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Hey guys,

No stories of me today, but one of Eden. We went out to eat last night, and to the mall for some shopping. We were just meandering around, but then Eden said that she wanted to sit down. I asked her if she was alright because she had a really disturbed look on her face, and she said that she felt like she was going to puke. So I said, "Ok, lets go to the bathrooms then". We walked as fast as we could, and when we had them in sight by the food court, Eden walks over to a trashcan and hangs her head in there. She started to retch loudly, and her knuckles were turning white from squeezing the rim of the trashcan. I went over by her and started rubbing her shoulders as she spurted some sort of light purple barf with dark chunks into the can. I think the purpleish color was from a slushie she had dranken earlier on in the evening. People kept on stopping by to look, and she was done throwing up, she sat down at a table with her head in her arms and started to cry. We ! went home about an hour later with me driving, and I kept wondering if she was going to throw up in the car.

Then later that night when we were both in bed, I felt her get up and go to the bathroom. Next I heard her making sounds like: "ughh...ghhhaURAGHHHHHH....BLUAGGGHHHH...". I got up and went to see to her, and she was kneeling in front of the toilet, her face squeezed tightly as she vomited and she was holding her hair back with her hand as she heaved. I took her hair from her, and rubbed the back of her sweaty neck, and then she sort of shoved me away and said that she thought she was done. She rebrushed her teeth, and then we both went back to sleep. Eden never seems to get sick in the morning. Its always in the afternoon and the evening.

Steve G: Glad you like to hear about my stories. I am flying to Chicago in three days to visit a friend up there, so I should have a story then for you. There is nothing I hate more then throwing up in an airplane.

Sunday, July 29, 2001

Hey. It's my first post here so ok.
This particular incident happened in April, 2001 on a band trip. My friend, Jennie, had been feeling kind of nauseous. She said that it was probably the smell of the new-cleaned charter seats, and she thought it would pass. About 20 minutes later, Jen began retching and her face was sickly and green. Then it came. Chunky, brown vomit spewed out of her mouth onto the seat. Goldie, my other friend, who was sitting with her, grimaced and hurried over to sit with me.
Jennie said she was feeling better, and she played in he concert quite well (I didn't, my trumpet was broken :P) After our band clinic, we had a group photo to pose for. Jennie was in a large group of her friends. I wasn't there, but I was standing rather close with my friend Tassia. All of a sudden Jayne says "Hey! Jennie's not feeling good!"
Then someone else says, "Close your mouth!"
Jennie pinched her lips together and started running up the stairs toward the bathroom. Halfway there, she couldn't hold it in anymore and liquidy brown puke sprayed out between her fingers. Luckily for her, there was a trash can about four feet away, so she walked over to it, vomit dribbling out of her mouth. She held onto the rim of the trash can and retched, more liquid vomit pouring out. She took a shallow breath and a huge retch followed. About a litre of puke poured out of her mouth. She then disappeared into the washroom.
At noon, we were going over to the mall to get a bite to eat. Jen's dad came to pick her up and she told me she hurled for the rest of the day, as a result of the flu.

Hey, guys heres another story for yall to enjoy. One night I invited my friend Tassia over for the night. She said she had a stomachache but came anyway. We went to the pool and Jennie and Goldie were also there. After about an hour Tassia said she was going to throw up. She held it in. We got back to my house and watched a movie and she started to feel better. We got through most of the night. I woke to the sound of retching and liquidy coughs. I turned around and saw Tassia kneeling and hurling onto my carpet. I told my mom and she said that Tass should phone her dad. She did, and was on the way to the bathroom, but couldn't keep it in and collapsed onto my living room carpet and threw up. She didn't throw up again at my house, but said she had been spewing at her house for the rest of spring break. And the weird thing is, I couldn't smell vomit in my room while she was there, but when she went home and I returned to my room to collect my quilt, the smell was really gross. F! or the next month, my room smelled like carpet cleaner.

Today I went over to my friend Karla's pool and we were tslking about times where we(mostly i) got sick right and Karla brings up a time where once she went to a chicken Chikcen place with her parents and brother. She said the minute she put the food in her mouth she felt sick but her mom persued her to keep eating the food. Within half the meal her brother(who is younger) told there mom he felt sick to and the mom was mad at Karla for starting a mess and stuff and told her and her orther toquit fooling around and keep eating....okay lets get to the part. On the way home both Karla and her brother barfed this whitish clear chiken stuff.

Later on that day we went to Rachels(to see if she wanted to come back to Rachels pool) but her sister said there cousin was over and unless Evia could come then Rachel could come(or somethin like that) let me tell you Evia is 13 and she is snotty..Rachels sister looked happy to see her leave. All the way there Evia kept saying she was hot and sick. Rachel who was a big mouth didnt say anything for once. Karla goes 'I have a pool' and Evia goes'With a diving boerd' Karla goes yes and Evia goes a slide Karla goes no we have a slide but it does lnad in the pool. Evia goes O my god god god why dnt you have a pool witha slideyou must me poor girlfriend. Karla kept her mouth shut and you could see tears forming her eyes. Evia looks really pale by now and then she tok a turn for the worse. without warning she clasped and threw up a browish chunky vomit. We didnt know what to say but Evia turned around and ran home ..Rachel started to giggle and go did Karla but i felt sick stand! ing by the vomit.I gagged and puked to!! except after i was fine.

