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To Mysterious Man:

There are dozens of movies with good poop scenes, but relatively few involving women. We have talked about most of them at one time or another in this forum. Here are a few that I can think of off the top of my head. The ones with asterisks (*) all have actual poop or fart noises in the scene, or you can actually see the poop. The ones without asterisks are generally mild, and you only know the girl is pooping because of dialogue, context or the way she wipes herself (if she is shown wiping from the back, I assume it is a poop scene)..

See the Sea * (the poop is shown in the toilet)
Tart * (the girl makes very realistic poop noises)
Spun * (the poop is shown briefly and the girl make realistic noises)
Held Up (girl shows urgency, but nothing explicit is shown)
Kindergarten Cop (girl shows urgency but nothing explicit is shown)
AI- Artificial Intellignece (woman is on toilet reading)
Car Wash (woman on toilet reading; a boy later comments on the smell)
Something Wild (girl wipes from the back)
Not another teen movie * (poop noises heard and poop shown from toilet)
Two Week's Notice (girl shows urgency but nothing really explicit)
Detroit rock City * (poop or fart noises heard while girl on toilet)
Homage (girl is on toilet and dialogue establishes she's pooping)
Denise Calls Up (girl on toilet a long time using laptop)
Twenty-One (girl is on toilet a long time and wipes from back)
Patch of Blue (dialogue establishes that girl has diarrhea)
The Shooting (dialogue establishes that girl "soiled herself")
Caged Heat * (girl shown reading on toilet and poop sounds heard)
Senseless * (girl heard farting and making noisy poop sounds)
Labyrinth of Passion * (girl poops herself and poop is shown on leg)
Keetje Tippel aka Katie Tippel * (poop sounds while girl is on commode)
Turkish Delight aka Turk's Delight - uncensored version * (poop shown)
Once Upon a Time in America (girl says she has to poop)
Scary Movie 2 * - a girl's poop is shown in a litter box

These are just the ones I can think of right now. There are many, many others.

There are also many movies where a woman is shown on the toilet, but it is not clear whether she is peeing or pooping. A few examples are:

The Drifter
Indecent Proposal
Groove Tube
Rumble in the Bronx
Three for the Road
Psycho 3
Flirting with Disaster
many others..some of these are usually listed as pee scenes, but they could really be either pee or poop (or both)

There are also some movies I have never seen, but I am told they have good poop scenes involving women:

L'Age D'Or
Joy of Flying
Cross My Heart
Exterminating Angel

If anyone has information on these, I'd appreciate hearing it.

Hope this helps!

Movie Fan

AJ :o)
Raging Urophile--Great poem! That is, as much as I can see of it! As soon as bugs get more worked out, I'll be anxious to read the rest of this!

As most people who have read enough of my posts know, I also write--and that writing not only includes poetry-in-general but, also, parody poetry (such as yours is).

I'm anxious to see more of your talent!

As of today, I'm on my monthly period, so I'm sure that the next few days will be interesting and challenging when it comes to making it to the bathroom on time to pee, because it's not just pee coming out of there now.

I'm wearing two sets of protective panties for extra protection.

They're tearaways, so, when the one closest to me gets too messy, I'll just tear the sides, pull it away, and have the one on the outside next to me.

Before I go to bed tonight, I'm going to do that and then put on a new outer pair.

That's about it for now!

AJ :o)

wow..amazing site! I'm a 21 year old college student and when I came across this reminded me of my most embarassing moment...2 years ago while playing football for my college I had the worst accident in my pants during a football game. I had to shit, but thought I could hold it. I got a major hit from a huge guy and it just made me fill up the seat of my tight white football pants. Under the pants all I had on was a jock. It was a disaster...I dont think the crowd knew what happened but everyone on my team sure did. I still get some grief from some of the guys now.

