Hi everybody, Iíve got lots of replies today.

To CURIOUS Ė Iíve never had to have a BM before going to the gynecologist. But Iíve only been a very few times. Once I had an infection and the doctor asked the nurse to take a smear to get a culture and she just rubbed it between my lips for that. The other time I had a real bad accident in the gym at school when I was 14. I was in pain and crying so bad because I landed on the bar between my legs. The school nurse called my mom and she told me I had broken my hymen but I was also bruised real bad so I had to go to my momís gynecologist. She just examined me but not internally. And no, my tampon doesnít come out when I strain.

To ōYVIND Ė Iíve peed standing up in the shower a few times but I guess it doesnít really matter where it goes because it all gets washed away anyway. I have peed outside and used the position you described. I couldnít squat right down because I was afraid of creepy-crawlies but just bending at the knees was enough to stop me peeing on my panties. Iíve done exactly the same in public restrooms where the seat was dirty. I hate sitting on a dirty seat and I donít like even wiping it first. I donít need to stand with one foot on either side of the bowl though because when I squat a little bit Iím right over the bowl. Did you read my post on our ghastly trip from Vero Beach to Tampa? I had to pee and poop standing up.

To YOSHI Ė I liked your poo-phemisms, that was really cute. My mom, sis and I usually use poo or poop. The only original one I ever heard was one I mentioned in a previous post when I heard a little girl in the next stall call it a ďPuppyĒ. At one point she told her mom ďThe puppy was coming outĒ. Iíve heard my grandmother say she has to ďPay a visitĒ and I overheard some of the guys at school talking about ďSplashing the wallĒ I think thatís more of a pee-phemism LOL.

To ANNETTE Ė Thanks so much for replying. Iím not sure where the summer went, all I know is Iím a junior now in high school. Guess you remember my post where I pooped and recorded it as it all happened. I would love you to do that and post it if you have a laptop. I have one tip Ė make sure you have a little table for it. Balancing it on your knees just doesnít work Ė believe me. Love Ash.

To CHARLENE Ė Loved your story about overflowing the cup. I just canít imagine having the courage to let a bunch of guys stand behind me while I bend over and pee Ė much less have one of them hold a cup under me. I mean they would be able to see everything. Perhaps Iím being a little bit hypocritical though because I have seen some guys pee. XX Ash

To JW Ė Hi JW, I did my best to answer your survey questions:

1) Could you give a small physical description of yourself? (age, height, etc...)
Iím 16, 5í 3Ē, 105 pounds, a bit skinny, mousy blonde hair, blue eyes, high school junior, school soccer team.

2) How often do you take a poop?
Usually about twice a week, sometimes three times, unless I have a ???? upset.

3) About how many poos do you make on average each time you take a poop?
Usually one or two.

5) Approximately how big are your poos? (length, diameter)
Oh I donít know LOL, Iím not good at guessing lengths but I think usually they are about 12 inches long altogether but I have done much bigger ones if Iím really constipated. I think usually my poo is about/almost 2 inches across. Some have been much bigger and hurt real bad

6) What is the usual texture of your poos? (mushy, firm, solid, knobby, etc.)
Very firm and sometimes a bit knobby.

7) Where do you usually take a poop at?
Probably most often at school. I also do quite a few poops at home and at the mall and my girlfriendís house.

8) What places do you enjoy taking a poop?
I like taking a poop at school, usually during a study period when the restrooms are not too busy. I donít mind others being there, in fact I like it. But somehow if it gets too crowded and noisy like at break time I canít concentrate on what Iím doing and it spoils it.

9) Do you feel comfortable with a guy or girl watching you poop?
Iíve pooped lots of times with my mom or my sis watching and it doesnít bother me at all. My girlfriend and I have also pooped together lots of times and watched each other. In fact I was with her when she pooped in the mall on Saturday and some older lady gave us a real strange look when she saw us both come out of the same stall. Iíve never pooped in front of guy; I think I would be too embarrassed.

10) About how long does it take you to poop (on average)?
Once Iím sitting on the toilet it can just a few seconds or as much as fifteen minutes. I guess the average would be somewhere around five minutes. But it varies a lot.

11) What foods make you produce the largest poos?
I donít honestly know, but maybe pasta.

12) Can you recall the largest poop you've ever made?
I can remember the longest I ever made because that wasnít too long ago. I remember when I was real little I had some poops that were so thick they made me cry when they came out because they hurt so badly. Sometimes I still do a poop that hurts badly but it doesnít make me cry anymore.

13) What types of poos do you normally produce? - logs, chunks, snakes (coils), etc.
I normally do a log, but sometimes it breaks off before it all comes out and I end up making two or even three logs. That often happens if I produce a really really long poo.

14) When you get the urge, when do you usually let out your poop? (first opportunity, hold it till convenient, wait a day, etc.)
I always hold my poo in until the last minute. Mostly I do it out of habit and because I like to do it. Also I like my poo to come out all on its own without any pushing and if I hold it in to the last minute I know I wonít have to push it out. Itís much more enjoyable that way. Sometimes I hold it in because itís not convenient to go right away. Hope you like my answers.

Also, yes Iím still here but I donít think I will be able to find as much time as I did during summer vac. I have no trouble with my poo coming out without pushing because I usually hold it until itís almost too late. So when I finally get to sit on the toilet I just relax from holding it in, which is quite a relief in itself, and sure enough, I donít usually have to wait very long and it starts peeking out all on its own. Thanks too for all your good wishes, and yes Iím told senior year is a blast as well. Please let me know what you think of my Florida experience. Lots of love and thanks from Ash

To WETGUY Ė Liked your story about the guys with spots on their pants. Iíve seen guys with spots too and someone told me it was because they didnít shake it or wipe it after peeing. Iíve no idea what Iím talking about; itís what one of my girlfriends told me. Glad you liked my reply about getting difficult clothes down to sit on the toilet. You are right, when I wear my skirt, which is every day to school, itís much easier. And yes you are also right about little pee accidents not showing as much with a skirt. Actually itís possible to have quite big accidents without it showing if you donít sit down afterwards. I know LOL.

