Hey, i'm 16 and have 3 sisters. Me, my sisters and my parents were all in mexico, and we were all having a good time. We stopped some place, ate, and I haden't been told about the bad water. I saw a drinking fountain, so when my coke was gone, I took lots of water from it. It was a hot day. Then we all got back in the car, and were driving some other city. It was about a 4 hour drive. About an hour into the drive, I got these horrible cramps. I didn't know it was going to develop into bad diarrhea yet. We were on the highway, and my dad, who kinda knows the area, got on a side road to take a shortcut. About 30 minutes later, I started to fidgit. I asked him if we could stop somewhere where I could go to the bathroom, but he said no. There's not a place for miles. He asked if I could hold it, and I said I'd try. A little while later, the urge became unbearable. I asked if he could pull over. He said no, we should be getting to a main road any minute. Suddenly, I felt the urge! to fart. I let it out, and it was a wet one. It splatched into my tidy whites. I said "dad, stop! i'm shitting my pants!" he slowed, but the stream of slippery shit was running out into my crotch. It was only a little stream, but still major. I fidgited with the door lock, finally getting out. I ran over to the nearest part of desert, and reached down to un do my pants. Suddenly my zipper was stuck! I was filling my pants, and my zipper was stuck! I tried and tried, so I just tried to pull them down. No use. It was so hard keeping it all in, I just let it go. Suddenly a wave of watery, greasy shit shot out and filled my underwear to the edges and the water still came out. Shocked, I waddled to the car, my whole family knowing what I did. They made me sit on a piece of paper, and for the next 30 minutes, I sat in my own shit pile. We finally hit the road, but we ended up not coming to a gas station in about 100 miles. I shit at least 6 more times, and my pants were ruined, a! nd it was totally embarassing.

Did CoCo cheat me, did she commited fraud? Man, that chick ripped me off blind. You see, I has so turned on, so excited by seeing that amazon beauty poop that I was not paying attention, you see, that's when they strike. I had left my wallet on my bedside table and that was all the oportunity she needed. also, she offered me an all-nighter for only $250.00, I should have known that was too good to be true, a whale, a real big fat whale I was. To adrian, are these ladies professional, well, it's pretty much an unregulated industry here in the states, so you get a lot of those women from the "HOOD" if ya know what I mean. It's some what of a risk to get pleasure you know. One interesting point; Back about 10 years ago when I peeped at the ladies, most states had no laws about peeping, yet if someone stole someone's credit card (fraud) or some similar crime, they throw the book at you. Now, many states have toughened laws regarding privacy and stuff like that. That's why I g ave that up and started going the pay route, the mirror was just too risky. No harm no foul, they just issued me another card with a 25% interest rate. To Historian: Suppose you cannot wait 3 years or so to get to know a woman well enough to ask her to let you rub her ???? while she shits. Some of us guys want it and need it NOW! Like alcahol, it gets addicting you know. You might go 2 years and she still might say no. The idea is to inlist the services of a lady as a stop gap measure until you can land yourself a longterm pooping girlfriend or wife. And hey, the prices are not bad right now, about $100.00 - $150.00 hr. I love women, and I love to watch them poop so the pain is well worth it as far as I am concerned. catch ya on the rebound. Rick.

What A GREAT photo today !!
It's a bit like a shit I've just had. I sat on the bog, let loose
one almighty fart, and saw about five small soft turds in the water.
I NEVER even knew I'd shit.
Anyone heard from Carmalita ? Where has she got to ? She had some of the best pooping stories I've read anywhere.
SCARLET : Yeah I know what it's like when your partner doesn't have the same 'tastes' as you do. I love my wife dearly, but I often wish I hadn't rushed into marriage. Trouble is, when you're overweight like me,you tend to feel a bit uptight about it and after so many attempts at picking up girls when I was younger, I'd almost given up. After looking back, I realise I was trying too hard.
UPSTATE DAVE: Enjoyed your hicking shit story !
Samantha : Yeah I often have a huge dump, which I hardly notice coming out. Other times I'll have a fatter shit, which hurts like hell.
Question: How many women like having their partners wipe them after they have a crap ? What ages are they ? and when did you first shit in front of someone and have them wipe you afterwards ?

