Hola mis amigos,

BRIDGET: Thanks for the good wishes, but me and Jake are cool about our split. It's been coming for awhile. I realize that my life must seem like a soap opera a lot, but it's really not. The main reason I didn't want to help Joanne by pushing on her ????, is that at that particular point, I could see in her eyes what she was thinking, so I declined to touch. Otherwise, I normally would. She's cool and has a huge heart, but she needs to slow down a bit. And as for your other question, yeah I dump huge when I get my period. It's also different in color.
JEFF: How awful for someone to do that to you! I'm small, but I'm full of latina fire! I would've helped you if I could of! I'm glad he got all beat up by you, but it's wierd you both became friends. I guess I can understand that though. Guys are definintely different than girls!
DREAM CLOWN: Gracias for your nice words. Like I said to Bridget, it was a different type of situation. I always help people out on the potty, but Jo was after a little more than a helping hand. Afterward, she admitted it, so it was cool. She likes me, and I like girls and guys big time, but right now, I need to go a little slow. I hope this makes sense.
ADRIAN: Actually, I'm doing okay. Me and Jake saw this coming for awhile. He wants a bunch of kids right now and to move back to Texas. I want to finish college and pursue my career. Jake sort of wants me to be a wife and mother. He's seeing somebody right now, but we're still great freinds. He called me, and took me out for my birthday last month. But I really appreciate your concern. Thank you. I don't think I've ever described Jo, but she's very pretty. She has a fairly wide behind and heavy thighs, but she's thin everywhere else. She's got really peircing dark eyes that lock onto you.
NICK: Oooh, so sorry to hear about the Latino guys bothering you like that. When I was growing up in New Mexico, I'd get similar treatment by the white girls because I'm so small and where I lived, there was a part of the community that really hated Mexicans. Whenever me and my sisters would go to the corner store to buy candy, the owner would only let one of us in at a time. Once my dad found out, we were not permitted to go to that store ever again. I eventually started hanging with some other Latina girls and we'd go to the restrooms in groups. We called ourselves Las chicas locas!
CARA: I'll answer your survey:
1)which type of underwear do you find that you tend to get more skid marks?
a)Thong/G-string--Thong! There's usually enough tint on mine for fond memories.
b)Panties--however, panties have a wider crotch.

Any theories why?? Yeah, the thong is up close and personal. It rides up my butt.

2)Which do you prefer to wear if caught in a desperate situation
a) pantyhose(tights) and why?
b)Stockings and why?
c)anything else? why?---A dress, so I can pull it down, or up quickly. Also, if I had an accident, a dress will hide it better until I can get home.

3)Does anyone ever poke a finger up their asshole to see how close they are to pooping?--I've had it done for me by a guy and other girls.

4)Has anyone ever worn pantyhose (tights) without panties and then had an accident? did the pantyhose keep it all in or did it leak down the legs??--No, never.

5)Has anyone ever pushed a piece of soap up their ass to help them poop, if so how long was the piece??--I've never tried that one, I'm not sure I'd want to either.

Nu was sitting on the toilet about ten minutes ago reading the paper. She grunts so softly, and these soft plops hit the water. It's very nice. She was wearing only a green silk robe bunched up around her waist. She left a nice pile, one turd looked like a potato. As she finished and wiped, she smiled and said "Here y'go," handing me the paper. I then yanked my white cotton panties down to my thighs and assumed my position on the Nu-warmed toilet seat. As I leaned forward, the remains of her smell came wafting up to my nose. I peed for about a minute and a half while she put on her makeup. My morning dumps are notoriously huge. According to Nu, my crap was huge, the first turd was about 16" long and fat. I had to grunt hard to push it out. It was really fat in the center and full of corn. The next ones came out faster and easier and were very soft. I struggled to push one last one out "Rrrrrnnnnnn--ahhhh," and as I did, Nu looked down at me and said "Lemme see," so I lea! ned way forward to give her a view into the bowl. She said "How can you shit so much?" I just shrugged and wiped. It didn't smell too bad, but together, me and Nu polluted the bathroom. I didn't look, but she said that one turd was long, soft and fat, and was curled around like a pretzel.

