Punk Rock Girl
I had to go without wiping my ass for a few hours over the weekend.

I was grocery shopping and the urge to take a dump hit me like a ton of bricks. I put my basket down and asked one of the stock guys if I could use the restroom. He said sure, but there's no door or anything. I said okay. I went in the back where he showed me and sitting in the corner of the cleaning supplies room was a toilet and a sink. There was nothing but a pair of those swinging doors seperating the room from the rest of the store. It was way in the back, so I figured no one would see (not that it would be a big deal if they did). So I went in, pulled my jeans and underpants down to my knees and sat on the toilet. The seat was freezing! I pushed out several soft mushy loads which I could already tell would leave my ass a mess. I peed, then reched down to pick the roll of TP off the floor.

Well, the paper was totally soaked through with water leaking from the sink, and had mold and crud all over it. Yuck, no way that's touching my ass. I looked around the room, while still seated, and noticed to my amazement, that although there was a lot of cleaning supplies, there were no paper products at all! No TP, no paper towles, no napkins. Great! I have to spend the rest of my shopping day with shit squished between my buns. Unless I want to wipe my ass with steel wool. No thanks! I pulled up my underpants and jeans and left the room without washing my hands (no soap anyway).

I finished my shopping, then ran to the cleaners and picked up some dry-cleaning. I ran a few more errands and got home with both an armful and a butt crack full of crap. I dropped everything and headed straight for the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and underpants, which were, of course, smeared with shit. I wiped my ass, which took about ten wipes and three flushes and stepped out of my pants and underpants and put on sweats.

Icky-poo! Literally.

I'm going to my boyfriend's parents' for Thanksgiving dinner. I love being with his family (or mine), but I hate dinner. I love dark meat turkey, LOVE IT, but it always goves me diarrhea, and I always eat it anyway. Every Thanksgiving since I can remember has ended with me on the crapper taking a monster dump. A fitting end to a day in which I pig out!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


hi i don't post much but i was wondering if any girls ever been in a public restroom and found the toilet splattered on the inside with diarrhea. i've seen it in men's rooms before but i can't imagine the same in a women's room.

Hey people,
This is my first time posting a message here. The funny thing is, I was looking on the internet for some ideas to redecorate my bathroom, and I just happened to come across this site from the interenet searches! I guess what they say about the internet is true. You can find just about anything you want on it, even things that are unusual or even gross to most people. Anyway, I am at work, writing this. I can't believe that I am going to tell you this, but here I go. I had to dookey an hour ago, and it was very smelly. As a matter of fact, two women who came inside the bathroom, "oh lord" and left. I really had to dookey because ever since I came to work, and my stomach was starting to cramp. I wanted to wait until I had a break, but every time I walked or even moved, my dookey would try to creep out of my booty. Then it came to a point when I couldn't hold it anymore. I felt that if I tried to hold on some more that I would dookey all over myself. So I hurr! ied into the ladies' room and sat down after I lifted up my skirt and pulled down my panties. I started to pee when I let out a large piece of dookey. It started to hurt a little, but I then felt better afterward. I then sat there, waiting for some more dookey to come out. I didn't have to wait very long. Another piece of dookey came out very thick and brown, kind of like me. Then the smell hit me. It stank! But, then many women I work with come in here to take a dump in the ladies' room. The reason I know this is every morning I came in to pee, I can smell someone's dookey. Sometimes there is a women sitting on a toilet when I smell it. I don't care about it, though. everyone has to do it sometime, and if someone does it, it's going to smell. Even though some women don't like the smell and they always complain about it.
I sat there some more until another piece of dookey came out long and thick. Then, I had some more smaller pieces come out. As I looked down, I could see that the entire toilet was full of dookey. I then heard another woman come in and sit on the toilet. When she farted, I then realized that I didn't take anything to read. I always read when I am on the toilet, especially when I am at home. Usually on Saturday, I doo doo in the morning. I get an Ebony magazine and sit down to read while I doo doo. If dookey after my roommates does, then I have to smell her doo doo legacy. I just want to know how many people here read while they're taking a dookey? How many sit there and think?
When I was done, I wiped with the toilet tissue that was in the ladies' room. I personally don't like using that kind of toilet tissue. I like to bring my own. My favorite kind is Charmin. It feels soft and I feel cleaner. Now, what kind of toilet tissue do you like to use?

desperate to poop

That girl on the masthead sure has done a nice load in the toilet!