To Upstate Dave: I loved your story..when you heard someone making noises out there, i thought for sure you were gonna say you caught someone pooping. Its cool what happened to you

To HAZEL: I liked your story...When your about to have an accident run towards the bathroom..out of the way of other people. You should rinse your messy underwear/clothes out. put them in a bag, take them home and wash them. Can't help you with the other questions.don't know. I my self had had a diahreaha accident a while back.

To some guy: I liked your story

To sara: I liked your airplane story

The other night i was at a story and i over heard 2 female empoyees talking. The 1 woman said to the other you feel better now? She said no.... then the other girl said would you like to try fruit? she said no...i kinda thought maybe she was constipated? What do you all think?

Then this morning on the radio i heard some guy call the station and he was saying something about being in mexico, i assume he was at a party and was drinking. He went to the bathroom to pee or something and forgot every thing that happend...I forget the story exactly....and he woke up and somethng wasn't right. I forget
it was on a Washington D.C. station(dc101.1)

To Jenny: I know an online friend who says he wears diapers.
To James: Loved your story..i love finding corn in pooop or any
other undigested you?

To Redneck: I liked your story

Jacob G. in Florida
ZIP: I love your posts about your experiences at Home Depot. The Home Depot near where I live has a restroom with four stalls. A while back, (and I think I may have posted about this a long time ago) I was at the urinal and a guy was in one of the stalls, but the door was not closed completely. People kept walking up and pushing it open, apparently thinking it was a vacant stall. When they realized it was not, they would move on to the next stall. However, the guy did not shut the door. He kept it wide open. When I walked by, I glanced at the guy and noticed he appeared to be completely naked. As I washed my hands, I got more and more intrigued. I decided to go to the last stall for tissue to blow my nose. As I waked by again, I very discretely glanced at him out of the corner of my eye and realized he had on one of those one-piece jump suits, which was bunched up at his feet. It was interesting that he did not attempt to shut the door. Recently, one of the stall! doors broke off and has not been repaired. Almost every time I go in there, I notice that the seat is in the down position, so obviously, people are sitting on it. I would love to walk in and see someone sitting there, but so far, it has not happened.

Here is a story I promised the other day. Last weekend while shopping at a large bookstore, I headed to the restroom to pee. As I walked toward the back of the store, I glanced down the main aisle toward the entrance and saw an Asian guy walk in quickly and start looking around. Immediately, my instincts told me he was looking for the restroom. I slowed my pace a bit to see. Soon, he walked past me, stopped and looked around, then saw the restroom and headed towards it. My instincts were accurate! He was probably in his late 20s and had a small to medium frame and a pony tail. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I continued my approach to the restroom, then saw him walk in to it. Then, I heard the sound of the stall door slamming shut, so I knew he was probably going to shit. As I walked in, I could hear that he was already peeing, but I could tell by the muffled sound that he was sitting. I walked over to the urinal. This particular restroom is one of those! with highly reflective tile walls. It has one urinal and one large handicapped stall. As I stood at the urinal, I could see him sitting in an upright position with one hand on each knee. I could also clearly see his pony tail. Suddenly, he took a deep breath and starting grunting. He grunted loudly three times. They were rather short, but strong sounding grunts coming from the back of his throat. I heard tiny splashes, but I could not tell if it was tiny turds or tiny drops of pee splashing into the water. On the fourth grunt, he pulled his t-shirt high on his back and leaned forward, holding his head in his hands. I could really see the back of his butt on the seat. He did about three more grunts, but I did not hear any splashes. Then he leaned back, and I could tell he was pushing on his stomach (TIA ? remember your question #22). He grunted louder, and I could see his hands pressing into his stomach. Then, he leaned forward again and started grunting one aft! er another. His grunts took on a frustrated sound. By this point, I was washing my hands, so I do not know his sitting position. I was thoroughly enjoying listening to him grunt, but I had been in there long enough and did not want to overstay my welcome, so I left. I would have loved to find out if he was successful. I have two more stories to tell and will do so soon. Jacob G.

