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Yesterday my fiance and I were on a long car drive and I was feeling queasy in the stomach. I'd had a fair bit to eat and I could feel the food churning around in my sick belly.I had a few big mouthfuls of Sprite, in the hope that would help me to burp and relieve my belly of some of the gas. My belly felt really tight, like I wanted to burp up a whole heap of gas. I drank the Sprite then let out two incredibly big and very loud burps. My fiance asked me if I was okay and i said I felt a little bit better after burping. Twenty minutes later however, I felt my ???? start to churn and I knew I was going to be sick. I asked Dion to pull over which he did. Fortunately we were driving past bush land so it was pretty easy. We both got out of the car and walked onto the grass. I let out another huge burp and bent over the grass. Dion put both his hands on my ???? and pressed on it. He told me to let it all out and said I'd feel better afterwards. Right then I burped up a heap of sour chunky vomit. It splattered onto the grass but I knew I wasn't done. I burped again and let out an enormous gush of vomit. It splashed everywhere. I burped and retched a few more times before letting out a mouthful of clear vomit, but it wasn't very much. I was sure my belly was empty and I felt a lot better so we got back in the car and kept going.

It's me again. I'll tell my other story now. I only remembered after I posted the last one that this one happened before that one. Oh, well.

I was at an amusement park. Yes, the same one I was at in the other story. I went on a standup rollercoaster that was really wild, really wild. I've never gotten sick on a rollercoaster before but that one just did me in. I got off the coaster with my friend who wasn't sick at all. I told her how just awful I felt. We went to the bathroom and I tried to throw up but I just couldn't. I was still feeling horribly sick and just wanted to puke my guts up like nothing else!

My friend Lila made the suggestion that I go on the ride again and hope it would make me sick enough to puke. I just couldn't stand the thought of going back on the standup coaster, and anyway the line was too long. Lila said she's gotten sick on the Octopus more than once so why not try that. I knew how bad the motion on the Octopus is, and there was no line, so I said I'd do it. I asked my friend to go with me but she said no. And of course Lila didn't want to come along either.

Lila gave me a plastic bag from her purse and I got on. At first it was fun and I even forgot about feeling sick for a minute. Then the ride started going really fast, and the little car just spun and spun. I think it was worse because I was riding alone and there was no one to balance the car. I was just overcome by a massive wave of nausea, and I was sick so fast, I didn't have time to get the bag up. Fortunately, there wasn't much to come in that first barf and it went on the floor instead of me! I barfed again, and this time I made the bag. It was really a lot of puke! It was a clear bag so I had to see it too. I barfed twice more and the bag was kind of clumsy to hold.

The ride showed no sign of slowing down and I had to barf again. But my bag was too full to open without spilling and worse it was starting to leak! I threw it out of the car and it landed right by the operator! My friend said afterward he yelled "SH#T!" and moved to get me down.

But I still had to puke some more and I no longer had a barf bag! The Octopus is too big to lean over the side of so I barfed at my feet. It was a very unpleasant experience. AFter I got out of the car, I felt really dizzy and barfed again.

It was one of the worst experiences of my life, and now you know why next time I got sick I went to the nurse instead of trying this again. Maybe I should stay off the rides but some of them are so fun!

OK here's another story from my past.

I'm one of these people who throws up a lot. I'm lucky to get through a whole month without a barfing session.

When the winter flu season sets in at school, I always get it, usually several times.

This year was no different. It was back in mid-January, and I'd already had it 3 times allready since late last November. I was sitting in class and suddenly felt that familiar flu feeling of suddenly needing to hurl majorly. So I raised my hand with my other hand over my mouth, the teacher was like 'Just go' so I ran off into the nearest restroom. I didn't quite make it though - I let loose right outside the bathroom with a huge wave of tan coloured vomit with yellow chunks. I then ran into the bathroom and slipped on my own puke and went flying. I landed flat on my face and the pressure on my stomach made me barf really violently. More of the same time of puke shot out of my mouth and nose (really disgusting when it comes out of your nose) all over the floor (and me). I then ran into a stall carried on puking violently. It splattered everywhere and I was getting covered in it. I hadn't had time to tie my hair back either so it was all in my hair, but when you're that s! ick you don't really care.

