Hey all. This is my firs time posting, but I've been reading for while. I'm black, almost six feet but about a few inches below. I look very young for my age face-wise. I have an interesting story that happened very recently with my girlfriend. She's a basketball player, and just about as tall as me. Also black and very pretty. The season had just ended, and I invited her over so we could prep for the upcoming SAT's, which is usually watching TV and glancing in some prep books. So I drove her to my place. Folks wouldn't be home for a few hours so it was just us. She was wearing stuff you'd usually wear to the court, because we planned on going out soon. While we were studying, my stomach rumbled and I knew I had to go to the bathroom. My stomach rumbled loudly so she heard it too and said "sounds like somebody needs take a dump." and giggled. There's two bathrooms in my house, and the main one that belongs to my parents was screwed up so you have to go to the "guest"(my) bathroom in the hallway not to far from the room. My girlfriend said "Don't make it stank too badly" as got up and went in the bathroom, and locked the door which is just a habit for me. First I unzipped my pants and peed a steady stream, and then sat down on the toilet. I could tell this would be one of my long ones. I pushed and felt a hard, thick turd poke out and ease out very slowly with tons of crackling and farts that sounded like light gushes of air. I could only lean forward and let it move out on its own as pushing did nothing but make me tired. The bathroom was startin to smell already. The turd had barely gotten out halfway when it just froze. I sighed and tried pushing and things were going even slower than before. While I was still pushing, my girlfriend knocked on the door urgently and called my name saying "Hurry up! I really need to use the bathroom too". I said "I'm taking a crap here! Can't you wait a little or somethin?" She said "I can't hold it. It just hit me and I'm NOT using that nasty, broke toilet! Open the door! I can't hold it anymore!" I groaned and thought how embarassing the situation was. The toilet is not close to the door. I would have to hop over to the door, open it, and then hop back with a turd hanging out my butt. But I couldn't let her go in her shorts so I had to open the door. I said "Fine! But I warn you. I'm takin a dump". I unlocked and opened the door and she rushed by me into the bathroom. She glanced at me and said "Eeeeeew! You still got a poop tail?!" as she quickly pulled down her shorts with her panties an sat on the toilet. I almost immediately heard the sound of a STRONG stream of pee shootin into the toilet. I closed the door and looked back at her. She was leaned forward and looking down as she continued to pee for what seemed like a good minute. She looked up at me blushing but laughed at me saying "Look how it's hangin out!". I grumbled "Makes my feel a lot better! Just make it fast!" Right after I finished talking, my stomach grumbled and the turd started crackling again. She started giggling and said "You'd better hold on it in!" I blushed and asked her isn't she finished yet? And just as I said that she let out a loud fart "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" and giggled. I said "Don't tell me you have to take a crap too!". I was still sort of shocked here. I'd never even seen her on the toilet before. I was completely turned on. She smiled and said "Guess so!".

