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Hey Barfboy, this one's especially for you so I hope you like it. Sometime ago I was sick one morning but I thought I'd feel better after a while so I went to work anyway besides I needed the money and couldn't afford to miss work. There was a nasty stomach flu going around at the time and I caught it. I think I ate a sausage biscuit from Mcdonald's on the way since I initially mistook the rumbling in my stomach for hunger. Anyways after I started working I felt it wanting to come back up so I went to the ladies room to wash my face and I puked up a couple of mouthfuls of that into the sink. I felt a little relieved but my stomach was still upset. This was before the store opened to customers, where I work. It was thick, chunky and light brown in color because I'd had some coffee with cream and sugar. It tasted like coffee only bitter. I rinsed it down the sink and stole some Mylanta off the shelf. An hour later I felt sick again but this time I knew I couldn't make it t! o the restroom, and I would be expected to clean up if I were to make a mess all over the floor, so instead of chancing an iffy trip to the bathroom I ran out the back door at my work area, to the dumpster and started throwing up again. This time a lot more came out and it tasted a little like my dinner I ate the night before, something spicy but I can't remember what it was but I do remember it tasted really bitter. Tacos and refried beans I think. ? . It was thinner than the stuff I did in the sink earlier, but it stunk a lot more worse. It was a lot of clear liquid like a quart or maybe more with chunks in it. It had bean skins in it which I won't forget because I had to lick them off my teeth with my tongue so I could spit them out. I leaned against the dumpster as I was getting sick and it made a pretty big puddle which I was careful not to step in but some of it splashed on my jeans and shoes, not much. After it was over I took some more Mylanta, sipped on a coke to settle my stomach, and sat near the back door until I felt like I could do some more work. I was the only person there at that time of the morning and when the rest of the crew came in I pretended like I was perfectly all right. My stomach was achy all morning and I was unusually tired plus I had a bad cough and a chest cold to boot. At lunch I bought some breadsticks and coke and ate them at my desk and a little while later I got the sick feeling again and had just enough time to grab the trashcan from underneath my desk before it all came back up, coke colored, and tasted nearly the same as they had going down; flour, olive oil, parmesean cheese, garlic powder, and tomato sauce. Nobody saw me do it. I tossed the trash can liner in the dumpster outside and went home early to take a nap because I felt like total shit and wasn't getting anything done anyhow. I had a fever. I fixed myself some Campbell's noodle soup later that night which my insides couldn't handle, and so I basically spent the night throwing up chicken noodle soup into an old coffee can I put beside my bed for that purpose and it looked just as it did before I ate it except that the noodles looked chewed up and it stunk. My husband slept on the couch after that because he was majorly grossed out.

Big Brother
In Germany there is a TV-show called Big Brother.
10 people living together in a house for 100 days
and observed with cams all the time. Last saturday
they made a party. After a while one girl called
Manu mentioned she was not feeling too good and went
into the garden to get some fresh air. Some minutes
later she bend over and started beeing sick in the grass.
It was mostly liquid white puke and just looked if all the beer and wine she drunk on the party returned. She vomited
three or four times in the grass and all her friends standing arround laughing. So she not only got sick in front of her friends but also in front of some million spectators on TV.

Would everyone who posts here try to "discribe" their stories a little better? you know like what color the vomit was and stuff

I have only barfed three times my whole life. Once when I was 2, at my grandma's house, and twice one night when I had the flu in second grade. I remember every single time.

Hi again people. I'll tell you the story about Craig puking now.

When Craig puked I was only in fifth grade. Craig was a year older than me, in sixth grade at the time. One day near the end of the school year there was a gray puddle of something that looked and smelled like tuna and pineapple in the middle of the aisle. Nobody could figure out what it was, including the bus driver. No one thought of it at the time, but Craig had been the first one on the bus. Anyway, this was before Chloe and Jay and Laina rode our bus (they didn't go to our school in fifth grade) so it was just me, Belinda, Craig, a fourth grader named Carmen, a girl named Mandy who was in my grade, and an obnoxious little prick named Derek who was in my grade. Everyone rolled down their windows because the stuff in the aisle was really beginning to stink. Finally Carmen and Mandy go off at their stop and it was just me, Belinda, Craig, and Derek. As we pulled up to Craig and Derek's s! top Craig puked all over his seat and the floor. It looked just like the nasty gray pinapple tuna crap from before.

