Smelly Dump Victim
Today at the gym I experienced something that I needed to tell someone about, and this forum seems like a good place.

I'm going about my workout as normal when I felt the need to take a piss. The locker rooms are on the complete other end of the gym, and I don't feel like walking, but there is a one-person unisex bathroom nearby. I head over and the door's locked. I knock, and a female voice says "just a minute".

So I decide it's better to wait than walk, and resume lifting. About 10 minutes later, she's still in there. I'm about to just head over to the locker rooms when the door opens. She's a college age girl, about 5'8", athletic (but not muscular) build, sizeable tits, cute face. Easy 8 on a scale of 10. As I head over to the bathroom, I smile and make eye contact - she makes a weird face and looks away. I think maybe my hair is messed up or something. Heh, I only wish that had turned out to be the case.

The second I opened the bathroom door, I was immediately assaulted with an unbelievable wave of stink. It was like being punched in the stomach and kicked in the balls, simultaneously. If I had any brains, I would've turned around right there. Instead, I shut the door and locked myself inside.

I approach the toilet, and the situation only gets worse. The inside of the bowl has several massive poop stains. The water is brownish and there are several strands of toilet paper floating around. Literally gagging at this point, I whip out my equipment and try to force the urine out of me as fast as possible. Upon finishing, I flush, and not surprisingly, the water begins to rise meaning that this girl actually clogged the toilet as well. I bust out of the bathroom asap (forget washing my hands) and take some deep breaths of fresh air.

Now I'm not some kind of idiot who doesn't think that girls don't fart or burp or take dumps. But this was far, FAR beyond simply "taking a dump". This girl turned the bathroom into a third-world country. I have never encountered a shit, male or female, that smelled nearly as bad.

So my question is, has anyone else ever come across a girl whose poop completely destroyed a bathroom? And I'm not talking about 80-year olds or morbidly obese girls. I'm talking about girls that are at least reasonably attractive. Was my experience one in a million, or is there a secret legion of hot girls who take massive, horrible smelling dumps?

Laura (Teacher)
Hi all,

I apologize that I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been extremely busy lately, everything from teaching Summer classes, running, and visiting family back up in Quebec. For those of who do not know who I am, my name is Laura, 28 years of age, 5'9" in height, light brown hair, brown eyes and petite. I am a Math and Science teacher at a local private high school in New England. I have been a teacher for a few years now, and this was the first Summer that I had taught Summer classes (Summer school). A few weeks ago as Summer classes were ending, I met with a mother of a student of mine who was having a difficult time in Algebra. She is a great student, hard working, but, for some reason it is not clicking for her. As I met Kristen (student’s mother), I brought her a cup of coffee and met in a private office to talk. As we were discussing lesson plans, homework assignments, grades, etc., I smelled this foul smell. At first, I thought it was me. During the meeting, I was feeling pressure building up in my stomach as I had not had my morning dump, and I thought I may have let a fart escape without realizing it. Throughout the meeting, I had heard Kristen’s stomach growling, and she looked somewhat uncomfortable sitting in her chair. In fact, 45 minutes into the meeting, I was looking forward to it ending and I had asked Kristen if she had any other questions that I could answer for her, luckily she didn’t as I really had to take my morning poop.

As we were walking out of the building, Kristen asked me where the ladies washroom was located. I told her that she could follow me as I was heading to the toilet myself. She followed, as we arrived to the staff restroom, I walked in, held the door open for Kristen. Immdeidately, she entered the first stall, she quickly closed the door and sat down. I walked to the 3rd stall (the one against the wall " to give myself some extra privacy in case if this was going to be a noisy dump). As I was closing my door, I could hear Kristen let loose a barrage of wet poop into her toilet. This poor woman had to go badly. I had to go as well. I closed the door, hung my purse up on the hook, lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties took a seat. Immediately I started to pee. While peeing, I let go of a loud fart. The peeing stopped, but, I could feel the first of many logs come banging at my back door. First the crackling sound of a long poop exiting my behind, then a ka-plop…… into the water below. My stomach contracted again, yet again a fart, a short pause, another fart, then the crackling sound of poop …. Ka-plop…………..ka-plop…….ka-plop. I peed a little bit more, then a long pause. I felt more inside wanting to come out, but, it took a minute or so before the remaining came out of my behind. I heard Kristen releasing wet poops into her toilet as I was pooping as well. After dropping my last long poop into the toilet, it was time to wipe. I grabbed the toilet paper, wiped my front a few times, and then wiped my backside. Unfortunately, this was a messy wipe " I had to wipe about 8 or 9 times and I also had to use a moist towellete which I keep in my purse for these emergency situations. After flushing my waste, I felt completely relieved! The smell I left behind was pretty bad, but, a woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do. I pulled up my panties, lowered my skirt and washed my hands. As I was washing, I heard farting coming from Kristen’s stall. I simply let her finish up. I felt so bad that she wasn’t feeling well. She must have been in agony sitting in our conference.

