Hey everyone I wanna take Sk8er boys survey.....

1. Do you like it when other girls watch you poop? Sure
2. Do you get turned on by watching other girls poop? Sure
3. What's the weirdest thing or place you have pooped in? Last year, my friend Chelsea pooped in a shoe box.
4. Have you ever spread your butt, and pooped standing up? Sometimes
5. What do you like to do, while you're on the toilet pooping? I like to think about different things and talk on the phone with friends.
6. Does farting turn you on? Nope, sorry. Only pooping and peeing do.
7. Description......18 years old, female, about 119 lbs, and a brunette. My hair comes down to just below my shoulders, and some of the guys in school have said my butt stands out lol.

Lionel, my answers to your survey......
1. Do you pee standing up in a public restroom instead of sitting down? If the bathroom is dirty, then yes I stand.
2. If you only have to pee, and not poop, do you stay seated on the toilet after you have finished peeing, for several minutes longer without doing anything else? If I"m bored and have nothing to do, then yes.
3. Do you cough while you're peeing? No
4. Do you blow your nose while you are peeing, or right after you have finished peeing? No not usually.

Beach Nut -
I liked your woods story! You're a pretty cool poster here, I'm glad you came. One time, I pooped at a golf course. I was with my dad and I had to go. Instead of going in the woods nearby, I went in the toilets. I was like 12 years old at the time.

Times I peed yesterday, Friday (Apr 11)
1. When I woke up for about 1 minute and 20 seconds
2. During school at 11:15 for about 13 seconds
3. When I came home at 2:45 for about 7 seconds
4. At the mall at 8 for about 15 seconds
5. Before bed at 11:30 for about 8 seconds

Times I pooped yesterday, Friday
Didn't poop, sorry.....but I have another story I wanna share. This happened last year in my driveway.

Last year, me and Chelsea were chilling at my house. I forget where my sister and my parents were, but they weren't home. It was about 6:00 pm and it was still light outside. Well, we were talking on the computer and listening to Linkin Park, when she began holding her stomach. She also let out a soft fart. I heard her ???? making weird noises, so I turned off my CD player and asked her what was wrong. She said she had to poop EXTREMELY bad!!! Then, I thought of an idea. I took an old shoebox from my parents room, and told her to come outside with me. We placed it in my driveway, and I said,
"Here, poop in here."
She didn't reply, but pulled down her pants and I think white panties with blue teddy bears, and took them off. She was standing there in her socks, and then squatted. A piece just slid out of her the second after she squatted, and curled up on the bottom of the shoe box. She then pushed a little, and another really soft piece slid out of her nicely shaped ass, and landed on top of the first piece. She then stood up and went on the driveway. She was standing there, when all of a sudden a stream of pee came out. This lasted for a while, when said she was done peeing, but still felt more poop. So, she went back to the shoebox and pushed out one last piece. This one took some more effort. I could see her poop, and I think the first piece was about 11" inches. The second piece was maybe 10" inches, and the last one was 4" inches long. I'm not really sure on those, but I think. There was a round pile in the bottom of the shoe box, and me being stupid, forgot to br! ing something for her to wipe with. I told her I'd be right back, and ran upstairs. The phone was ringing, so I hurriedly picked it up. It was my grandma and she started a conversation haha. I ended up talking to her for 10 minutes. When I came back out with toilet paper, Chelsea said that she emptied the shoebox in the woods. She took the paper from my hand, and wiped about 6 times. She put them in a plastic bag, and we threw it into the woods. Thanks, bye everyone........

Black Chaos
Hey, has anyone seen the new 7Up commercial? The 7Up guy says that people don't get time to pay attention to the commercials so his remedy is...dragging the TV into the bathroom so people can watch it on the can. He opens the door while a guy is in there, but the TV blocks anything and everything, so you can guess that he's not really doing anything, and probably has all his clothes on too. It'd even be a longshot if he was sitting on a toilet. However, at the end of the commercial, the 7Up guy makes the guy on the toilet watch the commercials before he can wipe, and the guy doesn't seem to be too angry. I know that it's for entertainment, but if someone swiped my TP and made me watch a commercial, I'd beat him down (once I got wiped up). Just my opinion.

