today was so gross, i went swimming at the big pool in the rec center and this kid pooped his pants in the pool, i was in there when he did it. i saw it happen cause he told me before he did it. he said i have to poop, and he couldnt swimm to the side to get out without taking his hand off his but, then it happened, a bunch of bubbles came up and then a big brown cloud came up from his but, the water started turning brown all over, i swam as fast as i could to get out but the brown caught up with me, i ran to the showers fast. everyone in the pool came in to get clean, they closed the pool. the boy that pooped came in and everyone was looking at him with mad faces, i felt sorry for him a little but i was mad cause we couldnt swim anymore. oh well maybe i willget to swim at home in our little kiddie pool. bye

This is something I heard regarding bladder capascity that I think is accurate based on what I've heard but I'd like to know whateveryone else thinks.

My experience has been that both men and women are able to output 800 - 1,000 ccís of urine, but more often itís men who put out this much. The usual amount excreted by men is 400 - 600 ccs. The usual amount for women is 120 -360 ccs (average 240 ccs) So women generally pee more often, but in smaller amounts then men.

So it seems women go to the bathroom 2-3 as often as men or have a bladder capascity slightly less or at least don't hold it as long.It does however seem women can often hold in #2 longer.I believe this is partly horomonal and partly instinct.When a guy sits on a tiolet he is usually pooping so it's almost like conditioning.After years of only sitting on the tiolet to crap when a guy sits on the tiolet it's probably instinctual to feel like taking a dump.A girl(well most anyway lol) however would be more used to doing #1 when sitting on the tiolet than#2.Since they do both sitting(usually)the body is less conditioned to do just one.I know in response to a question I once asked one woman replied that sometimes when she sits to pee she can't help but start to take a crap as well.I believe because by sitting in a more relaxed position makes people have to go more.I've also heard that women tend to get constipated more so perhaps that's why women can seem to hold in #2 more.! I'm just wondering what everyone else thinks.

I also have a question for everyone-would you rather pee more if you could hold in your crap longer?Like would you be willing to decrease your bladder capascity in order to have greater capascity to hold in #2.I find holding in #2 easier than #1 so I'd say no in answer to my question.I'm interested in what everyoneAlso does anyone else have dreams about being the opposite gender and trying to use the bathroom.I have weird dreams where I'm a girl trying to use a urinal.Does anyone else have dreams like this?

For Jack: I enjoyed your story, as you know it. Did you have any stories about see a girl pee/poop outdoor? There is nobody of the girls here who has told anything about their outdoor pooing/peeing. I would like to hear little about other girls who go out to poo/pee also from their self or any story other girl/boys have seen of girl who do it outdoor. if you understand. But know a new story from Norway as you want. Me, my sister (14) and my friend Lisa (16) was at a travelling funfair who has entered our town in month of may.(The month befor june. I dont know if it writes may, I dont find that month in my word book) We must all do our bussines. We find our way back one of the trailers who standing parking there. I must poo and pee, my sister must poo and pee and my friend must pee. My friend pulled first down her panties and pee. She wiped with leaf. After my friend sat I down to pe and poo. I pooed four long logs. Then I pee for a minute. I had drink a lot that night. And s! o had my sister who pee after me. And then she pooed. But right when she pressed out a big log (like the day behind the bushes when mother seen us) came a girl from my sisters clas and passed. I dont think I have said it before, but actually we been lecherous/randy (I dont know where we use the words) of peeing and shitting outside like many is that when they pee/poo their panties. As a ad'dition to that we been lecherous/randy when we get caught/seen to. (can anybody explain the difference when we use the word lecherous/randy?) Now i complete my story. My sister been lecherous/randy when she poo. And extra, if you know what I mean, when she been seen at the same time. The girl who see my sister stoped in a few second and just stare at my sister before she blush, stem a sorry and go away. My sister listen to the girl at school when she stay hidden and talk to none of her friends and she said she liked what she see that night at the funfair. My sister said that she thinked s! he liked it better who do it but the girl who seen her. But she think it was fun for the girl who seen her to. She like to se other girls do the same like me and my friend. Me and my friend Lisa said to her in full seriousness that we was envious of her.