I had a very stinky hot poo the other day. I was doing the washing up and could feel a BM making it's way down. I did a few very smelly farts but wanted to finish my cleaning. Unfortunately it just wouldn't wait so I hurried into tbe Bathroom and let fly with a barrage of stinky mush. Not diarreoh but not too soild either. The bathroom stunk!

I was lucky enough witness another girl going the other day at the side of the road. I was on my way home from a visit and had stopped of the side of a an A-Road and was having a sandwich. All of a sudden this card pulled up in front a girl hurried out and onto the grass verge. She pulled her skirt up and squirted some hot runny poo. She was there for a good ten minutes. I had my music on but was sure I could here a groan. her other friend (Girl) checked on her and commented on the smell

I saw a video clip once of a guy legging it for a poo. He gets out his car runs to the side and is pooing when his car rolls off the side of the hill and smashes! I bet he felt shit

There was a movie on last night on upn or WB..not sure which one. Im not even sure what it was called. Any way there was a sceene where this 20 some year old guy is driving a car(the picture was kinda dark) and he gets pulled over for somereason and the female officer suspects he might be drunk and she wants him to do some tests to find out if hes drunk and then he says i gotta pee, i gotta go over there and pee. Im gonna pee my pants. He says i just drank 5 diet root beers.Shes like if you go over to the bushes and pee i'll have to arest you for public urination. You see him go over there and pee and the officer left. Any one see this? know what its called? I didn't see the whole movie.

Latly i've noticed a few commericals for air fresheners and theres usally a teen age boy(s) and they spray the air freshener...and they wash up and you know they they have just pooped(or atleast in my mind). What is your opion about that? think they were pooping?

anonymous movie guy
TO SMELLY PANDA: Hey I want to find that movie more than ive ever wanted anything in my entire life. I would KILL for it. If you find anyplace to buy or rent it, PLEASE TELL ME!! Thanks a Trillion!!:-)

I don't knowq why but my craps have been really big and painful since i went on a diet. Could someboody help me before i get hemmorrhoids? thanks!

i had to shit one time real bad i was at my boy friends house we were eating dinner and i had to go i went up stairs to go but i got the horny urge to go in a trash can. so i went into his room found his can and pulled down my jeans to the knees and and panties on the thighs and squatted down to go. i had tthe light turned off and was droppiing the kids off when i hear my boyfriendcomin up stairs i was jus t thinking oh he will go away and not come in here. then all the sudden he was like man something smells and walks inot his room to find me crapping on his trash can he was like ur weird its over peace and i finished my shit and left. it suclkeked look what hormones get u

Hey gang, I've been offline for a bit. for those who don't remember me I'm a guy, 6'2" about 175 pounds. As I've said before I'm a BIG eater & all my friends know when I say I gotta shit I mean NOW & BIG. I posted a while ago about a dump I took at the park while my buddy watched out for passers-by. Anyway I'm back & will be posting more stories. Have a good one from a ski trip I took.

I've eaten something that has had me farting most of the day. I mean a LOT. At first they didn't stink but after a while they got pretty bad. After a couple hours sitting at home & farting I went to the mall to get a couple things. Still farting as I went about my shopping I got a few looks but just ignored them. It's not like I could help it. I'd had a large drink when I first reached the mall & before leaving had to piss really bad. I went to the men's room & there was another dude at a urinal & one in the shitter. I went to a urinal & undid my pants to piss. As soon as I'd started to go I let out an extra loud & looooooong fart. The guy next to me looked over & said "oh good one. bet that relieved some pressure." i said yea it did. I pissed for about another minute & the other guy washed & left. With another good fart I buttoned up, washed & left for home. I'm still farting now. I imagine I'll be having a major shit soon. I'll! let yoy know how it turns out.

Astute Observer
I just watched a tape of "Carrie," the recent remake of the Stephen King novel for NBC. There's a very interesting toilet reference in there:

About 39 minutes into the movie, Sue, the black student who befriends Carrie, is talking to a detective about the case. The cop asks Sue about her relationship with Kris (the girl who plots against Carrie); Sue says "We had our differences...I played with Barbie, she played with horses. She's a back-to-front, I'm a front-to-back." That last remark causes some bemused glances between the cop and a woman who's videotaping the interview. There's no explanation, but the reference obviously is to the direction in which the girls wipe themselves.

