Im so glad i stumbled upon this site upto the day i found this i just thoughht there wasnt many people out there who thought the idea of listening to a woman peeing and pooping would be a turn on,ive found myself on many occassion whilst visiting relatives or friends standing outside the toilet door listening to the female of the house going to the toilet and wondering what it would be like to actually be inside with them whilst they go about there business.
anyway enough of me now i will post again soon im in heaven at the moment reading all these stories and thanxs to all the ladies who have posted been very enjoyable reading them.

Three in a row
Had a great time this morning for my dump in a public toilet. I got there about 9-10 am, and the place was empty. I went into the center stall of three, got my pants down and began to drop my turds. I usually do two installments. After the first, the second takes a little while. In that time someone entered the stall to the left of me and began to shit. I could hear farts and plops. Then a guy entered the stall to the right of me. The thought of there being three of us sitting in a row shitting our guts out really excited me. It took me ages to finish and the other two had long gone, before I came out and started to wash.

To the Moderator
Bet you had a great time devising the table and diagrams of colors weights and measures. It's great that someone is attempting to put crapping on a scientific basis!

Punk Rock Girl
BTW- I got stuck without toilet paper at work the other day. I was in my favorite stall, and was just finishing a very big dump. I reached into the dispenser but found only a couple of tatters stuck to the roll. Oh, goodie! I flushed the toilet, pulled up my pants most of the way and moved to the next stall, where there was a plethora of TP. Thank God, because my ass was a mess!



Mark BB
One time in high school, the boys' bathrooms were being renovated. That were all cleaned out, and new toilets had just been put in. They hadn't put in stalls yet, though, and therefore there was no paper, either. Anyway, one day I was having some severe stomach pains and cramping which I could tell were the beginnings of diarrhea. Knowing full well that there was no stall to hide me, or any paper to wipe with, I sprinted to the bathroom as soon as class let out.

Of course, being between classes, the bathroom was packed. I was clenching my ass cheeks as I entered. I rushed to the closest toilet (without stalls it looked like an army barracks bathroom), pulled my jeans and boxers down just past my ass and sat on the toilet. I wasn't wild about taking a shit in front of eight or ten other guys, but it was better than shitting my pants.

I had some really nasty, loud and powerful diarrhea for a couple of minutes, and I was well aware that the guys in the bathroom with me were pretty turned off by the sight. I let out a few more squirts and a few farts and that was it. Now, however, I had slimy shit coating my anus, and nothing to wipe with. No paper towels, we had hand dryers. Finally, I just got up, pulled up my pants, flushed the toilet and washed my hands. I spent the rest of the day with shit between my butt cheeks. By the time I got home my asshole was raw, itchy and in pain.

After that, I kept a roll of TP in my backpack, just in case!

Last summer four of us teachers spent a week in London. We stayed on the outskirts and the second morning we decided to split, do our own thing and meet for lunch. Staying in a strange place screws up my routine. Around 11 am I was near Piccadilly Circus (the centre) longing for a wee and a crap. There's a fancy hotel there. I could never afford to stay there bit a figured the Ladies Room would be free.
It's downstairs and like a little palace. Baby pink, just big enough for three stalls and a basin, really inviting. I was admiring all this when a woman came in and went into one of the stalls. I went next door. We pissed together, two loud jets like a waterfall. Hers ended in a wet fart followed by a plop which I was able to match. The toilets were so close together and the partition six inches off the ground and a good foot off the ceiling that it seemed as if she was sitting on my lap. She started to grunt and I followed suit but louder. Three more logs and her grunt became a low moan which had nothing to do with a bm. Again I copied her. I didn't care any more and we went on like this for about 30 seconds. Then she started to wipe and so did I. She pulled her panties up and I did the same. I think she tapped on the partition but am not sure. Anyway I followed her out. She was looking into the mirror which faced the stall, a beautiful elegant woman of about 40! wearing a wedding-ring and an engagement ring with a large ruby. She turned round, smiled and kissed me full on the lips. My knees were weak and I was scarlet in the face. What might have happened I have no idea because the door opened and a harrassed-looking
mother rushed in with two children under six. My new friend gave a little shrug, smiled apologetically, picked up her purse and left the room. I couldn't follow. I wasn't sure my legs would carry me and I had lipstick all over my mouth. in a few minutes I went outside, sat on a sofa and was overwhelmed by a major migraine. I managed to get back to the hotel and went to bed. Doesn't sound much perhaps but it had been one of the most intense experiences I've ever had. By the way the hotel is called La Meridiana. You may care to check it out if you're in London!

