A New Big Pooper

Hey everyone,
I've been reading on these forums for a little while, and I've decided to write my first post. I am a 24 year old female (fairly attractive, if I say so myself :)) with dark brown hair, gray eyes, and round, curvy hips. I am 5'9" and weigh 130 lbs. My husband and I are both grad students working on our PhDs in chemistry.
As far back as I can remember, I've been a twice-a-week pooper. I'm rarely ever constipated, though. It's just the way my body works, I guess. My most recent experience was from a couple of evenings ago. My husband was out shopping for groceries, and I was just at home catching up on some emails, when the familiar feeling hit me. My poops are usually 3-4 days apart, so it goes without saying that they are usually GIGANTIC! By the sensation, I knew this was going to be no exception. I really love being desperate to poop (always have), so I decided to clench my hole and hold it for a while. About half an hour later, the giant turd returned. Just feeling the heaviness of the beast in my rectum was sending chills through my body! With that, I realized I really needed to get to the toilet soon. I walked into the bathroom, pulled down my yoga pants, and sat down on the toilet. I separated my round, smooth buttcheeks apart and relaxed my tight anus. Almost immediately, I let out a silent fart. Slowly but surely, my hole started to expand. I tried my hardest not to push, as tempting as it was. I always like to just let the turd slither out on its own. I felt my anus stretch pretty wide, but the turd hadn't come yet. I was getting worried that this may be a painful one. I just continued to take some deep breaths. Eventually, the tip of the turd emerged. I gave into the temptation and just curled my toes and went "HHNNNGGG!!" It crackled and slowly moved out. I paused to catch my breath, and suddenly, my turd got stuck! While I was sitting here trying to catch my breath, I became a little curious. I wanted to see what the diameter of this beast was. We have a full-sized mirror fixed onto the bathroom door, so I gently got up off the toilet, bent over spreading my buttcheeks apart, and looked into the mirror. I could not believe what I was seeing!! As expected, this was a behemoth! The first two inches were sticking out of my brown eye. The turd was dark brown and had the diameter of a soda can! This isn't unusual, but it's still fairly wide for me. I slowly moved back to the toilet and sat back down. I decided to give it another push, "HHNNNGGG!!" It started to move again, sending chills throughout my whole body. I tightly gripped my thighs and let the brown beast slither out. I looked down between my legs, and I could see it hanging there with the other end partly in the water. The diameter was about the same all the way through. I gave one more small push, and it fell out of me and hit the water with a thwuck. Right away, I let out a long flappy fart, and to my astonishment, another turd emerged! Where was I keeping all that poop?? This one came out fairly quickly and was only about half the diameter of my first turd. The first giant turd was about a foot long, and the second was a little shorter. Finally I was done, so I wiped, pulled up my pants and flushed. Surprisingly, it all went down with only two flushes. It's not unusual for my turds to be too big to flush. I left the bathroom feeling much lighter with a bounce in my step! I looked at the clock and realized that I had been in the bathroom for 12 minutes. It's a bit long for a poop, but hey, it had been 4 days since I last went!
I think this is a really cool community where people can talk freely about these things. I'd never openly talk to my friends about this!

See you guys!

Ashley G
Hi! I used to post here about a year ago or so. I have 2 daughters Kayla,now 17 and Natalie,now 14. I've recently started to read the forum again and maybe I'll start posting stories about my girls again.

Are there any other moms of teen girls or teen girls themselves who post here anymore? Would love to hear from you.

Ashley G

Mr. Clogs


Mrs. Toilet Trooper: Long time no see, it's good to see you again on this site. I'm sorry what happened and what you been through. Glad to see you and keep the posts coming.

Sarah: Wow I liked your about using the potty in the class room. Good thing the container was black in color to conceal the pee and poop. Do you have any other stories of using that container or other fun ways to go to the bathroom in? Keep the posts coming.



Mina: You do not need to apologize! Thank you for your kind words. Things with Alan and the girls continue to move forward. I am glad that you are well!

Postman: Good news! I am glad that it was a satisfying bowel movement and that it may have cured your constipation! Any way, I wish you many more like that!

Adrian: I think that the bowel movement you referred to was softer in consistency, but since that time I've had a couple of large, soft snakes! Good to hear from you.