skater boy
does anyone have any storys of them in a family
restroom or a unisex bathroom that wasent made for 1
person,or any girls have a story about someone walking
in on u pooping

I have a question for everyone about peeing and a question about pooping:

The pee question is this. What is the longest amount of time it takes you to pee, measuring from the moment you start peeing to the moment the last few drops come out? I had to go really bad today, so bad that it hurt, and when I measured the time it took a full minute for all the peep to come out. I think the longest I ever measured was about a minute and a half.

The poo question is this. What color is everyone's poo? I know poo is usally brown, but is it dark brown, medium brown or kind of tan? Mine is usally medium brown, like the color of a cigar. Does anyone's poo come out a different color than brown? I have seen babies make poo that was kind of greenish, but I have never heard of a normal adult making poo that is any color than some shade of brown.

Anthony K.
Hello there. Why aren't there any new posts? Before class today, I was feeling a bit sleepy mainly because I had to take a big shit. So off I went to do it. I wanted to get there quick so I avoided those who had the potential to talk to me. Then I chose the farthest stall out of seven. I took of my pants, sat down and pppppppwwwwwwwwak. I farted. Then the longest and biggest turd came out slowly. I was leaning forward in relief. Then after about 10 seconds, the turd stopped coming. Then I heard some people come in. They came in to pee. Then after a minute. I farted and a small turd came out making a plopping sound. I heard the guys say: yuck that guys taking a shit. THen they left. THey were probably year eighters. Any guys my age please post.

Punk Rock Girl
Hello there!

Nothing exciting to report, just something noteworthy. I took a HUGE dump yesterday. One big load, then lots of smaller ones. It went on for a few minutes and felt fairly messy. But when I wiped, there was nothing on the paper. I mean NOTHING! Not even the faintest hint of a stain, and believe me, I looked. Weird, I don't think I've ever had such a clean crap before!

Has anyone ever farted while being intimate with someone? Oh, god. THe other night my boyfriend and I were making out. I laid down on the couch and he climbed on top of me. I didn't feel gassy or anything, but as soon as he laid on me, PPPPPPPPPFFFFFFRRRRTTTTTT! It was loud and long. I was so embarrassed. How inappropriate. He, of course, laughed until he almost wet his pants, but that made me laugh too and I felt better about it. I guess it's really not a big deal. Everyone farts, but there's a time and a place for it. Making out isn't one of them!

Well, bye for now. Enjoy your dumps everyone, because they're among the only things that are truly yours!



Infantry PFC
Historian: Good point. Maybe I should be looking for a girl first. The only problem is(call me wierd) that I just got out of a relationsip where I discovered that I was being used for sex, so now I have a bitter taste in my mouth about relationships and love.

Tony: Another good Idea, but being a soldier means that crimes commited be me are federal offenses. A womans poop isn't worth going to federal prison for.

Atlanta lady: You fart in the presence of men too! I went to Infantry school at ft. benning in Ga. and have never been to ATL for more than just the airport. I had to poop 3 times when I got there. I guess basic training scared the s**t out of me lol. keep posting your adventures. BTW where do you go to college? I have an ex who goes to spelman.

Since I have had bad luck with the ladies. what else should I do? I look like Nelly ( for those of you into rap music) I have muscles and many girls say that I am such a sweet guy. Why fate dealt me bad cards? I need more ideas. where should I look for the women more open to this suject?

Hi friends,

When my wife finishes her bm, she gives a visible shudder. She says that as long as she can remember she has experienced a shiver of pleasure going up her back after dropping the last jobbie. It happens to me too, sometimes.
Does anyone else feel the same?

Damsel, another spectacular wee-wee story from you! I must say that you were smartly dressed for the occasion! Good show! Cheers to you!