Love you, Anthea


Traveling Guy
p.s. to ANNE... After posting my advice earlier, I recalled reading that former US president Lyndon Johnson often held meetings with his cabinet members and other top officials (all males back then) in the presidential john while he was having a good BM. They say that French King Louis XIV sometimes seated himself on his other "throne" and did the same while members of his royal court were in attendance. It's not for everyone, of course, but maybe your roomies are like LBJ and King Louie and just don't give a crap if you're taking one - so to speak.

I'm nikki and i'm 14 years old and I have a story. I was in homeroom and I really had to tinkle. I mean like really bad I thought I was goin to bust. When I asked my homeroom teacher to let me go she said hold it. So I waited. To make a long story short I had to hold it in for like 6hrs. I could went during lunch but I had detention. When I got home I bolted straight to the toilet, I peed for like 3min. Boy that felt good.

I've been lurking around this site for years, but this is my first post. I enjoyed Anne's post about she and her roommates pooping in front of each other. I'm a guy, and I personally don't care to be in a small home/apartment bathroom while another guy is defecating (as opposed to a public john, although I've been in rather large one's where a single dude in a stall stinks up the entire room!). However, I did have a close female friend (who I've unfortunately lost touch with since she moved to another state) who used to poop in front of me all the time. She was a wild one to begin with, as most of my friends then were. Admittedly, we often ended up in the same bathrooms at parties in order to literally "powder our noses", in a narcotic sense. (youthful indiscretions-none of us do anything like that anymore). Whatever-the point is that she would would often nonchalantly announce that she was going to take a shit, pull down her pants/up her skirt, and plop her shapely bottom d own on the toilet seat. The thing is, she would simply continue talking to me (and whoever else was present-I remember as many as five people in a tiny apartment bathroom with her!) without any changes in facial expression, grunts, or other verbalizations. Occasionaally she would lean forward a bit, but the only noises were the rather loud "plops" of her large turds dropping into the water.
Sometimes we would simply be hanging out in my house when she would invite me to follow her to the bathroom so we could contnue our conversation while she used the toilet. A few times she said "I'm going to try to shit", with the "try" presumably imlying constipation. Even in these instances, no grunts or change in facial expression, although a few times the laack of her customary "plops" seemed to suggest that her attempt had failed.
She never seemed all that interested in watching others poop, although she must have known I enjoyed it, given the enthusiasm with which I would bound up from my chair to follow her to the can. We were close, but these were the most intimate experiences we shared, although she had the annoying habit of being super-flirtatious when I had a girlfriend, and not all when i didn't. She never wathched me poop, but it would have been a much smellier experience full of facial contortions and grunts, as opposed to her quiet pooping.
In the near future, I'll post more stories pertaining to other toilet realated experiences I've had, either involving myself or others.

Barefooter: Sounds creepy, but I've had similar experiences in the very kind of place you describe (our student center also goes by the "UC" -- at first I thought if could be the same college, but the description of the restroom was quite different than ours -- but it could be the same -- your college located anywhere in the fourth largest city in the U.S.?). The guy I ran into had the nerve enough to use a little mirror! I was in the last handicapped stall, but these have VERY high dividers -- you can see the thighs of every guy in there. From there I could see he was spying on another guy. Then that guy left and he moved into the stall next to mine! He asked if he could do something completely inappropriate. Creepy, creepy, creepy. I had to leave -- nothing against gay people, but I just don't go for unsolicited stuff like that. How many straight guys go into a girls restroom to ask for "favors" with sincerity?

1. when im home alone sometimes i take off all my clothes to crap its become a habit now lol
2. never pissed in the shower
3. never crapped in the shower
4. i usually pee all during the crap
5. yes when they need to take a pee test or whatnot
6. no
7. never used a bedpan
8. i only sit on the toilet at home (where i know its safe :) ) and i never pee in the woods. there are none where i live
9. sit. at home only everywhere else: i kinda "hover" over the seat
10. same as 9

Potty Pooper
When I was a boy, I was part of a boys' group who went off a few times a year
on camping trips. Not BoyScouts, but something similar. Instead of going off
to commercial, prepared camp sights such as KOA or or the like, we typically
went to isolated, woodsy places, or to untended open land at someone's farm,
or sometimes to national parks. Always some place where we were the only ones
there, and generally places without any facilities, if you know what I mean.

