Hola mis amigos,
My youngest sister Luisa is coming to spend a week with me. She's thinking about moving up here and trying to find a job and going to school. She'll be arriving on Monday. It'll drive Jo nuts because we look so much alike! Me and Luisa have been mistaken as twins often.

TEDDY BEAR: Besos back atchu mi amor! How cute! You called me 'Panchita'! I loved your recent story. Ahhh, the joys of cooking and reading the comics on the pot. I can relate to that story 100%. I don't usually read things, but I like the settling in and grunting on the old oak seat. That story excited me. Mmmmmm....nice plop-plops too. It reminds me of when Nu watches me and vice-versa.

BLACK CHAOS: Nu's in Seattle right now on a job, so I'll answer you. I agree with her that you are hot! Also, I'm glad you think our smells would be heavenly. They're stinky, but I kinda like em! Hope you do stumble across us sometime!

JUMPING JUPITER: Wow!!! Thank you so much. En Espanol también mi cariñoso! So, I'm an interesting subject huh? Hmm, would love to see the pics! I'm glad you like my stories. I hope you like today's story.

PV: Hola sweetie! I missed you.

BUZZY: Very interesting story about your outdoor poo and your homemade toilet from the chair. You needed to have me behind you to rub your back and neck for you! It would have been my pleasure señor!

ALTHEA, ADRIAN, DAVE NY: Muchas gracias for your concerns amigos! My accident was of a different cause though. I was just stressed out over moving, not having much money, school, no love life, depressed and whiny! I guess my ???? translated that into a big time poop accident. As they say, shit happens, and it happened on my new floor. I was just pissed because Jenny came with Jake and all that.

PUNK ROCK GIRL: Great story about the outhouse. I'm with you, I would'nt have really cared either. I hate outhouses though. Too spidery!! I would just find a spot outside somewhere. I've used them, but I prefer porta-potties like at outdoor events.

Joanne came over this morning. She saved her poo for my apartment. She was wearing gray sweat pants and a white T top under a light jacket, and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Very hot. It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I like girls and guys alike with the same passion. Today she did the "prissy poo" thing, knees together, pants on the thighs. I sit the same way when I'm a little constipated and need to push some big ones out. Which, by the way, is what she did! I came in to show her the photos that Dan took of me and Nu when we posed on the toilet. There also some pics from my folkloric dance I did for cinco de mayo. Dan got some upskirt panty shots, the weasel LOL! Anyway, Joanne started crapping as she looked at the photos. I heard 2 major plops followed by an "ooh," from her puffy lips. We both agreed that the nudes of Nu were absolutely heaven! (Like Angie, she has a realllllly hot bod.) Jo was smiling when she saw the photos from my dance, and by! that time, the bathroom was beginning to get a bit stinky. All of a sudden, Jo goes: "Mmrrrrrrmmmmmhhhh!!!" and a series of plops, several in a row came splashing out. Her face scrunched up like she was in agony, so I know they were big ones. By the time she finished, the toilet was filled with big, dark brown, chunky turds. It took two flushes, and we still had a slight clog, so I had to plunge. Jo was embarrassed, but I gave her a kiss and told her to go make some coffee and she did. After that, I pulled my pants down quickly, then sat. Jo came back and said "Don't tell me you have to go now," and I said no, that I just wanted to feel the warmth where her naked butt was. She smiled about that. I sniffed too. Poooooootent!

Next, we drank some coffee which always loosens me up big time. I pooped one gigantic turd followed by a little small piece. I pulled my jeans all the way down to my ankles, spread my legs really wide, sat with my elbows on my knees and head down, and started pushing a monster. It was so fat, it hurt at first. The turd was also sticky and came out slowly until it got to heavy to hang out of my butt. The Carmalita stink-o-meter was about a 6. This turd didn't reek too horribly, but it wasn't sugar and spice either. However, the longer it floated, the more unpleasant it became. Jo sat on the counter with her butt almost in the sink watching. I stood up to wipe, and while Jo looked down at my turd. It was so big, it coiled around like a snake completely obscuring the hole in the toilet! There were cracks and splits in it, and it was really dark brown in color and very solid. I can't say how long it was, maybe 14-16", but it was a big boy! After my poop, me and Jo laid down ! for awhile, and I guess I'd better end that story there.
Oh, I forgot, this is hilarious! Jo was watching Nu take a dump at my apt. sitting with her butt in the sink like she does because the counter is so small. Anyway, I came in and noticed that sink faucet was just hovering over the opening of Joanne's jeans. I quickly turned on the "cold" and she jumped up and shrieked as I'd just soaked her panties with fresh, cold water. Me and Nu were laughing hysterically. She got even later when I had to shit, by coming in and wasting about a half a can of air freshener till I could barely breathe! It was horrible!! She kept spraying and spraying, laughing the whole time saying "This'll teach you to f--- with me, Malita!" Let me tell you that air freshener dosen't smell good at all when it's about a half a can's worth in the room stinging your nostrils LOL! A weakness of mine is being the pranskter. Even though I love her, now it's war....
Anyway, take care everyone!

DJ Crapper
This is a question to people in the States. Do your shopping malls have unisex toilets as well as mens and womens? I live near Toronto and this one mall I go to has a mens, a womens, and a "Family" restroom (for both sexes) I usually go there when It's really busy and use the Family toilets because some women go there to avoid the Ques in the women's toilet. This is where I first learned that I could easily be out-pissed by a woman. I've heard some really impressive waterfalls from women who have just come out of the movie theater. (And who have presumably drank the bladder-buster pepsi that came with their 12$ popcorn) Are movie theaters as expensive down there?

To the Origional Pee Girl: I Liked your story about your pseudo mall pissing contest. I should try that sometime!