This story has been taking over an hour to write. I am tired of english/norwegian wordbook. I feel my english was very bad this time but i hope you understand it. Give a response to my english to so I know if you understand it.

Ps. If there soon come a outdoor story from another girl its my sister who know about this site but dont have write anybody yet. Maybe shes write to the week she said. Untill next time, have a nice outdoor/toilet poo.


Donnie M.
I've posted a few times before and dont remember if I mentiond this little item.
I had worked in many places when I was young, you know you get a job and work for a few months or a year then get laid off or quit or sometrhing happens.
I worked in this one Steel Mill. It was a sweat shop, it had a union but still it was a bad place to work.
You got a bathroom break like at 10AM when you worked 7 tp 3 amd I sometimes would need to take a crap.
I got into the locker/restooms and find a stall. No doors, like 6 lined up in a row. Ok so I drop my pants and sit down on the seat. Surprise! The seats were enlongated, like oval shaped with a cut out in the front, the thing was like a big horseshoe shape. But on the seat on the sides, just where your pelvic bones would normally sort of dip into the toilet seat, there were hard raised humps. When you sat down, it actually hurt. The longer you sat the worse it got. You sit down, take your shit and get out cause it hurts to sit and like some places, read a book for a bit or paper. I know that a few times I had to take an emergency shit not on breaktime, and sat down on one of those seats and while hurting I had to unload hot stinky sticky shit. Probably from the beers and sausage I had the night before was the cause. While sitting there for about 5 minutes, the Foreman, actually came into the bathoom to check up on whomever was in there-and had a STOPWATCH!! Im! not making this up, this jerk had the gall to check how long you spent crapping in the place. He was actually timing workers and how long they were in the bathroom doing some business. He would say, "better hurry up, get with it". Between this sort of treatment and the humped toilet seat, it was no fun working there or taking a shit on commpany time.
Well it didnt take too long like about a month I just quit. I cant see how any big company with a union yet could do this. I wondered if those seats were illegal?
Needless to say as the comapny was around for a long time they did go bankrupt and are out of business now. What a nasty sicko bunch of idiots that ran that place, all in the search for money, and company profits.
Anyone ever run into those humped toiet seats, amd any stories?

Oh also I might add this little tidbit- I was in the army and many times you might go out and go to the town and have some brews and come back and then hit the sack.
Later that night you might wake up and have a full bladder and have to pee rather bad, so you get up and head for the bathrooms. (whereI was stationed we had dorms with several big central washrooms)
So this one nite I get up and trot out the hall into the washroom and find a toilet stall. I felt also I might have some wet farts so I decided to sit down. Opps,, I backed to the seat and plopped down, half asleep and still a little tipsy.
The toilet seat was left up. I plopped right down into the toilet bowl, and those being there were rather large my ass dropped right into the water. I woke up in a hurry. Dried off my butt and let out a few beer farts and went back to bed after peeing.
Anyone ever have this happen? LOL

