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I went to a shoping mall yesterday with my sister in law Marie and her two daughters Rebecca and Caroline. Along came my kids. We back were going back to school clothes and supplie shopping. During a lunch break Mackie who still has a lil bit of sun stroke starts to gag so Marie picks her up and runs to the bathroom with her. She came out and told me she threw up and Rebecca got in a fit of giggles. Mackie just smiled and continued to eat her burger and fries.


I have a secret to share. Only Bryanni knows and hasnt posted these.I have been sick lately in the morning. So I went to the doctor and he told me i was ..PREGNANT. I am 1 months pregnant. I told me mum and she told me she was by my side 100%..i was sooooo relieved. I told Jake though and he is convinced (that the chid isnt his)..god what am i gonna do I break up with him or get a DNA test. And I need to find a name. Any suggestions.

P.S Dont reply if you are BRYANNI OR KIRSTEN


Hey, here is sort of a neat story that happened yesterday. Ok, me and Eden were driving the 20 miles it took to get to my friend Anthoney's house for a dinner. Actually, she was driving, and I was attempting to fold a box to hold a gift for Anthoney since it was his birthday. I hadn't even bothered to take any meds, and aside from a bit of discomfort I was fine. Well, Anthoney lives in the absolute middle of nowhere, and so we were on a practically deserted mountain road. We rounded a corner, and there was a car parked on the side of the road towards us with its hazard lights on. Not ten feet away was a woman throwing up into the bushes, and the stream of puke was sort of a dark-chocolately brown. Eden decides to stop, and she then asks the woman if she needs any help. The woman (who had long brown hair and was in her early 30's) said that she just got sick from all the twisty turns that are on the road ahead. And she refused our help, so Eden was like, "Oh, I see", a! nd giving me a long look we continued. Man, the woman had not been lying!! The road twisted around almost in a full circle at first, and gave me butterflies, then it immediantly jolted around to the left, and Eden was kept busy with trying not to run us into any trees. I kept silent, even though my stomach was complaining already. I think that she senses this, because she sort of looked at me out of the corner of her eye, and said, "Hey, are you going to puke?" I really wasn't sure if I was or not, but I knew that Eden probably didn't want to chance it in her car, so I just shrugged and laughed lightly, "Maybe". She sighed, and then took one hand off the wheel and began massaging my shoulder, which I appreciate when I am nauseous. and I was getting very sick to my stomach by this point. I started to burp up tiny amounts of fluid into my mouth, which really grosses me out, and so I managed to swallow them back down. I must have had a really horrible look on my face, be! cause Eden quickly pulled the car over, and for a minute or two we just sat there, until alot of fluid surged up into my mouth unexpectedly, and my tongue tasted nasty stringy bits of the celery I had eaten earlier. I had quickly put my hand against my mouth, and I could tell that more was about to shoot up from my stomach, so I carefully unlocked the door and stepped out. I could hear Eden getting out of her side, and she came over to me as I spat the vomit that was in my mouth out into the ferns. "Yuck", I said with a grimace, and Eden looked at me with concern and asked, "Are you going to be ok?" She put one hand on my shoulder, and I pulled her beside me until she had her arms wrapped around my stomach directly in from of me, with her head resting on my chest. When she looked up at me, I tried to nod NO without disturbing the little equilibrium that I had in my head. I soon could feel my chest rising and falling with my deep intakes of breath, and I knew that Eden fe! lt it too. I lightly pushed her aside, and balanced my body on her, as I felt my stomach opening up and spurting vomit up my throat, until it sputtered out of my mouth. It was a painful and massive heave, but luckily Eden had been out of range. Then I pushed her away for real, because I knew that I was about to become incredibly sick. I walked a few feet away, then back, then away again and then I just exploded. The vomit was just shooting out of my mouth, and I stumbled for a bit until I found a tree to lean on. I coughed, then spit, then the same disgusting waves of sickness washed over me, and my mouth parted again as torrents of lime green vomit with darker chunks of green rushed out of me. I kept on puking for the next five minutes, and then I went back where my wife was leaning dejectively against the car. She hates it when I push her away like I had, because she says that is when I need the most support. I said, "I feel a bit better now, lets go", and so we dro! ve the few remaining miles to Anthoney's house. I went straight to the bathroom to rinse out my mouth, and then Eden just barges in and starts crying. So I basically just stand there with her leaning and sobbing into my shirt. She is so emotional lately, but I thought it was sort of amusing that she was crying about me throwing up. more later...


