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This is what happened last night. I didn't feel very good about one o clock in the morning, but I didn't want to wake Keegan up because he had to get up early tomorrow, so I went alone to the bathroom. I knelt before the toilet, and soon I felt the vomit sliding slowly up my throat, and before I knew it my mouth was open and my entire frame was being slung forward with the intensity of my desperate heaving. I retched twice before anything came out, long and loud. On the third, my face contorted as it struggled with releasing the gurgling mass of partially-disgested food from my throat. The throw-up was speckly green in color, no doubt the result of myself pigging out on broccoli, and the constitution of the vomit was incredibley thick. There were large chunks of the fish that I had eaten as it all surged sloppily out of my mouth. By this time, tears were streaming down my face from the pressure of throwing up, and I had only a minute to breathe before I vomited again. ! This time the vomit came out a pudding-like brown, and before long there was nothing more exiting my body, even though I was still heaving. I sat back with an exhausted sigh, and it was then I noticed that I had thrown up all over myself. My frontal area was splattered with smelly chunky-green vomit. I felt a little bit better, so I decided to just take my shirt off. So I stripped, and went back into the bathroom. Soon I could feel my throat contracting again, and it caused my mouth to open wide as I gagged helplessly into the toilet, spewing only a bit of fluid. I decided that 'just in case' I was going to sleep in the bathroom, so I put a towel down by the toilet, and even though I shivered, I managed to get to sleep. In the morning Keegan was worried about me, and a little bit annoyed that I didn't tell him that I had been ill, but I just thought I was being considerate, and I'm alright now.

Hi Keegan!Well here as promised is the trip to my relatives!It was a 5 hour minimum trip so I knew at some point I would be in trouble!I had prepared myself by getting up early having a very light breakfast of toast and taking a long walk so hopefully I would fall asleep in the car and feel no ill effects!We sat off about 10 am so not to get stuck in the morning rush hour traffic1The first hour went fine I listened to my radio and managed to even chat to my brothers1It suddenly hit me as we reached a traffic jam,I began to feel nauseatious and my ???? was doing somersaults!I told Dad who was driving that I wasn't feeling too well and needed to stop soon!As we were stuck in traffic Mum passed me a couple of buckets!!By now I had started gagging and dry heaving,my older brother was looking with disgust because heknew that if I started puking I would have the runs as well,My younger brother was looking a bit green himself!All of a sudden my stomache lurched and I vomited into th! e bucket,as soon as I could I pulled down my jeans and sat on the other bucket as diarrhea shot out my backside1The smell was realy gross even with the windows fully open!About 10-15 mins later Dad managed to pull int a layby ( no toilets :-( ) I jumped out ran behind some bushes and contined puking and shitting until I felt completely empty!My younger brother Jason said he felt sick with the smell but after a bit of fresh air looked ok again1We contined our journey and 30 mins later Jason started moaning that he was hungry!Dad found a Mcdonalds and they l ent in to feed there faces,I stayed in the car sipping coke!They came back full and contented but we still had about 2-3 hours to go!!I must have fallen asleep for a while but when I woke up I started feeling sick again despite only having a tiny ammount of liquid in my ????!I grabbed a bucket and brought up what felt like everything inside ofme,luckily didn't have diarrhea as well!As we pulled into a layby Jason stated mo! aning ta he wasn't feeling well,Steve my older brother said he was feeling a bit sick too!They decided to take a short walk to see if the fresh air helped but all of a sudden Steve trted spewing uncontrollably,most of it over the pavement luckinly,Json saw the mess Stev had left and threw up too!They both were in a state,as they don't suffer travelsickness like me!Mum came to the conclusion it must have been what they ate (or knowingtem the ammount they ate) that caused there sickness!After resting for a while and only having an hour left of our journey we pressed on!We all had a coupkle of buckets sa on our lap which Steve and Jason used offten!My stomache being empty all I did was spit the odd bit of bile out!We eventully arrived and what a state we must have looked!?Steve and Jason suffered sickness all that night,while I slept like a log!I will add more to our adventures while we were staying with our relatives but if I may just ask a quick question to everyone I would app! reciate any feedback!?

How old were you when you first started suffering from motion sickness? + for those who used to suffer and no don't What age were you when it stopped?

Look forward to hearing your answers!?Cheers for now!!

Scott UK

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Destiny S,

I hope that you are alright. I have had terrible baby sickness during this pregnancy, but I haven't had to go to the hospital or anything. I like the name Erik for a boy. Keegan and I haven't really thought of any names, as we are going to wait until I am a bit further along, just in case. I would really like a girl, since I grew up around all boys, but I just want a healthy baby. This morning I woke up feeling fine, and went out to see Keegan who was on the computer since he often just works from home. I went into the shower and began washing my hair, and then I just had a crippling surge of disgusting nausea. I tried to make it to the toilet, but I slipped and then pinkish vomit surged out of my mouth and all over the shower wall. I fell over sideways and hit the wall, where I threw up helplessly and the vomit dribbled all down my naked front. Keegan heard the crash and decided to investigate. "Honey?" he said opening the door. "Are you alright?" When he sme! lled the vomit through the misty air in the bathroom he opened the shower curtain and found me curled up in a corner of the shower, with throw-up splattered all over the place. I was feeling very stupid by this time, so he undressed and helped to wash me off. Then we had a shower together, which was nice.

Hey, I actually have a real story today! I woke up at like 2 this morning with a horrible stomach ache. I tried to fight the awful feeling and go back to sleep, but was unsuccessful, so I got up and went to the bathroom where I leaned over the sink and gagged. I started heaving and retching silently, then all of the sudden thick, nasty brown vomit gushed from my mouth into the sink. I heaved again and then threw up, then decided I'd be okay for a little bit, so I went to my parents' room and they woke up and I told them I was sick, so my mom gave me some medicine and I went back to bed. I woke up at 6:30, got up, and went to my mom's room, and laid on her bed, then called Michael to tell him I was sick and not to come and pick me up. I spent all day sleeping and watching television(how eventful and exciting! lol), but I haven't been sick since 2. Michael showed up at 3:05 after he got out of school to see how I was feeling, and he stayed for an hour. I told him that he! 'd better be careful when he kissed me because I didn't want him to catch what I had(even though he and I just think it was something I ate last night) and he said he didn't care if he got sick because he wanted to be with me...How sweet! Anyways, that's all I have for today. I'll let you guys know if Michael gets sick(which I hope he doesn't).