8th guy
okay well my ex g/f was 14 at the time and we used to have her and her younger bro (my age) over monday tuesdays and wednesdays, and we would go into the mall or fun stuff like that sometimes, well this particular day, on the way back she had to pee realy bad, and we had to take her to her youth group at church so we stopped by there since it was almost time so she could pee. it was locked but the youth leader was there so i took the keys from her walked up to the church door and purposly tried everykey twice!!! hehehe and i think she must've got a spurt of pee into her shorts cause all of a sudden she grabs the keys and runs to the toilet, my sis (she played with her when we took care of them) went with her to the toilet, and my sis told me what happened, she had peed her pants a little before she made it, but ont all the way. okay ,now my friend orange, just peed her pants twice, one day she said she was just sitting therein her chair and decided to just let ig go. and! she peed right there!!! she then went to the shower and stuff, and the next day we were talking online about what i did the night before (yet to be written) and i said why don't you go outside and pee your pants and then spray yourslef of with the hose, so she went outside, sat in a lawnchair and just peed forever. and then she went back inside (her mom was in the shower) and she changed and stuff. but yeah she's pretty cool to do something like that. now here's what we were talking about, the night before i had to pee my pants to keep the game evn, so i kept trying to pee (it was at night by the way) and nothing happend, then i got in bed puched really hard and a farted a wet one so i decided i'd better go to the toilet and poop so i didn't poop mypants. but i got there and couldn't poop without peeing and i wanted to pee, so i went back to my room and pushed and pushed and i pooped my pants, oh my gosh, it gave me such a rush it felt so weird, then i cleaned up and w! rote orange and told her what i did (se thinks pooping is gross for the record) and then i went back to my room and peed a gallon. it felt so good. and then the next day i was home alone on the pc, and i wanted to pee so i let some pressure of my bladder and i peed about a1/2 a cup of pee and it didn't get on my jeans yet but i decided to go upstairs so i ddin't get it on the computer seat. then i went up stiars and peed my pants sooooooooo much!!! and i was crossing my legs so my jeans would catch the pee and keep it off the carpet, and then it dripped on the floor a bit so i went outside and did the rest there. i peed about 2 liters, i'm not jokin!!! it felt soo good, ahhh i just peed my pants a little...that felt good. not much just a little, okay well i'm gonna go let me know if you like the stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks and i'll be back soon i hope!
8th guy
ps again i ask does anyone have any suggestions on ohw i should pee my pants?????? i'd appreciate it

To Jimm: Do it if you want..its cool

To Jason: Liked that story

To Lewis: Liked your story..hope you had fun pooping in your diaper! How old are you? where are you from? You must be on the east coast if you went to near baltimore

To pooping panties girl: Liked your story about those guys behind them..did they actully see what you did?

To David: Liked your story

To Infantry PFC: Liked your story...that reminds me i had this one babysitter when i was maybe 10 or so and i remember several times she'd be over my house and have to poop and she'd take the phone in with her and talk

To CC: When you woke up after those dreams did you have to pee or poop?

To Unnamed poster: LOL thats funny about martha stewart

To Cloud: Liked your should have said something to the guy that would have been cool. You guys/gals can get away w/ peeing your bathing suits cause you only get wet and know one can tell you've peed your self unless your parents inspect your bathing suites.

To leather pants girl: Thats ok you thought i was a girl that used to happen to me on the phone ppl thought i was a female.

To somekindofchick: Never heard of doing that for a doctor

To Brown Love: Never seen that...what is WWE?

To Runny Man(Running Man): Liked your story

To Kimmy: Nice story

To Jack: Liked your story

Russell S. (AR)

To Emily: After reading your recent posting, it sounds like your mom needs to be taken into custody, for child abuse. Given the facts, she was acting more like a military drill sargent, in the Army or Marines, other than a loving and caring mother. I used to live nextdoor to a family of six, and the father was 110% abusive! I almost turned him in to the local authorities, because he was just so violent. He even had the nerve to tell me that my audio system was too loud, and he actually did call the local police to my residence one afternoon. I will not go into details about it, but I will tell you I am relieved that I am no longer living at that address. Besides, that place was a real dump, and I was more than embarrassed to be living there at the time.

Anyway, Emily, if I were you, I would see about talking to the local authorities in your area about your mother's abusive treatment toward you after your date with what sounds like a real jerk.