Near the end, the female gym teacher describes her attempts to flee from Carrie at the prom, saying that she was pissing her pants and trying not to get electrocuted.

In case you haven't seen this version, there's an interesting twist at the end, much different from the Brian DePalma movie.

Kansas Dude
Hello, all-
I've never posted before, so this will be more or less an introductory. I'm a journalist tyring to figure out how many different restroom customs there are here in the U.S. This site has been a little helpful in the past few weeks since I've discovered it, and now I figure it's time to join in on the fun. (I think, anyway.)
I guess I'll leave ya'll with one story about me, from 20 minutes ago, actually.
I was in the weight room doing my normal workout when my daily urge hit early. I felt a turd start to slide a little more with every rep so I got up to go down the hall to the restroom. I haven't figured out the purpose for underwear yet and all I had on was my sweats, so I was refusing to shit myself (I haven't done so in 20 years). I made it to the restroom, a single stall unisex, and things went bad. The toilet was covered in piss, and unable to wait, I pulled my sweats down and unloaded in the trashcan. It smelled righteous and ripe, a rather healthy dump, in my opinion. Oh, well. I couldn't do anything about it. I buried my load under paper towels, wiped 412 times, at least, then went back to finish up my workout.
I don't have a computer yet, (I got laid off recently-half the friggin' city did as we're an aircraft city) so I'll post from time to time here at the campus after my classes.

I just found this website and actually I had a question. maybe someone could shed some light on it

ok here goes:
Im a male and love to workout. I'm 20 years old and really athletic. Im really really attractive and have a great body. Ive modeled for abercrombie and a few others - but im just working on school and athletics now. im 6'1'' 205lbs big arms and really been working on getting my legs and glutes (butt) strong and toned.
Anyway, enough tooting my own horn and on to me tooting my butt

I go to the gym about the same time each day, and for whatever reason it is the same time of day I have a poop. So before my workout I always have a 5-10minutes poop.
About a 2 months ago I noticed that every time I went in for my daily poop there would be this guy would always come in after I have begun and basically hang around till I was done. I really thought nothing of it until one day.

I was in the locker room and I had a big fart in my butt. I was fresh out of the shower with just a towel on. there wasnt maybe people around and I wanted to let it out. So, I proped my leg up on a bench, removed the towel, and was going to let it out softly. But instead, TOOOOT!!!
I sighed as a the fart left my bare butt and filled the air.
Just then the guy comes over from his side of the locker room and sits right on the bench where my leg was proped up on when I released. He was sitting right in my fumes and without a doubt sucking them in.

So yesterday, I ran into him again. I was taking my daily poop and he was listening. I never flush the toilet in public places (i just hate touching the handle) so whatever I do remains in the bowl for all the see :-). I finished and left about 5 poops, my urine, and about 3 fresh farts in the bowl. I leave the stall proceed to put on my gym clothes. He goes into the stall, locks it, and I can see hes down on his knees near the bowl where I had just pooped.

I can only speculate what he was doing, but I think he might have actually been handling my turds. My question is: what is heck is this guy up to? is he gay? what do you all get out of this? shed some light on this for me!

Honestly, I don't mind if I let loose a fart and he goes to breathe it in after I leave the area. But I DO NOT consciously want to know if someone is admirring me (especially a guy) in this way. I hope he wasnt touching my poops, im guessing their full of my germs and he could get really sick.
Help! suggestions?

on the run
The last party I was at I got drank so much I needed to throw up. I staggered up the stairs and literally fell onto the floor with my head over the toilet seat being sick. Then all of a suddden I let out this massive wet fart (must have been the force of heaving from the spew) followed by a continuous flow of diahorrea and more wet, rotten egg farts. I was so gone I couldn't move off the ground, so I just sat there proped up on the toilet bowl, shitting myself non stop and vomiting at the same time. The worst bit is I can remember most of it (as can too many of my friends). I kind of realised what was happening and after the first fart actually put my hand down my pants to feel if i actually had the squirts! Quite a messy, smelly adventure. Embarassing.

Georgia Boi
Had another good sighting the other night. I got to my high school football team's game pretty early, so I was there when the other team got there. They drove 2 and a half hours to be there, so I knew they were headed for the bathrooms when they arrived. So, I walked in the bathroom, and had a couple good sightings. First one, one cute dude was sitting on the toilet in the stall closest to the door. He had his football pants on, and they were pushed down as far as they would go (with the pads in them) near his shins. He had on white Abercrombie and Fitch boxerbriefs.