Ebony: It does not have to be volleyball. But any consistent physical activity will help your bowels to move consistently and thoroughly. Also, good physical activity increases your apetite! That, along with a good high-fiber diet and good water intake will help you to have more regular, substantial bowel movements!

Good to hear from everyone. Please read my follow-up post before thinking me to be.a bad person!



Jenny @ the Tree Farm

River bank Mishap

Hi guys,

Just another quick update about an accident I had yesterday at work. Usually my bowels are pretty darn regular and I have to poo in the morning around 7-8 am. Sadly I have to start work at the Tree Farm on the weekends at 7 so it's not unusual that after my breakfast and coffee I need to go on the way to work.

Sometimes if it's urgent or I have time I can go in a local gas station but otherwise I am doomed to either use the disgusting porta john on the farm or try and hold it. But holding it in is dangerous as the job can be very physical and with all that heavy lifting and straining of moving trees may lead to accidents.

So yesterday I get into work and I'm touching cloth, I feel like I need to take a strong large poo straight away so after parking I run (carefully lol) to the porta john. I was praying it would be clean with toilet paper so I could quickly go poo, clean up and get back to work.

As soon as I entered the porta potty I looked down and saw the plastic seat covered in piss (every one else here is a guy) and there was no toilet paper to clean it up with. So standing there prairie dogging in my jeans I either had to pop a squat and go with no toilet paper to clean up with or try and sneak off to a secluded part of the farm to go poo.

I was sure my pale blue panties had skid marks in them already as I had to clench my butt to get the turd back in several times. It was very tense and I had to go soo badly! The smell made me decide to go outside and find a place to go in secret. The thought of pooing outside in secret was a rush lol

as I left the porta potty I let out a few farts, more like they escaped and I swear I was about to loose control. Seeing an area I thought I could before soiling myself I headed off as quickly as I could. On the Tree line the bank dips down to a river which was muddy due with rain. As I walked at the top I looked around quickly to make sure no one could see me as I carefully tried walking down.

However heading down I slipped on some mud and fell down towards the river (well stream). My body tensed as I fell down and I involuntarily pushed my bowels. I pooed in my pants, a grown woman having just shit her panties. After laying on the ground feeling the lump in my underwear I quickly took off my pants and tossed my poop filled undies into the dense foliage.

The rest of the day was spent working in uncomfortable jeans as I couldn't wipe my butt. Got away with it though!


Turn About is Fair Play

I hope that everyone is well. I thought that the moderator may have lost the post that I shared, but I wanted you all to know that I felt really bad about "Melissa" our financial secretary at the Pharmacy that I own. As I shared, I was a little intrigued by her habit of using the bathroom at 10 AM, and so I purposely gave her a brief assignment to do at 10 that needed to be done right then for an order. As we were working she let out a fart that began squeaky and then ended as a muffled, bubbly one that was not really loud, but I heard and smelled it. It embarrassed her and she panicked a little.

I thought she would just tell me she could not finish the assignment or go to the bathroom, or whatever. But I felt bad. However, I made up for it in a big way on Friday.

I was in my small business office going through some mail on my desk. I was standing with my butt facing the door and the door was open. And, as I am certain that we all experience, I felt a really big fart coming on. With my dietary habits, my farts usually do not have a strong smell, but are rather loud and bubbly.

I knew Melissa would be there any minute. She is very prompt. I heard her come in and but she had not acknowledged my presence. She is always quiet and doesn't usually initiate speech. When I knew she was there, I swallowed every amount of pride and relaxed my sphincter. Even though she would never know that I intentionally gave her an assignment at her normal break time, this is the only way that I could clear my conscience.

So I farted. It started with a loud thud. Then a hesitation. Then it started again muffled and grew louder and louder. The whole thing may have lasted just a few seconds but it felt like an eternity. And then I turned around and acted startled to see her.

"Oh, I am sorry. I did not realize you were there. Please excuse me...I am really embarrassed." I covered my face with my hands. Even though I did this intentionally, I was more embarrassed than I thought I would be.

Melissa was a little awkward in her reaction and her response. "Oh, I did not mean to sneak up on you. It's OK. I mean, I guess we're even now!" Melissa said with a little smile. I could tell this was awkward, but that maybe she felt better that her boss just humiliated herself in the same way that she had done.