Hi! my name is TJ, this is my first time posting here but I have been reading this forum for a long time,Im 17 and I just got back from vacation at hilton head south carolina since my grandma owns a house down there. My parents let me invite a friend so i brought my girlfriend, Ali. Wednsday I decided to take Ali on deep sea fishing trip on a boat called the "Drifter". Ali told me she sometimes gets seasick but i told her to take some dramamine and she'd be fine. Like Bryanni's friend Gabby, whenever Ali sees hears or smells vomit, she pukes. well, on the way out to sea, me and Ali moved to the back of the boat so we wouldnt get all wet since the boat was spraying water everywhere. while we were back there, Ali told me her stomach was bothering her and she laid down on my shoulder,about 15 minutes later, a lady ran up to the rail and started coughing up a lot of white stuff, then she gagged and puked up about a quart of brownish orange chunks. about 2 seconds later, Ali jumps ! up wiht her hand over her mouth, bends over the side of the rail, and about a pint of white liquid with yellow chunks poured out of her mouth. after she finished throwing up she came back and laid back down on my lap. Once the boat got far enough out to sea that you coundnt see land anymore, they stopped the boat and everybody started untying the fishing poles from the rails of the boat. when they gave us the bait I was really starting to wish they had stopped the boat someplace a little less choppey, since while trying to put the bait on the hook i ended up stabbing my finger twice with it. after fishing for about a half hour, Ali said she felt sick. by this time i was beginning to wonder wether or not those motion sickness pills actually worked. i stood at the rail with her for a while holding her hair and trying to keep from falling over because of the rocking of the boat.when it stopped rocking so much i looked at her and asked if she felt any better. she opened her mouth ! to reply but out came a loud "BLUUUUGHRAHHH!!!!!!!!!" and about a gallon of brownish/greenish/orangish chunky vomit blasted out of her mouth and nose. a little of it went into the water, but the rest of it splattered all over the side of the wooden boat rail, the floor, and the front of my shirt. I ran over to the other side of her to avoid any more getting on me since the wind was blowing the vomit all over the place. at about this time the boat started rocking again and we both stumbled and slipped in the vomit she had puked on the deck, she managed to catch herself, while I ended up landing on my back in the puddle. now both sides of my shirt were covered! I got back up and held her hair and rubbed her back. By this time a lot of people were staring at us and a woman next to us said she had some motion sickness pills with her, I took them from her and waited for Ali to stop puking, then i had her take them. she went and sat back down while i took off my puke covered shirt a! nd just threw it away, i was amazed that none of the puke got on my shorts.(good thing too cause i wasnt gonna take those off!=P) she told me she felt a little better and went inside the boat. I went back to fishing and after about an hour of having my bait stolen from me, Zack, they guy in charge of the boat, had everybody reel in since they were heading back to land. I went inside to get something to eat and see how Ali was doing. when I asked she said she still felt like crap and so she tried to go to sleep. like 20 minutes later she woke up moaning about her stomach. I grabbed an empty bait bucket that was next to the seat and put it to her lips just in time. She burped up about a mouthfull of yellow and brown chunks fell out of her mouth, she coughed and a few more chunks came out.Then "BLUUUGRAHHHHH!!!" as she puked yellowish brown chunky foam violently out of her mouth and nose and into the bucket and into her blonde hair! i let go of the bucket to hold her hair before any more vomit got in it, but when i did the bucket landed on its edge and fell over, spilling what seemed like 3 gallons of spewage all over the floor! the other people inside the boat scattered except for 2 people,a little girl who looked about 8 who gagged and started puking up brownish green chunky liquid onto the already vomit covered floor,and her older sister, who looked around 18 or so, who tried to get out of there but slipped and fell in the mess totally ruining her cloths and her long brown hair, then she started puking reddish brown chunkey liquid out of her mouth and nose and all over the floor, really blending in with the ocean of barf already on the floor. I grabbed the bucket and put it under Ali's lips again, the other 2 girls in there saw it and rushed over to it but banged heads together when they tried to get over it and just ended up puking more on themselves and the little girl ended up pulling the 1/3 filled bucket onto her face and chest coating the poo! r kid with half digested lunch, i grabbed it and put it back in front of Ali, who was still puking uncontrollably while the other 2 girls positioned themselves over it without hitting heads this time. I took out my polaroid camera and took a quick picture of the chaos (I know,I know,Im sick, but i have a major fetish about seeing girls vomit). a few seconds later, Ali managed to stop barfing long enuf to catch her breath and say to me "i think im gonna have diarrhea!", im thinking "oh shit" since there was no chance in hell she was gonna make it to the bathroom. so i did the only thing there was to do, i grabbed the only other bucket from the closet (that looked a lot like one of those clear ice cream tubs) and had her have explosive diarrhea in it. i watched it fill quickly and took it and dumped all the liquid poop into the puke bucket which was filling quickly so i took it into the bathroom and just dumped the entire thing into the toilet and quickly brought it back, i ende! d up emptying the smaller diarrhea bucket into it twice more before Ali finally stopped having the runs. by this time i was feeling really bad about bringing her on this fishing trip and causing her to go thru with this as well as worrying about wether or not we were all gonna have to clean the huge mess up. I looked out the window to see that we were just about back at the dock, so i took out my camera and took another picture. a minute later, Ali stopped puking finally but since i thought she had more in her, i carried her to the bathroom to help her clean up. when we got in there she smelled all the crap that i had emptied into the toilet and ran to it and puked tannish pink chunks into the toilet about 4 times, before she stopped and i shut the lid on the toilet to keep most of the smell out because the smell was starting to make me nauseous, she walked over to the sink and i helped her rinse all the vomit out of her hair, i was amazed at the fact that she didnt get any on! her clothes at all, while i ended up getting splashed like a million times and i had brown and orange puke stains all over my pants!we waited there till the boat docked and all the redness faded from her face and then quickly got off the boat before the crew yelled at us for messing up the boat like that. well, thats the end of my story, i hope u like it, and Bryanni and Destiny S keep posting, i love your stories.
well, my 18th birthday is coming up soon and i was planning on taking Ali and a few of my friends to a theme park called Six Flags, so hopefully ill have a story or 2 by then. Later!

