little miss modest
Yesterday I had to use a extremly gross Porta-potty. My camp was on a trip to tour an old ship(which was really boring). I asked my camp leader where the bathroom was and said "Use the porta-potty!" My friend was with me and we both freaked-out. I went in and I saw crap on the side and bottom of the toilet. It smelled like piss and sweat. Not to mention it was 95 degrees outside.YUCK baking piss and crap! As I was in the bathroom and didn't take a dump, I was screaming ewww the whole time. Thank goodness for tp and they had this soap like stuff that covers up for washing your hands, but there was crap the despenser for that soap like stuff! This porta-potty was not as bad as the one at a rock concert outside I went to with my same friend. It smelled like piss and crap and it was 100 degrees which smelled three times worst. There were comdoms all over the seat. They even through condoms at little kids and sold them too other people. The thing is I don't love rock.I only went ! to make my friend feel less embarrassed with only her parents but I still had a fun and "different" time.

A friend of mine pointed me to this site a few days ago, and I have to say it's pretty cool. I'm a college girl, 19, 5'4", white, well-endowed in front and in back, and I love to poop! In fact, I love it so much that whenever I eat something, it's for not only the nutritional value but also the kind of poop it'll produce. I'm really into eating salads, fruits, burgers, and beans. Salads and fruits for the fiber, burgers for the protein. The beans are mostly for the farts. If I really need to be emptied, I'll wait a while between bathroom visits and take some sort of herbal stimulant, like tea or psyllium. I don't like senna too much because I had a bad experience.

A question for anyone: Have you ever intentionally tried to let someone see you while using the bathroom? If so, what methods do you use?


When you were a child how oftern did your father let you come and watch or was it that one time ?

hello everyone
i have been reading here for a while and am now ready to become a regular poster.LOL. i really enjoy pooping in a public restroom and in some cases prefere it to home. also what makes a public restroom experience unforgetable is hearing someone elso while you are in there. so here is my first story. i was at the library and when i go to the library i usually just get a book and sit in the bathroom pooping and listening. so anyway i was slowing plopping out poo and reading a magazine when a young girl walked in and went into the stall next to mine and set down her book bag slowly lowered her pant and plopped on the toilet. she took a quick pee and then changed her pad. well i thought that was all the show i would get but then she let a booming fart. she then started digging through her bag and got out a notebook. at that point i assumed my peeking position. which is a small hole in the wall that gives the perfect view. the girl was sitting there reading something from! her notebook when she started what sounded like bullets firing from her butt. it was like plop plop plop plop plop plop. then she stopped set down the notebook and lifted her butt off the seat and spread her cheeks wide and pushed out a huge log. she kinda made a grunting noise like uh uh uh uh oh oh uh then she would moan fart and the huge log would fall out. this continued for a long time and about three flushes. when i noticed my poo was calling from inside. i then settled back down into my grunt grunt moan fart plop the liquid routine. soon after the young girl left and i was left in silence to continue my poo and waited for the next pooper to enter. please respond if you like my story.

To Jessica: I gotta say that your poop stories are the best!!!! You breifly talked about your roommate Katie and her pooping habits. I'd like to know if there are any of her poops in particular that stand out and you remember real well? Do you listen to her when she goes? Does she read while having her dump? Have you two ever watched each other poop? I think that is cool that you listen to people in other stalls as they shit, because I do the same thing. When I'm pooping and I hear other people pooping in the men's room, I always would wonder if women did the same thing, if they were quiet or not. I listen to my fiancee poop when she has to go and she ain't quiet as you probably read in my previous post. I think that is cool that you look at the reflection of people in other stalls. That brings me to a good poop story about my fiancee again. We went on a trip together and the hotel we were staying at, she went to the bathroom to crap. I looked under the crack of the door and! could see the reflection of the toilet and her sitting on it on the floor. It was pretty cool. One other question, Jessica, how far do you pull your pants down when you are on the toilet? Do you always pull them down to your ankles. My fiancee only pulls hers down to her knees and her panties even less further than that. I'd like to know how far all of you out there pull your pants down while sitting on the toilet (girls only of course)!!! Take care Jessica!!! Hope to see more posts from you soon!!!