I posted here about a week ago, but I guess it got lost in the ether. I was dumping in my favorite doorless stall, the one that faces another doorless stall, and was taking a poop. This guy comes in and takes the stall facing mine. He was reddish-blonde, and quite attractive. Probably about 30 years old. He wipes off the seat and unbuttons his shorts. He is facing me as he pulls down his shorts and underwear. I remember his white briefs turned inside out as he pulled them down. I could see that his dick kinda pointed to the right. Most guys dicks point one way or the other to some degree. His green shorts were down around his ankles and his briefs were around his calves. He looked up at me a couple of times. I didn't hear him crap, but he grabbed his dick as he peed into the bowl. I don't remember seeing him wipe, but he did shake off his dick just before he stood up and pulled up his briefs and shorts. I was wiping from the front as I usually do. He did walk to the sink outside my stall, instead of the one next to his, to wash up. I did see that he stood at the towel dispenser by the door, fully facing me as I did my last 2 standing wipes and pulled up my briefs and shorts. I wish all my sightings were as good as that one.

I was clothes shopping and went to the restroom to take a dump. I went into the restroom and saw that the deadbolt on the door had been removed. I went ahead and took a crap, of course. There was a partition for the stall, but the door had been removed and anyone coming into the restroom could see the guy on the toilet in the mirror above the sink. About 6 guys came in, but only 4 used the urinal. The other 2 left. I was wearing a snug-fitting t-shirt, so I decided to pull it up around my arm pits, to keep it out of the way. With my clothes around my ankles and my shirt pulled up, I was pretty much naked on the can. After urinating, they all washed up at the sink and had to pretty much stare at me if they looked into the mirror. I looked up and one guy looked at me in the mirror and just said "hey." The last guy must have wanted to use the touilet though, because he stood in the restroom with me while I finished wiping and pulled up my underwear and shorts. I don't usually care if anyone sees my underwear, but It was sorta funny that I wore my bright orange "safety" briefs that day, which are an unusual color. The guy didn't look at me, just sorta waited around until I was done. Too bad I had to leave, because I would have liked to see him on the can.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Doug Poopington
Over a month has passed. Peeing in the sink seems to have no ill effects.

I use less water than flushing. Rinsing out the sink while hand washing keeps the sink clean.

Other than the social stigma of peeing in the sink there is no problem.

AJ :o)
Mr. Funion, Jr.--Somehow, I can't see myself playing with my poop and can see myself even less playing with the poop of someone else.

However, I used to be engaged to a neat, childlike guy (I'm childlike, too), and we were always buying toys for each other and playing with them.

Either the Christmas of 1979 or 1980, he bought some (a well-known brand-name of colorful material used for molding things), and we began to play with it, making balls, worms, people, etc.

Then, I got this bright idea and took the white material and shaped it into a toilet (with tank, flusher, and everything. I even made the lid to where it could go up and down.

In it, I put some blue material to look like water.

After that, I took some yellow material and formed some logs and placed them in there.

By this time, my fiance was having a fit of laughter and I was, too!!!
Copologist--Awllllllll! You're a burper!!!

I'm not sure why you burp, but I've noticed that some people who are swallowing air from straining to pass difficult poops end up burping.

I remember several years ago that I was talking to this one guy on the phone, and, all at once, he began talking in a very strained voice.

Whether he was constipated and straining or whether he was, perhaps, doing sit-ups or lifting something while talking to me, I don't know, and I never asked.

But I know that he really started straining for some reason and then gave this monster belch.

So, if you need to strain a lot to pass your poop, you might be swallowing air that returns as a burp.

Tevin--When I was in second grade, we had two restrooms (girls' and boys') to one side of our classroom.

The set-up was that each restroom had a cloak hall, then, you turned to go into the restroom.

One day, a male classmate went in to do his business, and my desk just happened to be close to the boys' cloakroom.

I just happened to look up as **** was coming out into the cloakroom from the restroom, and he had gotten his undershorts pulled up but hadn't gotten his jeans pulled up.

So there he was with his white briefs exposed and his jeans and belt down around his ankles.

He was a sort of roly-poly guy who looked a little like Larry of Leave It To Beaver.

Anyway, I began laughing and pointing--and, soon, my classmates joined me!

Then **** got this "OOPS!" look on his face, turned around and headed quickly back into the restroom (with his jeans still around his ankles) to fix the problem.

By then, the entire class was just shrieking with laughter!

