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Natural Woman
I've been reading the posts here for awhile and I now have a story of my own. I went to a very nice restaraunt with some people from work a couple days ago, and had a shrimp scampi pasta dish. About 2 hours later I ended up having to use the toilet (the major runs) 2 or 3 times in a 30 minute period of time. I still wasn't nasueated or anything, so I didn't worry much about it. I drank a glass of water so I wouldn't get dehydrated if my sickness continued, and went to bed.

It wasn't even an hour later when my next trip to the bathroom occurred, this time I was nauseated and very crampy at the same time. I didn't know which end to put over the toilet. I decided I'd rather clean up the vomit then the crap, so I sat on the toilet seat and was able to grab the trash can in time to keep from making the dreaded mess. Out things were coming from both ends sometimes simutaneously. I sat there for what seemed like 20 minutes but was probably 10 or so. I got up weakly and started to clean the trash can and clean myself up.

I was beginning to feel slightly better and thought that I was pretty lucky that whatever it was seemed to have passed so quickly. I bent slightly to set the trash can down, took 2 steps towards the bedroom thinking I was in the clear when up rushed more of the seafood poison, I was able to get back to the toilet and kneel down where I stayed for I'm not sure how long bracing myself between extreme bouts of vomiting. I didn't know where it was all coming from.

It finally became dry heaves, about 4am that morning when I was able to walk/crawl back to bed. I slept a few hours and woke up with the soarest stomach I've ever had. I was extremely dry mouthed and knew I needed to drink some water. I was feeling better thinking it had to be over and that the water would coat my stomach. WRONG!!!!!!!! Just 15 minutes after my 3 ounce glass of water, I was back at the toilet bowl, this time gagging up clear liquid for the first 2 or 3 gags, then vomiting bright green bile for the next few hours. My stomach started to feel crampy like it had with the runs the night before and so I got ahold of the trusty little trash can and repeated my double crunches from the night before, this time with green coming up and yellow (almost orange) liquid gushing out the other way. That lasted off and on until about noon that day when I finally went to sleep for 8 straight hours waking up feeling week and lousy. I decided that drinking anything was not a! n option because it would just come up so I just cleaned up brushed my teeth which made me gag but nothing came up.

I decided if I didnt' feel better in the morning I'd go to the doctor and make sure it wansn't like E-coli, or Salmonella. about 1am, I was still awake watching tv when a commercial came on for Mc Donalds and I just looked at it and gagged right there in bed luckily it was a dry heave, I went to the toilet thinking it would continue but it didn't. I decided the television was not a good idea. About 3am I couldn't take it any longer I needed some water. I drank it and went to sleep. I slept thru til morning. That was this morning. I woke up salivating and nauseated and tried to ignore it. I decided I needed a shower, so I went ahead and about 2 minutes into it I was over some I dropped to my knees then and there and ended up going out of both ends once again. I don't know how long that lasted but when it was over I got dressed and went to the urgent care department of my Kaiser Hospital.

The doctor took a sample of my bile vomit and gave me some IV fluids and told me it'd pass to just take it slow and stay on clear liquids for awhile once things are staying down. It has been 3 hours now since I last tried to drink some water. It finally seems to be staying down, but I'm still salivating like crazy and just hoping its finally over. Keep good thoughts for me. I like reading about this stuff, but I can't stand being this sick. I'll post more later.

I feel so sick right now. Earlier today, my belly was really hurting. I started to feel like I was going to get sick. I went in the bathroom and leaned over the toilet. I was rubbing my ????, moaning and burping. Finally, I let out a big BWERRRPPP and out came big brown chunks of vomit. I burped again and a little more came out. I still felt really sick though. I've been trying to rest since then, but now I think I'm going to be sick again. Oohh, my ???? feels so sick! Ohhhh! Gotta go!

hey there, I haven't posted any good emergency room stories lately because for some reason there haven't really been any good barfings. But, here is a good one that happened two nights ago.