I told her to hold her's and get up because I was obviously further along in the process. She started laughing and pointed at my turd saying she could see that and that she would try to hold on long enough for me to finish. She playfully placed her hands on my hips and guided me onto the toilet. I could tell that she was turned on just as much as me. The tub is sort of beside and to the back of the toilet so she sat her bare butt on the side of the tub. I didn't get a good view of her on the toilet, but she got a perfect view of my dump. I was leaned forward just as far as she was. I figured I might as well give her a good look since she seemed so interested. I asked her to see if the turd looked like it was moving at all. She giggled and asked me to scoot my booty forward so she could see. I think I was even more turned on as she stared behind me and said it doesn't look like it's moving anywhere. She didn't know but thanks to a well-placed mirror I could see her gorgeous, round butt leaned over on the tub. I looked and saw her crack open just enough for me to glimpse her butthole which was slightly puckering. I focused on my turd, and it slowly eased out. She placed her hand on my right cheek and giggled telling me to "push!". I felt a finger trailing the top part of my crack as I grunted and pushed this monster of a turd. She giggled and described how konbbly it was as I pushed. She repeatedly tapped my cheek urging me on and saying "Drop it! and finish so I can get started!". I felt embarrased yet turned on at the same time. Finally the turd fell with a loud splash, and a thin turd started slithering off. My girlfriend was pretty much giving play-by-play coverage and was still staring as I let out these turds. "God! You stank!" she said and giggled. Just as she said that I heard some tiny "brr" "brrrr" "brrrr" noises. I said "You really can't talk stinky butt" and she laughed and said "Hurry up! I can't hold it any longer." I looked in the mirror and saw the tip of a light-brown turd poking out and her butthole struggling to keep it in. I wasn't going to be finished any time soon, and my turds weren't coming out slow anymore. I looked in the mirror and saw her turd ease out even more. She told me to get up for a little bit, but I told her I would pretty much crap on the floor if I moved. She groaned and held her hands on her cheek and I saw her turd nearly ease back in but slowly slither out again. I had an idea. My toilet bowl is quite big so I scooted as far back as I could without letting my turd touch the back of the seat, and told her to just sit down. She immediately laughed and blushed saying "I can't sit there like that!" so I teased her and said "Guess you'll be crapping in the tub then". She groaned and to my surprise got up and sat her fairly big ass on the edge of the toilet I could give her. I don't think I could've been any more turned on. We were sitting in a way that made legs lay on the side of her hips, and I had a 100% clear view of her incredibly perfect ass. I really really had to contain my excitement. I flushed the toilet because it was twice the crap now and we didn't need TWO broken toilets.

This was like the best moment yet. She turned her head at me giggling and said "Don't try nothin funny or I'll kick your booty". I smiled saying "dont worry! I don't think I'll try anything while you're takin a crap." She leaned forward like she did before and rested her arms on her legs, and her head in her hands. I said "I hope you're not a messy pooper!" and she laughed saying "Shut up!" as she finally let her turd ease its way out. I felt a small turd quickly shoot out my hole while hers was still slithering out. I pushed for more, but only got farts. So I figured I was done, but of course I was still sitting down. I turned all my attention to my girlfriend's dump as the light-brown turd finally fell off when she clenched. She sighed and let out just a mixture of farts "Hssssssss" "Brrrrrrrr". She could only giggle and sya "Don't say a word" as she farted like crazy and another turd eased out. She was passing the smoothest turds I had ever seen. They were just perfectly smooth. The turd eased out with no problem and fell with a splash. Almost immediately she let out a bunch of loose, small turds. They made a "plopplopplopsplashplopplop" sound. I was getting a wonderful show. She pushed and a INCREDIBLY FAT turd stretched her tight butthole and poked out. She grunted and groaned "Nnnnnnnnnnnnn! Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Nnn!" and and I watched intently as the turd moved even more slower than my other ones did. I couldn't help myself and poked her fat cheek as she pushed. She playfully gasped at me and said "Heeeey!" but she was enjoying everything just as much as me. The room already stunk before, but she just made it completely horrible. It didn't bother me though. I continued to poke her round buttcheeks as the turd slowly moved out. It wasn't nearly as smooth as the others. It was just "different". Everytime she stopped grunting, it stopped moving. She grunted, but it didn't move this time. She sighed and giggled saying "Uh-oh! I might need some help with this one." I quickly asked what she wanted me to do, and she told me to just spread her cheeks for her. It didn't even take me half a second to grab her buttcheeks and spread them. I couldn't believe the position I was in now. I just stared at what I was holding in my hands, and couldn't help but squeezed her amazingly soft buttcheeks as she pushed. I shouted like her coach saying "Push! Push!" like she did to me. She giggled and groaned loud and long as the turd very slowly worked its way out her stretched butthole. I felt her butt jiggle in my hands as she pushed with all her might. I couldn't believe how such a huge and nasty turd could come out of the same perfect butt I was grabbing in my hands. I told her "It's almost out!" and she pushed even more making her butt jiggle in my hands again. I guess it was possible for me get turned on even more, because I think it happened then. She finally stopped grunting and the turd was so far out that it started easing out by itself and fell with a huge "SPLASH!". She wiped her head and playfully sighed. I had to ask "What in the hell have you been eating!?". And she told me that she had recently ate at a buffet not too long after basketball season. I guess she eats a lot of fiber too. I looked at the turd and it was just a MONSTER. It wasn't long, but it was just huge. I immediately tried flushing the toilet and it barely went down.