"Are you sick?" the bus driver, who seldomly spoke, asked Craig.

Craig didn't answer.

"Are you sick???" he asked again, but Craig still didn't say anything. He just go off the bus with Derek and Belinda and I moved to the very back of the bus and we got to my stop I said goodbye to her and hopped over Craig;s barf out of the bus. I was very glad about the whole thing because I hated Craig and assumed he wouldn't be at school th nest day, but he was! Belinda told almost everyone except for Mandy and Carmen about the incident, so Craig was really pissed. Craig DID go to the same school as me again now that I'm in junior high, but he got expelled for beating up Derek and stealing his money a few months ago so hopefully I'll never see him again :)

Timid Tigress
Well, hello again, folks.
Hey, PussiKat! Like your stories. Keep 'em coming.
So, what exactly are "magic" brownies? Do they have marijuana in them or something? I've heard of brownies with marijuana in them, but I don't remember exactly what they're called. I myself wouldn't try them, I'd just heard about them.
I'd like to see more people post regularly here. On one other forum, there are already so many people who sort of know each other through a long time of posting. I'd like to make some friends like that.
I've got lots of studying to do for class tomorrow, but I'll check back here tomorrow, and I hope to have a story to post.

A couple of days ago I had to attend this seminar. It was held in a large lecture theatre. The woman sitting next to me was looking a bit pale. About an hour into the seminar she started squirming and looking uncomfortable. I whisperd was she OK. I suppose she opened her mouth to answer me but puked instead. It just came about like a fountain spraying everywhere. I got hit but not as badly as the poor gilr in front. As the seats sloped she was rained down on by a vomit shower which covered her hair and shoulders. By this time the woman was leaning forward just throwing up on the floor. It was really disgusting. About 4 different colours and very chunky and it just kept coming. Eventually a colleague of hers came forward and helped out of the room. The mess that was revealed when the lights came on was amazing. At least a metre squre of floor space, the seat and the wall were covered not to mention me and othes in the surrounding area.

Molson Canadian
I have a pretty bad story (relatively) to tell about getting ill. My friends and I met up for a 'highschool reunion' at one of their appartments in Toronto. We all had quite a bit to eat - nachos, salads, bread with dip, kabobs, baked potato, and lote of beer and other alcohol. The final desert (at around 2 a.m.) were some 'magic' brownies. I didn't feel the effect, due to the amount of beer I had, and most of us just went to sleep. The next morning, my one friend was obviously ill, as she ran for the back door and spewed over the railing for a few minutes. I felt a little buzzed, but laughed over the state of the others. Later on, the few of us that were left started to have breakfast when someone brought up the old 'green eggs and ham' talking, and I had an immediate head rush and emptied the contents of my stomach across the table. It was so embarassing! I felt pretty out of it the whole day, including my drive back home.

Hi. I've never posted here before. I don't honestly remember how I even stumbled across this. But when I read the top where it says "people who should be dead from alcohol poisoning", I decided to post.

I can't post about my own *personal* sick experiences, as in all honesty, I haven't thrown up in many years. Vomiting sort of fascinates me, because I myself never do it.

I'm always the one at the party WITH the guy whose puking, the chick who never got drunk before, the girlfriend nursing the stomach flu out of her pitiful sick boyfriend, etc. I always manage to get myself in the front lines when someone's sick... just a weird fetish <I guess> that I have.

So anyway. I'm Kat. I'm 20 and from PA. I'm called a "goth" and go to lots of clubs and parties and things like that, where drinking, etc. is just part of the menu, so I see a lot of puking. I'll just share one story now, though, and you can let me know if you care to hear more. !