To SEAN Ė Thanks for your reply Ė I really liked that, Iím glad you like my stories. Yes, I do wear a skirt to school. We donít have a choice, itís dress code and that covers what kind of skirt and its color, shirts and even our underwear, they are really strict. Also, loved your story about your ring not closing after a poo, Hey, Iíve had exactly that same thing happen to me except that I didnít try and push to see if another poop was still inside me. I posted it here but I donít know the page number. Ash XX

To ALTHEA Ė I liked your story about you going to the bathroom with your cousin. I used to be nervous about large public restrooms and even now I still like to have one of my friends with me. We often wait for each other right outside the stall door and sometimes we even go inside together. Love Ash

To BRYIAN Ė You are so sweet, you always say hi to me Ė thanks. Ash XXX

This is my first time posting. I'm 32 and I'm 5'4, 136 lbs. I have been lurking for ages and I wanted to tell you of a near accident I had today at work. I needed to poop so I went into the washroom at work and I laid out a seat cover, sat down and pooped my guts out. It was large and I usually pass gas as I poop but I'm not sure that many other women do since I don't hear much of it in the washroom. Anyways, I wiped my poopy bum and as I stood up the seat cover was stuck in my ass crack and I picked it up. The middle part had been hanging in my urine and poop and when I felt the cover come up I reached down to grab it and I grabbed the wet part. I was sure it was all over my pants (beige slacks so it would have been messy) but thankfully I got it in time. Close call!!!

Anyways, I would like to hear more stories of women pooping at work or hearing other women poop at work. I'd also like to hear fart sounds like I usually fart like this....brrrnnnt...brrrrnnnnnnttttt....brrrrrnnntt...putputput...ssssss
I almost always fart a few at a time, I'd love to hear more women's fart sounds as well as when they fart during their pooping. I fart before and usually one or two during. Please also decribe in detail how you wipe. Thank you.


Where did you hear about Patricia Sagba pooping her pantyhose?????

Punk Rock Girl
Hey all.

Well, I happened to be at a friend's house in Jersey the night the blackout screwed New York (and Detroit and Canada...). I was stuck there until late Friday afternoon, when I finally managed to get to my apartment.

We have electronically controlled water, so the toilet had one flush in it. I was severely constipated last week, and hadn't had a bowel movement in several days. I was so bloated and uncomfortable, I can't tell you. Finally, I headed down to the drug store (thank God I had some cash) and bought a few Fleet enemas. I went back up to my place, took off my pants and thong, laid on my stomach and squirted all three enemas up my ass. I laid there bare assed in just a tank top and socks and waited until I was positive I would be releasing everything.

When the pressure got intense, I grabbed a candle and headed to the crapper. I sat down, and the waterlogged contents of my bowels exploded into the bowl like a friggin fire hose! It hurt (the first few chunks were hard and big), but everything behind it was softened, and it all came shooting out. I sat there for about a half hour, reading a magazine in the dim candlelight, as I squirted out hot liquid shit in short waves. When I was posisitve I was done, I flushed the toilet. Luckily, most of it made it down, just a few remnants remained. I wiped my ass and threw the TP in the wastebasket.

I adjourned to the living room, put on some shorts, and read a book by candlelight while I waited for the lights to come back on. They were back on Saturday afternoon. Ugh, what a pain in the ass that was...literally.

Hope everyone else made it through okay!



pineapple punk
Hey everyone!!! this is my first time posting here but i've been reading all of your wonderful stories for over 3 years! I'm from the U.S., i'm 17 years old soon to be 18, 5 ft 8 inches, about 140 lbs, blonde hair and blue eyes. Ever since i can remember i have been fascinated with everything about peeing. I love watching all types of ppl pee however i don't often get to b/c no one really knows about my fetish except for my boyfriend. Today was one of the best days i've had in a long time b/c i had the house to myself all day. I got up at about 10:00 am, got a shower and had a great piss in there, put my bathing suit on and went to chill by the pool. since it was such a hot day i was drinking a lot of water and after about an hour i had to piss. i walked into the backyard, spread my feet about shoulder width apart, pulled my bikini bottoms aside and watered the grass for a few minutes. it felt so good relieving the pressure in my bladder. i went for a swim in the po! ol after that and soon went back to suntanning on my beach towel. a little while later i felt the urge to go again so i just laid there and soaked my bottoms and my towel. pissing my pants is my favorite thing to do when i have to piss. i love the feeling of the warm liquid moving around my crotch and soaking my panties. after my bottoms had dried i went up to get some lunch and make a few phones calls. by the time i returned, i realized my fun would soon be over as my parents would be home from work soon. i decided to try something i've never done before and climb a tree and go form there. i climbed up to a sturdy brach in the middle, sat myself on it, spread my legs and felt the warm piss flow through my bikini and fall down to the ground. it was fun to watch my stream fall that far down! i got down from the tree and took a quick dip in the pool to rinse off, then soon after my parents were home!! i really enjoyed today and i hope you like my story!!

Love always,
pineapple punk.....i'll post again as soon as i can!!

p.s. - please everyone post more peeing stories....they're my favorite!! wetguy i love your stories about pissing your pants!!

Reno of the Turks
Hey people,

Not sure if this has been posted before or not but I just remembered a few funny poop scenes. They were both in CKY3 (with Bam Margera). The first one they took this ten dollar bill and put a little bit of crap on it and left it near an ATM machine. Well, a little while after this man came by and picked it up and when he did he was like "What the hell, it's covered with sh*t" It was hillarious. The next thing on that movie....or whatever it was.....was hillarious also. George Carlin (is that how you spell his name?) came on and said "One thing you never see is a man run full speed while taking a crap." So, they dressed this guy up in a jock strap stlye thing and fed him 16 laxatives. He took off and in about 30 seconds he exploded with crap and it flew everywhere. Bam and the others would not let him in the house afterwards. It was hillarious. Keep up the good stories all ^_^.


When I was a child I went to a boarding school for one year in the fourth grade. I was sent there because I was doing real bad in school and giving my parents a lot of trouble at home. The school was located somewhere between Dallas and Houston TX. Our uniform consisted of a white polo shirt, black shorts, black socks and black hightop leather like shoes. We had to wear our uniform including our shoes until bed time around nine o'clock. I hated wearing shoes especially with black socks. What I hated even worst was having to hold my pee. When I had to go it would hit me hard and the thought of having to hold it longer that a few minutes was something I couldn't picture. I learned the routine on my first full day at boarding school. We only had four toilet breaks a day. We were awakened at 6:30 am. Around seven we were lined up outside of the restroom which had six showers, 2 toilets and 2 urinal, basically a locker room minus the lockers. There were about thirty of us and we ! all had thirty minutes to shower, brush our teeth, use the restroom and get dressed. Some of us would wait until bedtime or PE to shower. The lines at the toilet were very long and you would always see three or four rushing at the last minute to go. Since the morning time was when most would take a BM we were usually only given about three minutes to use the restroom each. After our morning break we had breakfast and by eight had to be in class. We were in the same room all day most of the time and didn't get to leave until lunch at 12:00. On my first day I had to pee by 9:00 and by 10:00 I had to go pretty bad. I ask the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. She told me that I would have to wait until after lunch at 12:30. My heart sank when she told me that. She then said that it was against the rules to use the restroom outside of the scheduled time and that I was to never ask her again. By 11:00 I was getting desperate. Around 11:30 I had to go so bad I couldn't stand i! t and had a hard time keeping still. My feet began to sweat in those hot leather like shoes.
The teacher seen me moving and told me sit still, I told her I needed to go real bad. She then told me if I didn't sit still, be quite and quit holding myself I was going to loose my 12:30 break and would have to wait until PE at 4:00. A shot of cold fear went through me. I told her that I was about to wet myself and she said if I wet myself I would get the paddle. The school used the paddle quite regularly as I would later learn. I had to go so bad by lunch I had a hard time walking to the lunch room. It only got worst at lunch as I filled my stomach with food and caffeine free tea. After lunch we lined up for our second bathroom break of the day. The wait was hell and when I got to the urinal I peed long and hard (almost two minutes), what a relief! By PE I had to go pretty bad again. We went to the same room that we used in the morning. After PE at 5:30 we had lunch, study time until 7:00, fun time where we played games or watched a G rated movie until 8:30 and our fo! rth and final restroom break of the day was around 9:00. Even during the evening hours we were not allowed to go to the restroom outside of the four schedule breaks. As laid in bed my first night recapping on the days events I already knew it was going to be a long hard year at boarding school. Almost everyday I would be bursting by any of the breaks.

