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hi my name is Katie I am 18 thin popular and concidered to be "hottest at school" and I have never been able to hold my poop for more than 2 min.(dont know why) but I frequently have accidents but know one ever knows cuz I always where black vollyball shorts as underware so poop wont leek out(and they do a good job) and I have tons of those de oderizers plus I have purfume to cover the smell but I have pooped plenty of times while walking in the mall with friends or my B/F, and about 2 times a week while at school,3 times wile cheerleading (twice wile cheering football games in front of the crowd(they didnt notice))90% of the times it ends up in my shorts my poop is usualy soft and warm but never smell a thing iv gone a the whole day at school walking around with poop I have gotten used to it and I just poop in my pants

To Cute and Shy

If ur still there, post some more stories If u have some, LOL! I was surprised that I didnt another story from u.

Hope to write to u some more.

Take care!

Do Any Girls Have Laxitive Stories?

Hi im pretty new at this so don't get mad at me if the story is bad.

Okay. one day last week i ate a lot of prunes and drank a lot of prune juice. i thought it was pretty good. well anyway i started to get really bad cramps in my stomache the next morning. but my dad washogging the toilet for at least two hours and after about an hour and a half i was definitly going to shit my pants. the cramps were getting so bad that i had to squat down a hold it all in until my dad got out. unfortunately i didn't hold it all in until my dad got out. in fact i didn't hold any of it in until my dad got out. what happened was i needed to fart really badly and when i let out a fart it came out as a shart, and the diareah was pouring out of my butt and i couldn't stop it. it went through my panties and down my legs and all over the tile. gosh and it burned to. when i was finally done with my shitting i went to my room and took the toilet paper i hid in the closet for my periods
and clean myself up, usinjg the whole role.

some girl
Todays accident was different it was very hard instead of soft and mushy it all started when I was in the end of 2nd peroid and with 30 seconds left I felt poop coming then I held it and on the way it came out but it was very hard and sorta hurt then the bell rang and I covered up the smell and hurred to class sat down andit felt different that usual and it had been weeks since my last hard poop

OK I have a really small bladder. And so does my friend Sarah. A while ago we decided we were sick of having to have to pee so much. So we decided to train our bladders to hold more pee.

SO we decided no matter what we would not pee all day the next day. WHich means we would wake up in the morning not pee and then keep holding it over night and pee in the morning. So we decided to sleep over at my house so neither of us could cave in. So we both peed about 1000000000 times the night before. We wanted it all out. So when we woke up the next morning Saraj was squirming a bit. I asked her what was wrong. "I have to pee" She said "Oh well" I said realizing mhy bladder had a twinge too. We decided to go to the movies to take our mind off it. We watched while drinking soda. We wanted to hold it while still drinking normally. In the middle of the movie my bladder lurched painfully. But I knew I HAD to hold it and continue my day normally. So I kept drinking the soda. BIG mistake. By the end I was bursting to pee. But I held it.

Now you must think I was doing bad. Well Sarah was practically dieing with bladder fullness. We went home and talked for a while. It was 5 PM by then. We tried to ignore our Bladders. After talking till 7. Sarah said"Let's just go!"
"NO!" i said"And your not going either.
She wimpered in pain but agreed to stay full.
We ate some dinner . And watched TV till 10. When we sat down I almost cried. I was bursting so bad. Sarah was doing a pee pee dance. I squirmed. My bladder was VERY full. I muscles down there hurt. But I kept them tight. At 11 we decided to go to sleep. I didn't know how'd I'd make it.
That night neither of us slept. We both squirmed in our bed till 12 AM. Sarah almost rushed to the other room. But I was feeling daring. So I said" WHy don't we try holding till 6 AM. I think I could hold some more. She said Ok and started to cry. We held it till 5 Am. Then I put my hand down there to hold it (My bladder WAS IN SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH PAIN! It was carrying 3 glasses of water, a HUGE movie theatre soda, and a coffee) and i felt a lump. I hand a huge mond where my bladder was! Look! I said to Sarah and she looked and at hers too. Hers was bigger. I poked her. And she screamed in agony then she punched mine. And i almost let lose but recovered. I Just made it to 6 and ran to the toilet and so did Sarah. " ME FIRST she screamed. But i said nOOO andsat down . I started to pee. It felt so good. Then by the sound of pee Sarah could no longer wait then she rushed over to the tub and started to pee. She almost filled the TUB! I I almost over flowed the toilet. I had to stop peeibg to flush the toilet so I could finsh. When I finshed I felt soooooooo great. Then me and Sarah went to my room and laughed.

I have down this more then once and I have a VERY strong bladder. Although small. I have gone 7 hours without even a urge to pee. Its great. I can hold it overnight easily.

Hey folks: Busy weekend worked Saturday 9:30am to 9:30pm, went drinking Saturday night and back at work on Sunday ....UGH !! 11am to 6 pm...AAAAAARRRRGGHHHHHH !!!! thank goodness I'm off today and Wednesday. Of course, I shit a lot on Saturday, just being there 12 hours will do that to you, and Sunday, from drinking beer and Vodka shots will give you 'explosive" bowels. We have a new employee, his name is Patrick, big Irish guy, I'm guesing about 400 pounds or more, and he helps the women clean the bathrooms, and buff the sales floors. Nice guy... I walked into the mens bathroom about 2pm on Saturday, and there was Pat, sitting in the middle stall, exploding...he said 'hey Brian" I said 'hi Patrick" then he started laughing and said he felt the toilet bowl (which are all 'wall mounted" )toilets, rocking, and he was afraid his weight would rip the toilet bowl off the wall, he was laughing, but he asked that I stick around until he was 'off the bowl' just in case. I told him since I just walked in, and had a serious shit brewing, I'd surely be there a while. So now two stalls are occupied, and we drop our Hersheys..splash -- grunt -- ugh !!! In walks a customer to use the last vacent toilet, he sits down and fires a big loud "WHOOOOOOSH" lets out a sigh of relief. Of course the exaust fan cannot work fast enough, the room stinks !!! At this point guys start coming in and out to piss and shit, so whenever guys are waiting to shit, I speed it up, cause I don't like to wait to shit. I finished up, but hung around as Patrick requested, the new guy sat down and dropped a quiet stinker. Patrick finished shitting and had a terrible time wiping himself, cause he is so big...sure hope he showers on a regular basis LOL...Me and Patrick washed up and left. On Sunday, I foind myself shitting a lot (because of the alcohol consumtion on Saturday night) and the middle toilet WAS really rocking !!! Ahhhh Patrick... they better bet this fixed before there is a accident on that toilet. Can you imagine the embarrasment? LOL....Damn, we guys shit a lot !!!!!