I dated this guy for about a year. He was 16-17 while we were dating and I was 18-19. Now, he had the teenage invincibility complex, and part of that mentality was, "I can outdrink anyone and be just fine." I never really gave him any trouble about it because, well, he COULD drink more than a lot of people and he always ended up for the most part just fine. Eventually I discovered that in reality, *I* can drink more than him and be fine - I have NEVER gotten sick drinking. Close, yes, but never actually puked. Anyway, this one night, a bunch of us were partying at his house. His room is in a remodeled garage behind his parents' house (they are very liberal people anyway, and don't care what he does as long as he doesn't get arrested), so when people get sick they just kind of puke in the backyard. Now, SOMEONE always got sick at one of his parties (so I have plenty of stories if you want 'em), and I'm always the mother figure. I usually didn't even get really! drunk at them because I KNEW I'd be "Mom". So anyway, onto the story. There were a bunch of us there, I'd say 15 people, and we had three cases of beer, a bottle of vodka, a bottle of rum, a bottle of Goldschlager and a bottle of Bacardi Lymon. I personally was doing ecstasy that night and because of that I chose not to drink. My boyfriend's best friend was also doing ecstasy, and it was his first time, so after a while we decided to leave and go to his house because he was uncomfortable rolling for the first time in those surroundings. That was about 9pm. Around 1am, we came back. At this point, several people had left, a few were already passed out from drinking, and my boyfriend and about five of our friends were still up and drinking. (Apparently at some point one of our friends had done a header into the corner of a large dog cage and cracked his face open... this was the night's entertainment.) At that point there was still a good deal of beer and about a bottl! e and a half of liquor left, and my boyfriend was yelling, "You people can't drink, I'm not done yet," that sort of thing. He was definitely drunk, but at that point it didn't concern me... he was coherent and only mildly making a jerk out of himself. Anyway, my boyfriend's friend and I left again for a while and came back about 3am. ALL of the alcohol was gone, every drop. At this point, everyone except for him and two people were unconscious. At this point, my boyfriend was TRASHED. Things were kind of humorous for a while when suddenly, he said, "I think it's time to puke." So naturally assuming my role, I walked him outside and held his hair back (he has very long hair). He bent over and tried, but nothing happened. I looked at him. At this point he was barely coherent and could hardly stand, so I knew it was important that he DID vomit. I talked him into sticking his finger down his throat, and then he puked all over his backyard walkway. It was orange-ish and ! watery. (I don't know what he'd been eating, or if he had been.) He puked several more times and then I went into his room, told everyone who was conscious that I was taking him into the house and to leave us alone because he had alcohol poisoning and I was going to take care of him. So we went inside and he immediately puked all over the kitchen sink. At this point chunks of something unidentifiable were coming up. He must have vomited for an hour straight before I finally took him to the bathroom, cleaned him up, and we went to bed, where I stayed awake making sure he was okay all night.

I don't know how graphic you want things on here, or what else you might like to know. Please fill me in and let me know if you want to hear more.

Timid Tigress
Okay, here's another blast from the past. (Wow, what a pun!)
i was in the second or third grade. It was a Tuesday, I remember that. I wasn't feeling very well that morning, so during recess I went to the nurse's station and they gave me a tylenol and some orange juice to see if I'd feel any better. Well, I went the rest of the morning feeling okay. And then there was lunch. (Here's wheere you start hearing that ominous music in the background.) We had meatloaf and mashed potatoes. And me, being like many other people, put ketchup on the meatloaf, since school food is never really good. (Okay, the music gets a little louder here.) After lunch, we had science class. On that day our teacher had us listen to a tape about animals, or something like that. I told her I didn't feel well, so she let me put my head down on my desk. (This is the part where things get real quiet for a minute, like the calm before the storm.) Well, I'd sort of fallen asleep. Somehwere n! ear the end of the tape, I woke up, and all of a sudden, everything I'd eaten, especially the meatloaf and ketchup, came up all over the desk. Somehow, I don't really remember what happened right after that, but the next thing I remember was standing at the sink in the girls' bathroom with the principal helping me clean up. She took me to her office and we called my mother to come get me. I think I went back to the nurse's station to wait for my mother, because it was a good 20-minute drive from our home outside of town to the school. That was really embarrassing. I'm glad the principal was there to help me, though. She and I always got along. Even now, 15 years later, she and I are really good friends. She's like family.