I said "How could that monster come out of this cute butt?" as I gently squeezed her incredible ass. She giggled and said "Shut up!" as she started pushing again. I looked closely and stared at her tight butthole puckering and pushing. I was completely mesmerized as another turd poked out her butthole. It was smooth like the others, but moved almost as slowly as the fat turd. It also only moved whenever she pushed. I was still spreading and squeezing her cheeks as she pushed. Her butt started jiggling again as this turd eased out. It apparently seemed to be a long turd, but it broke off before it could finish. She relax her butt and sighed. I squeezed and urged her on. She giggled and said "Aren't you done yet?!." I smiled and said "I'm your little helper!". She smiled and said "sicko!" as she pushed again. I started trailing my finger up and down the top of her crack like she did to me. I felt her body sort of shake in surprise, but she seemed to calm down and I could tell that she liked it as the end of the turd finally fell out. It seemed like she had to push for even the smallest turds. It was just incredible. It was just "Nnnnn! *plop* Nnnnnnn! *plop*" over and over. I flushed the toilet again before she ended up filling my toilet. This was much larger than any dump I've ever had. Most likely larger than three of mine combined. She made a nasty fart and these round turds just started plopping out her butthole on their own. It was almost like an explosion of turds. Even more than before. There wasn't even a break in between. Just "plopploplopplopplopplopplopplop" constantly. I flushed the toilet again as I watched my girlfriend seemingly empty out her entire system. The turds stopped for awhile. And I wondered if she was finished. She seemed to think she was, and started to raise her butt, but stopped with her ass right in my face. She put a hand on her stomach, and I said "Whoa!" as I saw a turd poking out. She laughed and said "Ooops!" as she plopped her ass between my legs again and the turd fell on its own. "I think I feel some more." She gasped again as I told her to raise her butt up so I could see. She giggled and raised her butt up to my face again as I spread her cheeks, and looked up her butthole. She let out a stinky fart right in my face, and laughed. I waved the smell away and playfully said "That ain't funny!" as I smacked her cheek. We both heard her stomach rumble and she sat down AGAIN. I watched as stringy turds just oozed out her hole. She had to clench for each one, and had to shake her butt around for some. I said "Shake it like saltshaker" and she blushed and giggled even more. Finally she pushed and her ass jiggled in my hands. She did this for awhile, but did nothing but entertain me some more. She calmly said "I guess I'm finally done!". I had to say "Do you always poop THIS MUCH?!". She said "Pretty much! I don't usually go to the bathroom everyday. And I DID eat at Golden Corral". I knew how she could be at a buffet so I know she ate a lot. It seemed like she crapped out the entire buffer and then some. We both got up and looked into the toilet. We could barely see any part of the bowl that wasn't filled with poop. I called her a dirty butt, and she smacked my shoulder. She playfully chanted "I get to wipe your booty!" as she grabbed some toilet paper. I was once again turned on and embarrased at the same time. She playfully told me to turn around and lean forward. She spread my cheeks and wiped up and down my crack, and poked my butthole repeatedly. I know I don't take messy dumps so the toilet papaer wasn't that dirty, but that didn't stop her from wiping me about five times. She smacked my cheeks and said all-clean. She then grabbed some toilet paper and started wiping between her pussy, which I got a great view of. I quickly said "Hold on! Hold on now! I get to wipe your booty too! Don't cheat me now!" She giggled and bent her gorgeous ass over for me to wipe. I grabbed her big, round buttcheeks and wiped. The paper was definitely dirty. So I got to wipe her about three times as long as she wiped me. She let out little air-farts over and over, and giggled saying "Aren't you done yet?". I smacked her butt saying "Don't rush me! I'm wiping till the paper ain't dirty at all!" She playfully sighed and jiggled her butt a little saying hurry up. While I was wiping the paper accidentilly tore in her crack, and she criticized my job of wiping her. It worked for me. I had to carefully spread her thick cheeks and carefully pull out the paper from in her crack. I then wiped her a little more, and took a paper and lightly poked her butthole with it a few times. She giggled and lightly shook her butt in surprise. I told her she was finally clean, and she gave me an incredible view of her from behind as she reached down to pull her shorts and cute panties from around her ankles. I poked her cheek and kept my finger there saying "I still can't believe that THIS butt did ALL of that! You are ridiculous girl. And you were teasing me". She laughed and chased me out the bathroom which just had an AWEFUL smell. That one hour(Yes, it was a little longer than a hour) made my whole week wonderful. I'll never forget that day. After that we became a lot more comfortable around each other. And aren't shy with our bathroom habits, although I don't think she really had that much shyness. I hope to have another experience like this though. It was as wonderful as it sounds.

