1) Have you ever had to go to the toilet while others watched - pee'd or pooped? YES, MY BOYFRIEND OFTEN WALKS IN WHILE I AM BUSY.
2) Did you find it easy to go? NO, I GET VERY EMBARRASSED.
3) Did you try and fart quietly or just let it out as usual? VERY VERY QUIETLY - IN FACXT SOMETIMES I JUST CAN'T GO.
2) Have you ever gone to the toilet and then discovered others watching afterwards? YES, MY LITTLE BROTHER A FEW YEARS BACK. I DIDN'T TALK TO HIM FOR ABOUT A MONTH.
3) How did you feel? VERY VERY EMBARRASSED
5) Have you ever watched someone go and they didn't know you were there? AS ABOVE, YES ...

To Shy Girl: Intresting point about constipation....Liked your story..thats a bummer it messed up your plans.

To jim: Liked your seem to always see kids peeing or pooping them can never get lucky like that.

To DeepCloudNine: I like how you poop in the shower..sounds cool.

To The Nature Boy: Loved your stories.

To Lurker: Thats totally cool you think my posts are sometimes have floters..if mine is soft..sometimes have sinkers..if its hard

To Punk Rock Girl: I liked your story..i thought that was funny.

To Mac: Loved your story...did that 15 year old boy shit ontop of your load? and how old are you?

To Mike: That sounds like a cool place to work...did you see any young guys on the toilet?

To new: Enjoyed your story.

To Buzzy: Sounds like you had a good after thanksgiving you see that guys load?

To Scarlet: No prob. for answering your ?s thats cool what you saw on the highway.

To desperate to poop: Liked your story.

To Bobbi: Sounds like a nice turkey poo.

I forgot to mention yesterday...sunday on the Simpsons there was a sceen where the house was falling apart. Homer was upstairs sitting on the toilet reading a newspaper and the toilet fell through to the kitchen. It was funny..i was cracking up. did any one see that? gotta run

Traveling Guy
SHY GIRL - I think maybe you've had what they call a "breakthrough experience" - at a fraction of a therapist's cost ;-) - with today's post about holding back in Korea when you were young. I've held in my poop when I was young and didn't want to admit that I had to go, so I know how uncomfortable it can be. And I can imagine how embarrassed you were to get an enema from a stranger.

A lot of little kids are afraid to use the toilet because they fear falling in, or due to the flushing noise. Maybe when you were very young you thought of squat toilets as a "hole in the ground" that you could fall into. I wouldn't be too quick to take all the blame off your digestive system for your more recent constipation, but I'll bet you dinner that part of it has psychological roots in those childhood experiences. That's why reliving it and telling us all about it here may be a breakthrough for you. As for diet, are you drinking plenty of water daily, starting first thing in the a.m.?

So what now? It's very hard to find squat toilets in the US, but if you can manage it, one of these times when feel a good dump coming on, try squatting on your home toilet. Be careful that the rim is dry, so your feet don't slip. Or, if it's more convenient, try using some sort of large, low, plastic container with a few layers of TP spread inside for clean up convenience. There's always the great outdoors, too, but that might have to wait for spring. If you can successfully take a few good squatting dumps, that may help you to get past the constipation problem completely. Give it a try and keep us posted.

Question for SHY: I've seen porcelain squatters in Italy and France, but where in Germany did you see them? I *love* using squatters! That position just feels so much more natural. Other kinds of toilets? Once when I was in Surinam, a widow and her 20-something daughter, both local aid workers, invited me and some other project workers to their home for lunch. Afterwards, I excused myself to take dump. They had one of those higher, rounder toilets, probably a Dutch import like the British ones you mention, but there was no lid because the rim was shaped like a seat. It was my first experience with a chain-pull flush attached to a tank high up the wall. Try as I might, I just couldn't flush down my big load, so, after dressing myself and washing up, I called for help. I had really stunk it up, so I was a bit embarrassed when the daughter came in. She held back a small smile after casting a furtive glance at my production. "Like this," she said, as she confiden! tly yanked on the chain. Whooosh! Down it went.

AJ: I'm with others here who say exercise = bowel stimulation. It works for me. I can't remember how far back, but a female runner who used to be a regular here always reminded us that for track folks, either you take a dump before the race, or during the race.

PRG: Talk about being burned by your s/o! LOL! Her butt cheeks might have been even worse off had she been wearing a thong. Great story.

Biker Trash
I don't even know where this is going at the immediate moment. I've been out of town doing the family thing, and I have had no intersesting dumps anywhere. Well, there was sort of one 2 days ago. I went for a short drive to enjoy my last day before school started back and found myself at Marion Lake (Kansas) taking pictures of the sunset and related stuff. I was right in the middle of the sunset shots and I didn;t want to lose time, so I held off till the the sky and the background sucked, then shit right there on the trail by the parking lot. It was relatively uneventful and boring. I feel a major shit coming on now, so I,m going to get up and go to the trails up the street from the campus like normal. I hope it gets me somewhere. I'm going to have to start thinking about new places to go. Kansas is really, really, really f???ing boring! I grew up in Alabama and there were so many more places to go. I even dumped in a cave a bunch of times down there.