Our ambulance was called to our police station at 4am for one of the cops who was having some stomach pain. After a quick assessment, it was fairly obvious this poor soul was passing a kidney stone (i've done it, and it friggin HURTS!) anyhow, people with kidney stones will barf, due to some kind of response of the body. This policeman who was trying very hard not to show the immense pain he was in, stated he had not felt nauseated or vomited at all. About two minutes later, he said "can i have a bucket, i'm starting to feel a little sick" and in the time it took for one of the medics to get a bucket this guy got super ill, grabbed the bucket, and puked a huge stream of brown puke into the bucket. Had the bucket not been there it would have shot 3 feet easily. More and more forceful heaves produced more of the liquid, and for the next 10 minutes on the way to the hospital he proceeded to barf as hard as i've ever seen anyone barf.

After we got to the ER there was the task of cleaning out the barf bucket. Being the youngest person on the call, it's my job. Little do they know i relish the work!!! However, maybe it was the type of puke, or the fact it was 4am, but when i dumped it out i was hit with that terrible sour barf smell and i could taste it in my mouth, like i had just barfed myself. It was horrible. I struggled not to gag. Grossness. So i finished cleaning the bucket and helped myself to a red popsicle in the freezer (see, we get job perks... popsicles and food when we get to the hospital) and went back to the station with visions of the projectile vomit still swimming in my head.

All for now. Next good barf story i will be sure to post.

I love hearing about celebrities (mostly male) getting sick. It reminds me that stars are really just average ppl. So, here are a few:

~Hayden Christensen aka Anakin Skywalker threw up on the way to his audition for Star Wars.
~After eating caviar, all the guys in NSync except Joey spend hours throwing up.
~Ben Gillies of silverchair threw up on Blink-182's manager.
~Zac Hanson used to throw up backstage before concerts. Also, he used to try so hard to burp, he'd throw up.
~Nick Carter of BSB threw up backstage once.
~once in a BSB interview, Kevin told the reporter that AJ was throwing up and had diarrhea.
~Twiggy Ramirez of Marilyn Manson made a habit of throwing up on stage on purpose.
~A reporter once snapped a picture of Drew Lachey of 98 Degrees as he exited the bathroom after throwing up from food poisoning.
~Daniel Johns of silverchair once go so drunk he threw up for hours.

Anybody have an other stories on celebrities?


Alex F.
Ok so I lied. Nicks name is Byron, but he hates that name, so we call him Nick (Nicholas is his middle name)

Last night I was at a friends party, and we ordered in pizzas...never again will i eat that much of a stuffed crust large cheesy pizza! i felt fine all evening, until we went to bed. i crashed out in the spare room (which thankfully has its own en-suite). i woke up an hour later, with a distinct queasy feeling. i ignored it for as long as possible, but eventually had to head to the bathroom. i was salivating heavily, and the sight of the water swirling in the toilet bowl was making my stomach churn. i spit lots of thick saliva in, and then realised that i was SO close to hurling. i belched a couple of times, and then my mouth filled with warm acidy puke. i thought that was it, but no...with a HUGE retch, i brought up everything id eaten for about the past week. i kept on gagging and burping, until at last i stopped. or so i thought. BLUUUUUUUUUURGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH another wave of brown liquidy barf trickled into the toilet. i was up all night, and all in all threw up abou! t 11 times. not good.

Monday, July 22, 2002

John Q Public
I'm not realy into seeing girls throw up, but I love a girl who can spit a nice huge hocker. I am reminded of my chilehood on the South side of Chicago. There was this girl who could spit like nobody I ever knew. She use to sneak up on people and when they least expect it, she would spew a long, stringy hocker that had to be 9 or 10 inches long.

Us guys nick-named her "Hockers," because of the way she could spit. Her father was the head-preacher at the Dutch Reformed Church, of all places, and one of her favorite purches was right between the church and the school building they had. On Sundays, one could be walking down the street. You would walk by this church and hear an awesome organist, people praying and singing praises to God, and over all that spirtuality, you could hear the Preachers daughter going HAWKHAWKHAWKHAWK!!! And if you were like myself, constantly being target by this young lady, she would jump out from between the two buildings and PIT0000000000YYYYYYYY, you were baptised.

That girl had all of us on hocker size, distance, accuracy, and even 'hawking.' It was awesom. I wonder if there are any other girls here who could spit like that?