Later on, I went back in there. The handicapped stall in the back, the lock is missing, so no one uses that stall. Another guy was on the only toilet that locked, the other toilet in other words. I glanced in as I walked by, and a really cute dude, nice hairy and defined legs, was sitting there taking a pre-game dump. He had dark hair, and you could tell he was a really cute guy. He was looking down at the floor, and he had his football pants on as well. They were pushed around his ankles as well. He had on orange-ish boxers with black print on them. Even hotter than that, he had on his jersey. I could see that he was # 22. I just stayed in the bathroom for a while, and as he started to wipe, I went to the sink. I spoke to him, just said hi, as he came out. He was really cool, and really not too shy about dumping n public. I wished him good luck in the game. I think I'll be going to the football games early next year!

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A while back, POTTY POOPER described a park bathroom that was virtually wide open, with a doorway that hid nothing from passers-by, and that set me thinking way, way back. Nearly 30 years ago my family used to visit a swimming pool built on the seafront, a saltwater pool for safe bathing, and I recall the toilets and showers serving the pool were just like that one. I was just a kid, but I can still remember the place. Backing onto the pool area at one end and parallel to the esplanade, the shower and toilet area was just a smooth grey concrete shed. I remember one hot Sunday afternoon my Mom taking me in to get showered before heading home. She had not been swimming, and she simply stood back holding our bags and such, my little swimsuit and towel, while I showered in tepid water under one of an open series of sprays along the wall, about ten feet from an open, doorless exit to the street! At that age, it didn't really strike me as unusual that girls and women would sho! wer here, literally in the street, and the toilets were in the same area, all doorless. Looking back, it seems strangely unguarded, but then it was just what was there, and one got on with one's business. I was painfully pee-shy in those days, of course, but I didn't need to go, fortunately...

I've had some excellent outdoor wees lately, in the warm evenings I've watered my back lawn under the stars, which has been truly a delightful experience. And I did a really huge dump this morning... Not that dinner was especially big, it must have been the lubricant in which the two buckets of popcorn were cooked! The dump felt great and was a big heap of toffee-coloured smoothies...

mike of md
1. How many of yu ladies pull your panties to the knee to piss?
2. How many guys have seen a women piss outside of a bar or in a park?
3. Have you pissed outside at a campground?
4. Ladies do you always use tp after pissing if you have it?
5. Men do you always watch the waay your piss is going into the toilet or urinal?
6. Men and Ladies have you pissed on yourself in the shower or tub?
7. Have you ever forgot to lock the stall door and somebody pushed it open and saw you pissing or pooping?

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Odd sighting on Aus TV: a doll, marketted for christmas, which does everythig, including pee and poop! It comes with a training potty, and after feeding the doll a puree you sit it on the pot and -- yes, the doll depsoits the puree in the potty! And after feeding the doll liquid, it urinates! The commercial was so graphic, they showed the doll's diaper removed and the female genitals in a laid-back position producing a flattened, powerful stream of wee! I shook my head in amazement at the sheer propagandizement of little girls -- this topic would be verboten in any other context.

It's good to be back on the site!



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Hi all,

Trying to post again -- this message didn't go up the last two times, and I think the problem is my system is crashing...

It's been a while since I've swung by, and I've just enjoyed reading the last five or six pages of posts.

CAMALITA -- welcome back! It's great to hear from you again, and what a delightful poop-odyssey that was. Not even an audience, just a "solid performance" from our favorite latina!

LOUISE -- what a fantastic concerto of wee-fun you had that evening, three beautiful women and a hunk making puddles in an alley, then the evening and morning rounds as well. Words fail (more with envy than literary limitations!) And I LOVED that morning swimming pool bathroom pee, I just can't get enough of the delightfully outrageous image of three wonderful women filling the drain below a steel wall with yellow bubbles!

MEGAN & SARAH -- sorry to hear about the accident and the various misadventures associated with recovering from it, that's no good at all. Here's something to give you a smile: while looking at a map of souther England recently Ispotted a town name ... "Cullompton." I nearly peed myself laughing!