One night I woke up around 2am needing to pee very badly. I was sure they wouldn't mind me going during the night since it was almost 10 hours without a toilet. There was a staff member who stayed up all night watching over us. I walked up to her and asked her if I could go to the bathroom. She looked at me very angrily because I was out of bed and told me that we were not allowed out of bed during the night and that I would have to wait until morning. I started crying and begged her to please make a exception and let me go. She told me she was sorry, but the rules are the rules and that if all of the other kids could wait until the morning break I could too. I was then sent back to my room. I will never forget the feeling of lying in my bed with my bladder bursting but not being able to go because the lady guarding the restroom wouldnít let me. Because of the pain of my bladder I could not get back to sleep. That was probably the worst night of my life, but some how I! made it until morning. Maybe it was the fear of what would happen if I wet myself. I later learned that the school once let the kids get up and go during the night, but since most of the kids were shy about taking a BM in front of the other kids they would wait until after bedtime. The school saw this as a problem and banned toilet use during the night time hours forcing us to go during the day.

On Wednesday we had church at the school instead of PE. We were normally able to go both before and after PE, but sometimes not both because the time we had to change back into our uniform was too short. However on Wednesday we went strait from class to church and were not allowed to visit the toilet until around 5:30. I remember during church services having to pee so bad and remember watching some of the other kids as they squirmed in their chairs.

One day I got into a fight with this kid in the locker room that had been picking on me for days. We were sent to the principal, but because it happened during the start of PE we did not get to go to the bathroom. It was one of those days where I was bursting to go. We waiting in his office for over an hour and almost missed dinner. We each got five swats with the paddle. I remember of having to endure the pain of the paddling, plus the feeling of my bladder being jarred. I peed a small amount in my shorts. When we were leaving the principals office we asked him if we could go to the bathroom and he said that it would be up to Mrs @#$#, but for now we would need to hurry before we missed dinner.
After dinner I asked or actually begged the staff member to let me go and she said no. I explained to her that we missed going during PE and she said we should have thought of that before we got into a fight. On this day we were watching a movie and during the movie Darrin the kid I got into a fight with asked if he could go and was told no! After a few minutes he started to cry. The lady dragged him outside to I thought to take him to the bathroom, but later found it was to tell him that if he didnít be quiet and sit still he was going to get the paddle again. She sat both of us next to her, but every time we moved she put her arm on us and told us to sit still. I had to go so bad and every breath was painful. We both hadn't peed since 12:30 and it was now around 7:00. The next thing I knew Darrin started to pee in his pants. The woman started yelling at him to stop as the wet spot formed around his shorts and then on the carpet. Everyone started to laugh and Miss @$#@ ! got a towel and made him clean it up, afterwards she took him to the office and paddled him again. Somehow I managed to make it without even wetting my shorts. I remember I barley even walk to the bathroom. Standing there waiting my turn was torture. I really can not discribe how bad I had to pee. When I finally got to the toilet it took almost a minute for me to get started. When I finally did go I peed for well Two minutes. What a relief!

Sometimes if one of us misbehaved during class or during the after lunch break the teacher would make us stand outside the restroom while the rest of the class went meaning we would have to wait until PE at 4 or 5:30 if it was on Wednesday. With almost 9 hours without a pee! I never wet myself more than a small amount at the school, but I seen a few others do it. Over all most of the kids at the school were pretty use to holding it and some never seemed to be bothered. While others were always holding themselves watching, the clock, waiting for the next break that was still hours away! During my stay at the school I don't think I was ever allowed to pee outside of the four breaks. Though one night I had to pee so bad I was forced to pee in my dirty clothes.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

TO all ladies and men
1. Do you wipe after pissing in shower or wash it off.
2. Do you flush after pissing in the toliet or urinal.
3. Do you put seat protectors on if they have them.
4. Do you look at your urine or poop after doing it.
5. How many you forget to lock the door upon entering a stall to use the toliet.

Hola mis amigos,

I took one hell of a dump yesterday! Jake came in to shave while I was on the toilet. I was reading a people magazine and trying to push while he lathered up his face. He was telling me all about this new computer he wants to get and I'm sitting there grunting like crazy. He was going on about the hard drive and I said "right now hon, my butt's a pretty hard drive!" He looked down at me and said "bend over, and I'll use the plunger on your butt. We'll suck it out!" and started laughing at me. I would've laughed too, but I was too busy giving birth. I leaned a little farther forward and pushed really hard. Finally, a HUGE turd started stretching me open. I leaned so far forward, and my face was straining so hard I think I looked like I was being tortured. Actually, I looked like Nu when she takes a big hard crap! Jake took a step back and stared at my butt as it was finally coming out. He whistled and said "that's a big one." I pushed harder, grunted, and bore down until ! it began coming out more easily. Finally, K-SPLOOOOOSH!!! it fell, and about 3 or 4 smaller, softer poos fell. That turd was awesome!!
It was just huge! Probably about 14" long, rock solid, full of hard lumps and dark brown in color. It had a bit of a savage smell, but not like my post-enchilada-nuclear poos. Thickness wise, I'd say it was at least 3" in diameter. Considering that my butthole is only about as big as a pencil eraser, this was a big turd. Jake reached down with toilet paper into the toilet and actually picked it up!!! I yelled "Don't do that!! That's grossss, honey!!"
He was laughing and said "this thing is rock solid!" Well mis amigos, believe it or not, I was actually embarrassed. Afterward I wiped-only twice becuase I wasn't gooey-and got dressed.

ARTIFICIALIST: Kisses to you!