To Michael M: The movie is called "Two Women," released in 1961. It's on VHS and DVD. And Sophia Loren is very much alive!

Tom, bill probably really enjoyed the feeling of that long snake turd emerging and sliding from his ass.

Hey all my name is Eric and my friend from school (Dan) told me about this website so i am new here and i think these storys are awesome, at first, when my friend told me about it i thought this place is just a messed up people who are obsessed with pooping and i thought that my friend was just a nasty pig how he told me about it! But now i have some responces to a few people.

To Amy
I feel sooooooooo sorry for you but if i were one of the guys who laughed at you i wouldn't of laughed and i would of beat those guys asses for doing that to you because you sound sweet and you took the chance of shiting in the dunes thats preety dangerous you never know those guys could of raped you and they were probly thinking of it.

To The Sorcerer
Dude that must of been awesome for those gurls to watch you and shit i hope i come across something like that, did they say any thing about your dick??? did they see your dick??? And did you like the girls wiping your ass??? and grasping it and spreading it???

Here are some places I've pissed or shitted, including probably some where I shouldn't have. These aren't all the places, just what I can recall right now. If I'm in water like in the ocean or a pool or on a waterslide, I'll piss through my pants. Elsewhere, I whip my dick out and go. When I shit anywhere besides a toilet, I rarely am wearing anything below my belt except sometimes socks or shoes/sandals.


Fallen logs
Ocean (most often)
Dunes (if I'm shitting, too)
Booths in restaurants (when young)
Sides of houses
Behind sheds/barns
Inside sheds/barns
Playgrounds (down slides)
Sandboxes at parks
Treehouse (inside and out)
School/Activity bus seats
Middle of a road
Off the side of boats
Off the side of balconies
Out of windows
Down steps/staircases
On or through fences
Baseball bleachers/seats
Baseball fields (mostly practice fields)
Entrance to school (near band room...doors were locked and had to go!)
Behind school (band room)
Underneath bleachers at school football games
On girlfriends (for turn-on purposes, not to make them mad)
Swimming pools
Parking lots
In car windows of some "enemies" of mine
Corners of stores (mostly clothing stores)
Flower pots
Alley walls
In gardens
In a graveyard (not on anyone's grave)
Showers (indoor and outdoor)
In drink cups or bottles


Beside trees
Beside or in bushes
Open areas in woods w/ no people
On fallen logs
Ocean (only a few times)
Dunes (more often than in ocean)
Behind sheds/barns
Sandboxes at playgrounds/parks
Treehouse (over ledge and inside)
Inside golf hole (not all of it fit inside <grin>)
Middle of a road
Baseball practice fields
Underneath bleachers at school football games
In gardens
In graveyards (not on anyone's grave)
Outdoor showers
Parking lots

Anyone have any really interesting places? Happy goings!

Traveling Guy
Here's a movie pee scene with a twist. My wife brought home a video of "Gaudi Afternoon," a B movie comedy-drama. It was shot in beautiful Barcelona, in and around some of Antonio Gaudi's best architecture, so I thought, Why not? Without spoiling it, Marcia Gay Harden's character gets Judy' Davis character to agree to find her estranged husband, who is supposedly living in Barcelona. Something happens on the dance floor of a bar that makes Davis suspect that Harden isn't really a female, so Davis follows Harden into the women's room. We hear the sound of women peeing and Davis looks under a stall door. Wrong shoes. Next stall. Right shoes, but they're facing toward the wall, so Davis pushes open the door to find Harden's character standing up, bent over the toilet peeing with her - umm - his back to the camera and skirt down in back. A bit weird, but funny.

Another radio report. A photographer was interviewed about his recent cross-country trip to visit U.S. towns with funny names like Nutville and Fleatown. He stopped at a diner to ask directions to a place called "Gas." The waitress, with a straight face, said something like, "Take Route 27 to Route 56, turn right and then go about five miles. But don't blink, or you'll pass Gas." The best photos from the trip are published in a new book titled - what else? - "Passing Gas."