Monday, November 25, 2002

Re: the 1997 posts re use of soap as laxative-childhood memories

I am horrified that this is still going on and (elsewhere on the net) being recommended. As a child, until the age of 7.5, I was subjected to this (as well as enemas, manual removal, suppositories etc) by parents neurotic about my bowel habits. (If I was prone to constipation, they must take the blame for imposing a 'drug habit') In particular I recall, more than once, being attacked with the "soap stick" as a toddler as they were getting me out of the bath. At that age I still had no real conception of the importance of "going to the toilet" (their phrase) - but I knew I was being physically hurt, with no "pre-operative" explanation, with something that stung my arsehole even more than the dreaded glycerin suppository (or "jelly bomb{er}" to use their
phraseology - has anyone else heard of this).
These sort of incidents happened sporadically until I was 7.5 and was sent to hospital on susupicion of having an intestinal obstruction - one of my few remotely pleasant memories from that is a doctor telling my mother "you can't die of constipation" (presumably telling her how neurotic and obsessive she'd been for the past few years).

Because of this I have recently been informing medical/child health message boards that in my opinion - and I have had plenty of time to refelct on this - you should never, EVER, administer an enema/ suppository/whatever to a child not big enough to stick them in himself. To do so is tantamount to rape. (Is that clear enough?) There are always more humane remedies to choose from, and the fact it was once common practice does not excuse it.

Another time last year (when I was twelve) I was riding my bike home from school. I was hurrying because I had to poop and I had diarrhea. I went once in the morning at school because I don't mind the other girls hearing me fart or poop. Anyway, I reallr really had to go and didn't think I'd make it. Well, I was sort of right about that. About halfway home, I farted really loudly and some mushy poop came out and went in my panties. It was really gross. It wasn't much, just a little bit, but I was wearing these jeans that were tight on my butt, so it really got mushed up against my butt. I quickly rode the rest of the way home and went upstairs and sat on the toilet and had a lot of diarrhea. I looked in my panties while I was going and there was a little glob of poop squished in the seat. I finished pooping and wiped my butt which was really gross and pulled off my jeans and underpants. I held my underpants under the faucet in the bathtub to get most of the poop o! ut, then threw them and my jeans in the hamper. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist and went in my room and out on new panties and pants. That was a really gross experience! I don't know why some people like to poop their pants. I only did a little bit and thought it was nasty. I don't even like having my butt get wet, like sitting in water or something, much less having poop in my panties! Yuck.

Louise and Damsel
Hello everybody!
My mum is not here today but my sister is with me. We tried writing a letter on Friday but it did not get on.

Hi, everyone. When I awakened this morning I did something I like to do to wake my boyfriend up. He was still in bed. Not asleep, but the alarm had gone off, and he was sorry he could sleep longer. I kept the bedroom and bathroom doors ajar. I was standing over the toilet, and I was about to have a wee-wee. I began weeing, and I did not need them to aim my jet, I have had enough practice and I can confidently aim my jet into the centre of the toilet bowl water. I can say he was more awake now than from hearing the alarm clock.

ADRIAN - Hi!!! Louise here! Steve said he wished he had seen me, my mum and my sister weeing in the bucket. He likes the hearing sounds and not just watching. You know I did not really mind getting caught when I was having my wee, and it was better that it was me and not my sister because she would have been very embarrassed. She likes her boyfriend watching her wee. She has let Steve watch her too when we have been together. She is more shy than me and it was a gutsy thing for her to do when she let Steve watch.
Hello, Adrian. Is your urine infection better? I am keeping to my mum and Rizzo's advice and I am drinking more water and fruit juices than I have ever done before. I have seen how awful it can be to need to have a simple wee at times like that. My friend was 19 when she had a difficult bout of cystitis, and weeing hurt her. I've never had it but want to avoid getting it too, and at the moment I am at a higher risk. All I need to remind me is Rizzo's little post about the bacteria multiplying in the bladder, and I have a wee without holding it a long time. I think drinking more water and weeing more often must be good for preventing it but you must be unlucky to get an infection, being a man. I think Louise's advice to you is very good, and yes it is what our mum would say.
I agree with mum, I got a buzz from having a wee-wee in the bucket but at the same time I was petrified of being seen. Smile. Louise is a big tease and she enjoys getting caught, but I would have just died if the cleaner had seen me crouching with my knickers down. My mum and Louise always see the interesting places to pee. Yes, like mother like daughters. It just had to be done. Smile
Love Louise and Damsel XXXXX