Man...I have the flu today...well let me start here. I'm a first-time poster here. My name is Anny, I'm 19 y/o female, brown/auburn hair and hazel eyes, 5'10". Anyway, like I just said I have the flu. Well just a few minutes ago I had a massive diarrhea accident in my pants :( I am so embarrassed...I haven't had an accident in my pants since I was 6 y/ stomach had been feeling rumbly and I felt the urge to fart...of course not knowing I was going to be I ripped a massive fart by mistake. Immediately my pants filled with gooey shit and sprayed all over my panties and shorts and spurted down my legs(sorry to be so graphic). I tried to make it to the toilet but on the way there I had explosion #2 and to make matters worse I peed in my pants too :( Luckily no one but me is home, but it's still really embarrassing...the cleanup was hell too..had to throw out my panties and shorts. Dammit.

i just wanted 2 know,could you guys send in some stories about when you are throwing-up and pooping/peeing at the same time.

Jessica (US)
The other night, my friends and I went out for a little joyride at about 1am. We had alcohol and had been drinking quite a bit, there were like, 6 of us. The cops pulled us over and searched us, then made us take breathalyzers. While we were standing out there waiting, this really hot guy friend of mine kept complaining how bad he had to pee. (Him and I were the drunkest) I said I had to pee, too. So did everyone else, they said. So all six of us stood there having to pee. I told my guy friend that we should all just go at the same time and at first he thought it was a good idea, but then realized we'd be arrested for indecent exposure. I told the cops I had to pee and they honked at me and said, "That's too bad, you should have thought of that before consuming all that booze." They let me go first, like 20 minutes later. They said be back in twenty minutes or I'd be arrested. I literally ran to the bathroom and peed for what felt like forever. When I came back, my friend was gone and then the other girls got to go. I wanted to see how fast my friend was gonna run to the bathroom. Haha, too bad he left. That was the first time I was actually in a lot of pain from not being able to pee.

To DBStarman: Hey Bro!! Thanks so much for your very kind words my postings. Since the top of this page says that "everybody is an expert," I would say my "secret" lies in choosing accounts that would be memorable both for me AND for the dumper. What I then try to do to remember that in the best cases, a great dump is not just a physical event but an EMOTIONAL one for the taker and I try to remember to use descriptive words to convey how I feel at the moment and how THEY might have felt. If I'm doing my job you should feel sympathy throbbing for my dumpers and say to yourself, "Yep!! Been there, done that!!"

To Justin: I absolutely LOVED your story about how things evened out with you and your buddy Mike after your fishing expedition. I do remember your story of you having to take that wicked shit over the side of the boat. You had your moment of "humiliation" in finding out you were human, but life has a way of evening things out and Mike got his reminder of his humanity later on. Now neither one of you have anything on the other, as it should be. While it sounds like you may have delayed Mike just a litle bit, it really sounds like his shit came on so strong and so fast that he probably wasn't going to make it back to the house anyway.

The closest I've ever been to a guy taking a dump right in front of me was still in a bathroom with the loaded guy in question mounted on the toilet. No plastic-lined buckets, but it was still quite cool..... I'm saving up a lot of details on this one because it comes in the context of several dumps in one day but it has to do with my own buddy who also happened to be named Mike.

Back in the summer between my Freshman and Sophomore years of college, I was out with my buddy Mike running errands after a night of beer and pizza and some other foods that didn't agree with him. The following day, my buddy who played football for a Div 1-AA school got a SEVERE case of the shits and had already been on the can earlier in the day with two MONSTER craps when I was in a service station lavatory finishing up a leak. This was a 2-person setup with the urinal placed right next to the toilet with nothing between them.

As I was finishing up at the urinal, I heard a knock at the door. The handle then turned and the door slowly opened as I heard Mike call to me, "Greg, you using the toilet??

"No. Why? You need to shit again??"

Just then the door whipped open and Mike dashed in. "Yeah, I sure do..." he replied moving quickly toward the can. Mike was already pulling his pants down and apologized as he prepped for yet another badly-needed shit. "I'm really sorry for this bro, but I can't help it."

With that, Mike dropped his pants down around his calves and quickly mounted the toilet right next to me. It was not even an hour since Mike had dropped his 3rd major crap of the day, yet here he was, pants down and overwhelmingly loaded on the toilet yet again surrendering to another major shit. I don't think Mike necessarily wanted to shit less than two feet from me but desperate need easily overwhelmed pride and decorum. I think growing up sharing a bathroom with six brothers and years at football camps really helped Mike out in this situation. Bumming on the toilet in front of guys didn't bother Mike. Having his bowels in such disarray and the resulting weakness did.

Once seated on the toilet, Mike blasted a very loud fart announcing his distress to the world. A moment later, my badly-loaded friend erupted again as all sorts of soft loose crap, poop, excrement and shit came crackling out of Mike who was looking straight ahead with a look of frustrated resignation, his bowels letting loose once more. I could tell Mike's major shits were really getting him down emotionally as well as weakening him physically. As the last of the big crap wave left his body, Mike was shaking his head and grimacing. It wasn't more than half past noon and Mike was already in the throes of his 4th major shit of the day. The toilet where Mike sat helplessly crapping was SO close to the urinal that the only thing I needed to do to put my hand on his shoulder or back while all that shit was thundering out of him would have been to moderately extend my arm. If Mike was uncomfortable with me standing so close to him while he was bumming on the toilet, he was obviously a whole lot more uncomfortable with the fact he had so much shit going through him in such a short period and sapping his strength in the process..

I had to say something. "You'll be okay bro." I began. "It's just a case of the shits and your body will eventually right itself."