One more thing, I have a friend who's 18, her name is Destiny and she thinks she's pregnant. She's been throwing up a lot lately and she thinks she's pregnant. I just thought I'd let you guys know since there are a lot of pregnant women posting lately...

Monday, August 27, 2001

Destiny S.
Hey. I am feeling super sick right now and I am off the the hospital. Take care Eden and Dakota

Well, I went to the hospital yesterday. I told the doc what my symptoms were and he gave me a pregnancy test. POSITIVE! I can't believe this! I am three months pregnant and the baby is due around March 29th. Derek and I think we will name it Harmony if it's a girl or Erik if it's a boy. I had a terrible bout of morning sickness this morning, I coughed up a huge fountain of puke all over the couch, because it came with no warning whatsoever.
Well, see ya!

Hey! I was throwing up a lot today so I have a story!

I woke up this morning with horrible morning sickness. My stomach was whirring so I went to the couch. I didn't feel I was going to throw up so I just sat there, flipping through some magazines. All of a sudden I hiccupped and tons of thick brown vomit splashed everywhere! After that I felt sooo much better and went to work (Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Mall shop). Halfway to work I rolled down the car window and threw up onto the road and several other cars. Yuck! I got to work. I sat behind the desk and filled up a couple pails with vomit. Once this girl came and asked me if I could prepare a dressing room for her. I didn't want to take any chances so I brought an empty pail. My coffee was sloshing around in my stomach and I retched up a little bit of liquidy yellow goo into the pail. Needless to say the customer promptly left! I felt better after, and got some lunch at Taco Bell. What was strange to me was that my pants wouldn't fit, and I'd only eated half a chalupa! My stoma! ch had stretched out two inches over lunch! I was really nauseated today and I'll tell the rest later!

I just got back from a waterark which where i spent the weekend with my friend Colleen and her mom and dad and her sister Ally,her sisters friend Destiny,her brother Thomas, Collen's cuzzins Avery (girl) and Ashlee (they are twins)

Well anyways we saw a few pukey stories. Me and Colleen and her brother went on this Waterslide which literally turns at 90 degree angles and in the end you fall 8 feet down to a deep pool. After us all getting off we waited for her parents to come down. But within two minutes some boy cme down and hurled before landing in the water. They closed that slide down for 2 hours!!

#2 That night we went to a all you can eat buffet for dinner. Colleens cuzzin Avery (who is 8) ate up a storm. After,we took are to vans to our hotel. It was me Colleen,Ally,and Destiny in the car with Colleens mom,and Collens dad with Thomas,Avery and Ashlee in the other. When we all met at the hotel Aveey was leaning over a bucket puking her guts out Destiny starts to gag and runs in the bathrrom but doesnt make it. She pukes and lime green brownish vomit five times before Ally helped her to the toliet. Me and Colleen went for a walk outside. Nobody got sick again that night.

#3. There isnt really a number 3.....except i felt real sick on the way home and gagged witha bag to my mouth but didnt puke.

To Kirsten...who is chrissy by the way? But anyways i think whoever Chrissy is is right.A lot of times i throw up and its brown. I dont have any stories but my mum sorta has the stomach bug . She hasnt throwjn up but is sleeping witha bowl besid eher....oh well .

swim gurl
Tell Derek that I hope he feels better soon. I am glad that you are feeling much better. Take care and keep posting.

Today I will post the story of me throwing up in the Imax theater, which is possibly the most embarressing experience I have had to date. I had never been to one, but felt that I would be probably alright, and Eden reassured me that its not that bad. But the instant the show started, my senses got all screwed up, since you really are NOT moving, but the immense screen makes you feel like you ARE. I closed my eyes eventually, hoping that I would feel better, but I still felt extremely disoriented. I opened my eyes once more, and then BLAAGGGHHHH!!!! No warning or anything, just a thick stream of vomit shooting out in front of me. The people sitting in front of me screamed, and Eden immediantly stood up, pulling my puking face up with her. She said, "Oh Keegan...come on", and then grabbed my arm and pulled me away from our seats. The commotion was so much because of my throwing up on people, that they stopped the film, and an announcer came on and told everyone to stay c alm, that they had a "visiter who was ill". The lights came on and nearly blinded me, so as I went down the stairs I kept bumping into people, despite Eden trying to keep me in a straight line. I felt my head swimming, and knew that a second heave was on its way, so I put my hand over my mouth to try and stop the intense gag that I felt. Eden urgently got me to the door ,and as we went out I slung myself against the wall, and threw up again, and this time the vomit splattered down my shirt in a lumpy reddish flood. Attendents were all around us now, and a trashcan was put in front of my face, as I was escorted to the bathroom. I didn't throw up again, but I was covered in vomit, and humiliated. Eden hurried to the gift shop and got me a tee shirt, which they gave to her free because they had seen what was going on. I changed, and I have never felt so embarressed probably in all of my life. As we left I saw some ladies standing by the women's restroom, with vomit coveri ng their shoulders and hair. They were probably getting their free tee shirts. They didn't see me as we walked by, but I spent the rest of the day in a horribly bad mood because of what happened at the IMAX.