Before the day was over, I took a quick break from the pharmacy when things slowed down and asked to speak to her. I told her that she was doing an awesome job, and had really exceeded my expectations with her work. I told her that I was going to give her a larger raise for this year than we originally discussed.

She really is worth it. But it made me feel better about myself. I don't know why I am interested in the fact that she goes to the bathroom at 10 AM. But maybe this will clear my conscience.




some responses

To Kate: Yes, I am a science student at a large university in western Canada. Most days I am at school all day and I often have to use the public bathrooms in the lecture halls or the library to poop. You are right, I am still poop shy. I'm often a bit embarrassed when I have go number two in a public bathroom and I am not alone. Often my poos are noisy and stink pretty bad and I am sometimes mortified by this. What adds insult to injury is when there are other girls in the bathroom who just do the most ladylike tinkle while I need a big number two. Like you said, when I have to poop I feel better if my neighbour does, too. It definitely makes it less embarrassing. I also live in an old house which I share with three other girls. There is only one bathroom and in the very beginning that was very hard to get used to. But now I am totally comfortable using the toilet in my house. The only problem is that it can get really crowded, but we do our best to do our makeup and hair and stuff in our rooms so we don't block the bathroom for too long. Oh, I have posted some stories from my house on here as well.

Do you often manage to not go to the toilet during your 13 hour workday? That would be sooo long for me. I think I would have to at least pee a few times. I actually have to pee pretty often during the day. So much that my girlfriends sometimes tease me for having a weak bladder and I am known as the girl who always has to go! But I don't really mind that very much.

To Mina: Thanks for the shout-out! I always like reading all your posts. Your English is so good! I don't speak any other languages and I really envy you. I'm also very curious about Japan and I would like to visit one day. One of my girlfriends is going to Japan for skiing soon. I'm really jealous. When she is back, I will ask her if she used any squat toilets. Just curious.

To Optional Person and all male posters: I wanted to write this a little while ago but I forgot. You talked about Steve A's survey and how this site shows that women use public bathrooms, and not only to pee. It's totally true of course any many of us poop in public bathrooms. But, I'm really embarrassed to admit this, before I read this site I never had any idea that there are also many boys who are poop shy. I guess because some guys like to talk about this very openly, I always thought that all boys would be totally laid back about going number two pretty much everywhere. I had no idea!

korean girl

Four times in one day

Hi! I am back. This is a story about when I took four dumps in one day.

I woke up earlier than usual. I hadn't gone for a few days so I tried going. I pulled my pajama bottoms and panties to right above my knees and sat down. I did not feel the urge to go so I tried pushing. I thought I felt something shift a bit. So I pushed harder and harder. Something was coming out so I gave another push and it came out. It was one small golf ball sized piece and dark brown. It was getting close to when I usually get up so I called it quits.

I was on my morning jog. I could feel something shift from within and got an urge to take a dump. I still had a fourth of my jog left so I knew I could get home in time. But I knew I was about to pass some buildings. Public bathrooms are more interesting for you to hear about! I went inside a fast food place and sneaked past without buying anything and into the bathroom. There was three stalls. Two normal and one handicapped. I could see a blonde girl who was wearing baggy gray sweats and her hair in a messy bun go into the middle stall. I went into the first and pulled down my running shorts and panties that were both a bit sweaty. I started to pee and could hear my neighbor start having very loud diarrhea. She let out a big deep sounding fart that was very loud followed by noisy really soft poo sounds. She would fart a few times then let out diarrhea and repeat. Every time very loud. It smelled very bad. The smell filled the bathroom instantly. She went on with her diarrhea and farts for 40 seconds. She stayed seated probably to see if she needed to go more. I had finished peeing and started to relax. Even though it smelled I was in no hurry. I could feel my poop shift into position. I relaxed and it started to head then stop. I pushed and I could feel a big shit start to come out. The neighboring girl let out a long zipper sounding fart then started wiping. I relaxed and my poo slowly slid out more then stopped after a few inches. The neighboring girl finished wiping and flushed and was washing her hands. I pushed and my shit continued coming out and it felt really good. Then it fell into the bowl. I looked at it was about 7 inches long and 2 inches wide and dark brown. I wiped and flushed and it surprisingly went down.

It was now about 10:15 PM. I was was on toiletstool reading the posts then got the sudden and strong urge to go. I went to my bathroom and let out some soft smelly poop. Was not as smelly as the girl from earlier but still bad. It all came out in 5 seconds and nothing more came. I looked in the toilet and there was a pile of brown mush in the back of the toilet. I wiped and flushed.