JB: Quť tal baby? I'm eating complex carbohydrates-beans, brown rice, more protein. I've cut down on the fatty Mexican food (waaaaaahhh) and eat more power food and am doing more exercising. Like my turds, I'm firm! However, I need to eat more softer stuff too. I think I'll go back to my original diet, and just keep on exercising. Also, with this new diet, my poops aren't stinking as often as they used to. I had quite a reputation as painting the house with poop smell! It's Nu's turn for that now. Last Friday, she squeezed out a log that reeeeeeekkked! I call her "Pewy Nuey". Patsy's no prize either. She's been stinkin' like crazy these days. I'll give your survey a try:

1)Could you give a small physical description of yourself? (age, height, etc...)
Okay, once again, I'm 5' 1", 102 lbs., 25 y/o, very dark (chocolate skin), long black wavy hair, full lips, brown eyes.

2)How often do you take a poop?
Usually twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night.

3)About how many poos do you make on average each time you take a poop?
I'd say 2-3. Somedays I just fill the bowl.

5)Approximately how big are your poos? (lenth, diameter)
I always do a big one, and a small one. The big one is usually 8-10" long, sometimes much longer! and about as thick as a cucumber. The smaller ones are softer, greener, and raunchy.

6)What is the usual texture of your poos? (mushy, firm, solid, knobby, etc.)
Firm-knobby. They sometimes hurt because of the thickness.

7)Where do you usually take a poop at?
at home or school

8)What places do you enjoy taking a poop?
outdoors or in our bathroom with someone watching.

9)Do you feel comfortable with a guy or girl watching you poop?
Definitely! Guys or girls. I welcome people to come in and chat with me while I take a dump. If they can stand the smell that is.

10)About how long does it take you to poop (on average)?
about 2-3 minutes. Lately,with my new diet, it's taking about 15.

11)What foods make you produce the largest poos?
Mexican food, macaroni and cheese or rich italian.

12)Can you recall the largest poop you've ever made?
Not the largest, but I do recall two extremely huge ones: the first one was in the woods, and it was about 18" long and super fat. A boatfull of fisherman watched me squeeze it out. I thought my asshole was going to collapse pinching that bomb! The second one was a turd that didn't flush and my roomate Renee found it and got all pissed at me. It was about the same size.

13)What types of poos do you normally produce? - logs, chunks, snakes(coils), etc.
Logs. And on stomach ache days, soft coils or mushy mounds.

14)When you get the urge, when do you usually let out your poop? (first opportunity, hold it till convenitent, wait a day, etc.)
I let it out right away. If I wait, it gets compacted inside of me.

INNOCENT GUY: I'll try your survey too:
1. Have any girls had any games with other girls such as seeing who can poop more or something of the like?
Yes, many times.

2. Are there any girls that stand and wipe by themselves without the help of somebody else?
I'm going to assume that everybody wipes by themselves. I'll wipe sitting, but sometimes I stand up. I usually stand when I have company so they can see what I did in the bowl.

3. Do any of you girls leave your door open while using the bathroom?
I used to, because I'm an exhibitionist. But, with a child in the house we're all more discreet and responsible. We're very conscious about what she's exposed to. There's a bathroom in our basement that we'll use often.

ROBBY, ANNIE, & MEGHAN: I love you all very much! Kisses.
Well, that's it for now. I have to go. Patsy just read what I said about her and she's going to beat the crap out of me now. Actually, she'll just drag me in there with her and make me smell it!
Besos a todos!

strange boy
I was in year 10 and we were going 2 this dance and my firend was dance with this really nice girl i think she was called cidy but any after an hour i got this really big urge 2 fart and there was nowhere 2 go and if i let it out every 1 within a mile would have heard so i told my friend i was sitting with after i couldn't hold it any more and he said go into that alcove that builders were fixing wirering cause they'd gone 4 the night so i went in and waited as long as i could and let rip then head 'oh hi' i turned round and there was the really nice girl cidy standng a couple of meters behind me she asked what i was doing in here so i made an excuse a went as quikly as poss
the next day steve who was dancing with cidy came 2 me and asked me what had happened and he said thatcidy really needed 2 fart and he had shown her the alcove she had told him she didb't notice me and let rip
i didn't mention that i had farted we must have not notice each other and fart at the same time
has this happened 2 any 1 else?

I had a really messy accident today. I didn't have diarreah, but it was more of a case of "loose bowel movements", or just really runny crap. I was wearing a short dress and was doing karioke. Fortunately, I was home alone with just my brother, so nobody else found out about it. My brother was videotaping me doing my karioke, so the whole thing was caught on tape. Halfway through the song I was doing, I had to crap really bad. In hindsight, I wish I would have had interupted the song and headed for the bathroom, but I kept on singing. Eventually, the cost of being uncomfortable with holding in my crap outweighed the cost of an embarrassing panty-crapping incident, so I just let the crap flow out into my panties. I had just heard about an incident where MSNBC's Patricia Sabga had crapped her pantyhose, so it wasn't as if I was about to feel irresonsible for crapping my panties in front of my brother. But the crap didn't stay contained inside my panties. The crap sli! pped out of one of the leg openings of my panties, and slid right down my leg! A bunch of the crap even slipped down low enough to get all over my shoe. Before I knew it, there was crap inside my panties, sliding down my leg, and getting all over my shoe. My brother had seen me soil myself before, so he wasn't that surprised. He mostly kidden around with me, saying "Michelle pooped her panties! Michelle pooped her panties!" I just said that it wasn't that big of a deal becasue I had heard that Patricia Sabga had soiled her pantyhose. My bedroom still stinks of crap, but I'm just glad that nobody else was around to see this!