This guy's in local politics now--so just think what a tale I could tell on him, if he decided to go state or national! But would I!?! NAH! (At least, that's what I say now!) LOLOLOL

Catch Ya Later!!!
AJ :o)

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Raging Urophile
Well, hopefully all those "forbidden" messages I have been getting are history, as I now make my 4th attempt at this post. I am actually not worthy of participating on this board any longer, since I am the only adult male on this board who has never seen a woman drain. Nevertheless, I would like to share this poem I wrote. It is sung to the tune of "Lemon Tree".

Golden pee, very pretty, as it passes between your thighs.
It's the most erotic juice that nature can devise.
Golden pee, very pretty, as it passes between your lips.
I do not mind one bit if you spray upon my fingertips.

Golden pee, very pretty, as you squat behind a larch.
I can see your piss stream in the shape of a giant arch.
Golden pee, very pretty, as it glistens in the dark.
I'd like to see you spraying, outdoors in a public park.

Golden pee, very pretty, as you sit upon my pot.
However, if you choose to you can even stand or squat.
Golden pee, very pretty, as it emerges from your slit.
Please don't feel too ashamed if you happen to drop some shit.

Golden pee, very pretty, as it sprays out long and hard.
Maybe someday day I'll catch you spraying golden juice in my backyard.
Golden pee, very pretty, as it gushes long and thick.
Just the thought of your gushing gets a rise from my little -----.

I know I am reaching a bit here, but I do promise that if I ever do see a woman drain, those of you on this site will be the first to read about it. In the meantime ladies, keep on gushing, hissing, spraying, and streaming; and, whenever possible, do it in front of men.

Raging(and deprived)Urophile

Hi. I'm 12 years old. I remember one time in fifth grade my best friend had to take a dump. So he want in there as some other kids came in. Then as I pissed and began to wash my hands, the stall door opened. I got a chance to see my friend on the toilet. I burst out laughing. I laughed and giggled for the rest of the day even though I had to take a dump after school. Then the same thing happened a couple of weeks later.

Hey Sean. I had the same experience at the airport, but there was somebody in the stall next to me. So I really felt embarrassed but also felt good.

Hi everyone

I have not posted for ages, but still read this page often. I used to be really shy about doing my number 2 in a public toilet, but as a result of reading this page for years, I have lost my shyness and now enjoy it, particularly if there are other guys there also taking a shit. If I choose the right time and toilet I can be pretty sure that because I take a good 15 min to do my business, there will be at least one other visitor doing his. I try to choose a stall such that either I am next to an occupied one, or in such a place that anyone who comes in will have to occupy the one next to mine. I am not kinky, only curious. I peep down to see what shoes they have on and listen hard to the sounds that they make. In return, they are welcome to listern to my farts and grunts and plops as my turds hit the water. I also often burp while sitting on the pot, I don't know why.

Mr. Funion Jr.
Today the freakiest thing happened. My G/F lets me watch her BM sometimes. For some reason it seems wicked cool. She told me when she was little, she would play with her poo. I found this to be slightly disturbing. At the start of her BM she stood up halfway and cupped her hands under her bottom. Her muscles tensed for a few seconds, and then almost an entire load oozed into her hands! It was very soft, yet somewhat firm. With a big grin on her face she started to kinda play with 'em and made it into a huge turd-ball. (Is that even a word?)

The next thing I know, she asks me to take some. Being the eccentric, freaky guy I am I decided to go along with this. I put my hands right up to her bottom. Before I could say anything, a wave of soft serve poo oozed out into my hands. This was indeed an interesting experiance. It was warm and really sticky. Having no idea what to do with it, I stared at it for a bit and looked up to see what she was doing. She was moldingit into all kinds of shapes as if it was some kind of natural play-dough. I squished it and it felt strangely good.

After we were done, we dumped what we had into the bowl. After washing my hands they still didnt fell clean, so I washed them a secod time with anti-bacterial soap. Still, I couldnt shake the feeling that they were still dirty. ( I didnt see any more poo) Then I spied my bottle of Listerine on the counter. It did say "Kills millions of germs on contact", so I washed my hands with that.

Despite the fact that it was messy, it was fun. (in a freaky sort of way :) ) I think I might do it again.