Sunday, August 26, 2001

Hi everyone im new here! I think this forum is funny.I can relate a lot to it though. I get sick A LOT i have a really weak stomach and my immune system isnt too good either. I have a perfect story to post cause im just getting over the WORST stomach bug i have ever had.Warning this story is gonna be very long! I'm a sophmore in college and it started on my first day. I live with my sister Abby shes a Junior in college and i have never in my entire life seen her throw up she has an iron stomach so does the rest of my family. Well it started in the morning on my first day back i woke up feeling kinda weird but sometimes i roll so much in my sleep it actually makes my stomach feel unsetled when i get up so i figured it was nothing. So i got dressed and ate a bagel then i woke Abby up cause she forgot to set her alarm and her first class is an hour after mine and she is always late unless someone wakes her up haha. Then i left and went to my first class as i was driving away from our apartment on my way to school i felt a little more sick to my stomach so i stopped at the store and got a ginger ale hopping it would make me feel better. after i burped a little bit i felt better but 10 minutes into my class i started to feel even sicker by the end of the first half hour i knew that i was gonna be sick. My mouth was watering and my breakfast was sloshing around in my belly. at one moment i almost lost it but i ran outta the room and into the bathroom just in time to bring up my bagel and gingerale right in front of the toilet i dont think anything went in. after a minute i thought i felt better so i stood up and tried to clean myself up the best i could but it didnt work to well cause i got it all over myself. As soon as i walked outta the bathroom i felt my stomach heave and i ran back into the bathroom this time i made it to the toilet where i brought up what seemed like 10 gallons of yellowish bile which got all in my long hair. when i was finally fi! nished i was crying because my stomach hurt so bad. I finally got out to my car and drove right home i had to pull over twice once i just gaged and retched and the other time i brought up more bile. My sister was already gone so i was all alone. I decided to take a little pepto bismol to settle my poor ???? and try to get to sleep for a little while. after about five minutes though i felt like i was gonna be sick again but i didnt make it to the bathroom and i threw up pink pepto bismol all over the carpet and myself. i finally got smart and put a trash can next to my bed. in the course of the afternoon i threw up in it 4 times. Finally Abby got home and cleaned up the mess i made. The rest of the day she helped me to the bathroom and held my hair back for me. later that night i got a really bad case of diarrhea at one point i was on the toilet and had to throw up again so my sister held a trash can infront of my face for me. that day and night was the worst of it im finally ! feeling better. i will post again later with more stories. Maybe i can get abby to post too cause her boyfriend gets sick a lot too.


HiYa all, long time no see (well duh i have seen you but iguess i'll say, long time no post,lol. Anyways I have a few stories which has happpend since I last posted but there not good except 4 one.

*1. I went to the park with my friends,Kae,Vanessa,and Lucy. We sawa pile of puke which looked like chewed up hotdogs and chocolate milk. Kae started to gag and before you knew it, a BIG pile of chunky brown barf was on the hard cemenent ground. Kae went to the public bathrooms and washed off and called her mum (cell phone) to pick her up.

*2. SoI decided to take a bike ride to the public library. Oh the library.Books,Books,Books,and books. Anyways i will get to the point. I saw a boy,maybe about 18,and bye the looks of it he wuz studying. He looked pale NO let me coorect that. He was grey. You only get grey when you are gonna barf i should know (heh heh). At one point he leaned over and starts to spit. Then a wave of brownish vomit sprays from his mouth. I started to gag at the sight of the vomit and a tiny stream of pink vomit fell on to the table. These two girls about my age threw up two. It was weird one at a time people kept throwing up and then without warning the hugest burp came from my mouth and I threw up more pinkish creamy chunky vomit.

*3. This is a question. Chrissy says usually when people vomit it is either brown orange or yellow ....what is ur opinion on this. I would love to hear from sickkid and railyn especially.

Destiny S.
Thanks so much for your support and wishes, guys! I love you all! Well, I am feeling 100% better now, but Derek still pukes three or four times a day. I love him so much! Manda, I hope that when you and Michael are old enough, you guys get engaged! You seem to love him a lot.

Well, yesterday Fiona and I went out for lunch to TGI Friday's. I finally could eat a whole meal! Fiona was looking kind of tired and depressed because her boyfriend took her kid to Delaware for the month, so I decided eating would cheer her up.

When we were 10 minutes into our Jack Daniels wings, Fiona started hiccuping and I offered her a sip of my water. She shook her head and leaned back in her chair. I shrugged it off and continued to eat, when all of a sudden Fiona gagged and spit up some clear stuff into her empty Coke glass. I was kind of surprised to see her throw up, because she hadn't eaten like anything until now. Then Fi leaned over onto the table and a ton of greenish yellow vomit poured everywhere. I quickly skittered away from the table and led Fiona to an empty stall in the bathroom, where a pregnant woman was throwing up into a sink. Fiona caught sight of this and started coughing tons of puke into the toilet. When she was finally done a little girl came into the bathroom with her mom, who started to gag as she entered. The little girl looked worried as her mom started to throw up onto the floor.
Somehow I think that Fiona's barfing scene caused this, but I can't be sure.

Ok! I had to go help Derek for a minute. He passed out in the bathroom and I put him into bed. (Nikkole helped me) I am back at the dorm now.

Bye! I think I hear Derek...

Public transportation sucks. We just got back in today from Dallas, so I'll have some stories after I unpack and take a nap. I threw up in/on the following places: airplane, train, some sort of theater. It was truly a horrible trip. i"ll write more later


I'm back with more stories from the vacation. You can see a lot of vomiting when you're on vacation, in public places like theme parks, for several weeks! So anyway...
1)I, unfortunately, had a stomach bug for a couple days while I was on vacation. i was practically LIVING in the bathroom, because I was puking so often it wasnt' worth it to try to go to bed. It was horrible! I was so mad because my brother and parents did so many fun things while I was throwing up in the hotel.
2) SO, we're at a theme park, and I was trying to decide which ride to go on first. My brother went on this WILD roller coaster, you know, the kind where it hurtles along at what seems like a thousand miles per hour, and at points you go upside down, then twirl around, go almost straight down, etc. When the roller coaster was at a point where it was very low to the ground, we could see my brother, and we saw him heave and he spewed a half-chunky, half-creamy, pinkish vomit all over the roller coaster, the track, and everybody and everything around him. When the roller coaster finally stopped, he tried to get off, but lost all control. He stood there, doubled over, puking up this pink stuff, for like five minutes, while one of the people who helped operate the ride tried to help him get to a bathroom. I went over to him, and now it was my turn to laugh at him. He didn't go on a single other ride that day, and threw up twice more. He also barfed on the way home... on me. I w! as just like, "Geez! Is this just from that roller coaster ride or are you getting the flu or something?" Well, he didn't throw up the next day... so maybe it was just the ride.

Last night me and my mum went baby store shopping and we bought a swing set. It is a light wood colured and the padding on swing is blue and pink checkered. I am gonna live at home for a couple more years. My mom is gonna take time off work in the day to take care of the baby.After that
I come home from 4-7 I work on school stuff and eat. After I go to my job from 7-midnight. I April I will have the baby and In the summer I will hire a babysitter so I can work. What really sux is that I cant party now or drink on occasions...blah blah blah.

Bryanni told me to tell you gys she wont post for a few days because she went to a waterpark this weekend with her friend Colleen.

Well thats all except I got morning sickness again today. It was all chunky and brown but I gotta go. I am babysitting right now.!!!