"This is BAD bro." Mike objected, the distress and frustration evident in his voice. "I've never seen so much SHIT in my life. I wish I had listened to you about the beer and pizza last night."

"Hey. We live and learn and it's not like you're sick and throwing up. You've just had to dump a lot. It will pass."

At that, Mike's lean defined muscles started tensing in his neck, shoulders, back and rib cage. Mike then started shitting again and a WHOLE lot of very soft loose shit came thundering out of my distressed friend in an overwhelming wave of semi-solid excrement that thundered into the badly-needed toilet with impressive speed and making Mike weaker from the effort. Feeling more strength ebb away, Mike could only shake his head during the whole devastating 12-second onslaught and look up at me with a look of helpless frustration. I knew that this wave had really punished Mike and weakened him real bad. I then made my way to the sink by the door to wash up.

"I don't know if I can make it to the game tonight bro." Mike finally said after the last of the most recent wave of crap left his body. This most recent wave prompted Mike to turn around, find the lever and flush the toilet.

"Oh come on!!" I objected. "We've planned this for weeks and it's the Yankees!! You can't just give up like that!!"

"What do you want me to do??" Mike returned. "This whole day is turning into one great big massive shit and I'm spending more time ON the toilet than off. I'm shitting my brains out and the only good that does is to make way for more shit!" I could hear the frustration in Mike's voice. Each overwhelming wave of soft loose shit left Mike weaker than before. Mike knew his strength was slowly ebbing away with each surge and it frustrated him not to be able to do anything about it. Mike continued to fart on the toilet while we talked.

"OK." I replied. "Here's what well do. The game is at 7. That gives us 6 hours. You don't have full-blown diarrhea, but its close. Why don't you take some Pepto Bismol and a HALF dose of Imodium AD with some Gatorade to keep you hydrated? And you probably should have that with a couple apples." "Most of that sounds reasonable, but won't apples just cause me to shit more??" Mike asked. "Oh, eventually they will. But apples are great just for re-balancing your system."

"OK." Mike replied as I finished washing up. "At this point, I'm ready to try anything."

I then walked out but left the door unlocked to be able to let myself back in. Mike continued to sit with his pants down staring blankly at his white briefs stretched around his calves. It was plainly obvious there was still a whole lot more shit inside Mike and all Mike could do was sit helplessly and wait for the next wave to evacuate his body and weaken him more. Mike is the kind of person who meticulously cultivated an image of having things under control. In this moment of helplessness however, it was the exact opposite that was true. Nothing quite like a good bowel disorder to remind us of our humanity. In all the years I have known Mike, this was by far the most vulnerable I had ever seen him. As I walked out, I figured if I saw someone walking toward the bathroom, I could warn them someone was in there before they walked in and got a surprise. I suppose Mike could have gotten up and locked the door himself, but he really looked as if this shit had him down for the count and wasn't going anywhere until I got back. As I closed the door, I heard an exceptionally loud sharp fart. Walking away, I heard a lot more popping and crackling as Mike resumed rapidly filling the toilet with more soft loose shit. At the end of the surge, I heard Mike breathing heavily as he let out a groan/sigh of relief mixed with more frustration. Mike was getting weaker with each overwhelming wave of shit and I knew it was important to get his bowels under control.

I then proceeded to the main part of the gas station where I soon found the requisite Gatorade, Pepto, Imodium, and a couple Golden Delicious apples. During this time, I heard another loud toilet-resonated fart emanate from the bathroom. The sounds were muffled since I was outside but I heard the toilet flush leading me to conclude that Mike must have pumped a whole bunch more shit into the toilet (weakening him more in the process) prompting yet another interim flush. I really didn't want to be a party to ending such a spectacular series of dumps. However, more of Mike's strength ebbed away with each shit wave, and I figured if I didn't want Mike to nix the ballgame that night, I had better help him. (Note: Some of you may ask if Mike could have done all this for himself and the answer is an unequivocal yes. Mike is more than self-sufficient and a highly capable problem solver. Eventually, he would have either figured out he needed to treat himself or let the condition run its course. However, at the moment, I was thinking a bit more rationally while Mike was caught in the moment feeling sorry for himself.)

After paying for the merchandise, I headed back to the bathroom where my struggling friend was still bumming on the toilet. Making my way back, Mike came under attack again from another relentless wave of crap which easily overwhelmed him and further sapped his strength. As I opened the door, I was greeted by the sharp crackle of a whole lot more soft loose excrement cascading out of Mike who just sat there helplessly groaning with his face in his hands as all the shit hit the water with several very loud splashes. (For those of you keeping track at home, this was major shit wave #5 of major dump #4 for THAT DAY.)

"Hey Bro." I started. "I got you something." I then pulled out the Imodium and the Gatorade.

"Oh Thanks!" Mike smiled. "But you could have waited until I got out." Mike was badly weakened as all the loose uncontrollable crapping had sapped much of his strength, energy and stamina. However, his spirits seemed to brighten almost immediately at the prospect of treating his bowel condition.

"I thought that might be a while!!" I replied. "And, the sooner you take this, the sooner it will take effect."

I then opened the Imodium and broke a tablet in half which I handed to Mike along with the Gatorade. As Mike took the tablet with the Gatorade, I opened up several Pepto Bismol tablets which I then gave Mike to chew. Mike continued to sit on the toilet with his pants down, but now had his eye on the toilet paper roll.

"Thanks bro...." Mike began. "Say, do you think I can bug you for another favor?"

"Sure." I replied.

"Well, I think I'm done for the time being, but this dry toilet paper is starting to tear my butt up and I'm going to be sore as hell if I wipe with it any more. Can you see if they have any wet wipe out there??"

"Sure." I replied. "Let me go check." I was pretty sure the station had them. Making my way back to the main part of the store, I quickly found the wet wipes and paid for them. By now, I was getting a quizzical look from the guy behind the counter who probably first spotted Mike follow me into the bathroom, followed by me returning to the bathroom with Imodium and now buying some wet wipes.

"It's my buddy." I explained a bit sheepishly. "He's had a real bad case of the shits today and he can't deal with the dry paper on the rolls 'cause it's making him sore."