Now for my latest poop story. This one primarily involved one of my younger female cousins, back when she was four and I was six, during the year 1977. We were both visiting my grandma's house, out on the outskirts of Tyler, Texas. Anyway, about mid-afternoon, shortly after lunch, my cousin announced to both me and my grandma that she needed to, and I quote, "go have a poo-poo." This made me feel excited, since I have always been interested in watching a female have a major BM. however, my grandma would not allow me in the bathroom with my cousin, and so I stood in the den, with a clear view of my cousin sitting on the toilet. By the way, her name is Laurie, and she is now married. Anyway, during the entire time Laurie was sitting on the toilet, she was grunting as if she was in labor, and she was only four. She must have sat there for at least ten minutes, while my grandma assisted her. No, my grandma did not help to pull the BM from Laurie's bottom, but she did ! stand by to coax Laurie along. Well, once Laurie was finished, I was allowed to come in to check the output of her "labor." I could not believe my eyes, for my four-year-old cousin had just "delivered" a MASSIVE BM--that looked as if it was 16 inches long and 2.25 inches in thickness!! I said, "WOW, Laurie! No wonder you were pushing so hard! I could never top that!" I then asked her if I could have the honor of flushing her production, but she said she wanted to do this. However, being just a kid, I flushed it anyway, and in turn got yelled at by my grandma for my disobedience. Oh, well. But then, I recall that Laurie forgave me, later on during the day, as we were picking blackberries, in my grandma's garden.

I will admit that even as a little girl, Laurie was a knockout. I do not get to see her as much today, because she now has a life with her husband, and they both live in the Houston area. The last time I saw Laurie was seven years ago, in Tyler, while attending a party for my older female cousin--known is Ginger, who was turning 40 at the time. I must admit that although she is a very loving person, Ginger is not near as attractive as Laurie is. Ginger is dangerously overweight. However, she is married to one of the coolest guys in our family, a self-employed studio production engineer named Troy. He and I share a common interest in professional audio products, such as Mackie Designs mixing boards and broadcast-style DENON CD-Cart players.

Well, folks, that is all for this time around. Again, Emily, I would see about having your mother taken into custody, because such abusive treatment toward you should NOT be tolerated--anytime or anywhere. Anyway, everybody take good care, and I look forward to reading your latest posts. Have a good summer.

Best Regards,

Russell S. (AR)

EMILY -- I posted concerning your "accident" at the hands of your boyfriend -- unfortunately it didn't get past our diligent Moderator, as my opinions were somewhat strong as to both your boyfriend and your Mom. Basically, you have my absolute support and sympathy in this situation...

Hey all, I had a fantastic dump yesterday! I find if I hold it even a short while I seem to get bigger loads, as if the matter compacts a bit... Well, I knew it would be a healthy load but I was not expecting what popped out of my bottom. After a small pre-load chunk I started to pass a brown tail of what is for me serious proportions -- over an inch thick, maybe 1.25", and it flowed out fast, smooth and straight, without tapering at all. It hit the water and kept on going, actually started to turn over at the bottom of the bowl before it dropped free. I'm estimating around 15" long. That was really nice! Oh, and I did another squat-wee in the bath that afternoon too, which was lots of fun.