AJ :o)
Gotta pee! brb. . .

Feel much better now!!!

I hope things get fixed around here soon so that I will know the answer to the question an old friend from college days named Dan was always fond of asking people when they returned from using the restroom:

"Did everything come out all right!"

Tonight (September 14, 2003, to be exact) 60 Minutes is going to be featuring the recently passed legend, Johnny Cash--whose name is also the answer to the question: What do you use to get access to a pay toilet?

Oh yes! I made up that joke myself several years ago, and I think I'll go post it on my website right now--Would you believe that I now have a page reserved for bathroom-related material!?!

Gotta Go!!! (No pun intended--Yeah! Riiiiiiight!!!)
AJ :o)

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Hi everyone. Just here to give you an update on my pooping. I pooped 2 times today. Once at work and once about 5 minutes ago when I got home from my friend's place. I do not remember much about the earlier on e but the one a few minutes ago went like this...I sat down here to post when I felt the urge. I've been having little stinky farts all evening. So I went into the washroom, pulled down my shorts and sat down. Right away my poop started coming. I heard a piece plop down into the toilet then a little piece broke off and fell. I sat for about 1 minute then more came out and flopped into the toilet. I wiped 3 times and stood up. I was surprized to see about 12" in length total and about 2" thick. It feels sooo good to poop!!!

To PETE Ė I hate using portable toilets because they always smell soooo bad and you can see all the stuff that other people have done and it grosses me out.

To WANTANO Ė If I need to pee real bad it sometimes makes a soft hissing sound coming out.

To EMILY Ė How embarrassing, a 9 year old boy walks into your stall and sees your poo coming out. I would have died right there. The closest I had to your experience was when my uncle walked in on me pooping once. That was because the lock didnít work properly. BTW, Iíve never seen or used a squat toilet but I guess it must be a bit like squatting right down outdoors Ė am I right? What do they look like?

To TED Ė Liked your little survey, so here are my answers.

1) If you could poo anywhere where would that be?
I donít have any particular place I want to poo. I like to poo at school. I usually do my poos there because no one bothers me. I also enjoy pooping at the mall because itís all new and bright and clean. I poop at home too but sometimes my sister or even my mom will just barge in, which doesnít bother me, but sometimes I just like to be on my own.

2) If you could choose (and they would have to agree) anyone to watch you poo who would that be?
My girlfriend. We often poo or pee together, especially at her home or my home and at the mall.

3) If you could describe the best possible poo for yourself covering (a) quantity (b) texture (c) smell (d) time it takes what would that be?
The poos I enjoy most are nice and firm, just wide enough so that I can really feel it coming out, but not so wide they hurt real real bad. It doesnít have to be a long one but I like it when it comes out nice and slow and takes a long time. Even better if it stops half way, then I can sit for quite a while and just enjoy the sensations. Usually my poo comes out in just a minute or two, but sometimes it can take up to 20 minutes if it stops half way. Those are the best and thatís why I like to do my poos during lunch break at school so I have time to enjoy.

4) Why do you think that you are interested in pooing?
I donít know Ė sorry, I really donít, I just enjoy the sensations a lot.

To RYANS Ė Glad you liked my story.

To BETH Ė I loved your story because something like that almost happened to me once, but I was lucky, I managed to hold it in. Did your mom ever find out and what did you do with your panties? I had to throw my panties away and buy new ones when I last pooped myself. Ė Love Ash.

To CARMALITA Ė Iím so glad you like my stories. I always read your stories but I think you would be bored by me if you were with me when I poop. You, Patsy, Renee and Nu are so colorful, noisy and do so many different kinds of poo. I just sit there and look totally blank, like Iím in a trance. If Iím having a real hard time I might moan a bit and my face will show Iím in pain and it will turn bright red Ė and it sure shows because Iím blonde and very light. Love Ash XXX.

To LINKIN PARK GIRLEE Ė Hey, cool, glad you liked my story. Have you ever had to poop outside, please tell me? You are also like me Ė hold it in and then go sit and let it all come out. Isnít that feeling of relief incredible ?? Sorry Ė not much into Linkin Park, but I did find a whole lot of web sites, perhaps Iíll go look again. Love Ash.