Tom: Your story about shitting in a doorless stall across from that guy was real cool. I also like to take a shit in a leisurely fashion like that guy. I always give a small push to get started and then let nature take it's course. It's a good feeling when the logs emerge slowly. I've been in situations at school like you describe. I've found, however, that it's pretty unusual to be able to see the turds emerging from a guy's asshole. Most guys lean forward when they shit and tuck in their dick and balls so you can't see anything. I've only seen turds coming out from guys when they hovered over the seat or leaned far back and held their equipment up, but not many guys do that. Whether you can see the turds emerging or not, however, it's always enjoyable to take a shit opposite a buddy, like you describe, and to have good conversation while you do so. Did you ever get to see that dude wipe his ass and what technique did he use?


I'm found your post about being on the toddler seat over
toilet at getting off it to go squat in the corner of
the bathropom most interesting. Your statement about
being satisfied and relieved was most telling of all.
Could it have been that your were constipated and
struggling, perhaps a bit more than normal, that day?
I don't believe for one moment that your act of getting
up and squatting was naughty, rather I bet your were
doing what your young body asked of you "get the poop
out". And you did that in the way your body knew would
work. I don't think we were ever ment to poop sitting
on a toilet, and I think your story proves it.-- JW

I ment to post this the other day...any one see that commercial for that drug for bladder controll? I forget what the drug is called but the lady is in court and they say I gotta go, gotta go..something like that then she writes on paper saying "I gotta go". I was wondering what would happen if she had to go #2?(i think about that when i see that commercial.
Oh and...
Last night i was watching tv and crank yankers was on and there was a call about a woman stuck on the toilet, you could see her glued to the toilet and she was on the phone and she peed.
and now 1 more story for today
I was at work today i ate Breakfast, i had this spinch omlet and im like this is kinda got a tangy spicy taste to it. I kept eatting and about 10 minutes later i felt really uncomfortable and im like maybe it will help if i pee, i peed and came back. Then im like no i gotta poop and it was really soft. Then right before it was time to go i poop more and it was all mushy. I think it was that breakfast i ate.
Well gotta run bye

Claudia To Luckyone

I usually poop and pee my pants two or three times a week. As I
mentioned my husband and two teenage daughters know that I do this.
It is hard to hide things from your family so I don't try. How I
started this was about 15 years ago when I was 23 years old. I was
out jogging and I needed to poop and for some reason the idea of
pooping my pants came in my mind. At first I ignored it, but I kept
thinking about it and I stopped and just filled my panties. My first
reaction was I can't believe I just did that. As I kept jogging I
realized that it felt nice. When I got home I pulled my shorts down looked in the mirror at the bulge in my panties. Instead of cleaning
up I pulled my shorts up and kept walking around the house. Then I
sat down and the poop went everywhere and it felt great. I was in no
rush to clean up. Later I needed to pee and I decided to do that in
my shorts as well. I went out in the garden and peed my shorts and I
loved that too. I cleaned up before my husband go home, but from that
day I was hooked.
The next day I pooped and peed in my jeans and I decided to tell my
when he got home. I kept my wet jeans on until he got home. To say
the least he was very surprised but said that if that is what I wanted
to do it was ok with him. He then admitted that the wet jeans looked
kind of sexy.
I have two close friends that know about my pooping and peeing, my
sister-in-law, Doris and my best friend Linda. They found out by
coming to my house together when I wasn't expecting them and caught
me with poop and pee in my pants. I was embarassed at first, but
after we talked about it they agreed that if that was what I wanted to
do it was ok with them.
The three of us always celebrate our birthdays together so one year
about 10 years ago they asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I
said as a joke I wanted the three of us to poop and pee our jeans
together. We wemt out for dinner and when we came back they did poop
and pee in their jeans. It has been an annual event every year since
then. Last year after dinner we went to a club for a drink and the
three of us pooped and peed our pants at the club. That got a few
stares from people. Of course Doris and Linda's husbands know I that
I go in my pants and that their wives do it on my birthday.
Actually the girls look forward to my birthday. Doris said that she
is going to invite my two daughters to my next birthday dinner which is coming up soon. I am not so sure about that, we will have to see what