So, I've been coming to this page lately to deal with my humiliating experiences of this semester of panic, puking and diahrea. Maybe my name should be messed up micro major or panic purger. Anyway, here's another messed up story. After getting back a bad score on a cellular micro exam, and then getting a not so sharp grade on the bacteriology homework, I was panic stricken in the halls of the Bio building on campus. I knew I was about to explode.....out of maouth or from the other end, or worse yet, both. I was on my way to the restroom. I sudden horrid cramp followed by violent reaching. I hurled all over the hall and started pooping watery mess. Then, to my chagrin, my favorite professor sees all this crap down the hall. He says, " Oh, sh**!" He runs over to me. Holds my hair back as I'm puking and filling my pants (sweat it's running to my shoes now). I tried to apologize for all of this as I was hurling. Bad idea. I started choking! He had t! o give me the hymlic manuever! Puked and messed more. I heard him call for his TA. I think I fainted. I was told he and the TA wrapped a clean lab coat around me, went in one of their cars to the school urgent care health center. I woke up an hour later. In addition to my normal panic problem, I also had the stomache flu I guess. Here's the really embarrassing part. When I woke up in Urgent Care, I was wearing different clothes! Who changed me!!? I was wearing the TA's clothes (I had her as a TA last semester, and she wore that shirt and pair of sweat pants alot). I assume she had other clothes on that day, but still, did she clean me up?! Did the proffessor I respecet know I messed my pants?!?

--micro major makes macro mess: Excellent story, but never be afraid of detail. It's what this forum thrives on. Keep them coming. Dare I request that you re-post your previous story with a bit more minutiae?

--Please Help Me!: Any abrupt change in one's eating habits can cause upsets in the natural order and rhythm of things... The damage has been done, and my personal suggestion is to wait it out and your bowels will likely return to normal. Otherwise, I would have suggested that you not quit junk food cold turkey, rather ease yourself off gradually.

I recently quit smoking cold turkey and learned a similar lesson the hard way. Usually, when i smoked a cigarette, it would serve to "get things going" (sometimes, quite an inconvience, I'll post some stories of that nature). But, since I've stopped, I've noticed that not only has my in-out cycle slowed down, but the products have been harder to pass, taking me up to thirty minutes longer than my usual 10 minute sessions.

Not only that, but my once Iron-clad bowels are now easily upset by minorly spicey foods.

I quit two weeks ago and my bowels are just now re-adjusting to my body's new (and hopefully healthier) condition.

--Hey, PRG and Emily of NYC, I'm a New Yorker as well, if you count the Bronx(with a population of 1.3 million, I don't think my anonymity is much comprimised)! I don't even consider myself a member of that particular boro, since spend most of my time "downtown" as you put it.

One last note: Has anyone seen Cheri or Nealy? I remember that last time I posted, it happened to catch Nealy's eye, but since then, I lost my internet connection up until now and I don't know if she's posted anything since her response to that last post of mine...

Keep it up,

Pee Girl:

What can I're mall experience is perhaps the queen of all big-bladder tales I have ever read. Absolutely incredible. I can hardly imagine how you must have felt during your pee, with this other woman not only keeping up with your mega-volume output, but actually surpassing it by quite a bit, a seemingly impossible feat. The way you described the reactions of the other woman was very she knew that she had the upper-hand in the bladder department, most likely because she (like you) had never found anyone who could come close to matching it. She was probably quite amazed that your "bark was as big as your bite."...I doubt she ever had peeing-company for over five minutes previously. Still, I can't help but think she was almost taunting you at the end, when you "generously" gave up your stall to the immature teens keeping track of both pees. As always, I wonder if she has, or someday will, meet her match, only to be as astounded as you were! .

Thank you so much for sharing. Not only are your stories based on my favorite topic, but you are a gifted writer as well. I would, of course, love to hear more anecdotes. Perhaps there have been occasions where friends or even strangers were particularly vocal about the amount you were able to go, and I would be thrilled to read stories of any confrontations or comments you may have had about your incessant peeing. Take care, and enjoy your summer!


Troubled J
Sexy Girl:

While you do sound cute, I think it really wouldn't work out between us. I'm 24 years old, for one. Not OLD old, but old-enough-that-there'd-be-a-lot-of-trouble old. I actually do love this particular woman, and that's actually part of why we don't have sex. I don't want to push her into it because of medical reasons, and I'll leave it at that. An unplanned pregnancy would be VERY bad on these same medical reasons. And there really are things in life between the male and female other than sex, even tho most guys miss the subtle wonders of a relationship. You can communicate a lot of love with your hug, and my non-girlfriend friends who are girls seem to think I have a warm, inviting one. When I hug my girlfriend it's entirely different. I can feel magic flowing out of her heart. Magic is a real thing, and you know when it's there, and it's part of how you know you're really in love. My girlfriend isn't frigid, but she is shy about pooping.

As for you, I certainly hope you find someone who might be appropriate for you and likes seeing you poop. I'd be very interested if I was in a situation more conducive to a relationship with you (Like living in your area and being 16 years old, not having someone special, and meeting you, but that isn't how the world worked here. C'est la vie.). Just to give you my end of it, most guys I know don't seem to be turned on by their lover pooping but aren't turned off by it either. You'd probably be pretty safe with dropping hints to one of your "maybe" boyfriends about it like "it's okay if you stay, i don't mind" because your interest is in yourself pooping, and you won't push any privacy buttons doing that. (Tho they might wonder about you, but odds are they won't remember if they're uninterested in that.) It takes a little adventure to get around in life. If I ever want my girlfriend to share this secret with me, I'm going to have to share the secret that I'm interested, ! and there's a risk in that. Like I said, I very much hope you end up with the right guy for you.

-I offer my hugs and warmest wishes,
Troubled J

I know how it is to wet your pants in school. At least you did it when you were only in Kindergarten! I did it in 7th grade! I was in the cafeteria and i needed to pee really badly. i was having too much fun with my friends though, and i didn't want to miss out. Later, i was in class and my teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom, and after awhile, pee started to drip out. Finally, I peed in my pants completely, and the pee seemed to take forever to stop! Everyone ws laughing and saying "eewww" and giving me weird looks - including the guy who i'd had a crush on forever!. i was teased about it for the rest of the year. later, all

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, Emily of NYC! Yes, I am a fellow New Yorker. In compliance with Toiletstool's anonymity policy, I'll just say I live downtown. My boyfriend's name is Colin. My name is Denise.