Sickkid, I have no idea! Probably because she is a snotty spoiled little brat, but it totally ruined my day. Maybe I was making her sick by being sick or something. Her father didn't even try to keep her under control because he was just as rude as she was. We had only asked him along because he is in the same department as my friends and I where we work, but I didn't think that our outing would turn so sour.

Steve G
Keegan please keep posting I think your posts are great!!!!Keep them coming up!!Pun intended!!

Friday, July 28, 2001

KEEGAN: Now heres something i just do not understand. if that girl joanna gets motion sickness too, then why the heck would she think you were gross when u barfed???????

hi everybody i have not had a story for a while and i was thinking of posting about bryanni getting sick but she posted that already so i have another:

yesrterday i was baby sitting these two little kids Angela(5) and Angelo(6) what stupid names i no. there mom gave us money to go to Pizza Pizza and off we went during the meal Angelo kept saying he felt sick and i told him to finish eating after we went to the playground for some fresh air and Angela was doind cartwheels while Angelo sat with me,he looked at me and told me he was gonna barf and gagged and threw up this pizza orangy redish brownish pepperoni seeing stuff and instantly angela threw up to she stopped doing her cartwheeels looked at angelos barf and outta came her barf same looking as Angelo's...I took them home and they were okay after i dont even think we told there mom

Keegan....coming home from the zoo
I had to listen to that girl Joanna whine and prance around the entire day. All of us stayed for about six hours, and Ryan wanted to make it home before really bad traffic hit, so we piled in the car again. Without question, I sat up front and realized that Ryan had bought a pail for the trip home. He obviously wasn't taking any chances, so I guess that I am lucky to have friends to accomadate me in this way. I knew that I would probably be sick again also, because my nausea always comes back once we start moving again. I wasn't embarrassed today about vomiting, because my friends have all traveled with me before, but it was awkward to be with Greg and his daughter. Jack had taken some sleeping pills, and was asleep within minutes. I focused on the road, and tried to think of something different then my sickness. It really helped to sit in the front seat this time. I didn't start feeling pukey until we were almost home. But by the time I was in my driveway and had be! en already dropped off, I felt so ill I could barely stand. I was happy that I was out of a moving object at least, so I gingerly made my way into the house. Eden was watching some cartoons with a trashcan beside the couch and she wasn't moving, so I suspect she had been sick today also because of the baby-sickness. She didn't even say hi when I walked in, and its a good thing because I didn't even want to open my mouth at this point. My stomach was churning horribley, and the room was beginning to rotate which is a sure fire way to know when I am about to blow. I was in the kitchen so I ran the rest of the way to the sink, and vomited the runny and rotting remains of my zoological hot dog into the sink. I stood there for a moment more waiting...and then threw up again. I hardly ever retch just one time. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one pale hand rise and then linger above the couch in a sort of wave. "Hi Keegan", Eden greeted me quietly. She sounded really tire! d, so when I was sure that nothing else was going to come up, I sat beside her and we watched some cartoons. I am going to get my shot soon, so hopefully I won't throw up as often. I would like to know if anybody likes hearing about my vomit adventures. Write back

ahh childhod memorys...well i thought and thought and remember a time when i was sick when i was a kid so here goes:

when i was like 8 i was sitting on top of the monkey bars reading a book feeling a little bit nauseas. i rember flipping off the bars and walking towards the bathroom because i felt so sick but i got stopped by a friend(i think her name was Delaney so she kept talking and barf was filling my mouth and i coulnt take it anymore i leaned over and threw up a batch of disgusting stuff.(no details cant remember)

when i was like 14 or 15 there wasa time in the morningwhere me and Erica(my sister who is three years younger) were alone but usually we were sleeping one morning Erica gtold me she threw up on the bathroom floor and i just said go back to bed someone must have cleaned it up or it was a weird dream because i dont think Erica gt sick anymore that day..


Thursday, July 26, 2001

Keegan.....The Zoo
Hey, I just thought I would let you guys know that I had an "experience" today on a ride to the zoo. Eden herself wasn't feeling very hot, so she stayed at home, but I haven't been to the zoo in years so I was really looking forward to it. I was with 2 guys from work, and another man who brought along his angry looking preteen daughter. We live a ways from the zoo, so it was about a 45 minute drive. Even though I knew that it probably wouldn't do any good (from past experience) I took some pills to help with the inevitable carsickness. My buddies came to pick me up, Jack and Ryan, and I didn't have to negotiate to sit in the front, since they know me too well.