KENDAL - Hi girl! Well I think you were a real friend to Eleanor when she had all that trouble with an upset stomach. You know it made me remember the start of my wedding day when I had the diarrhoea and my mum, my sister, and Jackie had to clean my bum for me when I had finished. It was not illness with me, it was nerves because I was getting married to my ideal man.
Well I hope Eleanor is getting better after all that liquid pooing and being sick. She will have lost a lot of water with all that diarrhoea and sick, so she will need to drink a lot to put back what she lost in the toilet.
Can you write another letter and let us know how she is? I bet though that it is one of those nasty bugs that lasts a day. There is some of that around in England just now.
Love Louise xx

MEGHAN - Hi girl! We are hoping you get better real soon. When you go for a wee, would it be better if you just stand up? Well I know it is hard to have a stand up poo as well but would it not help to stand and wee some times? Steve says hello and gives you a hug!
Louise Louise and Damsel!

Louise and Damsel.

While Louise is out with Steve, I am posting for the second time today.

I have a question I would like to ask uncircumcised men about how they pee. I am now very curious about it. I would normally blush bright red if I asked this of a man in person, but from the safety of the computer I'm going to come right out with it.
When my boyfriend was weeing on Sunday morning, I took hold of his penis and I had rolled his foreskin fully back behind the head. It made his jet come out pointing more downward, not as much out from the body, than when his foreskin is not behind the head. I am now used to where his jet will normally go, but this surprised me. As I was aiming him I didn't make a mess all over the rim of the toilet but I was not expecting the change in direction. I asked Louise if her Steve does the same, and she said he does, but we don't know if it is true with most uncircumcised men or not.
Can you tell me if the angle of your wee jet is different with your foreskin rolled fully back than when it isn't? Thank you for your replies. It is a question even our mum found hard to answer, but she thinks she has seen it too.

When I was a little girl, PV, I had a doll that cried but not one that could wee and crap! I've never heard of it, I think it would be too embarrassing for us in England.



BRYIAN: What a strange dream ! I think the only time I've seen string round some meat was a joint of beef my mum once cooked. Dad cut the string off though when he proceeded to carve it up and serve it out. All I can think of now is how funny it would have been if one of us had eaten the string as well and produced poops all strung together !! Love from Kendal x

I know Eleanor has posted. I'm presume its not here because the site hasn't been updated, given that it is your thanksgiving festivities. She answered some of the posts I know.

PV: Cullompton certainly exists, and I can tell you it is only a few short miles from where I live !! Hence why Andrew and I think it is so funny to use that name to describe a large, fat, plopping poo !! Love from Kendal x

MEGHAN: Your story was so funny, although it must have been distressing for you at the time. Hope you and Sarah and Robbie and Annie have a wonderful thanksgiving, and that your thanksgiving poo might be had without further "accidents" !! Lots of love from Kendal x

COUSIN: Now look what you have started ! Andrew wants to lay his hands on a copy of the Underground comedy movie now !! He has got his mate onto the situation. His mate has a very zany sense of humour, and would probably like the rest of the movie. However, Eleanor and I will have our viewing of it restricted to just the toilet bit ! Love from Kendal x

LOUISE: It's not that I'm brave that I tried to comfort Eleanor and be with her. Its just something that you do when you love your friends as I much do ! Love from Kendal x

The purpose of this post is to write about the movie that PRG told us about, SHOOT THE MOON. As Andrew said in his last post, it was on one of the movie channels here a week or two ago, and Eleanor and I ( and little Ellen ) watched it with Andrew. It is like a typical family scene, especially one dominated by so many girls I suppose. Everyone is trying to get ready for school, so everyone needs to use the bathroom at once. Its rather like Ellen and I share together on school days ! Two of the four girls are cleaning their teeth during the scene while one of the older ones is trying desperately to prepare breakfast for the rest because their Mother is tired and depressed and won't get out of bed. As one of the girls finishes cleaning her teeth she continues to arrange her clothing while walking out of the bathroom, and the camera follows her until it swings round to reveal a full shot of the youngest girl sitting on the toilet. That shot only lasts a couple of seconds i! f that, but if you freeze the picture, I found it to be a very realistic toilet sitting scene. She has got her jeans down below her knees, and her panties separately down, also below the knees, and is leaning forward with her elbows on her legs and her head cupped in her hands. She looks like she is concentrating on having a good poo ! However, the scene cuts to the girl in the kitchen raging at the rest to come and get their breakfast. Then it cuts back to the girl on the toilet who has now stood up and has pulled up her panties enough to hide her bits, but is seen finishing pulling up her panties the rest of the way, and then reaching down to pull up her jeans while shouting to her sister that she doesn't want any breakfast ! The short time elapsed proves that she must only have been having a wee, otherwise she would have been in the middle of wiping her bum, which wouldn't have been allowed to be shown I suppose ! Anyway, I thought it was good for realism, unlike the s! cene in "Paranoid" that Andrew let me watch. Jessica Alba definitely looks like she pretends to pull her panties down and doesn't even look as though she lifts up her tight fitting dress (all of this taking place below the camera shot ). I don't know about other ladies at this site, but if I have on a tight fitting dress or skirt, I have to wriggle around considerably to get it up high enough to do the job !!! I'm sure because it is only a little girl, most people here won't be interested in the "Shoot the Moon" scenes, and because it is Jessica Alba, COUSIN will be most interested in seeing "Paranoid" !!! You do hear some peeing noises in the paranoid scene.