I then got a ride home (I couldn't go back to class looking and smelling like I did). On the way home I had to get my mom to stop and had another huge barfing session outside the car. This time I was being sick like really continuously, where you just breath and yack and breath and yack so I wasn't taking notice that my other end was going to blow too. So next thing you know I'm on my hands and knees by the side of the road puking and crapping for all my life is worth. I felt so awful that I cried.

Anyway, more stories next time.

Da Man
Hello everyone. As I am an emetophile I read this site all the time and really love the stories. Jazz you are one lucky guy. My wife almost never vomits. In the 15 years I have known her I have only seen her vomit 3 times and only 2 times did I really see anything.
I also rarely vomit myself, unless I intentionally purge when I have eaten to much, so I rarely have any stories. If I puke on occasion it maybe the morning after drinking too much, then it’s usually a small amount of bile/water. However, yesterday morning I really puked from a stomach virus.
I woke up a bit early feeling nausous. It came and went in waves, at first it was not so bad. Then a wave hit me, which made me think I might really puke. Funny as much as I want to watch/help my wife get sick I like to puke in private, so I just laid there hoping to wait it out until she left. Things subsided and she finally left. I had to take a shower and then drop the kids at two different schools and then if I felt OK go to work. I really did not want to vomit in front of my kids, or worse in public, so I figured I would gag myself in the shower. If I am not sick from a rare stomach thing or hangover I can gag myself and never really go into auto puke mode. Even if I have overeaten and gag myself a number of times, bringing up large amounts, I have a strong stomach and never really “puke”. However if things are already bad it will kick things off. Before I got in the shower, I took a Tums, which is something anyone who feels vomiting is imminent should d! o. It helps to neutralize the acid, which not only burns, but also tastes really nasty.
I started the shower and really did not feel so bad. Kind of thought it might be more of a purge of whatever was in my stomach. It felt full, strange for early in the morning. I felt well enough that I washed my hair first, moved the showerhead in. I have a tub shower so I stood facing the drain. I bent over at the waist and gagged myself twice. Not very deep and almost halfhearted. I paused and maybe 10 seconds later I gagged hard twice on my own. I put my hands on either side of the tub to brace myself and bent low at the waist. I was almost surprised I was gagging on my own. I do not make a lot of noise, sort of a ahhhhhhh. The third time a mouth full came up with a white streak in and I thought that must be my tums. My stomach contracted very tight and hard, two times and brought up maybe 1.5 to 2 cups of puke each time. Not a power barf but as if my stomach was squeezing the puke out of it. It was tan, thick, with chunks. For those who like the small det ails I noticed a piece of pasta, which I must have, ate almost 12 hours before. I puked again and brought up a small quantity and one last dry heave. I no longer felt nauseous but not really well so dropped the kids off and spent the day on the sofa but no more puking.

Anonymous movie guy
hello to all. i am from the toilet forum and i think this is a pretty neat forum you guys have here! ive seen some cool stories. keep posting everybody. This is a cool forum.
See YA!

Friday, June 21, 2002

I just thought I'd let you all know that surprizingly, I did NOT throw up the other day. I was really nauseated and right after posting my last message I went to bed and slept it off. When I woke up again, the nausea was gone. I hope that I haven't disappionted anyone. Hahahahaha!



I've been reading other people's stories for so long that I thought I ought to share some of my own - and then a couple of days ago a real life one happened to me to share.

The other morning my friend Jessica and I were out shopping, we had just walked out of a store when my stomach suddenly felt funny. I wasn't feeling too bad so I ignored it, but at the same time made an effort to get the shopping trip over with as quickly as possible so I could get home just in case I worsened (I didn't want to tell Jess how I felt, I hate anyone knowing that I'm sick).

When I started to feel a bit worse, I told Jess that I had a headache and wasn't really in the mood for staying out too long now. She was so kind and agreed to go home there and then. I felt a bit bad though because it was my idea to go out shopping in the first place, so I told her she could carry on looking at the top she was looking at. She went off to try it on and whilst I was waiting for her I could feel some major diarrhea on it's way. I hurridly told her I needed the toilet and ran off to the public restroom in the mall. She said she's meet me in Starbucks after she tried her top on. I ran to the bathroom (thankfully no one else was there) and only just got on to the toilet before I exploded, I'm prone to dirrhea anyway, but I've never had so much come out of me at one time before. I got up from the toilet and there was so much there that it looked like it'd overflow if I flushed it so I just walked away. As I had my hand on the door I realised that I was going t! o barf and ran back (into the other stall this time).