Dudes, I took a dump today which was so relieving. I was in the mall and had just eaten McDonald's. I told my roomate, I had to take a dump. I sat down farted a bit and let out the longest log I ever produced in my life. It must have been nine inches. Then I farted a bit more. I sat there another 10 minutes and let out some more small turds. It was a great dump, really. My friend came in said, "Luke?". I answered, "Yah?" He said, I have to take a crap too. I said, "Why don't you announce it to the whole place, man." "Dude, I think I have diarreah", he said. I wiped and ran out quick. He stunk up the joint. I waited and came back and said, "Dude, what's taking so long?" It was at least 20 minutes. He came out two minutes later holding his stomach and wanted to go home. I drove him back to the dorm. But, that dump I took was one of the nicest, easiest and biggest dumps of my life.

I had to prep for a colonosccopy the other day. I used a prep called Fleet Phosphosoda. It really cleans out your guts quickly too. I felt like I had a waterfall coming out of my but at times. The Phosphosoda would work well for constipation also. I would have preferred to prep with a few enemas though.

To Amber: Liked you story with your friend, Chelsea. Dont pass that video to the porn sites.

To Patricia: It all happens to us, especially in times that you expect least.

Yesterday, I was alone in our home when an unexpected neighbor came to our door. She's a female. She asked me if she could use our bathroom because their house was locked (she came from school)and she badly have to go. Well, I granted her request because I saw her pinching her pee part( I thought in the first place). Then I showed to her the way to our toilet and I went back to my chores. I heard the door slammed so I asked her if she's alright. She answered that she was alright. After that, I heard snaps of her skirt and her pee splashing(Because I am working just near our toilet). It was followed by fast squirts of poop and some wet farts. After she finished her business in our toilet, I gave her some Luperimide in order to minimize her diahrrea. She gave me thanks for the concern and understanding. She stayed in our house till afternoon.

Thats for now.

One time there was a really hot guy that I liked. I figured out he wanted to watch me poop. Everyone was relly jelous that any time I had to crap I could count on Bobby to support me through the long expidition. He told everyone we had a crap together and my friend came up to me and slapped me

one day when i was in 6th grade i had to take a huge load. i was at gym when i had to go really badly and the gym teacher would not let me go so i hold it in till we got back to class. but i did not make it and the worst part is i was wearing a thong.and the poop got all over me and then i told the gym teacher that i had an accident and she sent me to the nurse. the nurse did not do anything so i had to sit in my seat for the rest of the day and have my friend go to the locker for me so when school was over i had to walk very slowly to the bus and when i got home i just left those same underware on for a week cuase i was scared to take them off they were sooooo bad so finally i took them off and it was stuck to my butt and i cuold not get it off till i pulled them out of my ass and sence then i have never done it again.

Sloppy Sally
I went out for an Indian meal one night with my new boyfriend, we walked into town and had a couple of drinks in a pub before making our way to the Indian restaurant. I had a mild Madras curry as my insides could not possibly endure anything more potent. When we left the restaurant my stomich felt quite bloated, my trousers were brand new and only had a couple of fastening buttons on the side therefore I could not loosen them. I was wearing my new beige high heeled ankle boots which perked up my bum giving me the slightest hint of some poop building up inside me.
As we were walking home I suddenly had a bad stomich cramp and my bottom felt like it was going to erupt, I stopped walking and squeezed hard to prevent my poopie coming out. My boyfriend told me to squat down somewhere, I walked across a large patch of grass and went behind some bushes. I unfastened my trousers and decided to take them off as I knew I was going to be very loose, I managed to pull them off over my high heels and took my panties off as well.
I squatted down with my feet apart and poop just squirted out of my bottom, there were a few soft lumps but it was mainly sloppy. It kept coming out and there was a long bubbly fart as it stopped. My bumhole felt like it was on fire, I excreted a second load which slopped out and ended with another bubbly fart. My boyfriend was on the other side of the bush and he asked me if I was alright, I asked him to go into the pub down the road and get me some toilet paper. I jokingly asked him to fetch me an icecube as my bottom was on fire.
He came back with some toilet paper and handed it to me, I had to let him see me without any trousers or pants on, he must have seen my load on the floor under by bum.
I squirted another load out and let out another bubbly fart, then I stood up and wiped my bottom. As I was putting my panties back on my boyfriend came over and handed me an icecube, I pressed it against my burning bumhole, it was fantastic. I pressed a bit harder and slipped it inside my rectum, I pulled my panties up and pulled my trousers back on over my boots. I looked at my anal deposits on the ground which were light brown and resembled a cowpat.
When I got home I had to have another session, this time on the toilet. While I was sitting there plopping and splashing and farting I noticed that my boots had some poop splashed over the high heels, I tore off some toilet paper and reached down and cleaned it off. When I had finished I went into the kitchen and got another icecube, I pulled down my trousers and pants and inserted the icecube into my raging rectum, then I pulled my pants and trousers back up and sat down to watch TV while the icecube melted inside me.