To SEAN Ė Thanks for your reply. Iím surprised you like school uniforms, they are such a drag lol.

To D DAWG Ė Like your survey, so here are my answers.
1)longest pee of all time?
I canít remember my longest pee. I try not to hold my pee in because Iím no good at it and I pee myself too easily. I donít think I normally take more than 10 or 20 seconds or so to do my pee.

2) when you have to pee really bad, does the stream seem lighter than usual?
No not always except if I have been drinking a lot, then its more clear.

3) longest time you have ever gone without peeing.
I donít really know but I pee several times a day. So probably itís the nighttime thatís the longest I go without peeing. Iíve gone a whole morning or afternoon without peeing a few times, so I would say 3 to 4 hours is the longest during the day.

4) longest outdoors pee you have ever taken.
About 20 or 30 seconds Ė because I was desperate and had to do a big pee. That didnít include pulling my jeans and panties down and wiping myself and getting dressed again. The whole thing must have been about a minute.

5) have you ever had someone watch you pee.
Yes, my mom, my sis and my g/f have seen me pee. I mean like they have been right there with me completely. Iíve been with them too when they peed. My dad has seen me pee too.

To RICK Ė You asked about girls talking about toilet things in front of guys. No, I donít talk about it in front of guys or other girls. Even with my mom, my sis and my girlfriend it gets mentioned only if there is a real need. I donít toot in front of other people either. I think itís all because thatís the way I was brought up.

Love to everyone from Ash

D Dawg-
1) longest pee of all time? 10 min
2) when you have to pee really bad, does the stream seem lighter than usual? sometimes
3) longest time you have ever gone without peeing. 1 1nd 1/2 days
4) longest outdoors pee you have ever taken. 7 min
5) have you ever had someone watch you pee yes

Dan H
I just saw Toby Keiths music video on cmt, in it it has one scene where there is a girl in the mens room peeing into a urinal standing up, just though that i'd let u know that here was one in there incase any of u want to see it, u cant see or hear anthing her back is to u but u can tell that she is pissing.

thats all for now,

Dan H

I agree with Rick's comment about how women never seem to talk about pooping or farting in front of men. In my life, there have been very few times when a woman who wasn't a member of my family either farted, talked about farting or talked about pooping. I would also extend this to celebrities. Think about the comedians you have seen and the people who are guests on Jay Leno, etc. Male comedians often make poop and fart jokes, and male performers in general seem more open about such matters. It is very, very rare that you will hear a female comedian or female performer in general talk about this. There are some exceptions, like Kathy Griffin, Margaret Cho and a few others. But when was the last time you heard a female guest on Jay Leno talk about pooping or farting? And with the possible exception of Jenny McCarthy, when was the last time anyone heard a female celebrity fart on TV?

One time, when I was in high school, I was sick with the flu. I had taken a big shit before school so I thought I was okay. Than, between periods, I really had to pee. I went to the restroom, and stood at a urinal peeing. I felt like I had to fart, so I let loose, but I wound up shitting my pants. I went to the nurse's office and said I was extremely sick. My Mom came and picked me up, and told me I shouldn't have gone to school. I had an exam I didn't want to miss. I was a really good student, but it finally got me in the butt--literally. I stayed home the next day, puking and shitting, a couple of times simultaneously. I went through two pairs of underwear one day from shitting myself! I spent all weekend in bed or on the couch, getting up to shit every couple of hours, but I went back on Monday. I had to run to the bathroom several times to shit, but at least I made it. My girlfriend kept making fun of me, making fart moises at lunch and stuff. Ha ha ha. A ! few months later, she got bad diarrhea, and I made fun of her. Of course then it wasn't funny. But we stayed together, loose bowels and all.