Outhouse Scott

Been a while, but I haven't really had anything much to write about. Over Thanksgiving weekend, though, I had a bit of an experience. I was at a party with my college friends and went upstairs to the bathroom to take a shit. The door was open slightly, so I walked in, figuring there was no one in there. Instead, my one friend, a woman, was sitting on the toilet. She was wearing a blue sweater, jeans and sneakers. Her jeans and underpants (flowered) were all the way down around her ankles. Judging from the smell, she was taking a shit, too. She gasped and said, "Man, I knew that just had to happen to me!" I said, "I'm really sorry, the door was open." She said, "It doesn't close all the way, the door jam is broken." I closed the door as far as it would shut and stood there waiting for my turn. I heard a couple of loud farts and plops come from in there, then heard her roll off some paper and wipe. She wiped a few times. Then I heard her spray some air freshe! ner. Then she flushed, washed her hands and came out. "All yours," she said. I said, "I really am sorry." She said, "Hey, you didn't know I was in there. It's not like I've never been seen on the toilet before." She patted my head and went downstairs.

I went in and closed the door as far as it would shut and pulled my jeans and boxers down and sat on the toilet. I pushed out a few chunks of shit, and was done. I rolled off some paper and wiped a couple of times, then flushed. I pulled my pants back up and sprayed some air freshener. I wahsed my hands and went back to the party. I talked to the girl I had walked in on for a little while. She was cool with it.

PUNK ROCK GIRL: Your story about the girl getting a cigarette butt down her pants reminded me of something I did to my sister when we were kids. I was nine, she was eleven. We were on a road trip with my mom, dad and one of my sister's friends, from Virginia out to California. Well, she and her friend were teasing me relentlessly, being really mean. Mostly, though, it was just my sister. Hitting me, putting make-up on my face while I was asleep. The last straw was when she put a Hershey Bar down my pants while I was asleep, apparently so it would melt and I would think I'd shit myself. I woke up, of course immediately noticing that my butt was all sticky. The Hershey Bar had nearly liquified, and gotten all over my underpants and butt cheeks. My parents kept yelling at them to leave me alone but they just kept at it. I decided I would wait until we reached our destination to take my revenge, although I wasn't too sure what I would do. One day, we were going t! o Disneyland. I waited until we got into the park and were all walking around, when I knew it would be the biggest pain for my sister to change. I went to the snack bar and got a big slurpee. I walked up to my sister. She was wearing overalls which were pretty loose. In one swift move, I reached into her overalls, pulled her underpants back, exposing her butt and poured my entire slurpee into her underpants. Most of it stayed in her underpants, but some ran down her legs and stained her overalls, socks and sneakers. Of course, she started crying and screaming at me, and my parents yelled at me and told me I had ruined everyone's day. Of course, that wasn't really true. My dad drove my sister back to the hotel so she could shower and change. My Mom took me aside and said, "look, I understand why you wanted to do what you did. She's been really nasty to you this whole trip, trying to impress her friend. But that's it. You got her back. No more tricks, and I'm goi! ng to tell her the same thing." Later, when my sister was back and mad that they were letting me stay, she told her that she thought she deserved it. Of course, my sister and me were pissed at each other for the rest of the trip, but by Christmas, we were friends again. She loves telling that story now.

Happy holidays everyone!

Masked Bastard
TO THE SMELLY PANDA: I saw your post about that Sundance picture “American Gyration” and I know what movie you’re talking about, because I have that movie on tape!!! I got it from NY. Gyration was made in early 2002 and came out in August of this year. That poop scene with the black girl (she’s referred to as “Sunshine”) was meant to be humorous. She was listening to her walkman while she was dumping big loads, then the FBI agents busted in with guns and shit. I thought it was funny how her feet got tangled in her panties and she fell forward. Yes, she screams “I’m taking a shit” several times as they remove her from the bathroom. The dope was hidden in the toilet tank. (Later in the movie, you discover that the guy’s ex-girl was over there and told the cops where to find the stash, what an evil bitch!) And the part where her and the boyfriend are on the couch? Here’s how it goes:

FBI AGENT 1: You got it (the dope)?
FBI AGENT 2: Enough to start a cartel.
They talk about FBI stuff for a few seconds, then the older Fed says: “What the f??k is that smell?”
The black girl Sunshine says: “I got shit mashed between my ass cheeks, what the f??k you think it is?!”
One Fed says something like: “Get her outta here.”
The black girl says: “Since I can’t finish taking a shit, get a bitch get some T.P.?”
The Feds say something amongst themselves. The black girl talks about how she “messed up” her new Victoria Secret Panties. Then off camera you hear the black girl say, “At least let me wipe my f??in’ ass!”

Very funny stuff to me, although it was very mortifying situation for a woman to go through.

More Bastard Than Maksed

Double Dare
Hi! I read the post that said you should change your underwear every few days. How often does everyone change their underwear? I'm a teenage girl, and I have a new underwear AT LEAST every day. If I have a shower in the middle of a day I change my panties also. Mostly, this is because I find that I usually have a little pee and some clear discharge in my panties - which I don't notice while they're on me, but if I take them off, then it gets crusty, and I can't stand th3e feel of them when I put them back on. I rarely have poo stains in my panties.

How many of y'all have wet your beds within the last 4 months? If you said 'not me', then here's my challenge: I double dare you to wet your bed. You have untill Saturday, December 7th, 2002 to do it and then to post about it. Wetguy - I'm really counting on you for this one, dude.

Luv 4rm Kia. Bye!

Wow! I'm glad I found this site; I've always had what I guess you'd call a bathroom fetish. Maybe I just enjoy a good poop. Holding in a big load until your anus tingles and you can just squat and let a nice, dry load of fat turds out is one of the greatly underestimated pleasures of life.
I'm a tall, thin, dark-haired Irishwoman, twice removed; I usually have a large poop in the morning, and maybe a nice one in the afternoon, after lunch.
My problem is this: I love a good enema once every month or two, and I have three roommates now. I really want to flush my system out, but I'm afraid of letting the others hear me fart and groan and squirt stuff out of my ass. i wish there were an easy way to find a nice guy to give the enema to me and let me push it out on his toilet. Good posts lately, guys.