Suday, April 13, 2003

To Teddy Bear, I am slightly inclined to agree that folks shouldn't shit directly in rivers and streams, as this can be a water contamination issue. However, the ocean is vast, and fish and every other animal that roams the ocean or walks nearby pisses or shits in there, and partakes of the water or other organisms in there. Even frogs piss and shit in streams and lakes, and they piss a lot, and there are large numbers of them in areas, so this kinda shouldn't be much of a hot issue in my opinion. No matter what you drink, no matter where it's from, you are drinking some form of piss, if even the slightest and most minute quantities of it, even from these aquifers that are sources for bottled water. Some things to think about concerning humans. Recall that conventional toilets like most of us know didn't come into play until I think sometime in the 1900's. So we haven't always had convenient places to go...of course there were outhouses, but we didn't always have them ! in the olden days (ancient times). People used to bathe in rivers, for there was no such thing as showers. In many places around the world, many or most people probably still do bathe in the water. Clothes used to be washed in rivers, and like bathing, that still is the case in many parts of the world. Do you really think that people bathing in the water back in those days and even today (in some cultures) really stop to think when they do their business in the water?? I don't think so. If you piss on the land, much of it evaporates and falls back down as rain, even into the rivers. And shit, even as it decomposes, minute portions can still seep into underground water supplies after it rains and all. I simply accept it as a cycle of nature. You're never going to be able to stop every person on earth from pissing and shitting in bodies of water. Believe it or not, where I live (in the eastern USA), one beach community has a pipe that takes everyone's toilet deposits! about a mile or so offshore and everything, piss, shit, TP, tampons, pads, and God knows what else goes directly into the water untreated. This comes from toilets in houses from the beach, so in essence, it really doesn't matter in this case whether you do your business in the water on the beach or in all goes to the same place.

In conclusion, sometimes people have to go right then and there, and right by the water, river, ocean, stream, lake, sometimes people just have to go. No time to walk 50 meters or whatever. Sometimes digging is not a possibility, either there's no time or nothing to dig with or the ground is too hard to dig in. If there's no sand or leaves nearby, well, that makes things hard to cover up. There is no right or wrong place to go, for in the end, it all ends up in the same place, even in the most minute of forms. It's nature's course, has been that way for thousands of years, so just live with it. If you must, lay off on the seafood.

Just one main response for now, to Laura:

