Hey guys! I'm Ella and I'm 23 years old. I've been a long-time lurker, but for whatever reason never have brought myself to post one of my own many stories. But I have so many of them and I think it'll make me feel a little better to post them here.

So the first story I'm going to tell you happened just last week. I had worked all day with one or two very short bathroom breaks - not enough time for a poop. So by the time I got off of work, I was cramping up pretty badly, on the brink of a huge solid poop. Foolishly, though, I decided to wait unil I got home as I was just ready to get the heck out of work. Traffic was bad on the way home.

During the first part of the drive I was okay and even almost forgot my need to go. But a few moments away from home, I almost lost it. The urge had returned with a vengeance, and I felt despite my clenching, a thick log sliding between my cheeks. Luckily, it touched the seat and I held on with all my might, forcing it back in.

When I got home, I bolted from the car, fumbled with my keys, jumping up and down at the front door muttering, "nononono." as soon as I got inside I raced to the door of the only bathroom, only to find that much to my dismay, my boyfriend was in the shower with the door locked. I tried banging on the door but he had music on and couldn't hear me.

Feeling seconds away from pooping myself, I swore. I threw on a pair of loose gym pants and grabbed my gym bag and ran back out my car. the gym was only a few minutes away, and I knew I could go there. they have private bathrooms with showers, and usually none of them are occupied. but when I got to my car, I realized my gas light was on. I'd been too preoccupied with my urgent need to realize before.

so I drove to the gas station, still barely hanging on. while I was pumping gas, I had to cross my legs and clench. I made the mistake of relaxing for one second, and I felt the load start to slide out again. I was turtle heading...bad. i clenched as hard as I could, again, but it was a little too late. It just ended up breaking off a piece, which was softer than Id thought it'd be. the little mess squished between my cheeks. I pumped $10 of gas, and got out of there.

I somehow managed to hang on through the drive to the gym, but I had chills I had to go so badly. I knew in the off chance that one of those bathrooms wasn't open, Id be done for. gingerly, I stepped out of my car. at this point I felt if I moved the wrong way, I would completely poop my pants. I couldn't even walk right....I was almost waddling, that's how close I was to having it all just come out right then.

I grabbed my bag and tried to walk as normally and quickly as I could. I keyed myself into the gym and headed straight toward the back where I could see that (thankfully!) the bathrooms were all open. I had to stop in the middle of the gym to try and regain composure once, but I didn't want people staring at me so i kept walking even though I could feel it starting to come out. as soon as I got to the bathroom door, the relief of seeing an open toilet after Id been holding my poop all this time, took over. it started forcing it's way out, and this time there was no holding back. I quickly slammed the door shut and hobbled toward the toilet, pooping the whole way. Just a foot before the toilet, if that, my body gave this huge involuntary push and that was it. a whole log shot out into the seat of my pants. it was warm and sticky and I could feel a huge bulge in the back of my underwear.

at this point I still had to go, but there was no point in trying to clean up first. I pulled off my baggy gym pants and sat on the toilet in just my underwear. I relaxed and pooped, letting another thick log slide out and curl on top of the first bulge. Normally when I poop, I pee too, so of course, sitting on the toilet, I couldn't hold back the stream and I peed through my underwear, making the mess even worse. I sat like that for a minute, feeling lucky I hadn't done it in front of all of the people at the gym, but still couldn't believe Id pooped in my pants right in front of the toilet.

I peeled off my wet, smelly underwear and dumped out the poop. I wrapped them in paper towels and a plastic bag I had in my gym bag for some reason, and buried them in the trash can. I hopped in the shower to clean the mess off myself. Then I changed into the extra gym clothes I carry in my gym bag, and went to work out, praying no one went in after me. No one did, until about an hour later, but I don't think it still smelled. the guy didn't seem disturbed at all.

So it wasn't too bad in the end, but I still cant believe I pooped my pants IN the bathroom....has anyone else ever done this???? what about in public??

like I said, this is one of my many stories. I'm kind of accident prone sometimes... I'll probably be posting more soon. :) have a great weekend guys.


Another one...

Hey again.

I'm new... I actually just submitted my first ever post this morning and it hasn't even processed yet but I already have another story (it just happened...) and I have to share it out of the sheer coincidence that it happened the same day I posted my first story.