P.S What do u think of the name.....Taylor for a girl or does it suit a boy now!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2001

Hi everyone! i havent posted in a long time because I've been on vacation in California without access to a computer. I have a LOT of stories from the vacation!
1) So my little brother decides he wants to go to legoland (ugh, yuck!) So we go to lego land. There, we see this little girl, maybe about six years old, complaining to her mother that she feels really sick. Her mother told her to just sit down and she would feel better. So she did... but as soon as she sat down, she gagged and this horrible smelling, orange, liquid vomit came gushing out of her mouth. It was sooooooo disgusting. She was crying, and she stood up and then threw up again, the same liquidy, orange stuff. I think she threw up more after that, but I turned away because the sight of her barf was making me nauseous!
2) We went to this dinky little theme park. I forget what it's called. I went on this roller coaster where you went up this hill, zoomed all the way to the end, and then turned, in a RIGHT DEGREE ANGLE, practically. You turned so sharply and so close to the edge that I screamed because it felt like the roller coaster was just going to topple right off the track at 50 feet in the air! Then, you went in zigzags, doing those crazy turns. SO, at one point, I started feeling nauseous, but the ride was only like half over! I managed to get off the ride without puking, but then as soon as I was off, I doubled over and threw up this creamy, brownish stuff with bits of my breakfast in it. My brother was laughing at me so hard it WASN'T funny! I didn't dare go on any other rides for two hours after that! and on the way home, I puked up chunks of tan vomit out the window. I felt sick the rest of the day, but I didn't throw up again.
3) Okay, get ready to laugh your butts of at this one. My mom threw up after going on... the ferris wheel! I mean, a tiny little ferris wheel that circles around at about .5 miles per hour, and it doesn't go upside-down. My mom threw up uncontrollably for five minutes after that! This time, both me and my brother couldn't help but laugh. I mean, who throws up after going on a ferris wheel? hahahahaha

I have plenty more stories, but I'll post them tomorrow.

Dakota: For a girl I like Caroline, Amanda, or Katie... for a boy a like Adam.

Destiny, Derek, congratulations!!!!

Yesterday I took my daughter Lyndsey to the pool becasue my husband took my other to kids camping for a few nights. We were in the shollow end , I was supposed to be watchin Lyndsey doin flips en' all but my attention was struck towards this littleBobby I swear if you puk boy who looked about 4 years old. He kept coming above water and coughing and retching. His older sister by the looks of it was yellin at hime "Bobby I swear if you F***** puke in this F***** pool you a dead ...... ...." the boys reply wuz somehin like "okay Bailey I WONT" and continued to go underwater at one point he came up and kept coughing and coughing and a lifegaurd noticed and said. "Do you need help out" as the boy kept coughing and retching he nodded.
The lifgaurd and the little boys sister helped him up but as they did a stream of browish purple vomit sprayed from his mouth on the lifegaurds shirt and his sisters arm and in the pool. The lifgaurds told us to get outta the pool. And his sister screamed and yelled at him and started to cry. Some lifegaurd helped her calm down. Me and Lyndsey left hopped in the car and went to a friends pool.

leslie k
congradulations dakota!!!! For names for your baby if its a girl i think Olivia is a good choice! Its not that common but at the same time your kid wouldnt be tortured cause she has a weird name hehe. As for boys i dunno. anyway good luck with your pregnancy.

Sorry no stories i will try to think of some

I don't have much of a story today either, but I do believe some weird stomach bug is going around, because I was sick yesterday. I was the only one that knew, but I was feeling like crap. My stomach was feeling so bad. I ate 2/3 of a waffle, then laid down on my mom's bed for awhile and waited for my boyfriend Michael to come and pick me up for school. I decided I might as well get up and try to get around and see if that made me feel better. So, anyway, I went to my bedroom, stood in front of the mirror and gagged. I don't know why, but I kept on gagging. Finally, I stopped, still feeling like crap. I never did throw up which really surprised me. Maybe it was because I hadn't eaten very much for breakfast, I don't know. Michael looked a little concerned at lunch when all I got was a bottle of water and some pretzels, but I don't think he ever caught on that I felt terrible.

Hmmm...not much else to say. I live in a very boring town, so nothing exciting ever happens. Michael doesn't seem to mind talking about vomit, lol. He went to Six Flags and when he got home he said that when he was there his older brother went on this thing that's basically bungee jumping. He said he was thinking how bad it would be if someone threw up up there. LOL, that would be nasty. Anyways, I don't have anything else...I'll try to get Michael to share some childhood illness stories with me so I can post them...until then, everyone, keep posting. The latest stories have been really entertaining.

And to Destiny, congratulations on the engagement! I wish Michael and I were old enough to marry, lol, but we're not, he's 16 and I'm only 14, lol. Hope you two are happy and together forever. :)

That's it for today. Bye.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Keep the great storys coming Dakota and Destiny.

swim gurl
Destiny and Derek-
Congratualtions on your engagement. I wish you the best in your future together. Also, I hope you two are feeling better. Take care

Wednesday, August 22, 200


I was at the doctors and he told me the baby will be due April 12. I liked how Railyn siggested names. Jake told me no matter what happens (we have broken up now) that we can be fiends and i told him yeah right wahtever. He is gonna pay child support though. As for names...4 a girl I like Olivia,Meghan,Natasha,and Gabrille. 4 a boy I like shawn.Taylor,Jeffery,and Thomas. Well now I should get to the stories.

On Tuesday after we got back from my cuzzins cottege I felt real sick but I just went to bed.We had to get up early the next morning so I just fell asleep while my siblings and Chanel and Kirsten watched T.V. On Wensday my Uncle came and got me and Bryanni and Chanel and Kirsten and took us to there house. On the 20 minute drive there I felt morning sickness kicken in, so i put a bag to my mouth. and panted. Chanel squirmed close to Bryanni. I started to cough and a liquidish brown with yellow bits in it (waffles and coffee) and then i stopped and took a deep breath. I tied the bag and put it in a trash can.

If it wasnt enough I got sick on the way there. On Thursday we went to Wonderland. I was looking through stores and places where i can read and even went in the waterpark. My cuzzin Brian whom is 19 and Chanel convied me to go a the Canadian Mindbuster whic is a roller coaster made outta wood. After gettin off I felt so sick I couldnt walk so I went to a bush stuck my finger and ticked the end of my tounge and a thick yellowish orange amount of barf splats to the ground I through up six more times.