People say that understanding is my middle name. Of course it has its limits, but that's for another forum...(moderators, how about creating a "cheating significant others" forum???). Anyway, glad you are having good relations with your boyfriend. Doing pretty good with my girlfriend right now, too. You say your boyfriend is uptight about bathroom activities. Under what circumstances? As to whether you should ask him to accompany you outdoors (for going for the hell of it or for a real emergency), I would first look at the situation you're in. What place are you at, how many people are around or potentially around, the type/maturity of the people around or potentially nearby, the general atmosphere basically. Maybe you can create a camping excursion this spring or this summer with him and find a nice secluded spot deep in the woods to camp. The bathroom issue would eventually come up during the course of the day or night. Maybe during the course of talking to h! im about taking you on the camping trip and planning and all, you could slowly and casually bring up the bathroom topic. He may be of the caliber of person who wants to be alone when he's pissing or shitting, and his views should be respected. In any event, both of you should be closeby when doing your business, but NOT necessarily watching or staring at the other. You can slowly build to that if he is open to that sort of thing. He should have no problem watching you, for he's seen you naked before and has obviously done things with you in that state. You've obviously seen him that way, too, so what else really is there to hide? I don't know about most other guys, but I personally get really turned on when watching piss glistening from a woman's pussy. It could be a very erotic moment for you both out there in the middle of the woods, and could lead to some great sex.

But talk to him and ask him if he would be interested in watching you do your business outdoors. Conversation and discussion is what keeps relationships going peacefully, so talk to him and see how he really feels. The time you walked in on him may just have been a bad moment for him, like maybe his shit stunk really bad and he didn't want his girlfriend to smell it and be turned off. Maybe he had bad diarrhea and was simply embarrassed at the time. Maybe he was constipated and couldn't get his shit out and he wanted to concentrate more. Anyway, to your question about whether he should accompany you outdoors, talk to him and see how he feels about watching you. If he doesn't want to watch you, ask him if he can be nearby just in case somebody or an animal walks up. If he still says no, then bring a whistle or something noisy and ask him to listen for it. If he hears it, then something is wrong and he needs to go to you. But have some sort of signal that he can r! espond to in case something like that happens.

To trying outdoor pissing or shitting, start with the easy stuff first. You can probably piss alone rather safely. Find a bush in your yard or go behind a shed or whatever, then deal with your clothes as best you feel comfortable. Most girls I know take their shorts/pants and panties completely off. Or you could wear a skirt and skip the panties all together one day and just lift the skirt. Anyway, either squat with your knees pointed forward, feet apart, or bend down on your knees with your knees spread as far as you can spread them and touching the ground. You could even lay flat on your stomach on some grass or sand (works best on small hills...on flat ground you might get more wet), with the skirt pulled up in front, and the legs apart. This latter one might would be less obvious to neighbors. Then just relax your muscles and go. Drip dry to make it less obvious what you've done. Shitting is not as easy to pull off, as it involves more time (and wiping, if ! you like to be clean down there). Graduate to that once you're comfy pissing outdoors.

One other note about girls going on the beach. If you do not want to go in the water, you can dig a small hole beside your beach towel or chair or the dunes, roll off the towel and lay down, ???? to the ground, over the hole with the legs slightly apart, pull the front of your bikini bottom to one side of your pussy (no need to take it off or bring to your knees/ankles), then just go in the hole, pull the bottom back over your pussy, bury the piss, and roll back over to your towel or go back to your chair. If you do it discreetly enough, hardly anyone would notice, hence little or no harassment. Somebody would just think you were adjusting your bikini bottom or scratching down there. Some of my girlfriends have tried something like that when they didn't want me or others to know what they were doing. But I notice just about everything around me, so they didn't get away with it...but I never said anything to them. Shitting, well, that's another story. That's dune ! material...just pick your dunes well and if possible, bring along someone you trust and who is mature, or at least have them within an earshot of you!!!

Hope some of this helps! Happy goings. Would love to read any reports :)

Ivan the Terrible
I'm sixteen years old and this is the first time I have written to you. I don't think I would have wrote now except that I read about Richard the Guy and how he likes to see girls on the toilet. I didn't know I felt the same way as Richard until I was out with my mother and our dog, Rex. This was two years ago and I was just fourteen. It was a hot, sunny day and we were in the woods about three miles from home when Mom said she needed to go to the toilet. She told me to put Rex on the lead and when I had done so she walked off the footpath through the woods and into the more deeply wooded, secluded area. I watched Mom as she took another look around and then took down her jeans and panties and crouches down. I sat down on the grass with Rex and I watched as a stream of golden colored pee hissed from between her legs. I had never seen Mom like this before. Suddenly the stream of pee dwindles to a halt and I started to get up but Mom, glancing behind, says to wait. ! I watched as she lowered her bum nearer to the ground and grunted loudly. I watched open mouthed as I saw a large brown turd coming out of her bum, she grunted louder almosr a groan and I saw her hold the cheeks of her bum and push until she was red in the face and poop again sending a series of turds to the floor. Without wiping I saw her stand and pull up her panties and jeans. Since that day I have loved to watch girls having a poop.