So, I was doing some coursework for an online class, and I had to poop pretty badly. But I was in the middle of it and on a roll, and didn't want to get up. I thought I could hold it while I finished up, and I probably could have... but my mistake was, I could feel it pushing to come out, so I stood up from the couch so I could reposition myself with my leg under my butt. But when I stood up, I tripped over my computer cord and fell forward. I don't even really know how this would've been quite the sight to see... but I fell forward, landing on my hands and knees. I don't know if it was the force or the fact that I scared myself or the perfect position I'd landed in (perhaps a combination of the three), but as soon as I landed on my hands and knees, I pooped. It just shot out of me! It wasn't diarrhea or anything, it was a little soft, but it was just so ready to come out that...well, it did. Right in my pants. And to be completely honest, I sat there with poop in my pants while I finished my homework, because well, I'll be damned if I'm going to get up in the middle of it to clean up, when the whole reason I pooped my pants was because I wanted to finish my homework first...

Yep, that's my life. I'm a klutz with the tendency to poop myself. All I can say is I'm glad no one else was home!

Zip. Thanks for sharing your experience of buddy dumping. It's not something I've heard much about lately but it was very popular and much discussed on here in the early days, around fifteen or sixteen years ago.

Victoria B. Glad to see you back after what seems like quite a while. Although I'm trying to contribute here regularly at the momemt I know from past experience that 'life' has an unfortunate habit of getting in the way sometimes.

Anna. Thanks for sharing your experience re the big poo you had at college and the knowing smile which Trish, one of your students, gave you during the subsequent lecture. My guess is that the large cup of coffee you had at the outset was instrumental in loosening up your insides and getting things moving, hence the urgent need to poo. I often find that hot drinks loosen things up for me and make me want to go.

Unusually I felt an urgent need to poo around 11.40 whilst at work. It's not normally a time of day when I'd expect to get that particular urge but I knew the way things were going I couldn't afford to ignore it. Although I could have probably postponed it by 20 minutes or half an hour at a push, I knew it was a battle I wasn't going to win so gave in sooner rather than later. As a rule I don't mind pooing at work but I prefer to do it at the end of the day when I've got the place to myself and I can kick up a stink without worrying about what anyone else might think. However today I didn't have a choice and just had to get on with it. Fortunately it was less of a problem than I expected because in the event I didn't smell too bad. I had another, rather more private poo, around 5.30pm before finishing for the day. Both were enjoyable and healthy, producing firm, meaty, turds.


Why did my ex-girl always poop with door open

After dating my ex-girlfriend for 6 months she started popping with door open. Every time she pooped. And we were young. 20 and she was 18. I could understand if we were together for years and older. She just started doing it one day. Every time she pooped. If I was in the shower, or getting ready for work. I always thought it was weird. Now I'm married been with this girl for years and she never even pees with door open. She locks door when she poops. Why would she lock door like I'm some stranger? I don't know what annoys me more my ex pooping with door open or my wife locking it when we been together for years.


Recently I've been thinking more about my toilet habits over the years and how the changed since I was a kid, especially when it comes to pooping.

When I was a kid and even in my teenage years my poops were pretty solid and well formed. When I needed to go I would empty myself out completely and I could go a day or two without pooping. When I got the urge it usually took me a little while to get truly desperate and I don't think I ever had to ask to go to the toilet for a poop during lessons. I had to go at school a few times over the years and I had my fair share of emergencies when I either completely messed myself or came very close to an accident, but those were few and far in between. Most of my accidents happened because I waited too long.

Now my poops are still well formed but they've gotten softer and I tend to pass more smaller lumps rather than two or three big turds. I tend to pass a lot of gas when I go. Often I don't feel completely empty after a poop and I may need to go again after a while. If I get the urge too poop it means I have to go then and there or risk going in my pants. Because of this I often have skid marks in my underwear or I even start pooping in my pants before I can get to a toilet, especially if I'm far away from the toilet or I have to wait for somebody else to finish in a public toilet.

Over the years my poops have remained pretty big and they don't stink too badly unless I've had a lot of red meat.

Oddly my peeing habits haven't changed much, my bladder capacity has just gotten a little bigger with age.

Has anybody else noticed changes in their toilet habits between now and when they were children?