I havmt got sick anymore not even durrin the cuzzin clash or the family gathering. I felt real sick and Saturday night after the gathering I threw up. uhhhh I feel for you Eden and I hope that ur morning sickness slowly fades away. I havnt been sick since Saturday. But now I am tired so I am goin to bed.


Destiny S. :)!!!!
Oh my god guys! Derek and I are ENGAGED! It all happened last Saturday night. I got home from a trip to Albany and I was sitting on the couch with Derek. We were watching a romantic movie. The guys in the movie proposed to this chick and Derek said it at the same time as the guy. I figured it was cuz he'd watched the movie so many times so I laughed. Then he said, "I'm serious, will you marry me?" I burst into tears and I said yes. We are getting married in two years, sometime in January, when we're 21.

* * * * * * *

I also have a puke story to share with you today. Last night I was with my friend Gina in my car ('77 convertible). Since we think it's entertaining to see people throw up, we went to the top 3 vomit inducers in town. (1. McDonald's, 2. Univeral Orlando, 3. All you can eat Seafood and Poultry. Blech!)

We rode on by McDonald's and pulled into the parking lot. There was a pregnant teenager in a green car to the right of us. She disappeared into the building. More and more people started filing in to the building. Soon, there were ten cars (and windows!) in clear view. Gina went into McDonald's and bought two milkshakes and we sat in my car, waiting for what seemed like 2 hours. Then it came! The pregnant teen popped out of McDonalds and was waddling her way over to her car. She looked pale and she was swallowing a lot. Another key element was her eyes looked glassy. She was holding onto her stomach. She got to the door of her car and bent over. Gina and I pretended to be reading as we watched her eyes bug out. Her stomach heaved and some thick white vomit gushed out of her mouth onto the pavement. Then she sputtered a little bit and held onto her thighs for support. She started to wheeze and then she coughed/retched loudly. A ton of really chunky, half digested hamburger ! pored onto the pavement. Then she wiped her mouth and drove away.

Next we went to Universal Studios. This one is really gross, please read at your own risk!!

Gina and I bought tickets and went into the theme park. We saw about 20 people throw up but I'll tell you about the rest later.
This one little girl (well, not little, she was like 12 or sumthing) we saw throw up after a ride. She had long blonde hair, like mine, and she was really a pretty little girl. She was an average size and she was developed. She was wearing this baby-T and jeans and some Docks (ya know, Dockers, SHOES!)Really nice black leather Docks that looked brand new. Well, Gina and I were sitting on a bench eating churros and all of a sudden this girl gets off a roller coaster. It was The Hulk I think. This girl looks really sick but she buys a churro and a frozen lemonade at the snack stand. She sits down beside Gina and starts to eat this churro. When she finishes, she starts to rub her stomach. Then she sticks two fingers down her throat and pukes up this long stream of brown goo onto the ground. It is really thick and glistens with a thin coat of stomach mucus. Gross. She wipes her mouth and sticks her fingers down her throat again. This time the puke is clear becuz she already pu! ked up her churro. Gina and I figure she's going to get up and run to a wash room but she stays and takes huge gulps of her lemonade. I think she's bulimic. She sticks her fingers down her throat and some lemonade, still yellow, comes up and splatters into her previous vomit. She puts her 'Nade down and tells us to watch it for her. She goes on the roller coaster again. I was really shocked by this kid! Several people walk by and one guy looks at the pile of puke and hurls into the bushes. This girl comes back and hurls by the exit of the ride. Then she drinks the entire lemonade and throws up and walks away.

A little while after the girl left, Gina and I walked to this place near Seussland, a little walk away from Jurassic Park the ride. We see this really beautiful woman, she was probably 23 or so. She has a really envy-inducing stomach! She's with this guy who Gina thought was a dream guy. Well, the guy goes to the washroom and the woman sits down at a picnic table. She has a nice tan, but her face was turning a little gray. She sits there, clutching onto her stomach with one hand and she's holding on to her knees so powerfully her knuckles are turning white. She looks really scared for some reason. She starts to shiver and she brushes a hair from her face. Then she opens her mouth and tries to push up some vomit. Well, she prevailed and a small stream of reddish puke splattered onto the ground and on her sandals. She took a shallow breath and coughs. A large amount of super-chunky, super-thick gray and red vomit pours everywhere. She left after that. I never saw anyone puke! at the seafood place, maybe another time!

Well, I went out looking for vomit and I found lots. But I didn't anticipate the coming of my own vomiting episode early this morning! I woke up stiff and sore and my head was spinning. My throat hurt and I thought it was a cold, so I made myself some herbal tea to soothe me. After the tea, my throat was better and I wasn't stiff, but my throat was really sore. I didn't think much of it because I get sore throats often. (I had my tonsils removed 2 months ago). I went into the living room to watch some talkshows (Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake, Sally what's-her-face, Queen Latifah.)I watch them every morning from 8 till noon. Halfway through Jerry Springer my stomach started to hurt so I went to the washroom to see if I had to poop. I did. FORECEFULLY! After that my stomach felt worse, but I couldn't poop anymore so I went back to the couch. After a few minutes my throat started to tickle and my stomach was churning so I picked up an empty bucket and put it beside the couch for! future convenience, if you know what I mean. Then I saw a commercial for Manwich and I knew right then and there I was going to lose it. I thrust the bucket to my face and I retched. A small drop of green and brown vomit dripped into the bucket. I coughed and a stream (sorry for using this word so much, it fits everything!) of chunky brown puke splashed into the bucket. I continued to vomit up many colours of chunks until Jerry Springer ended.

I KNOW I'm gonna puke again soon, so watch for more posts. It'll probably be tonight because my stomach really hurts. The story may be on the same segment as this so make sure to read all of it!

