two. I hated her for saying that, knowing how bad I needed to go. I could hear every plop & when she let out a sigh of relief I almost lost control. I had to sit on my hands to stop it coming out & when she came downstairs & saw just how desperate I was she lectured me about holding it too long. I pleaded with her to let me use the bathroom but she just told me I shouldn't have held it so long. She reminded me about what would happen if I messed myself & believe me I was getting close to it! She said she was going shopping & I thought I'd get the chance to go while she was out but she made me go with her. As we walked round the shelves the only way I could keep control was by holding my bum with both hands. My mum didn't like that & told me to let go & walk properly. As soon as I did so my anus opened & I let out a shot of poo into my knickers. I don't think my mum noticed straight away but when we got to the car she smelled it & marched me back to the store. We walked up to the customer service desk & she asked where the toilets were in a loud voice. I was so embarrassed but I thought at least I would be able to use the toilet. She led me into the baby change room where there was a small toilet designed for a small child but I wasn't allowed to use it. I was so desperate by now I felt my anus opening against my will. I tried to clench but I had no control & a huge amount of soft mushy poo began to spread out in my knickers. It filled them completely & came out the leg elastic into my leggings. I kept going for ages & I didn't even try to stop it. I peed myself at the same time & my mum just told me, "Now that is what happens when you hold it too long!" After that incident I made a point of never going when my mum was around. I tried to make sure I went at school or even in the woods.

I was in the park one evening. I was on my way home from school. It was just before dark here in the East. We have EST. It was cold and I had to pee. I went to the female toilet. I met with a girl in a red plaid lumberjack.She was pudgy and no raving beauty. We spoke. She asked me if this was the ladies room because next door was the men's room. I told her so. She said, "I want to take a #2 bad." I told her that I would not stop her. She must have been 17. I took one stall. She took another. I took off my coat, pulled down my khaki pants and white briefs to my thighs and let out a waterfall. This girl took off her jacket, pulled down her blue jeans and white panty to her ankles. She grunted and then she was dropping chunks like heavy rocks. She said, "I got more in me. My stomach is killing me." Then she farted deep from her black butt covering the seat. She asked me "are you ok, sister? Do you have enough to wipe your cat?" I told her yes. What about you? She said that she was OK and she had plenty of paper. Then, I heard a thick loose release with a fart come from her. I was relieved to release my piss. I reeled off a small amount of paper, opened my legs and wiped myself. I did not even flush. I was fixing my pants. My genital area and between my legs were so wet that I needed another strip of paper. The girl and I kept talking. Then, I heard her reach for paper. She used three wads and wiped good. She even stood up as she wiped. I could tell. She asked me to wait. She came out of the stall, her clothes fixed and flushed. She told me, "cold weather makes my bowels move." I told her that cold weather make me pee. She asked me my name and I told her. She said that her name was Rhonda. Another evening I was at the library and I just wanted to pee before I went home. When I went in I saw Rhonda again. We spoke. She said that she had to make #2. I told her that I had to pee. We each took stalls. I pulled up my khaki skirt, let down my pink panty and white panty hose and sat on the bowl. She unhitched her jeans, pulled down her light blue Hanes brief panty and sat on the bowl. I heard her bowels evacuate like chunks and mud. I asked her if she took a laxative. Her stomach sounded wicked. She said it sounds like it. She said, "My bowels are always like this." She had a paperback romance novel with her. I kept her company and we talked about what we were reading. I forced myself to pee because I did not want to get caught short on the way home. It was just a short squirt for 10 secs. After awhile, I had already wiped my cat and kept her company. She was engrossed with that novel. When she had enough, she reached for toilet paper and I saw her lift her tip-toes, open her legs and wipe herself. She had already stinked up the place. I got up fixed my clothes and we both flushed.

One Saturday, we had a feast at church. After church, I went to a movie. On the way there, I felt mounting pressure to move my bowels. I saw a dep't store because I would not last otherwise. I took and elevator to the 4th floor ladies room, took a stall, lifted my brown skirt, pulled down my white boxer spandex panty brief and black tights to below my knees. I sat on the bowl and I let out a yard of brown #2. It was from a turkey salad that I had made with fresh ingredients of vegs and spices. There was so much roughage that I saw seeds in the stool. There was no smell or fart. It stood all the up from the water line to the bottom of the bowl. I felt cleaned out. The roughage really gratered my rectum. The olive oil made it smooth. It wanted to come out so bad that condensation was on my panty. I wiped good, pulled up my panty and tights, let down my skirt. After, I flushed, washed my hands and went on to the theater.