To Patricia: Liked your accident story

To Punk Rock Girl: Intresting that for real? i don't belive it..guess i'd have to see it.

To TOM: Loved your story from when you were in school.

To Jeff: liked your story about your friend farting.

To Luke: I liked your story from college.

To Amber: Loved your story about your friend...does she enjoy pooping?

To Laura: Liked your story about accidently walking in on your b/f on the toilet.

To Eric in Chicago: Thats intresting about spelt..funny thing i got some in the closet, i got it as a gag gift for christmas, so how doe it work. I remember being at that age too where your like wow theres corn or peas in your shit. I've also swallowed some other things that weren't eatable. Like a button..and some gum..not sure what else i swallowed. Any one else ever do that?

To Katie R: I liked your story...about being nervous that your parents might find out, this is what i do, clear the history and clear temp. files when your done visiting here.

To The Sorcerer: I loved your story..thats so cool about the girls watching you and wiping you. Are you a male? and how old are you?

To Karen: Sounds like a nice dump

To onsite: I loved your story about that job you had to do and the kid being poopy and wet

To BeachNut: Loved your story about pooping outside, i guess you didn't get caught? do you live alone so you can go out and do this?

To Jacob G in Florida: Enjoyed your stories

To Adrian: Sounds like a nice dump you had, was it big?

To Lionel: Enjoyed your story

To anthea: Enjoyed your story.

To Robby and Annie: Glad you liked my stories!

To Audrey: Hope your feeling better.

The other day i was driving to work and an urge to poop hit on the way to work. I got to work and i started then im like i gotta go to the bathroom and it was all soft and i wiped alot. Then i pooped on my break then again last night before bed. It was all kinda soft. Today i feel all bloated and i keep feeling like i gotta fart but i can't tell if i gotta poop or fart. Any others get like this?
gotta run bye

Richard the Turd

first off i'd like to appologize if i have ripped off someones name...but hey i dont want to call the shit poop!

Anyhoo it is often difficult to find someone deviant enough to listen to my torrid tales of turds gone wrong so thanks in advance. So i dont know if you have ever had an enema but take it from me it is a bracing experience. A couple of years ago i was in a serious car wreck and they pumped me full of morphine in the hospital. after about 4 days when i was able to walk again i began to get worried cause i couldnt remember the last time i had shit. before the accident I had been at a bbq and eaten 3/4 of a pig and a goodly ammount of cow. Though i didnt loose control of my bowels, shock caused me to throw up on a couple of nurses in the O.R(but thats another story for another webpage) but i knew there was still alot of meat in there plus a goodly ammount of God-awful hospital food and i had become a little more than concerned.
On the 6 day i was starting to get weird. i needed to shit. bad. I had a broken back a broken sternum severe concussion and various abrassions but all this took a backseat to my need to relieve myself and so i asked about an enema.
The nurse assited me to a room with a crazy looking toilet with harnesses and handles and whatnot and told me an orderly would arrive shortly to help me. the minutes ticked by as the turd tempest stormed in my stomach...after an agonizing 12 minutes a short, smiling orderly arrived and exclaimed "nothing worse than having your bum bunged up!"
i was speechless. he smiled then the smile fade and he looked at me with a straight and serious face and asked "ever had an enema before?" i shook my head and the smile returned as he took a bottle off the shelf and said "my friend you will never forget this day"
I wont go into the specifics of administration but three bottles later the guy hellped me onto the toilet gave me an assistance button and suggested i hold on tight. it took about 3 minutes of gurgling and burgling growling and bubbling and then....and then...
I was literally lifted off the seat. it was as if my anus had been transformed into some sort of rocket powered weapon of mass destruction. i held on for dear life as a weeks worth of food was expelled out of me at supersonic speeds...i am sure of the velocity because there were several sonic booms. the explosions gave way to pellets which soon trickled into liquid and a little gas. and then all was silent. i sat for a few minutes trying to steady myself knowing i had to visually mark the moment. no peeking through the legs i got up and looked down at the sullied porcelain. I was shocked. it was black, black like the depths of hell, no brown or green but black and smelling of unholy decomposition. gingerly i wiped my swollen asshole and reflected on the absolutely incredible feeling of relief i felt, sorta like i do now after sharing that story with an impartial audience.
thank you.
next time: shitting my pants on the door step of my university residence after a nite of heavy drinking while wearing boxer shorts!