Well, that's all folks ! Love to everyone xxxxxxxx

PS LINDA GS: Andrew is going to let me watch the two models in the Underground Comedy Movie when he gets his copy, or rather when his mate does ! Is it really worth while watching ? I've read Cousin's comments, but it would be good to hear about the scenes from your perspective. Will Drew be wasting his money ? Hope you reply soon. Eleanor, Andrew and I are all missing you. And we are really hoping to have a grandstand seat for your post thanksgiving poop, except Andrew, he's banned, no boys !!! Lots of love from Kendal xx

BUCKET: Q "When is the last time you farted?"

A About two seconds ago, a very long loud one, most unladylike ! Andrew said "Good God, its a wonder you didn't do a vertical take off with that one" !! Then he asked if I'd blown a hole in the sheets on his bed, seeing as I was sat on his bed at the time !! I said "No, but I think my panties have just landed outside your bedroom door" !!!

Hello everybody!

YOUNGGIRL - Hi girl! I know what you mean about having times your kidneys go berserk. Some days I get a day when I piss big time. As well as that, my husband has measured my flow when I have a big wee at nearly 40ml every second. That is when my pissing is at its peak, you know? It may be it will be a lower rate near when I get empty.
It may be you are a bit like me. I do hissing ribbons and big gushers a lot of the time, and my friends know how heavy I wee because they have seen me do it.
You are very resourceful making something like that to pee in like a urinal.

I had a fun wee last night with Steve, my sister and her boyfriend. We had all just been out for a little drink, and on the way home we went in an alley. My sister and me, we had jeans on but we wanted to stand, so we undid our jeans and we took them down to our knees with our thongs. We just had little tops on, and we stood facing the wall with our men. It was my sister's boyfriend, my sister, me and Steve all in a row. Well the men got their dicks out and they were ready. Well me and my sister, we splayed and lifted and we let rip. I had a big squirt and I really washed the wall. giggle My sister did a gusher too but it was not as heavy as mine. I had a bit of a look across at her boyfriend and his wee stream. I can not help it, I love watching men have a wee! Steve is just the best though so I looked at his willy squirting. Me and my sister had to push our pelvises forward a bit so we did not dribble down on our jeans when we were nearly finished. Well when we finishe! d we stepped back a little bit and I had a giggle with my sister because our men were looking at us because we had our pants down. They had shaken their dicks and put them away in their pants.
It was a bit romantic really because my wee had mixed with Steve's and my sister's wee had mixed with her boyfriend's.
Well my sister gave her boyfriend a kiss and a cuddle and I did with Steve. We went to our houses and I knew it was going to be as steamy for them as it was with me and Steve.

MIKE OF MD - Hi! I have some answers to your questions.
1. I often pull my knickers down to my knees when I piss. Sometimes I will just pull the crotch to the side, you know? It depends what I feel like doing.
2. Well I have pissed outside bars and in parks and I know I have had guys see me do it, and that is all right I do not mind. My husband Steve has seen quite a lot of girls pissing when we have been out at night, and I have seen some of them too.
3. I have never been camping so I have never peed outside at a campground. I bet I would wee outside if I went camping though. giggle
4. If I have some paper to wipe with when I have a wee then I use it but sometimes I have none like when I have a wee in an alley or somewhere.
5. I am not a man but I will answer this. I think a man has to watch where his wee is going in the toilet or urinal. If he does not then he will miss won't he? giggle I like watching how my husband wees if you want to know that.
6. Yeah, I have weed on myself. I have got my legs wet when I have weed in the shower with my feet tight together.
7. No I never forgot to lock the stall door but I forgot to close the door when I was on a photoshoot a few weeks ago. I was desperate for a huge piss and the photographer and his assistant saw me hovering over a toilet pissing a huge gusher.