We then went to go pick up the third guy and that little girl, Greg and Joanna. Without hesitation, Greg came up to me and asked if his daughter could sit up front instead. Ryan who was driving said, "No way man, Keeg gets sick on the road". Greg huffed a little bit and then motioned to Joanna who came up to the car scowling. He started saying how Joanna never can get two miles without feeling a bit sick in a car, and that Ryan would surely have a mess on his hands if she didn't sit where she could clearly see where the car was heading. I felt a little bit bad for Ryan because he really does love his car (its a 2000 Honda Civic Sedan)and I remembered reading somewhere that younger people really are more suseptable to motion sickness, and I did take some anti-motion sick pills already. Ryan gave both me and Joanna a long look, and before he could say anything, (and also because I figured that I would be able to make it at least two miles more then the girl) I voluntee! red to give up my seat. Joanna plopped herself down and gave me a dirty look as I at least requested to be seated by the door in the back.

Jack has some sort of fear of vomit, so he was eyeing me nervously and keeping his distance even though we were seated next to one another. It was freaking hot in that car, and I could smell Gregs disgusting colone even across Jack. It reeked and since Greg is a rather large man, he seemed to sweat alot. Pretty soon I started to sweat too, and thats when I knew that the pills werent working and that it was unlikely I would make it all the way to the zoo. I didn't even have to say anything, because the instant I put my head in my hands Jack yells, "Hey Ryan stop the car, I think he's sick!" Ryan cursed loudly, causing Greg to huff some more, sending more foul smells my way. At this point, I was afraid to move, so very carefully I told Ryan that I would let him know when to stop. My stomach felt full with liquid and queasy, and my mouth wouldn't stop salivating so that made the icky feeling even worse. I was also so freaking hot, and it didn't help that Jack kept on ! trying to convince Ryan to pull over now.

Joanna would turn around every now and then and give me a totally disgusted look, and at that moment all I could think of was, 'thats what you get you little brat. You just better pray that I don't spew all over your cheap Britany Spears imitation clothes.' I lasted about three more minutes, until I felt that familier expanding sensation in my throat, and my world started to spin. I managed to keep my voice calm as I asked to please be let out of the car, and Ryan jerked the steering wheel hard to the right so that my belly was jarred roughly. I fumbled with the handle, and right when I shoved open the door leaned forward, "gauggg...BALUUUUGGGGHHHHHH...ugh...(slight moan)..BHURRRAAGGHHHH...GAUGGGGHHHH!!!!! Some of my puke splashed onto my shoes, as my retches powerfully sprayed a putrid cloudy liquid with brown curds onto the side of the highway. When I felt my stomach settle a bit, I tried to relax by breathing deeply and keeping my head firmly still in my hands. I! could tell that Jack was freaked, and when I heard Ryan say, "Man, I am SO glad that was not in my car", I almost choked. It really sucked, but I felt better now that my breakfest was all over the road. Greg was griping about how late we would arrive, and Joanna simply looked at me with disdain and said, "You're gross". I sat up slowly and slumped back into my seat. Beside me Jack had his hand over his nose, and looked as though he himself might blow any single minute. Ryan asked, "You gonna be ok the rest of the way?" "I hope so", I answered and concentrated on going to sleep. For some reason most of the time after I vomit, I can get to sleep really easily, and we only had a bit longer to drive so I made it without any further incident. The zoo basically was boring, and not worth puking over in my opinion. I will tell about the ride home in another post since this one seems really long, but I barf in that one too, not surprizing. I am used to it I guess.


Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Long time no see everybody!!! I actually have a story. Yesterday me and my three kids Jerimiah Lyndsey and Mackie(Mackenzie) and we saw a puddle of Orange vomit with with traces. Mackie commented on the puke she goes"Hey mommy remember the time i had to much carrots and dressing and i threw up" then on the whole way there Lyndsey and Mackie got in a barf conversation. Jerimiah was to busy playing with his brand new Yo-Yo.


Sorry to hear about your illness. Surprizingly, I really don't get stomach virus's or flu's very much. I would say though that I throw up on average about twice a week. I have been to the doctor about my motion sickness, and next month I am going to go back to see if a shot would help my stomach. He says that its nothing serious; I just have this terrible thing with balance and motion. Its nothing more then an annoyance, even though I find myself in some really embarressing situations. I mean you think its bad for you, but I am a 23 year guy so that gets REALLLLLY humiliating. Well, I hope that you feel better soon.

Truly, -----> Keegan

Somebody asked "what is it like in your house when you are sick", well I get alot of sympathy from my wife of course, and once when I was out with some buddies and puked they were pretty nice about it. My mom and dad were always so terrified of me barfing on their plush leather seats when I was a kid. They practically would shove me out of the door of the car, and always had some plastic baggies with them. I don't recall my dad being very compassionate when I got motion sick, but my mom used to hover around me alot. Eden is just comforting, but I really hope that our kids don't get carsick like I do.

Its been awhile since anyone has posted so i guess i will post some earlier tales in my six grade and 5th garde year of school..i siad i'd only post old stories of me getting sick if i was real boerd..well

#1....(end of grade 5) It was a a really hot day...I was outside sitting with my friend Rachel we were talking ..altough i felt real sick i didnt say anything..soon i felt barf coming up my throat...and i gagged and i threw up all over my new sandals....i started to cry as barf kept poruing outta my mouth.