I'm 16 and recently went shopping at a store i will not mention. I decided to try on an outfit. I went into the room but i felt a big poo comming. I wanted to leave but i had the outfit on. I couldn't hold it, i ran out. The fitting room lady stopped me, yelled at me, and told me to take off the outfit, she called me a theif. I whispered to her that I had to poop cause there were people all around. She said "I dont care" so I ran back in. Right as I was putting my undies back on, a poo fell into my panties. I literally cried. I had to put my jeans on and they made the poo smear and there was a huge brown spot on them. I tried to get away fast. As I was leaving the fitting room lady came out and said "Where are you going?" I told her i was going to the bathroom and she said "Hang up the outfit, i'm not your slave". I was like "what the heck, arn't you f???ing paid for this?" and she yelled at me to do so. So as I was walking back to the room she noticed my pooed pants and yel! led "You crapped your pants!" and she started cracking up. Soon the whole room of women were laughing at me. I took another poop in my pants and then I ran into the bathroom and cried again. When I got out the fitting room lady called me crapper bottom and laughed again.

Once when I was eight, my parents, my brother and sister and I were on a trip to my grandparents house for Christmas. I felt like I had to fart for a long time, but held it. After a little while, I couldn't hold it anymore. Both my sister and brother were asleep, so I thought I could blame it on them. Well, I went ahead and farted, but ended up pooping my pants instead. I was so embarrassed because I hadn't pooped my pants since I was like three or four. My Dad said, "Whew! Somebody let out a stinker!" I was too embarrassed to admit it was me, or that my underpants were full of poop. It stunk like crazy, but my Dad opened the window and the smell slowly went away. I just sat there with poop squished against my butt for two more hours until we got to my grandparents. When we got there, I went straight to the bathroom and cleaned up. My butt was all raw and itchy for the whole visit.

Punk Rock Girl
Rick: Well, I'm one of those women who DOES NOT have a problem talking about my bowel functions with men. While, I usually avoid farting in front of anyone, it's because I think it's rude, not because I'm embarrassed. But I openly talk about shitting and farting with my boyfriend and my guy friends. Doesn't bother me, and never really has. I've also taken a dump in front of my guy friends a couple of times if it's been convenient to share a bathroom, and I take a dump in front of my boyfriend at least a couple of times a week. I knid of like it, it's the exhibitionist in me having a little fun.

Whew! Well, my wave of diarrhea is over and I'm back to big solid loads again. I took a massive dump this morning. I was the first one in the office, and I was clenching my buns to keep from shitting my pants. I rushed to the bathroom, yanked down my pants and thong and crapped out a big eggplant shaped load. What a relief! My asshole hurt for a few hours, though. Two wipes, faint odor. Not too bad for a mega-dump!



Mike ex-con

Your experiences in prison sound pretty awful. What did you guys do when you were constipated? Did you sit and grunt in front of other guys? Rock and groan? Or were guys ashamed to do that? Were you ever constipated? Can you describe it?


This is my first time posting here. I just wanted to give a desription of myself before I started my story. I'm a 19 year old female I have wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. I'm 5'5 and 130lbs. Guy always tell me I have the perfect butt. So now for my story. I spent the night at my boyfriends house the other night..when I work up I started I had the urge to poop really bad. We were just cuddling in bed so I told my boyfriend that I needed to use the bathroom and went on into the bathroom. I pulled my thong and shorts down to my ankels and sat on the toilet. I peed then let out a little fart. Then I started to push out my poop..I leaned foward a little and grunted really hard..I was having a hard time getting things moving at first I was sitting there pushing and groaning for 10 minutes when my boyfriend knocked on the door and asked me if I was alright. I said yeah I'm fine then he said he wanted to get in the shower before work..I knew I was gonna be a lot longer so I told hi! m he could just get in now while I was going to the bathroom b/c I didnt wanna make him late. So he came in and brushed his teeth first while I was sitting there grunting trying to get my poop going. I felt a little strange and embarrased having him watch me but I kinda like it at the same time. After he brushed his teeth he undressed and got in the shower. About 2 minutes later I felt the tip of my log coming out..It felt really big and firm and was making a loud crackling sound. It slowly came out that made a big plop into the toielt. Then I sighed in relief the whole time I was doing this my boyfriend was talking to me like it was nothing and I know he could hear the straining in my voice. So then I kept pushing and let out a few loud farts..and then came 2 smaller logs really fast then were a little more soft then the first one. I felt empty so I stood up and wiped then my boy told me not to flush until he got out of the shower and invited me in the I got undr! essed and got in with him. When we got out he looked in the bowl at my work and was just like "wow" lol and flushed it for me. I feel so much closer to him now and he did mention that seeing and hearing me go #2 turned him on. I hope on day he will return the favor!