PV - Hi girl! Yeah, I really liked the morning wee with my mum and my sister when we did it standing. I bet we will go back to the pool soon but my sister is a bit embarrassed about the episode with the bucket, but she did not get caught weeing by the cleaner. I did!!! giggle
You know I bet it would have been fun to wee in that open air shower area you wrote about in your 3 part letter. I do not know, I was a bit more shy when I was a little girl so it may be I would not have weed either.
Love Louise xx

I have to go get ready to go for a night out now! Steve will be home soon.


I am a 45 year old man and scat accompanied me during my entire life. I have to travel a lot.Therefore I have to stay very often in Hotels. It happens not seldom that a lady of the room service enters my room when I make my morning #2 after breakfast. Last week I stayed some days in a smaller hotel where a ???? older lady (appr. 55 Years old) was responsible for the room service. After the first night she entered my room without knocking at the door just when I pushed a big log out of my bum. "Good morning, Sir! My I make your room?" she said with a smiling face. Without waiting for my answer she passed the bathroom door and started to clean my room. I finished my BM and wiped my bum. I could see that she was lurking on me through the mirror in my room and must agree that I got aroused and wiped my bum very slowly with tp to give her a longer view. After I had finished I pulled up my trousers and looked at my BM before I flushed the toilet. Neither of us made any comment a! lthough her face showed that she must have enjoyed the show that I gave her. Next morning the same happened. At the same time when I wanted to do my #2 she entered the room. I had not yet started - as I must agree I expected her. "Good morning, Sir! May I make your room? I hope that I do not disturb you?" she said to me while she stood before the bathroom door and watched me. "Good morning! Oh no, no. If I may proceed everything is O.K. I really have a need this morning." With a smile on her face she went to the bed and started to make my room. After some louder farts I started to push. While the log slowly came out I moaned: Uaah! Ohhh! I could see her curiously watching me in the mirror again. All the time she looked at me. Depending on the size of my log it passed out slowlier as usual. After I had finished I stood up from the loo without wiping and pulled my trousers up. I looked at my log: deep brown, firm and appr. 13 cm long. `A good result´I thought by myself. With! out flushing the toilet I left the bathroom and went into my room and sat down before the table to write something. I wanted to see what would happen when the lady started to clean the bathroom. After appr. 5 minutes she had finished the room and the smell of my turd had meanwhile filled the whole room. She went into the bathroom. Straight to the loo she went and looked inside. "Now I can understand your need!" she remarked amazed into my direction, "really a big surprise, you present me this morning." I stood up and went into the bathroom. "Do you think so?" I replied. "Yes, sir! Believe me. I have my 25 years experience. This is not the first time that a man surprises me in this way. But I have seen worse results." I could hardly believe that she could talk that open to me about this matter. While we both looked into the toilet on my log I asked her: "Does the smell not bother you?" "No, sir. As I mentioned before. I have my experience and usually it is much worse. Your s! mell is O.K. I can really say: I like it!" I was astonished about her absolutely free behavior and was interested to hear more about her experience. "How often does it happen that a male guest leaves his log unflushed in the toilet?" I asked her. "Three, four times a month, that is usual" she answered, "but I am lucky when they leave it in the loo! You cannot believe where I have found guests´ turds. Not only in the sink or in the tub, but also in the bed or in front of it. Once I even found one on the chair or at another day s similar big one was placed on the middle of the table. You know we are a small hotel and the service is that of a small hotel. So if a male guest stays here only for one night and is not content with anything in the hotel, it is not that seldom that he leaves his complaint in this way in the room. So believe me I am used to see men´s turd all over the 25 years I am working as a room maid. Shall I flush it away now!" "Yes, thank you!" I answered, turne! d round and left the bathroom and a short time later my room. That whole day I thought of the lady, what she had said, how she had behaved and what could happen the next mornings. I at least had to stay for two more days in that hotel.
If your are interested I tell you more about the next two mornings shortly. But please tell me if something similar happened to you.

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