Raging urophile
This last Tuesday, I submitted what I intended to be my 6th post where I related a couple more efforts to relieve my urophilia. After some hindsight,however, I was afraid that a couple of the antecdotes I described in my first experience would preclude my post from appearing on this forum. My suspicions were verified as it has not appeared after nearly four days and three updates. I will therefore repeat
the post while eliminating some of the questionable anecdotes. My posts are somewhat sequential, so you can read my others on pgs. 1095, 1096,1098,1099, and 1100.
In 1980, my frustration of not having satisfied my urophilia continued to mount. I made arrangements to meet a woman in Hollywood to satisfy my interests. I explained quite clearly that I was curious about the female pee flow and I wanted to see it. When I nervously arrived at her door, I was aghast at what I saw. An unattractive woman who looked like an adult version of " Little Orphan Annie" opened the door. After what I will only describe as some misunderstandings with regards to the benign nature of my request; she finally took me into the bathroom and squatted on top of the toilet seat. After about 30 seconds, nothing happened. She then said something like " I can't uh, you know i can't uh, uh". It soon became clear what she was trying to tell me. I didn't see it emerge, but I soon noticed a small three inch long and half inch wide fecal log dangling from her buttocks. She then excreted an extremely disappointing 3-5 second long dribble that could not have bee! n more than 10 ml. What a huge disappointment. Anyone who read my other posts can understand how grating my frustration had become. She knew what I wanted. How could she perform so poorly?
The next experience actually changed my social habits for life. In the early 80's. I went with two friends up to the mountains to enjoy a brew and some clear night air. One of these friends was the one who had stolen the film I related in my post on pg. 1099. The only other folks up there were two young men and one young woman. Soon, the woman began to walk over to the cliff about 30 ft. away. She stuck her foot down off the cliff, probably hoping it was safe enough for her to move down out of view. Realizing it was too dangerous, she proceeded to unbutton her black pants and squat over the cliff to pee. My heart started racing and I started to sweat. Once again, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, much like my experience on pg. 1098. I was desperate to get a closer look. But what would my friends think? What would her two male friends think? Once again I compromised and got within about 15 feet of her.I could see no stream because I was behind her and tow! ards the side. It was also too dark, but I could hear the piss splashing below. The stance I took halfway between my friends and the pissing girl drew the attention of everyone. My friends just stared in my direction , probably wondering what brazen perverse tendencies had overtaken me. One of her friends uttered, " is she O.K.? I was so curious about how she could pee with her black panties apparently still pulled up. This greatly aroused my curiosity. I continued to get more and more emotionally distraught and excited at the same time as she continued to pee for what seemed like 2-3 minutes. Those of you who read my post on pg.1100 recall the strong correlation between my degree of arousal and how long the flow lasts. Seeing and hearing this attractive woman was quite literally, more than I could stand. I felt once again that I had been teased by nature. As she finished, I walked back towards my friends truck and spent the rest of the night crouched down in the front se! at in an emotionally sickened state. It was as if I had actually gone into shock. My heart was racing, I had a bad headache and stomach ache, I was both sweating and shivering profusely. My whole body had become sticky and clammy. Nature's teases were definitely taking their toll.
This experienced forced me to alter my social habits. I felt I needed to make an excuse whenever I was invited to some venue where public restrooms were not available. Twenty three years later, it is still a problem, Although it has been tempered. More experiences to come.

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