Yesterday there was a puddle of pinkish chunky puke in the hallway. many people looked at it and walked by acting about the same way. it was like "Woah, I'm glad I didn't step in this pile of puke" no matter what language the customers spoke.

During a port visit to Haifa, Isreal, my friends and I drank enough to kill a herd of buffalo. While returning to the bus that would take us back to our ship, we noticed a road side vendor selling pita wraps. we all purchased a chicken wrap, covered in some unidentifiable sauce. after returning to the boat, i went straight to bed. an hour later, i awoke with terrible stomach cramps. i knew instantly that i would vomit so i jumped out of my bed and upon impact with the floo, diarhea exploded from my hindquarters. i then ran/shuffled/crawled to the commode, where i spent 4 hours wretching up horrible smelling, chunky orange-gold vomit while intermitantly seeping floods of diareha. i walked naked to the showers, where i found a friend of my laying naked in a pool of his own horrible smelling, chunky, orange-gold vomit. i tried to help him up, but only managed to slip in his puke, fall down in it, then i addeed more to it along with diareha. i will never again eat a pita( or drink! in Isreal)

Yesterday was a first for me. My husband is away on a business trip, and during these times I eat a lot of junk food because I'm too lazy to cook anything healthy just for myself. I ate a three piece greasy fried chicken box meal for lunch, and for supper I had a beer and I ate a greasy double cheeseburger with extra mayo, greasy fries, and a large strawberry milkshake as I surfed the net. A couple of hours later I wasn't feeling well so I took a short nap on the living room sofa as I watched t.v. Maybe the beer and the milkshake didn't mix well in my stomach, but I woke from a light sleep with an upset stomach so I sat up for a few minutes, thinking I'd have time to make it to the bathroom if I felt like I couldn't hold it down. I'm usually pretty good at this with a perfect record until yesterday. I'm twenty five. When my spit glands began to go crazy I knew I was in trouble, it totally hit me by surprise with one unexpected heave which leaped from my mouth and I made! a big mess all over my living room carpet. My legs felt rubbery and I felt too weak to get up at first, so I actually threw up about four times in that one spot where it started. After that, I went to the bathroom to wait for the next bout of puking, and when it started again it lasted probably twenty minutes, and I felt better. When I got finished throwing up I changed into a pair of jeans and walked to the nearby convenience store because I thought a walk in the fresh air might make me feel better, and I needed to get a roll of paper towels to clean my mess and a ginger ale to help settle my stomach. I wasn't so terribly nauseated anymore now, but my stomach still felt as if it were trying to tie itself in a knot, so I sat outside in the yard, calmly taking in the fresh air and sipping ginger ale as the neighborhood kids chatted with me, and I felt well enough to toss a nerf football around with them a little while, then I thought I'd better go clean up my living room c! arpet. The puddle covered a large area in front of the sofa, and it had splashed the legs of the coffee table and there was quite a bit on the floor underneath the coffee table as well. It was pink from the strawberry shake. It was sickening to look at. As I was cleaning, it smelled so awful and looked so disgusting that I had to stop because it was beginning to make me feel like getting sick for the second time, and again I went outside with my unfinished bottle of gingerale to resettle my stomach. I retched with each belch from the ginger ale, but I didn't throw up any more. A neighbor, let's call her Alice, came to my yard where I was sitting and chatted and I told her of my situation. She asked her husband to come over to clean up my mess, since he has a stronger stomach than either of us. We sat outside until the living room had been declared a safe zone. He used up the whole roll of paper towels I'd just bought, and had to step next door to get another roll. Wh! en he was done I thanked him and went inside for the rest of the evening. He did a really great job, no traces, no smell, good as new. My stomach still felt funny into this morning but I'm back to my usual self now.