One afternoon at the local library, I was 14 in 9th grade and had to move my bowels. A Chinese girl my age got the key to the bathroom as I was approaching. So she said that she would let me in with her. I was shocked that it was a single room with a sink and toilet. She let me go in front of her. I told her that I was going to be awhile. She did not object. She said, "I have to make...go ahead." I lifted my khaki skirt, let down my white panty and white tights to my thighs after I wiped the seat and sat on the bowl. Three soft brown chunks hit the water easily. I urinated right after. I thanked the girl and she said that it was no problem. We started talking and she commented on my Jockey panty brief. I told her that I liked the fit and the feel. I was not long before I finished. I wiped through between my my open legs, flushed the bowl, pulled up my undies and handed it over to her. She was wearing a multi-colored flowered nylon panty-white, yellow with pink sewn-on roses under her navy skirt and navy panty hose which she let down to her ankles. She put her knees together and her feet apart. She sat on the bowl and squeezed out 2 large brown banana pieces and urinated fiercely. I kept her company. We must have stayed in there for a good 20 minutes. When she finished she opened her legs and wiped herself good. She made sure that paper was clean. She fixed her clothes, tugging the white shirt tails under her skirt flushed washed her hands and we left.

Last summer at the library, I had to pee. I went to the girls room. It has three stalls. I took one, undid the drawstring pulled down my green cut-off shorts and white bikini FOL panty over my pink sneakers, closed the door and squatted over the bowl and peed. I squirted out 2x then it flowed easily. It felt good and routine for 30 seconds. I wiped, pulled up my clothes and flushed. My cut-offs hugged my backside so that my panty lines could be seen. I get old sweat pants and cut them short. As I was washing my hands, a black girl about my age came in and took the next stall, dropped her black Nike shorts and gray panty over her black trail shoes and exploded her bowels. She stinked up the place good. She called out to me for some toilet paper. There was none in her stall. I gladly gave it to the kid. She cracked open the stall door and took it and I left. She thanked me. Sometimes, I pee either sitting, squatting or hovering.

Timee/Panty Survey
Randi: Thank you. What color panties do you wear? I would like to hear about your own toilet noises. I will search for your posts. I have not seen those two transguys from the park. I have some stories to tell. I wear full-cut panties. When I am changing my clothes in the locker room, I wear my shirt tails down so that no one will notice. Otherwise, I do not care. I like to bare my brand and color of underwear when I wear a full-cut or a large bikini under my pants. The girls wear all varieties of panties where I am at school.
For treatment of hemerrhoids: Sit in a hot bathtub. Then, when the water has cooled off. Apply witch hazel on gauze to the affected area. Repeat frequently.
I also like Maidenform.
Hermes: That girl must have left that toilet a sight. I could imagine the sight of her bowel movement.
new guy: You have no idea.
Sheila: Thank you, also.
J: Whenever I use a toilet, I look for toilet paper first. We keep plenty on hand at home for my mom and I and guests.
Punk Rock Girl: That rough paper used to give me vaginitis. I had it in public school.

I use to poop sitting backwards so i could do crosswords on the top of the toilet.. worked as a great table