Monday, August 13, 2001

Today is Saturday and I am at my aunty Renne's cottage her and my uncle have 4 kids. Its almost like are family. Chanel is 18 , Kirsten just turned 15 , Zack is 9 and Brittney is 4. You see i am up there now having the time of my life ..I talked to Kirsten and Chanel about the site but Chanel finds it disgusating and Kirsten is sitting next to me while i post she read some stories but its my turn for the computer and well...i dunno i have lots of cousins my mom has four sisters and two brothers and my dad has 3 brothers and a sister and there all married with at least 2 kids..anyways..but Kirsten is my favorite. Lets get to my story..when we got up there we were all eagor to et to the lake accept for Chanel and Dakota who went to Chanels boyfriends house. We were swining on a tarzan rope and jumping off the trampoline in the lake!!. After Brittney threw up. She said she felt sick and whitish chunks fell outta her mouth. We scramled outta the lake and went inside my uncle just ! said it will drift away. Brittney is fine now and she only threw up once. Anyways i come home Tuesday and after that i am going to my other aunt and uncles who live my wonderland for 2 days with Gabby to visit my cousins Vicktor and Brian. Then I have a family gathering on my mums side on Saturday. ..I will have tons of stories by Sunday for ya.

Hi i am new to this site and i am Bryanni's cuzzin I feel that I should post whenever feeling like it or remembering a time if i got sick or when someone i know gets sick. I have 1 older sister and a younger borhter and sister just like Bryanni. Right now i am at my cottage. OkY LETS GET TO THE THE POINT an post.

Well a few months before school ended ( i finished garde 9) I felt very ill. The little boy i had babysat the night before had the stomach bug so i figured that I had caught it from him so i stayed home with my mama. I watched T.V with the family barf bucket next to me. During a repeat of 'The Simpsons" i felt saliva burning up my throat so i grabbed the bucket and sat and waited i kept gagging and finally after one lonnng burp a liquidy clearish substance came up and slapshed the bucket. It was weird because i dont remember eating anything that looked like that.

Next story..two weeks ago my dads side of the family had a see my mom is Bryanni's dads sister so her sisters and brother and herself wernt there. Anywas i had so much food but not as much as my cousin Ashleigh. God man she had pasta strawberries cold cuts soup v????s bread spaggetti..hotdogs..and hse s only 7.After she was getting a lot of attention from family because she was sick. Awww porr bratty baby. *Railyn if what you said about you cuzzins being brats Ashleigh is one to and so is her older brother* Anywas she started to cough and cry and then she threw up..but it was the most disgusting biggest amount of barf ever!! Greyish brown with remains of pink and pasta bits and redish chunks. It started a chain reaction. My older sister threw up and so did my aunt Ena and my couisn Frankie. Oh well thatz life 4 ya.

Kirsten D.

Saturday, August 11, 2001

Destiny S.
Hey guys! I feel a lot better since yesterday. I was up half the night with my puking face buried into the toilet, Fi holding my hair and taking side trips to the sink to throw up herself. The toilet was really disgusting because the housekeeping didn't come and Nikkole's vomit from like 4 days ago was crusty and brown, little chunks of food and unknown substances baked right in :P ! And it smelled sooo gross, like rotten goat cheese. That was really disgusting! After I finished posting (I think nikkole put something in there too), I got this really sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and a sudden retch pushed all of my stomach juices uo my throat and into my mouth. I quickly picked up my emergency bucket and spit a sizeable amount of clear greenish-yellow liquid into the bucket and :( into my hair. It tasted really sour and the smell made my stomach push up some more liquid vomit into the bucket, this time it was thicker and filled up almost half the bucket. Then Nikkole ca! me and shoved me into the bathroom. More thick vomit poured out of my lips and onto the already crusty floor. Fiona was brushing her teeth at the sink, and when she saw me puke she threw up a whole bunch of pinkish orange vomit onto her toothbrush and into the sink, which I noticed was full of vomit with swirls of toothpaste in it. I leaned over the disgusting toilet and heaved up a whole bunch of brown puke into it and into my matted vomit covered hair. Nikkole suddenly looked sick, but she disappeared into the bedroom. Fiona brushed her teeth again and held my hair for me. Every few minutes she put a hand on her stomach, which was lurching, and leaned over the sink to throw up. She has short hair so it wasn't a bother for her. Nikkole was in her bedroom tending to her daughter, Krista and her son, Frederick, who were being put to bed.
I felt a little better after throwing up, so I cleaned the bathroom up and sat on the couch beside fiona, who was retching with her head in an ice cream pail. I rubbed her back for a few minutes and went into my bedroom to watch David Letterman, with an empty garbage can next to me just in case. After about an hour and a half, I started to feel queasy again. I sat up. My abs contracted and burning hot chunks started coming up my throat. I retched and the chunks, which were white and green and pink, poured like a waterfall into the garbege can. The trash can was soon full, but I couldn't move. I took off my shirt and jeans and vomited all over my underwear. I didn't care where it went. I was way too sick to worry about my clothes. Chunks were in every crevice of my body, especially between my legs and in the crack between my ahem... chest area,,, I was spewing really thick reddish vomit for a while and then I finally dozed off. I had some oatmeal this morning and I feel so ! much better.
Reply and Peace out