Timid Tigress
About three years ago, when I was in junior college, I took a public speaking class. One day, during one of the speeches, a girl sitting in the front row, who'd made some comments beforehand about feeling sick to her stomach, jumped up and made a mad dash for the trash can which was right next to the classroom door. Well, she didn't quite make it, and she spewed right there, all over the floor. It made a splattering noise as it poured from her mouth like niagara Falls. Once she could stop throwing up for a moment she ran to the ladies' restroom. Our teacher, being the nice lady she is, and also being a mother, promptly grabbed a few handfuls of paper towels from the lounge and cleaned up the girl's huge puddle of vomit. We all admired her for doing that. But apparently that hadn't been the end of it for our dear sick friend. After class, as usual, I would always go to the restroom before my next class across campus. Well, there are two sinks in the restroom. And appa! rently, the girl barfed intto the sink that I most often used. And, being blind, as I am, I couldn't see into the sink to see the mess in it, and just turned on the water. Something didn't sound right, and soont ehs ink had filled to the rim with water and barf. Ugh! Well, luckily, I turned off the water before it overflowed onto the floor. I really felt sorry for that girl. I also felt sorry for the student giving their speech then, since it had been interrupted like that. But their grade wasn't affected by the interruption.
Hey, all you guys that stumble upon this site! Post something! I'd like to see more stories here. Maybe this new one, which happens to be on 03/27/00 will encourage people to write.

I had to go somewhere to tell my embarrasing story! I was at the mall this morning and started feeling nauseous when I was in line to buy a dress. I asked the salesclerk where the bathroom was and she told me...UPSTAIRS! I knew I wouldn't make it. I told her "I'm going to be sick" and she pulled out her garbage pail and I threw up 3 times in it with everyone watching. I thought I would die. So then I was on the elevator going upstairs to clean up and started to feel sick again. I started running up the stairs towards the bathroom but never made it. I threw up all over the floor and some nice lady helped me get to the bathroom where I had to throw up in the sink. It was a totally sucky embarrasing morning.

I had a pretty embarrassing barf experience last Monday. I was doing errands with my three year old son, and I'd been nauseous off and on the last couple of days from headaches. It was time to get something for lunch so my toddler made it known he wanted to go to Chik Filet, so in we went. Suddenly I got a wave of nausea and I just had to sit down. I made my way over to the nearest unoccupied table and sat down resting my face in my hands with my eyes closed as I endeavored to keep from vomiting. I was in no shape to attempt to go to the bathroom. My toddler kept yelling "my mommy's sick, my mommy's sick again" and I hadn't the strength to tell him to quiet down. I felt someone's hand on my shoulder as they asked what was wrong and all I could manage to say was "I feel sick. needa trash can". I held on as long as I could and someone placed one of those extra large drink cups on the table in front of me and I propmtly filled it a third full with bile, water, and extra strength tylenol I'd been popping all morning. Business seemed to become slow with no wonder after all. I'm too ashamed to ever show my face there again. I had the same headache until last Wednesday. What a terrible start to a week.

hey storyteller i know exactly what you mean. I totally agree with you. i like hearing storys about people puking and all but i absolutly CANNOT stand it myself.

Storyteller wrote:

<I am totally into hearing and watching people puke, and looking at pictures, and going to the bathroom, but I hate doing it myself! Is there anyone else like me??? Please respond!!!!!>

Oh, yes. There's a handful, at least. The kink is called "emetophilia" and is often accompanied by a fear of throwing up.

Has anyone ever looked at the sketch on the "Sic-sac" motion sickness bags? It is really quite clever, kind of like before and after.