I hope everyone is having a great Summer and I hope all is going well!


This first week of school has been interesting, and very exhausting. The first day, during recess, at about 10:00 in the morning, I was in the boys' room taking a leak while this very shy, pale looking kid from 8th grade came in. He is a very smart kid; I had the chance to look at his grades once and they werw quite good. Anyway, he looked at the stalls, and as he started walking towards them, he noticed me at the urinals. He hesitated for a moment, looked down at the floor, and entered the second to last stall (4 stalls). Now, as I was almost done, but I decided to stay there because, even though the stalls don't get a lot of use and there's nothing strange about someone using them, I had never seen this kid EVER even approaching the bathroom.

He closed the stall door and proceeded to lower his pants (I presume; I didn't hear the rustling of clothes so he must had them around his thighs or above or he crapped himself while sitting on the toilet, which I don't think so). He sat on the toilet and then, silence. Just my last drops of pee hitting the urinal was the only sound in that bathroom. When they came to an end, I stayed there listening to nothing. I realized he must have been waiting for me to leave, but this was the first time I had seen THIS guy using the toilet. I did the old trick of closing the door but staying inside the bathroom. Then, I still heard nothing. After a couple of seconds of still nothing, I heard a short grunt from him and then plop, plop...PLOP, then sigh. Then some more silence for about 3 minutes before I looked at my watched and realized it had just passed 5 minutes. Still no noise, and finally, a sigh from him. He began wiping himself at which point I opened the door and closed again, and went to wash my hands. He didn't continue wiping while I was washing my hands, so I left soon after.

Nobody else used the stalls that first day except for that kid, which seemed normal. Later that day I realized that maybe everyone trained their bodies to go either before or after shool hours, except this kid which NEVER used the bathroom. So maybe this was his usual time of the day to go during summer.

As for me, I was still having my normal dumps during afternoons or early evenings, but on Wednesday I just did like 30 small pebbles which required some effort. And since then, I haven't gone again. I should be able to go today as it's been three days since I last went, and it should be a big one. If it happens soon, I will post it later.