I was about to go to bed. It was 11:00PM. I went to do my before bed pee then got the urge to shit. I pushed and squirted out some liquid that really burned. Only a small amount came out. When I wiped the paper was very oily.

I have more stories but will post later!


Describe your bathroom

Hello everybody!

Surveys have always been popular on this site, so I thought this would be a fun one. Only one question. Describe your bathroom. I'll start.

My bathroom is a small, interior room in my house. About 9x6, no window, so it stays warm in the winter, and since we have central air, cool in the summer. Comfortable all year round.

When you first go in, the tub/shower is at the far end of the room. The toilet is next to the shower, on the right side wall, with a pedestal sink next to the toilet. The toilet paper hangs on the left side wall, opposite the toilet. Towel bar hangs on the same wall. We have a few pictures and other decorations hanging on the walls. Basically we try to make it a peaceful, restful room.

Our toilet is an elongated bowl with a wooden seat. Since my wife and I are both bathroom readers, we've found this to be the most comfortable for a 10 to 15 minute sitting session. We are not usually constipated, we both just use the bathroom as a quiet retreat while we take care of our morning business.

Just thought it would be interesting for everybody to describe the room where your most private moments take place. Hope to hear from all of you.


Comments + More

Hi again folks! I read one post where someone's sisters squeezed the stomach of their friend to help with constipation, and I'd have to say they were quite helpful. To the teacher that used the potty in the classroom: congrats to you! To Optional Person: I like your posting name. In one Rug Rats episode, a little kid named Chuckie learns to use the potty. I think I watched that one before, but can't remember. Anyway, I'm really loving our trailer house now, and like that it has 2 bathrooms. They're both a little small, but still have good walking room inside. In fact, I love our house so much already that I dream about remodelling it such as redoing the bathrooms. In the remodelled home in my dreams, the toilets flush automatically, and even all the sinks, and both showers come on automatically via motion sensor. In other dreams, I'm so attached to the home that by 90, I'm still living there! The mobile home was built in 1984, and is already going to be 32 years old. My toilet seats are hard, but I love the soft kind that feel padded. One negative about one of our toilets is that you have to hold the handle down for it to flush. Also, one of my favorite kind of toilets are the normal low-water ones in homes etc, because the air coming up from the pipes when you flush (something like that) makes a fart sound to me. I'm sure you all know what I mean. I've written a lot now so bye!


Cramping on the toilet

Friday after school I went to my locker and walked to the second floor toilet room. I hadn't peed since lunch and I was hopeful I could also crap because it had been since Tuesday that I had produced anything and that session was between classes and it got interrupted by the one-minute warning bell. I just hate having to make a last minute run to class without wiping, but sometimes that's the reality, I guess, unless I just accept DT time for tardies.

So after school I thought I could have a more relaxed sit on the toilet. My pee went about 45 seconds and since we had had a spaghetti bar at lunch, I had eaten a lot and I had some feeling in my bowels, I was confident I could poo. The second floor toilets are a little higher and more comfortable than the more heavily-used 1st floor ones. The seats seem a little bit better contoured for my butt, so I prefer them. Also more of the stalls have doors and the gaps between the doors and the panels are not big enough for others to see exactly who is seated. So I looked between my legs, found that my fast pee had created some bubbles that yellowed the bowl.

I took out my phone and was catching up on messages from the last couple of hours and after about 10 minutes of being seated and my crap knocking at the door, I got a strong surge in my right leg and immediately knew it was a cramp coming on. Because I bike a lot and ride in some charity fund-raisers, I on occasion will get a crap. I immediately stand, put weight on my leg and use both hands to soothe it. Of course, that cut off my coming crap, even though since there was no one else in the bathroom, I did leave my stall and walk a couple of the laps of the room. But when I sat back down on the toilet, although my cramp had left, I knew my poo urge had passed. So I just wiped, flushed, washed my hands and walked out the bus stop. But I felt better about being able to be able to wipe, flush and wash my hands.