#2.....(beginning of grade 6) I was sitting in class and felt really bad..i had a fever the nihgt before but went to school the next day...My friend Elena asked me if I was okay but I nodded and said just a little nauseas it'll pass.When i went to Gym my teacher made us run laps.But after 2 i gave up and started to cry hard and choke.My teacher grabbed me and brought me to the bathroom...before i reahced the toleit i threw was all yellow I cried and kept saying sorry

#3 (Car Drive) When my class went on a bus trip I felt so sick that I knew i was gonna teacher told me to seei f i could hold it in but i couldnt..she goes "Railyn you get bussick why dont you take gravel in reply i gagged and threw up pinkish greyish stuff.

Hope you like me stories

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

I have finally got a story - not about me but about 3 puking incidents I experienced today. You know, you can go for weeks without having any experiences of sick and then 3 come up (excuse the pun) at once.
First of all, I was talking to my colleague in his office and suddenly he chucked all the papers he was holding at me and ran out of the room. i thought something bad had happened at home as his wife had been ill but when I saw his car outside half an hour later i realised that maybe he had been ill. so i rang him and he said that suddenly he knew he was going to be sick and had to run out of the room before he was sick on the floor. he said he still felt kind of rough and i got a bit nervous when i saw him later because i am really scared of people being sick. secondly i was sitting outside the pub with a couple of friends and one of my friends' two year old daughter. she was eating crisps and suddenly retched really loudly and threw up on the ground. when they left i looked at it and it was clear mostly but with bits of crisps in it. not a lot for the large retch. and then i went into the toilet in the pub and it really smelt of sick. i looked in one of the cubicles and ! there was beer coloured sick with bits of carrot in it.
feel sick myself now having described this so will let you know if anything happens!

I actually have a story about me!! I have the stomach flu for about 24 hours now but the last time i threw up was in the middle of the night. It all started yesterday when I was at the pool. I started to feel nauseas so i sat on my towel and relaxed. My friend Colleen came and sat with me while the rest of my friends swam around. I could feel saliva burning my throat so i ran to the bathroom before i got to the door I coughed a waterfall of tannish chunky vomit came outta my mouth. One of the lifegaurds said "Oh my gosh"
she grabbed me and took me to the bathroom and held my hair back while i contined to throw up for about 5 minutes. I was really embarassed. Here i am some 14 almost 15 year old girl having her hair held back by someone who is only 17/18. The lifegaurd reassured me that word woulndt get out that it was me if i left right away so Colleen got my stuff and i started to get changed but started gagging and without warning i threw up on the changroom floor just as another lifegaurd came in. She goes "Are you okay Bryanni that was you who threw up out there" I soon realized it wasd my sister Dakotas friend Amber and a good friend from swim practice.
So i told her yes and she promised not to tell anyone so i left and ran home with Colleen. I threw up all afternoon. So hopefully i am better now but i am staying home today.

Ahh just to let anyone know my computer is screwed and sometimes me a Dakota make silly mistakes.

I posted my story two days ago and there still hasnt even been a post i dont know if i should post mine again but i guess i will..if two happen to post then pleez forgive me..

A couple days ago i went to the pool with some friends. sometime during the swim i began to feel nauseas so i sat on deck with my towel. My friend Colleen came and sat with me. Soon i knew i was gonna puke so i ran to the changrooms. Just before i got there a thick chunnky tannish vomit poured outta my mouth. Embarrased i ran to the stall. Another lifegaurd saw what happend so she helped keep my hair back. She said if you dont want anyone knowing what happend leave to go home. As i sat in the changroom very dizzy Colleen came in and i got dressed without warning a gagged and threw up agian on the changroom floor just as a lifegaurd came in. To make matters worse shes a friend of Dakotas and is a member on my swim team.

Since this happend like 2 days ago i went to the pool last night. The two lifegaurds and a couple more asked me if a felt better. Of course i was i spent the whole evening doing backflips off the diving boerd!!!!!


EDEN & Keegan
Agh! We're back! There are a few incidents worth mentioning about our trip to Keegan's parents house. Well, first of all both of us took some dramamine a half hour before we were set to take off. I thought that I would probably be ok, because I have never actually thrown up in a car before, whereas Keegans track record is quite impressive.