I don't think I ever posted about an experience I had last summer. I was with Colin and some of our friends at a farm owned by Colin's aunt. There's a little barn where she throws parties and stuff, but its about a half mile away from the house. There's an actual old-fashioned outhouse next to it. It has the moon in the door and everything. Anyone who got close enough could look right in and see whoever was peeing or crapping. That was no big deal for me, but some of the others were a little self-conscious and made the trek up the hill to the house to use the bathroom in there.

Anyway, I had to take a dump, so proudly walked to the shitter (as his aunt calls it) and stepped inside. There's also no latch on the door, so the only way to keep it closed is to hold it. I didn't bother. So, there I am with my pants and underwear down to my knees, dropping a load in the cesspool below, and Colin's fifteen year old cousin opens the door. Everyone within viewing distance got a nice long look at me on the crapper!

He was talking to someone so he didn't notice me sitting there right away (unlike the ten other people staring at me). I finally said, "Excuse me." He jerked his head, saw me, and said "Oh my god!!!" He slammed the door shut and ran off. Luckily, I wasn't too humiliated, and laughed it off. I wiped with the convenient roll of TP and stepped out.

Colin's cousin was nowhere in sight, and Colin told me he was so mortified he ran up to the house. I then was informed that there was a "occupied" sign hanging inside that you're supposed to hang on the door if you're in there. I said, yeah, but most people still knock!

Anyway, later I talked to his cousin and told him it was okay, and he shouldn't be embarrassed. It was funny, though, and I of course got teased about it for the rest of the weekend. Real mature, us twenty-somethings!

Hi to everyone! Peace to everyone!


Pee-girl (original) Two great stories. Bravo, bravo.
I take it that the mall episode was about 24 hours since your peed before. Why did you skip your morning pee that day? Do you often wait 24 hours? Weren't you curious about your large-bladdered friend in the other stall? How much did she pee? You? (estimate). Have you measured your own capacity? Do you have any other stories of pee competitions? h. s., university, work? Let's hear more.

Jonathan: I guess you're the same guy who posted here as "Troubled J" and asked for advice? If that's you, I'm pretty glad that all the advice you got here helped you find a girl to come poop while you watch so quickly. Is she a call girl, like some here recommended, or is she someone you just happened to meet? Keep us posted on what happens. It's great that things are working out for you!

Stl Susan
Hello again. Spend the weekend at the Lake of the Orazk in central Missouri and stopped at my favorite public tolet. Just about 1.5 miles passed the dam, there is a strip mall with a coed toilet. I love using this bathroom becuase just next to it is a beauty shop and a sports store. So you have lots of women and men running to theis toilet to do their peeing and pooping. There are 5 stalls in this toilet and 2 urinals. I love seting in the middle stall and listening to the men and women making their personal noises!!! It's also very interesting seeing the folks looking in the mirror at each other while they are washing their hands after setting side by dside doing their business. I hope u and I find more and more of the public toilets going to this coed solution. Peeing and pooping is the normal function of the body and we shouldn't be so up tight.

Love Susan

Lisa C.
First time post...I am a 26 year old female in Minnesota and when I was in college, 5 girls from my floor and myself went on a camping trip in the woods of minnesota. We thought we had everything planned, we even brought a new porta pottie along so we wouldnt have to go "in the woods". Well we had planned a five day hike and brought along enough of everything to make it. But of course as soon as I got there I felt a big urge to make poo because we had stopped for fast food along the way. So while the other girls were unpacking, I had to break in this porta pottie which is basically a toilet seat with a pail underneath it...but it still is better than pooing in the bushes. I set it up under an oak tree and pulled my pants and panties down to my knees, sat down and was relieved when a turd started crackling and kept coming out of my butthole. When I was done, I stood and looked in and it had to have been 2 feet long and it almost filled the bottom of this little containe! r on this porta pottie. Well I didnt want to empty it so over the course of the next five days, all of us girls took numerous shits on this chair and I think the girl who brought it was planning on using it for other trips but there was so much poop in there, like a five gallon bucket full of poop, that we just left it in the woods.

Hi Everyone....I've been looking on his site for awhile, but this is the first time i've posted. I love the feeling when I poop fat, hard logs, but I usually only have to go about 3 times a week, and when I do go, my logs are soft. Does anyone have any ideas about how to make my logs firmer, or make me go more?
I have some good stories that I will post later.

to claudia,

you said that If u r in a public toilet or one of those nasty portapotties at street fairs and rock concerts etc., you'll usually try to stand and pee like a guy and If u need to poop, you'll usually stand on the seat and poop over it standing on the toilet, how do you manage to keep the pop from going into your pantyhose??? if they are at your ankles or down to your knees??? i wuld like totry any advice??

fart girl
i am 18 and i will include--brrrrrrrrruummmp!ooooo,man that tickles. i love tickle farts. here comes a big one. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruummmp brump poom poom! man that was a big one and stinky. i have a panty poop story. brrrrramp!aaaahhhhhhhhh bbrrraaammmp bbllort! farting is fun isnt it? in the evening time i was at my friend house in the meanwhile i had an urge to go. i have to let out a loud one hold on. uuuuunnnnn! brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaammmmmmp! man that was loud. i told her that i got to go poop .unfortantly the toilet wasnt working right. i got to fart again. sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! oh man a sbd(silent but deadly) that fart really stank worse than a dead skunk byt i enjoy my own fart. that fart felt so soothing it was warm and comfortable. i was like oh man thats bad because i had to go really bad and the urge was getting stronger by the second. i started letting out sbd's and big farts. but every fart i let out it get harder to hold it. hold on t! his is big big BIG one! bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmppp! blort bramp poom poom! that is the biggest fart i had it so big thai it leveltated me over the seat. wooo weeee these farts stink. oh right... the story. the turds started to slip out of my butt i tried to stop it but i made one big fart that made all the turds slip out of my butt. uh oh i have a bug one coming i got to fart. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrammmmmmmmmmmmmp bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaammmp bbblooort bbpoorrrt poom poom bbbrrrammmmmppppp bbbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaammmmppptststssttst! oh my god that was a great fart i had and i really enjoy the smell of my extremely farts even the sbd's. that fart that made the turds slip out was a very wet fart. it went like this- bbbbbbbbbrraaammpsfsfsfsfssfsfsfffss! the turds is filling up my panties. when i started feeling the poop i felt it was masageing my butt. it was warm and creamy a! nd thick. it felt good and its making my butt warm ang fuzzy. i should do this more often. that all i got to tell you. heres comes the ultimate fart. uuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnn. there it is! brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp! tee hee hee. bye bramp
fart girl

Hi folks,

I remember there was a book in the 70's that was all about the "differences between girls and boys". It was small and had simple line drawings that were black and white but the characters clothes were coloured.