I've always been horrified by vomit. If anyone was ever sick near me I almost used to faint.

However, my new boyfriend has kind of cured me. I'd only known him a few weeks and he got up in the night to spew after having too much to drink. I heard everything, but just left him to it, and cuddled him when he got back to bed. I didn't feel too bad. Then a few weeks later it was my turn, he followed me into the bathroom and rubbed my back while I heaved into the toilet. He found it all quite amusing...

So now we talk about sick without me feeling bad. The other night we were walking home from the pub and we were talking, and he said 'I think I'll have a good throw up when I get in, I feel really full and horrible after all that beer'. He simply went upstairs and made himself puke. It wasn't a bit dramatic, just a matter of course.

He's had 3 kids though, I suppose he dealt with puke all the time.


Hey Peeps!
This is Derek, Destiny's boyfriend. This might be attached to her message cuz we're using the same computer. Destiny went on a business trip early this morning. Guess what? Dessy's gonna have a big surprise when she comes home! She'll tell you, though! Today I went to the mall with my cousin Graham.We took the bus there, because we live out of town. I was sitting in between Graham and this 15 or 16 year old girl with brown hair. I noticed that the girl beside me was biting her lip and taking deep breaths. I didn't care that much, until I could see her stomach lurching from the bottom of her pink bellyshirt. Dessy has the same shirt, and she looks like a goddess in it!

The girl beside me was squished against the wall. It was a bus with non-opening windows and we were sitting in the very back. Her face was flushed and she was burping a lot. I asked her if she was going to throw up. She started to say something, but clamped her hand over her mouth before she could finish. I shoved a plastic bag into her face. I'd found it in my backpack. I figured it was from my last trip with Dessy to see what was wron with her (doctor) to catch her puke if she threw up.The girl hastily opened the bag. She held it against her mouth and her stomach gave a heave and some thick, chunky green and pink vomit filled up the small bag instantly. I could tell she still had more in her. I held onto her waist and hoisted her over my lap and Graham's lap so her head was in the aisle. She vomited some more chunks into the aisle and me and Graham rubbed her back. When the bus stopped, right by a gas station, me and Graham helped the girl throw up into the bushes besi! de the gas station "Sorry dude, you have to buy somethin to use the bathroom" and she gave Graham her number

Heya Bonnie!

Sorry to hear about your condition at this time. I only dry heave when I get seasick for some reason, but eventually I end up throwing up large amounts of bile. I personally know that the dry heaves suck! Here is a story of two summers ago when I went boating:

Ok, Eden's family are all big boaters, and we had been invited to a family reunion at Tuncanic Falls or however you spell it, in NY. The drive up there was sickening, but luckily I had gotten about 2 hours of sleep the night before so I was OUT as soon as the car started. My family and Eden's were both there, and when we finally arrived it was like everyone started hugging us at once, and there were children running around all over the place. My dad waltzes up to me (he never just "walks"), clamps my shoulder and says, "Glad to see you survived the drive up here Keeg", at which time Eden glared meanly at my father and tugged my arm back, since they sort of hate each other. Then she went off to find the rest of her family, including her brother Stevie who had brought his speed boat to the event. Anyway, we all just sat at this huge train of several picnic tables hooked together, and we talked until the hamburgers were done, and then we ATE. Everything from hot dogs, p! inapple, sausage, colslaw, potato salad, 3 different variations of chips and hot sauce, and THEN we started on dessert, but of that I only ate a few of those orange candy peanuts.

So, naturally while everyone was resting, TRYING to digest their meals, Stevie hoops and hollars and attempts to round up folks for a boat ride around the lake. All the little kids (nephews and nieces) go crazy, and then Stevie invites me to go with him to help handle them. I sort of have this uncomfortable half-grin on my face, I can hear my parents chuckling, and when I look at Eden she just shrugs and raises an eyebrow at me. My mother flusters over to me, and sort of unknowingly attracts even more unwanted attention. "Did you take some dramamine honey? That sometimes helps you out". I grit my teeth, and say with as little outward annoyance as possible, "I took some on the way here, and I'm fine". And so that was that and I helped to herd all the children on the good-sized boat. They all had their lifejackets on.