Tom Tit

The Holiday Trots

I have just returned from a two week holiday in the Far East and am still getting over the jet lag.
I usually have some form of ???? upset on these occasions and this trip was no exception although the symptoms are fairly mild.
Since the last two days of my holiday my bowels have been loose and when I crap it is all over in about half a second flat during which time about two foot of fairly runny poo is blown out with one enormous loud fart.
During the last week of my trip I met a rather lovely local girl aged 36 although she looked a good deal younger with her amazing figure. We had a holiday romance four the last four days and she slept in my hotel room for the last four nights.
Whilst we were out and about during the day I noticed that she needed to visit the toilet rather frequently and was gone along time so I figured she had some sort of problem. In the hotel when she needed to use the toilet she would put the television on first presumably to disguise any noise but on occasion I could clearly hear that she obviously had the same problem as I still have. i.e. there was one loud splash simultaneously with a very loud and explosive fart.
Unfortunately she was too shy to let me in the bathroom even when she was showering so I stood no chance when she was on the toilet and although I had figured out how to open the door from the outside, I didn't think it fair to do so. The bathroom door had a frosted glass panel so with the bathroom light on you could see the shape of anyone on the toilet which was facing the door. She obviously figured that out for herself though as she didn't put the light on in her later visits.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The girl with the university enema: When you have an enema, your are to expel it immediately. There will be residue in you for days to come after. I do not like them. They are dangerous and they ruin the tone of your intestinal muscles.
Jason: I was the same way. I could make #2 in front of my mother or father when I was a little girl. But, when I went to someone's house, I had to be desperate. I loved public toilets, but I had to be alone, even though they scared me. I once had to make #2 at the main bus term. in town. I was about 7. The women's toilet was big, huge and cavernous, with stalls on both sides. I did not want to be seen or heard. I got caught in 7th grade at school. It was my first time. I tried to have bowel a movement in 3rd grade at school. It was not successful.
Punk Rock Girl: That toilet was illegal. All toilets in a public place must be behind closed doors.
Wendy: I was like your friend Rachel when I was in 7th and 9th grade and later in HS. I had to be sent home with a loose stomach. It caught me really bad and I decided that it was better to be safe than sorry.
Tom: It is those pretty girls who make the most noise and the most mess.
Tiffany:2-4 bowel movements daily is very good. Presciptions and alcohol do not mix. Pasta, coke and beer is not a good way to eat.
Freshman Freddy: In school, have you been hassled about how you go to the bathroom? What has been said? How did you react? My answer: By time I was in HS and college, the whole athletic dept. girls and coaches knew about my bowel habits on afternoons. They did not hassle me. When they saw me headed for the toilet or saw me on the toilet, they used to comment about the sound of my regularity.
Bob: When I was that age, my friends and I enjoyed peeing on a hill somewhere and skinny dipping. We were both boys and girls.


An Unpleasant Agency experience with a sting in the tale.

Hi Everyone

Hope you are OK.

Many moons ago, I decided to go on a morning's vocational course with an employment agency I had not used before.Unfortunately I was left to get on with it, and given no support by the young woman who was supposed to be supervising me.

She was a blonde in her late twenties,wore a yellow blouse, short beige pleated skirt and brown tights. Average height, not especially pleasant in either the looks or personality department, she had a way of sneering at you when talking, which put my back up.

However around 11am I heard her excuse herself from the office and go into the ensuite toilet immediately opposite my room.

I heard her close the door and lock it.I heard the rustle as she hitched up her skirt and the snicker as she pulled down her tights and pants.I heard a brief clank as she sat down.

I heard a lengthy pee which went on for ages until there was a quiet spell, although I heard her quietly straining and grunting.

Suddenly there was a rapid and violent "SPLLLUUUUUUTT"followed by what sounded like several hard pebbles shooting out of her bottom at very high speed.It was all over in less than a second.Imagine the sound of a firecracker speeded up with added rapid plopping.

There was then a period of calm before I heard another explosive fart followed by truly supersonic plopping as a dozen pebbles flew out in less than a couple of seconds.

There was finally a very lengthy wet fart which seemed to go on forever, before I heard her wipe and leave the toilet.

Shortly afterwards I completed the course and handed it to her.Unfortunately I failed it,but I wa not tempted to go back and re-sit it.

More tales next time, take care

Hermes x


Intro & Question for Ladies


My name is Dan, age 24, single, and live on Maddison Ave.

Just discovered the board and want to ask the women some questions:

1) When you mention a large poo, do you mean a lot came out, or it was a large piece?

2) Do you prefer to drop many small - med. pieces, or one huge piece?

I've noticed something and would like to make an observation - single toilet bathrooms with locks should not be separated by gender. For example, at Starbucks, and other cafes, the bathroom is one toilet, with a sink, mirror, locking door...the works. Why bother putting male / female signs on the door?

That's it for now as my break is nearly done.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Tom great story about smelling and seeing the remains of her I bet you were right about her not wanting to do it at her work because she didnt want her coworkers to know it was her and please contiue to post more great stories like that thanks.

To: Amanda M im glad your feeling better and I also your glad you didnt have to take a nasty dump because usualy a stomach ache means that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: PR to asnswer your questions
1. Yes I enjoy pooping but no stories come to mind right now
2. Yes I love the sounds made in the bathroom espicaly if its from a woman
3. It all depends on the situation if my friend are going to the bathroom outside I will as well especaly if they women

I loved your story about hearing and seeing that woman go to the bathroom outside and please share anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great peeing story with you and your friends and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty as always another great buddy dump story and I bet you were really glad that Kirsty was there to help you and as always I look forward to your guys next stories thanks.