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Shy Girl
This is so great that I've been able to post a lot lately and keep readers entertained (that is, assuming I have at least some fans out there). I guess my writing just flows like diarrhea!

Well today's poop wasn't very impressive. Just a small amount this morning but no surprise seeing as I didn't have much to eat yesterday. But just a while ago this evening I got the urge to go again. I went in and pulled down my black spandex tights(yay! I felt well enough to run this afternoon) and my purple bikini underwear. Alas, this was a return to my constipated struggle. This evening I had to grunt and strain and push hard and it was tiring and disappointing to only be able to produce floating rabbit pellets with a lot of farts. It smelled pretty bad but not as bad as a few days ago when I had some softer larger longer logs that came three at a time and not nearly as bad as the incident in the kitchen I posted earlier. My guts and muscles feel sore from the effort. I was in there for a pretty long time.

One of my good friends from college who knows about my tendency to get constipated and had the same problem herself when she was little told me something recently. She thinks that part of it has to do with mmy size, saying that if I were bigger I'd have bigger turds. I only think it's partially true because some of the posts from people here who describe their size and the size or their productions show that this theory doesn't necessarily hold. She also said that, related to size, it could be related to the amount that I eat, which isn't a whole lot. Not to give the wrong impression. I definitely have a healthy appetite, but I don't eat large portions and so what is a snack for a lot of people makes a meal for me. So in the strictest sense, she said that my difficulties passing small, harder formed turds isn't true constipation because for the most part I have to go everyday even if it's only a little. All I can say is it's uncomfortable when I have such a tough time! .. But that's not to say I don't get "real" constipation as I have referred to a lot here: there were the incidents where I had to take correctol, and the ones from when I was little.

Now I'll FINALLY share one with you from when I was little. For those of you curious about several past references to severe constipation when I was younger, here goes: When I was 7 I went with my family on a trip to the Far East. It was my first time out of the US. I only wish I'd been older--old enough to truly appreciate and understand the trip since that's my ethnicity. Well while we were in Korea (we were there maybe two weeks total), I had a constipation crisis that still makes me upset to this day to think about because it was so unpleasant and also because it still makes me feel like I ruined what was to have been a day of good sightseeing for the rest of my family had I not gotten sick. I guess I feel some shame that I had that problem. Actually a huge contributing factor to my constipation was the fact that many of the toilets there were the kind that are dug into the ground like a trough that you have to squat down over. As a child the thought of using those! really scared me although I reluctantly peed into them. I remember peeing into that type of toilet, pushing down the handle for it to flush, and running away as fast as I could before the gush of water flushed out the trough and had a chance to suck me down the drain with it! It sounds so crazy that I was afraid back then but come on, I was just a little girl. Anyway, because the thought of pooing into that type of toilet intimidated me I just avoided going, thinking it would be okay and that it wasn't a big deal to hold it in. Well on the day of our sightseeing, it caught up with me. (FYI: the first time I had constipation severe enough to be hospitalized was when I was 5 yrs old). That morning I woke up and my belly was a little bit sore but no big deal. But as we got to the area where we were to be doing some sightseeing, I was having severe cramps, but didn't want to tell anyone and tried to suffer silently and keep up a brave smiling face. I think I also knew d! eep down what the problem was and I was too embarrassed to tell anyone. Just before we started the sightseeing, I remember we took some photos and I can remember trying to smile for them despite the excruciating, firey, crampy pain in my intestines. It's still hard for me to go back and look at my face in those pictures though because what was a feigned smile certainly didn't mask I wasn't feeling well and you can tell in the photo that I'm grimacing and look ill and uncomfortable. Anyway, we started some sightseeing but it was getting to the point where my bellyache was aggravated by walking because the jarring motion of each footstep made the cramps worse. Finally I told my dad I didn't feel well and that my stomach was killing me. Having been through the problem before with me, I think he knew immediately what it was. We passed by some restrooms and he told me I should go, and I wanted to and the problem might have been solved that way if I had. But when I discover! ed that each stall had those damn trough like toilets, I chickened out and said I'd wait. We went to a first aid station on the tour route, where I hurled, just like I had done the first time I had severe constipation at age five. I guess that from there, they recommended a nearby doctor to go see and we had to get a taxi to go over there. I think it also scared me to be in need of urgent medical care in a strange country where I didn't speak the language at all. I have no idea what would have happened if my dad hadn't been able to navigate for us and communicate with the doctor. At the doctor's office, the problem was quite evident and I was given an enema. It was awful. It wasnt' the first time I had gotten one but nonetheless it was an experience I dreaded as I was told to lie on my side and bare my butt to some doctor with whom I couldn't even communicate w/o an interpreter. When the enema kicked in and the urge to go was unbearable, I was told to go to the toilets! .. To my horror, they were the dug-in porcelain troughs again. But thank god my sister came with me and was really comforting and so surprisingly this time it wasn't so bad. I squirted and sprayed out several waves of the nastiest stuff for what seemed like an eternity after that enema was administered. I can still remember it was all brown and yellow and watery and splattered everywhere. Once the ordeal was over, boy did I feel great! When I got back to the doctor's exam room from the toilets, he told me to jump up and down and (via interpreter) asked if it hurt anymore to jump or walk. It didn't, and I no longer had to walk around doubled over and leaning forward. He smiled as if to say that the problem had been fixed. And once again I was a little girl who was happy as can be, and walked and skipped and danced and pranced out of there grinning ear to ear. The only thing is that evening I was kind of embarrassed when my ordeal was made known to some of the distant rela! tives we were seeing, whom I had never met before, whom I haven't seen again since, and with whom I couldn't and cannot communicate b/c I don't know or speak the language at all. I guess I shouldn't have felt so embarrassed because they all smiled and probably understood that stuff like that can happen and probably just thought i was cute because I was so young. One relative even gave me a piggy back ride that evening. I guess it's really dumb that I had to go through all of that because I had brought it upon myself but how can you blame me? I was scared of the unknown, and I guess we Americans are spoiled by a lot of creature comforts. And it's just the unfamiliarity of in-ground squat-down toilets as opposed to raised toilets with seats to sit on.