Hey . . .
I was hurling quite a lot since my last post. After I posted the previous story (it might be with this one, I don't know) I went to 7-11 to get some ginger ale. I decided to walk there because I didn't want to chance puking out my guts in my car. Well, I was walking for about twenty minutes (7-11 is about half a mile away from my summer house). I was in a deserted street, which was good because I did not want anyone to witness what happened next. My stomach was churning sharply and my stomach was gagging me, threatening to explode out of my mouth. I felt completely wasted because I had barfed into the toilet before I left. My throat started to pulse and I could feel a large collection of stomach contents lingering at the tip of my throat. Then, quite without warning, my tongue involuntarily loosened up and some really hot and chunky red bile sputtered into my mouth. I covered my mouth and looked frantically for a trash can. Before I could find one, the vomit sprayed out fr! om between my fingers, leaving the chunks sitting in my hand. After a few more upchucks of red chunks, I found 7-11 and washed my hands in the washroom. I then picked up 2 litres of Ginger Ale and looked for some Gravol. The 7-11 was really big and that was not a good thing for me. I was halfway down the snacks aisle when a sharp twinge of nausea washed over me. I swallowed deeply and shakily walked towards the medicine aisle. My legs were rubbery and gave out as I started into the medicine aisle. I crawled towards the Gravol. Then my stomach gave a twisted heave and some deep orange chunky puke cascaded out from between my lips and made a large puddle on the floor, and my jeans. Luckily I was bending over far enough so that no chunks would get caught in between my boobs, which were literally falling out of my bikini top. My hair was pinned back, so no puke touched it. I finished and looked up to see Derek coming in the door. He was at the cabin with his cousins. They live pre! tty close to my summer house. Derek was probably looking for some chips, but I thought wrong. He came towards the medicine aisle looking pale. I was sitting near my puddle of vomit, quietly crying. My top was falling down. The Gravol box in my hand was shaking as I sobbed. Derek saw the puddle and looked at me.
"Dessy?" He said.
"Uh huh?" I said weakly.
Derek walked over to me and took he up into a hug.
"Who puked?" he said.
"Me." I started to cry into his shirt and he kissed me. He said he had been throwing up all day too and he had also come to get some Gravol.
The lady at the cashier's desk called a cab for Derek and I and gave us some plastic bags in case we had to puke on our way back. I'll just say that I used more than my share. Derek only puked once. I puked so much I passed out in the cab.

I woke up with a fan blowing on my face and an Ice pack thing on my forehead. I was in my bed at my summer house. Derek was stroking my hair and rubbing my stomach. He accidentally jolted me and I sprang out of bed and hurled all over the carpet. I felt a little better, so I tried to put on a shirt. Unfortunately anything on my stomach made me throw up and when the shirt touched my stomach I threw up a ton of thick yellow and red vomit. I went into the washroom and took off my shirt. I didn't have a bra on, but since Derek is my fiancee, I didn't mind. SO reply if you want more tales

It wuz nice to see some stories today but they didnt post in like a week so that is very bad!!!!! Anyways..i would have a lot of stories to post but Dakota wants to post her (yes HER own) story so i will post about the family gathering.My mama has 4 sisters and 2 brothers and they all have she has tons of cousin soooooo I was meeting a lot of people....wanna her a strange story...I know this girl Maiko from school and i found out she was my mums cuzzins daughter...her and her sister and 2 brothers (one who i once had a crush on) are in some way related...but anyways..there was sooooooo much food there i had a lotbut not enough to get me sick. I have this cuzzin Kelly and she is a year younger then me she has a stomach thattake anything down she ate almost anythng there. She strarted to feel nauseas but kept eating. After she sat on a long chair. I would have kept her company but she was talking to Maiko and Maiko's cute (but now related) brother. So I started ta! lking to Elizabeth and her new friend Jennika. They were doin front flips and stuff.
Since are gathering is in a big park every year. I didnt no at first but I saw Kelly's mom elping her in the bush and Kelly leaning over. Maiko told me that Kelly threw up 8 times before actually getting up. And she said it was real nasty but didnt wanna desribe it. By the time i got over there to see what it looked like , it was covered up but i did see yellwish stuff. Oh well i have a few more but i wanna post tomorrow or else this site will go days without a post.


Tuesday, August 22, 2001

Hey...Keegan has told me that there seems to be a lot of pregnant ladies posting on here lately, so I decided to see what was going on. Dakota I am so happy for you, but at the same time I grimace because I know EXACTLY what you will be going through. I am 3 months pregnant right now, and my baby is due in March, around the 12th. Vomiting at odd hours of the day has become routine to me, and everytime after I vomit, I burst into tears. Actually I cry over the slightest thing. For Keeg since I know he is going to read this eventually, I am happy that he still puts up with me in my fragile emotional state. Anyway, I was in a grocery store the other day, and was looking at the canned meats. I saw the must disgusting item in the world on that shelf, SPAM. I kept looking at it for some reason, and started to feel really queasy, and sick to my stomach. I walked onward, so I wouldn't become ill in the middle of the supermart aisle. I was looking at the breads, when a spasm ! of sickness siezed me, and my stomach literally buldged from the force of the nausea brewing there. I could feel all of the color draining from my face, and so I walked to the back of the store to the milk section where the bathrooms usually are. I had my hand pressed against my mouth, and my throat worked hard to try and gag up little bits of half-way digested food. I made it into a stall, where I pulled my hand away from my mouth, and squinting my eyes tightly shut, I retched mightily into the toilet, bringing up only a little bit of vomit. My stomach was still upset, so I only had to think of that SPAM and then a waterfall of rancid, stinky brown curds flowed out of my mouth. It splattered all around the toilet seat, but luckily I got most of it in. I felt better after that, but I decided to immedinatly leave the grocery store.