Anjie LaV

I'm sorry to hear of your accident in the Abercrombie shorts, after your mom punished you with ex-lax. This punishment is usually intended to keep you from going out and having fun, keep you close to the bathroom. It is worse than being grounded though.

My mother would give me a dose of castor oil at times, and believe me, I never ventured far. Castor oil tastes awful, which added to the punishment, and it's pretty rough stuff. Sometimes I just made it down the hall to the bathroom, barely got my panties down before exploding into the toilet. I usually got this for calling her a bitch or embarrasing her by saying the f-word in front of her friends. Also for visible panty lines, which she really hated.

She is European and I think that is where this came from.

It is always worse if you have to go out in panties and pantyhose, slip, and a nice dress. Then you know the laxative will work at a bad time.

Jonny the Jonny Brush
Hi Altheia. Sorry it took me so long to post. I was paid another visit from Diana yesterday morning. Just a brief description, Diana is has long dark hair, and is aobut 6 inches taller then I am. She came over with the next piece of music for me to practice sight reading and her clairinet. We both got right to work. She had me sing the piece first, then she had me play it, and she accompanied me onher clairnet. She uses a piano when we meet at her place. Long story short, our lesson ended with one more trombone rendition to this song, then she announced "Well I guess one goot turn deserves another." She walked into the bathroom, removed her jeans and panties, and started to take a leak. It went SSSSSSSSS for about a minute or so. "I didn't get a chance to use the bathroom this morning. My dad was in there." There was a strong aroma in the air as she peed. When she was finished, she stood up and began to pull up her panties. I wanted to see what she had done, s! o I walked over to the toilet and said "One good turn deserves another, reachef for the flush lever, peered into the bowl to see what she had done, and flushed.

There was a ring of foam, shaped like a horse shoe, and the toilet water was a very dark, almost orange color. The smell was also very strong where I stood over the toilet.

Jonny the Jonny Brush

super poop
Once at a family dinner i let out a big turd and it wouldn't flush and my aunt said hurry up i got to pee, so i went out after trying to flush this monster, she sat down and peed then just went on and didn't flush it, owner of house walked in and said Bettyann the Aunts name why didn't you flush, she looked and said i only peed i didn't poop. Some late arrivals for family dinner where everyone knows everyone else but you are greeted at door by one of your aunts, i peed i didn't poop it was like OK!, he looked like what am i suppose to say now. Soon others remembered i was in there before Bettyann and i was probably the one who left the monster not her. Betty ann was still walking around saying i only peed i didn't poop, WHAT A FAMILY DINNER

My dumps keeps being hurtful, and all of them are orange and full of tomato sauce. They smell tasty. Its true is you eat good you dump good.

thanks to all for the help. i tried to go today and i had some spare time so i went and sat down and pushed. at first nothing happened, but then i started felling a HUGE peice of poop moving out of my ass. the tuip of it came out of my hole, then the rest of it started comming out. When it was about 1/2 of the way out though when my sister knocked on the door and said plz hurry up its an emergence. i said i'll try. i pushed some more but nothing happened. so i broke it off with some tp wiped and left. even though i broke it off that has to be one of my biggest poops. i tried too flush it but it wouldn't go down and i knew that my sister really had to go so i just left it and tld her that it wouldn't go down. she raced in there and yanked down her pants without clossing the door. i could see thatshe had really bad diearra. i asked her if she was ok and she said that she dosn't think so. she said that she had had a stomach ach since when she woke up but she hadn't had to go un! till now. it looked like she was litterly peeing out of her ass. it went on like this for 15 or 20 min. i asked her if she was almost done she said that she thinks so. after 10 more min she wiped using 15 peices of tp and wipping about 10 times. i feel the rest of the poop coming down now bye all.

by the way i'm 13 years old.