When we started I had so many butterflies, because I knew that this had the potential to turn into another embarressing family story; the last thing I need. The boat jerked and then we motored out of the harbor. When we hit open water, Stevie put the boat into hypo-drive or something, and soon we were going fast and smacking the surface of the water as we buzzed by. I thought, well, this isn't that bad. I felt a bit sick by this point but not vomitus yet. Soon though I began to get a headache from the constant violence of the motion and the never ending noise that came from all the kids. I still figured that I was ok. But then Stevie slowed the boat down, and the dipping and swaying motion got much more pronounced, and when he stopped the boat, the horizen began to pitch and bounce lazily up and down. Agh...thats one thing that I absolutely cannot handle, so it was less then a few minutes when I realized I was probably going to blow. I remembered that I wasn't sus! posed to vomit into the wind, so I got to a safe, less occupied section of the boat and gripped it tightly. I felt like I was drowning in my own disgusting stomach acids, thats how sick I was. I kept spitting slimy saliva out in wet strings, and closed my eyes praying for puke. Stevie had stopped the boat for the little kids to go and swim, and he supervised from the deck, as I hung my head over the side, waiting. Finally I felt my belly jumping through my mouth, and my entire face hurt as I gagged savagely and ended with a rough cough. I rubbed the tears from my eyes, and my body bent forward again with a few nasty sounding retches, "gRAHHHGG......ghhhRAHHHHHHGGGG....GLAAHHH..." But nothing came out! I was extremely dizzy by this time, and my nausea was so bad that I felt like I was rotting from the inside out. I needed to vomit, but nothing was happening. Stevie had noticed my condition so he came over and helped to lay me on the bottom of the boat. Then he put an! empty salad bowl by my head. I moaned, and rubbed my face with my hands, then I rolled over and again my stomach tried to eject its contents, "GRREGGHHH....ugh...ggLEGGHHHHHH". Now little kids were climbing back in to the boat, but to my one tiny advantage none of them acknoledged me since Stevie told them that I was just laying there to get a tan. "I want a tan!", one little girl (Lisa I think) said. Stevie told her to go with the other children, and she complied. Oh, I was so sore by that time, I felt as though my entire midsection had taken a beating.

I gagged and dry heaved until we got to the boat slips, and then I pulled myself up carefully. "You want some help man?", Stevie asked amidsts all the kids. "No thanks. I got it", I told him and weakly tried to make my shaky legs walk properly. I got off the little wooden pier, and kept walking straight back to some secluded trees. I embraced a sturdy looking elm, and then concentrated on my nauseous stomach. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply in and out, until I felt my throat hitch. When the gag came I physically put alot of force in it, and then I could feel liquid beginning to gurgle in the far off regions of my throat. I coughed twice, and then, "gaaluuk...GEBLUGGGHHHHHHHGHH". I projectile vomited strongly, spraying yellowish fluid with brown chunks all over the grass. A very unpleasent odor rose, and when it entered my ultra sensitive nostrils, I puked again, and again. I could hardly breath between my bubbling retches, and when finally I spit the last o! f my foul vomit out of my mouth, I nearly collapsed from exhaustion. I took a brief time to recover, then walked in the direction of where the reunion was.

Anyway, that is one of my experiences with dry heaves. No new stories at this time, but its been already two days since I last threw up, and I never seem to go that long without doing it again.


My youngest daughter Mackenzie has heat stroke. Last night she was burnt because her dumb babysitter gorgot to put lotion on them (luckily Lyndseys friends mom put lotion on her and Jerimiah was at a friends pool today. But anywyas, Last night she was burnt her back sholders face was red!! She was cying and sleeping and being a real fuss bucket. She was sucking up to me and yelling at Lyndsey. Jerimiah phoned and asked to spend the night at his friends . So I said okay and he came and got his stuff and left. After my husband took Lyndsey out for ice cream but Mackie wants to come to so the four of us go. Itlooks kinda weird. Lyndsey is dark wearing her bikini top and shorts and sandals and we put Mackie in a long light sleeve shirt and jean bellbottoms. After eating ice cream Mackie starts screaming about her ???? and soon we knew she was gonna puke . We took her to a playground and let Lyndsey play while Mackie sat down. She was letting out dry heaves for a while. Then afte! r she gagged and puked an enormous brownish liquids with tan chunks. We took her home and i helped her tie her blonde curls while she puked all night. Today she is sick but not puking she has a high fever. I took her to the doctor and She said just let her sleep and she should be fine tomorrow. Nuttin serious.

Bye Ya All

Bonnie, drink about a half gallon of plain water, it will do one of two things, you will either feel better or you will throw up and clean out whatever's in your ???? will feel better either way.......