We ranged in age from grade school up through early teens, and were, of course,
seperated into different age groups, each one having their own set of tents.

As it happened, after we arrived at a camping site I was usually the first one
to bring up the matter of setting up a latrine, and so usually I was the one
that selected the site. Because of this, the other boys, poking fun at me,
called me the "egghead of the latrine." >Gag!<

One particular trip, when I was maybe thirteen or fourteen, we went to a remote,
privately owned section of woods that was completely fenced off from the outside
world. It was a large parcel of land some ways out into the country. The owner
had his house in another big, fenced-off section of land adjacent to it.

I remember we came into the place through one or two large, heavy-duty gates
which we closed and latched behind us, and then we parked our very few vehicles
(well, the adults did, actually) in a clearing and walked a short ways further
to another clearing where we set up our camp.

Then again, the above may have been on a different trip.

So anyway, there was this clearing, with our camp, and then there was a beaten
path that continued for a ways beyond it, a trail that sorta meandered along in
the same general direction.

It happened that soon after we arrived, I had to go to the bathroom. And we
hadn't yet set up a latrine. I got a roll of toilet paper, went down the trail
a ways, and then picked a point on the trail where I could not be seen either
from the camp or from further down the trail. I pulled down my pants and

As long as no one came down the trail this far, I'd be okay. I wonder what my
reaction would have been if someone *had* walked in on me, though.

A bit later, I decided to go pick a site for the latrine, which was something
I would have been doing soon anyway. According to the guidebook, it needed to
be a place so many feet from the camp, for health reasons. I decided I would
put it somewhere along the trail, at some smallish natural clearing just off
the trail but that could not be seen directly from the trail. I measured so
many shoe-lengths down the trail, figuring that my foot-lengths were close
enough to feet for approximation (although in retrospect, it was probably
well short of it), and then cast about for a suitable site.

I found a spot where the trunk of a full grown tree made a mini clearing just
around it. There was a clump of tall plants spread across between it and the
trail, so someone standing behind it could not be visible, especially if he
also stood behind the tree trunk. To the right, you could walk around to one
side of the wall of plants to get to the open space, and then standing behind
the tree, you would simply drop your pants and squat. I stood there at the
space, wishing that my need to *go* had come later, when I could have gone in

Satisfied with the location, I marked the path to it with bits of paper or some
such, attached to low branches or on smaller plants, and went and brought some
of the older boys in a group to show them the location.

As it happens, most of the boys didn't really bother with this latrine, they
mostly just ducked out into the woods somewhere and found a space for themselves
each time.

Later that day, a boy about my age came to me because he had to *go*, and knew
I had set up the latrine. He wasn't sure where it was, and wanted me to show
him. I went with him, bringing the toilet paper. (They kept the toilet paper
in one of the cars. We were supposed to use it and then bring it back.)

There was a longish clump of plants running along the edge of the camp clearing,
just to the left of where the trail began, going out from the trail at a right-angle,
and there was a thinner, shorter clump running along side the trail from there. The
first clump happened to form a wall of green between the camp and the area beyond it.

As we walked past it, I saw, just to the other side of it and maybe four or five feet
over from the trail, one of the younger boys, perhaps age seven, with his pants down,
standing at kind of a half-squat and facing towards the trail, rather obviously in the
midst of doing a doodoo.

He was completely hidden from view of the camp, but was not at all hidden from the
trail. If he was embarrassed by our being there, though, he showed no sign of it.
He just sort of watched as we walked on by, turning his head to follow. Maybe he
thought we didn't see him, but then again, he was of that age where being naked
probably didn't bother him much anyway, at least when just among other kids.

The two of us got to just about where the latrine was on the trail, but then I
discovered, to my surprise, that I couldn't find it either. I thought I had
marked it clearly, but now I couldn't find my markers. I looked all around the
area, going up and down the immediate part of the trail, trying to find it. Either
the markers weren't as easily seen as I'd thought, or someone had removed them.
Finally I found the place and pointed him to it, and he walked on around to it.

After he was done, he came back out and told me it'd taken just a little too long.
Apparently he'd gone in his pants just as he started around to the latrine. At
least, that's what I think he said.

We went back to camp. The particular tent he was in was one of the bigger ones,
an old army-tent which would sleep maybe ten or twenty boys in sleeping bags. He
asked me to stand watch outside while he changed.