Again I exploded with the most awful chunkiest vomit I've ever produced in my life. It was brown with huge yellow and pink chunks. I then realised there was more and out came a load more, I retched about 7 or 8 times one after the other and each time this huge wave of puke came out. Like the first stall, I had put so much into the toilet that I didn't think it would flush (you couldn't see the water line at all). I still felt really ill, but I wasn't going to puke more for now so I wanted to leave the restroom before anyone came in. Just as I left I saw the cleaning lady approaching the restroom with her cleaning cart, so I quickened my step.

I met Jess in starbucks and she was like 'ok what do you want to drink'. She didn't know anything was wrong yet - even though I had trashed two toilets I wasn't actually gone for more than 10 minutes because so much came out at once. As soon as I started to speak though it was as clear as crystal that I had puked coz my voice just didn't work (don't you hate when that happens?).

So I gave up pretending I was fine and went off home in a cab. Jess road in the cab with me and offered to stay with me at home (I was home alone - my parents are on a trip but I didn't want to go and my younger sister is at camp), but I said I'd rather just go to bed.

I went to bed and fell asleep. I woke up an hour later with my stomach churning. I ran to the bathroom but didn't quite make it and exploded with more of the same disgusting chunky vomit all over the bathroom floor.

Then I got to the toilet and started dry heaving bits of bile and spit. It hurt so much but I just couldn't stop. I was puking for about a half hour.

Then feeling exhausted I went back to bed and put a trash can beside my bed.

I didn't need to use it and when i woke up I was fine - but I still had to clean up that puke from the bathroom floor. By this time it had started to dry in (thankfully we have a tiled bathroom) and I had to scrape it all off. It smelt so bad that I nearly puked again just from the smell (and sight). So I cleaned it all up and put all the soiled cleaning stuff into a big which I dumped in the outside dumpster. I thought it was all OK until I came back in again from outside and realised that the whole house stunk of my sick. I had to have all the windows open and the air conditioning on full for the rest of the day to get rid of it.

But now I'm all fine - I don't think I'll be able to show my face in that public restroom ever again though in case the cleaner recognises me, I don't envy whoever had to clean that all up.

Mr. Sick
Hi everyone,

I thought that I would post real quick because I just got home from work, and I don't have any idea why, but I am really nauseated right now. It is posiable that I MIGHT end up puking. Right now the nausea it definatly there and noticable, but it is not yet overpowering. I don't know what is causing it, but I'll tell you the truth, although this may sound weird, there is a part of me that hopes that I do throw up. I really hate it when I get a case of nausea that comes and goes, that gets stong, then backs off, only to strenghten again over and over again for hours on end! Although vomiting may be an unpleasent experance, at least you when you do vomit, you get it over with, and 9 times out of 10 you feel MUCH better when you are done! (does anyone else feel this way about nausea and vomiting, or am I the only one???) I'll just tell you real quick what I had eaten and then I think that I had better get going. I haven't eaten since last night, but we went to an expen! sive itailian resteraunt and I had eaten a lot of bread, a shrip and pasta dish (kinda greasy, but VERY goooood) 2 glases of a delishious white wine and a desert with some chocolate icecream in a crispe shell. Now, you mabe be thinking, "No wonder he is nauseated," but I ate that at 8:00 pm last night and it is now aprox. 7:45 am the next morning. I will say this, if I do throw up, it ought to be very intresting to say the very least. Well, I should get going just in case. I'll let you know if anything comes up. Hahahahaha!Pun intended! (Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.)