This is hilarious! Yesterday, I was in the women's restroom taking a nice afternoon dump (I missed my morninger), and I heard someone take the next stall. I heard a belt unbuckling, clothing sliding down and a heavy thud of her sitting on the toilet seat. It only took a few minutes when I heard some hard, deep grunting and I realized that it wasn't a her, but a him! I know he wasn't a perv or anything, he just screwed up and got the wrong room. He took a good dump too, wow! At least it sounded like it. So, I waited til he started wiping and made sure we exited our stalls together. He looked at me in terror! I was laughing. He says "Fuuuuuuuck, what the hell?" and I said "You got your doors mixed up dude." He was soooo embarrassed, the poor guy. Fortunately for him, he's not in any of my classes.....yet (hee-hee). I saw him quickly scan the room for urinals, and when there were none, he just smacked himself on the forehead, said "sorry!" and ran out quickly. I heard throu! gh the wall, the men's room door open, so I figured he went in there to wash up. He was cute, too bad I didn't get to see the action! He was lucky that nobody but me caught him, and he was equally lucky that it wasn't one of my regular stinky shits!

Tonight will be interesting. Joanne invited me out for a drink. Anyway, my best to all of you mis amigos!

SeXy gIrL: I'm glad you have enjoyed my posts even though I know I never posted too much. Here is my response to your survey...

1) I wipe about 4 or 5 times after I poop.
2) I have gotten tp stuck in my butt crack a few times.
3) No, I never wipe only once. I am very much afraid to get poop stains on my underwear.
4) I wiped like 8 times before after I had diareaha. I had giardia from contaminated water. I am a whitewater kayaker and I accidentally drink river water sometimes. It gives you black diareaha and it feels like you are going to die. As much as I like to poop, I hate giardia.
5) I don't wipe after I pee.
6) I have pooped in the woods a few times with no tp. I used green leaves from trees and plants making sure it wasn't poison ivy! :) If I go into the woods and figure that I will have to poop, I take some tp with me.
7) No, I never wet the paper before wiping.

Everyone take care.

Anybody like shithouse poetry? here's a cute poem, I came across in a nasty looking ladies room, while traveling through the Southeast United States.
I shit under the midnight sun in Sweeden
I shit on the snowy moutains of Switzerland
I shit in the deserts of Arabia, the rain forrests of Brazil, the jungles of Africa
I shit in the out back of Austalia
I shit in England, Germany, Italy and France
But rather than shit in this place
I think I'll just shit in my pants

I would like to ask all the girls out there how often they normally pee each day. I've been reading this sight for a while now and am also convinced that women pee lees often than men. I personally normally go about 6 or 7 times a day and would like to know how this compares. I could probably go less but don't like too much discomfort, where as I have a feeling that women enjoy a bit of desparation!!

Curious Dude
Sorry, I think I forgot to put my name on my post answering SeXy gIrL's questions. Laters.

SeXy gIrL
Hey hey everyone! I'm gunna do Cara's survey.....

1. Which type of underwear do you get more skidmarks in? IF I HAD TO PICK ONE, I GUESS IT'D BE REGULAR PANTIES

2. Which do you prefer to wear, if caught in a desperate situation?

3. Do you ever poke up a finger up your asshole to see how close you are to pooping? NOPE, BUT SOMETIMES I'LL REACH FROM BEHIND AND SPREAD MY CHEEKS A LITTLE JUST FOR FUN LOL

4. Has anyone ever wore pantyhose with panties, and then had an accident? NOPE

5. Has anyone ever pushed a piece of soap up their ass to help them poop? NO?

Hope I helped, xoxo

To SeXy gIrL:
1. 2 or more
2. Yes
3. No
4. 3
5. No I let it drip dry
6. Leaves
7. No unless it is like sandpaper

Answers to Sexy girl’s questions:

1. About how many wipes do you do after you poop? Normally 3-4
2. Have you ever got the toilet paper caught in your butt crack? No
3. Have you ever only needed to wipe once? Yes
4. What was the most amount of wipes you ever had to go? Can’t remember, over 10 I think
5. Do you wipe after you pee? Yes
6. If you were in the woods pooping, and you had nothing to wipe with, what would you use? Large leaf or wad of grass
7. Do you ever wet the paper before wiping? Rarely