cute guy
i like to pee in a lot of different places, like the sink and stuff.if there is any body that likes peeing storys keep it up.

i like peeing stories if there is any women who like to pee write more stories.

ShortSkirt Girl
My responses for TJ's survey.

1. Could you give a brief description of yourself?(age,height,hair color,etc) I'm 38, 5'8, I'm a brunette with a fairly curvy build.

2.How often do you take a poop?
Usually once a day at breakfast, and sometimes again in the late afternoon or evening.

3.About how large are your poops on average? (length,width)
They're usually crescent shaped, around 2-3 inches long. Depending on what I've been eating, I can sometimes do very firm long, wide turds or mushy diarreah.

4.About how many turds do you let out when you take a poop?
Normally I cover the bottom of the bowl with maybe 12 to fifteen small turds.

5.What type of texture do your poops turn out to be in general?(mushy,firm,rock-solid,etc)
Usually semi-soft.

6.What form do your poops usually come out as? (logs,coils or snakes, chunks,etc)
Little coils usually.

7.About how long does it take for you to poop?
Typically no longer than a minute. If I'm blocked up for some reason it can take as long as 10 to 15 minutes before I give up. Often I daydream, or sometimes masturbate on the toilet. I've also taken phone calls while on the toilet.

8.Is there a particular time of day when you normally poop?
See above.

9.Is there a particular time or place you like to poop?(home,public restroom, etc)
Usually at home, but I have no problem with going anywhere.

10.Overall, do you like pooping?
It's very relaxing and therapeutic activity for me love it.

11.How do you feel about others listening to or watching you poop or vice versa?
I get very excited by being watched or listened to by my girlfriends, work colleaques etc. My husband loves to watch me go, and I enjoy seeing others poop and pee if it doesn't wig them out too much. I become very uninhibited if I know a stranger is watching or listening to me take a shit and smelling or hearing what I'm doing in the stall.

12.How long do you usually hold your poop in?
I agree with Mel, I don't typically hold it in at all unless I'm planning on pooping somewhere exciting.

13.What foods do you usually eat?
Pretty much anything.

14.Are there any foods you eat that make you produce large poops?
Fast food makes me go - like immediately!

15.What is your favorite (if any) type of poop to let out?
I love a lot of satisfying flatulence, several long smelly farts followed by firm, easiliy expelled chunky turds.

Hope this helps!

Thanks to Michael M. for those tips. Remember how I said about once every 2 weeks or so I have one of those amazingly fulfilling experiences. Well I had one yesterday at work. Thankfully, we have a single bathroom at work so no audiences are right outside. About 9:30 a.m., I knew that 4 days of constipation were about to come to an end. The pressure inside my anus was huge and almost unbearable. I walked quickly to the bathroom, dropped my pants, lined the seat and sat down. I felt an incredible urge to push, which I did. My anal opening expanded painfully wide open and I groaned and grunted hoping for relief. Just then, a massive hard log emerged. I like it was tearing me apart. I wanted to cry. It hurt so much and just kept coming out in one huge piece. Finally it was over. I looked in the bowl at a massive toiletstool, 12 inches long at least and 2 or 3 inches wide. Like other times, though, when I wiped - not a thing on the toilet paper. I felt like I had slept for days! I had so much energy. No more bloating or cramping. It was great! Bye now.