Billy and Kevin
About 12:00 we went to Subway for lunch. My mom sent us to the bathroom to wash up. We were with our little brothers Josh and Jeremy. Jeremy and Josh both peed. I told kev that I will wait until after we eat because I will have to do more than pee. He said, yeah, me too. We both ate our sandwiches. We were sitting were we could see the door to the bathroom. After about 1/2 through the sandwatch, I needed to go. There was someone in the bathroom for about 5 minutes. When he came out with his son, I told mom I need to go to the bathroom. Kev and Jeremy both came with me. kev went first. He dropped a 12 in log and about 4 little logs on top and then a bunch of little turds on top. It took him about 4 minutes. In the middle of his poop, a guy started saying what is taking so long and knocking on the door. Jeremy said that he was about to poop his pants, so I let him go next. He was dropping a ton of little turds, about 1/2 long. The guy outside said was knocking again. I opened ! the door, said, "Look, see, we are pooping. Imagine that in a bathroom. Kev pooped, Jeremy is pooping now and I am next. If you can't wait, go to the ladies' room." The whole time he was holding himself. I looked at mom and she was smiling. Josh came in and said he had to poop roo. Jeremy said, I am done. He was wiping himself. I shut the door. Josh got on next. He pooped out two big logs. I hopped on the toilet and dropped a 12 incher and about 5 small logs. I wiped myself. I told kev to open the door. I went to the sink and help Josh wash his hands (he couldn't reach the soap). The guy said, are you done? I said, yeah, we will be out of here in a minute. He came in while we were there and flushed the toilet and sat down. He peed a ton and was dropping a lot of turds. We left and finished our lunch. We left the door wide open. He was there about 5 minutes.

Hello fellow poopers! I'm new to posting here, but I've been reading this site for a while. One thing I'm interested in learning is, does anybody else on this site have a condition anything like mine, and any suggestions as to how such a thing might be alleviated?

I'm a thirty-something middle school teacher. I have medium long blonde hair. If I may say so myself, I've from time to time overheard comments indicating that some students regard me as "sexy"; but the point is, of late I've become aware of being notorious among students for rather different reasons. At my school, faculty crappers are mostly unisex (which doesn't particularly bother me), and are one seaters, located along halls that students and faculty alike walk down, with doors by no means sound-proof - well you get the picture. There is a faculty lounge with more shielded faculty restrooms, but it's in a building rather far from my classroom, a place I don't get to run off too every time I need a potty.

I could tell PART of my story and sound like a poster girl for comfortable and healthy pooping patterns, but, yes that would be only PART of the story. That part is that for as long as I can remember, I have a comfortable and seemingly healthful dump every day. It is firm but not excessively hard, pretty big (not rivaling some of the humongous ones described by some of you posters, but still what I've always thought of as big enough), a foot or more total in length and perhaps an inch thick, usually in the form of a single turd, occasionally two or more. No discomfort associated with it, as I mentioned before, and there is little if any noticeable gasseous discharge therewith. The time of day at which it happens ranges from early morning to early afternoon. Occasionally on school days, that makes it early enough that I do it at home before leaving for school. But on most school days, the timing makes me have to do it at school. That doesn't tend to bother me, as far as t! his part of the story goes.

But now for the rest of the story. On three out of four to four out of five days that dump as just described seems to utterly filfill my day's need of getting sufficient doodoo out of me to have a comfortable day. But then every three to four days, it's a different story! What happens differently those days is in addition to the usual as described above, not in place of it. On one of those different days I'll have my usual comfortable shit, and the seeming relief from that will be just the same for a few hours thereafter. Barring the fact that I've gone three or four days without the following crisis intervening, there is no clue in my day's feelings up to and including my comfortable poop and the few hours thereafter that this is going to be a crisis day. But then when the crisis hits, by midafternoon to evening, it is clear that my fondly remembered good dump of earlier in the day didn't come close to unburdening me of all the shit I needed to put out for the day. The ! additional crapping that I'll need to do to get me through the day will almost certainly be uncomfortable and accompanied be much gas and farting before all is said and done. Usually it will be diarrhea-like, sometimes completely runny. Whe it is runny, I'll probably get through it and be comfortable again quickest, but I'm liable to also poop in my panties that day before I've quite even realized that it was coming. Other times the crisis will first hit in the form of cramps. I'll feel like I must shit or bust and hence make great haste to get my butt planted on a potty. But once I do, I might at first be able only to strain and emit nothing or emit only loud farts, giving NO relief to the terrible cramping. That makes for a worse crisis day than shitting a little in my pants does! I'll feel for a while like I just can't go on until I do manage to expell a farty burst of raging diarrhea or lumpy to amorphous turds that can seem like they are burning and/or tearing my ass ap! art! I usually don't get through a crisis day without my butthole getting sore, whether its from the stretching, the burning sensation, or the copious wiping I have to go to get to where shit doesn't keep coming back on the toilet paper. But, as my story implies, once I've had a "crisis" day, I can pretty well count on my next three or four days being back to "normal" and comfortable.