The attendant didn't seem all that satisfied with my answer and gave me a condescending "Whatever" look. At the time, it kind of bothered me, but now I don't concern myself with the approval of gas station attendants making $5 an hour. :-)

When Mike saw me bring them back in, he had the most grateful look...

"Oh Bro!!!!" he beamed, "You are a LIFE saver!!" I noticed that Mike had already drank down the Gatorade and suggested he get another one before we left. I then opened up the packaging for the wet wipes before handing it over to Mike and then walked out to wait for him outside. Since wet wipes are way more efficient at cleaning than dry tp, it only took Mike 5 passes or so to clean up before flushing.

When Mike came out, he rolled his eyes and verbally expressed his relief. "Whew.... I hope that holds me for the next hour or so!!" Mike was probably right. His pants had been down so much this day, it was almost pointless to even be wearing them. We had more errands to run and it probably wouldn't be too long before Mike was loaded again and had to find another toilet before a massive turd exploded out of him into his pants. But that would be then, and this was now. Hopefully, the Imodium would start to take effect before too long. I had only given Mike half a dose because you only want to slow things down, not stop things up altogether. No sense replacing one intestinal problem with another.

"Are you ok?" I asked

"I feel totally run down and probably couldn't bench press a can of coke if I had a spotter, but I'll hang in as long as I can." Mike had just admitted that his bout of the shits had left him feeling weak, but he did so humorously which gave me renewed hope.

"Cool! I think you're going to be ok." I had to say that for encouragement. Part of making someone feel better is to tell them that they ARE better. "Tell you what. When we get to Sears, I'll let you chill in the car and get what we need myself."

"Thanks. But I would rather go in all the same. I hate sitting around and I may need to find the bathroom again real fast."

"No problem," I replied. "whatever is going to work best for you."

Before we left, Mike got another Gatorade to hold on to for the next dose of medicine if and when it was needed.

Did the Imodium and Pepto take effect for Mike or did he spend the rest of the day with his pants around his calves??? Did we make it to the baseball game?? I'll let you know how everything came out in another post. ;-)

Myron-I also used to be uncomfortable crapping in public. I was the guy who would pee or dump in a stall with the door locked, and only if I desperately needed to go. I would also pull my pants and boxers down just enough to crap. I even yelled at a buddy of mine when he came in to get something out of the bathroom when I was on the toilet. I'm not sure what happened to change my mind. It may have been sharing a room with two fraternity brothers who were very open about crapping. I would hand the phone to them on the can, if they asked for it, and we would take turns on the toilet when we were getting ready for class. It became more open with other fraternity brothers I shared rooms with as well. I remember Brad, the dark-haired, blue-eyed, extremely handsome brother with a great smile had to take a massive dump while I was at the sink. He rushed past me and pulled his underwear and pants down so quickly that his white JC Penney briefs were completely inside out over his dark blue jeans. First time I'd seen that. He unloaded alot and boy was it squishy-sounding!

I guess I got used to the community-dumping while in college. I started using the doorless stalls in the building where most of my classes were held. They were around the corner from the urinals, so when I'd hear steps coming that way, I knew someone needed to crap. Many times, guys would see there were no doors and they'd leave, but often, especially between classes, there would be a couple of guys trying to unload a bit before their next class. That's also where I first saw someone standing to wipe. He was dark-haired and slim, and I remember he was wearing red briefs all the way down to his ankles. He had his shirt pulled up a bit so he definitely wasn't shy about anyone seeing his "stuff". I walked past and saw him wiping vigorously, then I walked back to the other stall, catching another glimpse before I did my own unloading.

Try it out sometime Myron. You may be in a situation someday where you really don't have any other options. Like at the beach or a park where alot of the public toilets are doorless. Better to crap in a toilet with no door than in your pants. Although some people on this forum would not agree with that!

Ice cream made me poop out buckets oh. At the mall the toilets suck no privacy and god forbid they should put two ply in there. anyway hear it is. I was in the gap when it hit me the line was long and a 40 - 45 y.o was workin the counter and i said could you hurry and i told her i needed to use the bathroom. she rushed. i got there and it were three bathrooms womens mens handicapt. womens was full. I looked around and took the handicapt washroom. I HATE THEM. i got in there and o did i mencion charlie was with me and he was just soo damn happy .. not. anyway I got my pants off and as I was about to sit down i noticed a large red object in the toilet. I decided to poop anyway. when i started pooping i heard a sizzleing and charlie said smoke.. i looked between my legs to find smoke going into my anus and v.v. i jumped up getting poop spots everywhere. this thing was some sort of smoke bomb. I Wiped and got the f... out of there discusted with the nerve of people... ironicly i wasnt even alloud in there and i didnt flush so i shouldnt talk :P

Tuesesday, May 09, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER I have had to take a pain killer which has codine in it...that was last night. It makes my poos very big and hard and leaves me constipated. Off to the gym this morning before day break with no urge to shit...came home after breakie got a bit of a feeling and sat on the dunny but the poo was too hard and up to high...not enough abdominal contraction to push it out. Later in the morning at work I got the real urge. Did not want to poo at work (even though I often do it there) because I might take a while and I really wanted to grunt and moan without inhibitions. Got in the car and went to a local park where I am very familiar with the toilets. They are the metal type with no locks on the doors...I hover when I am there. Anyway I dropped my pants and undies to my ankles, bent my knees and hovered. I pushed a little and this poo bigger than Ularu (a large rock in central Aust) moved down my rectum but it was too big and hurt. So I grunted out loud and pushed and with another push and LOUD grunt it went plop ( more like a thud) into the bowl and then a short burst of soft serve gushed out and it was over... I remained hovered for a couple of minutes just in case there was any more to come...but there was not but what did happen was that there were several school boys came in and they all were taken back with the was like they had never smelled shit before (I remained hidden in the cubicle) but to top it one of the lads had his girl friend (or a friend that was a girl) outside and she approached the mens toilet and could smell it also. Soon after the boys left I left.
Now this has happened on a few occcasions when I have been in a public toilet people have commented on the smell... to me the smell is not too bad but it must be to get such a reaction. I do not know why...although I get a bit of IBS and wonder if that could be it but do not think so. My diet is low in meat but mainly consists of vegs, fruit and salad and grains... I do not know why my shit stinks so bad...but it will not stop me shitting in public toilets and am not embarrassed...but has anybody got some ideas?