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Twice Shy
Doing what I could

I came in this morning to work after being off yesterday, and those wretched farts I began to cut as I neared the office building told of the inevitable; that trip to the throne of one's ongoing disposal. Actually, I was driving past the sewage treatment plant, so perhaps I also picked up the stench of the masses from the settling tanks. Realizing the folly of delay at last at 9:55 AM, I walked at a measured pace down to the john, where there was a certain quantity of foot-traffic past the urinals and the sinks. I sat with butt-cheeks pulled open by the seat in the style one might see when a surgeon uses a retractor to gain exposure, exposure, exposure, and commenced to drop a relatively short order of poo. The initial fragments felt as if they may have constituted an actual log, only when I looked at the completion, there was so much liquid and floating particulate suspension that it obscured that prompting spear-head. I did my best to let myself relax this time, for I have little desire to carry such nastiness as might otherwise be blown, only the public setting always makes me think I'm holding back on the last poo-expulsion. Sometimes when I'm given such diarrhea, I'll be back right away with the coup-de-grace, only this time I am at peace. I'm so glad / That I dropped out that dukey in time.

Punk Rock Girl
ASHLEY: Yeah, that's weird. I suffer from constipation more often than not, though it's been better lately since I've been watching what I eat and cutting out so many starches!

I have often taken ten or fifteen minutes to push a single load out of my ass, and my asshole has been sore afterwards as well. But I never remember my asshole staying open after the crap had finally come out. I doubt it's a serious issue, but it might be something you should get checked. Some people can open and close their asshole at will, so unless something crawls up in there while it's open, I wouldn't worry.

Serious constipation is something you should get checked, though, if it really starts to interfere. I'd rather have to take an hour to dump a load than have the shits any day, but I'd get my ass checked if it is happening excessively.

Hey, this might be your only chance to go to a proctologist! See what a guy has to go through when he has a doctor's hand up his ass during a prostate exam! I've actually been to a proctologist, for reasons similar to your concerns (the beginnings of hemhorroids, due to my constipation), and it isn't too scary. As long as you're not afraid of having something up your ass poking around, it's okay.

Hope you and your ass are okay soon!



Manhattan Girl
(formerly Emily in NYC)

Hey. I had another close call today!

I ate a breakfast burrito for breakfast this morning (bad idea). By the time I got to work my bowels were churning and creaking like crazy. I went straight to the bathroom. We have a single unisex in my part of the office that both men and women use. Luckily, there was air freshener in there!

I locked the door, pulled my slacks and underpants down, and sat on the toilet. I had the worst case of explosive diarrhea I've had in a while. Liquid shit literally sprayed out of me, like water out of a fire hose. I had my hands pressed down on the seat and my teeth clenched to try and keep from crying out, because it hurt like hell! I sat there for I don't know how long. A couple of times I heard a knock at the door and said, "Just a minute." I knew by the time I was done, there would probably be a couple of people waiting.

So, after a few more spurts, I felt it was safe to wipe and get up. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands, then sprayed a ton of air freshener. I opened the door, and sure enough, three people were waiting. Two guys and a woman. Luckily, all three were people I'm friendly with, so I said, "Look, I just have warn you, it's not very nice in there right now." The two guys said okay and walked away, but the woman went in. I wouldn't have!

I still feel pretty crampy down there. I'm sure I'll have to shit more today. I'll update you tomorrow!

SeXy gIrL
Hey everyone!
CURIOUS DUDE - Hey, thanks alot! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Speaking of more posts, I have the way, I enjoy your posts too!! hehe

Last night, I went to the diner with my mom for dinner. I had a bowl of chicken soup and a burger. After I ate, I felt stuffed. When I got home, I went on AOL, and chatted with my friends. After talking for maybe 20 minutes, I had to poop. And I mean POOP!!! I waited 5 more minutes, then headed for my bathroom. I closed the door, pulled down my pants and purple underwear, and plopped my little cute butt on the toilet. Immedietly, I let out a fart, and started peeing. My stream shot out, hissing loudly, for about 20 second. While I was peeing, I let out another fart. About 3 minutes later, 2 pieces of poop ploppped into the water. I barely pushed at all, they were nice and long too. Ilooked down, and saw that they were each 7" inches long. I ended up pushing 3 more 3" inchpieces out. After I was finished, I farted once more, and began playing with my hair. I wiped 3 times from behind, threw it in the toilet, and stood up. I was pleased with myself lol. ! I flushed and went back to talking online.