Hello every one! Well it was the last day that the water park was open, because of school starting. So Kaylee and i decided to go to the park and take her younger sister konnie (yes with a K, we usely call her Kon) and her friend Rachel with us, mainly because the two younger girls wanted to go. Just to make a long story short Kaylee and her sister lived next door to me for about ten years. After Kaylee turned 18 we got much closer. dont get me wrong we both date guys, but well we are both bi and thats all im gonna say about that. Anywayz we got to the water park about noon, it was hot and humid that day and the park was sooooo crowded. We all wore our rather conservative bikinis (rules of the water park) when we got there we took off our wraps after finding a spot on the grassy noll. we laid out two large towels and laid our wraps on them and got in the water. Anywayz we played in the water fall and went down the slide a few times. then i felt the need to poop, i kinda play! ed it off for a while until i knew i better make my way to the locker room for a toilet. Well when i got there the stalls were full, so i had to wait for a while and believe the smell in there was awful. so many girls taking a poop i guess. So finally a stall came open to me and i got inside, pulled my bottoms down and made it just in time. i pushed and out came a load of semi solid poop like all at once i filled the toilet. then i sat there and peed and continued to make a few more soft mushy turds. when i was just a bout done, i mean i had a wad of toilet paper in my hand i heard AMY, AMY OPEN UP I GOT TO GO REAL BAD!!!!! Im like Kon is that you? YES< OH HURRY AND OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE!!!!!! Ok i got up still had the wad of toilet paper in my hand. Kon slipped by me and pulled her bottoms down and sat right down. Her eyes got as big as saucers as she let out a load. I heard a lot of plops and mushy splashes as she relevied herself. she closed her eyes and just kept up he! r business. so i wiped my butt standing up in front of her. she spread her legs so i could put the used toilet paper in the toilet. Believe me what i saw between her legs was a toilet that was so full of poop i couldnt even see water. When i got my butt clean, Kon was peeing as i put the last of my tp in the toilet between her legs. We both laughed as her pee stream took it right out of my hand and into the bowl. She started wiping herself, that took a while. I got my bottoms and pulled them back on. Mean time Kon was having a hellva time wiping. She started to cuss as she kept coming up with dirty tp. Mean while girls were lining up to use the toilet. I finally told her to stand up and turn around. Just what thought she had poop everywhere from the splashes. I took tp and wiped her butt for her. When i was done i smacked her butt and said okies all clean sweetie! Kon turned and said thanks Amy, you saved my life! Hey no probs, now get you bottoms on and lets get back out in! the water. Kon pulled on her bottoms and we left the stall without flushing. Then as we were leaving we heard a girl say HEY YOU GUYS COULD AT LEAST FLUSH THE F****ING TOILET A**HOLES!!!!! We both laughed again all the way back to the pool. Kaylee and Rachel wanted to know what we were laughing about, so we told them and then we all had a laugh about it! One great day at the water park!


How did you find out about MSNBC's Patricia Sabga? Where did you hear this. Also, do not feel bad about your accident, things do happen.


okies ill do the survey, 1) description of my self, im 5ft 2in tall i weigh 105lbs im 36c and 23in waist and 31 hips. im 23 years old i have shoulder length dark hair and i have brown eyes. 2)how often do i poop? i go twice a day and sometimes three times. 3) how many poops? well i usely poop a semi solid poop and some times even softer, hard to tell. now ill skip the parts that i have already answered. where do i like to take a t poop at, well at home but i do like to poop at puibic places like the mall restrooms. i love to poop my pants, but i never got up the nerve to do it in public...YET! I dont mind having a girl around when i poop, but not a guy. Im just more comfortable with girls. What foods make me have my biggest poops? Well its always when i eat fast foods like burger king of mickey d,s. I love hambugers like that, we wont even talk about white castles. When do i go poop when i feel the urge? Well i like to wait, if i can until i cant hardy make it to the toilet.! Like i said i love to poop my panties if i have the chance. okies, any questions. byez for now love all of you!

Jonny the Jonny Brush
Wetguy: When I answered that survey, I forgot about the 7th grade detention incident that I posted about earlier. I was very embarassed about it when it happened, so my initial "knee Jerk" reaction is to lie about it or to keep it quite. I forgot where I was. But that was the only one. Mot people, in fact, don't have wetting accidents long after 5 years of age. I know a couple of guys and one girl who has problems with being able to hold their pee. One of the guys is a bed wetter, the girl has Spinal Bifida, and the other guy tends to lose control of his bladder when he laughs too hard, or when he tries to lift something heavy.

In order to be honest, I would have to say that I am about average when it comes to holding my pee, and maybe slightly below average or low average when it comes to dumping. I don't have accidents, but I do get pretty desperate some times, and I am also prone to "travelers diareah when I go on long car trips with my parents.

well, me and my girlfriend were at a beach party... we both hadn't taken a BM for about 36 hours and so we walk up the beach a ways and sat on to medium sized smooth logs that were facing eachother and we began taking of our clothes (we liek to go naked) and then we held eachothers hands and begun going freely and just talking.. then we looked down to the right of me and we saw these two other girls about 25 feet away and they were just sitting there talking.. and they slowly walked down to the log me and my girlfriend were sitting on doing our business and we were kindof embarassed but then they asked if they could join us so we weren't embarrassed anymore and we had a 4 person group-poop.. it was pretty cool.

Carmalita. It sounds as though you really were constipated badly. Have you eaten any differently lately? That can cause changes in regularity - at least in my experience.

thathyanna. In answer to your question, some guys can pee with an erection and others can't. I'm one of the ones who can - with a little difficulty. The idea that it's impossible is just medical textbook nonsense that's been disproved by countless guys over the years.

Sheila. Hope everything's alright. Had any more 'adventures' lately?

Regards to everyone!

To Carmalita: Liked your story..sounds like a nice dump you had
To Michelle: Liked your story..thats intresting about the lady from MSNBC
To Ash: Loved your long had it been since you pooped? do you think any one saw you pooping..or saw your load on the ground later?
To Jonny the Jonny Brush: That sucks about diana...i thought she'd be cool with it. Loved your since diana found out about your posting and she didn;'t like it she gave you a laxitive? and did she have one too?
To TK: Sounds like a nice dump you had
To Another Pantyhose fan: Liked your story
To Sean: Liked your big were your logs?
To wetguy: I loved your story
To Althea: liked your story
To Melanie D: Thats intresting having drums in the bathroom.
To The Nature Boy: I've seen Jeepers creapers...part 2 is getting ready to come out.
To TK: Thats cool about big brother
To Adrian: Liked your story
To Jane (& Gary): Enjoyed your story
To Mike: Liked your story...when you were in a reg jail cell could others see you on the toilet?
To Joe: Loved your stories
To AJ :o): liked your story..i've had green poop from drinking grape soda before.
To Traveling Guy: Liked your story
To thathyanna: Thanks for repyling

TK and Renee
To Carmalita: Hola chica! This is TK (you can also call me Mr. Tony)writing. Renee wanted me to include her name in this post because she also wanted to thank you for inspiring a good poop story from us. We love your stories. We think they are by far the best of anyone on here. Keep them coming and keep on pooping. Well, we read your most recent post and you mentioned Mexican food in it so we decided to go to Taco Bell because it makes the both of us shit. We wanted to see if we could have a shitting contest. We both ate three tacos and sure enough as soon as we came home, we both had to shit. Renee went upstairs and I used our downstairs bathroom. Before we went, Renee said "Honey if you finish before me, don't wipe because we have to see what each other did." I thought she would finish before me. I was in there for almost 10 minutes and farted a ton and dropped an 8" log that was about 4" in diameter. I made the bathroom stink pretty badly too. We had three categories we w! ould judge each other on, size of the shit, who took longer, and who stunk more. After I pooped, I walked upstairs with my pants down because I hadn't wiped yet and opened the bathroom door and walked in to the most foul smell ever and Renee said "I'm not done yet honey." She stood up to show me what she had done up to that point and there was no way I had a chance to win that contest. It looked like someone poured a gallon of mud into the toilet. After I looked in the toilet she had to sit back down and shit some more. She squirted out some more loud, explosive diarrhea. I stayed in there with her although this was the first time I ever considered leaving the bathroom because of the smell. She said to me "Honey, I don't think you are going to win this contest." I definitely had no chance. She squirted some more thick mud out of her ass for about 15 more minutes. It was full of loud noises that I can't even describe. Carmalita, she even mentioned you and Nu by name when she ! was done. She said, "I won't be able to clean my butt from wiping so I want you to come in the shower and clean my butt like Nu does to Carmalita." I said OK but I had to go back downstairs and wipe my ass. Renee came down too with her pants off to check out my poo. I wiped three times and flushed. I then cleaned her butt in the shower. That was definitely something different. It was pretty cool actually. Carmalita, thanks so much for giving us great ideas for pooping. We love you!!!!
Love: TK and Renee