Which brings me to my last statements and a question for this particular post. It would be many years before I saw toilets like those. When I was 20, the summer between my sophomore and junior year in college I visited Europe, and they had those dug-in porcelain trough toilets in Italy and Germany at some of the rest stops. Not fun but I was able to handle them this time, although only pee. I still had the luxury of pooing into the type of toilet I'm used to in the modern comfort of our hotels on that trip. If it were now and I were to go back there though I just might have enough courage to have a bowel movement into that type of toilet in a squatting position.

I have read some about toilets in other countries being different from the ones here in the U.S. I know that the ones I saw in London were taller and deeper and shaped a little differently from here with a complete round seat. The ones in France are interesting too. I also read an article that came out during the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics in Japan that over there, they have these technologically sophisticated toilets that have all sorts of features like seat warmers for a cold winter's morning, etc. etc. There was a funny story in that article about an American guy who was in Japan visiting friends, and how embarrassed he was when he went in to use the toilet, and then couldn't figure out how to flush it and had to call in his friend for help! Does anyone here know about or care to post in regards to toilets in other countries?

Well this has been a long post. That's all the entertainment from me for today. There are SO many great posts here that I'd love to respond to but sometimes I can't keep up or have to refer back several pages. Rest assured I think you all are so awesome and I love your stories. I'm still just a shy little dynamic 5'2 woman but one day soon might be up for a virtual buddy dump with some of you guys! ;-)
Gotta go now! (not to the bathroom...what i mean is it's bedtime).

Robby and Annie
Hi friends!
Our last post didn't make it in, drat! We are ok. We see that Megs and Sari have posted. Here is an amazing story.
We were having a get-together at Thanksgiving and had 8 people in Dad's home. It was a riot. After lunch we all sat around and then the first of the parade to the loo began. Sari went and was there for about ten minutes, then Annie helped Meghan to the toilet. We could hear her farts in the living room. She was groaning up a storm. Then I got up and Annie "assisted" me to the toilet. I sat down and 2 big logs Cullompted into the bowl. While this was happening Annie got into the tub, took off her jeans and knickers, stood and weed an arch that was incredible. It was a powerful stream. I unloaded the last of my poo and wiped up. After all of us had functioned in the loo it smelled horrific!! We had to air out the house!!


Hi Donna & Louise,

I had to smile when I read about the pair of you watering a tree in your garden when Louise was 14, and thinking what a unique bonding experience this really is. It's rare, and special. Sorry I've not been around much, posting problems make gettig a message onto the site hit or miss lately.

Yes, I saw your message on 1030 -- smile! I guess it was kinda cool the way that primitive outhouse shower was designed, very colonial and very unsophisticated, I still remember the smooth concrete to this day. Not even tiles on the floor, just ... concrete! I don't think I ever used the open toilets there on any trip, but I do remember on another trip showering and there being girls in their teens using the same row of shower heads in plain sight of the door to the street, and at the time I could have sworn one of them had a wee while she was under the spray, though with all the water there was no real way to tell.

I've enjoyed using the back garden some more times lately, under the stars, but it's turned cold again -- I'm in a sweater as I type this! Crazy climate -- Australia's crops have failed utterly this year, the drought is bad and we might have water rationing next year. I wonder what that'll do to flushing the loo? We already have the half-flush system...

Cheers, best to Steve,


i went shopping with my friend and we were in the store and this little kid ran by us real fast, i yelled hey and he went around the corner. i walked around and he was squated down on the floor with a stream of pee coming out of his but, he was peeing his pants and making a big puddle, he saw me looking and stood up, he tried to stop the pee with his hands but couldnt, he said he really had to go. his but was soaked and the front was soaked. he was wearing sweatpants. i asked where his mom was and he said he came on his bike to buy some candy. i said oh. he asked if he could go with me to buy candy for him so he could run outside before someone sees him. so he gave me his money and went ouside. i bought his candy and took it to him. he was on his bike with a big wet spot on his pants. you could really see it to cause his pants were light green color. i gave him his candy and he took off. he stood up on the peddles to push off and his but was still soaked and the seat was shi! ny wet. it was kinda funny looking. i felt sorry for him, i wonder what his mom will do to him. well gotta go. by

Hey ShitLovinChick-
I loved your last post, its like the only one involving shitting that I actually enjoy reading on here. How old are you and where are you from? usually I come on here to read the peeing stories only but you are so good at writing yours about taking a huge shit. I just started shitting in the shower, we have a bath tub/shower combination which gives me lots of room to squat with a plastic fast food cup under my ass, everything comes out at once and its so relieving and clean then I just dump it in the toilet. I'm a 19 year old guy in and I love reading stories about girls my age peeing loudly but keep up w/ your great shitting stories. By the way, how loud is it when you pee?

R. Smith of AR

Greetings once again, to everyone. I hope everybody had an enjoyable Thanksgiving, as I did. Anyway, I have some information to share with each of you--that is, if it is okay with the moderator. This time, my stories have to do with female figures and their bowel movements.