Punk Rock Kid
Hey this is my first post
Id like to say i love Ash D. and Mel D.'s posts
Any way this happened to a girl in my class in 5th grade.
It was the end of the day and most of the buses had been called.
The girl sitting behind me was talking to her friends and i to mine when a huge yellow puddle appeared under her seat.
It smelled awful.
I asked her what it was and she said lemonade from her lunchbox but it was obviously piss.
When her bus was called she got up and a huge stain was on her pants.
The next year she did the same thing in english class but it was much more noticable because i heard a small hissing sound.
This year she did it again only it was REALLY ovious.
In art class we were ddrawing posses of people "modeling"
It was her turn and while she was up there she looked like she needed to go because she was shivering and rocking back and forth when she all of a sudden undid her pants, ran over to the dirty water color bucket and released a stream that went on for at least 12 minutes she was reall embarassed and she began to cry. She went to the office to call her mom to get a new pair of pants.
Now geuss who gets to see that whenever he wants, ME
She is now my girlfriend and is as obsesed obout bodily fuctions as i am.

Julie tell us about your accidents that you had in elementry and middle school and any other stories that you can thnk of

To Smelly Kellie: Thanks for replying to the survey. I really liked your responses. And to answer your question, I think your name is just fine. After all, many people's poop smells bad anyways, mine included. I look forward to seeing your first story.

To Penny: I also want to thank you for replying. I thought it was kind of interesting when you talked about the city people visiting your farm and your teaching them how to poop outdoors.

Thanks to all you girls who I may have missed who replied to my survey. Take care, and keep those good responses coming!

Yours truly,


Hey Guys.
I am writing this farting, and can feel a good poo coming.

No new stories, but saw a question that I would like to answer.

To Roberta: When it comes to me going poo, I usually pee, but in some situations, I don't. Like if I have to poo bad, I'll just sit, poo, poo, and poo, and then get up. Like there is no time for pee.

To Smelly Kellie: Welcome. Good to have you here posting.

Well, that's all for today. I have to go and drop a poo.

Take care guys.

Hello,fellow poopers-some responses
TO OLD POOP-Good story with the brown toilet bowl.I have seen those too-sometimes your turds just blend in!
TO PENNY-Hello to a regular-haven't heard from you in quite a bit.I used to really enjoy your outdoor poop stories-Enjoyed your survey stats.i'd would really enjoy having a woods buddy poop with you!it would be fun!hope to hear from you more often-good stuff!
TO JJ-Cool story with you seeing that woman poop in the bushes-i would have liked to have seen that myself!!
as for me,i had a good dump at the gym yesterday a.m.Was there for about 30 mins or so on the cardio machines when I could feel my morning excrement moving down,so i headed for the bowls and it was fairly busy-the earlier i go,the busier the toilets are.So i go into the end stall with just a towel on and as i'm cleaning off the seat ,i can hear other guys grunting and farting and it's so inspirational for me!So i take off my towel and sit on the bowl with my legs spread slightly and I sit back against the tank and relax my anus and i let out 2 tight farts that were pretty loud and felt good and I had a feeling that this was going to be a good dump,too..there was a guy in the next stall that as soon as I let out my pre-poop farts,started to let out what sounded like a very soft,crackly dump with a lot of gas and i could hear him grunting as he was pooping ,so i let out another fart that was more like a hissing sound and then i could feel my anus dome out as my 1st turd started coming out,so i pushed slightly as i could feel this poop snake out my butt and it felt like one of my long ones,so I let it grow and grow and then I decided to stop it and let it hang out my but for a bit as I looked between my legs and saw this long log almost touching the water.It was one of my better ones,so i waited with this "poo tail"for another cramp and for another guy to come into the next stall to poop.After about 2-3 mins,sure enough another guy went into the next stall and sat down quickly and let out a bunch of gas that was really loud as he grunted and then I heard a lot of crackling and it sounded like the turd were coming out his butt pretty fast and plop, plop ploping into the bowl.this guy was really dumping some serious poop.Then I felt a slight cramp and I then felt my poop tail start to move and it sped up and slid silently into the bowl and then i let out a hissing fart and then I let out pt 2 which was pretty soft and gassy and it felt great as i could hear this guy dumping along side of me as I let out all this soft stuff as I was also pissing like a racehorse and it ended with a loud fart as I grunted in relief and I heard this guy grunt at the same time.I really enjoy pooping at the exact same time as the guy in the next stall-it's great and a lot of time i think they enjoy it too.Then I started to let out a few squgglies and some more gas as the guy in the next stall was just sitting there-i think he was listening to me poop,so i obliged him.That was a really fun dumping session.I felt so empty and satisfed as i looked in the bowl and saw a good pile of poop with a long snake turd wrapped around the bowl-I haven't had a good unloading like this in awhile and it sure felt good-Then,of course,i had some fun and started to clean up and it was a messy wipe,so i cleaned up as best i could and figured I'd just go take a shower and clean up right!Sometimes,i think i'm not the only one enjoying the experience of pooing along with the other guys here at the gym-and I won't elaborate about that! but as long as it doesn't get weird,who cares!great stuff,all BYE