I remeber one time somewhat recently when i just couldnt hold it anymore. It was a couple years ago when i was 22. I was drinking some beers at my friends aprtmnet before we headed to the bar, we were trying to build up a buzz before we left. I had finished about 5 beers in a bit over an hour. We decided to head out. Just as my friend was locking up his door i remember thinking I should have taken a leak before. But I didnt want to go through the whole dramatic deal of making him open the apartment back up, and hearing all the greif from my other friends, even though it would have been far less from what id be hearing soon. We all piled into one car, and my problem was already starting. Sitting down made the problem feel worse, my bladder felt really hard i could feel all those beers i drank earlier starting to run their way through me. The bar was only about 20 min away so i really thought i could just go rite when we got there...
about 10 min into the ride i knew i was going to have to go somwhere beofre we got there. I knew by the time we parked, waited in line and got into the bar id probably be pinching my dick closed. I couldnt get myself to ask my friend to stop for some reason though. I felt dumb yelling over the music and over the seat. The pressure started becoming intese though, i was squeezing my legs together hard, eventually i couldnt sit still, i was moving in all sorts of positions every few secounds to get a more comfortable position. My friend next to me was finally like "what the hell is your deal? you look like you gotta piss bad" That was it, i shouted to my friend and told him we needed to stop somewhere soon. i was getting scared i was going tp piss my pants. They couldnt belive that i couldn't wait, especially becaus we were only about 5 min away now. He took a turn down another street trying to find a gas station, i really wante dto just piss on the street but there were way too many people. I couldnt belive how bad i had to piss, or the situation. Soon the pressure on my dick was too much. I could feel it leaking out, but kind of slowly. I tied grabbing my dick closed, but i couldnt stop it, the pressure from inside was way too intense. at that point i was just trying to not lose comlete control. We finally pulled into a gas station. I jumped out, which actually sent a hard pain through my bladder, i felt a hard jet of piss escape. a dark spot the size of a tennis ball appeared on the front my my jeans, i grabed my dick shut, i heard one of my friends say "damn your pissing your pants man" I turned and tried to make a run for it. But i couldnt let go of my dick, the pressure was so intense i knew if i did it would come rushing out. All i kept hearing in my head this whole time was my friend saying "damn your pissing your pants man" thats exactly what was happening. the tip of my penis was in absolute pain, i was sqeezing it shut so hard. I got to the bathrooms but they were locked! There was a sign that said to get the key from the cashier. Im sure i looked like an idiot sqeezing my dick shut asking for the key. Sh e handed it to me and i tried to make a run back, but my hand slipped... I all started coming out, ran into the bathroom, by the time i unlocked the door and unziped my pants i had soaked my jeans with my own piss. I was thinking damn if only these bathrooms werent locked i would have made it, besides a small wet spot. I tired to dry with paper towels but it didnt help. I ran out of the store and left the key in the bathroom, i couldnt walk it back to her in my wet pants. I saw my firnds car, i could here them saying "oh shit!!" when they saw me. I was humiliated i couldnt belive that had happened, and kind of all at once. They dropped me off at home and at least waited to bust my balls they next day.

Henry if you have the runs then just shake your arse before you stand up to get the drips off. Remember to wipe your cheecks because of splash. Shaking is a technique we girls have mastered if we pee and there is no paper.

Cute & Shy
Hi everyone

Sorry it's late:

To Pee Shy
Hi. Thanks for the advice. Like, now when I think about it, tea probably had an effect on it; not the Mountain Dew. I remember enjoying some nice, hot tea my sister made around that time. Just to be sure, I'll give myself a little 'tea-test' soon. I'd hate to cut down on my favorite drink though, so I reaaaally hope it's not the problem . Thanks again.

To Tayna
Hey girl. To answer your question, I experience pretty much the same as you described, except my ???? doesn't swell and my bladder doesn't ache, but actually feels great after I pee. Also, it's not that I have to be alone when I gotta pee, but I must be near a restroom. Anyways, enough about me. I'm concerned about you. I ran a search on the problems you're experiencing, and like mine, I couldn't find a thing. They sound more serious than mine, so I recommend you see a doctor.

To Holly I.M.
I liked that little post about camping with The Holy Trinity. It was funny. lol But what made you pee on yourself at school?

To Penny
I liked your story. I almost died laughing.

To A.W.
I read your post on the previous page. Thanks for enjoying my story. You're too kind. :)

Fat Chick

Hello again! At the moment I weigh about 375 pounds. I don't seem to find it as strenuous as you do for some reason and I don't really sweat that much when I am on the pot dropping a pile - the only exception being if I have to push out a REALLY fat one and then it can be pretty difficult especially if it is very long as well.

I really haven't had to poop that much in situations that I did not choose where I was going to go. As I said, my family does not live near me and I don't have a ton of friends where I find myself in that type of situation when I am at their homes. I would probably try to tone down the straining and grunting a bit although I suspect I am already louder than I think I am anyways. I have heard negative comments and laughter in the public restrooms and I know it is about me most of time whether it be for the grunting and straining, the very audible and frequent farting or how bad the smells are that are eminating from my stall when I am pooping.

I will definitely be sharing more experiences soon including that Wal-Mart episode I referred to earlier that I had recently when I really had to go potty and I ended up taking an absolutely enormous crap and it got pretty embarrassing even for me. I just really had to go!

Has anyone as a kid pooped their pants a little and just not changed until nessecary?.

1 What is your gender? Female

2 What is your age? 22

3 How would you describe your body? petite and curvy

4 How often do you poop? 3 to 4 times per week

5 How long does it take you to get started, after sitting down? immediately because i usually dont use the toilet until it becomes urgent.

6 How long takes the complete pooping session? less than a minute.

7 do you enjoy watching others poop? I think it's interesting.