When my comfortable poop occurs the earliest in the day and it is a school day, that makes it most likely that, IF it is going to be a crisis day, my hellacious crisis will occur before I get out of school. So some students have no doubt taken note of my troubles, considering how the faculty bathrooms are situated. I've observed two cases of evidence of that. Maybe I neglected to say earlier, by the way, that my "crisis" poops tent to be quite stinky poops, but that figures in. One morning recently I was exiting a faculty crapper after a usual comfortable poop, not a crisis poop. But as I came out, a student close enough to need to swerve to go around me suddenly got a bit of a distressed look on her face. And then I noticed her actually fanning the air around her nose with her hand. On another occasion I actually overheard a student (a popular, well-liked, and generally well-behaved girl) telling her boyfriend laughingly how she had observed my having noisy diarrhea whe! n she passed by a faculty crapper. Interestingly, her boyfriend reacted somewhat embarrasedly and let her know he wasn't too keen on laughing at the matter at my expense. He even said, "She can't help it. Think about it. It could have been you". That was interesting.

Anyhow, anybody out there ever tend to have these "crisis poops" on a pattern anything like mine? And do you know of anything that can relieve the situation any?

To Jessica: Thanks for replying to my questions. It sounds like you really make some nice sized poos. I also love the stories you post about pooping in public restrooms. I hope to see more of your posts soon.


Hey, what's up? Nothing here. I don't really have any fav. public restrooms, well, wait, actually I do. When I'm working at the airport, I like taking a nice dump in the restrooms at Bush Intercontinental Airport because they are always clean. If I'm on a break and I have enough time, I'll ride the inter-terminal train to the Marriott Hotel and use their lobby restrooms. That's the best dump I've ever had. Very clean restrooms with seat covers and nice ambient music piped in. Very enjoyable. I can't wait to hear more stories from you.

The situation you spoke of happened to me recently and I sat on the counter with my ass over the sink and turned the water on. This is what I do at home always and it just washes down the sink. Wash my hands really well and the smell doesn't linger.

Middle Aged Crapper
Little Miss Modest: regarding your question about the width and length of poos I guess it's variable according to individual. Considering my personal dimensions (6 ft., 7 ins. and 285 lbs.) you may be surprised to learn that I specialize in long as opposed to wide turds. Generally my fat ones are just one inch wide, although perhaps I could make a case for about 1.5 inch wide ones on occasion. On the other hand my best long turds are 18 inches--the ones which break above the toilet bowl waterline.
Greg: I enjoyed your story about having to hold in your pee during that test. I've found that holding for me is counterproductive--I either do constipation rocks on the poo front or I have trouble passing urine on the pee front. I'm one of the persons who don't think holding is safe. I've been catheterized twice in my life thus far, an experience which neither the moderator nor our posters want to know about, believe me. Although I may have to hold sometimes if I'm working, having fun recreating, or can't disengage from a group conversation quickly, I'm talking about my "personal danger zones" if I don't go to the toilet within one hour of getting that feeling. For those of you who hold I'm not going to be presumptuous enough to dictate over people's pee and poo preferences. Just be careful, okay? I'm also not as gutsy as our most courageous posters who deliberately pee or poo their pants. I don't like the laundrying work or the mini-rashes on my midsection skin! from soiling.
Aussierod: that was a great story of your girlfriend's pee and poo.
Chelcie: it sounds like your sister may have had a Montezuma's Revenge type of diarrhea attack. My worst ever stuck me on the toilet for around 100 minutes, although I always stay seated "as long as it takes" in those situations. Your posts indicate you're a minor so I'll be more careful in how I respond to you than to the other adults.
Candace: in response to your closing question I really enjoyed your story about the other girl plop, plop, plopping in the toilet. Those are my best poo sessions as well--the ones that come if I skip a day between poos. Since you're a new poster I'll encourage you to continue your contributions (both words and bodily wastes) to the forum as long as you're interested in writing and they're on point. Don't be discouraged if sometimes the other posters don't respond to your contributions directly, as I've noticed that others have often responded to me only if I addressed them directly. I just address others when their stories resonate with me for whatever reason. I'm sure your writing was universally appreciated.
Bryian: I did check out the latest of your bathroom dreams as you urged. I liked that part about the guy in shorts sprinting for the toilet stall but his diarrhea cutting loose in his pants at the very last second. Within the context of that dream you mentioned that "watching" him made you want to poo as well. Whenever I see a toilet I instantly get an urge to pee, even if I didn't need to before I came in the bathroom. That reminds me of an episode from the British comedy "Are You Being Served?" about some funny clerks in a department store. In one episode the clothing section got a decorative on again, off again water fountain. The goof off worker in the men's section, "Young Mr. Lucas," had to sprint for the toilet watching that fountain spout up and down, as I think the gay guy "Mr. Humphries" had to do as well.