To Julie: Loved your story

To Biker Trash: Liked your story

To unnamed poster: i like my toilet at home..i like public better though

To oldpoop: Liked your story

To Louise (from France): Liked your story about seeing those ppl pee by the dumpsters

To Linda: Enjoyed your stories

Latly when i've had to poop its been much softer then it has been in a while. For a few weeks i was having really hard and dry poops then the other day i pushed out a soft log. Then yesterday morning i got up and farted then after a while i had to poop cause of the big meal i had the night before and it was really soft and chunky.

Biker Trash,
alway enoy your post. I too peed many times sitting with my rear end over the edge of the car's floorboard, like your friend did. It is aconfortable and safe postion, no splashing, no worryng hor bad aiming ane a good hiding between the car door, nobody con see anything form the other side, neither your bum form under the car like when you pee squatting you tell other anecdotes about peein toghter with her?

I posted many pee stories, pleas post something about your pee stories..just to star t you can keep my poll about peein in teh shower alive.

I like to pee outdoor. Have you ever witnessed girls peeing in the shower or did you pee in the shower in presence of girls?

cute guy
tell some experience about you peeing outside, i like it too and expecially i like to see men doing it

Do you have any funny or best rembered episode about peeing in th eshower with your friend (when, where, if other women saw you)...thanks

thanks again to all


Friday, March 19, 2004

Hi again! I have got another story from the library. I was there some days ago because I wanted to borrow a book, when I noticed a lady in her forties taking a magazine from the shelf and heading for the toilets. That was an unmistakable sign of a nice pooping session, so I quickly followed her steps. I went into the toilets and took a stall next to hers. I waited for straining sounds or plops, but nothing happened. Only now and then I could hear the rustling of paper, as she was passing the pages of the magazine. I could not believe that she had come into the toilet just to read it!

Suddenly I saw her hand under the partition, she was leaving the magazine on the floor. Soon afterwards I began to hear soft straining noises, sort of ummmmm….ummmm, followed by a couple of loud farts. She went on straining softly, but no crackling sounds could be heard. That lady was definitely constipated. The grunts went on for five minutes, then I saw her hand grabbing the magazine again.

The straining noises ceased, and I could only hear the rustling of pages again, it seemed she was taking some rest from her straining. It was weird, I could not understand why she could not read and do her business at the same time!

Some minutes later she put aside the magazine again, and again more straining followed. And again, some farts could be heard, but nothing else. Her straining sounds were louder, and she shuffled in the seat a bit. But her efforts had no reward. She muttered a few words cursing her bad luck and grabbed her magazine again.