To: Kate The Soccer Mom another great story about your daugthers friends accidents I bet shes glad you and your daugthe were able to help her out and not making a big deal out of it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tiffany first welcome to the site and great story and please contiue to post more of them thanks.

To: Randi I think need to get rid of the mens and womens rooms and just have a unisex bathroom because we all pee, poop and fart and we shoudnt have to worry about seeing someone else private parts where all human and we all know what the other has we learned that in school or have seen someone naked of the other gender whats the big deal sorry about rambling on but I had to get it off my chest so in simple terms GET OVER IT PEOPLE STOP BEING ASHAMED OF YOUR BODY and I look forward to your next post.

To: Abbie as always another great story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Linda another great story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave havent heard from you in awhile I hope your ok and please start posting again thanks.

Well thats all for now and I just want to say I consider everyone on here a friend even though weve never met in person at least that I know of which brings me to a question ive asked before I wonder how many of us met someone or know someone from this site and just didnt know it just something to think about and also WOW a 1994 pages and counting by sometime next month it will be 2000 pages and contiue to go on after that.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Sheila GwentGirl

Tom: What a great story, I was in a right state reading it. You have a
job to die for, lucky you. Have you listened to the lady from the
furniture store lately? Why not try and surprise her to be in the
next cubicle when she comes in next time.

Randi: I can share how you feel when you manage to listen in the ladies.
My son Stephen started at school. I love to have him in the
ladies with me, we both like to listen to all the sounds, the
noises, like shitting bubbling and splattering into the pan. I
love it when I have to go and after Stephen wipes my bum. To
feel his hands as he slides the paper over my anus is heaven.
But please be careful honey, check out the toilets, make sure
its easy to get in and out of. I am dying to hear more of your

P.R. Answers to your questions.

1. I have always enjoyed shitting. I love the feel as I shit,
whether its hard or soft. I prefer soft, but that's purely a
personal preference. Ruth, my friend at work, listened when
she was at school as I did, just love all the sounds etc.
Stephen, my son, sneaks into ladies to listen. I have asked
him to be careful, nowadays, thankfully, he loves to be in with
me and when we both need to shit at the same time he will sit
on my knees and , hugging each other, sometimes even kissing as
we go, we enjoy everything together. Now Ruth lets him go in
with her. Often we have been out and needed to go and all
three of us have been in the ladies at the same time, with
Stephen in the middle cubicle. We chat a lot as we all enjoy
a long, long, shit. I have some very exciting memories and
they are added to almost every day.

2. I have answered that question in my first reply. We, all
three of us, Stephen, Ruth and me, always find it very sexy
and erotic.

3. I prefer indoors to outdoors. Public to private. Always I
try to be with somebody.

I hope to read more exciting stories from you in the future.

Stephen and I were shopping recently when I said I needed to go
badly. I had eaten a French salad the night before, washed down
with a bottle of Babycham, the Babycham always makes me go and
when we reached the ladies in the shopping mall I was bursting
to go, my stomach muscles were hardening as I tried to hurry
and squeeze my thighs tight together. There was no time to
check if it was safe for Stephen to come in, I had to run in a
low crouch, one hand under my bum. The first three cubicles
were engaged, but breathing hard now, I pushed on the door of
the next cubicle, it was vacant. Without even bolting the
door I dropped my shoulder bag on the tiled floor and scrambled
to pull my skirt up. I reached and pulled my panties down a
split second before wet, hot, diarrhoettic shit splattered into
the pan and, alas, over the side of the toilet and on the floor.
I was bent forward on the toilet, my hands holding my ???? as
it seemed to groan in anguish, my hands, open palmed, held my
????, trying to massage the pain away, as I had three/four
rapid, explosive bursts of shit splatting into the pan. My
anus was sore, having the runs always seems to make my bum so
sore. I ripped some toilet paper now and bending over I tried
to clean the shit from the floor. It was best to let it soak
my shit up rather than wipe. I was still aching so bad, help-
less, feeling terrible, when I heard Stephen calling out, then
tapping on the cubicle door. "Mum, Mum, are you in there?"
I have never been so grateful to hear his voice. He had de-
cided to sneak in, he was worried about me. I just leant
forward and pulled the unlocked cubicle door open to let him
in. He looked at me his face tense and taut. Then he stepped
forward and bending over kissed the top of my head. I just
turned my face up and kissed him. Without saying anything
he ripped more paper and crouched over to clean the floor up.
Then, ripping more paper, he wiped the back of the seat and
the side of the toilet. I shit again and could see him at my
side looking as I shit. Then he stayed like that as I shit
with more urgent retching of my ????. At last I felt I
had finished and went to wipe my bum but Stephen just stood
took the paper and wiped me clean. It took five more large
pieces of toilet paper to wipe me clean. Although I felt
terrible I still enjoyed the tender way he wiped me clean.
After he slipped my panties up so carefully and gently I
wish he would always do it. He was so careful to make sure
the delicate silk material was not pinching my vagina lips.
Then he smoothed my skirt down and gave me a hug. Without
speaking he realized how ill I felt, and murmured that we
should go home and he would look after me all day. I am
glad he did because I really had the shits bad, I must have
had to go six or seven times through the day before my pain
eased and I felt better. Stephen was with me all day,
tending to my needs, making me some buttered toast to help
bind me. In the end it was one of the most wonderful days of
my life.