It had a picture of the boy and girl urinating in their different ways. I cannot think for the life of me what the title of this book was and I want to get hold of it because my five year old is gearing up for the big birds and bees talk and I want to get all the resources I can.

Can anyone help?

BEACH NUT: Hey, thanks for your reply! Your piss in the sand story was super great. I enjoyed it tremendously. Very cool description. I would have loved to see your bubbles. I love foamy pees as well! I looked at your list and putting together your descriptive talents with some of the interesting places you choose for relieve, I would be more than interested in the combination : ). I laughed about your poop in the sink. Did you really wash it down the drain? You were lucky it did not block, giggle. So here is one of my favourite adventures:
I went on holidays with my husband by the sea. One morning I got up early to go for a jogg. He hurt his ankle slightly and rather wanted to lie in, so I went on my own. After a long run along the beach I encountered a deserted house. I was curious and took a look inside. It seemed there had been a fire a while ago, so half of the place was wrecked and the elements had started to take over. On the other hand nobody had really emptied it. The furniture and carpets, that were partly burned, still were in place, all filthy and soaked by the rain though. There was a very slight hint of a smell that people before me had the idea to use it as a toilet. It was so well ventilated though that it was not unpleasant and the burnt smell was worse. I decided to piss in there. I got rather turned on by the idea and like a kid in the candy shop, I could hardly make my mind up where I could have a pee. I decided to soak the carpet in a corner, next to the sofa. I felt quite cheeky but it! added to the exitment. I pulled my jogging shorts down and squatted. I looked down, but could not see properly. So I stopped the pee that was just on it's way ( difficult moment...) and quickly got up again to take the shorts off. I squatted again, now just wearing a pink t-shirt and my white trainers. By the way I am medium height, rather slim, Italian/ Arabic parents, so darker skin and very black hair (if you wanted to know). I now really had to pee, so I quickly squatted again and let go. A good stream started shooting out, splattering onto the carpet...what great fun, grin. I just let it rip, listening to the dull sound as it was hitting the ground. I had a really good piss there, enjoying it to the last dribble. The piss first made a little puddle on top of the carpet, then it soaked in. After I finished I had nothing to whipe, so I let the drops fall of for a moment, still squatting and then got dressed again.. I ran back and woke my husband up....
In the afternoon we had a walk by the seaside, going in the same direction again. We just had had lunch with lots of water, some wine and latte machiatto. I soon felt the urge to piss and was getting excited, if I could show my husband my latest adventure playground. I also hoped for a show from him. For the ladies: He is rather tall, dark blond, muscular and sportive fugure with a super sexy bum. I remarked, I had to pee and to my delight he agreed he needed the same. He suggested to stear into the dunes, but I asked him to wait for about ten more minutes, I wanted to show him something. He grinned and agreed. He is not as much into pissing as me ( I am really mad...giggle), but enjoys it, even more since we are together and he knows how much it turns me on. We soon arrived at the deserted house and after checkin there weren't any people in sight, I showed him my new playground. He was also very excited. He said: " Ladies first..." . What was to follow was anything but! ladylike, but he called it a "neat show". I took my slip off and stood in my mini summerdress by the sofa. I stood with one leg on the sofa, spread myself with my fingers and did a standing piss. When I do that, I really have to push hard in order for the piss stream to shoot forward and not run down on my leg. This caused a little fart to escape...I giggled and lost concentration. I sprayed the sofa, the floor and a bit of the wall behind. It was good fun, though. My husband was really turned on as well. As soon as I finished I went over and opened his pants for him. He asked where to go and I told him to water the flowers. He laughed as he immediately knew, what I meant: Behind the blackness of the wallpaper, you could still see some of the flower pattern. He stood in front of the wall and tried to piss, but had problems getting started for obvious reasons... But the he managed. Soon his stream started and gained in force. Due to his excitemnet he also sprayed a lot and a! bout two major and several small streams hit the wall simultaniously. I enjoyed it tremendously. His piss washed the black layer slightly of the wallpaper and left many streams running down the wall. On the floor a dark puddle soaked into the wet carpet. The sun came in through the partly missing roof and his stream got reflections, like a golden fountain...piece of art to me! He had a good and long piss with noisy tinkling!Good fun...
There are so many good stories here, I can't compliment them all. I especially like the male peeing stories :).
RIZZO: I read some old posts and stumbled over your description of a piss from a boat. Very cool! You got more?
TIM AND SARAH: Your pee in the shower sounded great. Good to see you are so open in front of your kids. My husband nearly always does his morning piss in the shower, as it's difficult to aim otherwise and sitting down, wouldn't help either. I often join him and we piss together.

John Q Public
For those of you who like to hear accident stories, I have a nice one for you. This happened just last night while I was out on my nightly walk. It was not realy hot, but I was very thirsty for some reason. I usualy walk from my house, way past the local high school, all the way to an old railroad siding every night. As I stated before, I was thirsty. About halfway to that siding there is a hardwear store with a vending machine right outside. I bought a 12 oz can of diet Pepsie and continued on my walk. I don't usualy wear a diaper on my walk, because if my little bladder starts to scream for reliefe, I can usualy just do my business, because the place I walk to is pretty much deserted.