On November 11, I learned about one of my acquaintences being brought to the local hospital, for colon cancer surgery. I was shocked about this, because my friend is only 23. Her name is Alicia, and she lives with her parents at this time. Anyway, I went to visit Alicia at the hospital three different times, but she was not allowed to go home until after she was able to deliver a B.M. on her own. Unfortunately, I am not close enough to Alicia to be allowed to accompany her to the toilet, but I certainly was relieved to hear she finally had her B.M., and is now at home recovering. Frequently, I have thought about how big her B.M. might have been, because she had not gone for at least a week or so. Alicia is not a wide girl at all, but she is quite tall. In fact, I personally believe she is dangerously thin around her hips. Considering she had not delivered a B.M. for a whole week, I figured that Alicia's B.M. might have been at least 18 inches in length and at least! two or three inches in thickness--in spite of the fact that she looks like her hip size is no more than 30 inches. Like I said above, Alicia is VERY skinny. Perhaps one of these days, I will have become a closer friend to her, so I that one day I might have the chance to accompany her to the toilet. It depends on her permission.

My second story is as follows. As of December 3, I met a very pretty girl with a thick build to her figure. Her name is Shawna, and even though she may be a bit meaty, she is still very beautiful to look at. On the same day I met Shawna, she was wearing what looked like dressy brown sweat pants and a short-sleeved brown shirt with white stripes. I immediately began to imagine what she would look like having a B.M. Besides, her clothes made her look like a giant sized B.M., whith a touch of lovely feminism. No, folks, I didn't tell Shawna such words, but while I looked at her big butt quivering, as she was walking away, I dreamed about what it would be like to take a luxurious Jacuzzi bath with her in the future. Although Shawna has no rings on her fingers to speak of, this does not mean she is unmarried. She looks as if she has already delivered one or two children. But then, I may be wrong. I admit I prefer Shawna's appearance over Alicia's, but my attraction for ! herat this time is strictly physical. Perhaps after I get to know her better, I might develop an attraction for Shawna's inner spirit. It depends on whether she accepts me into her life or not.

When compared to Alicia, Shawna is almost twice as wide in the hips, and she looks as if she could easily measure 53 inches around. Shawna also has a great pair of breasts and a soft roundness to her abdomen. These are the physical aspects about girls in which I enjoy the most. To me, embracing a girl without any meat on her bones, such as Alicia, would feel like trying to hug a broom stick. I can already see what it would be like to watch Shawna having a big bowel movement in front of me, and the view would be spectacular. When she wears tight pants, I am able to see the outline of her bottom's crack, and it is lengthy. I wonder how big around Shawna's ring can stretch when she has a B.M.? I would most likely need to observe such an action for myself.

At the present time, Shawna wears a leg-length brace on her left leg. She told me that she had torn the ligaments in her knee, and would be wrapped in it for quite some time. At the local college computer lab, I sometimes make a glance over at Shawna as she is sitting at her PC, while doing classwork for school. For a short while, she had her leg propped up in the chair of the nextdoor PC station, and this helped to make her bottom look bigger than it actually is. The other key factor is that she was sitting down in the chair. As I stared at Shawna's enormous bottom, I pictured in my mind an oversized B.M. inching its way out of her massive body. It made me wish this might actually be happening, and that I could be Shawna's delivery midwife.

I hope you ladies do not think I am a psycho, or anything, because I have always been attracted to the art of females relieving themselves of a massive bowel movement--especially if they are big and beautiful. But then, from what I have read here, I discovered that there are many small-build girls on this site who can dish up a massive "production", such as Carmalita and Ring Stretcher. However, my personal preference is for the large-built girls of this world. I hope Shawna and I might have a chance to get to know each other better in the future, because she is the kind of girl who definitely turns me on.

Well, folks, that is all I have to say for now. Please keep the posts coming, ladies, because I enjoy them thoroughly. I also suggest that you include the size of your larger B.M.s, so that I could get an idea about how big they are. I really would appreciate it. Anyway, folks, I am now saying so long for a little while. Take good care.


R. Smith of AR

The Nature Boy
The daily lurker and occasional poster is back again....and hoping I can do some stories justice with my writing skill. See, I have been greatly blessed to know a great many females who are VERY open about their bathroom habits! But alas, with one exception I have never got to actually be in the bathroom when they do their business....

Lol...the exception happened when I was about 5, with my mom's freind over, and her 7 year old daughter. We were good freinds, and played together a lot. Anyway, on one occasion she had diarrhea. She starts to the bathroom - I can't remember if she told me to follow her or I just did! ;) She pulled her dress up and panties down and let out a stinky load of mushy poop. She wiped from behind, (which intrigued me, because as a boy I always wiped from the front...) and I was amazed at the HUGE load this girl produced!

My sister in law (Michelle, let's say) is about 5'4'', blonde, and big-boned...not fat, IMO, but the perfect shape. If I recall, the first time I was around when she pooped was back when I was about 13. My room was next to the bathroom, and I remember her walking by. I was engrossed in a game of Vectorman (Sega), so I didn't pay much attention until I could smell what she was doing! I was thinking to myself "damn, she's taking a crap in there!"

Maybe this was where my obsession with females on the john came from...because at that time (I may have mentioned this before) I was too shy to take a dump in public! But whatever the cause, here I am, and I wanna say that I appreciate this site! I hope you like the stories, because there are plenty more and hopefully more to come! So, until next time...WOOOOOOOOOO!

Wendy: I work with a guy who doesn't wipe well at all (I've sat next to him in the mens room on several occasions and I notice he only wipes once, despite passing some pretty messy stools). I went with him on a business trip once, we shared a room and when he was in the shower, I checked out his briefs to see how they looked. As expected, they were pretty gross. It really surprises me because he is immaculate in appearance. I've often thought of asking him why he doesn't wipe until he's clean, but it would be most inappropriate to ask that question. Very intriguing. I wonder if this is a function of training, laziness or perhaps its just naivete ("that's what underwear's for").