I thought I would post the story of Keegan puking on the way to Anthoney's, but since he already did, here is another major one that took place about 3 months ago. We were in Pittsburg and were going to a movie. Since we had to go on a bus to get there, I decided to be prepared and bring some sort of bag since Keegan is even worse on public transportation then he is in cars. I pretty much figured that he would throw up. So we got on board the bus, and it was rather crowded and hot. If there is anything that is bad for a person with motion sickness it is stale, hot air. We were in the back of the bus, and Keegan could tell within 5 minutes that he was going to be sick because he said, "Aw, Eden this sucks so bad", and he put his face in his hands. He was embarressed of course, since there would be alot of angry bus-people if he had one of his spastic vomit attacks. I patted his back and said, "Its ok...I came prepared", and pulled out the garbage bag I had brought. ! He had sat up by this time and was almost panting. When I felt his back it was wet with clammy sweat, and his face was very pale, with sort of a greenish tint to it. I asked him, "Are you going to be sick now?" and he told me that not just yet, so I pulled him close to me, and let him rest his head against my shoulder. Everytime the bus bounced, he gave a little moan, and would push his face further against my shirt. I stroked his forhead, and told him to hang on, but it must have been hard to keep his stomach in check because we kept on having to stop jerkily for red lights. Soon he sort of bent over in his seat at the waist with his arms tight around his stomach and moaned, "I'm gonna puke", and I held the garbage bag securely up to his lips. He sort of rolled over on his side then, and gagged and I said "Keegan, in the bag", because in his misery he must not have been thinking clearly. He leaned forward again and gagging violently sent a tide of chunky orange and wh! ite vomit cascading into the bag. People turned and looked and made remarks as he kept throwing up, and the force of the vomit almost made me let go of the garbage bag. One lady in front of us squealed and said, "Oh no! Now I might throw up!" But luckily she never did. The acrid smell of Keegan's vomit was filling up the entire bus, and one of the onlookers went to tell the bus driver that somebody was sick. But it wasn't like he could stop the bus in the traffic anyway, so he got on the loudspeaker and just said that we had five more minutes until our destination. Meanwhile, Keegan was being very audible about his discomfort, moaning and almost whimpering as he layed his head down on my lap. He then had almost a convulsive shudder and quickly I had to get the smelly bag in position to catch the new waves of sickness that he was having. This time, a mighty "BLUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!", and he missed half of the bag so that the vomit splashed onto my jeans, and dribbled dow! n onto the floor. In that same second, we stopped, and everyone was quickly filing out of the bus to get away from us. We let everyone go first, and then I carefully helped him up, and our nasty garbage bag which was very heavy and warm with puke. The bus driver thanked me for having the bag, and at the first trashcan I saw, I deposited it inside. Keegan was more steady on his feet by this time, and could actually make out a coherant sentence. He felt bad about my jeans, and I said that it was alright but that we should probably stop at a store so I could at least change. As we were walking toward a convieniance store, Keegan stops, and I notice again how pale he had gotten. His stomach does sort of an aftershock thing after the motion stops sometimes, and he says, "Oh God...I feel like I'm about to puke my guts up again". It was sort of funny now because he was so casual about it. I told him, "So do it in the bushes". He presses his lips together and then taking dee! p breaths says, "I'm up...ggGALUKKAHHHHH...ugh...BLAAAAGAGGHHHHHHH!!!!" Two body bending heaves into the bushes, spraying more of the same white liquid with orange chunks into the plants. I walk over to him, and say, "Better now?" He wipes his mouth, and then spits again, and says, " I'm ok." So we go to a store to get both of us some more clean clothes. We always have to go through something like this when we travel together. which reminds me, we are flying to Texas on Friday and are staying for 6 days, so probably I will have a story to tell then. We are visiting my parents in Dallas.


Keegan ----> To Scott
Hey Scott, back from visiting all those relatives yet? Be sure to let us know about any "incidents" that may have happened on your trip! I am going to Texas in a few days to visit Eden's folks, and to tell them about the baby. We waited to tell them because they will probably not have a good reaction. write back


O my GOD TJ that story was so disgusting i made my stomach turn. But anywayz speaking of stomach turns Kirstens story was good to about her cousin Ashleigh gettin sick so i figured if she was that spolied of a brat maybe her and Alexia would get along....hmmmm. But anywayz Rachel has the stomach flu and it all

Yesterday Karlas pool was closed and me and Rachel and Fiona went to the pool to meet Karla.(for you new readers you'll have to read previous stories to nowwho these people are) Rachel's big mouth wasnt runnin for once she actuaally looked pale so i didnt say anything accept i didnt want her silky blonde hair to get ruined so i asked her if i could put it in a bun. Fiona asked Rachel if she was sick and
Rachel said justa bit dont worry. Fiona pulled me aside and said she would luv to see her barf.I had to giggle. Rachels older sister is a lifegaurd i thought i wondered where she was workin today. To a sorta luck Rachels sister was there. Rachel went swimming in the pool with us so i guess that was to much for her stomach to handle. When these boyz Oliver and Thomas came they grabbed Rachel by her stomach and Rachel just threw up orangy brown barf was squirting outta her mouth. She continued this to a lifegaurd noticed and goes get out sweetie your sick (duh). the runs in the pool to she was crying as lifegaurds helped her out including her sister and took her into the bathroom. And rachels sister took her home

It's Tuesday night and I just got back from Kirstens correge but now her and Chanel are up. This is because tomorrow we are all going to my cuzzins house to Friday. Quick version . Vicktor and Brian are my cuzzins. My aunty Renee and my dad and Vicktor and Brians dad are brothers and sister. So Chanel and the rest are also cuzzins. Accept Gabby cant come anymore because she is going up to Colleens cottage. Fewww. But when we go to Vicktor and Brians me and Dakota are gonna be there and Kaylee and Mark (who are my uncle Ricks kids) and Steven James and Crystal (who are my uncles Gerges kids) on Thursday my sister Elizabeth and brother Colby are coming up to Friday and Kirstens brother and sister are cummin up to and Were having a cousin clash. It happens every year and someone always gets sick so i will have a story. And on Saturday is my mums side of the family,family gathering but i'll explain that later..two many cuzzins to remember.

I dont know if this will post so i am just gonna include this (it didnt happen though) Yesterday i felt real sick. My brother puked to it was orange.


Hey, it's been a long time since I last posted and I don't have much of a story, but I'll post anyways. My best friend Heath is a football player and he started practice yesterday morning. He called when he got home and said during practice he almost puked. He started retching and it came up into his throat, but he ended up swallowing it before he could throw up. One of the coaches took him inside and he didn't throw up. So, that wasn't much of a story, I know.

Let's see...what else? A few nights ago I got my first kiss and right before I thought I would puke I was so nervous, and then later on I think I ate something bad because I felt like I was going to puke, but never did. That was kind of weird. I sometimes wonder what Michael(my boyfriend) would do if I did happen to throw up while I was with him(which is almost twenty-four/seven anymore)? I hope he'd be the type to hold my hair back and rub my back.

Anyways, that's about it. Sorry I didn't have anything more detailed to tell you guys. And I know a few of you are anticipating the Nick story. I've had to put that on hold because I've been with Michael all the time and I've been getting ready for school. I'll get it finished sometime. Oh, and Michael's probably going to Six Flags Over Texas this weekend, so I'll see if I can dig any stories outta him.