Hi, everyone!

Special thanks to Carmalita for the ongoing GREAT posts! I always enjoyed hearing details of your superb pooping experiences, but this new diet seems to be creating some real monsters! Sorry about the trouble you sometimes have passing them (wish I could be there to help!), but absolutely LOVE the descriptions!! (And yes, I would have had to pick up that last one, too!

To Thathyanna: Thanks for replying to my story about peeing when I have an erection. What your friend told you is basically true. Iíve found that if my penis is hard it is difficult to pee and it sometimes comes out in just a little dribble. I have been able to pee in a urinal in the menís room because Iím standing up and I can still get it where itís supposed to go. Iím more nervous about someone on either side looking and seeing what state Iím in. If Iím sitting down, like to do a poo, itís a real problem as I described in my posting. When I peed on my pants it was only because I needed to go so bad that there was enough pressure to shoot it out anyway. But it died away real quick and most of it just dribbled down my cock and went between my legs. And yes, I learned the hard way to pee before doing anything to make my cock get hard. Sean


What's the longest anyone here has gone with shit squashed between their butt cheeks? One time while on a school trip, I took a nasty crap in the bathroom on the bus. Well someone had stolen the TP for use in throwing around, and, being a kid who was picked on enough, I didn't want to ask anyone for something to wipe my ass with.

I just pulled up my pants and went back to myy seat. I could actually feel a big glob of shit down there. I hoped we would stop for lunch soon. Lucky me, the chaperones had bought a bunch of those boxed lunches and passed them out. No luck. We stopped at a picnic area with some porta-potties. They were really nasty and they had no TP! I overheard a girl complaining that her panties were wet because she couldn't wipe herself. No napkins, no paper towels, no TP.

Three hours later, we rolled into the parking lot of the school and I went home with my parents. I went straight upstairs and wiped my ass, which was sooo gross. Really sticky, gooey, messy, with a nice stain left in my underwear to remind me. That sucked. Total time with a shitty ass? Over eight hours!

I am 18 and male.

To ASH - Liked your story about crapping by the side of the road. It wasn't too long!

To JOE - Wow, that was a GREAT post, ao many parts! When you're at the beach nowadays, do you pee in your swimsuit even when you're not in the water? I do it ALL the time and get a few looks, but it's awesome and feels great. Also liked your stories about peeing your baseball pants and soccer shhorts.


To Mike, the former ex-con

That was one of the most eye-opening stories that have ever been on this forum! In the United States of America, that would seem a bit far-fetched, but sadly, It's believable! A strong detterent for bad behavior in prison HAS GOT TO BE the only reason those cells would be allowed to get that bad! I imagine that prison you were in was even more sick and tired of violence, than most other institutions, and came up with the gameplan "O.k. enough of this S...! We are gonna start making the violent ones suffer miserably. These fights are too much of a management problem!" Was your prison one of the more harsher ones? I'm really hoping this would not be common in most other U.S. prisons!! If this is in the U.S.A, can you imagine or have you heard of conditions of being in the 'hole' in the poorest, and most violent countries in this world that we live on? Very Interesting!

For That thyanna
I see that question asked a lot on message boards here and other places Can a guy pee when he has an erection?
OF Course! I for one couldnt count the number of times Ive taken a piss with a boner. The tool is just still and like a hunk of wood. The pee hole is still there and all you do is just let it go.
Now, maybe some people are referring to not being able to pee like when at a movie theater restroom and some other guy is next to you. Its funny, cause sometimes neither of you can pee. Ive had that happen, but then just put it out of my mind, relax and piss away.
And one more example, of course, ah well like after some sex perhaps and your willie is still excited but you are all done, you go and pee just as anyother time with the ole willie standing up.
Im sure that there are times when all of us guys with a boner had to pee and just coudnt let it go. But if you just put out of your mind where you are, who is around you perhaps, and just relax. You will pee, and usually after your willie will shrink way way down.
I hope that answers your question for you and others that wonder.

Michael M.


What's the longest anyone here has gone with shit squashed between their butt cheeks? One time while on a school trip, I took a nasty crap in the bathroom on the bus. Well someone had stolen the TP for use in throwing around, and, being a kid who was picked on enough, I didn't want to ask anyone for something to wipe my ass with.

I just pulled up my pants and went back to myy seat. I could actually feel a big glob of shit down there. I hoped we would stop for lunch soon. Lucky me, the chaperones had bought a bunch of those boxed lunches and passed them out. No luck. We stopped at a picnic area with some porta-potties. They were really nasty and they had no TP! I overheard a girl complaining that her panties were wet because she couldn't wipe herself. No napkins, no paper towels, no TP.

Three hours later, we rolled into the parking lot of the school and I went home with my parents. I went straight upstairs and wiped my ass, which was sooo gross. Really sticky, gooey, messy, with a nice stain left in my underwear to remind me. That sucked. Total time with a shitty ass? Over eight hours!

Hello all, I'm back again after a long break.

Ash: great story!

thathyanna: it is possible to piss while erect, but it is hard as hell (pun intended) to piss like that...and messy! For any males interested in trying it, try it outdoors or in the shower or something! Instead of a steady stream, it comes out in spurts as you have to push VERY hard to get some to come out. And a warning...there was usually a fair amount of pain involved in the process, too, perhaps due to forcing piss out when it's not supposed to come out. I've also heard gurgling coming from the area after each spurt or two as if bubbles were somehow escaping somewhere inside the shaft. Or at least that's my experience when I've done it. Maybe it's gravity that makes it more difficult, but I believe that piss is also mostly blocked off during arousal as it interferes with the "other stuff's" effectiveness/viability to fertilize the egg. And what with the bubble noises I mentioned a second ago, it may be dangerous to try to piss while erect. I haven't tried/do! ne it in several years, but I remember the times clearly! It wasn't the most pleasant experience, to say the least. But it's possible to piss while erect, yes!