Lefty: I am also a lefty but wipe with my right hand. Since we live in a right-handed world, I've learned to do most things righty (except writing and eating).

A.J.: I eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, as well as grains, nuts and a nightly glass of psyllium husks. I notice I am extremely gassy in the morning when I awake (about an hour before my after coffee dump). The gas is usually pretty odorless. I think smelly gas comes from diets that are low in fiber and high in saturated fats such as meats and fried foods. Fruits and vegetables produce relatively odorless farts (in me, at any rate). I have a massive dump in the morning after my coffee, and usually a second fairly good sized dump at work, maybe a couple of hours after the first one.

Hi Guys! As you can see from my posting name I have been lurking around and have read most of the posts from the earliest of them. Some people here have really stood out as awesome. I'm a girl who likes reading this board but and will keep lurking.

To SHY GIRL: I love your posts. So honest. You're a good writer and your descriptions are great. I'm sorry to hear that you have arthritis. Maybe others here will agree that because your petite you might need to go lower on any and all medicine doses not just laxatives but painkiller and the stomach medicines. Anyone else here agree with what I'm saying? No doubt a lot of guys out there on this forum read you and find you just lovely!

To CARMALITA: I read that you left and then came back! Miss your posts. Come visit when you can on this board. Your'e another awesome descriptive writer!

To AUSTIN (BLAKE): Haven't seen your posts in recent weeks but your witty and fun to read. Where are you hiding? Also wanted to clarify something - earlier there was someone posting just under the name Austin, but now I see Austin (Blake). Are you one and the same? Don't keep us ladies (and guys) waiting to hear from you!

To BRYIAN: You're another fun one to read.
I like your posts UPSTATE DAVE!
Is RJOGGER still around?

Now finally I just wanted to ask for anyone who cares to respond to this topic: Do you make floaters or sinkers? Silent or Loud Gas?

Cya later! Can't wait to read more.

To shy girl: You take Iron?? THATS why you are ex-gf had the same problem with Iron supplementation.

Punk Rock Girl
Something unfortunate but very funny happened on the way home from Thanksgiving with my inlaws-to-be (I hope someday anyway).

First, I should tell you, that, although I did have a mega-dump several hours after dinner, it was not all-out diarrhea, but just lots of soft chunky shit. Loads of it, actually. Now, on with the stoy.

We stopped at a rest stop on Sunday, the buiest travel day of the year on the nations highways. We were walking toward the place from the parking lot. THere were these two girls walking a bit ahead of us, and their boyfriends were a few feet behind them. One of the girls had those low cut jeans on, but they were loose. So one of the guys flicked his cigarette toward the trash can, but his aim was off and the cigarette wound up going down the one girl's pants!!! Not just down her jeans, but down her underpants! She screamed, "Shit! Shit! What the hell was that?" THe cigarette had burned the top of her buttcrack (which was just barely exposed), then fallen down into her panties and was burning her butt cheeks. She was fumbling with her pants, trying to get at the cigarette (which was still burning her ass), until finally, she yanked her jeans down, and pulled her underpants down just enough to reach in and grab the cigarette butt and throw it out. She did this i! n full view of about thirty or forty people. I felt bad for her, but was relieved to see she was laughing it off.

I went in the bathroom and she was right behind me with her friend. We all managed to get stalls next to each other. I peed, then started pushing out a nice, firm load. I heard the girl pull her pants down and sit start brushing cigarette ashes from her buns. "I've got ahses all over my butt!" I heard her say to her friend. I guess them she sat on the toilet because I heard her peeing. Then she said, "Aw, man! " Her friend asked what was wrong. She said, "My underpants are full of ashes and there's a hole burnt in them." I hafd to cover my mouth to keep from laughing.

I wiped my ass and flushed the toilet. I went to the sink and started washing my hands. The girl with the burned butt came over and washed her hands. I asked if she was okay. She said, "I will be once I get my boyfriend back for burning my butt!" I laughed and walked out.

It was like a scene out of a movie! I couldn't believe it, but I swear to God it's true!

Hope everyone had a Happy THanksgiving, and voided burning their bottom!



Me again. Last post I told you I'd been farting all day. Well I got home from the mall & still hadn't felt the need for a shit although I was still farting a lot. My buddy Joe called to see if I wanted to go to the movies with him. My girlfriend was out of town so I had nothing better to do. During the movie we each had HUGE drinks. When the movie ended I stood up & let out an extra loud fart & got a couple of looks. Joe & I decided not to stop at the mens room in the theater as we only had a slight need to piss & wanted to go for burgers. On the drive to the burger place I let out another fart & felt the need to shit. We still had a ways to drive & my need grew quickly. I reached down to hold my ass & Joe asked if I had to pee. I said yea & that I had to shit really bad too. We were still a few minutes from the McD's & we each had to piss & I was struggling to not shit my pants. I ripped off another fart & felt the turd poke o! ut. Joe pulled into the parking lot & we both ran inside. There are 2 stalls & 3 urinals in this place. ! dude was there peeing & another a stall. The second I closed the stall door I let out a thunderous, booming fart. Quickly undoing my pants I sat & began to shit my brains out. The first turd eased its way out as I began to piss. Joe finished pissing & was talking to me about the movie as I continued to shit. The dude next to me had a noisy shit that must have been pretty loose. I heard him roll off a lot of paper then flush. I kept on farting & shitting & Joe asked if I'd be all day. When I told him I hadn't gone in a few days he understood. After dropping 4-5 small turds I felt the big one coming. I got a serious cramp & leaned forward. As I did this beast began to emerge. It was HUGE. Extra wide & just kept coming. I paused & took a breath then went again. The turd broke off with a loud sploosh. Joe said "shit man what the hell w! as that? Sounded like a torpedo." I farted again as Another huge turd pushed its way out. This one hit the water & kept going. After a minute or so it tapered off to a point & made no noise. Then I farted 4-5 more times & began to piss again. With a last wet fart I sprayed out a messy shit & finished pissing. Wiping several times I finially looked into the bowl. No way that load was gonna go down so I left it. Joe saw it & whistled "duuuuude!" As I washed my hands this kid about 15 comes in & goes to that stall. "WOW somebody really dropped a load" he said. I said I had & if felt great. We got our burgers (4 whoppers, 2 fries & a 20 chicken nuggets for me--a whopper meal thing for Joe) & headed to my place to play video games.
Happy crapping.