Watching friends dump

Zip's post reminded me of a summer I spent working at a national park while in college. We lived in a dorm and in the bathroom, there were two stalls constructed of wood. They were doorless, but each had a shower curtain for privacy. Some of the guys spent a lot of effort really sealing themselves inside for total privacy, but most guys left the curtains somewhat open. One guy in particular, left the curtains completely open. It was obvious that he really enjoyed exposing himself while on the toilet. I remember standing at the sink shaving as he came in to relieve himself. He'd drop his load, then move his knees apart as he looked between his legs inspecting his work. He'd stand up to wipe, turning around to face the toilet. I remember once seeing a huge log in the toilet. He usually wiped twice then pulled his boxers up and flushed. All the while, he'd be chatting away, as if we were eating lunch together. He was completely comfortable with his bodily functions, and had no desire to hide them. I never asked him about his motives, but I often wondered why he enjoyed being so open about something that is usually private. Perhaps it was a turn-on for him?


For Jess

I really liked your story :-) please if you have more, share it :)

Just some guy

When I was a kid

When I was a kid my friends and I often peed outside because we were too lazy to go in or because we didn't want to stop playing, but one day when I was about 8 or 9 I had to poop outside as well. I got the urge to poop but instead of going to the toilet like I usually did I held it and kept playing until I suddenly realised I'd waited too long and I was going to poop my pants, there was no way I was making it to the toilet.

I told my friends I needed to pee bad and rushed off into the bushes we used for cover. By then the poop was starting to come out so I pulled down my shorts as quickly as I could and started pooping on the ground. The first turd came out without much pushing but the next one was harder and took a bit of effort and I peed while I was pushing. In the end I did two nice medium sized firm turds and a few bits of softer stuff. I didn't have anything to wipe with but there wasn't much to clean up anyway, so I just pulled my shorts back up without worrying about it.

I covered my poop with some leafs and dirt but because nobody else when to pee after that my plops weren't discovered until the next day. Questions were asked but even then I wasn't stupid enough to admit it was me. We soon forgot about it and it wasn't mentioned again.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I went to the gym this afternoon. I was meant to be meeting a mate there, but he text me to say he would be a bit late, which was handy as I needed to take a dump. As I was heading to the toilets this other guy and I were sort of in each others way in the doorway to the toilet as we came from opposite directions. I let him go ahead of me and followed him into the toilets. He went into one cubicle. The other cubicle was locked shut with a sign on the door saying it was out of order so I had to wait. The guy was aged about 18 and was about 5'6 with short black spiky hair and he had a bit of stubble. He was wearing a hoody and shorts and I have seen him round the gym a few times.

Anyway from standing outside I could hear him sit down. Not long after he sat down he made a release. It probably went on for about 45 seconds and it sounded like a constant stream of soft shit was exiting him along with a good few sound effects (not too loud). He then spent a good amount of time - close to 10 minutes sitting on the toilet doing not a lot by the sound of it. He then spent some time wiping, he wound paper from the dispenser 9 times. He then came out the cubicle and said something like "unlucky for letting me in first" I just smiled and went into the cubicle and took my seat on the throne. He had warmed the seat well.


When i was 11...

Lets jump back 5 years.

It was roughly 10pm, and i was secretly playing on my ds, feeding my nintendog, when out of nowhere i had to poop.

I was going to get out of bed, but then i got an idea. I jumped out of bed, and pulled my pajama shorts down so they were at my ankles, then repeated with my panties.

I crept into my 6 year old brothers room, and quitely opened his drawer of pull-ups.

I put one on and sprinted back to my room. All this was very difficult, as my clothes were all at my ankles, limiting my movement.

But nevertheless, i pulled my clothes back up and hopped into bed.

I then remembered why i got the pull up in the first place, then relaxed for a bit. Then pushed. It felt so good letting it out, watching it bulge the back of the blue pull up. Then a hot stream of pee came rushing down in the pull up, almost enough to make it leak.

I kept the pull up on all night.

I find a lot of public toilets don't give a very satisfying PLOP when it drops these days
In the old fashioned toilets, there was a nice loud PLOP which echoed throughout the building
I sometimes have a poo at Sainsburys, but the plop is barely audible.
What are other peoples views?


happy New year

I posted before but since i see new names in the new year I'll post again!
To Ashley g, its good to hear your around. I have 2 kids of my own and love to hear other moms experience and diet for there kids
To rebekah, welcome i like how u spell your name lol. Keep up the informative posts.
And to Carmalita, if ur reading this please return!