I was starting to feel a bit nervous, was she going to spend the whole day in the toilet? But just a couple of minutes afterwards I saw her hand putting the magazine on the floor again. Then she began to take off her trousers and panties! She left them on the floor, seated again, spread her legs and began straining again. Nothing to do with her previous efforts. She grunted loud, heavily, encouraging herself to get rid of the load inside her….NNNNNNNNNGH….NNNNNNNNNNGH..pant, pant…NNNNNNNNGH…come onnnn…UMMMMMMMMMMGH…try again….NNNNNNNGH. After some minutes of straining a loud crackling sound could be heard, it seemed that a large turd was starting its way out. UMMMMMMMMMMMGH…it´s coming out at last, thank God…UMMMMMMMMGH…push,girl,push…NNNNNNNNNNGH…once more…NNNNNNNNNNNGH…come on, it´s nearly out…UMMMMMMMMGH…SPLOOOOOOSH….AAAAAAAAAAAH…WHAT A RELIEF!! She tore some paper and started to wipe, and soon afterwards took her pants and trousers from the floor. I left my stall and came out of the toilet. A few minutes later she did too. I noticed her face was a bit red from her efforts, and she did not have the magazine with her.

Twice Shy
The male business-buddy piss

I should like to report on the topic of the kind of encounters I seem to have, in the three-fixture urinal line-up at the office. I am one of many stressed male employees who rarely can afford the time for a leisurely trip to the john, only I realize that I could be caught somewhere like in the truck driving home, so it has to be done. Invariably, I come across co-workers in the same predicament; the need to drain that pesky crank-case. The urinals are separated by walls that extend about 15 inches out, but we often seem to engage in business-related conversation, when there is business at hand (besides, of course, what we need to handle to do the business of being in the john). We just stand there, letting loose, with the understanding that this is another of those unavoidabilities, like deadlines and budgets. No one is ever in the line-up long, of course, and it is rare that all three urinals are in use, but when more than one fellow is in the room, it is always the sign of a needlessly hurried man, when he does not take time to wash his hands. Of course, I fear much more the kind of microorganism that might have come to my hands from bodies other than my own. The face-to-face that goes on in the men's urinal situation is bound to be conducive to operations in the corporate structure, in a way I cannot imagine to be as possible in the necessarily-sequestered world of the women's stalls across the hall. Maybe when female urinals are perfected, we'll see the day when the ladies can join in (at least among themselves), in this fine opportunity to increase the strength of the network of one's contacts.

I got to the day after my 16th birthday before I had a shitting accident in my underpants. I had been picked up my Mum after school to give her a hand with the Supermarket shop. I usually did this and quite enjoyed it. I had a nagging poo feeling at the end of school but not bad enough to make me want to go at school! I reckoned I would be ok with plenty of time to spare. Well in a way that was true. I dropped a few nice warm farts as we walked around but there was no danger and I was enjoying leaving a low lying cloud behind me. I remember I had an itchy bottom and scratched it and felt my underpants sticky when I finished. I felt them slightly damp against my bum and realised I must have a real thick skid stain in them. Things were fine until the checkout when I sneezed for England - at least 3 serious sneezes - 3 serious sneezes that had me out of control and left me with very full white Calvin Klein briefs. It was quite a firm load thankfully and lay between my legs. I had farted loudly as I sneezed and the girl on the checkout was giggling with my Mum about it. Mum must have realized from the expression on my face that all was not well and she suggested I go and wait by the car in the fresh air. As I went away I heard Mum say to the girl I had messed myself. I was so embarrassed I could have died. Mum found it quite funny and told me not to be so silly as everyone sometimes messes themselves. I told her that might be true but she did not have to tell everyone else what I had done!

It was true that most of friends had crapped in their pants at one time or another and I had had a few pairs of fairly wet underpants when I had had no choice but to let bursts of piss in my pants to try to control the need. - usually in class or on the school bus and a couple of times at the cinema when the film was too good to get up and miss a bit.