I have a really bad cough at the moment and sometimes cough so hard that i gag (i really should stop smoking!). Today, I was in my local supermarket and started to cough a bit. OK i thought, just keep it calm Kez. I managed to take a deep breath after each 5 or so coughs and managed to regulate it somewhat. i did not want to go to the bathroom as i had a lot of shopping in my basket and couldn't be bothered to start shopping again and thought i had coughs under control. soon, i was coughing 6 or 7 times before i could breathe and the breathing was getting a little tougher to do without retching. people were looking at me a bit but i managed, by going purple, to stifle the really big coughs that were threatening to send me into pukesville. Suddenly i was gripped by a spasm and was coughing and coughing. at the end of each series of coughs i was retching and gagging and knew that i was not going to be able to calm it down so i raced for the bathroom, leaving my shopping on the f! loor. there was a woman in front of me for the next cubicle but she obviously realised my need was greater than hers and said i could go next. she was obviously so worried about the possibility of me puking on her that she muttered that "it could wait" and did a runner. however the two cubicles were still occupied and i was really heaving and starting to vomit burp so i braced myself over the sink, holding onto the taps. someone came out of the toilet so i ran in, locked the door and knelt down over the bowl with my arms across it and leant my forehead on my arms. it was almost a relief to just be able to cough and retch and know that if i puked it wouldn't matter. shame i was in a public bathroom though as i was sure making a lot of noise! finally, after a long coughing fit i gagged and brought up some bile. i stuck my fingers in my throat and wiggled them and finally up came my last two meals. i pressed my heaving stomach to help it up. i finished vomiting but was still coug! hing a bit. this calmed down and i wiped my mouth and flushed all the creamy puke away. the weird thing is that before, when i was coughing, i didn't feel nauseous, just knew that if i coughed hard enough i would retch and it would probably just happen by reflex. now i felt incredibly sick but my knees were aching from the hard floor and i figured that i had already made a bit of an exhibition of myself. so i took some toilet paper and left. outside, two girls were waiting to use the toilet and looked at me smirking. i ignored them and saw them disappear into the toilet together...there were some muttered comments about the smell. hope i didn't leave any sick on the seat!
I went out to the car with the toilet paper near my mouth as i still felt incredibly sick. when i got to the car i took some deep breaths and figured i might get home. half way home i started to cough again so i pulled over because once it gets violent i can't concentrate on driving! i pulled over so the drivers side was by the gutter and leaned out and vomited violently into the gutter. i then drove home and spent an hour in the bathroom coughing, heaving and spewing. i saw the doctor this afternoon who says i have got bronchitis. i think i have also got some kind of stomach bug unless it is really possible to cough until you puke as much as i have!

To Dakota:

O my god your pregnant that is so wonderful but you are only 17!!! I think that if you no that the only person you have been with is Jake then dont worry about a DNA test. Names for a child..if you have a girl name it...either Emily Alexandra Tyra Jamie Coryn. But if its a boy Daniel robert Vivian r nice names.

I went on a boat trip today with my parents and my mums cuzzin and her two kids. Her daughter Briget is 12 like me and Thomas is 15. Briget always gets seasick so she didnt even take any medicine. About halve way there Briget started to feel nausous so we went to to edge of the boat. Since this was like my first time to see her in like 8 years we were talking but Brigit leaned over the edge and spit some creamy stuff. After she retched and a portion of chunky creamy whitish yellow vomit sprayed outta her mouth she kept doin this for like 10 minutes until we docked. She got sick on the way home to.

Cali chick
I don't usually get sick to my stomach, but recently I caught a bad cold. My friends and I had a project to finish so I was staying over at one of their houses. I took some Tylenol cold that night which I think caused some of the problem. At about 6 in the morning I woke up with chills and knew I had to get my fever down. I couldn't find any ibprofen so I woke up my friend and unfortunately her dog. The dog jumped up on my weak achey legs and I started to to tremble and sweat. I thought I'd be ok but it was taking forever to find some meds and as my mouth started to salivate profusely I told my friend I was going to throw up. She got a horified look on her face and quickly left the bathroom. I kneeled by the toilet and let the excess spit drip out of my mouth as I waited. Finally I gagged and coughed. It took two more such instances to bring anything up. after that my stomach contracted more heavily so I wasn't gagging but with each heave I would cough. I hadn't eaten in a lon! g while so all I brought up was stomach acid which burned my already sore throat. I dry heaved a bit and felt a lot better after I was done. I still have a cold but I haven't had any more puking episodes so I think I'll be ok. Anyway, I thought you guys might enjoy this since it has to do with the name of the forum and stuff.

Bryanni wuz gonna post this story but i told her not 2 bcuz i really wanted to. Yesterday at my Uncles we had a cousin Clash which every year we have at Vicktor and Brians. On Wensday me Dakota, Bryanni and my older sister Chanel went to my uncle and aunts. On Thursday Vikctor who is 14 and Brian who is 19 and my two cousins Steven and Crystal who are 13 and are twins were there. So we went to Wonderland and today my sister Brittany and borhter Zack came up with Bryanni's sister and brother and my two other cousins Kaylee and Mark.We had a big party. Crystal this year was the one who got sick. I dunno when but after eating so much food she starts to feel sick so my aunt got her medicine and after she was okay but still felt sick so she sat in the shade with Kaylee and Elizabeth after Elizabeth said that Crystal was sick so my aunt helped her inside just when she reached the door a quick gag was all it took and a big portion of barf came pouring outta her mouth it was all chunk! y and brown wiht bits of chewed food in it.

Well i wonder if Bryanni her family gathering..shes lucky she has a big family..well so do i but still shes sorta close to them all and i hardly see my family....i emailed her..well anywyas see ya later..i probably wont post for a while.

leslie k
I havent posted in the longest time but i have a story i remember from awhile ago.

When i was younger i was in girl scouts so i was in first grade i think so i was a Brownie. Anyway our troop was going up to this camp for a day to do all sorts of girl scoutsy things. We had an extremely large troop so the mothers all took some of the kids up and my mom couldnt go so i was in a car with this girl Dana and her mom then two other girls Sabrina and Michelle. I sat in the back in the middle of sabrina and michelle and dana sat up front with her mom. Before we left michelle told me she gets carsick but i didnt really think of anything of it (i was only 7 and had never really been around very much barf) anyway it was an 1 hour long trip or so and about 10 minutes before we got there michelle told me to tell danas mom she's was sick and so i told danas mom and she asked me if she had thrown up and just as i was about to say "not yet" michelle barfed all over the place. For those of you who like the the description of things it looked exactly like rice krispies. ! I being vomit shy squished up against sabrina. then we had to pull over and her mom had trouble cleaning it up and she put michelle in the front near the window so she wouldnt get sick again and dana in the back so i ended up sitting on a towl that covered the spot michelle threw up on.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

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