Frogdog, I have seen labels in three languages on the walls in the bathroom facilities of a camping site in France. Next to the water taps (faucets) it said: ‘Do not forget to screw off the water tap’. In the toilet cubicles next to the flushing-lever behind the bowl it said: ‘Here you have to press with force’. The German version was hilarious ‘Hier müssen Sie fest drücken’. How true, how true!

Hello dear Tim, I feel touched by your long letter. I do hope that the growth found in your colon was nipped in the bud. If it was still in the stage of a polyp, then that is not so much a cause for worry. But I realise that with your history the doctors want to be sure they keep ahead of things.
I enjoyed your story of Loewie pooing his nappies! You wish to read about our children when they were little? There’s not much to tell, but I’ll try. Our younger son was a real pooper, I mean, he shat really big soft loads, like a cow. When he sat in his high chair to be fed it usually went like this: after swallowing a few spoons of whatever baby food was ladled into his mouth, he would regularly go all pink in the face, lift himself up a bit, and then crap his nappies very audibly! It was as if the peristalsis of his oesophagus went all the way to his anus in one go! After the plate was finished, my wife would (I only dared to do this once!) poke fer finger into the top of his nappies at his back and pull them away to have a peek and check if they really had to be changed. Very often she would go ‘Ewww’ and then retrieve her finger coated in brown all the way to the second knuckle! Now we often travelled by plane. But because our sons were almost three years apart in ! age, we only had about two months of ‘overlap’ for two of them to be needing nappies. It was messy enough as it was. Invariably our youngest would release a semi liquid brown bomb into his nappies just after take-off. This could be managed quite easily. Landing was worse. Other babies wailed at the change in cabin pressure. Ours never did. They just shat. How often were we changing nappies in the front row, while the other passengers were already disembarking, filing past us, and looking down at some really pooed-up nappies and a shit-smothered brown baby bum! No, it wasn’t easy, but we took it all in our stride. I wouldn’t want to go through all that again though.
So here’s to you, keep up the battle, you have a very precious ally in your wife, and give her my fondest love too. Hugs from Rizzo.

Hello dear Kendal, does your brother Thomas poo that much too? He should be toddling around by now, nearly one year old. Be careful to sniff before you poke your finger into the back of his nappies! Or let Andrew have a sniff and watch his face. That should give you enough warning! Hugs, smooth ones today for you and another for Ellen, from your Uncle Rizzo.

Eleanor, dear, just in case you happen to be able to have a look at Andrew’s computer screen, you know what you could offer him for his birthday (it’s on Saturday next week), don’t you? Hint, hint! Let him listen outside the door (he won’t look if you don’t ask him to) when you drop a nice poo into the toilet. Give him all the sounds, like thwacking of elastic bands, little moans, tinkles, rustles, well, the whole concert of little but significant sounds. You don’t need to overdo it. But I can imagine that he would enjoy it most if you wore a pretty dress! You can be sure that he would be delighted. Best would be the black tiled bathroom, but I doubt if the timing allows for this. But do not feel in any way compelled to do this if you do not feel like it! My thoughts are with you, love from Rizzo.

Nealy, and Cheri, what an awesome wave of diarrhoea at your camp! And Cheri, I can well imagine how awful it must be to ski down the slopes with liquid shit running down inside your overalls and cooling in the tops of your ski boots! Ewww! You deserve my full sympathy.

Lawn Dogs Kid, thanks for transmitting Kendal’s and Ellen’s hugs. I am a lucky guy! And on top of that you gave a detailed account of listening to Kendal having one of her dainty poos! You are the lucky guy to be surrounded by girls who let you witness them on the toilet! Love to you from Rizzo.

Upstate Dave, great story with Barbie on Bear Mountain!!

OK, I’ll leave it at that. Have good poos everyone

Hi all,

I'm sorry I've been quiet lately -- I had a nice message which I've posted twice but I don't see it appearing on the board -- I thought it was on-topic but maybe there's something wrong I'm not spotting...