I have a couple stories: the first is from a few years ago when my mom and I went to the Bahamas. We were walking home from dinner and my mom had eaten something weird (fish) with black eyed peas. She mentioned not feeling well as we walked home. As we kept going her face got paler, and she began to burp. The burps kept getting louder and following one burp, she gagged. When my mom gets ill she gets really ill. You can hear her a mile away. But as she gagged, a mouthful of white fish and black eyed peas came pouring out of her mouth, really thick and solid. She gagged and retched for like ten minutes. When she was finished, there was puke on her shoes, and it was at least a foot around her. I remember looking at it and seeing the bunches of peas. It smelled like rotten fish.

Another time, I was at work, and one of my co-workers had eaten Thai food...really spicy. She came out from her break complaining of a stomachache. Without warning, she ran to the bathroo! ms and threw up. A couple minutes later I had to pee so I went back there (she was up front again). As I walked past the toilet(there were 2) I could see that she forgot to flush it and there was a toilet full of vegetables, meat, rice. I began peeing and she ran back again. She said to me, I'm gonna puke again, can you help me? I finished peeing and went to her. I held her hair as she hurled countless times. Then she farted, and flushed the toilet, quickly sat down and had the runs for 10 minutes, at least, I went back up front and she finally came back and told me that she flushed the toilet five times and still couldn't get it all down.
I am totally into hearing and watching people puke, and looking at pictures, and going to the bathroom, but I hate doing it myself! Is there anyone else like me??? Please respond!!!!!

Count Barfula
OK - well, a few years ago I was working in a residential facility for mentally handicapped folks, with a really sweet girl named Alex. We lived in the house 5 days a week. Well one morning - I was awakened with a feeling that can only be described at a washing machine at the height of the spin cycle in my stomach! I knew I was riding the puke-a-tron! That's right - the whirl and hurl! So I ran from my room to the bathroom, right past Alex who was on her way there too - for other reasons. Then it hit me! YAK! YUUUUUUUUUUURK! PUKE-O-RAMA! The full spectrum of colors and chunks - macaroni, pineapple and corn chunks I remember. Anyway - Alex was really cool about it. Held my hand and even told me a joke to ease the tension. I cleaned up and thanked her - but as I walked out - I saw Alex turn green and then she let out a gasp and a cry and BLAHHHHHHHH - YUUUUUUUURK - BUUUUUUUUURP - a complete and total barf-o-rama ensued. She was a REAL puke-a-tron. Berries, green beans and mashed! tatos came up with blazing speed. So I helped her like she helped me - I told her a blonde joke and she laughed. Then we had a normal day. So the next time you feel like yaking, don't sweat it! Cheers! - Count Barfula

WEll, lucky me with a boyfriend who has a screwed up stomach AND really bad motion sickness. i feel really bad for him whenever we go out, because unless he dopes up on meds, he gets dizzy, pale, nausous, and usually vomits. one time we were riding in my friends fathers car, and it was about 1:00 AM. we had been driving for about 7 minutes when he puts his head on my shoulder wordlessly. i could tell he was feeling sick to his stomach, because his hands were shaking and he felt clammy. i squeezed his hands to encourage him to hang on. in the dark, i could see him start to swallow convulsively, and grimace his face, revealing his discomfort. he put one hand over his mouth, and mumbled to my friends father: "pull over please...hurry" her father quickly understood as my boyfriend began to retch into his hands, and the pale green vomit dribbled through the in his fingers. not wanting her fathers car to get messy, i placed my hands under his to catch the warm liquid! , and we both tumbled out. we had to stay on the side of the road for about 20 minutes for him to finish being sick. his vomit was yellowish now, and i had to hold him upright, as the force of his heaves threatened to knock him right over. i also rubbed his back since i know that he likes that when he is puking his guts up. as you can imagine this happens quite a bit with us. some s would never want a guy who pukes twice every mile in a car, or every time a plane hits a bump of turbulence, but i don't mind at all. i think that is what love is: dealing with each other's weaknesses, admitting our infirmities, and for better or for worse being together and loving one another no matter what happens.