So it was decided that he would drive one hour, and then myself one hour. To be fair that is, because after all I am pregnant and I don't feel like driving the entire two hours to see HIS parents. (they don't exactly approve of me anyway) So I was in sort of a foul mood to begin with, but at least my stomach felt ok. We drove through town with lots of stop and go traffic, and the funny thing is, that while it didn't bother me at all, after about 15 minutes of that Keegan looks straight at me and says: "Hey, I don't feel so good." And he was the one DRIVING!!! Oh well, some days his stomach is more sensitive then others. And the weather had been hot and humid the entire day. I could already tell that this was going to be one of *those* big pukefest. I asked him: "Are you going to be ok, or do you think we should stop?" He grimaced and swallowed hard, and then said that he just wanted to pull over for a few minutes. And so we stopped at a Dairy Queen, in! which Keeg headed straight for the restroom. I figured that he was probably ok, and I was beginning to feel a bit light-headed myself, so I ordered myself a coke and waited for him to emerge. He came out shortly later, looking just a bit sheepish and slightly embarressed. "I'm ok", he says, and so we go back out to the car. Before we even reach the car, he stops and hangs weakly onto a railing to take a few deep breaths. "Aww c'mon Keegan, are you really alright?" I ask him. He puts one hand on his forehead and says: "I just feel like crap." So he didn't feel like driving anymore, so I decided to drive.

We have a bucket in our car specifically for times like these, and Keegan would throw up in it, and then we would slow down enough to dump it out, and then he would throw up in it again. But we really needed to get to his parents house to make dinner with them. Not like anyone would feel like eating anyway though, since now I was starting to feel queasy. That can happen sometimes when you are two months pregnant, in a moving car and watching your husband splatter his vomit into a bucket. I fought my sickness for a while, but then decided that I probably should just throw up, and besides, Keeg would be grateful for the motion stopping anyway. So we stopped at a picnic area, and I went off alone leaving Keegan laying on grass. I stopped behind a tree and embraced it, feeling my nausea grow more and more, then I felt my throat opening up massively and I let my jaw go slack as I heaved some sort of brownish putrid liquid with little white chunks. my toast probably. It ! splattered all over the tree glistening.

My throat burned but I felt a little bit better, so I went back and collected my husband (who had just taken a massive dose of bonine by this time)and then approximately 2 hours and 13 minutes later we had gotten to our destination. His parents chuckled when they saw us trudge up to them. They lived with this boy for 18 years, so they know all about his sensitive ????. Keegan went straight to sleep, and I decided to pay one last visit to the restroom before I joined him. Luckily, I didn't puke then. His parents were happy that we were pregnant, and now I am sick of writing about this, so I am going to leave and if Keeg wants he can tell of what happened on the way home.

Thursday, July 20, 2001

My story didnt get my name attached but the stor about me in grade 5 is the one about me

I got a question for you people. IOf you r a teenager or child what is like in your house when your sick or you siblings or parents r sick. How do you feel when you child is sick for the aldults.

Since I'm a only child i get a lot of attention from my mom when I'm sick.My dad doesnt show his attention but if i am really a bad flu he buys me gifts.

I have only posted at the toliet forum twice and this is my first post. I wont post often because i hardly ever get sick. I have a story for you which happend to a good friend of mine Johanna. Last weekend i went up to her cottage. Its already a known fact she gets sick..carsick. When we got in the car we played checkers and games until Johanna began to feel sick so i sat in the back (they have a mini van and us two were in the middle row) to sit with her older brothers Cameron and Zack. After she started to cough so her mom put a baggie in front of her mouth and Johanna started to throw up. When we got to the cottage she had some soup and salad and was better.

Hello...I used to post stories of myself all the time, and my fiance Eden did too. Well, you know how it is with planning things, so now that our wedding is over, I now have some spare time again! I have loads of puking stories starring yours truly, since I suffer from terrible motion sickness. But this one is of my wife, so here goes.

We were having this huge fight in our room over something stupid, and honestly, it was Eden who had started it. She had been really bitchy lately and I THINK that it was over "me being so freaking irritating" in her words. Well anyway, we just begin griping at one another like true newlyweds, and I noticed that Eden kept on getting more and more upset. I was thinking, "geez whats her problem?" and although I secretly also thought that she looks really adorable when she is angry, she just looked tired and uncomfortable. Finally I tried to rationalize with her to stop this useless tirade of anger, and then Eden just bursts into tears and runs away from me into our bathroom. I walk over and knock on the door, and now I feel all humble and embarressed that I made her cry. I can hear these gigantic sobs, then suddenly silence. She opens the door a crack, then starts crying again and I pull her to me and hug her, wiping the tears away from her pale face. She looks up at ! me, and then with a strangled sort of "ughh.." sound, she jerks away and plunges herself to the toilet and procedes to violently throw up into the bowel. I was amazed, since Eden never seems to get sick. I tried to support her little body, but she heaved so strongly that it was jerking her all around, and I have discovered that she is a very loud puker. I wasn't disgusted because I throw up all the time. It smelled terrible, partially because we had pizza and I guess that the cheese was curdled. She straightened up for a minute, then whispered: "Sorry.....UGHHHHHHBHHHH...!" Then she spurted more red-brownish liquid into the toilet as I held her again. When she was done and out of breath we just cuddled on the bathroom floor since she was rather tramatized. After a few days of this, she found out that she was pregnant. It shocks me because she had been on birth control, but I guess that I am happy about it. Sorry so long...more from me later! -Keeg

hey husbend Keegan posted a little bit ago, so I decided that I would again also. This is such an interesting and fun forum. I am pregnant so I have been throwing up practically all throughout the day. Its really bad in the early mornings and then the evenings, but now even riding in a car really makes me nauseous. This is coming from a person who NEVER has any problem with motion sickness. Keeg and I are going to his parents to let them know the good news in person and they live about two hours away, so this could get interesting...considering Keegan rarely makes it anywhere in the car without at least a little bit of vomit-drama, and now I may be joining him! I'll keep you posted if anything happens.