Pooping in the woods

Daniel, your experience watching your friend poop brought back memories of when I was a kid in rural Georgia just north of Atlanta in the late 50s. We never went home until dark, figuring that our parents would want us to stay there for some reason. When we needed to poop, we would get on a small hill or a log so that our friends could watch. We were in the fifth and sixth grade at the time. Modesty didn't exist then. Skinny dipping was a common practice in the creek hidden from view in the woods. When my family moved back to the city up north, I missed those experiences.


A Cougar's Bowel Movement

Hi all. I had to work on President's Day. At first I wasn't too happy about it but then something happened that really cheered me up. For those of you who don't know, I work in a book store. Part of my job is check both restrooms on an hourly basis to make sure they are clean and stocked. Anyway, I was making my inspection of the ladies. I had just opened up the door and I saw someone was in the first stall. All I could see was a pair of black high heeled boots. The lady was rocking back on the heels so that the soles were not touching the floor. Before I could let the door close, this woman let out a HUGE fart. I stepped back into the hallway to let her finish her business. She was noisy. I heard lots of farting and at least two grunts/sighs. After about 10 minutes the lady came out. She was a very attractive blonde in her mid 40's or very early 50's. She was dressed very stylish in a white shirt, black jacket and gray checkered pants. She was a well built woman. Not fat but thick and her pants were just a shade too tight which really showed off her butt when she passed me. She walked past me very quickly without looking at me. (A sure sign that a lady has messed up the bathroom; they walk fast and won't look at anyone.) As she passed me I saw that she had a name tag on from the furniture store that is in the same complex as the book store. As soon as she was out, I went in. It was immediately apparent why she chose to shit here instead of at her store's ladies room. It STUNK in there. I had barely gotten in the room and her stench was overpowering. It had a nasty, sulfurous, rotten egg aroma that filled the entire room. I walked over to the stall she had been in and looked into the toilet. She was not kind to the bottom of the toilet. It was painted a nice light brown. There was a long skidmark that looked like it had been produced by a single turd. It ran from the top of the toilet to right into the hole. If it was produced by a single turd, it had to be over a foot long. Additionally, there were some fecal remnants floating in the water. Looked like this lady had eaten a salad recently. As I was doing my inspection, two girls came into the bathroom. I didn't see them but they sounded like teenagers. I quickly said "closed for cleaning" and one of the girls said "Wow! God bless you!" and walked out. I am assuming they smelled the same thing I did. After enjoying the aroma for as long as I could get away with, I flushed the toilet. Lots of skidmarks remained. That cougar is welcome back anytime she needs to take a wicked shit like that again. Anytime at all:)

Amanda M
I don't have anything interesting to post so I'll just tell about the horrible stomach ache I had a few weeks ago.
I had just gotten back from the gym and was about to take a shower when I started getting really bad stomach pains. I thought I had to poop so I sat on the toilet and managed to get a little bit out. I then tried to take a shower,but I couldn't even stand up that's how bad my stomach hurt. It hurt so bad that I could have cried.I re dressed and just sat on the computer for a bit and I kept feeling like I had to poop. I would sit on the toilet and manage to get a little bit out. I never felt completely empty. Every time I would go I would feel a little better but then when I came back downstairs the pain would get bad again and I would have to go back to the bathroom. The final time I went I managed to get a lot out. After that I felt much better. My stomach still hurt a bit but I could finally stand up to get a shower. The hot water felt so good on my stomach. I felt so much better after that.
I haven't had a stomach ache that bad in a long time. I thought I may have pulled a muscle but I didn't cause the next day I was fine.