Hi! I've got a story about my boyfriend, Nick. He is incredibly hot, and he was staying with us while his parents were in Chicago. Unfortunately, he came right as my little brother was finishing up the flu. So, the third day he came, he was kicking my butt in XBox, (Halo for those of you that want to know) when suddenly, he stands up and looks all shaky. Im all like, Nick are you ok, and he just shakes his head. Meanwhile, I can see this major color change on his face, from red to white, to green, and suddenly he makes a mad dash for the bathroom. I hear a scream, and this huge gross burp. Then I hear a really loud "hurp, errg" and the sound of something splashing. Then he came back, still all shaky, and is like, I just scared your sister half to death cause I ran into the Bathroom and she was in there doing her makeup, and I hurled right next to her. We both started to laugh when he let out a second wet burp, and hurled, right on me. It was pretty gross, all clear. Any way,! hes been sleeping for the past 2 days. Ive got more stories about him, Ill post later.

Monday, July 15, 2002

I just have to tell about my most embarassing moment ever. I was an acolyte in church (that's a teen who helps the minister during services, for you unchurched) and I got really sick and threw up. Unfortunately into the baptismal font. The parents of the baby were really nice about it, but people in the congregation were grossed out. A couple of boys in the back were laughing really loud, which was disrespectful in church.

The worst part was the whole thing was captured on video. I saw it. I was looking like I was getting hot in my white gown. Then my face got red, and with my long blond hair, it's easy to see the contrast. Then BLOOP! At least I missed the baby. The people stopped taping, but I think my face got even redder.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

Um hey everyone my name is Rain. I am 19. I came across this site while looking for fan fiction.. and I decided to stay. After reading some of the stories, I came to the conclusion that this site was AWESOME! And I have some stories.

At a dance competition a while back, there was one team who were on stage for a long time. The girls on this dancing team were gorgeous! Thin, toned, long hair, I was so jealous! Well, at these competitions there are always buckets backstage in case someone has to throw up. After this team was done dancing, a girl miserably walked towards the bucket. One of her friends held her long brown hair. She leaned over at the waist and spit into the bucket. Then she started to cough loudly and wetly. I saw her stomach quiver and she heaved. Out of her mouth came a stream of thick yellow vomit. It oozed slowly into the bucket. Then the girl gasped and heaved again. This time a larger amount of vomit spilled into the bucket. Then she coughed and gasped and more of this egg-yolk-like vomit oozed into the bucket. She started walking away from the bucket when another friend ran up and shoved another bucket under the girl's mouth. The girl promptly heaved up about a half a litre of egg! y vomit into it and then she ran into the washrooms.

Thats the only story I have

Hi Mona,

What is fun and exciting about puking?. Good question!. I've always thought that it is great to watch the expression on a decent looking chick's face as she struggles to "get sick". It began in my childhood and i don't enjoy being sick myself but hearing some vixen growl and moan and make a huge ugly stinking mess in a parking lot or outside a nightclub is just what i prefer. I also like to comfort them if i get the chance. Alot of people are "secretly" enjoying this and i can tell just by watching all the guys as they watch the chick hurl. I guess what scares us can turn into an obsession. People just like to see other people squirm and look uncomfortable---human nature to put it BLUNTLY. Those who post here are just more HONEST than most of us. Besides, it is not going to hurt to just watch people sick it up, sometimes they feel better when others are around and don't make a big deal about vomit. it's making a big stink about it that causes us to feel embarrassed about! our vomit and to try and hide. Not hiding is the best approach and if you have the slightest interest in vomit, then just relax. It's not the end of the world and nobody here will think your some weirdo or freak. I always now wished that i'd been a woman so that i could've seen all the ladies rooms in bars, nightclubs and gas stations. Since your're a woman, Mona, you have the chances that guys like me can never savor!!. So tell us all about the insides of women's stalls when you've seen vomit and seen other chicks do it. And thanks for the candid question.

I was at Applebee's the other night for dinner, they have terrible margaritas, and when my friends and I left I thought, heh, it'd be funny to vomit outside the entrance. So I did. I have the amazing ability to vomit without using my fingers, I just will it to come. Behold my power. Also in front of fast food restraunts I like to load up on condiments, preferably salsa or ketchup or barbeque sauce and fake puke in front of people walking into or out of the place. Good times.