LOUISE & STEVE -- What an absolutely stunning piss-party for Steve in the showers! That must have been heaven come true, a two by two parade of weeing beauties all standing up and using the wall! The mind boggles! Steve, you comported yourself in ultimately gentlemanly fashion, but it must have been sooo sweet to be there, and be treated to such a gift!

Oh, and I'd like to echo your views on the circumcision question in every way. I had no idea there were such medical complications, and I can certainly see the need under those circumstances -- but no others, especially not the almost whimsical basis on which some people see the need. Echoing Louise -- keep your foreskin intact no matter what!

I had many comments in my post that disappeared down the black hole -- such a shame they're not appearing here!

INA -- great to know the stain from that wee on the rusty door is still there, that must have been some powerful pee! Thanks for thinking of me -- I often think of you, you know!

MEGHAN, SARAH & ANNIE -- I howled when I read your patio pishing contest, and would have loved to be there. Keep at it, gals, you'll get it right! And it's heaps of fun to practice!

I had a few intersting experiences lately. The weather has turned cold and a few days back when I went for my morning poo the seat was COLD. I didn't fancy sitting on it, so I pulled my leggings and panties down, backed over the toilet and bent my knees a little, reached behind and drew my buttocks apart with my hands, then relaxed and dropped four respectable depth-charges in the water, interspersed with a hovering-style wee. That was fun! I wiped standing up, pulled my things up and flushed.

And I've weed in the bathroom sink a few times too, a practical necessity as the loo was occupied -- good to know I can do it!

Hoping this one makes it to the board,


To all who love pooing in their pants: I'm the guy who wrote for the first time yesterday, and appeared after Redneck. Sorry if my 'post' did not make sense with reference to my 'numerical handle'. I put together this 'easy-to-remember' number made up of component numbers that have been important to me, including the figures from the registrations of two of my former cars of recent years. I need to remember it for writing these posts. I cannot understand why this did not appear at the start of my bit. Anyway, enough of that and back to the subject. After I had eaten my breakfast I became desperate for a poo. I was only wearing briefs and a T-shirt so I decided to let nature take over, and without any pushing on my part my briefs filled with hot poo. It was just like my accidental poo on the way home from school at 15. It was like a toothpate in consistency and there was lots and lots of it. It just kept coming. After I was done I looked in a mirror and it looked like a g rapefruit in the back of my briefs. I then sat on one of the kitchen stools in it. The way it squished in my briefs was an indescribable experience (known only to those of us who love using our pants as a toilet.) I quickly wiped the vinyl seat of the stool with a disinfectinted cloth and carefully made my way upstairs with my messed up briefs sticking to my butt for a shower. Look forward to more tales from some others of you pooing in your pants.
From .

I am a successful middle-age man, age 45, with a deep, dark secret which I have never told anyone about. My secret is that the thought or sight of women pooping is incredibly exciting and arousing to me. I have felt this way ever since I was a child. While other men may get excited by seeing a woman's breasts or by the thought of having sex, I get excited by thinking about a woman pooping. I don't feel this way about all women. I do not get aroused by my wife or daughters pooping, nor by any other close family members nor people I have known a really long time. I get aroused mainly by the thought of women pooping whom I have just met or don't know very well or don't really know at all. For example, just the thought of a famous actress like Sandra Bullock making poop is so incredibly exciting to me that I practically explode in my pants just visualizing it.

I know I am not alone in having these feelings because I have read comments by other men here who seem to react the same way. I am sure there are also women here who get aroused by the thought of seeing men poop. My question is: why do we feel this way? What is it about seeing the opposite sex have a bowel movement that is so arousing? Can anyone explain it? The closest I can come to guessing at why I feel this way is that it is exciting to see something that is usually so hidden and not talked about. As a man, I grew up with very limited exposure to members of the opposite sex going poop. Because it is sort of a forbidden fruit, it becomes something very erotic when I actually experience it. But is that all there is to it? Do we get so excited just because it is normally hidden?

As I said, I know other people here have these same feelings. Can anyone articulate why you get so aroused and excited by seeing the opposite sex perform a function that is really so universal and ordinary? After all, everyone does it.