Mr. Sick

Monday, June 17, 2002

Hi! I'm new here I have many stories.
Once I was out with friends and we went to a movie and I got a jumbo popcorn with butter and salt and a jumbo soda. After the movie we for pizza and we decided to see who could eat the most I ordered two pies and ate all but one slice. My friends all could only eat one pie. Then we had a drinking contest I drank 4 large sodas I lost by one. My friends dropped me off and I went straight to bed. In the middle of the night I felt really Really REALLY sick. So I went and got a drink off gingerale. It didn't help so I just tried to go back to sleep. I started felling sick like I was gonna puke so I ran to the bathroom I sat there with my head over the toilet but it wouldn't come out. At first I was glad but then It just made more nausious so I stuck my finger far down my throat pulled it out fast and leaned over the toilet and gagged brownish liquidy yellowy colored puke splashed into the toilet and on the rim. I threwup again and this tim it was soury chunky brownish yelowi! sh puke I must of puke all night untill I was puking brownish sour liquid. I swear I was sick all week and puked at least 30 or 40 times a day!

I'm back, but, yet once again, I have nothing interesting to say. About three weeks ago, my choir went to Dallas for contests and me, my best friend, and this one girl I don't really like all that well shared a room. Holly(my best friend) has a fairly weak stomach and I had a feeling something would end up happening on our trip. I was kind of hoping she would get sick so I'd have something interesting to post, actually. After a 7 hour bus ride, we got to the hotel and unpacked, then we went to eat, then to this carnival type thing, where of course, Holly decides to eat cotton candy. I told her to be careful because too much cotton candy can make you sick, and she looked at me and goes, "My stomach's already starting to hurt," then takes another bite. "Well, keep on eating it then!" I said sarcastically and she burst out laughing. Then, we get on the bus and she's like "I'm gonna puke when we get back to the room. I swear I will." So, I was like, "oh no..." So, we ge! t back to the room and she decides to get a coke, so we went downstairs and got a coke and when we got up to the room, I took a shower, hoping she wouldn't barge in and barf on me, then, she took a shower, then Ashley(the other girl in the room) took a shower and we went to bed. No puke that night. Then, when we got up the next morning, we all got dressed and went to contests(which we got first division in!), then we headed to Six Flags. We didn't ride anything, so we didn't get any great puke scene opportunities which kinda sucked, but anyways, Holly starts feeling sick again. So, we just sit with the bus driver after I'm done shopping until it's time to go home. When we all are waiting to load the bus, one of us turns up missing. It's our lovely roommate Ashley, who apparently got busted stealing *sigh*. Anyways, so Holly's feeling absolutely awful and says she wants to run to the bathroom really quick so she can get sick and get it over with, so I tell her to tell o! ne of our chaperones so she can go and she won't, so I just sorta kept my distance so she wouldn't puke on me. We got on the tram to take us to the bus parking lot and I was still worried about Holly, but she was all giggly and stuff, so I was like, "okay, she's alright." So, on the bus ride back to the hotel, she went to sleep, and I sat and missed my friends back home all the way back to the hotel. When we got there, I took a shower and our choir teacher came to check on us and get Ashley's stuff because she was in big trouble and had to stay with the teacher that night, and Holly told her she wasn't feeling well, so she got one of the other girls to give her some medicine and Holly said she was feeling better and we went to bed. Another puke-free day, lol. I was like, "well, this isn't fair!" lol. So, then on the way home, my friends Sabrina and Shaunna both weren't feeling good and when we got to the town 12 miles from our town, where Shaunna lives, we stopped at ! McDonald's where her husband was to pick her up and she got up quick and said, "You guys move out of the way, I'm about to be sick!" and hurriedly got off the bus while her husband came and got her stuff for her. She told us the next day she didn't get sick, but wished she had cuz she felt so terrible.

I have bad luck when it comes to good puke stories anymore it seems, lol. I only have almost-puke stories now! That


I was at an amusement park watching one of the rides when i noticed a very attractive hispanic woman leaning over the edge of her seat and puking. When the ride stopped, she started to walk off and her stomach heaved and she almost puked again. Her vomit was pink and chunky in case anybody is interested. She was voluptuous to say the least.

