"Yes! I want to see __________ on the toilet." 

Seeing as we donít post the endless parade of submissions we get containing
celebrity toileting fantasies, [read: creepy, horny, sad, groveling and or lacking
dignity] we figure it would be fun to let people appease their inner emptiness uh,
fascination with celebrities [without the subject ever being open to actual

How this mess works:           
You get up to three votes for boys, and up to three votes for girls. Home
The Toilet [forum]

Vote one time in a month. (duplicates just get deleted)
  Vote below, Nominate some poor bastard for next month on the right.
Each month, the top 5 write in nominees, take the bottom 5 slots in the
    next month's voting. At that point, to stay on the list, they must get
    enough votes to unseat someone in the top 10.
Only famous people. (Not your teacher, next door neighbor etc.)
Just like famous people, everyone forgets in a month. (This does not get
    archived, don't bother asking)
You get to see absolutely nothing! We don't know these people and
    neither do you.


first name:

last name:

occupation: (actor, singer etc.)

male   female

= Up from last month
= Down from last month
= New this month

February 2010:


Girl 1
Girl 2
Girl 3
Girl 4
Girl 5
Girl 6
Girl 7
Girl 8
Girl 9
Girl 10


Boy 1
Boy 2
Boy 3
Boy 4
Boy 5
Boy 6
Boy 7
Boy 8
Boy 9
Boy 10

Last Month's Top Nominees:

Girl 11
Girl 12
Girl 13
Girl 14
Girl 15

Boy 11
Boy 12
Boy 13
Boy 14
Boy 15


This is new. Voting will start in March 2010