No really interesting stories except that my girlfriend drove to a park with me one night a few weeks ago and I had to piss terribly bad. I ended up getting out of the car and walking over to a small tree that was among a line of trees lining a road and pissing on that for about two minutes or so. Sure felt good, and I imagine the thirsty tree was grateful. <yawn>

That does it for me. Happy goings all!

SEAN - That's really interesting how your bum hole stayed open but there was no poo there. I must say its never happened to me, but maybe that's because I haven't felt my hole straight after popping a large log out. I will definitely feel my hole next time I pop a log.
JONNY THE JONNY BRUSH - I'm sure interested in your contest. I was involved in one not so long ago with my friend Cindy and her brother, so love the ideas of contests. Good luck with it, but I bet a girl wins it.

Cindy and I have discussed a follow up contest, and might just decide to go ahead. If we do I will keep you all posted.

Hi, guys and gals, haven't been posting for a while, but I'm back now. I just wanted to also tell you about my family when I was growing up and our pooping habits. Pooping in our house wasn't really considered a private thing. My father, John was religious about pooping once a day, and said that if you didn't something was really wrong. That is my two brothers' attitudes. Paul is 23 now, and Brandon is 17 (I am 20), the girl in the middle. I never liked that. I always liked holding my poop in a lot so I would make really huge dumps. I took huge dumps ever since I was around 10. My mother, Diane, would always take huge dumps, and she would always let me come into the bathroom with her and sit on her lap while she took a dump, until I was about 6. Here is a typical dump session with my mom.

mom - Mommy has to poop. Want to come with me?
me - Yes! I'm coming. (My mom would sit on the toilet seat)
My mom would always fart a lot before pooping. I would ask - What was that," and if it was a fart, she would say "a pop", and if it was a log, she would say "a plop." I'venever heard of farts referred to as pops anywhere else.

Mom - It's going to be big and smelly, so hold your nose if you want. (I never did)
Finally, a huge log would fall into the water, but that usually wasn't it. My mom would usually say, "I'm not finished yet," and squeeze out some loose poop. That always smelled a lot. My mom always wiped a lot after pooping.

My mom seemed to have more diarrhea when she was pregnant with my younger brother, for the first few months, then after that she went back to her huge, more solid dumps. She let me sit on her lap till she was about 7 months pregnant, until it became impossible.

I actually have planned another pooping showdown between some of my friends. Renee, Emily, and Sara are coming to my house this Saturday to have another pooping contest. Us girls are really into this!

See ya later - michelle

Hi, I tried posting a survey a couple of weeks back for the women in this forum but got only 1 response (Thanks Ash !) so I'll try again

1)Do you massage/rub your stomach when you poo? If so how do you do it and when do you do it?

2)Do you grunt/strain/sigh? If so how and when?

3)Do you sit on tip-toe?

Thanks again in advance for your responses.

Hi, I tried posting a survey a couple of weeks back for the women in this forum but got only 1 response (Thanks Ash !) so I'll try again

1)Do you massage/rub your stomach when you poo? If so how do you do it and when do you do it?

2)Do you grunt/strain/sigh? If so how and when?

3)Do you sit on tip-toe?

Thanks again in advance for your responses.

HI, everyone,

My answers to two recent letters:

Do you massage/rub your stomach when you poo? If so how do you do it, and when do you do it?
With me its automatic to, at times when I'm having a shit, to
cuddle/caress my stomach. If I'm having a bad time, i.e. I've
got the shits, or menstrauting, I'll caress the lower part of
my stomach with the palm of my hand, just above the pubic area,
to ease the pain. When I'm constipated I'll caress in the same
way, but harder as I strain to go, and my hand is pressed deep
into the pit of my stomach.

Do you grunt/strain/sigh? If so how and when?

I do all of these sometimes during the same shit. When I've got
the shits I'll gasp as my shit rushes from me and sigh with re-
lief afterwards. When I'm menstrauting again I tend to gasp and
sigh as my pain eases momentarily. I say that because I suffer
the most horrid pain all through my period. When I'm constipated
it's a combination of all three, grunting as I push really hard,
straining and grunting as I can feel a turd coming away, straining
harder and harder to make sure I get all my hard shit away. This
often leaves me shaking and exhausted, it's the only time when I
wish it was over, but that's only briefly because I really like
going to the toilet, it's the next best thing to real good sex,
and sometimes it feels better, especially when I have someone in
the toilet with me.

Do you sit on tip toe?

Yes, when I really have to push and strain to go.

Middle Aged Crapper

I loved your letter and I hope you'll write more about some of
your experiences. To answer your query, yes I love to have an
opportunity to wipe someones arse, or to have mine wiped. I'm
always gentle, or I try to be. I always use a lot of paper,
thickly wadded, and wipe from back to front. If it's been a
messy shit I also finger wipe the arsehole using just two or
three thicknesses, finally I dab the vagina lips dry. Vera and
Ruth and I always wipe each other clean.

I think that I should mention that in forty years, since I was a schoolgirl my circle of friends who like to be wiped etc., had never exceeded five. It's because in the UK we are brought up, generally, in such a frigid way, to believe that going to the toilet is a necessary but private thing. Fortunately my parents were much more open with the natural things that happen to the body. Even with my dearest friend, Vera, menstraution was a taboo subject and she would not let me be with her when she was having her period. It was some years before it happened and it was only because I made no secret about my period and I wanted someone with me because I hurt in my stomach so much during it. I think my reaction gradually lowered the barriers with Vera.

I took up Aisha's offer and I am staying with her whilst my home is being sold and I'm house hunting. The first thing I'll do is have a Swedish double toilet put in my new home. Living with Aisha I need to adapt a lot, especially in the mornings. Aisha, being Indian, eats lots and lots of curries and other hot foods that tend to work the bowel quickly. One morning I was having my early morning shit, nice and leisurely, when Aisha dashed into the bathroom. She was pressing a hand to her stomach and clearly wanted to go really badly. Although my shit was leisurely it was quite loose and I was nowhere near finished, I would not have been able to hold myself. Aisha, with a muffled curse, turned and ran from the bathroom headed for the downstairs loo. It was almost five minutes more before I was finished. Wrapping my dressing-gown around me I went downstairs. I could see and hear Aisha through the half open loo door. She was moaning and holding her stomach and as I! approached the door she shit again. As she shit she bent right over holding her stomach, gasping as her stomach ache wracked her body. I went into the toilet and bent over, placing a hand over hers. I could feel her stomach churning. She took almost twenty minutes to finish and then she asked me to wipe her. It took me lots of paper, six or more wipes, before she was clean. We looked into the pan afterwards and it was completely covered in yellowy, very, very, loose shit. I make certain that Aisha goes to the toilet first now, well I try but if I really want to go bad, then I guess it'll be every girl for herself.