Buddy likes to watch me dump

I haven't been on here in a long time, so I don't know if I've mentioned my buddy who likes to watch me dump. I don't exactly recall how we found out about our mutual enjoyment of taking a crap.

We've known each other for several years now, and he lives a couple of miles away from me. The first time he saw me dump was when we were at a festival at the local park. He came in and hung out and talked to me while I took a crap. That was kinda cool.

Now, when I'm feeling up to it and he's available, I'll send him a text and if he's home, I'll stop by and use his toilet while he sits there watching. I'll usually come in and we'll talk for a minute as I walk towards his bathroom. I will sometimes ask him to guess the color of my underwear as I'm walking. I'll go in and stand in front of the toilet and unbuckle my belt and jeans and slide them down. He usually gets the color of my underwear wrong. Then I'll slide my briefs down and have a seat and unload. I am usually pee shy, but I seem to be able to pee while he is watching too. The whole thing just takes a few minutes, but it is kinda fun.


Too quick to be believed?

Yesterday I arrived at my school at my normal time and I was ready to poo.I walked into the big main restroom on the first floor, stopped at the toilet paper wall, pulled off enough paper to wipe around my right hand three times, and walked to the only stall that had a door that was open. I pulled my black jeans and underwear down to mid-thigh level, and got up and placed my butt on the seat. The seat at 7:20 a.m. was a bit cold so I figured I might have been its first user of the morning, although usually I would have had to drop it if that had been the situation. As usual, my soft crap dropped like 1,2,and 3. I divided the toilet paper into three segments and from the seat I did my wiping. I got down off the toilet, reached way over to flush the three pieces, and exited the stall. A girl I know from my 1st hour class was waiting for the stall. She seemed really surprised when I came out, but she quickly went in and as I was washing my hands, I noticed she quickly got herself onto the toilet.

I took my bag into our classroom and I took my desk at the back of the room to study for our quiz. About 10 minutes later Gina came in, complimented me on how fast I had used the restroom, and said she was trying to get better at it. She said her best days are the one or two every week when she doesn't have to crap at school. I think she's kind of self-conscious about herself that way. I told her at least the toilets are a lot cleaner at 7:30 than at 3 p.m. I know that she heard me, but I don't think she was convinced.

Then we studied individually until the others came into the room.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Rebekah first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop and it sounds like you will have more great stories to tell I look forward to reading them thanks.

To: Catherine great story.

To: Korean Girl great story about your four poops in one day it sounds like you had a pretty good cleanout and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Miranda great story it sounds like had a really great poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Little Mandio great story.

To: Mina great story as always.

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper great story.

To: Sarah first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to reading anymore you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Victoria B.

Comments for Rebekah and Jenny

It's good to be back!

Last semester was so busy that I couldn't post much! Things'll be a little less hectic this time out so I'll have more time for posting. I've kept up with-and enjoyed-others' posts and today I have a few comments.

To Rebekah: Welcome to the forum! It's always nice to have another big pooper around. I go once every 2-3 days myself and it's almost always huge! I love pooping, from the relief of sitting down just in time to the warm feeling in my butt that comes from releasing a big dump. Pop can diameter is nothing to joke about; sounds like you had a good one! I was kind of biting my lip before I read that everything went down in two flushes because I've definitely had my share of struggles getting things to flush too!

To Jenny @ the Tree Farm:
Poor thing! You should speak up about the crappy situation in the portajohn. Pee on the seat is bad enough, but the lack of paper is even worse. It is not asking too much to expect toilet paper in the one employee "bathroom"-men poop too! I'm glad that nobody found out about your accident and that you were able to get rid of the pooped undies. Hope they weren't a good pair!

Optional Person

explanation and responses.

Hey guy's I may have jinxed myself. I think I am hitting a cold snap. my dumps are in a stable spot. stories wont be that interesting. I will be going back into response only mode.

Thanks to Catherine and mina, you guys have been fun to respond back and forth with.

Rebekah - Welcome to the site. I imagine you feel accomplished. congratulations on fighting the good fight and dropping your large load. A lot of wonderful detail in your story as well.

Jenny @ the tree farm - wow that is incredible especially falling down the muddy embankment, tossing away the evidence. that is like a scene from a movie. also congrats on being the first person I have noticed on this site to use the term " prairie dogging."

Catherine- LOL, you farted in her face. sorry you were embarrassed, but you did the right thing. as she said " now your even." and it sure made for a fun story to read.