When we were still looking for the latrine, there'd been no hint there was any
great urgency. If he'd suddenly had to go *that* bad, I figure he would have
said something, or that he would've started doing that funny, squirming dance
you do when its really trying to come.

When I did find the latrine, he headed inside with no real hurry. Still, even if
he started to go in his pants right then, he still should have gotten back there
in time... unless it was the fairly soft stuff, of course. For that matter, with
the row of scrub between him and the trail, he already had privacy enough that he
could've dropped his pants right there if he suddenly couldn't hold it. But, now
that I think about it, maybe he went back there expecting to find a seat of some
kind, and when he didn't find one, he got confused and started looking around
further out for it, and was still looking for it when suddenly...

Oh well, for all I know, maybe he messed his pants while we were still *looking*
for the latrine!

As it happens, if he really had to go, there were things he probably should have
done when it became apparent we might not find the latrine in time. He could have
stepped to one side of the trail, maybe even behind a handy bush, with his pants
undone, ready to drop them if he suddenly couldn't hold it any longer. And if he
DID get to the point where he'd started to go... well, at that point, even before
he'd actually got his pants down, I would've quickly turned around to face away
from him. I could then have gone back down the trail to stand watch.

For that matter, he could have faced away from me when he pulled down his pants and
squatted. When it suddenly can't wait, baring a naked behind isn't as bad as baring
a naked... well, you know.

But, then, you don't generally think of this sort of thing *during* the situation,
only at some point *after* the situation, if at all.

Actually, if we'd both been as young as that other boy closer to camp... forget
the bush. While I looked for the latrine, he could've simply taken his pants off
completely while he waited, just in case he suddenly couldn't hold it any longer.
After all, at *that* age, we wouldn't have been self-conscious about it.

In fact, if he'd actually done like this... well, even if it *had* been the really
soft kind of poop, and the poop had suddenly started coming out fast and forcefull,
or had otherwise caught him by surprise, there'd have been no harm, since he'd merely
be pooping onto the ground instead of in his pants, even if he didn't *notice* he'd
started to doodoo until some point *after* it'd moved past his buttcheeks.

I suppose that's something to keep in mind if you're way out in the great outdoors,
with a five or six year old who's really really gotta go, and you can't quite find
the outhouse...


(Just make sure he knows, after you take his pants, that he's s'posed to Keep On Holding It!)

To Samantha: Liked your story

To Eric in Chicago: Thats cool about the colors.

To wetguy: I say pee or piss...thats cool about drag net.

To Michael: I liked your story.

To O.D.: Liked your story

To I was at the mall need to poop: Loved your story..did you get in trouble for peeing/pooping at the mall like that?

To coyote: Loved your story..that sounds like a good law in fla

To Barefooter: I liked your story..that bathroom sounds weird.

To Katrina: Liked your story about peeing on the stairs to melt the snow.

To jim: Liked your story..thats good you didn't get in trouble.

To italy: Liked your story.

To Little poo: Liked your story

To Felix: Sounds like some nice dumps.

I was at work today...we had another meeting. The meeting ran over into my time, about an hour of my time. Towards the end i started getting fidgity cause i knew it was past time for me to come home(didn't have a watch) but i could feel it. Any way i really had to pee and i was feeling an urge to poop but i think it was gas. I came home and peed and urge, guess it was gas.
gotta run bye

Punk Rock Girl
Aleesh's Survey (because, after all I'm the best! Thanks, sweetie!)

1. How many women take off all their clothes to pee? crap? Only if I'm about to get into the shower, otherwise I leave my top on, and just pull my pants down/skirt up.

2. How often do you piss in the shower? Never...Ick.

3. Have you ever pooped in the shower? NEVER...DOUBLE ICK!

4. Do you women pee before, after, or during pooping? Usually after.

5. Have you ever peed in a doctors office? Yup.

6. Have you ever pooped in a bedpan? Yes, when I was laid up in a hospital bed for two weeks with a dislocated knee.

7. Girls, do you squat while peeing in the toilet? woods? In the woods, yes. On the toilet, I sit.

8. Have you ever squatted on the seat? How do you squat on the seat? If you mean with my feet on the seat, then no.

9. Do you sit, squat, or stand while peeing in the toilet? I always sit, unless it's a public bathroom and the seat is nasty.