Dream Clown
To the Emilies from NYC: That's quite interesting, to see two Emilies from NYC who enjoy talking about toilet matters. Just another coincidence, I guess. Also, you both had a bout of diarrhea, but the difference is that Emily _of_ NYC had some nice solid logs too, which was really cool, to think of some girl filling the toilet. Love your stories, both of you.

To Carmalita: After reading the back posts about you, I can see how you're such a celebrity here! Glad to know that you have people to turn to when you're in one of those spots in life. I am confused, however, as to why you would turn down an offer to help someone else dump. If I got the chance, I would help! But that's probably just me.

To Ashley: Loved your story too. My guess is, the reason why your anus stayed open was because of muscle memory, as in, your muscles were like that for such a relatively long time that they stayed that way before retracting to their normal place.

To Sexy Girl: Very nice story, I've always liked to imagine girls sitting on the toilet with their legs closed like that, grunting as they push out a load.

To Breanna: Your story was so descriptive, I felt like I was in there with you! Glad you can be online and share more with us.

I have a question, for any of you who have asked someone to let you watch them doing either #1 or #2. How did you bring it up? Did you just let it into the conversation, or just abruptly say something if they were going to the bathroom? Also, for anyone who's been asked, did it come as a shock to you?

That's all for now.

Dream Clown

Sexy Girl - I liked the questions in your survey, specially since I have been in all these situations.

1. About how many wipes do you do after you poop?
Anything from 1 to lots depending on how messy it is. Usually only 1

2. Have you ever got the toilet paper caught in your butt crack?
Yes – hate that – have to get more tp to try and get it out.

3. Have you ever only needed to wipe once?
Yes lots of times because my poops are usually hard and fairly dry. Sometimes even 1 wipe
isn’t really needed.

4. What was the most amount of wipes you ever had to go?
Cant remember but I have clogged the toilet.

5. Do you wipe after you pee?
Oh yes – else my panties get wet – hate that!

6. If you were in the woods pooping, and you had nothing to wipe with, what would you use?
Leaves or grass if they were there. If not I would just not wipe, then clean up when I got home

7. Do you ever wet the paper before wiping?
Yes if its real real sticky and there’s a wash basin by the toilet. I use moist-wipes a lot too