My best mate Paul had a couple of disasters when we were together - both times because he tried to make it home when he should have gone when he had the chance. I was quite used to the idea that other people did have unlucky experiences and that I was not alone. Sometimes the state of my mates undies with skid stains and yellow marks was shocking and I often wondered how often they changed them - what their Mums said - if anything or if their brothers and sisters had stained undies as well.

Anyhow at home I cleaned up and it was forgotten until about a week later when I went out with Dad for the day while he was on site visits. In the school holidays I would often go with him for the day. We were returning down the M1 and had just passed a service area when I asked Dad if we could stop at the next so I could go to the toilet. He said it was a good idea because he needed to pee. We had only gone about 5 miles when we ground to a stop and just stayed stopped. After about an hour I was touching cotton and holding myself as well - Dad was getting in a bit of a state and got out of the car and bought a couple of old sheets from the boot and gave me one and folded one and put it under his bum to cover the seat. Dad unzipped himself - undid his belt and slid his trousers round his knees Almost immediately I saw the stain begin to spread over his briefs. I smiled and let go and the piss surged through the front of my trousers , bubbling through my fingers like a small fountain and slowly subsided and like my dads stain just spread. I should have done what he did and slip my trousers down Both of us were laughing out loud at what we were doing. I had to lift my bum off the seat and let go and poo eased into my briefs. It was firm again and just stayed under me and when I sat back down relieved it was like sitting on a squeeze melon. It smelled a bit rich and we opened the windows and Dad ruffled my hair and told me not to worry and if we did not move soon he may have to join me.

After about another hour he made it plain he was going to have to give in. H pulled the back of his shirt tail up out of his undies and put his hands on either side of the seat and raised his bum - he laughed and said 'here goes' and with that there was a rather quiet but long lasting fart and it was clear that we had a lot in common. We cleaned up at home - Mum was out as it happens - Dad was a lot messier than me because his load had been really sticky and was all over his undies and in his trousers and the back of his trousers were wet stained. In the shower I noticed that Dad had a piss as he was showering so I did as well. It felt good.

I was ok now until I went to Uni and learned about bars and drinking. My first accident there was walking from where I was sitting to the toilet and not making it in time - walking back to my room with well loaded pants - rather a wet load and hoping that no one would notice. A couple of times I wet myself in the bar when it was crowded because to get up would have lost my seat - I crapped on the way home a couple of times as the result of rather wet farts that I could not control and I wet the bed twice because I was too pissed to wake up.

I am 24 now and living on my own so if I poo in my underpants it does not matter, but I do not really go in for made up accidents - not until now at least. Yesterday I needed to go when I was driving home - I had about a 100 miles to go and thought I would pull over and have the remains of my flask of coffee, quickly drop my undies and have a poo. I turned off onto a quiet side road found a pull in and stopped by a gate and sat down on a low wall. I farted really long and realized I was touching cotton and it was firm. What the hell. I stood up and felt my Calvin's push out and the first lump broke off and dropped into my crutch and the second pushed out and coiled on top of the first and the last push was quite wet and squashed everywhere! I stood by the car and just enjoyed the feeling. It was really the first time I have ever let go when I could have avoided it and it gave me a thrill and I have to say it showed! I thought about wetting myself but decided against that . Driving home was like old times and I almost wished my Dad had been there! Cleaning up at home was not too bad and after taking the worst of the shit out of my underclothes I threw my shirt, briefs and trousers in the washing machine and went out for a drink with my old school mate Paul.

During the evening I got the conversation around to accidents and he told me about some he had. Like me at college he had crapped himself and woken up in a wet bed . I told him about the accident I had that afternoon and we both laughed and he said he would like to have been there to see it happen We agreed that possibly we may one day share a poo as buddies. I would enjoy that I think. We have been very good mates for a long time and neither of us has girl friends and I think we may just share a joint interest in getting better acquainted. More from me soon if I get lucky.


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