Friday, August 10, 2001

I have been dry heaving for the last six hours and I hurt all over! Right now puking would be a relief so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make this happen? and also, does anyone else dry heave as much or is it just me? lol Hey, Keegan, I love your stories! keep posting mate!!

I have the stomach flu..from my cousins!!! Ahhh. It just hit me yesterday when i was at Rachels house. Unfortantly I am at Rachels now too!! (I told her but the site but she said she isnt gonna post but read :() Anywayz I told her I felt sick and she said LEts go watch T.V After I felt real sock so Rachels sister gave my stomach flu medicine but still i felt sick so Racheks sister took me to her bathroom and rubbed my back while
I cried 'I wanna go home' but the fact was i couldnt go home my parents were on a 4 day anniversery vacation. Rachels sister told me to calm down. But i kept haeving and crying and finally it slapshed out. A liquidy bornwish clear stuff big amounts fell everywhere in the toleit the floor on my and Rachels sister. Rachels sister took care of me all nihgt considering her mom is really cool but she cant stand vomiting.
just like a little kids i laid down on Rachels sisters lap and cried while she told me stories i am throwing up all night every place possible and boy do i feel sorry. Its early morning and i wanna go home. I was just sick like 10 minutes ago and now i am goin back to bed.


swim gurl
hey guys i just wanted to give you an update. I am feeling much much better now. I was really nauseous last night and almost puked a couple of times but luckily nothing happened. I woke up feeling good and ready to go to Fenway with my dad. It was really fun and i loved spending the day with him. Our team won which made it even better. My stomach is feeling really good right now and I finally ate a normal meal today and nothing happened. I am hoping this is it with the stomach bug. Two bugs in one month is enuf for me. Hope everyone is healthy and happy. I look forward to reading your posts. Brett and SBL how are you doing? Catch you later.

Hey Scott,

Haha...I have a bucket in my car too! Its a red, sandbox looking one. I agree that this problem is not life threatening...just an annoying thing that I have to put up with if I want to go anywhere. Dramamine doesn't do shet for me, but I have had minor success with Bonine. Have you tried those pressure point bands yet? I haven't, but I heard that they work for women with morning sickness so maybe I'll buy some for Eden and me. She sometimes gets diarreah when she gets too nervous. She never posts on here anymore so she will never read that and then get mad at me for revealing something embarressing. Some days I puke traveling more then others, and the bad thing is that sometimes after being in the car for a while, it is like the feeling of the motion won't go away and I get sick the entire day! Oh well, its sort of funny that you have the same problem I do, and that you post on here also. Talk to you later!



I don't have any siblings, but Eden has four brothers.

I just got back to PA from Chicago Saturday, and on the plane I did not throw up. I just felt like hell, all sick and nauseous but luckily I held it in because this time I was seated between two people, a fat woman, and a fat man. I thought for sure that I was going to barf before we landed, and the woman kept giving me really concerned glances, because I bet that I looked pretty sick. However I did get carsick on Sunday, on the way to a church picnic. It really sucked because I was having a problem with my allergies anyway the entire day. I would sneeze for about 5 or 6 in a row, and then my stomach would clench and I would throw up in the bucket that Eden was holding because I persisted on driving anyway. Thats probably not the safest thing to be doing, having sneezing fits and puke attacks while doing 70 on the highway. When we got to the picnic my stomach was better, but I kept sneezing the entire time, and it was like my entire face was swollen. AGh. I can't ! win.