Dexter's Lavaratory
A.J: Here's a response to your questions.

"Does a vegetarian diet, or a healthy one that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables create more gas? Does it also make gas smell worse? Does it lead to more bowel movements? Does it make turds bigger?"
It makes you fart more and have larger and more frequent bowel movements but it doesn't make it stink worse. It doesn't smell like much when you eat this way.

"Whats up with a lot of you posting about having to go during or after exercising? Especially runners. Is it true that running increases bowel activity and leads to gas or diarrhea? Does anyone have any stories related to this?"
I don't know about it causing diarrhea but physical activity definitely gets your bowels moving.

"Do only some people have rotten smelling farts? Are there some foods that can cause it to smell that way or is it something you are born with?"
It has nothing to do with who you are but what you eat. Eating lots of meats gives your farts that horrible, rancid smell.

"Does body size really play into how much you go, how often you go or how much you fart? Some of you posted your height and weight here and so it made me wonder."
Not really-- it has more to do with how much you eat. Naturally, if youn eat a lot you're going to poop a lot to. Since large people tend to need to eat more than smaller people, well you get the idea.

I started a new job in a warehouse last week. On my first day, my supervisor showed me around the pland. He gave me a tour, including the mens restroom. It was a large restroom, with a row of old fashioned urinals, the type that look like mini-toilets out of the groud, and 5 doorless stalls. While we were in there, the stalls were all occupied, and my supervisor lightheartingly intoduced the guys who were sitting there taking dumps to me...I said "Mice to meet you, please DON'T get up" they ALL laughed while they farted, shit, and wiped.... When i went to take my first shit, everybody was really friendly...One guy offered me a cigar, one guy offered me a newspaper. It's really a cool place, even though I was apprehensive at first. Evidently nobody is bashful, cause, all the stallsare ALWAYS busy, and the seats are ALWAYS warm....Now, if I can ge a raise ... :-) (PS, the cleaning guy says te women restrooms have doors with locks on them, strange)

Hi everybody,last night i made some onion soup for souper that was so good .But after the souper was finish i get an urge to go to wc so ,i get on the bowl and have a mushy poop.As soon i was done my gf need to go very bad so i let her sit on the pan she let out a wave of diahreha and a a strong smell ouff she said im full of shit .So she stay there for at leas 10 minute and after she wipe her ass and flush .maybe 2 houre later she said she have to go againe but this time was better she still have flu and ass soon she hit the bowl i heard a big sploosh and she fill up the bowl again as i was undress ready for shower ,i stille let out some very loud fart and i said hurry up i need to go again me to so ass soon she was done she let me the place ,becaus i was to much on a hurry she dosent flush the brun and saucy thingscover with tpi let out a big dihareha to and whip my self after .Wen i was done i flush the ol thing but the toilet was so full ,and at that time i was still ! seat on the toiletall the shit we have done comme back to my ass and passe over we plug the the toilet i said .she said grosse .i said oh well i gone clean all the mess.So i clean it and jumpin the shower.Thi morning i was still on the run for a big dump .aneway se ya all and hope you like my story