Friday, July 05, 2002

Yes, Ashanti is my real name, and no, I am not just saying that because that girl that sings is also named Ashanti!! Glad I got that straight, lol!

OK. I am 16, bi-racial. For any emetophiles who think it is cool to see girls throw up, I am a size 4 and I have fairly good muscle tone.

OK well anyways.. I also had an "incident" at Starbucks. I was there with a group of friends, my best friend Carly and some other girls and a couple guys. I was sipping on a french vanilla cappuccino with extra foam. I drank it a little too fast and I had a gigantic cranberry banana muffin with it. After finishing my snacks, I started to feel a little sick. That sometimes happens when I eat too fast, so I waved it off and just relaxed. Well, I started to feel like I might throw up after a few minutes, so I fled to the washroom. I burst into a stall and kneeled by the toilet, staring into the water. My stomach was being really wild so I put a hand on it to calm it. Too bad I applied a little too much pressure, because it made me feel REALLY sick. I couldn't remember feeling this nauseous in a LONG time. I decided that if it was going to come, it was going to come, so I just stared at the little bit of coffee upchuck I had spit into the toilet water. I felt progressively s! icker and sicker for the next 7 minutes or so. By then I felt so sick I could barely move. But, I really wanted to get this over with so I got up and ran on the spot. I just kept feeling sicker. I could feel the vomit lingering on the back of my tongue but it would not come. My stomach felt like it would spray out everything in it in about .5 seconds, but it didn't happen. I walked around and ran really fast back and forth in the washrooms. The batch of vomit in my throat was getting bigger and bigger and my stomach kept pushing more and more up there. It just WOULD NOT come! I tried drinking water in large amounts from the tap.. it just added to the vomit pool in my throat. I stuck fingers down my throat and wiggled them around furiously, but it only added half an ounce of clearish saliva to the little amount of coffee vomit in the toilet. I spun around and made my self dizzy. I thought my throat would burst. There was so much vomit back there I could taste it. My mouth was! watering profusely so I stuck my fingers down my throat again. Nothing except saliva again. I felt so sick I just wanted to pass out. Unfortunately no such thing happened. I was pale and sweaty and burning hot, with a huge amount of vomit in my throat, and not even trying to make myself vomit would work. After 10 minutes, my friend Leticia asked if I was OK. I said I had to throw up but it wouldn't come. She brought in an extra-tall extra-foamy and creamy cappuccino and I chugged it down. I felt HORRIBLE! Beyond comprehension! I leaned over the toilet and furiously shoved my fingers down my throat. A thick, wet burp expelled a huge waterfall of creamy brown and white very thick, very chunky vomit into the toilet. It splashed all over the toilet and on my face. Soon the waterline could no longer be seen. I just kept heaving and retching loudly and wetly, and another fountain of chunks exploded out. I felt SO much better after that it was unbelievable!

I have another story too.

When I was fourteen, I had my first real boyfriend. The first day I met him, he was so cute and nice and he asked me to come to a movie with him on Saturday. He gave me his number and we made plans. On Saturday, I had my period and the stomach flu (AAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHH!). It was almost seven thirty, the time he was picking me up, so I changed into some tight flare-legged blue jeans and a long sleeved sweatshirt. I felt really miserable and I threw up some thick white vomit into my toilet right before Matt picked me up. We were in Matt's mom's car and my stomach was really disagreeing with me. When we got to the theatre, I excused myself to the washroom and kneeled in front of the toilet. Within seconds I had made a mess of the stall, chunky and thick white vomit all over the sides of the toilet and some on the floor. I washed my face and washed out my mouth and went to join Matt. About fifteen minutes later, I had to puke again and I once again threw up chunky white vomit i! n the bathroom, same stall. This little routine kept happening every 20 minutes or so. Finally Matt got suspicious and I told him about my problem. He was nice about it, and called his mom to drive us home. I had to throw up and didn't make it out of the car in time. Fortunately Matt was really good about it and we were together for 4 months. His mom's car still smelled like vomit!!