To the anonymous guy whose mate poohed himself on parade in the army - please tell us - all the details!!

I had been out on maybe half a dozen dates with the woman who is now my wife. We had gotten to know each other pretty well but on this day as far as I was concerned we would shatter all records. We decided to go to an art gallery on a Saturday afternoon. I picked her up at her apt and we headed downtown on the freeway but there was a wreck and traffic was backed up. After we sat there for about 10 minutes she started to squirm and said she needed a bathroom and should have gone at home. I tried some small talk to get her mind off it which seemed to help. Finally traffic started to move and she said thru clenced teeth "good thing because I would have shit my pants if we waited much longer." What an incredible admission on her part, no woman had talked like that to me about herself before. About 10 mins later we had parked and were inside the gallery and she headed for the bathrooms. There were two unisex rooms and one must have been occupied. She went into the other ! one and came right back out again and said the door lock was broken and asked if I could help. I went inside and found that the little button on the door knob would not stay in. We went out and tried the other door but it was still locked. "Come in and hold the button in" she said. I could not believe what I was hearing. We went back inside, and I turned my back to her and held the button in. I could hear her taking her pants down and sitting down with a thud and some pee going into the bowl, and a slight sigh as the pee stopped, but nothing after that, and after about a minute my finger started to hurt where the point of the button was digging into my flesh. I reached into my pocket with my free hand and brought out a paper clip and jammed it in so it held the button in. Without turning around I said, "there that fixes it." Mandy said, "well don't go outside now, I am sitting here with everything exposed." Then she said, "Oh, jeeze Andy, you can turn around, haven! 't you ever seen somebody shit before?" I had to admit yes, but not a woman, it had been guys in school and so forth. Of course I did turn around and was captivated by the signt. Her pants and thong were down around her ankles and her cute round rear end was perched rather smartly on the seat. She smiled at me and kind of undulated her hips and rubbed her stomach. Did I mention she had tied the bottom part of her blouse around her midriff? "That's what happens when I wait too long. One minute I have to go real bad and then I can't go at all. It feels like my poop has gone back up inside."

"That is rediculous," I said. Just relax and stop straining." She sat some more. Then she took her handbag and got a tube of something out and put it on her finger and, bending over, she reached back and stuck it up her butt. I could see the whole thing from where I stood. Amazing. "It's just skin cream - I thought it might lube me a little, but it's awfully thin." she said. Then she continued with small talk about how she never minded taking a shit in front of her friends, and how she had this one boyfriend in high school who she used to buddy dump with. By this time I was in a high stage of agitation. I reached into my pocket and got a tube of Chap stick and said "here, try this." She looked at me kind of funny and said, "Ill bend forward and you do it." It's strange I didn't faint from excitement, but I dug a blob of it out and got the job done." As I inserted my finger she said, "reach up all the way and see if you can feel any poop up there" So I inserted! my finger to the hilt and, yup, "There's a big turd up there all right." That seemed to have a psycological effect. Mandy continued to bend forward and started making noises. Unggggghhh. Unggggh, Oh, it feels like it's starting to move now. Yeahhhh, here it comes.... Her sweet cheeks spread even more, and her hole opened slowly and to the accompaniement of a couple of farts and a greasy spluttering sound, out came this thick firm brown sausage about an inch or more in diameter and it just kept coming and coming. Along with a typical shit smell. Finally it broke off, but more kept coming, then she squeezed shut, opened again and more squishy stuff poured out. Finally she convulsed her pinkish-red asshole a couple of times, and reached for the TP and wiped several times, sat up, then stood and dressed herself. "Wow, look at that," she said. I preteneded indifference when looking into the bowl. Her enormous poop was curled around several times with the one large ! turd completely out of the water and onto the porcelain. "I never saw that much shit in my life," I said, "--I have never done that much." Her eyes twinkled and she laughed. We washed and went outside and looked at a few pictures on the wall and I said quietly, taking her buttcheek and discreetly squeezing, "I think we need to go to my house right away." She caught my drift and off we went. I am glad to report that a good pooping session with her is still a turn on almost five years later.