I saw a woman come out of a bar one night, sit down on the curb and with a napkin in one hand, she began to tilt from side to side. All of a sudden, she spewed a huge load out of her mouth and i saw it and it was amazing to watch. She wiped her mouth and then got up and went back into the bar. Another incident happened in a parking lot as i went to my car. I noticed a car door open on another vehicle and looked over and to my amazement, a young woman's head is sticking out the door and there is a huge load of vomit on the ground below. I guess she drank to much that night.

Hi he wasn't mad afterall. After the second day he wasn't in school i finally worked up enough guts to call his house. At first his mom answered and was like he's really sick but then must be she told him who it was and he answered. He did sound really sick. I apologized to him and he told me it wasn't my fault then i asked him if there was anything i could do for him and he said come over and take care of me. I decided it was the least i could do considering i gave it to him. He said he wasn't throwing up anymore but what would've been more like it is he hadn't thrown up in awhile. I went over and his mom let me in and showed me to his room. He was lying in bed with a bucket beside him and his face was extremely white. I went over and sat on his bed and asked him if he was ok. He said he was much better now that i was there. Then about 5 minutes later he said he felt like he had to throw up again. He slowly sat up and i handed him the bucket. He leaned down to it! and let go. I have never seen so much puke before in my life. He puked more in just that one time then i did in three times but after he did that he slowly begain to regain color in his face and he said he felt better. About 3 hours later he was as good as new. We went back to school the next day as a couple.

Yesterday i woke up so sick I didn't feel I could make it through a day of school. Then I remembered the huge test I had 3rd period and I told my mom to pick me up after the test. I got on the bus and felt extremely sick. At one point I had Ron (a really hot 12th grader) pass me the bucket in the back. As I fought to hold back the chunks that were building up in my throat I realized that Ron and and his friend Nick (who just got on) were watching me. I forgot to tell you I am in 10th grade. They kept asking me if I was OK and I said I didn't think so. Then Ron came up to my seat and squeezed his way into the inside. He leaned over beside me and rubbed my back. He kept saying just let it out you'll feel better. He pulled my hair back and I let it go. BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. For what seemed like 10 minutes I puked my guts out but it was actually more like 3 or 4. After I finished Nick went to the front and got some paper towels and told the bus driver. After I got clea! ned up i went to lean back in my seat but Ron pulled me over against me and kept asking if I was OK. When we got to school I went and took the test I didn't wait for 3rd period then went home. I went back to school today but Ron wasn't there Nick said he got sick and was throwing up before the end of the day yesterday. I just hope he's not mad.

Nope... thanks for the advice, though, Norm. I'll try it next time. :)

Hey, Johnna!

Did you ever manage to throw up? If so, how? Did it relieve your nausea as effectively as you'd hoped?

For future reference, drinking several glasses of warm water (just above body temperature) usually works. One needs to keep up a steady pace, though, not giving the body a chance to absorb the liquid. Done correctly, this technique will produce results. Of course, when one feels the crisis building, thinking about something gross can be helpful. (In your recent case, pudding cups might have been the way to go!)

Happy MLK day!


A couple of nights ago me and two of my best friend was hanging out in my apartment. We can call my friends Tess and Annie. Anyway we had just been lying around there watching movies and eating tons off snacks. We were in the middle of the third movie when suddenly Tess rose from the couch she had been sitting in and me and Annie was like, whats the matter, where are you going? I fell really sick she informd us, I think I have to throw up. Then she slapped her hand over her mouth and started running to the bathroom. Me and Annie got up and followed her there. We found her on her kness, hugging the toilet and heaving for all she was worth. The toilet bowl was quickly filling with her half digested snacks. And the fountain comming from her mounth was shifting in many different colours from all the candy in different colours that she had been eating. And the smell was horribly. But as the good friends Annie and I are we stayed by her side, holding back her hair and rubbing her ba! ck. Then suddenly Annie announced that she wasn't felling well either, and soon I could see how her cheeks started to bulg. And she leaned over Tess and started to throw up she too. Now I really had my hands full taking care of two sick people. After about twentie minutes they both felt good enough to get back into the living room, where we spend the rest of the night. I got them each a bucket if they needed to throw up again. And they did, I spend the rest of the night running to the bathroom to empty buckets, and taking care of my friends. In the mornning they were both fine again and we never got to know what was the cause of this "vomit party". But as that wasn't enough, when my boyfriend come back home from the trip he had been on he had manage to caugh that flu. And he was sick as a dog for almost a week, but that is another storie, that I could tell you if you want.