8 How much time took your longest toilet session you can remember? probably a few hours when i was constipated once.

9 Does your poop comes out in one wave, or do you have to pause between the turds? it comes out in one big wave

10 How many pieces do you produce when pooping? usually one huge turd and a few smaller ones

11 Do you fart while pooping? Yes, but i fart more right before pooping.

12 Do you shart while pooping? not usually

13 Are these questions annoying? No

GILMORE: Get rid of the girlfriend and keep the ass hair. lol

21 F

Jessa's Accident Survey
1. When was the last time you wet your pants? in bed last night
2. When was the last time you messed your pants? last week
3. Was there a time when you wet/messed your pants instead of using a public bathroom? Explain. In 9th grade we went on a field trip to washington DC and we took chartered busses, i had to poop but didn't want to do it on the bus bathroom so i tried to wait, but eventually i couldn't hold it so i pooped my pants and spent the entire field trip with a load in my pants.
4. Have you ever wet/messed yourself in public? yes/yes
5. Have you ever wet/messed your pants out of conveinence? yes, last week i messed my pants on my way home from work because there was no one to know and it was too long of a drive home for me to hold it.
6. Have you ever wet/messed in your pants on purpose? i guess you could say pooping my pants in my car last week was on purpose, but i would've wound up going in my pants before i got home even if i tried to hold it.
7. If yes, why did you decide to do it and how often do you do it? see above, maybe 3 or 4 times this has happened.
8. Do prefer to wet your pants or mess them? well i prefer not to do either but i deal with pooping my pants better because i take fairly solid poops with a faint smell, and i wear panties and jeans most of the time so many times i've been able to hide my accident really easily, like that time i explained on that field trip- i pooped my pants on the bus and went like the next 6 hours with a load in my pants and no one ever said anything. when i pee my pants its embarassing because its really obvious having wet jeans.
9. Have you ever wet yourself in the rain just because you could? no, but i wet myself at a pool party once because i could (i didnt pee in the pool i just peed myself while standing near a picnic table because i was wet and the ground was wet anyway)
Additional stories?
just a little history about me because this is my first post: i'm 21 now, female obviously, i have long light brown hair i'm 5'6" 120 lbs. i'm not someone who goes in her pants as a hobby or anything i just have poor control of my bowels and bladder so i have lots of accidents. i'm a bedwetter but i rarely poop in bed. other than that i'd say i've had about 10 wetting accidents in the last 5 years and 4 pooping accidents. the wetting accidents are mainly when i'm in the car on the way somewhere and i can't hold it in or if i get caught in a long line. i've pooped my pants on a bus as mentioned above, twice in my car like i mentioned above, and the other time was like 2 months ago at the movies with my friends, i had to poop like halfway through the movie so i decided to wait until it was over. i guess it was about 10 minutes left in the movie when i couldn't hold it anymore and i could feel something starting to push it's way into my pants so i got up to go to the ladies room but i filled my pants while walking up that ramp out of the the theater. i stood in that little corridor and watched the last few mins of the movie from there because it was kind of a large and messy BM, and i was afraid to sit back down in the movie theater seat. on the way home i sat in the back seat by myself and just didn't tell my friends but i think my friend Becky might have thought i did something in my pants. anyway, i'll post again later! bye!

Hi, my name is amanda and I'd like to share a few stories about my ex-boyfriend here, since they are relevant and I can't really tell anyone in real life in good conscience.

My ex-boyfriend would chronically put off having a bm. He pooped only about twice a week, and sometimes less, but by his own accord. He explained to me that he only likes going to the bathroom to poop if his need is urgent, as he believes going before that means wasting more time going than necessary. Apparently he has been this way since childhood, but is certainly made for some interesting moments such as:
-poo stains on my sheets
-a near accident during a football game
-a partial accident in a sauna

Jean, why don't you ask her if she would like you to get them for her? With everything else going on, it may be that either she has not thought of it, or can't deal with having to go and get them herself as it's just one more thing she has to do, or that she's too embarrassed to do it. I would suggest that you prepare yourself for a bad initial response. The other thing you can do is just get them and then ask her if she would like to use them.

Fat Woman and Fat Chick, i have some questions for the both of you:

-would you guys say you are pear-shaped or apple-shaped? are your buttocks and hips wider than your shoulders? do you have a defined waist? what are your measurements (if you don't mind answering).