Last night, however, there was no such luck. I drank my soda as I walked, and about an hour later, I was realy in dier need of a pee. The problem was that the local high school was having a major 'end of the school year' party, and they were just getting out when I realy needed to do my business, so I kept walking, and tried as best as I could to hold it until the cars and pedestrian traffice cleared up, but it was very crowded, and my bladder just could not hold out any longer. The spasms started, and my apethied sphincter just gave out and the pee just came out. It was not a long, forecufel stream, but it was enough to make a large wet spot in my groin, and id did run down my lets and into my socks and shoes. I was wearing reasonably new blue jeans, and it was dark, so nobody noticed it as far as I know. There were several girls and two guys right in front of me talking about how 'cool' the part was, so even though they probably saw nothing, I was still embarass! ed.

Now even when I don't have anything to drink, I still end up having to stop for a pee when I go on my walks. In normal circumstances, I just let loose behind a tree or in so me bushes. There are alot of deserted allys, but this time there was no private place at all.

If any of you were in my situation, would you wear a diaper, even though it would encomber the walk, or would you just risk an accident in the usual hopes that there will be a private place to pee? Just curious.

Craig P.

I had a really nasty experience once in high school. I was a freshman. One day, I went into the boys room to pee. I was standing at a urinal peeing, and I felt like I had to fart. There wasn't anyone else in there, so I let it rip. Well, a lot more than just a fart came out! One big squirt of diarrhea sprayed into my underwear. It was really gross, becaue I had never shit my pants before, and here I was at school, with a glob of sticky poop in my shorts! I went in a stall (no doors, lucky me), dropped my pants and sat on the toilet and shit the rest of it out. While I did that, I took some paper and cleaned my underwear out as best I could. There was still a big brown stain, but at least it was just a stain. I wiped my ass and flushed it down, then washed my hands and went back to class.

Last summer when I visited with Tara and Dale again it was lovely weather we went skindip swimming and sunbathed on the sloping grass bank at the pool. We were drinking loads of cola. Dale said he was too lazy to get up he was going to do it right where he was lying so he pointed junior up and made a big arch up and falling down below his feet in the grass. Tara and I watched all the time We laughed it was cool. Dale was lying higher up the bank than me a bit. Tara was on his other side. Junior was about 2 feet from me so I got a real good look. It is long and smooth and sorta streamlined. It was real neat seeing Dale pee with it when he was lying on the bank and it went quite high. Around 15 mins later Tara went into the house to fetch the travelling mate then she lay on the grass to to make like Dale only when she put it in and peed hers went higher and it was really funny. I had another long drink and spread the works with 2 fingers so that the pee could shoot out wit hout hitting lips or things and pulled up at the top with my other hand to to lift things up and peed hard up and over my head. Dale and Tara clapped. Later when Tara could do it again she tried like me without the T mate although she said her clit gets in the way when she goes like this and first the pee went sorta down more than up even when she pulled up above her slit but then she put a finger right in under her clit and pushed it up out of the way and then the pee shot upwards like mine did right over her head. But she got her her fingers wet and Tara said she prefers the T mate because then everything stays dry. Dale ran to the pool because junior was perking up after he watched Tara. Tara thought it was very funny, me too. Next time we want to see who can go highest and I bet Tara goes furthest when she uses the T mate.

Peegirl, I am curious about the college girls who have such long and forceful pees after a 2 hour lecture. Do you think that they have been holding on much longer than that and for the second time (assuming a morning piss)that day they are emptying their really full bladders?

Yes, you can enlarge your bladder. Do it slowly. Wait an hour or so after you first feel the urge. Don't let your desperation go on and on to the point of pain.

the "HOLD IT" man
Hi Pee Girl. I realy like reading your stories, and I can relate to wyat you are saying. I have been enthusiastic about holding and water sports for a long time (I don't mean swimming or water skiing, either) and I realy enjoy seeing a woman take a long hard piss. I, myself, FINALY managed to make 1000 militers, but I almost wet my pants in the process.

The way I did it was instead of drinking megga amounts of liquids, I just let nature take it's course. When I got up, I didn't use the bathroom, and I only drank what I normaly drink on the week end. No cofee and no soda. Anyway, when I got up, I had to go but it was not a realy strong urge so I decided to see how good I could hold out. I helt and held until I was just starting to feel a little pain, then I let loose. I was so uncomfortable that I forgot to time myself, but it seemed to take a long time. I would gues a minute. Anyway it came out (pardon the pun) to exactly one liter or 1000 militers on the nose.

That's nothing to realy brag about, however, because I have been in many a water sports contest, and have seen women put out alot more, and in some cases, twice that. My cousen typicaly can piss 1500 militers, and when she realy tries, she can break 2000. I have been into this sort of thing since I was a young boy, and in EVERY contest I entered, the women allways seem to do better then the men. At a club I frequent, they have holding and peeing contests, and the women routinly out wait us, piss faster then us, piss harder then us, put out greater amounts of pee then we do, and just generaly have better bladder control. There was a discussion on this board once as to whether or not women have stronger bladders then men, and I have to agree that they very likely do.

I may have posted this before, so I will keep it brief. In my work place, the lights in the rest rooms turn on automaticaly when some one enters, and shuts off automaticly when they leave. The whole system is wired into a computer, and a data base is kept as to how many times the lights are on so the company can keep track of the electric costs. As it turns out, I have access to that data base, and here is what happened. We have 4 women and 2 guys in my office. My boss and I together each made between 3 and 4 trips to the bathroom. I usualy only make 3 trips, but one is usualy a bm. Anyway my boss likes his cofee so he makes 4 trips. The total for the week in question was about 21 trips to the men's room. The women, on the other hand, almost never seem to use the rest room. One wrather pretty older woman of about 42 drinks as much cofee as the boss, and has been seen using the rest room once or twice in a typical week. The other three don't drink as much, bu! t they are also, maybe 2 trips to the bathroom or one trip depending on the amounts they drink. Again, for the week in question, the women's rest room recorded a total of 15 trips. Now there is a janitor who cleans both of those rest rooms every day, so 5 trips had to be subtracted from each room, which came out to 16 trips made to the mens room by 2 men, and 10 trips to the women's room made by 4 women.