Destiny S.
Mike+Sickkid, this one's for you.
Last weekend I had my 19th birthday. I was with Derek. He took me to the jewelers and showed me this gorgeous necklace he was saving up to buy me. I gave him a long smooch and we went back to my dorm. After about 3 hours of talking and feeding each other strawberries (romantic!) Derek went into the bathroom. When he came out he told me he'd thrown up. He felt much better and gave me a massage. We then went for a drive. You see, I am no good with motion. I started to feel nauseous. I opened the window and leaned back in my seat. Derek stopped the car at 7-11 to get some Slurpees. I started to cough. I could feel my abs contract and I retched quietly. I pushed my hair out of my face and leaned out of the window. I looked into the window of 7-11. Derek was waiting in a looooooooooong line. I couldn't wait for him to come out so I continued to retch. My stomach contracted sharply, which is strange for me because my stomach is very tight and sculpted. I retched again. I could f! eel some chunks of strawberries coming up to say hello to the pavement, so I pushed my tongue against the back of my throat. Strawberries were threatening to pour into my mouth. My stomach heaved and a small thin stream of pinkish red chunks spilled out of my mouth. The stream dribbled down into my um... chest area... and down the side of Derek's car onto the pavement. Derek was somewhere in the middle of the line now. The sour smell of my own vomit made my stomach jump into my mouth and a large amount of vomit poured onto my chest and splattered all over Dereks car and the pavement (All you girls who want big boobs, believe me, you don't want them. I have 36 double D's and a 15 waist, so when I puke my vomit goes all over! :P) I stopped vomiting and rolled up the window. I had to clean up so I took off my halter and wiped my chest and stomach with a Kleenex. I wiped my mouth and Derek's window and leaned back into my seat. Derek came back to the car. He was super surprised wh! en he saw me without my shirt on. The surprise on his face made me laugh and I hurled all over the inside of his car. He wrapped his jersey around me and handed me the 7-11 bag he had. I puked some really thick pinkish brown vomit into the bag and it started to overflow. I tied it up. It was really heavy and some vomit started to spray out of a small hole in the corner. I got puke all over my hair. Its not a good thing, because my hair is long and whitish blonde, and pinkish chunks did not match. After we got back to the dorm, Nikkole was occupying the bathroom. She had the flu and had been puking a lot. Her 3 month old son, Fredrich, was asleep in Nikkoles room. I really had to throw up, but Nikkole was taking forever! I couldn't hold it anymore. I pushed the door open to the bathroom. Nikkole was passed out by the toilet, which was full of white souplike barf. I hurried over to the sink and ralphed about a litre of brown and white chunks down the drain my other roommate Fion! a came into the bathroom with her 2 week old Daughter, Jenesse, and held my hair while I hurled more and more chunky and greasy (?) vomit into the sink. I was in the bathroom for about 15 minutes, until all that came out was clearish pink strawberry stomach acid. I soon found out I had caught the flu from Nikkole. Hold on . . . Hi, this is Derek. Dessy had to throw up again. You know, I love her and all, but this vomiting is really gross. Don't worry, Fee is in there holding her hair. I came over to give her the necklace (I don't know if she told you about it, I was saving up for like a year to buy it for her.) Dessy puked in my car last Sunday and I can't get the chunks out of my upholstery. Oh god! Dessy sounds really gross! But I personally think it's sexy, you know, the way she throws up, cuz her boobs bounce and she makes these sexy noises, OK I wont go that far! Oh, she's coming back. Just a sec . . .

Hi guys, I'm back! Oh man... Derek told you the boob thing?! Oh man... I was trying to throw up but I could only retch. OK, I gotta go now, I'll post later.

Hey guys.
I'm not feeling very good today as you probably found out from my last post. Derek had to type for me because I was throwing up in the bathroom. Here's the story.

I was relaxing here on the couch with my laptop on my (ha) lap. I was having a good time typing my vomit experiences, when I was shaken with a bad wave of nausea. My head was spinning and my stomach lurched. I shoved the laptop into Derek's hands and ran to the bathroom. Fiona saw me running, one hand over my bulging mouth, and one hand shaking on my rumbling stomach. She followed me into the bathroom and held my hair as I leaned over the already vomit-full toilet. It smelled like rancid milk in the bathroom. Crusty greenish brown vomit was covering the toilet and floor. My stomach lurched again and I retched, my throat tightening and my stomach pushed upward into my chest. The contents of my stomach were curdling their way up my throat, which had that telltale tickly vomit feeling. I could feel the food in my stomach swirl around. My stomach was heaving and gurgling as I tried to vomit. Nothing came, so I went back to my laptop and typed the rest of my story. Then, the vo! mit started firing up my throat rapidly. I couldn't make it to the bathroom in time and leaned over the potted fern in my front room. My stomach lurched upward and I retched. The chunks of vomit were now filling the back of my mouth. I thrust my tongue back into the roof of my throat and let it go. A waterfall of creamy brown and green chunks came hurling into the potted plant. My stomach heaved and gurgled. Another hot stream of chunks hurdled up my throat and exited heavily into the soil, splashing onto the floor. By this time Derek had kissed me and left, saying he 'had to meet Mom for lunch' and left me throwing up into the already overflowing houseplant. Nikkole was at the mall shopping for baby food, and Fi was in the shower. My chest was covered in chunky brown vomit. It soaked through my shirt and bra. My stomach was heaving sharply and I projectile-vomited thick whitish brown vomit all over myself, the plant, and the floor. This was definitely not the way I wanted to ! spend my first week of being 19!I continued to throw up violently into the plant, which wasn't working well since the plant was overflowing and vomit was almost halfway across the room. It smelled really bad in the front room and the smell made Fiona come into the front room half naked and throw up all over the floor. Her and I both vomited for about 10 minutes after, my puke was creamy and thick, brownish-green, and Fiona's was red with green and brown chunks. Lucky for Fiona, she has a small chest, so she barely got any on her, as for me, I had dry and crusty chunks between my breasts, and fresh vomit on top of the dry chunks. Fiona finished puking before I did, which was wierd because I started before her. She then went to bed. After I finished throwing up I took a shower to get all the chunks off of me. I then cleaned up all of the vomit and went into the sunroom, which was very bright, but cool because it was 4:00 PM. I blew a few more chunks when I was sitting in the sun! , but then I felt better. Oh no I think I'm going to throw up, just wait.
Hi! What the heck? Oh, sick! What is this, where you tell about when you throw up? My name's Nikkole, I'm Destiny's roommate. She told me to type for a while. She has the flu. She caught it from me. She's throwing up. OK just a sec I'm gonna help hur.