-what is the absolute biggest dump you've ever taken, and what was it like?

-what was the worst case of gas you've ever had?

-what was the worst case of constipation you've ever had, and what was the resulting dump like? (this may coincide with the Biggest Dump question)

I'd appreciate it if you two would answer these questions. Thanks.

Hello, Im 31 male with an average physique.
Today morning, i woke up with stomach cramps, and was soon having the runs on the toilet. I then got ready to go to work, dressed in my suit and left for teh subway... In five mins I realized that my stomach was playing up again (thank God I skipped breakfast, partly because I took way too long on the toilet). When the cramps got bad, i sipped some water to relieve it... bad seemed to go right through me, and I needed a toilet right away... but my stop was about 10 min away, and even if I got off at the next stop, I didnt know where to go since even the restaurants wouldnt have opened that early... Anyway, the rumbles came and went, and I didnt dare fart since I would certainly unload in my suit. So I sat tight till my stop, held my breath, got up and took careful steps up to the street. It was raining and the roads were slippery, so i took out my umbrella and walked 5 min to my office. Now, my workplace is a superformal place as you might have guessed, and most people wear nice leather soled shiny shoes which they leave under their desk and wear another pair for the commute. BY the time I took the elevator up, I was sweating, my stomach cramping badly and my butts to sweaty to clench... I had my big bag with me, so i thought i would just keep it at my desk. At the desk, I saw my shoes, and by force of habit kicked off my walking shoes. I bent down to pick up the fancy ones...well, that was it... I immediately felt massive cramps, but thankfully collapsed into my chair..this jerky pressure up still magically kept it in...I was now without shoes and needed to wear some, so I somehow wriggled my feet in without bending...
With laces undone and feet half in, I stood up, knowing that I had only a few more seconds. With a deep breath, I walked very fast on tiptoe, since my feet werent fully in my shoes, almost running, made it to the main restroom door, and started undoing my belt as I made my way to the stall... luckily there was one free and I dashed it... by that time, my butt had started leaking slightly, and I didnt even bother locking the door; i just let go as I was sitting on the toilet...
Well, if any of you have held in diarrea for a while, you know how runny it gets...even more than what it would be like if you had gone right just poured out of me, my legs shivered, and my head jerked forward...soon i leaned back... and then felt my butt really wet and realized that the toilet was about to overflow... with my formal pants and fancy shoes at my ankle and my coat on me (no time to take it off), it was impossible to get up, since diarrea was dripping from me...but again, i dabbed some tp and stood up, the automatic flush sucked it in, and i sat down again for another instalment....I was in for probably half an hour, which is a long time at work.
Well, I had to make seven more trips, which wasnt that bad because I didnt have any meetings planned, so I was pretty much the master of my own time. I should be better soon, but i feel lucky going through this without an accident or puking horribly. Its so much easier at work, than at school when you need to ask for permission each time.

A couple people have asked about being a kid and asking for a diaper past toilet-training age for poop. I'm told by my mom that I did that until age 7, that I'd simply come home for school and ask for a pamper or pullup (pullups I would change into myself) and just do the deed in my room. I do remember when I was 6 or 7 that I purposely held it a few days to see if I could fill my pullup to the point of leaking- I unfortunately got exactly what I asked for. Ten minutes after I went into my bedroom, I waddled out to ask my mom for a change. I probably looked like I was smuggling a melon behind me!

Jessica L.
Well, I completely soaked my panties this morning. I was headed out the door, and for some reason I didn't have the urge to pee like I normally do in the morning. I started feeling I had to pee about ten minutes after I left. I was headed to the store to buy some things, as I have today off of work. I figured I could easily wait, so I got my things at the store and went to use the restroom there, but it was full, and all three stalls were occupied, and I heard lots of farts and grunts, so I figured I would head home. I was wearing a medium length skirt and blazer for those who are interested. The cash register lines were reasonably long, and finally I was only behind one person. Why it was so busy I don't know, all I can guess is that they did only have one register open. I was getting pretty desperate and was fidgeting and almost pee dancing. As my things were scanned, the checker could tell that something was up, as I was really starting to get beyond desperate. And then, as my last item started coming up, I felt a little dribble enter my panties. Then another, and then I just flooded them, totally soaking my skirt. I quickly finished checking and apologized profusely and sat on grocery bags in the car.