I had a memorable dump yesterday. I laid one of the greatest poo pats I've ever done. The creamy pile was above the toilet waterline, like a shark's dorsal fin. An outsider coming later would have sworn a cow was sitting on my toilet instead of me. Surprisingly there weren't that many bells and whistles otherwise with that toilet session. I only did one little fart, one additional chunk besides the enormous pat, and I got fully clean afterward in only two wipes.
The most disappointing "crop yield" from my butt last week was somewhat intriguing. My stomach was knotted up a bit at work so I thought a big one might be coming. I got to the toilet stall, pulled down my pants and undies, and cut loose with a giant dry fart--"bluhhhhhhhspihhhhhhhh!" But no turds came out that I could hear and my stomach got unknotted on the fart alone. I stood up and noticed just a tiny turd in the bowl, but it was shaped like the prongs of a fork. Not that I would use it as an eating utensil, however.

The last five days I spent lots of time (maybe too much) in quickly perusing (like a flipping TV screen) the entire archive of posts from p. 1 to the present. I picked out around 25 favorite stories and got a chance to see changes in the posts over the years and what irritates the moderator apart from the mandated forum rules (which I've read twice). I notice that more people are requesting surveys than before and the posters from Britain have diminished somewhat. There's lots about farts although I believe this isn't a farting forum--it's just a fundamental part of pooing. I'm sorry the moderator noted that around half of the posts don't past muster for inclusion and that the number of perverts trying to break into this wonderful forum has increased--so I think Mr. or Mrs. Moderator is doing very well. Since the moderator doesn't care too much for non-substantive responses to others, telling the opposite sex (the ladies in my case) that they're cute or hot, or! telling pee or poo stories that are clearly false, my posts will probably diminish just a bit to be more careful about the preferred criteria and to relay unique adventures, as opposed to all of my pees or poos.
In my opinion Carmalita is the forum's most humorous and mirthful poster as well as a highly talented story writer. I don't have her advantage of having pooping friends; and I won't include defecating stories of my friends or family because I'm uncertain of my family's attitude and all my friends (although I love them) are prudes on this one issue, so I won't incorporate very much about them either out of respect. I admit I could never get stories as great as Carmalita's. I've gone hiking with ladies in the past here in our Los Angeles mountains and they invariably have to dash for the bushes to do a pee. I stand 30 ft. away with my back turned but they always yell at me "MOVE FURTHER AWAY!!" I've never seen one pee. When one of them took a rather long pee (around 90 seconds) I looked back after a minute to see if she was finally done but she was too far away.
In closing I'll mention that I've submitted two posts which didn't pass muster--one about an experiment I did in horizontal peeing (which may have been too graphic) and another which may have mentioned kids' pooping too much. However, one of these posts included an innocent enough pee story I had about being unable to pee for a mandatory drug test (I think pee stories like this are a hoot). I'll submit this story someday as a separate post.
Sorry to burden you guys with "generalist stuff," but I thought I would lay it out just this one time. Goodbye for a little while and keep up the great stories and quality writing everybody!

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