Well, that's it for now, Ill be posting again soon.

All my love and kisses to all posters,

Love you all, Sheila (South Wales).

Ash- Thanks for the long post but unfortunately that survey was done by a JB not JW. I'm sure he'll be glade to read your answers in any case.
Your Florida post of your outdoor poop was fasinating as are all your posts. I had thought you post about Florida would ocncern itself with constipation as you said both you and your Mom had trouble with your bowels on the tirp. I really don't think you Dad or little sister should have laughed at you for needing to poop. My parents often used to ask me the same question..."Why didn't you go before we left?" That one never made much sense to me given the nature of my BM's. Why my parents thought I should be able to poop on their schedule was always a mystory to me. Mom always wanted a BM every day and in the morning and right after breakfast, too, no less. Well my body doesn't work that way. It really wasn't till I got in college that I learned that it wanted to go every other day around 9:00 - 10:00 pm. It sounds like your Mom is more understanding of your body's needs than Dad is.
I've never done a poop outdoors, although I've tried a few times. Once on a road trip by myself I got the urge on a long stretch of the Pensylvinea Turnpike. I hadn't gone in like three days and it had been sitting there making itself known for a while but not really trying to get out. I stopped the truck and went off a ways in the woods. Took down my pants and underwear and squatted. I pushed and pushed but couldn't get it started. I finally gave up and didn't go till that night in the motel after supper.
I've got a question for you. You said you comfortable going poop at school and you do often. Is that true of most high school girls? I often pooped in high school bathrooms but never felt comfortable doing it, because sometime someone would look in at me through the crack in the door. Two guys in Jr High actually climbed up the side of the stall and watch me once, that was
really humilliating. One of the guys was in my class and he sat in the bakc of the room and mimmicked the way I grunt when I bear down. Thankfully I don't think anyone knew what he was doing, but sure I did, and it was really embarrassing.--- JW

Trouser Jon
Your experience at that boarding school was horrendous. A cruel regime like that ought to be prosecuted.

To Ash: I think your sweet too :)
To Jessica: Welcome...enjoyed your story
To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story
To pineapple punk: Welcome..i loved your story..has your b/f ever seen you pee?
To Reno of the Turks: That sounds intresting what you
To Billy: Loved your old were you at the time? and how old are you now? that wasn't right alowing you to only have 4 bathroom breaks a day.
To strange boy: Liked your story
To Amy: liked your story
To BK: Liked your experience you had
To Kent: Loved your story
To BeachNut: liked your story
To Michelle: liked your story

I had a similar experience to Linda D. recently, and also to the writer who asked if anyone had gone for just a pee and suddenly pooped as well. I was in town shopping when I wanted to pee. I was a long way from the nearest Ladies but struggled to hang on. I was only half way to the Ladies and bursting, I knew I would have to find somewhere fast or pee myself. Rather than do it in the street I saw a pub just across the road and headed straight for it. The Ladies was through the lounge bar and down a longish passage. As I went down the passage I heard footsteps behind me coming up in a rush. She caught up with me and we got to the door together. The woman, dark haired, older than me, in her late forties I guessed, was so full in the face she was clearly desperate. There were only three stalls and she took the first one. I went into the next one and plonked my shopping bags on the floor and started to pull at my clothes. The two of us were struggling to get our pant! ies down before we did something in them, at this point I didn't know if my companion in the other stall needed a pee or a poop. She needed a pee. We both sighed as we started to pee with a hissing, splashing rush. Both of us seemed to pee for ages, I thought I'd never stop, then the shock, I pooped with a loud fart. It was completely unexpected, I hadn't felt remotely like pooping, but I did and it just ran out of me, I looked between my thighs and into the pan, it was dark coloured but very loose, almost diarrhoea, but there was no pain, no ???? ache at all. The woman in the other stall had stopped peeing and was very quiet. Then she strained with an audible gasp, her feet scraped on the tiled floor. I leaned forward and I could see her shoes under the partition, she was on tip toe grunting and pushing. I pooped again without any effort, I farted loudly as I pooped. The toilets fell silent again but I could here the heavy breathing of the woman and I guessed she ! was taking a rest from straining. I just sat there, frankly excited by her trying to go. I went again, no farting this time but just pooping loosely.
"Whats the secret?" The woman called out.
"Secret?" I was surprised by a stranger speaking to me in the Ladies.
"I wish I could poop like you are," she said in a weary voice.
"You'll go, just keep trying," I said. My words felt limp even as I said them. I have rarely been constipated, I've had most of my propblems from having the runs as my previous posts testify.
"I hope you're right," the woman answered. "Ughhh . . .ughhhh . . .," I listened to her grunting and straining.
"Go on, keep pushing," I urged. "Keep trying."
"Aaagggghhhhh . . .," she pushed. "I can . . .feel . . .it . . .."
"Would you like me to help you?"
"Oh, please."
I wasn't even sure that I had finished pooping, but I remembered how Bery, my friend at work had helped me when I was sick with the runs. I wiped my backside and, pulling up my panties and smoothing down my skirt, I picked up my shopping and went into the next stall, the door hadn't been bolted. The woman was sitting forward on the pan with both hands clutched to her middle. I stood at the side and did the only thing I could think of, what my mother did for me when I was a little girl. I bent forward and massaged her lower back and at the same time I urged her to keep on straining. I could see a massive turd trying to push out, as I massaged her it slowly inched forward. She was grunting and pushing, holding her belly. Slowly it came out, but it was increasing speed as she strained. It had to ne nearly a foot in length and very thick but then it came out fast and splashed into the pan.
"Oh, oh, dear god," she gasped with obvious relief.
After that first turd she was able to go easier. I stood and watched as she pooped another five or six large turds before she leant to the side and tore some paper from the dispenser.
"Feel better?" I asked.
"Thanks to you," she looked at me and smiled. She was standing to wipe herself and I could see the pan filled. Then, and I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's absolutely true, I felt the need to go again. "Crikey, I gotta run," I exclaimed and ran back to my stall and hurriedly pulled my panties down again. "Oh," I gasped as I pooped again. I pooped another three times as she flushed her toilet four times. I wiped myself and, after flushing, went over to join her at the wash-basins. As we washed our hands we introduced ourselves, her name was Wendy. We went back to the bar where she bought me a drink and as we chatted I learnt that she owned a small dress shop in Bath, a favourite place of mine. We went to lunch and she drove me home to Mike who was frantic because I was so late. I explained why and he relaxed. Naturally he wanted all the gory details of my meeting with Wendy. Mike and I have been invited to come and shop in her dress shop and I can't wait fo! r next Saturday when we have been invited to visit.

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