Hi BADDUDE I'll continue your contest as you asked
I'm waiting for your return and hope to see you pee-distance results :)

Hi EMOGIRL, where are you? you promised pee-distance story too.
I long for it.

Hello ASHLEY, wow 10 feet in 16 y/o - it's cool
How old you now? Have you tried too pee for distance later?

Yes BADDUDE, females are tending to lead in this competition, waiting for other results.


1. HELLEN (female): 13 ft.

2. ASHLEY (female): 10 ft.

3. PEEPER (male): 4.5 ft.
3. MIKE (male): 4.5* ft.

4. PEEPALE (male): 4 ft.

Hey, all. I'm Shelby, I'm 16, 5'8", thin, but not really that skinny, I'm brunette, my hair comes down to about halfway down my back, and I would like to share an accident I had last month.
It was the weekend, and I was visiting one of my friends who I've known since kindergarten. I'd been holding my pee since breakfast, and just as I was about to go home, and use the bathroom(the only toilet I ever use), my friend suggests we go somewhere, I ask where, and she says she wants to go to the flea market. I tell her I need to go home and use the bathroom, but she said we wouldn't be gone long.
On the way to the flea market, we got stuck going on a detour which took us at least fifteen minutes out of our way. We finally get there, and after a short time, my friend realizes I'm getting a little anxious, so we left. I told her to drive, so I could concentrate on not peeing myself. The detour had been removed, and we were allowed to go the normal way, but they were apparently doing construction on the road, so we hit a patch of rough road, and my bladder jarred, causing me to let a little go, not enough to soak through my jeans, but enough to alert me to just how desperate I was getting. I told her I was about to wet myself, and she just started yelling frantically, "We'll be back to your house soon, don't worry, just hold on." While I was yelling, "I'm trying! I'm trying!" over and over. We pulled onto my street, and got out of my car, but as soon as I stood up, I started peeing, I started holding myself, but I couldn't stop the river of pee that was coming out of me, as my jeans turned a really dark blue, like I'd poured a glass of water on my crotch. Very quickly, the entire inside area of my legs was soaked, and running down into my shoes. My friend apologized for talking me into going to the flea market, I changed my pants, took her back to her house, came back home, and took a nice, long shower.

I'm on the toilet right now, using my laptop. I'll tell you a story while using the bathroom.
We were going on a plane (hisssss! that was my pee-stream). Thirty minutes after boarding the plane, I needed to pee. I'm kinda like my mom, (squooosh plop thlunk boof! my shit) not able to hold too long. My mom sat next to me.
"Mom!" I said urgently. (SHHHHH PLLLOOOFMP) She kept listening to music. "MOM!" I hissed. She kept nodding to the beat. "MOM!" I snapped, whapping her.
She took off her headphones. "What?"
"I gotta pee BAD!" (Floomp BBBBLLLOOOOOF BLAATTT! I shitted and farted)
No one occupied the seats across from us. "Raise up your skirt and pee on the floor," she said.
So I took off my panties (hhhhhhiisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss) and raised up my skirt. I kinda got into squat mode, still in the seat. A thick arc of yellow pee hit the floor. I was relieved. This continued for seven minutes.
Thirty minutes later, I peed on the floor again. I HAD to shit now! "Mom, I gotta do #2!" She kinda twisted and put her feet up as a gate. "Ok, poop on this paper, then put it away from sight."
She put down some paper. I turned in my seat and hung my bare ass over the side.
With a heave, a large shit came from my ass. It curled and curled and curled. It must've curled five times before it stopped. I shitted a few more little shits, then had a nice trip.

This is my first time writing so here goes:
Today I was at a dance. My friend drank tons of wine with her boyfriend. About an hour later I hear her complaining she has to pee soooooooo bad so I told her she can probably sneak out next door to the neighbors bathroom cuz ours was closed for fixing. instead she takes her boyfriend with her so i knew she was up 2 something so i followed them and found her peeing on the side of the house. her boyfriend was peeing loads 2. i left quickly but i think she saw me. then i forgot the whole night.
Anyone else have a couple piss?

Hi JoelJack, and all.....JoelJack, did you say your Sears had 25 toilets for the male employees? Thats a whole lot of toilets. Did they have men or women cleaning them? Did you ever get caught by a cleaning women? I always think that one of them will stroll in accidentally, or possibly a female customer who misreads the sign on the door. Oh well, in any case, all we are doing is shitting, it's not illlegal...Did the women have doors on their stalls? I bet they did. Like my boss says, they have to by law have doors. I guess their shit don't stink !!!! LOL...I worked the late shift yesterday, and I was taking a late shit about 8:30, and the door swings open, and Mike from the furniture department walks in, talking to a customer. I hear him say "here we are" meaning "here is the men's restroom, and I gotta go too" They walk past me and I said 'hi' to Mike and they both get settled down on their toilets. They had a brief conversation about soMe furniture, then the missles started firing, farts tooting, a lot of 'after dinner gas" Two men came in and had to use the toilets, so we all finished up, wiped and washed up. I'll say it again...GUYS SHIT A LOT !!!!!

this is two stories. one day, i was over at my friend Amy's house, and we were playing truth or dare. amy dared me to pee in the sink. i said i only would if she would. so we went into the bathroom with the double sinks. we sat there, but we were both to scared to pee! i told a funny story, and amy started laughing, and peed in the sink. i was laughing at her so hard i peed in my sink too! just then, her parents came out, and we ran out of the bathroom without draining the sinks! when her mom went in the bathroom and found the two sinks full of pee, she came out and asked amy why the sinks had pee in them. amys reply was that the toilet was clogged, and we both had to pee, so we peed in the sinks!
my other story, is one day me and my friends Erin, Lizzy, Amy, Christi, and Bridget were out in the woods. i had to go really bad, so to cover, i said lets all play truth or dare. for a dare, we all have to pee in our pants! i was the first one to pee, and everyone else was laughing so hard, they peed to!