My name is Tanna. Once I was a little late for a party. It wasn't a kegger, but when I got there, two girls were leading another girl towards the front porch. (Out of the house). They sat her down on the bottom step. She bent over as far as she could go and spit a little onto the walkway. Then her stomach "exploded" and a huge wave of brown and tan watery vomit splashed onto the pavement. Afterwards they took her back inside.

Sirry I can't post anymore.. I have the flu. But I will post my vomit stories soon.

Corrine D.
I got cancer (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) 4 years ago. I remember getting chemotherapy and how bad it was. I can eat or drink anything without hurling, I swear, but when I got the chemo, I had to get extra Zofran. (Anti-nauseau medicine) Heres one story:

It was my first year of getting cancer, (Christmas Eve) and I felt really queasy. I was all alone, since I was 12 and I have 5 other siblings, so my parents were at home.) The doctor came in and gave me my X-mas present. It was conveiniently a small bottle of perfume. She opened it and started spraying it around the room. It triggered my stomach to start retching, which I did, but only dry heaves. I think the Dr. saw me 'cause she left the room and a nurse came in with some Zofran even though you're supposed to get it every 4 hours, not every 2. Well, she came in surrounded by a cloud of her own perfume, which really set me off, and everything that hadn't come up with the Dr. came up all over the nurse. It was pink and watery. It didn't go well with her Christmas tree shirt. Ha ha.

I was feeling sick all day and I was laying in bed and I suddenly felt like I had to poop so I hurried and went to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. As soon as I sat down I felt like I had to throw up so I quickly turned around with my shorts still pulled down. I started to heave really hard and the force made me shoot diarrhea all over the bathroom floor. It was all brown and runny and really gross so I turned around to the toilet and kept having diarrhea. Then I got the urge to puke again but I couldn't turn around in time so I just threw up on the floor right next to my pile of diarrhea. It was so disgusting I kept throwing up red vomit for about 5 minutes and I kept having diarrhea on and off all day.

So Jessica, my best friend, got sick yesterday (love it when all these puking incidents occur at once).

Our favourite afternoon hangout spot (when we're in 'sophisticated student' mode anyway) is Starbucks. Before we went out Jess said she didn't feel too good, I offered to postpone it but she said she'd be allright once she got some air.

When we got to Starbucks I suggested that she order something decaffeinated coz having caffeine when you don't feel will only makes you feel worse. So I'm there with my shots of double espresso and she's sipping the plainest cup of decaff you ever saw in your life. Anyway, she drank the whole cup fairly quickly and said she felt a little better.

Double espressos are traditionally what we have in Starbucks, so she said she's join me with 1 (she would normally join me with about 5).

I couldn't believe what happened next. She drank her espresso, and then she was just like 'Heath-errrr' in a concerned voice. So I was like 'Jess what's wrong?' (like I didn't know ;)) and then she just barfs all over the table. It still looked (and smelt) a lot like coffee.

It was very thin with no chunks at all. She then ran out of the shop, too embarassed to hang around, which was just as well because a few yards down from it she barfed again. It was more of the same thin stuff. Then she said she felt so much better and we carried on with our day. Don't know what was wrong with her, she must've had a virus or something. We haven't been back to Starbucks yet though.

I am 19 years old and currently 9 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I have been having pretty bad morning sickness which seems to come on not only in the mornings, but also in the afternoons and evenings!! Last week I was at uni sitting in one of my lectures at about 10:00am. I was feeling sick but I needed to attend the lecture and I thought I would be all right. My stomach felt full and disgusting. I was gently rubbing my stomach under my jumper, hoping that might settle it down. I put up with it for half an hour or so then I knew I had to throw up so I went into the ladies toilets. I was pleased that nobody was in there. I went into a cubicle and shut the door behind me. I faced the toilet, bent over at the waist, placed both my hands on my stomach and looked into the toilet bowl. I heaved a few times then out came one huge (and very unladylike!!) burp. I still felt sick though and I just wanted whatever was making me feel sick to come out, so I stuck two fingers down my! throat. That was all it took for my stomach to give one giant heave. Bent over the toilet, a huge flood of yellowish liquid with white chunks came up from my stomach, out of my mouth and splashed into the toilet bowl. This happened twice before I brought up a mouthful of saliva, flushed the toilet then went to the sink to wash my mouth out and wash my face.