I didnt meant to say that if your wore boxers you might get your nuts twisted up, as a lot of guys wear them and have no trouble. But lets say you are wearing them and along with some friends you get up a basketball game for instance. All that jumping and running will let your balls swing pretty free and it can get uncomfortable
The majority of guys, as I understand, have the balls hanging uneven. t
The left nut hangs lower than the right one-if you didnt know take a look, you got " one hung low" lol.I think its that way to prevent twisting of the cords when walking and doing normal activities.
They also hang low to "cool" them off in hot water or weather, and pull up tight when
cold, shrink up to the body to conserve heat, Protects the little sperms.If you do get into sports and rough play it is known that the nuts can get the cords twisted up and cause a lot of pain.

Me for one like briefs as they hold it all in nicely, soak up a few drips off the weener when you pee and dont drain it completely, which is normal. They look better and you dont have your dik floppin about.
So hope this clears up any questions..

I thought it would be fun to answer Tia's questions !! Can't get Andrew to do it though !

1. Do you enjoy pooping? YES, I SUPPOSE I DO.
2. what is your favorite position when passing a BM? I LIKE TO SIT UP STRAIGHT.
3. Do you get stomach aches before you BM? Are they severe? NOT NORMALLY, AND NO
4. How many times a day do you poop? USUALLY ONCE, OCCASIONALLY TWICE
6. Do you find pooping relaxing? USUALLY, YES
7. Do you make grunting noises when pushing? Do you yell in pain when it hurts? NOT OFTEN. I PANT A BIT SOMETIMES. IT DOESN'T OFTEN HURT ME, IF AT ALL.
8. How often do you get constipated? NOT OFTEN AT ALL. I THINK THE LAST TIME WAS SEVERAL MONTHS AGO.
9. What was the longest time you were ever constipated for? I'VE NEVER BEEN LONGER THAN THREE DAYS WITHOUT A POO.
10. After being constipated or just having a difficult poop, and it finally comes out, do you ever yell of relief? IT DEPENDS IF ANYONE IS IN THE HOUSE !!
11. Do you get stomach aches often when you don't have to BM? If so, are they severe and how long do they last? NO
13. Do you look forward to taking a dump? NOT PARTICULARLY, UNLESS I'M NOT ON MY OWN !
14. What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)? I GET A "FULL" FEELING NEAR MY BOTTOM. OH (BLUSH), AND IF I MAKE A SMELLY TRUMP !
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a loooong dump because you feel week or tired? NO
17. Do you like taking as long as necessary on the bowl, or do you get it done as fast as possible? I SUPPOSE AS LONG AS NECESSARY. BUT THAT ISN'T USUALLY MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES.
18. When you are constipated or are having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself w/o taking a laxative? I JUST RELAX, WITH SOMETHING TO READ. IF I'M LUCKY AND ANDREW CAN COME WITH ME, WE JUST TALK. IF I TAKE MY MIND OFF IT, I OFTEN FIND I CAN ALL OF A SUDDEN GO !
20. How often do you have diahrea? NOT VERY OFTEN. I'M LUCKY. I DON'T THINK I'VE HAD IT AT ALL THIS YEAR.
21. When on the bowl taking a dump, what do you think is the most comfortable position (i.e. Leaning back, head between your knees, straight up with your hands on the side of the bowl, etc.) I SIT UPRIGHT. I USUALLY USE BOTH HANDS TO HOLD MY DRESS UP. IF I'M WEARING TROUSERS, THEN I CUP MY HANDS TOGETHER AND REST THEM BETWEEN MY LEGS, JUST BEHIND MY PANTIES.
22. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? IF IT IS A DIFFICULT POO, I WILL CROSS MY ARMS AND PUSH DOWN ON MY ????.
23. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help yourself poop? I RUB MY ARMS DOWN IT SOMETIMES, TO SORT OF ENCOURAGE MY POO DOWN !
24. How do you feel about having someone poop with you, like to keep you company? I REALLY ENJOY COMPANY, SO LONG AS IT IS THE RIGHT SORT !
25. How do you feel about someone talking you through constipation, a rough poop, diahrea, etc.? I LIKE TALKING TO SOMEONE, BUT NOT BEING TALKED THROUGH IT.
26. After a long, hard poop, diahrea, constipation, or even when you have the stomach flu/bug, would you enjoy a stomach massage? ANDREW HAS, ONCE OR TWICE, RUBBED MY ???? SO GENTLY FOR ME.
27. Do your stomach aches continue even after you have pooped? I DON'T GET STOMACH ACHES OFTEN.
28. How often do you get off the bowl, and then realize as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? Has this ever happened to you more than twice in a row (for the same dump)? OCCASIONALLY, I HAVE HAD TO GO BACK FIVE MINUTES LATER. I DON'T REMEMBER IT HAPPENING MORE THAN TWICE IN A ROW. ONLY EXCEPTION IS IF I HAVE GOT THE RUNS.