I had the urge to poop off and on since that afternoon, but my busy class schedule prevented me from using the restroom. After my final class, I found a secluded restroom on campus to go and relieve myself. Pooping is a very private thing for me and I am uncomfortable using public restrooms unless absolutely necessary. I closed the stall door, hung up my jacket and took down my jeans and panties. I sat down and waited for the urge to poop to come back. After about 5 minutes I felt something begin to move. I could tell that this poop was going to be very big. It already started to hurt before it even started coming out of my hole. Slowly the tip started to peak out. I winced in pain. I couldn't remember having such a big BM in all of my life. I poop pretty big for a 110 lb. girl of 5'6", but NEVER anything like this. Suddenly I wasn't alone. The bathroom door swung open and the bathroom was filled with a bunch of loud young girls. It sounded like ten of them. One of them yelled out that it stunk in there. I was completely embarrassed and tried to break off the inch of poop that was already sticking out of my hole. There was no way that my hole was going to break through that kind of thickness, so it very slowly sucked back up instead. The girls finally left the bathroom, but I had decided to postpone my poop until I got home. I knew that this was going to be a very time consuming process and I couldn't risk having more girls walk in. By the time I walked to my car, the urge to poop was gone again, but my hole still ached from the girth of the inch that had peeked out. I had forgotten all about having to poop until later that night. Everyone in the house had already gone to bed, so there was not much chance of getting interupted. I removed my pajama bottoms and sat down on the toilet. I really did not want to endure this, but I knew that the problem would only get worse if I didn't get it out now. I was counting the tiles o! n the floor when the familiar tip started to peek out of my hole for the second time that day. As it slowly poked out, the girth kept getting bigger and bigger. I was almost in tears and had to suck it back up into my hole because I couldn't endure the pain. I sliced off a sliver of soap and inserted it into my butt in hopes that it would help relax my rectum. I then lubricated my butt with some vaseline. I stood in front of the toilet for a few minutes before deciding to sit down again. The soap was doing its work. The urge to push was extreme, so I bore down as hard as I could and the poop started slowly coming out again. The pain was intense. My hole had never been stretched so far in my entire life. I kept pushing, but it wasn't budging. It was completely stuck. I looked down between my legs and was astounded at its girth. It was easily almost 4 inches wide. It didn't even look like I had a butt crack anymore!! The sliver of soap rested at the bottom of the ! toilet. I tried to close my hole to break the poop off, despite the girth, but it didn't work. That just made my hole hurt even more. It was already too far out to be sucked back up. There I sat for about 20 minutes, pushing and grunting. Every so often it would move out a little bit more. It was hurting me so bad and I really didn't know what to do other than sit there and push. I wiped away the tears were falling down my cheeks - my eyes always water when I'm pooping. I stood up for a second with my butt hanging over the toilet, just incase it decided to break off. I needed to get the circulation back in my legs. When I sat down again the poop started easing out a little more. After a few more struggling pushes, the enormous poop crashed into the toilet joining the sliver of soap. I had never been so relieved in my life. My hole was still gaping from this monster poop that had just exited from it. I tenderly patted it with some toilet paper and then proceeded t o flush the toilet. Needless to say, the toilet was very clogged after that incident. I wasn't going to worry about it at that hour. I pulled up my pajamas and headed off to bed. I never confessed to anyone in the house that I had caused the clog! It still remains a mystery.

Hey, sorry I haven't posted in quite a while. There are two reasons why I haven't posted in so long: I've been busy lately and I'm lazy, but mostly because I'm lazy. Also, I haven't really had that much to post about.
I found something on another site I think you might like me to share with you: "My friend Carrie was working at ABC Entertainment Center in Los Angeles. One day she went in to the bathroom to take a pee, and there was someone in the stall next to her grunting and moaning and taking a big, stinky shit. When Carrie was finished with her own quiet, dignified business, she came out of the stall and saw that the poo pig was none other than Marie Osmond! I guess Marie was a little bit rock 'n roll that day."

Sexy Girl - Answers to your survey:

1. About how many wipes do you do after you poop? 3
2. Have you ever got the toilet paper caught in your butt crack? No
3. Have you ever only needed to wipe once? Yes
4. What was the most amount of wipes you ever had to go? About 5
5. Do you wipe after you pee? Sometimes
6. If you were in the woods pooping, and you had nothing to wipe with, what would you use? I guess leaves are better than nothing.
7. Do you ever wet the paper before wiping? Yes, sometimes.

Cara - I'll take your survey

1)which type of underwear do you find that you tend to get more skid marks?


2)Which do you prefer to wear if caught in a desperate situation

b)Stockings and why? Less stuff to pull down.

3)Does anyone ever poke a finger up their asshole to see how close they are to pooping? No

4)Has anyone ever worn pantyhose (tights) without panties and then had an accident? No

5)Has anyone ever pushed a piece of soap up their ass to help them poop, if so how long was the piece? No

JaLe - Your last story was great. I just thought you should know that.

Emily in NYC
EMILY OF NYC: Sorry!!! I never noticed! JUst so you all know, I will be posting under the name of "Manhattan Girl" from now on. No hard feelings, Emily?

Great Teacher Umikun
Re: Wiping survey. I'll try to answer each question applicably:

1. None. I wash off in the tub instead with soap and water. (Contrary to Arab custom, though, I use my right hand, since I'm right-handed.)