BLUTO: I've been reading here for a while at this site, and your story hit me right between the eyes. I'm 17 and from the UK. When I was around 10 years old, I used to go and visit my grandma. Occasionally, the girl who lived next door to grandma would be there visiting her as well. Her name was Mel, and she was about 6 or 7. She started seeing my grandma regularly right after her own grandma died. My grandma became her substitute grandma, and seeing as my grandma doesn't have any grand daughters, just me, and my three boy cousins, she was more than happy to adopt the pretty little girl from next door. Grandma had a large garden, lots of bushes and trees, an apple orchard even. It was a haven for games of hide and seek, which is what I often played with Mel. Many times we would stop the game for her to go inside to use the toilet. However, there was one day right at the start of the summer holidays when I was seeking Mel and I spotted her behind a bush. She didn't see me. I! kept seeing her peep from around it to spot me, but I wasn't anywhere in the direction she was looking. She was hopping about quite a bit. Then all of a sudden, after checking if I was coming or not from where she thought I was, she began to undo her shorts, and she pulled them and her knickers down and squatted and had a wee right there on the grass. I got to see everything, and I was completely and utterly captivated ! I waited while she had finished and pulled her shorts back up again, then I came out from where I had been. She saw me straight away, grinning. She asked me "Did you just see me wee" ? I said yes. I thought at first she was going to cry, then she just went red, and then smiled herself. The next few days of the holiday you couldn't keep me away from grandma's !! I so hoped to see her wee again. But when it did happen, it was out of the blue and unexpected. We had finished playing really, and were just sitting on the bank side over looking the stream that ! ran across the bottom of Grandma's garden. Mel then announced she needed a wee, and began to take down her shorts. I asked her what she was doing. And she said "You've seen me wee before, so I thought i'd just do it here", and boy did she wee a bucket full. I was in seventh heaven !! This happened three or four more times outside. Then one day it was raining, so we were inside. Grandma, just went out to see her other next door neighbour, and left us alone watching tv. Mel got up saying she needed a wee, and disappeared upstairs. She didn't ask me to go with her. But I followed her anyway. She looked behind her as she got to the top of the stairs and saw me just about to climb them. She smiled but didn't ask what I was doing. When I got to the top of the stairs, I peeped round the corner to find that she had left the bathroom door wide open, and was now sitting on the toilet with the dress she was wearing lifted right up over her stomach, and her knickers pulled down to her ! knees. I could hear her wee tinkling in the water. And she did it all staring at me. She sat for another 10 or 15 seconds after her wee stopped, still staring at me, but more intensely. Then she suddenly panted. "I thought I needed a poo as well, but I can't do one", she announced ! The thought of her having a poo nearly made me faint on the spot ! But she didn't, so that was that. Just two or three days later, I was in the garden with a couple of friends, both male. Mel came and joined us, but they weren't interested in playing with a girl. After a while she came up to me and beckoned me to let her whisper in my ear. The lads all teased "Pidge has got a girlfriend" ! She told me she wanted the toilet. I made no response, feeling awkward in front of my friends. Then she beckoned me again. More teasing from my friends ! "I want a poo", she whispered. My heart missed a beat. God, I so wanted to go with her, but I didn't want to lose face with my mates. So I told her "So go! then". She was clearly upset that I had rejected going with her, and was gone for 15 or 20 minutes or so. The whole time I wished I had gone. I couldn't concentrate on the game I was playing with my friends. I just thought about her sitting on the toilet all that time, pushing out an endless length of poo, wondering how many plops she made, and what they would have sounded like. I know I'm a boy, but I could have cried !! The thing is, Mel then knew she was moving away. She had come round really to say goodbye, and to let me watch her on the toilet for one last time. It is 7 years since she left, and I am still haunted at the opportunity lost. And Bluto, your story brought it all back again, and your description of the garden of Eden closing up was so apt ! I just had to write and tell you my experience.

KENDAL: Where have you gone ? I have so enjoyed your stories and your cousin Andrew's. Those descriptions of how you hold your dresses right up in the air so reminded me of Mel. And you are about the age that Mel would be now. So you have become my sort of Mel substitute ! I hope you don't mind.

Sarah S
Hi Friends!
I have finally moved in and gotten settled. I had a house warming party(hen party, PV) and Meg helped me. I had most of my girlfriends from school here and it was a blast. I wished that my girl friends and family here could have been present. Ina, Kendal, PV, Jane, Ephermal, Damsel, Louise( I know you couldn't have come ), Diana, Kimmie, Carmalita, LindaGS, and all of the others. You were there in spirit. Well, the party was roaring on and the toilet was always in use. It was funny that no one bothered to close the door. I saw what I thought was a shy girl pull down her jeans, squat over the bowl, and let loose a torrent stream of pee. She was giggling so much the pee got on the floor. Well, I went in and sat down. I had a great audience. I started peeing and let out a big trump. This made the girls all laugh. I finished and wiped my female bits. By-the-way; I let Andrew, Rizzo, Todd, Steve, and Scott in for a virtual audience. There was always a queue so everyone had an! audience. We consumed beer and beer. It was a great party. I am ready to get down to work. This is the first time Meg and I have been separated so it will take some adjusting but one grows up. Now for some replies.
INA: Hi there! I missed you and hope you are weeing up a storm. Talk to you later. Lots of Lovexx and hugs, Sarah
KENDAL, ANDREW, and ELLEN: Hi there! I have missed you and your toilet adventures. Please come back! Lots of Lovexxx Cousin Sarah
PV: Hi gal! As you saw above we had the hen party of death. Weeing women all about!! Hope you are fine in Aus! Lovexx Sarah
EPHERMAL: Enjoyed your last story. Glad you are ok! Lovexx Sarah