My mom and I both got some kinda stomach bug last night; she told me she wasn't feeling well before I went to bed. I woke up feeling queasy and went to the bathroom to vomit. When I got there, my mom was in there, kneeling at the toilet, sticking her finger down her throat and making herself throw up. I didn't know she ever did that. When she was done, I went in, told her I felt sick too and sat down on the bathtub, leaning over the toilet and trying to throw up. My mom asked me if I'd like her to help me. I didn't exactly know what she meant, but I said yes. She told me to lean over, then stuck her finger down my throat. I threw up in about two seconds and felt better.

Sunday, July 15, 2001

sickkid- I'm still not done with the Nick story, but I've been occupied with a lot of stuff lately and haven't had time to finish it. I promise, I'll try to get it finished as soon as I can, but I've got quite a bit of stuff to do before school starts in August.

Okay, I promised you guys I'd write about when I was younger, so I will. I remember when I was four or five I woke up with a stomach ache and my mom gave me Pepto Bismol. I laid down on the floor in the living room and fell asleep, then woke up and threw up nothing but a little bit of Pepto Bismol(which is bright pink if you aren't aware of that already). It really contrasted with the brown carpet, lol. Then, I remember when I was three my mom was taking me to my babysitter's house and the seatbelt started feeling really tight, so my mom let me unbuckle it and I felt a little better, then we got to the babysitter's house and I got out of the car and all the sudden I threw up this clear foamy stuff all over the driveway. My mom took me to my grandma's house that day and I went to sleep on a blanket on the floor with my little doll and when I woke up, my grandma fed me a grilled cheese sandwich(big mistake!). I went back to sleep and woke up and threw up in my doll's h! air! It was awful! Well, that's it for today, because if I tell you all my childhood stories, I'll run out.

Thanx Sickkid i will try to post whenever i get sick(which is pretty often).....i am going to an amusment park today with my older cousin Cheri so hopefully i'll have a stroy which doesnt involve me. But just to keep everyone happy i will post a story from the earlier days:

When I was in grade 5 i felt incredibly nauseas so i put my head down on the desk and fell asleep.When i woke up i was throwing up a puddle of orangy yellow vomit onto the floor. My teacher helped me get up and asked someone to take me to the bathroom.

Pleeeez will someone post i will not post if no one elkse is posting becausde people read these stories and dont post and its entertaining them not me who has to write these stories....I will try to post soon sickkid i am thinking of a kids all have heat stroke a mackie has thrown up once but shes fine now they r all sorta tired....speaking of which Bryanni and Dakota does Colby still have heat storke...?

Thursday, July 12, 2001

railyn, bryanni, dakota, elisa, foxy, manda, plz keep posting!!!!!! and manda, sorry to bug you but are you almost done with your nick carter story? is it really taking a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time or am i just the most impatient person in the world?...

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

I got a story which sorta involves me.

Last night my friend Rachel had a sleepover and invited my Karla and two girls i didnt know (from Rachels dance class or something) Christina and Fiona. We pigged out on junkfood and stuff like chips pop pizza garlic bread pretzels you name the junkfood we probably ate it. Soon Fiona began to feel nauseas and lied down on her sleeping bag.Rachel (who is very loud and has a big mouth) started to crack up because she thought it was funny because she was laughing so hard and her face was red. Christina sat there to but she was eating a bowl of ice cream. Me and Karla sorta stepped outta Rachels room and sat on the steps and talked to Rachels brother and sister. After a while we heard gagging so i stood up. We heard "Run to bathrrom Fionnna" Christina must have jumped up because when Fiona was running down the hall all we heard was a slapt. Since
Rachels mom wasnt home (her dad doesnt live with her) her older sister came into the bathrrom while her older brother walked away. Rachels sister rubbed fionas back and told her it was okay. Fiona kept throwing up on the floor by the bathrooom because she couldnt get up. After she hepled Raches sis clean up the mess and then we downstairs to call her mom. Just before her mom and picked her up she threw up all over herself. When we went home in the morning on the car ride home i gagged and threw up for some reason. I feel fine now i threw up like 30 minutes ago but i will post if anthing else happens

Dakota and Bryanni (dakota is typing)
I have only one thing to say...EWWW Groossss I have a realy bad story which started a really bad chain reaction.

It all started this morning when me and a few friends like Rylee Sasha Bree Victoria my boyfriend Jake and Bryanni and a couple of her friends Gabby Jessika and Colleen went to a a local waterpark for the day. When we got there we put r stuff in lockers. The locker which Rylee found had 40 bucks in it. Rylee freaked and started to scream. After she spent it on 3 hotdogs a patty and chocolate bars.