Hey everyone! I have a story about heatstroke. One of my best friends Dorsa had heatstroke last August. It all started one day at the swimming pool. Dorsa, a mutual friend named Tasha, and I were just suntanning by the pool. It was really hot and Dorsa hadn't drank any fluids during the four-hour duration we were there. She looked pale and sweaty, but I figured it was just the way the sun made her look. Tasha got up and asked us if we wanted any water or a popsicle. Dorsa shook her head but I told Tash to get two bottled waters. So there we were, lying by the pool on our towels. Tasha got back, gave us the waters, and bid us adieu because she had to go to a party in half an hour. I told Dorsa to drink some water.
"I don't feel very good, Todd . . . I don't think I should drink anything . . ." Dorsa now was almost snow white and she had goosebumps on her arms. I could literally hear her stomach churning. Squashes and gurgles were rapidly pronouncing in her stomach. Most were pretty audible. She was breathing in sharp little breaths and she got up and tried to run to the washroom. Unfortunately she collapsed right by my towel. Within seconds, Dorsa was heaving. Her stomach contracted and she let out a burp. A very wet burp, which spurted a little bit of clearish vomit onto the pavement. Then she gasped and a fountain of thin brown vomit with small white chunks flowed from her mouth, forming a puddle that soaked into the pavement and the skin on her legs and hands. She had an audience. Practically everyone at the pool was watching her heave up the murky puke. One girl put a hand over her mouth and ran to the washroom. After Dorsa had finished, I told her to get her stuff and we'd le! ave. When she joined me in my car (Which was a BRAND NEW Volkswagen Beetle), she told me in a weak, strained voice that she had thrown up in the change room, the washroom, and a little bit in the lobby. I handed her the garbage bucket I keep in my car in case she needed to use it. Believe me, she did. Two minutes into the ride she was filling up that bucket with now-orange vomit. I decided to take a different route and I stopped at the medical clinic, where they diagnosed her with heatstroke. They told her to drink lots of fluids and get some rest. During the way to her house, I had to stop the car so Dorsa could empty the barf bucket into the roadside grass. When I finally got her home, she threw up in the kitchen sink and all over the counter. By now she was so weak she didn't have enough energy to wash off. Since I've known her forever, I undressed her and gave her a cool sponge bath. Then I helped her get changed into a nightshirt. I brought in some Gravol, ice chips, an! d a bucket when I went to check on her. The Gravol and ice chips seemed to work and soon she was asleep. I put a cool cloth on her forehead and went downstairs.

Dorsa's parents were out of town that weekend so I stayed with her. I helped her throw up, wash off, and throw up some more. There were times I felt like I might throw up myself, but I never did.

That's all for now

I've read your stories, but I have to confess I haven't done it in 25 years. Am I missing something? What's fun and exciting about it? Please answer.

Hey everyone! My name is Prence and I am Todd's friend. I am 17 and I just graduated from grade 12. Ok well I have a story about the post-grad party. There were two kegs, and a hot dog eating contest. They picked the two sexiest girls in grade 12 to do the contest. What they did was they gave them piles of hot dogs and some beer to wash the dogs down. The girl with blonde hair that was put up in messy buns won. She was gorgeous and valedictorian. Her name is Mantia. Well, she made it through the whole party talking and laughing. We walked home in a big group and soon me and Mantia were the only two people left. She said she had to sit down so we sat on the sidewalk. She pulled her knees up to her chest and put her head between her knees. She started to spit to start a flow of vomit she wanted desperately to come out. I started rubbing her back by instinct and she didn't seem to mind. Then her back had a tremor and she heaved up hotdogs all over the sidewalk. Many retches. Gr! easy, thick and chunky is the description of the vomit, with traces of beer. It was pretty gross.

Well got to go


Monday, July 01, 2002

Alex (Alexandria)
HI! I'm new here. Just so u don't get confused, my 14 year old sister is Jacklyn Dawn (more commonly known as J.D.) i'm 12, and my twin brother is Aaron, and my 17 year old brother is Nicholas (Aaron and Nick? heehee!)
Anyway, my stories:
#1- Aaron has a virus, so he's been puking all over. One night last week, i was in his room becuz my fan wuz broken and it was hot in my room. Anyway, about 1 AM, i hear:
(Door slamming against the wall)
J.D.- WHAT THE F*CK??!?!?!?!?!
(sound of someone puking)
J.D.- GUH-ROSS!!!!!!!!