Strangely, however, about 10 minutes into my bus ride, the old bus which was really bouncing around and I think three times the driver went over curbs when turning, I began getting my poo feeling back. I knew I needed to pick up some batteries on my walk home from the bus stop. I stopped at a c-store, went to the toilet, sat down and had my best crap in a couple of weeks. I pretty much filled the bowl and my wiping went easy. And the faucet and soap container worked. I was elated. My mom asked about it to, and was happy she wasn't going to have to give me anything to force it.

Dear Catherine:
I had to read your post very hard and many times so I don't say wrong things in my answer. You ask us that we give replies to your post which you say you did mean things to Ms Melissa.

I am ashamed to give reply because you are 35 and I am only 24 and we Koreans are sensitive very much to different of age, I hope that you please don't angry.

I give you my honne, honne is Japanese word which means, something that we really think in heart, it is opposite to tatemae which is something we say to be polite when really we mean different thing.

I tried find why you did such thing, I thought needless, I read your post many times but can't find reason. You are right, it is mean thing. And it is not your style of doing things, I wonder you were in bad mood for a reason. But you did, so shikata ga nai I think, shikata ga nai is Japanese for not good to cry when spill milk already.

But you are lovely because now you are really sorry you did such thing. So I think, if I am Melissa, I forgive you and give you warm kiss, but I hope you are nice from now.

I think I agree with you, Melissa does not know that you did on purpose. Maybe also she doesn't know that you know she goes to motion every day 10 am. But if she is like me, interested in loo and motion, maybe she know second thing, but not first thing. First thing is real problem. I think better you don't tell her you did on purpose. Ignorance is bliss, I think you say, and maybe true.

And it is good to be very nice to her from now as possible as you can. If you are always nice, she will have good feeling to you and will forget that you gave her hard time when she really need loo. I know you are nice woman, so it will not difficult to be nice to her. And good never to pull her away from loo again. When motion appears, she have to do at once. I am same.

I hope you don't angry that young baby girl only 24 talk like this to you. but I talk with love in heart, I don't try to give sermon.

I wish you the good luck.




To Catherine

As well you should be, especially in that it may be more than not being assertive, but confidence issues. Make sure that she knows how you feel about her performance in her work, and how pleased you are with it. Hey it would have been great if she were some nasty (or lazy) pain in the ass. LOL

Optional Person

"Favorite" survey.

1. What is your favorite type of fart to make ? - the squeaky ones

2. what is your favorite type of poop to find left in the stall? - long thick turds that curl in the bowl.

3. where is your favorite place to poop? My own bathroom.

4. what is your definition of the perfect fart? quiet, goes unnoticed.

5. what is the definition of the perfect fart made by a person of your opposite sex? Loud and with a real powerful stench.


Wife's huge bladder

My wife and I have been married a couple years, but she has always been secretive about using the bathroom. She pees with a normal frequency similar to men, not women - but normally not excessively long between pees. However, she avoids and minimizes using public restrooms and going outdoors. If she needs to, she can hold a long time - which I assume is a large amount. Recently, I got to see how much she can hold and was amazed. We were driving to a campground really far down rural roads without a good map and no address to plug into the GPS. She and I both drank those big soft drinks from gas stations. 44 ounces, ice and all. I stopped and watered the ditch along the road, but my wife said she would wait. Forty-five minutes later she looked uncomfortable, so I asked if I should stop for her to pee and she said that she had to pee bad, but she would wait until the campground. She never admits to having to pee bad, so I knew it was serious. A few minutes later, shem mumbled a few curse words, removed her seatbelt, slide her seat back, and lowered her jeans and panties. She grabbed one of the big cups that was full earlier. I asked again if I should pull over - she again replied 'no.' I heard a thick stream of urine splashing in the cup and then into liquid as the cup filled. It was a huge pee. When she finished, I saw her putting the lid back on the cup and it was full to within an inch of the top. Wow, that was a huge amount. I have never seen anyone pee that much -ever. Has anyone else ever peed that much? I'd like to hear stories from other women that peed in cups in an emergency to see what is normal.

Optional Person

to mina, and question to all.

Thanks Mina, the way you're English is, is nice. Yeah I am a guy. and I am going to keep my name the way it is, you're right.

This is a long shot question I suppose. Has anyone ever recorded themselves going to the bathroom on their phone just to watch the birth of an impressive turd all over again?

I have done that. but I delete them not long after.

Optional Person

Catherine on keeping Melissa from pooing.