I can't help but to think that women have larger bladders and stronger sphincter muscles then men based on that.

DJ Crapper
Hey Everyone.
TO DAN: Yes I did see Andrea on the toilet many times afterwards. Sometimes when she's over at my house, she will invite me into the bathroom, and i'll massage her shoulders while she has a BM. And yes, it does turn me on!

Anonymous lurker
Dana, for good poop scenes in the movies rent Rat Race & Tart. In Rat Race, a little girl is in the van and has to poo poo and she says it is prairie dogging. The dad asks what that means and then tells her to poop out van window. So she poops out the window and the poop ends up flying onto a cop car. I think you see the poop if I am not mistaken. It is a really good scene regardless. For a description of Tart, check page 1116 in the forum and this is also a great poop scene. Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you like these 2 scenes.

Punk Rock Girl. I liked your story about using that old-fashioned outhouse. Recently I bought a book on a secondhand stall about the 'great American outhouse' and I'm looking forward to reading it.

Pee Girl (The Original). I really enjoyed reading about your adventure at the Mall. It sounds to me as though your new-found friend had a massive bladder and hadn't emptied it for ages. I find it hard to imagine someone weeing for several minutes on end but some people must be capable of it.

Anthea. Liked your post. It sounds as though Faith really had to wee badly.

Please help me! Changes in your diet are almost certainly likely to cause changes in your bowel habits - at least in the short to medium term. Furthermore raisins (or any kind of dried fruit) are often responsible for producing a lot of wind as I've found from experience. If there are no other symptoms I'd wait a week or two more to see whether things settle down or not. If they don't and you're still worried it might be worth a check up with your doctor. Good luck!

Best wishes


Traveling Guy
Please Help Me! - Your mushy syools could be because of changes in diet, but probably not because of the raisin bran. Bran is a regulator - if you're constipated, the bulk gets things moving. If you're loosem the bran absorbs some of the excess water. If your problem keeps up for a few more days, it could be an intertinal parasite. Then you might want to see a doctor. Sometimes while I lived in South America, I had horrible problems with amoebas, even though I had good hygiene. It can happen to anyone - contaminated fruit, etc.

Punk Rock Girl - Thanks for the 'hello' a while back. I'm really busy, guys, but I'l try to post more often.

To Punk Rock Girl: Loved your story about your b/f's cousin
To Althea: I enjoyed your story
To The Shining Knight: I loved your story..that was really hot what you and your g/f
To Jonathan: I'd like to hear about your lady
To Pee Girl (The Original: Liked your story about you and your b/f cool
To Raging Urophile: Thats cool what was heard on the radio
To Please Help Me!: Maybe your eating too much bran
To Dana: Theres some poop sceenes in eddie Murphy's new movie daddy daycare...its with kids though
To CC: liked your story..and that sounds like a cool game
To Linda D: Liked your story

Pee Girl:

I remember both you and the other pee girl posting stories. I like yours the best, because I can relate to them. I use to do the same kinds of things to my boy friends and girl friends (yes, I'm bi) and they all loved it. In fact, I have never to this day met a man who could out piss me. Even when I was a little kid, I had a stronger bladder at age 8 then my brother had when he was 16.

John Q Public:

I think you were right not to wear the diaper, because walking is a very good arobic exercise, and you should not be encombered by anything. If you have an accident, so what. It's dark, you can wear dark pants or dark shorts, or as you said, just pick a private spot and let fly. The point is, cloths can be washed, and exercise is essential to good health. You are right to wear a diaper to the movies, however because I wouldn't want to miss any part of a movie that I paid to see if I were in your position. Fortunately, I am like your gf and sister in that regard.


Greetings-i have an interestingly irritating story from a school trip to Paris, France, which took place in late April.

We were on the bus to the Eiffel tower, and I was arsing about commically. I farted, and the sweat due to the heat on my bumcheeks made the fart feel wet. There was a mark on the seat that was ink or something from a previous passenger and i pointed it out while making a big joke over my fart.
I jokingly asked if I had a brown mark on my trousers and the other people in my half of the bus said there was! I was redder than a London bus, and was pretty irritated when I found out that they were just messing around. As I'm a joker myself, I congratulated them for it.

PRG/Denise=What kind of music do you refer to in your screenname? Is it the true stuff-the sex pistols, etc. (such as i like) or the anally excreted processed pop stuff such as sum41?

Thanks for now.


hey CC about that game, what is it called?

i would like to try that game out!!

View to a Poo
I have been lurking here for a while, and thought I could add a story to your collection. My wife likes to wear black lace underwear when we go out to a party, we are talking garter belts, stockings, lace thong panties, and black lace bra. She says it makes her feel sexy knowing that all that paraphernalia is under her dress…in a room full of people. My wife is 45 years old, blonde, about 5’5” tall and about 120 pounds. She was parading around in her underwear trying to find a dress last Saturday evening, while I was taking a bath. All of a sudden she when tripping into the toilet closet in her high heels, she swung the door shut, but it caught on the throw rug and popped open about half way. Apparently she was in a tight, because she didn’t bother to fix the rug. (I noticed that she had a extra helping of stewed prunes at breakfast, but didn’t think any about it because we both like the taste of prunes and are fairly regular in our bowel habits.) From my vantage point! in the tub I could see the curve of her buttocks as she slid down her panties and hurriedly plopped her bottom on the commode seat and leaned forward, so I only saw from her shoulders and thighs to the back of the seat where her back made a reverse curve to her buns. Needless to say the sight of her in the grunting position, wearing her lacy garter belt and black sheer stockings caused some submarine turgidity in the tub. The portable fan blowing air into the bathroom from the bedroom, drowned out some of her straining noises, but not all. She groaned and grunted and arched her back to get her bowels started, her black high heels, slid back into view from behind the door and she went up on her toes, the belly below the garter belt was tense. Her cheeks came off the toilet seat with the strain…and I saw a dark brown knobby mass hanging out of her between her bottom and the seat. She sat back quickly, then leaned way forward again…the mass was longer, but still clogging ! her back passage. Her legs started quivering with the effort, then the turd broke off and fell into the toilet with a loud ploomp and she relaxed. Her butt came off the commode seat, and she shifted her feet to spread her legs. I guess she was looking between her legs at her product, then she flushed. She sat back down shortly and resumed her grunting, this time she stayed seated and rocked back and forth to help her bowels unburden themselves. The smell of her effort, made its way out the door to the tub, where I sat transfixed. Soon, she stopped rocking and stayed motionless for five minutes…I splashed around in the tub a bit to make like I was engaged in my bathing, rather than peeping on my wife. There were a few times in the next ten minutes when she would arch her back and her ???? would tighten but the struggle was just about over, as the stewed prunes finished their job rather noisily, really adding to the funk in the bathroom. Then, it took, ten wipes to g! et herself clean, and since my wife is left handed she rolled up on her right cheek to get at her anal opening, treating me to view of her underside each time, she crammed the toilet paper into her crevasse. The bathroom was quite ripe by the time she finished. She stood up and I ducked under water, for several seconds…when I came up she was standing over me wanting to know why I was dawdling in the tub, when we had a party to go to…