Soon Rylee began to feel nauasea coming and sat in the shade. We soon bumbed in t friends of ares Daniella and Roney. After we were all sitting in the shade ands Rylee began to gag and before we knew it. Boom barf splatred everywhere. It was all tanish with hotdog chunks and chocolate traces. Bree gagged and threw up too. So did Danilelle and then Victoria then Gabby threw up a little and Jessika and then Bryanni threw up . Sasha starteed to laugh. I threw up too but i had a boyfriend to rub my back/.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

I was out with some family and friends at this restaurant one night and we were having a great time. I ordered a pizza and lasagne dish which tasted all right. On the way home however, I started feeling so sick in the ????. I felt really bloated and full. I burped loudly a few times to expel the gas in my belly. My sister noticed I wasn't feeling well, but I told her I would be all right. We made it home without me vomiting, but I went to lie down for a while once we arrived home, in the hope that I would feel better. I lay down on my bed for about 20 minutes, but I only felt worse. I knew I was going to vomit, so I got up and went into the bathroom. I leaned over the toilet bown and retched a few times, but I couldn't bring anything up no matter how hard I tried. I did a few loud burps and felt really sick, but nothing came up. My belly was heaving and I felt awful. Finally my sister (who is my twin) came in and told me to drink water and then try and vomit it up. I drank he! aps of water from the tap, leaned over the toilet bown and my sister pressed her hands on my belly while I was leaning over trying to be sick. That was all it took for me to do one giant heave and I vomited up everything I had eaten that night. I felt much better afterwards. I was burping a lot afterwards, but at least I didn't feel so queasy.

Monday, July 09, 2001

Just a reminder, no drinking stories, no eating disorders, and no fan fiction.

(in reply to Bryanni)

i am very short (probably not even 5 foot) I have long hair that ends near my but which has been barfed in many times so i always wear my hair in a tight high ballerina bun. when i throw up and dont make it to the toleit i sometimes drop to my knees and let barf come out. I am very thin. I only weigh 89 pounds and i am 12.!!!

Man, it's been a while since I last posted. Last week, my brother Jordan got sick with strep throat. I woke up on Staurday morning and he coughing really hard and gagging in the bathroom and my mom said he threw up, then he tried to make himself throw up all day Sunday, then attempted to make himself sick again on Monday. I dunno about Tuesday, because I was gone all day to see Aaron Carter in concert(which was awesome, lol). I'm still working on my Nick story(the one where he gets sick on tour), I plan on posting it as soon as I can finish it.

P.S. Tomorrow, I'll post some stories I recall from when I was younger.

Saturday, July 07, 2001

Okay i have a question. If you bend over while throwing up will it make a difference if your fat or slender. Or if you have long hair or short hair. Or if you are a boy or a girl.

Me personally have long blonde hair and am tall and thin. My sister Dakota looks like an older verison of me. But Elizabeth has short blond hair and Colby oviosly has short hair.

Speeking of which I think Colby (and for all you new readers Colby is my 5 year old brother) has sunstroke. He threw up this morning and has been sleeping and whining all day and his face is burnt. He only threw up once but he can do it agian.

I just got back from Wonderland no stories but i did see a pile of vomit it was pinkish orangy.

Well anyways if you could give me examples of people who throw up when they r fst tall short skinny boy girl young or old. Pleez ReplY. We need this site to have a boost and more people need to post more often and think really hard about stories. Or like Elisa said make a story up. I might have to do that one time but i will tell u . if i happen to make a story up.

UMMMM ....WElll anywayz its getting pretty boring without Brandy posting or some others like Manda. Well we have one newcomer or 2 Delany R. and Railyn...Pleeez keep posting.


Thursday, July 05, 2001

okay i finally got a story for u. yesterday my cousins came over for a barbuque. cousins like Kaylee Mark Vicktor and Brian. But anyways me and Kaylee went upstairs to me and Dakotas room and blabbed and blabbed. She told me once she threw up and how it was oranish brown with yellowish specks. nothing to exciting except today i am going to wonderland again with Dakota and her friend Sasha so hopefully i can call a friend to come with us that has seasons pass.
I think Jessika (best bud) has one

I have decided not to tell all my boring stories but to tell you stories when they happen or whenever i feel like posting a story/stories which happend to me in the previous times. But actually I sick. I threw up today at a a friends.

It all started in the middle of the nigt when i woke up and threw up. Around 9:30 this morning my friend Karly phned to tell me that she was having a poool party and was inviting a whole bunch of people including me. When i told her i was sick she goes "Just sit out a tan your fine Railyn you always get sick and back outta things(so true) so i hesitated but t 1:00 i arrived at her house. I felt a little nauseas but everyone was telling me i was fine my nausea will pass. Around 3:00 Karla's mom brang out sandwiches and cokes and so i ate a few and began to feel better so i went in the pool. Big mistake. My friend Rachel and me were fooling around and she dunked me underwater. As soon as i came up i began to choke and ran to the side of the pool and threw up this nasty whitish stuff with brownish and light pink traces couldd it be (tuna sandwiches and coke) I started to cry and grabbed my stuff and ran out yelling sorry. When i got home i threw up then fell asleep. Karla pho! ned me. She told me it was her fault in pressurizing me to come. Rachel called to say sorry for dunking me and a few others phoned me too. And dont worry i dont need a stomach transplant.