Michael M.
Ive often thought of this little story from my High School days and one girl I liked but was so shy around her. She was in a grade under me and her older sister was in my class. The older sister liked some boys older and out of school as was the case and the younger girl would flirt with boys in my class or older also.
Her name was Pearl, I doubt if she would be reading this post, but its true anyhow.
This one sunday afternoon Im riding my new bike around town and happened to pass by the school. Here is Pearl standing there at the bus stop waiting for something. She lived about 3 miles down the road from the school and was visiting a girlfriend and was waiting now for a bus home. Thing was the buses on sunday ran only every 2 hours locally and she had missed the last one. Pearl spotted me and waved hi. Who me? CouldI be so lucky? I stopped by her and we exhanged hellos and all that stuff, then she asked me if I could give her a lift home on my bike, on the crossbars of all thing! Here she was wearing her hair in a pony tail, had on tan shorts, blue top, white sneakers and sox looking really good. Ya, I said Id give her a lift on my bike-as it would be a job riding her that distance with our combined weight on the bike.
BUt Id be close to her, real close and what more could I ask for? Wow.

So she hops on and away we go, Im pedaling mostly on level ground so it isnt real bad once we got going. My right arm is brushing against her pullover and I could feel her warmth in front of me.
About half ways to her home I feel a little ticklish something on my bare leg (I was wearing shorts too) and I glanced down.
Hmm here was a bit of wetness on my leg and it wasnt sweat.
I didnt say anything but continued on and pumping the bike on our way.
I felt more wetness on my leg and I wondered what the heck was going on. I looked down again and noticed Pearl had a little wet spot on the front of her shorts. As we went along I checked a few more times and the wet patch was larger and I noticed a little stream drippin off the bike onto the ground. I can say I was getting concerned about all this and with some imagination I could figure that Peal had wet herself?
This was getting me excited now as I hardly could work now and had this other thing in the way bothering me.
So finally we get to her home and I roll up the street where she lived.
She then said, ok, thats good, and said stop. She jumped off the bars and did a thanks a lot, and made a beeline for her back yard up her sidewalk. I could see very clear her butt was wet where she sat on the bike with me right behind her.
Apparently I was guessing she hadda pee and was waiting for the bus, and none coming and was desperate enough to beg a ride from me to get home.
So this one really nice chick went and had an accident on my bike. I never forgot it, it was really exciting. After wards I had seen her in school and around and other than HI, nothing much was said. She must have known I knew what happened and was glad not to talk about it.
Her older sister in my class said to me then one day, I heard you picked up Pearl and gave her a ride on your bike- with a impish grin.
Ya, that was me, lucky dog.
What a day.

Oh yes, one day that summer I picked up this boy about 12 on my bike going to our ole fishing hole. He had his rod and reel and bait can and asked for a lift.
Just before we got to the river I noticed that Bobby had pissed in his pants on my bike crossbars.
It musta been the bike. LOL

China Girl
TO ARTIFICIALIST: Thank you for compliment

I have other story from yesterday. I had farting all day but it was silent. Stinky though. When I came home, a couple hours later I finally feel pressure. I have my own room with own toilet because I live with family so I always use my own toilet. I walk calmly to bathroom to act more womanly while my family is there but I finally get to toilet and I hurry in big rush to pull my pants down. I probably looked kind of silly sitting down so fast on toilet. When I did my hole opens. It came out immediately but powerfully. I have nice butt. I like it, but it is powerful on toilet. Turd comes out and hits the back portion very quickly with force. It still come out after the hit and my hole stay open big while turd comes out so I know it's long. At end there is no fart, but smell is just like fart I had all day except 10 times stronger. It was thick turd, not unusual for me, but not bigger than toilet hole like last story. I keep flushing till it goes down. It took longer becau! se it stuck to toilet and wouldn't move, but it finally did slowly. I was not surprised it took some time to flush. It was a powerful one with force and I knew it might take time. Anyway, the toilet finally surrendered to what it must endure and my turd go down. The smell spead quickly out of bathroom into my room so I keep door closed. A few hours later when I went to bed, I brush my teeth and go to pee. I could not believe that I still smell turd, but only by toilet. After I flush, water went a little brown but clear up again. I guess something remained, but it went down. I hope this is ok story. Thank you.