Oh... hi guys... I feel really sick now. I just threw up into the bathtub. It was really gross and whitish yellow complete with red and black (?) chunks. I'll talk later I'm going to throw up again.


Hi! My name's Nikkole! Dessy is puking again so I guess I'll tell you about MY puke story. I think Dessy already told you about my Pregnant days, so this is a story that took place at the 2nd year formal, where college 2nd years take their boyfriends to a elegant ball. This was before I met my now-boyfriend. This guy named Fide I(he's from Sweden) asked my to the formal. I got a cool dress and went to the dance with him. When I got into the ballroom the smell of perfume hit me. I have a weak ????. I threw up all over the dancefloor. Yuk.
See ya

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

Hey guys...not feeling too great lately. I am up in Chicago right now on my friend John's computer, and I have just arrived this morning. I will be staying til Saturday, but I certainly can wait to go back. I have a high altitude story that occured on the flight up, so I figured I would type it real fast before John gets back from working.

Anyway, I was very careful to eat non-greasy foods like they suggest, so I had a few grapes and some orange juice. Eden dropped me off at the airport, and stayed until my flight took off, and 15 minutes before it was time to board I took some generic brand motion sickness medicine. I knew that it probably would only help a little bit, but I persisted with taking it anyway. Soon we boarded, and I got to my aisle seat (its easier for me to have an aisle seat on planes for obvious reason's) and sat down. Luckily, there wasn't that many people on this flight, so I had a bit of privacy. I was surprised that there wasn't more people going to Chicago during the week. Anyway the take off got me a bit rattled as always, and I felt a little bit airsick already but I was ok. I simply put my headphones on, and drifted in and out of sleep for a short hour until I could feel the entire plane shifting, as they circled. It was like instantaneous severe nausea in my belly, and my m! outh felt flooded with spit. I decided to tell an airline attendant that I didn't feel so good, and she told me that I would have to keep seated since we were in the process of landing, but she gave me a few barf bags which is good because I tend to puke alot of volumn. After about 10 more minutes of sitting there, I felt like I was filling up to the brim with gastric juices. I felt urpy and my airsickness was getting real bad so I didn't think I could make it until landing. Very carefully without envoking alot of suspicion I unfolded one of the barf bags and waited. Suddenly my whole body was thrust forward with a massive heave, and I retched helplessly into the bag. I kept gagging, but nothing was coming up which I absolutely hate. After about a few minutes, finally I could feel my throat filling up with vomit, and liquidy orange juice with dark chunkies splashed into the bag. I was very neat about it, and caught my breath before I threw up again, and this time it wa! s more forceful...ggutRAGHHHHGAAHHHHH!!!! <--A noise like that. I sat back out of breath, and the barf bag was in danger of overfilling. I pressed the button for an airline attendant who was very nice, and she took the bag from me, and gave me some water and some napkins. I gulped down three swallows, but choked and then quickly pressed my hand against my mouth because I could feel my stomach rebelling. Before the vomit could spray everywhere through my hand, I opened another bag, and threw up one more time. I was ok for the next twenty minutes that followed. My friend greeted me at the gate, and we walked until I felt queasy again, so I excused myself to the restroom. I quickly knelt before the toilet and burped up some more putrid orange barf, washed my hands and my face, and went back to my friend. I haven't thrown up since then, but I have felt a little sick all day, so maybe I will tonight. Until I do, i'll keep everyone posted.


I was at burger king with my boyfriend Jake and my firends Sasha and Victoria plus Bryanni and her friend Jessika L. We were finished playing and started to play cards but Jake was saying ohh my stomach i am never going to burger king agian!!!. Bryanni and Jessika left to go back to the pool..what else is new but me and Jake and Sasha are supposed to go to Canadas wonderland. Jake saays he isnt in the moood and goes home. Later he phoned me and told me he had food poisning....he got sick before hanging up on me....oh well i got food poisning once but i'll tell u bout that later

Dakota (or as Bryanni does it)


Miss T.
Hi everyone....I'm a lurker, going under the nickname given to me by the dance team I coach, but decided to post in response to SCOTT (UK).
I think that alot of people have diarrhea when they puke because the stomach muscles contract so hard that it pushes it out from both ends. I don't get sick very often, but when I have, that has happened to me, and I know of lots of other people who have had that happen to them. Your stomach probably just contracts super duper hard for it to happen everytime....NO you aren't weird. Share some of your stories...everyone loves to read a good puke story!!
I'm not a big puker, but I am intrigued by pukers. Unfortunately I haven't been lucky enough to witness very many people puking, but I'll keep my eyes peeled and when I have time, I'll post a story or two which I do have...not about me though!!! Take Care all and Keep the Stories Coming!

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