Turns out Aaron ran in while she was in the bathroom (she had JUST finished) and proceeded to throw up into the toilet. EWW!
#2- two days later, I'm talking to my cousins Mackenzie and Cailey, when i hear a screech, then J.D. comes sliding down the banister of our stairs (she LOVES to do that!) and says "Aaron just threw up all over the hall!" Nick yells "Thanks for sharing that with us!"
It was SOOOOOO funny. I didn't see either puke, so i can't give any details. I think that Cailey went upstairs and saw it or something, cuz she threw up too! (But in the bathroom!)
Well, until aaron's better, I'll probably post a lot!
ALEXANDRIA SARAH (I'll post as either Alex F. or Alex )

Alex F.
Sorry, forgot story 3!
#3- My friend Ariana was really sick on Sunday, but she came over Monday. Anyway, her face got pale, and she ran to the bathroom and barfed. Sorry, I didn't see it :( Anyway, Aaron went in later and threw up from the smell (He's still sick, I think he was going to barf when he went into the bathroom anyway, he was really shakey, but the smell was awful so it probably made it worse. J.D. almost got sick , and she has a VERY strong stomach)

Budd Dwyer's Ghost
Summer's here, so remember to wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing. A hat and sunglasses are good. Drink lots of fluids, especially water. Move to the shade and cool off, preferably with water, if things get too hot. Above all, AVOID FOOD.

Anyway, I ran across a heat stroke victim who didn't do these things. At a Sunday afternoon game in Pittsburgh's marvellous new baseball facility, I ran across the modified golf cart that's used as an ambulance in the concourse area. People were milling around, stuffing their faces with all manners of food, but several EMT's were gathered around a staircase to the upper seating area. Seated on the bottom concrete step was a blond woman of about 40 years. The EMT's were sponging her back and neck with wet towels. I came in closer, and sure enough, there was a yellow and brown puddle of retch on the floor between her feet. People can't sit still during a ball game these days without getting up to feed their faces, so part of me felt vindicated seeing someone pay the price for their gluttony. On the other hand, she looked so miserable, so I felt sorry for her. She had another towel near her mouth, but nothing else came out. An usher, a black woman of about 20, was ! stationed there for some reason. The EMT's didn't seem to think her health was in imminent danger, so they kept sponging her off as she dry heaved. I was probably the only one paying attention.

After about 15 minutes, the blond woman was loaded onto the ambulatory golf cart, and presumably taken to the stadium's infirmary. Nobody was dispatched to remove the vomit, which seemed to consist of nachos, but no pepper slices. People continued to mill about the concourse, marching right through the puddle on the way up and down the steps. I had to leave the scene at this time.

The Pirates completed a three-game sweep over the Milwaukee Brewers that afternoon, but she'll probably never attend another game. It should be hot again for the remaining weekend series this month, so maybe there will be more vomit to see and report.

Tuessday, June 25, 2002

Hey people! This is my first post here and it is about a fair I was at last month.

I went to the city fair with my friends Prence and Javier. We were just sitting on a bench eating mini donuts by this ride called the Excellerator, that goes super fast and spins around. Surprisingly, none of us have gotten sick on that ride. Well, this beautiful girl got off of the ride. She had a tight yellow belly shirt with a hibiscus flower on it and these pretty short denim shorts on. She was tanned and had long brown and blonde hair. She was so hot! Oh she was perfect. Her little vomiting episode (not meaning to be gross) was kind of sexy.

I've always been interested in vomit but I hadn't seen any in a while. This girl came and sat on the bench with me and my friends. She was breathing deeply and burping and rubbing her stomach. You could tell she was going to barf soon. Her mouth moved like she was swallowing down vomit or trying to keep it down. Her eyes were closed. I wondered if she had come to the fair alone. I asked her if she was sick and she shook her head no. But it was pretty obvious that she was. I asked her if she felt like she was going to throw up. Apparently Javier thought it would be funny to shove a mini donut in her face. The girl started to heave. Her stomach contracted and a pretty big fountain of gray and orange chunks sprayed all over. Then she ran away. Running, she leaned over once and a waterfall of chunks splattered on the ground. Then she disappeared into the washrooms.