Anonymous Girl

This is wierd...

Okay, so I'm a thirteen year old girl, and have been having weird problems with incontinence over the last couple of days. It started on Sunday when i was playing on my laptop. Before i even knew it,i had to pee... and i had to pee now. There was no warning and before i even stood up pee was pouring out into my panties. By the time i made it to the toilet, i had soaked through my pants a little. Then, yesterday morning, i was in bed after I had just woken up and without warning started to pee again. I soaked through my pajama bottoms a little but made it to the toilet before having a full blown accident. During the day yesterday I was outside in the snow with my friend. I all of a sudden again, without warning, began peeing right into my snow pants.... and then he hit me coming down the hill on his sled and it became more steady.... so i ran back up to my house and finished peeing in the toilet. My underwear was soaked but my pants were still dry. But that was a very close call. It was by far my worst episode so far. This morning it happened again. I was getting out of bed and started peeing. I had a big t-shirt and underwear on and it soaked right through the underwear. By the time i got to the toilet, pee was beginning to run down my leg.
I don't know why this is happening. I hope it stops before i go back to school. Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening? Any help would be appreciated.
*I have a request as well... does anyone have any good poop accident stories?


Questions and Storytime!

Hi everyone,
Just a few questions
1. Does anyone out there really enjoy pooping? Does it bring any exciting memories to mind?
2. Does anyone find it erotic? I personally really enjoy the sounds of public restrooms and all noises associated, the hisses, slpooshes, farts i can't get enough.
3. Do you prefer outdoors or Indoors, Public or Private, Alone or with another person?

So the other day at my friends camp I felt the most enormous buildup of fecal matter I ever have felt. the only problem is nice toilets are a mile away. He offered to go with me. So after one of the longest walks of my life we finally arrived. I was very toilet shy at this time so I waited for him to start before I did anything. After a while of sitting in silence I decided screw it I gotta poop. So I readied my self ( spread cheeks check for toilet paper) and was off to the races. Some hard pushing but mostly silence then I pinched of my first turd. It felt so goood! and then let out a long one maybe 6 inches super smooth too. Then enough pebbles for a bamboo plant! I really enjoy the feeling of pebbles just the way they bump out of the anus really feels great. I'd just realized my friend in the stall next to me started and he sounded worse for wear. Lot of grunting and I really found this sexy. Followed by merciless farts. Then I heard plops and he let out the most satisfied sound I've ever heard. He paused for a few and then I thought he was done then I heard a splash! And just picturing it i think it must have felt great. We wiped up around the same time. And he let out one more super cute fart! Then we walked back. I found him much more attractive after hearing that then I did before hand.
Now he was keeping me busy but may I say his mom is a milf! I loved that woman. Mid 40's with a 34 D cup and beautiful blonde hair. I felt a little bit of poop left in me from earlier that morning and noticed she was leaving it was around 6 o clock and pretty dark so I offered to come with a flashlight she gladly accepted however she settles at just an outhouse. The womans is right next to the mens. We both entered. Wow she must have had to go, I pictured this absolute godess pushing and I was getting all hot and heavy. She was moaning really enjoying the poop and I just love that. Wow she was gassy to I'd like to admit I'm self diagnosed with a fart fetish ( does anyone else out there have one? ) I almost forgot I had to go so I decided to go from across the room ( Pee that is) that was awfully fun! I heard a knocking coming in from her side and listened closer. She was letting out that last turd and it was putting up a fight! That thing must have been long the way she was moaning. I tried to make my bathroom noises loud but thats not easy to do with just a nugget, Really wide but not too long. ( as I would later figure out sort of like that friend's penis) We finished up and walked back. She asked me if I enjoyed my poo. I was caught off guard she told me she'd heard and I was straight up with her and said yes it felt incredible. I asked her in return and she said she loves the sounds I made. I believe she's a fellow poop admirer. I'll have many more stories of these to in the future.

Love & Poop
-- PR

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