Catherine it is hard and it could backfire but maybe you should tell her the truth. You're not a bad person, you just made a mistake. And though she was embarrassed that she made a stink in front of you she was still able to have her dump. At least you didn't cause her dump to be in her pants. You could even embarrass yourself intentionally in front of her to make her feel better. You're alright Catherine don't beat yourself up too hard. :)

Anna from Austira

To Mina

Dear Mina in that case Alina's is even worse then your friend Kazuko's mother.

Although Kazuko's mother is also a bit strange. She can be luckily that she has such good friends like you Mina and your others friends. I find it also very good that she can go to toilet as long as she wants at your place Mina.

I am really glad that my parents were not like that. My mother only asked my sometimes if you was ok, when I stay at the loo for a long time.

Monday, January 11, 2016



Hello, I have some questions about periods and pooping:

1)do you get cramps with your periods and do they make you poop? How bad are the cramps and what do they feel like?

2)What is it like when you poop with period cramps? Do the cramps make you push? And is it hard or soft when it comes out?

3) How do you sit when you poop? Do you do anything different when you have your period?

4) Do you rub your ???? and strain and grunt?

5) Do you use tampons or pads?

6) Is this something that's runs in the family or that you notice amongst your friends?

Mr P

Hi to Anna, a Story and a question

Thanks for your reply Anna. I do know girls poop can smell just as bad as mine ha ha. Your reply made me remember a time from my last job. The disabled toilets (as previously mentioned I'm in a wheelchair) were on the ground floor of the building I worked in and often the girls went down there to do a poo as they were individual single use toilets and more private. I remember needing to go to the toilet once and just as I was approaching the main door, a very pretty blond girl (that I knew) came out. She looked a bit embarrassed when she saw me. We exchanged hellos and I thought nothing of it until I went in and was met with the most overpowering smell of poop I have ever smelt. It was a strong earthy smell and it filled the entire room. When I lifted the toilet seat i could see a tonne of light brown streaks that filled the entire bottom of the bowl. I proceeded then to pull my pants down, transfer from my wheelchair onto the toilet and have a poop of my own, all whilst enduring her smell!

Quick Question for everyone: Has anyone ever had a situation where they are constipated and produce small hard and very dry balls of poop but during the same day they have wet farts that leave a mess in their underwear? This has been happening to me for the past 3 days. Very annoying and I have no idea why it's happening as my diet is fine.

Mr P

Catherine. Making "Melissa" wait when she was clearly ready for her 10am break probably wasn't your finest hour. However at least you know why she needs to go when she does. Some people's bowels seem to know exactly what time it is. I wish mine did. I wouldn't really beat yourself up too much over it though. Just put it down to experience.

Sarah. I was both intrigued and concerned to read your post which was most interesting to say the least. You don't say which part of the world you're in but, here in the UK at any rate, I'm pretty sure it's a requirement that all schools have staff toilets - or at least A toilet - for the exclusive use of staff. Although the potty might work as a temporary solution to a difficult situation I'm really doubtful as to whether it's a viable long term solution. I wouldn't mention what you've been doing under any circumstances, but maybe you should take up the lack of a staff toilet with the headteacher, or a senior member of staff. If you're in a trades union, I'm sure your union rep would be very interested to know about it. Failing all else, is there any possibility you could leave the premises at lunchtime and maybe use the loo in a local public house or cafe if there is one?

Kate. Thanks for replying. In answer to your question I really don't know why you're anxious about other people hearing you poo when using public toilets. You're not doing anything worse than anyone else. Just try to relax and avoid thinking about the other users. I'm sure they're far to preoccuppied with attending to their own needs to gve a second's thought to yours. Have you thought about having a newspaper or magazine with you when you're out and about. That way, if you do need to use a public loo you've got something to read and distract yourself with whilst you're about it.

Tim. I was horrified - but sadly not surprised - to read your bit about the difficulties faced by Scottish police during the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Because of the nature of the job it's probably a fair point that police can't always take loo breaks when they'd really like - much the same is true of teachers, nurses and bus drivers - but they should be allowed to take reasonable breaks during their shifts. No one should be forced to hold their pees and poos in for an inhuman length of time and certainly not until they reach the point of having accidents.

After some reluctance to perform in recent days, my bowels seem to be back to normal, or as normal as it gets in my case. I had two good, satisfying poos on Sunday night and have managed smaller ones today - Monday.

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