I had another poo incident while on the phone this morning. My brother rang and as I was talking to him I felt the need for a poo. I had already gone about an hour before and pushed out a couple of poo's but obviously I hadn't done enough. I kept talking to my brother trying to gauge if I could hold it long enough to get the toilet. I looked on the floor and saw an old newspaper so I put that under me just in case. Finally though I gave in and started to poo. It was rather soft and crackled out although I doubt my brother heard it through the phone. I got off the phone and flushed the evidence down the loo and lit some incense to get rid of the smell.

This afternoon I sat down to watch a movie on the world movie channel. It was called 'Honalulu' from Germany and is several different stories in the one movie. The first involves a young woman who we see behind some trees about to undo her pants. I was hoping she needed the toilet and I was to be correct. She decides not to go behind the trees and goes behind some dumpsters in front of a block of flats. Suddenly a guy walks past and sees her (we get a great shot of her crouching with pants down at her knees). She tells the guy that she can't go with someone watching her so the guy says he has a toilet. The next shot is of her from the front, waist up sitting on the toilet. She tells the guy there is no toilet paper left so he brings her some. The next shot, the best, shows a side view of her on the toilet, from the seat up (we see her arse and pants down) grabbing the paper from the guy behind the toilet door. This is a great scene, I will tape it if it comes on again.

Punk Rock Girl. It sounds like that was a really massive dump you took the other night. Your boyfriend is certainly one lucky guy!

PV. Glad to see you back after a long absence. Looking forward to thar pee story.

On Monday the London Times excelled itself, running the sort of story I wouldn't normally expect to find. Apparently Zara, Princess Anne's daughter, went to a charity ball, arriving two hours late and not waiting for a press photo. After a couple of hours (and no doubt a few glasses og wine) she went to the Ladies Loo and, upon emerging, found that the press were waiting for her outside the toilets! No doubt she'll laugh about it in the years to come.



Hi People,

tomorrow I am planning on meeting with a lady friend of mine, she is into pooping in front of people and she said she is going to poop in front of me, so i will keep you all posted, and let you all know what she does.


Monday, May 19, 2003

First time poster, I am in my early 40's and have always felt than there is nothing better than a good satisfying dump. However it's sad that we cant always discuss it and I have notice that women are very often shy about doing it in a public toilet because of the smell or noise. I've tended to go less often nowadays usually every other day which means the turds seem bigger when I do go. The other morning, I was getting my son ready for school when I felt the urge to have a dump. Because he was a bit late I put it off and continued making his packed lunch. However the urge was bulding stongly in my bum and it was becoming difficult to hold it in. The feeling was so unconfortable with the turd pushing really hard on my bum hole. I was determined to finish getting him ready so he wont be late. I could not wait to see him off to school and go and sit on the toilet. As soon as he was gone I went to the bathroom lifted my skirt and sat down. It just felt wonderful to let go, im! mediatly I felt a big turd stretch my bum hole as it started to slide out. The feeling of relief was heavenly as the slowly turd slid out strectching my bum hole, I made awww ah noises, ah bliss! the turd flomped with little noise into the water below. when I had a look it was at least 10 inches and partly sticking up out the water. I finished off then with a small pee, wiped, flushed adjusted my clothing and carried on getting ready for work myself. Afterwards I was left with a nice after feeling in my bum and an empty ????. Do any other women enjoy shitting as much as I do? My frends dont often discuss it.

South of Indy dude
Yeah... Can't think of a clever nickname...

Anyways: A bit about myself. I have been reading these forums almost religously for somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-5 years now. I was reading when there were only about a few hundred pages in the archives.

I am a 19/m from Indiana, about 5' 8", dark hair, though it is bleached a kind of platinum blonde right now. Brown eyes. Decent muscleage in the arms and legs, though I do have a little bit of a belly going on.

I've read here for years, yet never even considered posting because I was too shy. I finally got the courage though thanks to my girlfriend. Which brings me to the story I wanted to post.

I've read many many times that a guy finally gets the courage to tell his girlfriend about his.... interests just to be told that he was stupid, sick, weird, or whatever. Many times this just ended in seperation. So I've always been reluctant and afraid to tell the girls I was with about the fact that I am interested (to the point of a fetish) in toilet habits. So, anyways, I've just hooked up with this girl, we've been together pushing a month now, and she is my soulmate. We are so totally in love. I had mentioned to her that I had a fetish, but was too scared to tell her what it was. I told her she would think I was disgusting, and stupid, and would want to leave me. So about 4 nights ago... I decided the time was right... She swore she wouldn't laugh or anything... so... after a bit of "romancin'"... we started talking.. and I told her that my fetish was of toilet habits, especially bowel movements and farts. Much to my suprise, she was not even remotely disg! usted. She said she even respected me for telling her now and not say, 5 years down the road. She told me she was a little nervous about the idea of going in front of me right now, but she would work on it and make sure to put on a show for me some time! Yay! Who could ask for anything more! She also, while we were driving to her grandparents house with me on Saturday, told me of a couple of times she actually did have to poop in public restrooms... wow... what a girl!