That's all for now!

i`m back with a story.
about 3 days ago i woke up with a great need for a pee but i was still like half asleep and i was thinking that i was on the toilet so i let loose. that`s when i began to wake up fully and stopped, realizing i was wetting my bed. but the damage was done. so after i gathered my sheets and positioned it under me(to prevent my bed from getting wetter)i began to let it all out and i felt very relieved and i was also able to change without my accident being discovered.

i have another story. on the same day as the above story i headed for the toilet and went for my usual poop. but this time it was different. when i went to poop, i had a hard time getting it out and it was rock solid(but i wasn`t constipated)and really thick. it was very hard for me to get started and when i did it moved at a snails pace and it also hurt alot and my anus stung for a little afterward and it had a bit of blood on it, my next poop 2 days later was also painfull, but it was smaller and didn`t have any blood thank god. well, that`s it.

I've been reading for a while, but this is my first post. I'm 21, male, about 5'7', light brown hair, and 147 lbs. The other day I was at work, and I was the only one working, and I started to get cramps in my stomach. I knew I was going to have to shir pretty soon, but since I was the only one in the store, I also knew I would have to hold it until we weren't as busy, or until we closed in 7 hours. Anyway, as time went on, the cramps got worse, and I kept letting out some farts, (but carefullu, since I knew I was going to have a mushy shit). When the store finally was dead (about three hours later) i went to the bathroom in the back and tried to have a quick shit, but nothing would come out. I tried for about a miute or so to get something to come out, but nothing would. So I pulled up my jeans and briefs, and went back to the counter. About a half an hour later, the same thing, I tried to go to the bathroom, but nothing would come out. Finally I just gave up and decided to hold off until I was home. I managed to complete the evening, do the paperwork, all without too much trouble. However, on the way home, the cramps were so bad, I didn't know if I could make it home. Finally, at the only traffic light the whole way, I was stuck there for what felt like forever, i lost control. Liquid hot diarrrhea filled my blue briefs, and ran up around my crotch and everything. Finally the light turned green, and was on my way. Just as i pulled in my driveway, another wave of diarrha was about to come out. Since I had already shit my pants, I was like "what the hell" and shot another load of diarrhea in my pants. The worst part was the cleanup.

Uncle Harry
To Some 1: I enjoyed your post today about the lady who invited you to stay in the bathroom with her while she peed. I've had this sort of thing happen several times under various circumstances and will be writing some posts about it.

Summer Camp

In late elementary school and early high school, I used to go away to summer camp for about 8 weeks every year. The camp was rather primitive. We slept in barracks, except for the older, senior campers, who got to live in two-boy cabins. The toilet facilities were large wooden sheds with two open toilets and two sinks. There were no showers; we bathed in the lake with some Ivory floating soap. This was an all boys camp and the only females around were the director's wife and the camp nurse who came 3 mornings a week for sick call.

In my last year at this camp, when I was 14, my friend Jerry and I lived in one of the cabins. Since the toilets were near the barracks, but not the cabins, we didn't use them unless we had to poop. We just peed standing on the back door stoop, which opened onto grass and faced parallel to the main path. One morning, Jerry and I were standing on the stoop, dicks out, and had just started to pee. We hadn't noticed that the camp director's wife and the nurse were coming down the path towards our cabin. They came right over to us and gave us a stern lecture about how we weren't dogs and shouldn't urinate on the grass. They did nothing to avoid looking at our pissing penises nor did they tell us to stop immediately. I couldn't stop and tuck in my cock anyway, as my bladder was too full from holding it all night. At this time of my life, I was not used to having females watch me pee, other than family. I was pretty embarrassed, not just because they were women, but women in authority, and I didn't want to get into trouble. Jerry felt the same way. So we promised we wouldn't do it again. But of course, we did. We just looked around first to make sure the women weren't there.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

To those of you who stand up to wipe yourself, when you have diarrhea and stand up does you ever drip diarrhea? Because it is mainly liquid.

Has anyone as a kid pooped their pants a little and just not changed until nessecary?.