All for now

Hey everyone! I have a few stories for you today.
1) Yesterday a guy in my class (grade 10) came to class drunk. Smart move, huh! Well anyways we were headed down to the auditorium for the dress rehearsal of our school play (Wizard of Oz). When all of a sudden he just bends over and pukes ALL over the floor! Only one heave, pretty big.. left a hefty puddle of sour smelling vodka puke. It was really gross and I almost got sick when the smell hit me. Luckily I didn't.

2) The town fair started a week ago and I went with my best friend Danica. She has long blonde hair, which is unfortunate as you will soon find out. There is this ride called the Spider that spins and twist several directions at one time. (Upside-down, round and round, etc.) She usually gets sick on that ride, but it's fun so she went anyway. She has this little custom. The ride was five minutes long, and thirty seconds into the twirling she holds on to the safety bar, bends down so her head is between her knees, and retches, waiting for it to come. Every time we go on the spider, this happens. I made sure I was wearing old shoes. Well I do that anyway because you never know what you might step in. OK well there she was with her head between her knees, getting ready for the fountain. Then, three minutes later, just as the ride was slowing, it came. A huge retch and a splatter of chunky brown vomit soaked into the mat and into my shoes and hers. Unfortunately, no one had ! been holding her hair and it turned stinking brown up to Danica's chin. But yet she still thinks it's fun!

Another fair story. I was at the fair a year ago with my friend named Prisha. We were on the ferris wheel and it stalled when we were pretty close to the top. The constant rocking and tilting of the bucket got to her after a while. She told me she was going to be sick and she leaned over the side of the bucket. After a few wet coughs and heaves, she was done. The ride started going again and when we got off we saw this girl from our school, covered in Prisha's vomit, puking up a storm by the Port-a-potty. It was pretty funny.

I have more, post them later.

Hi there, this is my first post.

Well you really are a bunch of sickos, I love this site :-)

I am inspired to tell of an incident that happened to me in primary school, when I was 10. I don't remember too much from that period, but I remember every detail of this day - it was so embarrasing, I think I was mentally scarred for life!

Anyway, the day before, a friend and I had been playing in the fields and, with the wisdom of 10-year-olds, we were eating nuts that had fallen off the trees. Probably some of these were rotten, and half of them not even edible in the first place!

The next morning, as every morning, we started school with a religeous assembly for the whole school. The vicar was yarning on, and I was stood in the middle of about 20 rows of kids. Gradually, what had started as a stomach ache grew into an intense nausea. I felt like I might have to puke, but I was a very shy girl, and I just couldn't face pushing my way out of there with all eyes on me. Probably the headmaster would want to know what was going on, and I'd have to explain in front of everybody. No, no way, I was just going to have to use shear willpower and hold it in.

Have you ever tried to sing hymns when you are trying not to puke? Let me tell you, it can't be done. Normally I'm quite a nice singer, and this day I was letting out a kind of tone-deaf murmering, droning sound.

The waves of nausea were almost overpowering me, then my mouth started to water. Suddenly, URP.. my mouth was filled with warm acidy sick. NO I'm not going to be sick! I actually caught everything in my mouth and gulped it back down. It stayed down for about 5 seconds before my stomach heaved again, pushing a fountain of vomit out between my fingers which I had futilely clasped over my mouth. As everyone turned and stared, I puked and puked again, almost oblivious to my surroundings now. I heard the vicar saying something like "oh dear, well, it happens to the best of us", then the headmaster had to push through the crowd and drag me out of the room by the arm. All the while I continued vomiting, leaving a trail of foul-smelling sick though several carpeted anti-rooms until I was deposited out in the yard. There I carried on undisturbed, heaving up a big pile of lumpy puke, until it finally stopped.

I felt better pretty much straight away - but I couldn't face going into school again even the next day.

Sunday, June 23, 2002

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