I have a few stories to tell about some things that have happened to me, and things I have done, and would like to share them if people are interested. Hopefully I'll have a lot more to share about my girlfriend soon!

Just want to say I love all your stories, especially ones about girls detailing going in public restrooms and all the noises they are making, as well as noises, smells, and reactions coming from the people in stalls around them.

Barefoot-Another sighting in one of those restrooms with doorless stalls and mirrors in front of them was in the Montgomery Wards. There was this good-looking red-head, wearing slacks and a long-sleeved collared shirt with a tie that came in and took the stall next to mine. Slacks are usually so slippery that they almost always have to fall all the way to the floor. This guy dropped them down and pulled his underwear down to just above his ankles. I was finished dumping and got up to wash my hands. I was able to see him sitting there, with his head down, hands clasped with is elbows resting on his bare knees. His bright white briefs were suspended like a bridge between the black socks on his legs. His tie dangled in front of him, almost reaching the seat. I could see his freckled legs tensing a bit as he unloaded. I could hear a slight crackle, too. I left because I didn't want him to get uncomfortable with me washing my hands for a long time. I saw him a little bit later. I! think he was the optomotrist at the store. Nice sighting!

17 May. I had a rest day from yesterday and the night before Beryl and three other girls from the check-out gang went out for a curry supper and a few drinks. Yesterday I went shopping in Bath I didn't have a poop in the morning which surprised me and was feeling a bit bloated. Suddenly when I was exploring one of those beautiful old arcades of shops I wanted to go. I wanted to go so badly, I asked a few people where the nearest toilets were but most were visitors like myself, then, desperate I went into a shop that sold luxury handbags, luggage and things, and asked the assistant where the nearesr toilets were, when she told me they were way down in the town she must have noticed my need, she took me through the shop to a small toilet at the rear. I went in and scrambled to get my tight-fitting jeans down, then my briefs, I almost collapsed on the pan pooping uncontrollable. I wasn't ill like I was at work a few weeks ago, this was just the result of a load of curry a! nd booze the night before. I just sat holding my guts, pooping and peeing, gasping because my bum was actually burning as I pooped. I was smelling pretty bad so flushed the pan as I sat there. I must have been there about twent minutes before I was finished, my bum was so sore, it hurt so much to wipe it with paper that I ended up using my hankie, luckily there was a waste-bin and I threw the hankie in there. I was pulling up my jeans when the assistant came back to see if I was alright. I could see her face grimace and saw her wrinkle her nose at the smell. I thanked her for letting me use the toilet and as I left the room I saw her busily at work with an air-freshener. But now I was able to enjoy the rest of the day, the bloated feeling completely gone.

To Punk Rock Girl and others, yes, I also sometimes squat high above the toilet seat if the stall is filthy or not well maintained. At home, I usually pull my panties/hose to my knees or all the way to the fall if I really need to push hard. If I'm in a public toilet or one of those nasty portapotties at street fairs and rock concerts etc., I'll usually try to stand and pee like a guy. If I need to poop, I'll usually stand on the seat and poop over it - that way, nearly everything usually goes in the toilet, you just have to be careful not to go on your underwear, shoes or skirt.

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, Emily of NYC! Yes, I am a fellow New Yorker. In compliance with Toiletstool's anonymity policy, I'll just say I live downtown. My boyfriend's name is Colin. My name is Denise.

I don't think I ever posted about an experience I had last summer. I was with Colin and some of our friends at a farm owned by Colin's aunt. There's a little barn where she throws parties and stuff, but its about a half mile away from the house. There's an actual old-fashioned outhouse next to it. It has the moon in the door and everything. Anyone who got close enough could look right in and see whoever was peeing or crapping. That was no big deal for me, but some of the others were a little self-conscious and made the trek up the hill to the house to use the bathroom in there.

Anyway, I had to take a dump, so proudly walked to the shitter (as his aunt calls it) and stepped inside. There's also no latch on the door, so the only way to keep it closed is to hold it. I didn't bother. So, there I am with my pants and underwear down to my knees, dropping a load in the cesspool below, and Colin's fifteen year old cousin opens the door. Everyone within viewing distance got a nice long look at me on the crapper!

He was talking to someone so he didn't notice me sitting there right away (unlike the ten other people staring at me). I finally said, "Excuse me." He jerked his head, saw me, and said "Oh my god!!!" He slammed the door shut and ran off. Luckily, I wasn't too humiliated, and laughed it off. I wiped with the convenient roll of TP and stepped out.

Colin's cousin was nowhere in sight, and Colin told me he was so mortified he ran up to the house. I then was informed that there was a "occupied" sign hanging inside that you're supposed to hang on the door if you're in there. I said, yeah, but most people still knock!

Anyway, later I talked to his cousin and told him it was okay, and he shouldn't be embarrassed. It was funny, though, and I of course got teased about it for the rest of the weekend. Real mature, us twenty-somethings!

Hi to everyone! Peace to everyone!


Kayla: When I was in grammar school eighth grade, the day after Thanksgiving, I went shopping with my Mother, aunt and cousin, Shelly. I broke wind throughout the department store. My mother and aunt asked me if I was alright. I guess, it was all that turkey, macaroni and cheese and collard greens. Finally, I said that I needed the bathroom. They all agreed. We found the women's room. My mother and aunt waited outside, while Shelly and I went in. The line was horrendous. I was praying as the pressure built in my intestines. The line moved soon and I got a stall. Shelly waited outside the stall. I gave her my coat. I pulled up my skirt, white half slip and let down my white panties and navy panty hose as the pressure reached a climax. When I hit the toilet seat, my bowels released with a chunky, watery thud. My stools were loose, watery and brownish green. I was glad to sit on the toilet and get relief. Shelly asked me if I was alright. I told her tell our mothers that I was ! making #2 and that I would be awhile. Finally, I wiped good and fixed my clothes and flushed.

Emily of NYC: I went to school in NYC. In high school, I had few experiences like yours. I did have an emergency experience in eighth, that sent me to the school toilet. I will tell it later.

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