one day i was in the uni sex toilet of the students' hostel where i live i heared the voice of 2 women outside the toilet just after i finished my business. i stayed in my stall and kept quiet in hope that they both may enter. after a few minutes of talking the said bye to each other and one of them enterd the bathroom. the bathroom is build in a way that you cant see if someone is in a stall except for "keyhole" if its white or red. but she enterd so fast a stall on the opposide of mine that i think she didnt know that i was there.
first she pulled down her pants and pantys then she set down on the toilet and started a nice long peeing directly into the water. she peed 40 seconds or even more. then after peeing she sat there for a few seconds and finally farted a real nice one. i could hear the cracking sound of her first turd that came out. it was a long one since i didnt hear a loud splash. after the first one was out there came a second that sounded nearly the same followed by a bit pee. she whiped like 3-5 times and left the toilet. after a few seconds waiting, i entered her stall and could still feel the very hot toilet seat that she left and could smell a bit of her stinck mixed with her parfume. its such a lovely smell when you can smell the parfume and a bit of fresh soft poo smell.

To Cute and Shy: Try sitting on the toilet at school a little longer than usual and you will eventually be able to move your bowels at school. That is easier than if you were a boy - if you were a boy and you sit on a toilet insteat of standing and peeing into a urinal then it is obvious what you are doing. I sit on the toilet at school a lot even if I don't have to go and if somebody doesn't like it that is tough.

Brian and JoelJack -

I worked as a loss prevention officer at a Sears store in The ?????? for about a week and when I was there the stalls had doors on them. Weird thing is, and people don't realize this when they decide to shit or piss in the dressing rooms, is that Loss Prevention personnel are the ones who have to clean it up. For some reason, they don't want the store cleaning crew to clean those types of messes so whenever someone shits, pisses, pukes, or bleeds anywhere in the store loss prevention gets called to do the dirty work. Weird. They didn't pay me enough to do that kinda shit so I left and found a better job.


to cute & shy...
Why would taking a shit at school ruin your reputation? Everyone does it.. and even if you don't talk about it openly, it still shouldn't be an issue when it comes to popularity. Going to the bathroom is a perfectly natural business that happens to everyone.

Soooooooo me and my friends Patty, and Jenny were walking home from Soccerp practice.It was SOOOOOOOOO hot so we each bought a HUGE bottle of Coke from this store. By the time we got to my house(It was a 1/2 an hour later) we had drank all of our soda. So we went to my room and listeined to some music and talked. About a hour later Jenny said" I have to pee". And it turned out Patty and I had to go too. "I'll go first"Said Jenny. But then Patty said" Lets have a contest and see ho can hold it the longest without wetting themselves". "What!?" We both asked"."The last one holding it get to use the toilet" Patty laughed. We all agreed and sat in a circle with our legs crossed. We were all thristy despite our filling bladders. So I went and got some water for everyone. So we all drank slowly. My bladder was just bursting to pee. But I had a reputation for haveing a large bladder. I have actually gone 24 hours staright without peeing. So when Patty first mentiond it I was sure I would win. So when Patty said" I guess Lila is going to win" I was sooooooooo ashamed of myself. Soon we were all squriming with full bladders. I was in agony. But I tried to hold it. Then Jenny screamed. SHe was peeing out all the urine she had been holding. She cried. Seeing her pee made me feel more urgent. Me and Patty looked at each other just waiting for the other to cave in. Then I felt a huge lurch in my bladder. And I started doing the pee pee dance in agony. Then Patty started peeing and crying. She screamed" It hurt so bad to hold it that long" But I barely heard her because I as desperatly running to the bathroom. I got there just as I as about to wet. I sat down and peed for 10 minutes straight. I got up and went back to my room. Patty and Jenny weree laughing.

I guess our bladders were weak from holding so much urine so later in the middle of the night ( They slept over) we all woke up at midnight with full bladders. And my mother you see is werid she thinks you should stay in bed once your in bed. She read some book on how to sleep well a while back. So she locks the bathroom doors at night to keep us from getting up. SO we all had to hold it in till morning. But this time my bladder being through the worst let lose first. I am usually able to make it through the night but i couldnt that night. Jenny peed just 5 minutes before my mother unlocked the door. But Pattu just made it. Now we always have bladder contests whenevr we all have to pee BAD!

Me and my best friend pretty much reinacted the dumb and dumber prank.Over a guy my friend put laxatives in my o.j and me and this guy were going skating. I got dressed into my Lulu lemmon pants with a pink shirt and when i drank my orange juice which i buy esspecially for me. it tasted normal when i got to his house me and him were sitting on his couch when it hit me. I had my legs folded and he said are you ready to go. I said no.. i need to go... wash my hands from an orange I ate (lying). I ran to his bathroom and slammed the door(not locking it) i studdered over to the toilet and pulled down my pants and panties and sat down. My poop raced out. IT WAS SOOOO PAINFUL I DONT KNOW HOW HARRY FROM DUMB AND DUMBER DIDNT CRY(my legs were shaking rapidly).

As all the poop was gone i started crying from the pain.He knocked on the door and said is there a problem. i said YES!!!. He came in to find my head aganced the wall me on the toilet and he could hear anul leaking coming from me. i said il just wipe up crying and then when there was no toilet paper i felt more embarissed. then when he helped me up I FAINTED.he brought me to his living room and when i woke up on his couch my best friend was there... i dont know who wipped me but she addmitted to the laxative.

clean up guy
Cute & shy: Im sorry to hear about your accident. You shoild pooped in the bahroom at school. I did it too.
Girl w/trouble: Try to eat foods with fiber in them. Also you can try drinking more water (8 glasses a day).
If that don't work, go a doctor. So he or she can run test and help you out.
I've been farting alot sbd. I might poop outside again.