Love to everybody, especially Jane, welcome home and its good to see you back here again. and...

LINDA GS: Do you want Elena to kill me ?!!?! I suppose I might just flash my bum, very quickly. But no full moons !! Lots of love from Kendal xx PS: What about a story just for Andrew ?! XOSXOS !!

. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes very much.
2. what is your favorite position when passing a BM? When I have to push really hard I like to put my hands on my knees.
3. Do you get stomach aches before you BM? Are they severe? No only if I have gas.
4. How many times a day do you poop? Once.
5. What was the longest poop you ever did? To tell you the truth I probaly dont remember.
6. Do you find pooping relaxing? Yes.
7. Do you make grunting noises when pushing? Do you yell in pain when it hurts? Not very often at all. And only if the poop is really big
8. How often do you get constipated? Once or twice a year.
9. What was the longest time you were ever constipated for? Five days.
10. After being constipated or just having a difficult poop, and it finally comes out, do you ever yell of relief? Sigh but yelling not that often.
11. Do you get stomach aches often when you don't have to BM? If so, are they severe and how long do they last? Like I said before nope.
12. Are you gassy when you poop? Its not unusual for me to have gassy poop.
13. Do you look forward to taking a dump? Of course
14. What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)? I start farting and I get pressure on my anus.
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a loooong dump because you feel week or tired? nOpe.
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? Yep if I am constipated.
17. Do you like taking as long as necessary on the bowl, or do you get it done as fast as possible? I take as long as possible.
18. When you are constipated or are having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself w/o taking a laxative? I dont take laxataves.
19. Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry? When I was really little.(I am 13)
20. How often do you have diahrea? Once or twice a year.
21. When on the bowl taking a dump, what do you think is the most comfortable position (i.e. Leaning back, head between your knees, straight up with your hands on the side of the bowl, etc.)
22. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? No
23. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help yourself poop? No
24. How do you feel about having someone poop with you, like to keep you company? YES!!
25. How do you feel about someone talking you through constipation, a rough poop, diahrea, etc.? I would not like it.
26. After a long, hard poop, diahrea, constipation, or even when you have the stomach flu/bug, would you enjoy a stomach massage? No not really.
27. Do your stomach aches continue even after you have pooped? No
28. How often do you get off the bowl, and then realize as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? Has this ever happened to you more than twice in a row (for the same dump)? That always happens to me !!!!!

My Story
Tuesday my dad came from work around 7 oclock. My dad went in his room and I followed him then he gave me his pocket change. Then he started to strip. He did not care because we were comfortable with each other. And the first thing he always do when he come home is strip take a pupu and then a shower. This happens everyday so anyway he went in the bathroom and her the faint sound of him putting the toilet seat down. And hen we started talking then a few seconds later he let out a silent fart and there was some loud ass crackin. Then this is the part that got me hard he let out a WWWHHHOOOOOyyyyyyy. And then a big FLOMP. Then he let out a big sigh and then started to wipe.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

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