10. Do you sit, squat, or stand while pooping in the toilet? Same answer as #9.

ANNE: Look at it this way. If it doesn't bother them, why should it bother you? You grunt and grimace when picking up a heavy box, and I'm sure that doesn't embarrass you. Why should it embarrass you to grunt and grimace while in the middle of a dump. Lots of muscles get strained, it's natural. I guess you can't help it if you're embarrassed, but just remind yourself that it doesn't bother your roommates. Grunt and grimace away!!!

I saw a commercial on TNN for this BLIND DATE UNCENSORED video. It has bloopers and stuff that was too hot for TV. Other than the expected topless shots and stuff, I was quite surprised to see a girl sitting on the toilet. She was grimacing like she was taking a dump, then she farted and said, "Excuse me" to the cameraman. I mean, with all this reality stuff polluting the airwaves these days, showing a woman on the toilet taking a crap seems to be a barrier that has yet to be broken. Apparently now it has!

I have not seen the Jackass movie, but I've heard that a guy shits his pants, another guy shits in a store display toilet and other various pranks involving shitting. But I can only assume that all these pranks involve guys. When will the media acknowledge the fact that women shit? It is really not a very big deal. I took a shit this I know it's true!



Traveling Guy
ANNE - I sympathize with you. I don't mind if someone sees me while I'm having a BM, but, like you, I've never been big on socializing or having a discussion at that moment. It sounds like you're a morning person. Could you maybe get up a little earlier for your morning dump, before your roommates use the bathroom? Or, if you don't mind taking a crap in a public toilet, as you say, maybe you could hold it a bit and go on campus. If those ideas don't work, then I'd just keep on as you are, without mentioning anything. Stay regular and don't let this lead to constipation. Actually, I sort of admire you for being able to go in front of your roomies in this situation, given your feelings.

the "HOLD IT" man
Wet Guy, it depends on the social situation I am in. When I am at work or in 'polite' society, I simply say that I have go go to the rest room, without making reference to peeing or crapping. When I am with buddies or in an informal social situation, I will say that I have to "take a leak" or I have to "take a piss." The only person who ever used the term "I have to urinate" was my cousen, Katie who is an RN. The uses the term "urinate" when refering to the medical need to empty the bladder. I also notice that she makes a diferentation between the word "tinkle" and the word "piss." If some one has a realy weak stream and only a small ammount trickles out over a short period of time, she refers to it at a "tinkle" and if some one pisses like she does, in a huge, hissy, two or three litre torrent, she refers to it as a "piss."

She has often said that "This is not going to be a little tinkle, this is going to be a mean, hare PISS, with the emphysis on the word, "piss." Her evaluation of me is that I am somewhere inbetween a "tinkle" and a "piss." I do have better bladder strength then alot of people, but nothing like hers.

I am not familiar with the new "Dragmet," but I did use to watch "NYPD Blue" and I remember an episode when Detective Sipplewitz had to have prostrait surgery, and he pissed in his pants while questioning a suspect. They showed the piss welling up where his groin was, and it rolling down the let. Both the suspect and the other cop in the room were women, too. The suspect would say "I don't believe it. He pissed himself" and the female cop in the room would retore "You shut up about what he did!" I wonder if anyone else caught that ep.

Katrina, I'm sorry I didn't explain things more clearly. I am a HI FI NUT, and have invested tons of money into my stereo system over the years. I also own an extensive colection of CD's, Reel-to-Reel tapes and phonograph records, more commonly refered to as "records," "albums" or "LP's." In simple terms, a cartridge is a small device which contains a coil, and a magnet, which is bivtaited by the stylus (neadle) as it drags through the groove on the record. It's like a mocrophone, except it has a stylus for reading the recorded sound on the record, instead of a diaphragm (not to be comfused bo the birth control device used by women) to send sound into the system.

The Power amp, in simple terms is the device that drives the speakers, and is controled by the pre amp. My system uses a non integrated, vacume tupe pre amplifier to control the power amplifyer and a vacume tupe power amp to drive the speakers. Sorry moderator, I just wanted to help Katrina out on her question.

jim - Liked your story about peeing your pants at your mom's office. How old are you??