Hi,alll-hope you all had a good thanksgiving-Some responses
TO A.J-As for the vegitarian thing,i'm not a strict one,but I eat my fair share of v????s and yes I get a bit of gas from them and yes they definitly make me dump more and yes the gas smells pretty bad!
As far as the exercise question-My answer is a resounding Yes-I always have to poop when I exercise-when I'm at the gym I always dump after my routines and when I bike in the summmer I always have to dump out in the woods from alll the biking-Exercising is better then a cup of coffee for me!As far as the farting thing goes,it depends on what I eat-sometimes it can really smell bad!As far as the size of a person,i really don't think it matters all that much-I've seen pretty small women poop up a real pile and I'm 5'10"and 173 and medium size and sometimes I poop up a storm and sometimes just a few turds-hope that answers your survey
TO OUTDOOR POOPER-Hey neighbor,I'm from L.I. New york and I love to poop outdoors-check out my older posts-in the summer,I do it more outside than in my own toilet!I'd love to hear some of your stories-esp about your ex and you-let's hear it!
Had a great post-thanksgiving dump fri morning at the gym with plenty of company-as soon as I got up fri a.m. I could feel the fullness in my ????,but no urge to poop yet so I got dressed and headed for the gym and got about 10-15 mins into my routine and all of a sudden I got 2 big cramps and had to go and I could feel it was going to be a good one as I headed downstairs to the stalls and they were all full with one guy ahead of me and as we're standing there waiting for a stall to open up,i could hear all the guys unloading their turkey dinner with lots of farting and grunting and poop hitting the bowl and the guy in front of me turned to me and said"Man,it's a busy morning here today,i usually never have to mait and of couse when I gotta go this bad I have to wait" I replied " yeah me too.I guess we all ate a bit yesterday" Then I realised he had a few magazines with him and I had nothing to read,so I asked him" Hey< could I borrow one of yoyur magazine to read,! i think i'm going to be awhile in here" and he laughed a bit and said" sure,I know i'll be here a bit" and handed me a people magazine.then a stall opened up and he headed over there and he turned to me and said" well, bombs away" and went into the stall and closed the door,but didn't latch it and after a few seconds,the door started to open up a bit as the stall across from hime opened up and I headed for the open stall and as I went in,I could see across from me him cleaning off the bowl getting it ready for him to sit.Then I went into my stall but didn't lock the door too,but my door didn't swing all the way open like his did,but still,we could see each other and I could see hime sitting on the bowl opening up his magazine and asa soon as he sat, he let out a long fart followed by a bunch of soft poop as he grunted a bit on relief and looked over at me and saw i kinda glanced at him and said" man that feels better"I just smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up sign and t! ook off my shorts and sat on the bowl(I always like to poop nude) and I really had to go bad at this point and as soon as my ass hit the bowl i let out 2 long dry farts and I could feel my anus doming out and as I was opening up the magazine to read,I looked over and saw this guy looking at me pretty good,so I decided to just sit back on the bowl and let it rip and when I sit on the bowl to poop,I always sit with my legs spread apart.At first when I sat down I didn't do this cause I guess I felt a bit apprehensive with this guy glancing at me but for some reason as I saw him looking at me I just decided to just do my thing and I sat with my legs open and Over the magazine I glanced over at him and saw him looking over at me and our eyes met and I just smiled at him and at this point i pushed slightly and my anus opened up and I could feel the ropes of poop coming out my butt and I looked over at him and I could see him looking down trying to see me pooping.I kinda enjoyed ! this for some reason-I wasn't getting weird on anything.I had this happen to me a few times in the past and my feeling was-hey as long as we both enjoyed it,who cares.Then as I'm lettin' out my turkey stuff,I heard him let out another fart and a barrage of really loose stuff as I looked over I saw him glancing over at me over his magazine and I was just waiting for more poop to come out.Now we were on the end of the room against the wall and ther was nothing to my left and nothing to his right,so it was kinda private,then I had to poop again and let out another fart and then it seemed like the innermost part of my BM started to rush out my anus with a lot of gas and mush and I could see him looking over at me as he was dumping along with me,which was cool-I'm sure he could see the poop coming out cause I saw him looking down-it was kinda neat and man did it feel great unloading all this turkey dinner!Then I saw him start to wipe as he took some TP and leaned forward to clean! up.As for me I didn't feel done yet so I just sat on the bowl wating for more poop.Then he pulled up his shorts and flushed and as he was coming out he said" you want some more magazines?I said" sure"and he came over into my stall and gave me the magazines and said"You still not done?"and I said Nope-i'll be here for a bit.You got done pretty fast" he said I made the mistake of having coffee on the way here and I almost didn't make it" and he laughed and said "hey have a good dump and enjoy" and I said' Oh yeah I will and he turned around and left.It was kinda cool to dump along with him and I have to admit I enjoyed giving him a show.then I opened up a magazine and read for a bit and another urge came on as my anus domed out and I pushed out the tail end of my dump with some more loose stuff and a lot of farts as I could hear all the other guys pooping along with me-it was a real good morning here at the gym-some guys were really doin' some serious dumping.and every stall ! was full as this guy in the next stall was really exploding a loose load.then I looked in the bowl and saw a big load of all kinds and shapes of poop with 2 really long turd wrapped aroung the bowl and a big pile of mush in the middle-one thing about the gym toilets,no matter how mush I poop,it all goes down,no problem-these bowls at the gym flush like jet planes. then I had a messy wipe and flushed again anbd felt 10 lbs lighter and enjoyed every minute of this dump-it was glorius!Took a shower and finished my routine and by the timew I headed home,I had to poop again,believe it or not-man sometime I really do some loads for the books!I got home and sat on the bowl and exploded a lot of loose stuff in the bowl with a lot of farts and then I felt done
Happy turkey it was for me!Let's hear some more post thanksgiving dumps -esp from the ladies out there!BYE

Shy Girl
I only have a few minutes here but wanted to reply to a couple of people for now.

TO OUTDOOR POOPER: I just wanted to say welcome to the forum. You're my age, if you didn't already know that from when reading my older posts. (I think my first post was around p. 1003 or so). No, I'm not from New England, but spent four years in that part of the country for college, and therefore have a real soft spot in my heart for that region. I'm most familiar with Massachusetts and also somewhat with Connecticut, having spend a couple of summers there in the past. You mentioned the outdoors. New England definitely has some great hiking areas that I can remember. If you read back among the posts several weeks ago, I posted a pee story from my college years which occurred there. I have only peed outside but never anything else, as you might guess from my posting name. Anyway looking forward to more posts.

TO LEFTY: You brought up something interesting. I am actually AMBIDEXTEROUS. I have yet to meet anyone else who is. It's an advantage to be able to use both hands with equal facility for writing, etc. although I find that I am more right hand dominant for certain tasks and more left hand dominant for others. And yet because I often do a lot of things left-handed, I'm really sympathetic to issues that lefties face in a right-handed world. So to answer your post: I wipe with either hand depending on where the toilet paper roll hangs, but in my apt. and at my family's house it's usually the left. I guess that you and other left handers would really like my apartment bathroom as well as one of the bathrooms at my parents' home because the rolls hang on the left side and is southpaw friendly!

Well g2g, but I'll be back to post again later and in the meantime will be LOL at the humor of a lot of the posts here.

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