2. Applicable to soap residue, I make sure it's all washed out.

3. I usually only need to wash once, but sometimes I need to rewash.

4. Three washings at most.

5. No. I just wring it out.

6. I don't crap in the woods. Mental block.

7. I do wet the soap while washing!

Hey. Just checking in to reply to some posts

EMILY "of" NYC - now it makes sense who you are, LOL. I was wondering how a 13 y/o got older so quick :-)

SEXY GIRL - great posts, a good turn on for me IMO. I hope you'll continue to post your stories.

JEFF - sorry to hear about your bad experience taking a crap at school. I would've told someone about it (probably leaving out some of the more embarassing details like the squished poop) because guys like that can't get away with stuff like that. I don't fight at school or nothing but those kind of guys don't intimidate me cuz they're all talk most of the time. But again, I'm sorry that you had to go thru that.

Well thats all for me right now. Bye

I have been reading this forum for such a while now - but never thought of writing here. But today, I talked to a friend of mine who was sick the other day - then I remembered. By the way, I am german, so I am sorry when I use the wrong word in the wrong place ;-)

When I was in spain last May, i must have eaten something bad. Thank god I did not have to throw up or anything like that, I did not even feal sick, but the next morning, when I was just going to leave my room in the hotel to have breakfast, I felt a real big fat fart comeing. As I was alone in that room, I thougt to myself to let it out. So I pressed a little. The next moment - as you can imaging, I shit my pants, and because I pressed, I did not even shit them a little. It was quite a mess. One should have seen my face is that situation :-) When I told this story to my friend, he was laughing his ass of. We talked a little about such situations and weather it is really embarrassing or not.

That remindet me of my time in primary school. As you know, soccer is very famous in germany. So one PE-lessen, we were playing football. There was this guy, who was very well-liked. He was running towards the ball and, with great force: shot - but in both directions. The ball was flying directly into the goal, and shit was squirting out into his pants. When this happened, you could hear a "pffftblubblub" sound comeing from him. I REALLY felt sorry for him, but I had to laugh as well. It was so funny. The strange thing about that is, that some people are allways teased for this, and others, like this boy, are not. The normal reaction you get for them is "Yes, even HE is not aware of it!"

Jeff, that sounded like a really unpleasant experience when those guys pulled you off the pot while you were shitting. It's great though that you eventually became buddies with the ringleader. I had a very similar expereince to yours at school. I was always reluctant to take a shit in the doorless stalls at school but sometimes I had no choice. I attended school in Texas and there was a lot of ill feeling between us Anglos and the Latino guys. They were much tougher than us, however, and we all got beaten up regularly by them and had our lunch money and others things just taken by them. Anyway, one day I had to take a dump during break. Like you, I had just sat down and started pinching a loaf when 4 of these Latino guys came into the restroom. There was no on else there at the time. They asked me what the **** I thought I was doing and I tried to ignore them. Then a couple of them just yanked me off the pot and pulled me into the general area of the restroom near! the sinks and urinals. They made me bend over exposing the turd dangling from my asshole. By that time other dudes were starting to come into the restroom and they just kept me standing there with everyone making fun of me. Eventually, they got tired of the game and let me go and I finished my dump without further problems. Unlike you, however, I never got friendly with any of those guys. I just made sure that I never tried to shit at school again no matter how badly I needed to go! Thanks for sharing your story. I guess I had repressed this memory for a long time.

I think my last post somehow didn't make it so here goes!

Carmalita. Hi! Sorry to hear about your break up with Jake. It's often very painful when relationships hit difficulties and I hope you're able to resolve your problems and get back together before long. I enjoyed your latest post about Joanne's massive jobbie. It sounds to me as though she seriously needed a motion. I used to know a lady called Joanne, an attractive blonde lass who had quite a full figure and used to look very much as though she enjoyed her food. I remember thinking that she probably did massive loads when she went for her daily dump although I never got to find out for sure. It sounds as though you did quite a big load the other day too.

wet and worried. Bedwetting isn't as uncommon as you might think. If you're worried I'd go and talk it over with your doctor though. You didn't really tell us whether you'd done anything that might have precipated it, such as drinking heavily the night before or going to bed without emptying your bladder. What goes in one end has to come out the other eventually, whether you're awake at the time or not. Let us know how you get on though.



Tuesday, March 04, 2003

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