The other night I was at home with my sister and my boyfriend when I started feeling sick in the ????. I had eaten dinner about an hour before and could feel it churning around. My ???? felt bloated and I was letting out some enormous burps. My boyfriend massaged my ???? for me, which helped a bit but I still felt nauseaous. I could feel my food sloshing around just above my belly button. I said I thought I was going to vomit, so my sister told me to go bend over the toilet bowl and see what happened. She told me when she felt sick, bending over the toilet bowl sometimes helped her to vomit. My ???? was full, but I felt I needed something a bit more just to help the vomit come up, so i drank a large glass of lemonade. I went into the bathroom, flipped up the toilet lid and bent right over. I opened my mouth in anticipation but nothing happened. I let out one huge groaning burp that was like BUUUUUUUUURP! My ???? was rumbling and i felt so sick. I took a deep breath, tig! htened my ???? muscles and let out a fountain of sick into the toilet bowl. My boyfriend and my sister rushed in. My boyfriend held my hair back and my sister put her hand on my ????. I bent over again and let out another huge fountain of orange chunks. I dry retched and burped after that but I felt a lot better.

Well I went to a carnival and there was a everything stand and I got 4 large spicy buritos and a large sprite with a order of fries. After I ate I got a rootbeer and two bags of coton candy while I waited for the ride. I went on every ride just before the last ride I got dinner a large hamburger fries and a medium rootbeer. for desert I got a sundae with syrup and sprinkles and a marachino cherry.It was a long line for the last ride so I I got popcorn and bag of coton candy. Finnaly I got on the ride you sat down in this little shuttle and you spin around. then the whole ride spins the opposite way. It goes up really high and down fast. After I get off I was really dizzy so and started felling nausious. I walked out of the carnival and back to my hotel which was close.When I got to the hotel I was very nausious. I rand to the bathroom with my head over the toilet nothing came out but.i still felt nausious It started to stop so I walked back to the bedroom when I felt a litt! le sick again.without a moments notice I puked liquidy yelowish brownishy sour puke all over myself and the floor. I was sick again I ran to the bathroom and puked brownish sour chunky puke all night untill only brownish liquidy sour puke was left.

Hey everyone!
My name is Mira and I am 21. Now, to give you the most realistic experience, so you can actually see my embarrassing experience like you were there, I will describe myself.

Well, I am 5'6". I have tanned skin, fair muscle tone. I weigh 124 lbs. I have deep blue eyes and blonde and copper highlighted hair that reaches just below my shoulders. On this particular day (June 7th), I was wearing brand new studded hip-hugger jeans, and a long sleeved Paul Frank monkey shirt that was light green. OK enough description.

I woke up at 5: 23 AM with a rumbling stomach and a dull ache in my forehead. I went to the washroom to go number one, you know? OK well my two college dormmates were still asleep. Tansia in her room and Roxanne on the couch. After washing my hands, I tried to go back to bed but my stomach kept bothering me so I turned on the TV. Infomercials, infomercials, infomercials!!! Giving up, I had a shower, got dressed, and went into the kitchen. I sat at the table and drank some water. Then I read a book until 7. It was a Tuesday, and classes started at 8. At first I thought I shouldn't go in case I was getting the flu, which Roxanne had a few weeks ago. But I ate some toast and went to class. Halfway through the morning, I felt like I had to go to the washroom because my stomach was churning really badly. So I tapped my friend Dana on the shoulder and told her to help me in the washroom. We got our hall passes and walked quickly to the ladies' room. Unfortunately for me, this ! is flu season and all of the stalls were full of girls with the runs and girls emptying themselves rather loudly. There were loud retches, splats of vomit hitting the floor, splats of diarrhea hitting the floor, and more gags and moans than I had ever heard. Luckily, my stomach was still in the right place and I could wait. Three girls left the washroom with stained shirts and the girls in line in front of me took their stalls immediately. Dana suggested the other washroom. By now I was very sick and the chunks were right at the top of my throat. Just as we were walking past the woods room, I HAD to throw up. So I ran into the GUYS washroom! And my stomach let loose on the floor. First my muscles clenched and putrid acid spilled onto the floor. A sharp pain flashed through my stomach and a VERY chunky fountain flushed through my mouth and all over my shoes, pants and floor. Then, a final retch. A huge butterfly of nausea flapped its wings and I saturated my pants in chunky, ! gray vomit. I was done, but my crush, TJ, saw me and ran out of the washroom!! AAAAAAAH!