I need to get busy. I am so glad I am back and will post as often as I can. Love to all of the posters here!


potty girl
the other night i put on a pair of old panties and stood in the bathtub and just peed myself... i like the way it gushed through the silk material and ran down my legs. it felt really good. i like this site alot i thought i was weird about my thing with going to the bathroom but i don't anymore

Frirday, June 29, 2002

Hi again. I haven't posted in a while because of people constantly hanging out at my place. Anyway, right now i'm thinking about pooping my briefs, since I haven't pooped myself since i was maybe 12.
I enjoy this forum, reading about peoples experiences. I especially like stories about pulling up your pants without wiping (intentional or otherwise). If anyone has stories like that, please post them, i'd love to read them. I actually haven't done that in a while though..

Hi again---Last night I was taking a big dump and the phone rang. I let the machine pick it up but listened while I was farting and letting out a few logs. It was my girlfriend--I ran in holding toliet paper to my butt to pick up the phone and smooch. I told her what I was doing and she even described her last doody!

leather pants girl
Today at the mall i needed to pee, made my way to the washrooms went into the second stall and lifted my skirt and dropped my black panties sat down and peed a gallon farted twice. It was while in there i noticed on the floor of my stall a pair of mens jocky briefs white with a black waist band around them size medium and they were pooped compleatly. iam wondering if some female wears them and had an accident or some low life guy sneaked in to the ladies toilets and dropped his load. anyway they smelt pretty bad.

Althea shits more than anybody else i know :-)

It Happened, I went a few weeks without my parents finding out about any accidents. My dad told my the next time I mess my pants I have to wear diapers for a month. On the last day of school i blew it. I had to poop early in the day, but i held it, because I don't like pooping at school. I ending up holding it all day. The bus ride home was painful. My sister Stacy was sitting with me. She didn't say anything, but I could tell she really had to pee. I hobbled home from our bus stop, Stacy ran. I thought i would make it, but it would be close. When I got to the house Stacy was ringing the bell for my mom to unlock the door. We didn't know it but our mom was in the shower and couldn't hear the bell. Stacey kept ringing and pounding on the door. Then she gasped and I saw a big stain start to form on her jeans. she started to cry. Just then my mom opened the door, Stacy pushed he out of the way an ran to the bathroom. She locked herself inside. I begged her to let m! e in so I could poop. Then I flet The warm stinky log push its way out into my briefs. I got scared about what my parents would do to me. When my dad got home my dad said that both Stacy and me would have to wear diapers for a month. Secrety, I think it is pretty cool, I don't have to worry about accidents, and none of my freinds will find out, my parents won't tell anybody, Stacy won't because she has to wear them to. My other sister Jen is going to some arts camp for the summer, so she will never find out.


I have a story like yours. In 7th grade Shop class this kid Billy got in trouble. This kid was kind of a bully, even though he wasn't very big. He made fun of me when I wet my pants on the bus when we took a feild trip to baltimore. This day made up for that. He had to stand in the corner for the whole class. He started to squrim and asked to go to the bathroom, the teacher said no. He asked again ten minutes later and was denied again. I'll never forget this, he started saying "oh man" over and over again faster and faster untill he was just saying "ohmanohmanohman" and almost crying. He started to pee his pants. He was wearing tan kaki pants. when his was done the whole front was wet and there was a big puddle on the floor. His pants were so wet you could see his underwear through them. He never picked on anybody ever again.

bye now, I'm going to go crap my diaper.

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