Had to Poo
There was a time that I had a poop accident at the movies. I was watching Mission Impossible and in the middle of I felt the urge to poop so bad but I didn't want to leave the theater in the middle of the movie so I thought I could hold it. Well the feeling to take a dump was coming on heavier and heavier and I couldn't bear with the sensation anymore so I thought to let a fart go to relieve some pressure. I relaxed my butt cheeks and started pushing the fart out but suddenly it all shot out at once. First I squeezed out a couple of farts and then I felt the poop poke out and flow into my underwear. I didn't even bother to try and stop myself and kept pushing and double the amount came out. Every now and then it would stop but it took the whole last 30 minutes of the movie for me to be done with it. It was warm,squishy and heavy feeling. I was mortified so I stayed in the theater until everyone left and made a beeline to the most remote bathrooms of the theater with my sweater tied around my waist and a huge load in the seat of my jeans. I walked into the bathroom and took the handicapped stall because it had a sink and a trash of its own. I locked myself in and took of my pants and underwear. Then I emptied the poo in to the toilet and cleaned up the best I could. Fortunatly there were no stains on my jeans so I put them back on and headed home.

when i was 9 years old, my mother, sister, father and i were going camping. I woke up in the middle of the night haveing to go to the bathroom pretty badly. I got on my slippers and ran to the bathroom building. I was embarassed because everyone who was out at that time was staring at me in my pj's and they could easily see where i was going. I got in and had to wait for a stall. as soon as i got in the stall, i didn't even get to pull down my pj's when i couldn't hold it any more and peed all over myself. It was sooooo embarassing! I walked out of the stall and got many looks of sympathy from the adults, and a little girl said, "Look, mommy, that big girl peed her pants, so why can't I?" the mother looked flustered. "Shame on you." the mother told me. I was so embarassed. then, just my luck, my crush from school saw me. "Hey, I didn't know that you were camping here!" he said. "Then he saw that i peed myself and said,"I cant wait to tell everyone at school that you had and ACCIDENT." I was so ashamed and embarassed. "Please dont?" I begged, but them he ran off. when i got to the cabin, my mom yelled,"Where did you go? I've been looking all over for you! I even called the police!" then the police saw me. "well, here she is." my mother said. "She's all wet!" my sister exclaimed. I had to explain everything in front of the police. I learned that you should ALWAYS go pee BEFORE you go to bed when your camping.

I have a few things i'd like to tell you about myself; first off, i enjoy embarassing peeing stories as opposed to any other kind, so keep them coming. I have just found out about this site from a friend, and i think it's awsome. I have a great many other peeing stories, but you'll have to keep on reading the posts to find out!

Once i was watching the baseball game with my family and i had to use the bathroom very badly. i got up from my seat and ran into the ballpark's restroom. i pulled down my pants and underware and sat on the toliet. after i let out a long loud fart, a big fat poop came out of my butt and landed in the pot. i felt much better. i poop almost everyday and enjoy doing it. pooping is a normal body function and i don't think it is gross at all. when ever i have to fart or poop i just let em' rip.

Zip, Brian (and your work associates), JoelJack, I am amazed that you are comfortable shitting without stall doors. I am a 33 y/o male and have NEVER used a doorless stall and NEVER will. I won't even use a urinal. I use a stall to urinate in and always LOCK the door !!!... I prefer using my home bathroom, but sometimes I use public bathrooms, but it has to be private. I respect your positions, but I just could never drop my trousers in front of other men.

free pooper
Hi i just gorund out about this site its intresting. Anyway i have a few stories myself. As i was reading on of the no named stories i remembered a few times when i had to poo at school. It was the middle of winter and i had to walk home. I knew i could never hold it for the 45 min it takes me to walk home. So i used the least used bathroom but little did i know that a few of the people that pick on me were still there. Just as i was about done i heard the door open and the next thing i knew atleast 5 snowballs ended up hiting the wall.

Another time i peed in an unusaul place. IT was at a pizza hut. They have seperate bathrooms for the male female genders(just like most places) i chose the proper bathroom but then i realized i had to poo also. I normaly dont do this but since there was a drain on the floor i just went ahead and locked the door and droped my pants and underware right there and went. of corse i cleaned up the poo and went on my way.

Ive never had an accident since kindergarden. Although...when I was nine years old I was asleep and had a dream that we were near a waterfall and I was about to pee in my pants. I was squirming alot. Then, I suddenly found myself in a classroom and asked the teacher to use the bathroom. To my horror she said no. So I finaly gave up and disobeyed her and left the room. As I got out the door I Started peeing my pants while I ran to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and let out the rest. When I woke up...You guessed it! The bed was soaked and so were my pajamas I had a queen sized bed so I rearragened the sheets to the side where I dont sleep and changed my pajamas. My mom never found out. I want to wet the bed again dont know why but do. Any advice on hiding the wet bed? I have a twin bed now. Anyone else got any wet bed stories?

To Cute and Shy

Im very sorry to hear that u had an accident during P.E. class. If I were u and if I needed to take a shit really bad, I would just take a shit at school no matter what. I dont anything bad would if u do it at school. The more u try to hold it in, it will only make u more sick with diaarhea and that is not a good thing for ur stomach.

Take care, and please post more stories, especially some pee ones if u have them. I will post more stories too, LOL!

I'm back. It's Sunday morning, pretty damn early, too. I wanted to get back to you guys before I forgot.

If you remember my Diarrhea story on thursday, it wasn't until later thursday night that I got better. On friday, though. Taking a dump was impossible, the crap hardened, making it harder to do anything. It wasn't until Saturday morning that I was crapping normal. Well, I just got back, and I think i've got a dump brewing that could choke a monkey. when you sit on a bus for almost 8 hours, it takes effect on your bowels.