Anna - I appreciate that. Yes I am poop shy, on vacations, I never poop in the rest area bathrooms even if I have to. I always find a way to hold it. don't be embarrassed. it is easy for us all to believe the stereotypes we are taught. Almost all of us are taught that.

Bianca- Thanks ! Also Rugrats were amazing!!

This site IS amazing. I wont stop posting here, I just wont have actual stories, just responses for a while.

Anna from Austria
@Korean Girl I really liked your latest story.

@the other Anna Glad you liked my latest story from work. Yeah I was really lucky that I had the bathroom for myself. So it was good as going at home.

Yesterday when I had to use to work bathroom for a wee another lady was just having heavy diarrhea.

The burst like type, like the own I had after my Christmas chili I wonder who the poor lady was..

But I was also bit relived that I am not the only person having such problems at my work place.

Greetings from Austria



To Catherine

Great about the positive feedback! You're curiosity about this woman's need to go at a specific time everyday is normal. Things about others that is different/unusual piques our curiosity. She's probably one who has her bowels, whether planned or natural, on a specific schedule. Since one of the challenges for those who are paralyzed is controlling their bowels, when possible, they learn to get their bowels on a schedule so that going is more predictable.


my urgent poo at university

Today I had to give a presentation at school in front of one of my classes. I put together a really nice outfit with a dark green woolen dress and I was even wearing heels. We don't have to do this, but it gives me some extra confidence. Before class I was chatting with some of my friends out in the hallway when suddenly I got this really strong and urgent need for a poo. I had just finished a big cup up coffee, but I was also really nervous about the presentation. Often when I am nervous I need the toilet. I told my friends that I was going to the bathroom and they went to get some water before the class was going to start.

The next moment I was hurrying down the hall with clicking heels as fast as I could to take care of my nervous, urgent poo. As I was walking quickly, I accidentally let out a small but audible fart. I stupidly looked over my should which would have totally given me away, but luckily there was nobody around. I was walking to the small bathroom at the end of the hall. It only has three stalls. When I got there all doors were closed and I had to wait. The three girls just seemed to be peeing which was a relief, but I wasn't too keen on having company for my urgent number two. Then, another girl entered right behind me. It was Trish from my class, a tall skinny black haired girl. We briefly smiled at each while I was standing and waiting, kinda bobbing up and down and clenching my bum. Trish also looked like she was desperate to go. Finally the middle stall opened and a blonde girl brushed past me to the sinks. I went in, locked the door and put down my bag. Then I realized that the blonde had peed on seat. Ewww! I just stood there thinking for a moment and then decided that I couldn't wait for another stall. I pulled off same paper and wiped down the seat. While I did, I accidentally farted again, loud enough for everybody to hear. But at least I was in a bathroom now. I pushed up my dress, pulled my black panties to my knees and sat down on the seat.

My plan was to see if the other girls would leave quickly, but the moment I relaxed to pee I had a huge, loud blast of wet poo exploding from my bumhole. With four other girls in the small the room I was really embarrassed and I blushed immediately. But I couldn't help it. I peed for a bit and then had another wet blast of poo splattering into my toilet. And, oh my stall was really stinking already. Luckily by that time all the girls but Trish had left. She was peeing in the stall to my left. I was trying to finish my business as quickly as possible, so I started to push. Soon I felt a soft turd starting to slide out and thankfully there were no more farts. While I was pushing, I heard Trish dropping what sounded like lots of smaller wet poos into her bowl. My turd plopped into the bowl and I felt done. It had only been a few minutes. I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and then started to clean up my poopy backdoor. It was really messy and I needed tons of sheets to clean my cheeks and bumhole. The smell in the room was now really awful. Some of it was coming from Trish's cubicle, but most from my toilet. I quickly pulled up my panties, pushed down my dress and flushed the toilet. I had to use the brush and then flushed again and left to wash my hands. When I was drying my hands there was a big plop coming from Trish and then a sigh. I hurried out of the room to let her finish her poo in private.

Later during my presentation Trish was sitting in the second row and she was giving me an awkward smile. I smiled back and also blushed a bit, but luckily nobody else knew why. The presentation turned out to be really good, and I was so relieved after and a bit proud of myself, too. That's my story for today, I hope you liked it ok.