Bryanni i know that Gabby is better now but tell her i am truly sorry that she went threw that suffering in throwing up. I dont get sick in chain reaction ways. (I do every once in a while)

Well thats for all!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2001

Delaney R.
I was at cheerleading camp last weekend and it was really hot inside the gym and I was getting really dizzy and nauseous so I sat down on the floor. My instructor came up to me and asked me what was wrong and I told her I felt like I was gonna throw up. She grabbed me by the hand and started running across the gym toward the bathroom we were halfway across the hardwood dance floor at the front of the gym and I bent over and threw up. Then another instructor came and grabbed me by the other hand and they brought me to the bathroom. It seemed like I threw up everywhere but in the toilet. I was really embarressed by the instructors were really nice to me. The held my hair up and rubbed my shoulders.

Tueesday, July 03, 2001

No storys yet except that my 7 year old daughter Lynsdey was sick yesteday at grannnys house. Oh well. Today my niece renata is coming over for the night. she wont get sick but i have a story about once when she did. She was at my house last yearshe was 11 and Jerimaiah was 8 and Lyndsey was 6 and Mackanzine was like 2 and a halve. We had macoroni for lunch andafter she threw it up on the back porch.

Monday, July 02, 2001

I have only one story you so i will quickly tell you the story. Yesterday my sister Elizabeth threw up in the public pools bathroom. She had some gross order from Burger King and it all came up after right beside the toliet.

ELISA: 1. I know, nobody's posting anymore! It's really annoying! I mean, I personally have not had any stories to post, but you'd imagine SOMEBODY would! 2. I never make up any of my stories, all of them actually happened, but maybe some people on the forum make up stories.

But anyway, I've been sick since yesterday morning. I'm feeling a little better now (good enough to post) but I still feel sick, and have a fever... yesterday, I was at camp, and I felt really nauseous. I tried putting my head down, but it didn't help. I kept feeling worse and worse. Finally, I could feel the puke coming up, so I ran towards the bathroom. I didn't make it, though. Halfway there, I lost control. I covered my mouth, but the brownish, chunky puke still sprayed everywhere. A counselor found me (I'm a CIT), and helped me to the bathroom. I ran into a stall, vomit still spraying all over the place. I knelt down and took my hand away from my mouth. I kept throwing up for what seemed like ages. Then, there was no more coming up, but I still felt so nauseous I could barely stand up. By this time, I was crying, and the counselor was trying to calm me down. She told me just to let go, and let it come up, and I'd feel better. I did - I puked almost nonstop for five mi! nutes. The counselor started rubbing my back and comforting me. I threw up a little more, then I was able to drag myself to the nurse. The counselor came with me. Right outside of the nurse's office, I lost control again. Vomit poured out of my mouth as I tried to get to the bathroom. Finally, I was finished. The nurse took my temperature, and I had a fever of 102. I went home and got into bed. I puked three more times last night, and once this morning. I feel a lot better now but I still have a fever of 101.3. I'll post again if I barf again.

Elisa: Make up a thunder-chunder story?? Good idea, but I'd need some time for that:-)
Some nights ago, I had kind of a nightmare. I dreamt about an empty, haunted farmhouse. I saw a man on stage, singing a sad lament about the house and the ghosts of the family which had inhabited the house before. Suddenly I was standing in a darkened room in my granny's house, and feeling like facing some danger that was coming closer and closer to me. Then , I was walking through the empty farmhouse. It was very lonely, dark and silent inside. I tried to avoid the thought of what it would be like to meet some ghost or undead creature...but I couldn't. It gave me the creeps! Just before I woke up, I was...standing face to face with a tall, undead person.i was terrified, unable to move. Then, suddenly, I started to puke (of fear or of disgust -or of both...??). I just stood there, gagged slightly and started throwing up that liquid stuff...then I woke up. My bed was clean! I had just spewed in my dream:-))
In another dream I've had not so long ago, someone's garden was on fire. It was just across the street, so I watched it from my bedroom window. This chick I used to know was sitting on a bench, in the frontyard of the house next to the one with the burning garden. She's a very outgoing and popular person. She's tall and chubby and has dark-blond hair which was (still) long in my dream. She was wearing some clear-coloured, long dress or nightdress and looked kinda pale (suddenly I was able to have a close look at her, dunno why). All at once this nasty, tannish barf started gushing outta her mouth in large amount...
I found a new meaning for the expression "wet dream", didn't I?????? *lol*
PS: I've got some "bitesize chunk" from this year's national day (June 23rd here in Luxembourg), nothing too big but kinda funny...I'll tell you next time, okay??

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