I'm about one poop story away from proposing to Amy... haha
Brown eyes, brown hair and brown panties... sounds like my kind of girl.

Hi, ive been lurkin around this site for a while. I love this site! So I finaly decided to post since I have a good story Im 5í5Ē bout 130 pounds, blonde hair, and im 16/f.
Me and my friends were at a big park the other day, cuz we were camping there with our parents, but this was our last day there, so we were all chillin together, and partying! We had lots of soda and water that day. so while we were chillin we all decided to go for a hike in the woods. So it was me, and 3 of my girlfriends. They are all my age, like 16, except fr one, shes 15. anyways we must have walked a long way into the woods, maybe an hours worth, so we decided to turn around, because we all had to go to the bathroom, but not that bad yet. Halfway back thatís when everyone started complainin that they had to pee really badly, but I said to hold it until we get to the bathrooms up by the campsite. As we were almost there, one of my friends, who was wearin overalls said she peed herself a little, and couldnít hold it in that much longer. She wanted to drop her overalls on the trail and go, but I said we were almost there, and she said shed try to hold it in. ! When we got back to where the bathrooms were, which werenít that close to our campsite, we saw the worst thing in the world Ė the womans bathroom was locked! Closed for cleaning! We all had to go so bad that we all were gonna wet ourselves right there in front of the bathroom! Until one of my friends spotted the mens bathroom, which was open. We looked around and bursted in there and we realized that it wasnít made for 4 people, but we didnít care we had to go bad! There was only 1 toilet with nodoors or walls, and one urinal, and a sink. As soon as we got in there, I noticed pee streaming down my friends leg. That was my 15 year old friend, she is quite skinny, and has blonde hair too. So she rushes over to the front of the toilet, pulls down her jean shorts (which she is peeing all over while doing this) and grabs herself and starts shooting a big stream straight out! At first she missed the toilet complety and sprayed everywhere but she got it centered into the t! oilet after a few seconds. As she was doing that my other two friends both rush over to the urinal. It was one of those urinals that go all the way to the ground, so they couldnít sit down or anything. So they pulled off their jeans and overalls. They started peeing very forcelfully into the same urinal but were getting splashed so they had to move back a ways. While this was goin on I had nothing else on my mind but my bladder, so I just pulled my shorts and panties off, and started goin, when I saw the sink, so while still peeing I hopped up onto the sink and let it all out. Ahhh it felt soo good, and we all didnít care bout anything else. My friend at the toilet who was still peeing, farted and started laughin, even tho she had tears in her eyes. She then told us that she needed to take a huge dump when she was done. Just then a guy walks in, maybe 18 years old, so we all do this kinda move where we go to cover ourselves real quick, but that just made matters wo! rse cause we couldnít stop peein. The guy stared at us for like 2 seconds watchin us pee ourselves, and then ran out, but we didnít care we just continued. After like about 2 minutes we all were finished and put our pants back on, except for my friend at the toilet she was still peeing! She kicked over to us her panties and shorts and told us to blow dry them, so we did. When she was done, which took like an incredible 3 minutes, she instantly sat down on the now wet toilet, and started letting out loads of noisy, wet diareha and humongous farts with us still in the room! She said she was going to be a while, but she wanted us to stay with her and comfort her, and make sure noone else came in. it took her about 15 minutes to finish, and we all saw what she had done when she stood up to wipe herself. It was mostly small little chunks of poop, and lots of liquid dark brown poop. It completely filled the toilet! It was amazing how much there was especially for a skinn! y 15 year old girl! She decided not to flush it because of all the paper towels she used to wipe (there was no toilet paper) would probably make the toilet overflow. So we all just put our clothes back on and left. We now are a lot more open on this kind of stuff, and actually PLAN on doing some more stuff like this in the future J well I g2g ill post more stories once we have some hehe


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