My parents are at work and I got school off cause it's Martin Luther King day. I had this dream last night, which I guess was a prophecy-- this mysterious hand kept giving me pudding cups and I was supposed to eat all of them for some reason. More and more appeared, until I told it "Stop! I'll get sick!" Then I woke up... and I felt (still feel) really sick. My stomach is churning and I feel really nauseous. I know I'm going to throw up, but I can't! Usually when I'm sick, I feel better after I puke, but for some reason I can't throw up today. We have no syrup of ipecac in our house and I can't go out to get any cause I can't drive, and even if we could, my parents took both of the cars to get to work. I tried forcing a burp and pushing in/punching my stomach, and then I even tried gagging myself, but nothing works! All I can do is dry-heave and bring up the occasional splatter of spit. Help...

Back when I was a high school freshman, there was an adorable senior girl, who helped out in the lunch room. She was a real honey, a blonde, blue eyed, Swedish Bikini Team type, just on the edge of being stuck up, but when a babe looks the way she did, that's not too hard to forgive.

The older ladies who ran the cafeteria wore nurse-like white polyester pant suits, (white, usually) but the girl in question (let's just call her 'Lizzi') affected a short sleeved, miniskirted, turquoise waitress dress, with a white collar and cuffs. It was a good half size too small, which I'm certain was deliberate, again, not hard to forgive.

So, we were all lined up, one oppressively warm, late spring midday, taking delivery of our uninspiring institutional lunches. I was probably about eight spaces away from my turn, edging along, mesmerized, as usual, by the sight of Lizzis' considerable teenaged goodies slithering around under that sexily inadequate uniform. Today, s! he was handing out precooked cheese burgers, which came wrapped in yellow waxed paper.

Though not a terribly friendly girl, she usually put on a sort of professional front, when on lunchroom duty, dispensing the portions with a stewardess-like smile. Today, the look was absent. Her make-up, always tastefully perfect, was in place, but that day it seemed to impart to her an odd, waxy, mannequin look. She reached across the serving line with a burger, then suddenly gave a loud, "uhhHUUUUK!"

Practically throwing the burger at the startled kid, she spun around, frantically looking around the area, meanwhile giving two more coughs.


On the second she caught sight of a nearly empty one gallon relish jar, which she put to her lips, just in time.


After a single heave, she set down the jar and ran off toward the hidden part of the kitchen.

The incident probably took no more than eight seconds, but it was something which I'll never forget. There were the obligatory squeals and catcalls from the other kids, but I barely heard them. My full attention was on Lizzi and the jar. From my place in line, I saw Lizzis' yellow-white vomit blast against its' clear bottom, scattering the bright green relish. As she fled, I watched the warm emesis slide down the cylindrical walls, settling to form a pool at least two inches deep. Its' color convinced me that I was looking at what must have been the girls' breakfast. Eggs, probably scrambled, from the look. Milk, still white, though reduced by her stomach large, chunky curds; pinkish shreds which must have been ham. All through the mass floated tiny cubes of relish, surreally bright against the muted background of Lizzis' vomit.

! I looked up in time to see her disappear behind the barrier between the kitchen and the serving line. The blue of her dress looked a bilious sea green through the soiled glass of the jar.

This was the last time I saw her behind the lunch counter. A few days later, both Lizzi and her boyfriend left school. The kid had her blue eyes, and his nose and chin.

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