Hi... um... I'm not really spectacular at introductions, but if you must know, I'm twenty-three, female, brunette, slim, English and evidently, very boring.
Anyway, lately my girlfriend, Cathy, has been having some problems. Her dad died a couple weeks ago, she just lost her job (for something that wasn't her fault, I might add) and she broke her finger out riding her bike. As is typical with these sorts of occurrences, there've been several repercussions; drinking, bouts of self-blame, anger, torrents of tears and that's all very understandable. There's been only one thing about her behavior that's really confusing me.
I remember the first time she did it. She'd been sacked the day before and had fallen asleep weeping painfully into my shoulder rather late that night. I was awoken at the crack of dawn to soft sobs and a rather foul smell. Through the early-morning dusk, I could make out the form of her leaning against the dresser, head bowed, and a telltale lump in the seat of her knickers.
My heart fluttering oddly, I padded across the carpet and hugged her from behind. "Aww, babe, what's the matter, huh?" I cooed.
She snapped around.
"Oh, Jeanie... I was just getting ready to go job-hunting," she muttered pitifully.
I glanced at the clock. 4:31 flashed repeatedly in red. "It's still much too early for that," I admonished gently. "And it's Saturday! How about we just stay in today, hmm? I'll help you get cleaned up and then I'll give you one of those massages of mine you like so much. Whatever you like."
She just sort of went berserk from there, shouting that I "needn't treat her like a bloody cripple, (please pardon the offensive language) or a f????g paralyzed kitten, or like I'm her g????n mother" and she stormed off into the bathroom. I was sort of injured, but I didn't take too much offense. Later she was very weepy and apologetic, begging me to forgive her, which, of course, I did.
She's been doing that a lot since then, though. Pooping in her pants, I mean. Even once in front of a sour acquaintance of ours. What had the girl said again? Ah, yes. "Wow. You lesbians sure are strange! Is it common for girls like you to unload in your panties?" Grr!
Anyway, though, I'm not totally certain what to do about it. I took her to a psychologist and Cathy didn't say a thing the whole time, just looked down at her lap, utterly humiliated. And I've taken her to her doctor, of course, and all she could tell me is that this sort of thing is common amongst young children, who've experienced some sort of trauma, but it's not seen too often in grown women. She told me to get her some "protection", but truthfully, I don't know if I should. Cath's been closing herself off a lot lately and I know the central reason why has been her embarrassment. If I bought her diapers, wouldn't she just shut the door altogether? I don't know what to do, honestly. I've been trying so hard to make her realize that I love her and that she can talk to me, but she just ignores me it seems. We haven't made love in god knows how long. But that's beside the point.
No one would happen to have any advice for me, would they? Sorry for having such a ridiculously long post.
Great site, by the way! Really fun, lovely stories.

Mans Man
to Comfortable: how could you be comfortable with women walking in on you while your shitting in a doorless stall? It's very embarrasing, while if a guy comes in, he with laugh at how stupid a row of guys sitting on toilets without doors look....shitting in unison, and usually sit and join the party LOL...besides, the wiping and inspection would really be embarrasing if a gal walked in......

Uncle Harry
To Poster and Jessica L: Thanks for the compliments, and Jessica, I loved your story. You're also an excellent writer. Now here's my story for today.

Cleaning Lady

The long-time woman who came once a week to clean the house quit. Instead of bothering to interview independents, I decided this time to get someone from an agency. I called and they sent out a woman who spoke some English, but not very well, and with an accent I didn't recognize. I gave her a tour of the house and explained to her what to do. She always followed an explanation or question by repeating what I had said plus "Ok". Me: "This is where the vacuum cleaner is". Her: "Vacuum cleaner, ok". Me: Use this cleanser to wash the bathtub". Her: "Use cleanser, wash the bathtub, ok". I started to wonder if using an agency was such a hot idea. I finally turned her loose and went into my office to do some work.