To Rebekah: Welcome to the site. I though your story was awesome, thanks for sharing. I also enjoy going number two when I have plenty of privacy and all the time in the world. Do you usually go at home or do you sometimes use the bathrooms at uni? Oh, and I never talk about any of this with my friends either.
P.s. in not too long I am hoping to be a Phd student as well!

To Mr P.: I can totally understand the blonde girl. For once that she went to the single bathroom to have more privacy for her poo and then also how she was embarrassed meeting you outside. I have been in that situation a few times and I was always mortified. Especially when I left a big stink!

Rebekah. Hi and welcome. We're a very friendly bunch here and I'm glad you've found the confidence to post. Thanks for sharing frankly your twice weekly habit. You remind me a little of my late and much loved Aunt Anne. Although we didn't discuss toilet matters in detail - only in a very jocular, jokey, way during conversation - I got the distinct impression on more than one occasion that she only answered calls of nature when necessary and that it wasn't unusual for her to miss a day or two when it came to #2s. I was interested to hear about your latest poo though and the unexpected struggle you had to get it out. Do you think it was down to anything you'd eaten? I find that if I eat a lot of cheese - particularly hard cheeses such as Stilton and Cheddar - they invariably bung me up.

Catherine. Glad to hear you're having some good, regular poos and enjoying them. As I said in my previous post, don't beat yourself up too much over "Melissa." It sounds to me as though you've been kind and more than generous in the way you've made things up to her.

Jenny @ the Tree Farm. I was sorry to hear about your accident - both toiletwise and also slipping in the mud. I don't blame you for not using that portaloo - it sounds absolutely disgusting. Agricultural workers have to be very careful - and discreet - about answering the calls of nature alfresco though. Recently there was a case where an agricultural worker in South Lincolnshire decided to do a wee in a field where he was working, instead of using the facilities provided by his employer. Unfortunately he was seen by a member of the public who, unbeknown to him, photographed the hapless individual. The matter was reported and he ended up losing his job.

Matt. It sounds as though your wife has a pretty exceptional bladder capacity, although I think women often have stringer bladders than they're credited with. I know my GF can comfortably outlast me, although if we're on the road she's quite happy to stop at Motorway Service Stations so that I can "go." I expect you were a little alarmed when your wife refused your offers of stopping somewhere where she could pee, and I expect you were barely less alarmed when she filled that container to the brim!

Nothing much to report on the home front other than that my bowels appear to have now returned to normal - or rather what passes as normal for me - after their mini strike.


to Tyler and Steve

Hey Tyler, yeah I know, it's cool when I get a really strong urge for a big one and I can feel it already starting to open my hole a little bit lol. And then I sit on the toilet and it feels like my whole body wants to push it out--it's a pretty cool feeling. The same thing happened to me over new years. I didn't poop for two days (I think all the partying and drinking distracted me) and then the next day I finally got an urge after lunch. I had to hold it in a little bit at first because my friend kept talking me, but finally I let him know I had to take a shit (I told him so--we don't mind sharing that with each other) and it was one of those big ones with the strong urge. I sat on the toilet and immediately began pushing and could feel it stretching my hole wider until it finally started coming out. And it was so firm and big and felt like I just gave birth afterward--such a weight was out of me. The toilet almost clogged when I flushed it too, but thankfully it went down. I often have poops that do that haha. Anyway, that's my latest notable poop lol.

Steve, thank you for sharing that story of pooing your briefs! I know how that goes--it happens to me too maybe once a year or so as well, from waiting too long. Sometimes the urge gets so strong it's kinda painful so I end up just giving into it. No shame in that, but glad your friend didn't know about it. No one's ever found out when I've done it either thankfully.


Sheelee's survey: cold or warm public seats?

For me, as I wrote about on Page 2520, at my school, at least, its not just the choice of a just-used warm seat or the colder seat less used down the row of stalls.

At my school, some of the guys' bathrooms are cleaner than others. Many of the urinals are sabotaged and overflow. If there's 8 toilets in a bathroom, often 7 will have their doors taken off and the seats will be soaked. Try wiping with the small pre-cut toilet paper squares and not getting some of the mess on your fingers or thumb.

For me and some of my friends, even using the urinals has problems because some guys are hassled because the size of their junk and how confident they are having it eyed over by the older guys on both sides of them.

For me and some of my friends, we don't even like having our butt having contact with the public toilet seat. So there's bigger issues than cold or warm seats.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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