Jack's survey:

1) what time of day do you normally poop? In the evening. Like after dinner and also before bed
2) How many time do you poop in one day normally? 3
3) do you look between you leg after you poop to see your turds or
after you stand up? I look between them while I'm popping and also when I stand to wipe
4) where is the one place you had to poop, that you hope you never have to do it there again? In outhouses. I hate outhouses

one time i went on a date with my friend, Austin. we went to a fair and rode a ferris wheel. i could tell that he needed to urinate very badly because he was dancing around and shifting from foot to foot. finally when we got into the seats (we had been waiting in a very long line) i looked up at my lovely Austin. there were tears in his eyes and he was trying to hide it by putting his head in his hands. i asked if anything was wrong but he just shook his head. then i asked him why he was crying and he just kind of looked and the seatbelt which was right over his "area" as he calls it. i got the point and slid my hand under the seatbelt to try to ease his desperation. when the ride began i told him he should hold his "area", he didn't argue and did as i had advised. i gently placed my hands on top of his which were holding his "area". finally he reached over and gently pushed my hand away. i could tell that this was the end. right as we began going down from the top of the ferris wheel, he began urinating. i was surprised how much urine he had held, he urinated for about 8 minutes straight. i walked him back to the car and drove him home where he changed and we had a nice dinner together.

My buddy Rich and me went jogging last weekend. After about 5 miles we both decided it was enough. We stopped for some cool water at the park house, then we both decided we needed to shit, so we go into the men's restroom. The room had just been cleaned, it smelled like Pine-Sol, and was really nice and clean. There were 3 urinals, and 2 toilet bowls, but no doors or partitions between or around the toilets, so we both loosten our buckles, and lower our shorts, sit down on the toilets, and start farting, crackling, and shitting. We chatted about our dates for Saturday and shit some more. There was one roll of toilet tissue mounted on the wall between both toilets, we shared the tissue, and both of us stood up to wipe our asses. We both looked into the toilet bowls and laughed and said our shit looked the same, maybe cause we both ate the same breakfast, and ran the same track. It was funny to see two bowls filled with identical turds both had three 4 inch turds... LOL We wiped good, washed our hands and left

It's been awhile since I've been here, but I haven't had many stories, until today.

Let me run you through what happened two weeks ago.
I'm a Sophomore, and I'm in Chorus, so, when it gets to a certain time in April, we go to State Music Festival, where we sing and hope the judges give us a good review. If it's a 1 (Which is a score of 31 - 35, Me and my girlfriend sang a duet and got a 32), we go to the big festival in a different area, so it means sitting on a bus for 6 hours, while everyone sings songs ranging from "B-I-N-G-O", to "Old Macdonald", and the quite popular "In Da Club" and "Uncle Fu??r" song from South Park: The movie.

but, we were evident that this is going to happen, and it will. Anyway, back to the story.

Me and my girlfriend were all kinds of excited, because Prom was the next Saturday, but, everyone last week was facing some weird virus, most people they were coming down with Food Poisoning, or so they thought, a stomach virus was making everyone puke, and it was going around the school. My girlfriend caught it, and since I spend lots of time around here, I wondered, 'how long will it take until I have it?' I've got my answer.

After the week with Prom, the next week after would be the trip, we'd be leaving Friday, and be back late Sunday. Today is Thursday, and Wedsnesday, was okay, to an extent.

I'll read off a list of what I had for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner so the story might make some sense:

Breakfast: Oatmeal (Hardy good amount of Fiber)
Lunch: 2 chicken Fajitas (School food)
Snack before Dinner: Mozzerella sticks and two Chili Dogs.
Dinner: Shish Kabobs.

I ate hardy, took a crap after The 2 chili Dogs, and went to practice our song for the big festival on Saturday. After that, Dinner was prepared, I ate my fill, and enjoyed myself. It wasn't until near bedtime, that the night would soon begin. I had to take a crap, I thought the Chili Dogs which digested later would have given me something of the Taco Shits (Something like it.) No, this was pure watery Diarrhea. You know the sound a woman makes peeing in a toilet? I was making that sound with my ass, then the farts started ripping, and hot shit was flying. Gross as a description, that's what it was. I took some Kaopectate, that stuff works, but nothing got solid, because I went to bed, and woke at 5:00 My body was shaking like a wave on the water. I walked to the bathroom, but I was having a sort of (No offense) Parkinson's Disease effect on my legs, I don't know what it was. Taking a watery dump while shaking provides it's challenges, but I got through it easy than some. For a hour, I laid in bed, hoping the pain would stop, it did when the alarm woke me up 45 minutes later.
I mentioned the trip in the beginning because my life is now like an action movie plot. I have to get my permission slip to my Chorus teacher, go to school tomorrow irregardless, or else I miss the competition and my grade drops by 90% It's kinda unfortunate how everyone was puking, and I got it the other way around.

I'll get back to you on the outcome on Monday. Adios. Hope I get better.

waldo plopman
this doorless stall stuff is ok but

give me a good solid click on the engaded/ocupied lock any day

linda i like your stories

Linda from Australia here again. I did a nice shit yesterday morning and another smaller one last night. Some good stories on the site today.

To girl w/trouble: I don't know any remedies to resolve your horrible constipation. Have you tried using an enema kit?? I have heard these are very good but Im not sure if they would prevent you from getting constipated. It sounds like you have a terrible time with pooping. 17 days without taking a shit would be torture. When I was young (around 7 years old) I also suffered with chronic constipation. I would go for days without doing a poo and then it would take a marathon effort to push it all out. This went on for about a year and I remember visiting the doctor several times. I had butt phlegm all the time too and I was also physically sick from being full of shit. Eventually, it resolved itself but I still have some trouble from time to time.

How long does it normally take you to push out a poo?? How big are your poos?? Do you sit on the toilet to do a poo or do you squat on the bowl or stand up? Do you get butt phlegm? Do you grunt and groan loudly while you are straining to get a poo out?? Have you ever done a poo in a public toilet?? Sorry about all the questions but I love hearing about constipation stories.

I better go, I need to take a dump.

I have some questions for ladies, the guys can also answer if they want.

1. How old are you?
2. Do you like pooing, or dislike it?
3. Do you fart a lot while you poo, and are they loud or silent?
4. How thick are your poos and do they sometimes hurt your bumhole?
5. Have you ever looked at your bum hole with a mirror while you pood or farted? How did it look?
6. Have you ever had a really messy poo where your bumhole has been really dirty and then found there was no paper?
7. Do you sometimes have a nice clean poo when your bum hole is so clean afterwards that you don't wipe at all?
8. When you wee does it male a loud whooshing noise or does it come out quietly?
9. Do you sometimes fart when you wee?
10. Who has heard you fart?

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