After a while I decided I'd better check up on what she was doing. I didn't see her on the main floor, so I went upstairs. The light was on in the bathroom and the door was a few inches ajar, so I assumed she was in there cleaning the bathroom. I opened the door and found her standing in front of the toilet with her pants down to her ankles, lid and seat up, hairy pussy exposed. She looked at me and said, "I go pissy in toilet before I clean it, ok?". That was the most English I had heard her speak so far. "Ok, go pissy in the toilet", I said. She didn't wait for, or ask me to, leave the room. She just spread her legs, squatted over the bowl, and let go her piss. Her stream was mostly straight, but with some occasional swirling and hissing; enough so that she would have to clean up the rim. When she finished, she didn't use toilet paper, but shuffled over to the sink, got a wash cloth, and washed her pussy with water. Then she dried it with a paper towel, pulled up her pants, and said "I clean toilet now, OK?". "Ok", I said, as I left the room.

donya p.
hi, i'm new here, i'm 24. I just wanted to post a story of mine.

for the past little while, I've been experiencing stomach aches, probably because i've been constipated for about a week already. When yesterday came, I started to feel a strong pressure to poop. Unfortunantly, that was a really bad timing, because I was at a grocery store and I was in a long line up. The pressure keeps on building while I was standing there, but luckly, I managed to hold it till I got to my place. I quickly ran to the washroom, and started to undo my belt. But just as I was doing that, the phone rang. I didn't want to miss it, so I decided to hold it in for another minute or 2. I went to answer the phone, and it was a friend of mine, whom I haven't talked to for a while now.

I haven't talked to my friend for so long that I didn't want to hang up the phone on her, so kept on talking. We talked for about 10 minutes, and my stomach starts to hurt so much and the pressure was building up really badly. After about 5 minutes later, I had to poop so bad that I was almost about to lose control of it and starts to poop on the floor. After a couple minutes later, we finally hang up. I quickly gotten back to the washroom, and started to undo my belt. But before I could completely undo my belt, a stomach ache came up that was so painful, that I started to lose it and began to fart really loudly. That made me start losing control of my poop. The hard poop started to slide out very slowly. Then another painful stomach ache came up, and it made me poop a little faster.

thats when I gave in, bended my knees a little bit, and just didn't try to stop it. It felt so good letting it come out like that. After I was finished, which by the way, took about 5 minutes to finish. I slowly finish undo my belt and pulled them down. I saw my hard poop, and it was long, it looks about 9 inches, 1 inch thick. I just dumped the poop in the toilet, sat on it then peed a little, and flushed it down. After that I felt much better than before.

I'll post more stories later if I have anymore.


just me
Charlie, how are ya? from your answers to those questions, toilet time is no fun for you :( can you tell me about yourself, a/s/l, that kind of stuff. maybe you should try more fibre, or have you seen a doctor about your problems?

1. Do you enjoy pooping? very muchg so
2. what is your favorite position when passing a BM? leaning forward a bit
3. Do you get stomach aches before you BM? Are they severe? not often and theyre not to bad
4. How many times a day do you poop? once, sometimes twice
5. What was the longest poop you ever did? never measured
6. Do you find pooping relaxing? YES
7. Do you make grunting noises when pushing? Do you yell in pain when it hurts? i grunt but never yell
8. How often do you get constipated? very rarely
9. What was the longest time you were ever constipated for? i think a few days
10. After being constipated or just having a difficult poop, and it finally comes out, do you ever yell of relief? no
11. Do you get stomach aches often when you don't have to BM? If so, are they severe and how long do they last? they arent too severe but they last a while
12. Are you gassy when you poop? sometimes
13. Do you look forward to taking a dump? YES, its seriously my favorite part of the day
14. What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)? gassy, a weird feeling i get near my butt (cant really describe it)
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a loooong dump because you feel week or tired? no
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? yes
17. Do you like taking as long as necessary on the bowl, or do you get it done as fast as possible? long as necesary
18. When you are constipated or are having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself w/o taking a laxative? time
19. Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry? never
20. How often do you have diahrea? not to often once every two months
21. When on the bowl taking a dump, what do you think is the most comfortable position (i.e. Leaning back, head between your knees, straight up with your hands on the side of the bowl, etc.) leaning forward hand on the bowl or elbows on my knees
22. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? nope
23. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help yourself poop? no
24. How do you feel about having someone poop with you, like to keep you company? never done it, but i would like it
25. How do you feel about someone talking you through constipation, a rough poop, diahrea, etc.? i would love to be with someone when having diarrhea
26. After a long, hard poop, diahrea, constipation, or even when you have the stomach flu/bug, would you enjoy a stomach massage? maybe
27. Do your stomach aches continue even after you have pooped? rarely
28. How often do you get off the bowl, and then realize as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? Has this ever happened to you more than twice in a row (for the same dump)? only when i have diarrhea

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