Monday, June 10, 2002

I'm just getting over a bad case of food poisoning and have a story to share. I must warn you its gross though. Two nights ago i had mexican for dinner and the next morning i woke up at 6 am with an upset ????. It wasnt too bad so i decided to go to work anyway (i work at an insurance agency in a big office building). My stomach just worsened as the time past though. At around 10 my stomach was rumbling so i went to the bathroom where i just exploded with diarrhea. It was a public restroom too! I sat on the toilet for about a half hour. When i new i better turn around soon because i felt the chunks starting to rise. I heaved and threw up barely making it into the toilet. I had diarrhea 1 more time before i could get out of the bathroom . I then called my husband to pick me up from work, and sat in my office. While i was waiting my stomach started to pulsate again i grabbed a waste basket near me and spewed up more of the mexican food from the night before. As i heaved my bo! wels let loose and diarrhea filled my underwear and went down my leg. (i was wearing a skirt) I made a mad dash back to the bathroom with the waste basket. Where i sat for the next 15 minutes on the toilet while puking into my waste basket which was overflowing. When i was finished. I tried to clean myself up the best i could (which wasnt much) and went down to the lobby where my husband was. He felt really bad for me and thought we should got to the hospital because i was so sick. i sat on a towel in the car and puked in grocery bag. When we got there i was so sick. I puked on the hospital floor and in a few bed pans. The docter determined it was food posoning and there wasnt much i could do but wait it out. I puked and had diarrhea that night and the next day. I'm feeling a little better now I cant eat much and still have an upset stomach, but im better. I hope i never get that sick again

Hi! Long time no see! I've been pretty well but I have one story.
A week or so ago I had the flu really bad. So I wake up, and my stomach is churning and I'm really dizzy. So I stumble into the bathroom and sit on the toilet where diarrhea comes bursting out in several huge explosions. At this point I knew I needed to throw up right away so I leaped up and turned around, but more diarrhea came rushing out onto the bathroom floor and I got distracted by that, and then spewed EVERYWHERE. The puke smelled vile and had the most disgusting greenish brown color I have ever seen in my puke. I threw up so many times today, it probably would've been easier if I brought my bed into the bathroom and slept there! Thankfully I'm better now.

Could someone PLEASE tell me where the vomiting faq is? I see people posting about it and it sounds so cool, but I can't find it! It's driving me insane! So could someone please give me clear, simple directions of where to click and so forth, or if you can't, just go the the faq and post the URL? Thanx so much!

Hi, Beverly!

Good story. It's nice to have a face to go with the voice. You made the right choice, by just going for it. Why be miserable for longer than necessary, and then wind up having to go through with it, anyway?

What made you sick two years ago? Care to tell us about it?


Hey everyone!
Since we are on the topic of amusement parks, this one time I went to the city fair with my friends Greg and Tasha. There is this one ride where you stand up and whirl around and upside down and four people can go on at a time. I usually have a strong stomach and so does Greg, but Tasha is kind of in between. We went on this ride after many minutes of persuading Tasha to come too. This other girl who kind of looked like me came on. I have long red and yellow hair and this girl did too. She was a little fitter than me, with rippled abs to die for. She could have been a model. So she was put beside Greg and the ride began, nice and slow and relaxing. This girl and Greg started talking. Strangely, my stomach was becoming unsettled. I attributed it to the greasy mini donuts I had just eaten. It wasn't uncomfortable but it was a little twinge. It rapidly grew into severe nausea and I was feeling like I might throw up. The ride seemed like it took an hour. Luckily, I didn't th! row up on the ride. The other girl that was on was a bit pale. Greg looked fine, and Tasha appeared a bit bewildered but not sick. I shakily stepped off the ride and held onto Greg for support. There was a long lineup of people waiting to get on the ride but I couldn't hold my donuts in any more and heaved in front of everyone. The first heave a couple watery donut chunks came up and I kept heaving more and more chunky and progressively thicker donut barf. It was so gross! Plus to make it worse the guy I have a crush on saw me and ran to the washroom. Ugh!!

Bye i must post more later! ;)

Yes i'm related to the boyz they s=are my older brothers. Anyway one with the story we wnet to Wild Wood for the day the last ride we went one was the great white when we got off she ran to the nearest washroom to puke. So after that we went home half way there she told me that she was going to puke so I pull the car over about five minutes later she heaves three times then pukes all over the side of my red corvette. If anyone is wondering how old I am twenty four. If any has any suggestoins about my girl friend's motion sickness please post me.

Post soon Mike

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