Regarding the post(s) about using diapers while traveling by car, I guess it depends on one's bladder capacity. I think I have pretty good capacity for my age (17/m) and can usually go hours without having to pee on the road, unless I drink a lot. There was one time a few months ago though when my dad and I were on a trip, it was at night and it was raining. We had been going for about 6 hours on a normally 5 hour trip as traffic had delayed things, and I hadda pee real bad by this point. I had been holding and holding for awhile hoping the building need to piss would die down as we were already way behind where we should have been. The rain was not helping either, nor did the fact that my dad missed a rest stop because of the rain. To tell you the truth, I was wearing a pair of athletic shorts and loose, baggy windpants on top of those, so I just wanted to piss myself and keep going, even though i didnt have a diaper (it was like midnight and it wasnt like i was going t! o run into anyone i knew). But my dad said no and told me to hold it, which was becoming quite difficult by then. So I had to squeeze my legs together and bury my hands in my crotch. I made it to the next rest stop almost shaking i had to piss so bad, and couldnt help squirting a bit while getting to the bathroom. I could feel it running down my leg, but my three layers of clothes apparently absorbed it. I took a huge piss in the urinal, and when I got back my dad asked me if i had made it. I said yes, but that I did do a little in my pants. He wasnt happy, but I didnt care at all. It was late and we were checking into a hotel anyway. Like I said, I was tired and would have rather just pissed my pants in the car and taken a shower when we arrived.

So that's my story relating to car trips and rest stops.

Anyone else have anything like this happen to them??? Please post!


Aaleesh's survey. Here are my answers. I am about to commit a breech of netiquett here, but I would like to set my answers off from the questions, so I am going to use all caps to make my answers. I am not yelling at anyone.

1. How many women take off all their clothes to pee? crap?


2. How often do you piss in the shower?


3. Have you ever pooped in the shower?


4. Do you women pee before, after, or during pooping?


5. Have you ever peed in a doctors office?


6. Have you ever pooped in a bedpan?


7. Girls, do you squat while peeing in the toilet? woods?


8. Have you ever squatted on the seat?


9. Do you sit, squat, or stand while peeing in the toilet?


10. Do you sit, squat, or stand while pooping in the toilet?


Anne, I have made some realy wierd faces when trying to push out a turd, and some times when I wanted to force my piss out as hard as I could I would grunt so hard that I would turn red in the fact. It's nothing to be embarassed about, though.

Wetguy, I usualy refer to it as peeing, or going to the bathroom.

Coyote, I usualy hiss loudly when I pee, unless I seperate my pubic lipe (piss flaps) with my fingers to aim my stream. I have also made huge amounts of foam on ocassion, and the consistancy of my uring has ranged from being nothing more then warm water to being dark like apple cyder and very strong smelling. It depends on what I eat, drink and how much exercise I do. HINT if you want to make your pee yellower, exercise is a very good way, because your metabloism creats more waste products. Orange juice and esparagas also make it stronger. Beats area another way to strengthen your pee.

I was talking to a buddy of mine about everything and anything. One topic that I mentioned was how another friend of mine used to travel to different fraternity houses in the mid-west and he told me that a couple of places had community showers, like in a gym, with no privacy whatsoever and that they also had stall-less toilets. I guess there would be a bunch of toilets lined up along the wall and you just crap away with all your brothers. It sounds kinda cool! The buddy I was talking to said he needed his privacy to take a dump and that he would hate to have to take a dump in front of anyone. I told him of a couple of times I used the doorless stalls at thr park and how it didn't bother me much. What bothers me more is if there is some creep staring at me. Ok to look at me, just don't gawk.

I also found out that he's pretty regular, likes to dump in the early to late evening, and is curently taking medication that makes him a little constipated. Fun night of conversation!

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Anne. There's no need to feel embarrassed about your flatmates seeing you grimacing on the loo. You're only doing what everyone from the Queen downwards (or maybe in your case the President) has to do from time to time. That said, if you really feel uncomfortable about taking a poo when they're around, maybe one solution might be to change your habit so that you only do a quick wee in the morning and save going for a poo until later in the day when you're in college or university and can use stalls which afford some privacy. You don't actually say much about how frequent your bowel movements are. Do you go every morning or is it only every 2-3 days? It sounds to me as though you're naturally prone to constipation and, if that's the case, maybe one or two dietary changes might help. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg is generally quite helpful but you are bound to know if there are certain foods which make you want to have a motion more than others. Good luck.

wetguy. I tend to use the term wee or #1 as those are my preferred choices for describing urination.

Annie & Robbie. Enjoyed your post. Hope you've both had some good big motions recently.

Katrina. Enjoyed your post. Sounds like you all excelled yourselves.

Best wishes to everyone!


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